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  2. Who Is Rich?

    Mod Note (Andy): Best of Eddie, this was originally posted in September 2010. To see all of our top content from the past, click here. If there's an old post from Eddie you'd like to see up again, shoot me a message. Who is rich? This is the per ...

    94 comments - 8 silver bananas - Jan 21 2016 - 3:33pm -

  3. BUY BUY BUY!!!??

    As the market is getting completely clobbered today (and all last week) this feels exactly like fall 2008 to me. I made a killing then, and am looking at new buying opportunities. Are people buying right now? I am looking at FAS currently and interested i ...

    30 comments - 0 silver bananas - Aug 8 2011 - 11:57am -

  4. How to Get to the Top.01%

    Disclaimer: This is a hypothetical discussion and I'm not sure it would be wise to draw significant career-related conclusions from it. I am curious as to what people consider to be the fastest way to make *a lot* of money in this industry. Is it.... ...

    15 comments - 0 silver bananas - May 3 2014 - 11:11am -