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Investing professionals - when, if ever, do you cash out of your brokerage portfolio?

Obviously I am investing for the long term like many others, but say after 5 years, your portfolio has grown around $200k - would it be wise to cash out like $50k and spend it? $150k in the portfolio at 26 isn't bad right? Plus I have many years to continue adding to the portfolio.

Thanks everyone.

3 comments 13 Jul 2020 - TheExPresidents

Interested in the undergrad associate programs for each of these. For Fidelity, I think its the Equity Research Associate position, for T Rowe its the Associate Analyst, and for Capital its the TAP/CAP program. Interested in the following:

  1. Role of position/length
  2. Conversion to analyst
  3. Ability to transfer to other buy-side shops, both mutual funds and HF (read: exit opps)
  4. Salary/life style
  5. Reputation
9 comments 09 May 2020 - FiNaNcIaL_aNaLySt


In a few weeks, I will be starting my internship as a financial analyst. My goal is to land IB junior internship because I (believe that) I would genuinely enjoy the work more. However, I of course need to keep my options open. Asset Management is a career that also interests me and I am wondering if my current internship is going to be particularly useful.

Thank you for any input.

5 comments 14 Apr 2019 - Anonymous Monkey

I am just starting out with personal trading ($5MM), not looking to setup anything sophisticated. In your experience which custodian would be best to hold Stock that I own in my portfolio (crypto in near future)? Would you recommend going ahead with Fidelity, StateStreet etc?

Really appreciate it

1 comment 07 Feb 2019 - mchadron

Hi everyone, I'm an undergrad student at a Canadian target looking for more information concerning Canadian AM. I'm interested in places like Fidelity, Mawer, Burgundy, Turtle Creek, etc. It is my understanding that these firms hire out of undergrad. Anyone have any info on how these compare in terms of work/exits/lifestyle/comp/etc.? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!

2 comments 25 Jun 2018 - hypestar

Hey everyone.

I'm in a top target undergrad and my goal is to eventually become a PM at one of the top AM firms (Blackrock, Fidelity, JPM, UBS, Wellington, etc).

Would anyone who's also on this track know the general way to get to the PM level? I've heard it described as simply as Top Undergrad -> Top Firm -> M7 -> PM, is this generally true?

18 comments 29 May 2018 - sheperd99