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I'm currently a freshman at UNC and will be interning for EY in their Risk Advisory services sector this summer through a fellowship program. What are my options as a sophomore to make me competitive for MBB recruiting as a junior? I plan on joining some campus VCs (GroundUp Ventures, Contrary, etc.) during my sophomore school year but don't know what is available for sophomores in the summer (fellowship will not be available to me next year).

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If you had to choose between the following two offers which one would you choose and why?

Alvarez & Marsal Valuation Services - Sr. Assoc. - 20-25% year end bonus based off hours billed.
EY TAS - Valuation & Business Modeling - Senior - 10% year end bonus, however EY is offering 10k more on the base salary

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Just got invited to Final Round for EY's EDGE – Property Tax Group. It is a new program the EY offers and opened offices in Nashville and Charlotte.

Does anybody have any insight on what the interview might consist of? Or if anybody has interviewed for it and can offer any advice. I am new to posting but I have been reading on this site for a while now.

Any advice is helpful.


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I got an offer from EY advisory but I'm considering passing it up in order to interview at Deloitte. I would be taking up a Supply Chain Management Consulting position at both companies.

I'm mainly considering this for two reasons:

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Hi guys. Senior at target school just finished recruiting and have to respond to offers in a week. Would love to hear thoughts as I evaluate the two offers I have on the table.

EY FSO TAP based in NYC: 75k base, no bonus, standard benefits. I interned there the past summer so know a fair amount of people, got coffee with ~40 partners across different verticals (+ am on fairly good terms with a partner from my school and will almost definitely be in his team doing analytics work). Expected hours are 40-55/week typically with little to no travel.

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I am posting this on behalf of my bf. He has also left a thread. Hoping to get more responses this way.

He has offers from EY TAS and HLHZ FAS for internships this upcoming summer, which will hopefully lead to full-time. The question is, which one to go with?

- HLHZ pay is 5k more
- The team at EY is a slightly better fit
- Found a thread here with a similar question. Most people said HLHZ, but that was from 9 years ago, so kinda irrelevant

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Hey Everyone,

Just wondering if anyone has an opinion on this group with EY or if anyone has worked in it. What kind of work were they doing? Is this less consulting and more straight assurance? They have been selling this to me as an advisory/consulting position however I am a little hesitant. For one, this appears to roll up under the assurance umbrella. Any info you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


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Hello, all.

I was granted a second round interview fore EY's Full-Time BAP Program in New York City. I wanted to ask anyone who has gone through the case in a previous interview and if they can provide insight as to what I should study (ie., P&L, entering a new market, pricing, or growth and increasing sales).

I feel confident in my behavioral interviewing skills, but just wanted to hear what some of the cases were like during the second-round interview. Thanks!

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I was recently contacted through LinkedIn by a recruiter from EY FSO who said she's like to connect with me to network and discuss potential opportunities with EY. I got back to her immediately and I have a phone interview early next week. I was hoping that I could get some insight into what the recruiter's expectations are for the interview. Although I am in the NYC area, the recruiter seems to be based in Chicago.

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