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Hi, I am currently looking to exit Big 4 Audit and have the following two opportunities:

Finance Manager at Top VC firm (in-charge for reviewing all accounting work prepared by out-sourced accountants. basically operations and reviewing work here along with work with auditor requests).

Senior FP&A Analyst at mid-size private SaaS company (true FP&A role, no accounting involved).

Which of the above roles would you go with when considering the following: pay, hours, exit opportunities?

Thank you for any advice in advance! 

1 comment 27 Sep 2020 - PEAnalyst1

I’m currently in FPA for a large tech company in silicon valley. Was approached by recruiting team from a PE firm (not a PE backed company, but the PE firm itself) nearby for a manager role in their growing FPA team. Im familiar with how FPA works in a publicly traded company, but what are some differences, nuances, or pain points unique to PE firms. (ie. what are the reporting requirements typically that PE management cares about). Im guessing their requirement are likely more different, but want to confirm. 


0 comments 22 Aug 2020 - alopezmo

My background: I started my career in a well known tech company in a Central FP&A team supporting the group's CFO by helping him prep for Board meetings, quarterly earnings calls, strategy sessions, etc. A lot of fancy decks/presentations and high-level financial analysis. My favorite aspect of that role was the executive level communication and being able to tell the story of the business in the context of financial performance.

1 comment 30 Jun 2020 - yarn

Hi. This is a rising senior who at a top 25 college with a 3.3 GPA (yea very low..)
I'll be interning at FP&A team for an IT company. Although I'll be doing FP&A, I have very big aspirations of doing more finane related tasks in financial institutions such as corporate bankings or Big 4 advisory.

What are some options that I can go from this FP&A experience to Full Time job opportunities?

7 comments 23 May 2020 - fpatobanking

Hi All,

I'm an ABL Risk Manager . I work in a mid sized bank at a back office so I do not have a sales goal. I feel grateful for the low stress, decent salary (100K + all in) but I feel pigeonholed and can't seem to get a lateral or even downgrade move.

My concern has always been the lack of positions in ABL if I had to move or change companies during a downturn due to lay offs. ABL is a niche field and I feel stuck in it.

2 comments 09 Jul 2019 - financialanalyst

Hello WSO Family,

I have a last round interview with two high up individuals next week at a SaaS company in Dallas and they are asking me for a one-hour modeling test. I am not sure what to expect. The position would be part of the FP&A/Strategy division at a fast-paced company. What to expect? Not sure, at all. Please let me know your feedback!

1 comment 29 Apr 2019 - 512Finance

Good afternoon and happy Friday.

This is a first time post as I have been a long time stalker on this site since my freshman year of college. I am very grateful and credit everyone on WSO for being a major factor in developing a passion for finance. A little background about me. Graduated in May from a non-target with a good finance program. Internships included PE, research, and leasing/financing large asset company.

11 comments 12 Feb 2019 - gc21995

I am very interested in working in FP&A at a corporation, but it seems some companies don't clearly list a job as FP&A. For example, one job I found is "Project Controls Analyst", with such job functions as " Assist in the performance of the Cost Estimating and Pricing functions", and "Perform Request for Proposal (RFP) and Statement of Work (SOW) analysis, and compliance related to cost, schedule and proposal submittal."

6 comments 20 Jan 2019 - George-Vuxton


I am a former auditor with my CPA. Like most of us, I got sick and tired of that after a few years and ran towards FP&A where I'm currently an analyst for a public company. In my few months here, the job is pretty mixed but way better than the auditing.

I like that I get to do more strategic work and actually help make an impact compared to auditing where I would just find problems and let someone else fix them. I do not like how mundane some of the tasks can be. Things like budgeting can be cumbersome but some of the ad hoc work is very interesting.

13 comments 18 Dec 2018 - penguins23