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  2. Wharton, Kelloggs or Ivey

    Business School and GMAT

    I am asking this question on behalf of one my friend. She has a strong resume (PhD in Medicine, 2 year volunteer with red cross in Africa, Harvard certification in some course) with GMAT score of 760. She already got scholarship from govt of canada for MB ...

    15 comments3 Sep 2014 -

  3. PharmD to Healthcare Consulting

    Management Consulting

    Hi, I'm a current PharmD student wanting to transition into a healthcare consulting career post-grad. Specifically, healthcare consulting firms and life-sci boutiques are my target. Has anyone had any expierence with a transition similar to this? Sho ...

    5 comments3 Mar 2020 -

  4. I'm in a [very] low-tier BS / MBA program and have just two classes left from the MBA. Yes I regret this now, as previously was unaware of how important a MBA's brand name was for some careers. Originally my goal was to climb the ladder in hospi ...

    8 comments24 Jul 2014 -

  5. Cliffnotes: 2 choices. Finish crappy MBA, attend a top MPH or MHA and have a dual MBA /MHA on the CV. Or drop out from said crappy MBA and start off fresh. ...

    8 comments22 Jul 2014 -

  6. I'm currently a 22 y/o student, graduating in 2 years with a healthcare-related degree (NOT an MD) at a non-target, who is interested in pursuing some non-traditional routes- I'm currently considering Consulting, IBD / PE / HF / VC. I've be ...

    7 comments6 Oct 2014 -

  7. AMA: Miltary Healthcare consulting

    Management Consulting

    30+ yrs Military healthcare experience, Managed consultant contracts, client of consultants, now a consultant myself. Ask me anything. healthcare consulting ...

    3 comments9 Feb 2020 -