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  2. Was wondering if anyone had any information on the full time recruiting process at MF's (BX, KKR, Apollo, TPG, Warburg, etc.) for undergrad students. I'll be at a top EB for my SA stint and, though I will most likely stay for FT, I figured I mig ...

    48 comments26 Jul 2017 -

  3. Los Angeles Lakers

    Investment Banking

    Move aside your run is over. Mavs in 6 over the Heat. Minimum 3 peat after that. GS TMT KKR TPG BX Salary United States- West ...

    35 comments6 May 2020 -

  4. they were annoying but things were a lot funnier when they were around. the sheer number of threads that became U JELLY fests were hilarious GS TMT KKR TPG BX ...

    17 comments24 Apr 2011 -