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Hi all,

Interviewing in a couple weeks for a Financial Services specific MM PE shop but not sure how to think about investments in this space from a PE perspective.

What makes a good LBO target in Financial Services (banks, insurance companies, investment managers, etc.)? And what are things to look for in financial statements? Would appreciate any and all help, thanks!

16 comments 03 Jun 2020 - Bankergal223

I'm heading into my summer internship in a FIG coverage role this summer and looking for newsletters and other resources to better keep track of industry news. I keep up with a few sources (e.g. WSJ Financial Services News, American Banker) but I've struggled to find any free/cheap email newsletters. Hoping anyone in the space could direct me to a few.

5 comments 27 May 2020 - ColossusOfClout

Hi everyone,

I just received two offers for an Analyst 2 spot: either in a BB (GS/JP/MS) FIG Cov. or in a MM Botique Industrials Cov. (Jefferies, HL, Blair, Baird) and I dont know how to evaluate these reg. future exit opps.

My mid-term career goal is a European (upper-)mid cap buyout fund (lets say EVs up to €1bn, I know the definitions of mid-vs. large-cap can be blurry).

Question is which ultimatley will bring me in the better position to interview with these funds.

4 comments 21 Jan 2020 - peterpan1234

Was recently given the opportunity to interview for a FIG summer analyst role and am looking to choose a deal that I can speak to within the industry. I've been looking through Axios and am struggling to find a deal that stands out. Can anyone working in FIG offer a recent transaction that they think would be pertinent and whether or not there are any specific points I should be highlighting that are specific to FIG? Thanks.

5 comments 09 Sep 2019 - FearTheTree

Have spent a solid amount of time focusing on fintech in my FIG banking group and wondering what reputable MM - upper MM firms do alot in the fintech space.

12 comments 20 Aug 2019 - W19th

Hi everyone,

I have about a month before I need to choose my thesis topic and I am still stuck on exactly what I should choose.

I am graduating into an IB FIG coverage team next year and I have a keen interest in the banks and in particular, the quantum and composition of TLAC (regulatory bank capital) stacks.

1 comment 13 Mar 2019 - undergraduate-…

Hi All,

I have an interview with a FIG team at an emerging market PE group. The final round is a case study and entails valuing a financial institution (anything from microlender to insurance). I have combed for valuing private banks, and there is surprisingly little information (plenty for public companies, less for private), and so have turned here!

My question is this: within my allotted 90 mins of prep time, which valuation methods would you recommend?

2 comments 30 Dec 2018 - London1992