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  2. 60+ Hours/Week: Outlier or a New Normal?

    Corporate Finance, Development and Strategy

    Out of curiosity, wanted to see if anyone else has noticed any general trends in the work/life balance of corporate finance. I'm in CFin at the moment and am interviewing around, and have had one or two companies (F250) tell me many finance employees ...

    39 comments6 Apr 2018 -

  3. Would working in corporate finance for a F500 company be a waste of time after my sophomore year? Last year after my freshman year I really did nothing, just lifeguarding and getting drunk the entire summer- so I'm not sure if my resume is strong eno ...

    16 comments23 Nov 2012 -

  4. How competitive is F500 Finance?

    Corporate Finance, Development and Strategy

    I am a senior at a non target and will graduate with around a 3.3 Cum gpa and 3.8 Finance gpa. I have 3 years of wealth management and business development experience. Do I have a shot at landing a decent role? f500 corp fin F500 recruiting f500 finance ...

    10 comments27 Jul 2016 -

  5. Jumping from a F500 to a private company?

    Corporate Finance, Development and Strategy

    I currently work as a controller at a F500, and a headhunter recently called me about a CFO role with a smaller, private company. I never considered leaving the F500 realm, but the all in pay is more than double what I make now and it could be nice not ha ...

    7 comments9 Jan 2014 -