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I'm looking to transition from equities prop trading (Chimera, Tower Hill, Trillium) to a PWM or FA role. I had to file for bankruptcy 4 years ago, how much will that affect my chances of getting hired in one of these roles? Thanks in advance for any insights.

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I am currently in the process of looking for a new job, and I encountered some problems. How do you find out who is the recruiter for a specific job? I tried looking on linkedin for the job but no luck.. Can I just use any recruiting manager?

Also are there any good recruiting agencies for Credit Risk?

Thank You.

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I often hear how people started their careers in the mailroom, but is it worth it? I'm a recent grad, having a hard time finding a job. I went to a decent school, but the lack of internships seems to be biting me in the behind. I came across a job opening at an investment bank that is looking for a clerk who processes mail, orders supplies, etc.

Would starting my career in the mail room be plausible if I plan to grow within the organization? I want to become an analyst, but is it even possible if I'm labelled a mail room clerk to begin with?

Thank you.

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Hey guys,

I am currently a undergraduate at University of Auckland, New Zealand. Not that it matters much but this Uni's ranked 80something globally and 24 in Accounting and Finance by QS World University Rankings.

My goal is to break into a BB/Wall St Job and I do have a passion for finance, so I am looking for a good MSF program that will allow me to do so. But, I think I am in a pretty poor position because my gpa is poor, so can everyone give me some evaluations and advises? Thanks for your time.

Bachelor of Commerce degree with Finance and Accounting Major
GPA: 3.2 (still have 1 semester to go, probably be at 3.3 when I graduate)
The only EC are clubs and club competitions which I participated in..... and being a English tutor at a Chinese Primary school

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This was originally posted on 10/3/12

For those of you who know my background at all, I'm in the process of full-time recruiting mainly for buy-side positions, and the process is just now picking up into full swing. I've had my fair share of pre-interview dinners, superdays, and all the other bells and whistles that come with the process.

I'm currently on a train so this post will be somewhat brief and to the point, but I wanted to get some of the things I've noticed about FT recruiting down on paper and see if some of the recent grads and people going through recruiting as well can add to this or comment more on the validity of these things. I'll start with the one that's most top-of-mind, and seems likely to be the best advice I have to give at this point...

You'll see the same 5 people at every interview and it's probably a good idea to come in with the attitude that these guys aren't enemies, but should be seen more as brothers in arms. These kids are probably the go-getters, like you, and they'll all end up at top shops whether or not they get the gig you're going for or not. Something tells me that 5 or 10 years down the line, I'm going to want to be in touch with these kids, for professional purposes or even just to bullshit about the days when we actually worried about stupid shit like this.

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So fellow monkeys, if you knew you were being considered for a position and it was between you and two other individual, would you make any final push to cross the line between hired and rejected?

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Hello guys, I am going through an interview process with big 4 and I am told that that I will be asked a question: "why tax?" I am trying to know what to answer. I know my answer should be "say whatever you think is the reason you picked a direction" but the point is that I am not sure why I did it. I do not say that however;because obviously it will not sound very decisive. Please give me some advises because I feel like if I can answer this questions, than I should handle myself well enough on the rest of the interview.


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Hello guys,

I have applied for Tax Consultant positions at Deloitte and I am trying to get ready for potential questions. Please let me know what kind of questions to expect. on the first or second interview. Also, if you are aware, how fast do they tell you the answer on your advancement. Please any kind of input would be awesome.

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