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  2. FLDP Q&A (Most questions answered)

    Corporate Finance, Development and Strategy

    Good morning all, I've spent a lot of time on this site, and asked quite a few questions myself, so I figured I'd do my part to give back by answering any questions you might have about corporate finance or fldps in general. A little about mysel ...

    110 comments6 May 2020 -

  3. delete__________________________________________________________________________________________________ fldp intern f500 fldp ...

    104 comments19 May 2018 -

  4. 1st year FLDP- thinking about quitting the program. Help please.

    Corporate Finance, Development and Strategy

    Hi everyone, Just as the title states, I'm thinking about quitting the program soon. A little about myself: ...

    21 comments6 May 2020 -

  5. The lonely life of a young FLDP

    Corporate Finance, Development and Strategy

    Hi everyone, I am currently in a three year FLDP rotational program with a FT500 company. I will not mention the name of the company for obvious reasons. I am in my first year rotation right now. So far, it is just like what everyone said. The benefits of ...

    27 comments6 May 2020 -

  6. F100 Corp Fin FLDP vs. F100 Insurance FLDP

    Corporate Finance, Development and Strategy

    I have a few days to decide between two offers, one in a corporate finance FLVP role at a top defense contractor and another FLDP at a major insurance firm. The comp is essentially the same, both have similar benefits packages, and I would most likely liv ...

    34 comments6 May 2020 -

  7. Lets get some FAQs going on with Financial Leadership Programs. What do people want to know? flp fmp fldp ...

    90 comments21 Mar 2017 -

  8. Opinion on post MBA FLDP's for Corp. Finance/FP&A??

    Corporate Finance, Development and Strategy

    I'm going to be starting in Big 4 audit later this year, and already know that hardcore accounting, let alone auditing, is not the end game for me. I simply want the accounting bootcamp and name on my resume. Instead, I want to move into corporate FP ...

    26 comments6 May 2020 -

  9. Microsoft Finance Rotation Program

    Corporate Finance, Development and Strategy

    I have an interview with Microsoft for their Finance Rotational Program coming up and was wondering if anyone else has gone through the process or is currently working there. Can someone explain if this program is "prestigious" and how it compar ...

    29 comments14 Aug 2019 -

  10. WSO, So I recently put in my resignation letter and giving my 2 weeks notice. The boss, at the time, seemed upset but not overly dramatic about it. Then, yesterday I exchanged emails giving my official date and for whatever reason, he was not pleased. The ...

    71 comments19 Oct 2012 -

  11. Hey everyone, In thanks for all of the valuable info and advice I've gotten from WSO over the last couple years, I thought I'd 'pay it forward' and share the list I made of FT FLDP-type programs that I applied to (or seriously thought ...

    19 comments6 May 2020 -

  12. Which FLDP rotation to take?

    Corporate Finance, Development and Strategy

    Next summer I'll start my 3rd and final FLDP rotation at an A&D company. Here is the rub: I'm becoming more and more disenchanted with this company and industry. There are many reasons, but the main one is that there is no culture of promoti ...

    14 comments11 Apr 2018 -

  13. FLDP Program Recruiting Timeline?

    Corporate Finance, Development and Strategy

    I am looking to apply to fldps this year and have not been able to find out when they start recruiting. Are they on the same timeline as banks or are they later in the year? fldp f500 f100 ...

    18 comments22 Aug 2016 -

  14. Raytheon Finance Executive LDP

    Corporate Finance, Development and Strategy

    Anybody here have experience with Raytheon LDP's, specifically post MBA? I am looking to compare Raytheon's salary, benefits, experience, etc with similiar LDP's in Energy. I already have a clearance and think I would be a good candidate, b ...

    16 comments21 Feb 2017 -

  15. Final version: LDPs/rotations list

    Corporate Finance, Development and Strategy

    EDIT: removed, sorry folks fldp ...

    18 comments24 Jul 2014 -

  16. Hello All Background: I graduated from a non-target in 2016 (3.4 GPA, club leaderships, 3 non-relevant financial analyst internships) and did 1 year of FP&A at a small manufacturing firm. I eventually networked my way into a top F100 FLDP program last ...

    9 comments15 May 2018 -

  17. CFO track post-MBA with no previous finance experience?

    Corporate Finance, Development and Strategy

    A question that I hope to get an answer for from those fellow monkeys who have more knowledge about the F500 finance world than I do (or have any other insights into this): How feasible/realistic is it to get into a post-MBA FLDP or a regular (but CFO-tra ...

    13 comments5 Apr 2014 -

  18. FLDP Non-OCR/Technical Q's

    Corporate Finance, Development and Strategy

    Hello, I am a rising senior at a top 10 university, and looking at the pages of most of the FLDP 's, they don't recruit on campus at my school. Do you think this is a significant disadvantage/how do I make sure I can demonstrate my interest? Als ...

    13 comments16 Jul 2013 -

  19. Will I be expelled from Bschool

    Business School and GMAT

    I am making this post to clear some of my concerns regarding reneging an offer and hope that you all can provide me some of your thoughts. I am currently pursuing a one year Masters from a target B-school, think UVA/Duke/UNC, and accepted a job offer last ...

    10 comments5 Jan 2017 -

  20. BAE Systems/FLDP

    Corporate Finance, Development and Strategy

    I was wondering if anyone could provide some insights on working for BAE Systems and particularly the FLDP. How were your experiences? I am particularly interested in government contracting and/or M&A /Corporate Development. How is the pay, lifestyle, ...

    11 comments10 Mar 2017 -

  21. FLDP from non-target

    Corporate Finance, Development and Strategy

    I'm an Accounting and MIS major that is looking for opportunities to join an FLDP in technology, CPG, Pharma, or retail. At my school, only one F500 have established recruiting for their FLDP. What advice do you have for me to when applying to other ...

    8 comments15 Sep 2018 -

  22. Recruitment out of MBA

    Job Search Advice

    How difficult would it be to move into private equity or investment banking as an associate post-MBA if your pre-MBA experience was with a respected FMP/ FLDP program (GE, Raytheon, Lockheed, EMC, etc.)? When banks and private equity firms hire candidates ...

    12 comments11 Feb 2010 -

  23. FLDP hookup?

    Corporate Finance, Development and Strategy

    Update: Got an interview! fldp ...

    9 comments10 Mar 2015 -

  24. How I Landed a FDP Offer from an Unknown School

    Corporate Finance, Development and Strategy

    Let me first begin by saying that for most of my time in college, getting into a FLDP at a F500 firm has been my goal. I am very intrigued by the exciting, fast-paced life and lucrative pay of the IB world, but the 80-100hr work weeks and the fact that th ...

    8 comments16 Nov 2015 -

  25. Hello WSO, I have been fortunate enough to be selected for a phone interview for RBS Capital Markets and I was wondering about what to expect in term of technicals. Background: Senior at a MA state school Econ Major Math Minor Interned in PE last summer T ...

    7 comments24 Oct 2014 -

  26. MBA LDP

    Corporate Finance, Development and Strategy

    Has anyone heard of a case where someone got accepted into a post-MBA FLDP program but they didn't have an MBA? For example, if someone has 6-7 years of relevant industry experience but no MBA, are they still an auto-ding if no top MBA? Appreciate an ...

    7 comments13 Nov 2012 -

  27. Johnson and Johnson FLDP Salary?

    Corporate Finance, Development and Strategy

    Salary fldp advice Salary ...

    5 comments14 Aug 2015 -

  28. Just curious to see if anyone apply after getting out of school... I had to quit my job due to Visa reasons but now I have a permanent work authorization I'm looking for things I can apply to. Anyone? fldp Salary ...

    5 comments19 Aug 2014 -

  29. FLDP Resume Format

    Resume Advice

    Having trouble with this. How have people here who have done an FLDP program or something similar set up their resume? I am unsure how to group each of my rotations, because essentially I have held four separate jobs within the program. fldp ...

    4 comments23 Feb 2018 -

  30. Value in BB senior year internship when already have FT FLDP offer?

    Corporate Finance, Development and Strategy

    I'm a senior at a non-target, with a F500 FLDP offer for after I graduate. I am 99.99% sure that the FLDP is what I want to do. I find corp fin very enjoyable and want to continue in corp fin long-term. I was recently approached about interviewing fo ...

    4 comments29 Sep 2015 -

  31. FLDP vs. Mid-Career position

    Corporate Finance, Development and Strategy

    I'm approaching senior year of undergrad and am debating between which step to take next- join FLDP at current company or skip FLDP and hire into full-time position at current company. Background: The summer after my freshmen year I began my first in ...

    3 comments8 Mar 2016 -

  32. How fast can i make it to senior financial analyst?

    Corporate Finance, Development and Strategy

    In a F500 FLDP from undergrad. I was told I'd be up for promotion after year one? What is above an analyst and what salary increase should I expect? (Base starting at $55k) How fast could I make senior financial analyst? (salary I could expect?) Unre ...

    3 comments1 May 2015 -

  33. Hey all, A few months back, I accepted an offer for a FDP program at a F100 company. Looking back, I really would like to be in the investment banking industry, and some day hope to work at a Private Equity firm. As of now, I am just in a dilemma where I ...

    3 comments24 Apr 2012 -

  34. I am currently in a FLDP and have the opportunity to do a rotation in corporate development- M&A next May. My previous rotations have been in FP&A and I had studied accounting in school, therefore I have no experience or knowledge about M&A. I ...

    2 comments7 Nov 2017 -

  35. Anyone have experience with Verizon's FLDP

    Corporate Finance, Development and Strategy

    I was looking for anyone with experience with Verizon's FLDP. I would love to hear more about your experiences with it and how you think it compares to more well known FLDPs. Thanks in advance! fldp Salary ...

    1 comment22 May 2020 -

  36. How Good of Undergrad Scores

    Corporate Finance, Development and Strategy

    Was curious what was everyone's take on what make you competitive for many of the FLDP and starting financial analyst roles! Such as Raytheon's FLDP or any other. As background I am in Dallas. The main areas I was curious about were: GPA (Cumula ...

    6 May 2020 -

  37. F500 Pharma company FLDP Questions

    Corporate Finance, Development and Strategy

    Senior that got accepted into 2nd round interviews for FLDP. What do I expect there? What kind of interviews? What kind of case study? Thanks fldp ...

    18 Oct 2016 -

  38. PepsiCo.?

    Corporate Finance, Development and Strategy

    Anyone work or know someone who has worked here in any of their corporate finance functions? Details? Was it a positive experience? Looks good on resume? PepsiCo pepsi corporate finance fldp finance Salary ...

    1 comment4 Mar 2016 -

  39. Diageo FLDP?

    Corporate Finance, Development and Strategy

    Does anyone know anything about Diageo's FLDP program (culture, opportunities, exit ops,etc)? Appreciate any and all input. fldp ...

    29 Oct 2015 -

  40. United Technologies Corporation FLP/FLDP

    Corporate Finance, Development and Strategy

    Hi all, United Technologies is a F50 company that is about the same size as GE and one of its main competitors in multiple fields yet this company is not discussed often on this board or anywhere onine. Does anyone have any insight into this company' ...

    1 comment12 Mar 2015 -

  41. I am very excited about my FLDP start this summer with a F100 company. I was wondering if other people on this forum are taking the same route and would like their feedback regarding exit ops and thoughts regarding breaking into Corp Dev or other career p ...

    30 Jan 2012 -


    Other Industries

    I was wondering if anyone who has gone through either the BAE Systems FLDP or the United Technologies FLP programs could elaborate on their experience. I was wondering what you thought about the particular experiences gained through the rotations, lifesty ...

    16 Dec 2011 -