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  2. Adventis or Wall Street Prep?

    WSO Product Reviews

    I am looking to take one of these financial modeling courses at my school in order to get the certification and show IB recruiters that I mean business. I can either take the Adventis course or the Wall Street Prep one. I am curious to know which one is b ...

    6 comments12 Feb 2020 -

  3. Hi guys, Don't despise me for this, but I am a recent graduate from a non target school, I am also an international student. I am very interested in the markets, and I really want to work in finance (I currently work as a AP /AR). I do understand the ...

    5 comments1 Mar 2020 -

  4. 2019 mindcypress-wall street prep certification training financial modeling course wall street prep certification training (mindcypress) financial modeling course-If you are dreaming of walking on the Wall Street and discussing the finance policies, then ...

    1 comment17 Jul 2019 -