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Hi guys, 

should I write in my CV that I was in the top 10% of the course? I have studied Engineering and have a GPA of 3.5, what do you think, will my CV look better with it? Or will the people think that I am dumb because I couldn't get into the first 5%?


5 comments 20 Aug 2020 - CashDog

Hey Everybody,


I have a quick question about how to bring up GPA improvement in a networking call. I transferred to my target school with a 3.7 GPA, but my first semester at the target was pretty dismal with a sub 3.0 due to some personal issues. Since that semester, I've maintained a 3.9 GPA. Should I bring this up only if they ask, or should I let the person know what happened. I think the added context may prevent me from getting rejected solely based on my GPA. Thanks in advance.

5 comments 20 Aug 2020 - JebronLames

I have heard mixed thoughts on this from senior people. Some seem to say they don't care about your GPA once you have interned at a firm/got the job...and it should not be included on your resume after you graduate...some say it should be included on your resume after you graduate? There is no requirement from the firm saying you need to list your GPA on your resume after you got the job.

10 comments 03 Jun 2020 - ludacrisboy37

Hi!!! I just had a question!! I was wondering so like my GPA was prob like a 3.7/3.8 when I recruited and got my SA position last year and now after senior year it has dropped like a lot like .4 to like 3.3-3.5 range and i'm wondering if it is okay to just keep my GPA when I got my SA gig on my resume instead of my new lower one when I upload and submit new resumes? I really want to keep it at that but would I get my offer rescinded if I do that or like is that okay? Bulge Bracket M&A IBD

6 comments 13 May 2020 - investmentbankingaj

Hey guys, undergraduate about to graduate literally this month. I go to a non-target state school in NY and will start at a Big 4 TAS line this coming September.

I will graduate with a 3.49 but my school has a line of a 3.50 to get a "cum laude" designation. I can spend 1-2k on two courses over the summer for easy As to boost it over the 3.50 line.

2 comments 08 May 2020 - AnotherCoolThrowaway

In my country the grading system is different, and we don't measure GPA with the 4.0 scale
On my Uni website, they automatically round my GPA from 27.6/30 to 28/30, so that it is legitimate to put 28/30 on my CV.
Should I convert my GPA to the US and UK grading scale? If yes, should I convert the rounded number or the 27.6?
In any case, when does this rounding and conversion stuff become a problem for recruiters in background or transcript checks?

Thanks a lot in advance

2 comments 13 Apr 2020 - corporaterider

I know sometimes it's alright to pass/fail some courses, but if I am a freshman, should I do this with Accounting and Statistics II? This is in the wake of covid19.
I am at a school which is not really a semi-target, but can get into some certain banks.

12 comments 25 Mar 2020 - L. B. jOhnson