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    Investment Banking

    I could really use some advice here guys. I'm a 5th yr senior, have a pretty strong resume, good grades/school, had a ton of banking interviews this fall with not much luck. I could have graduated last may but came back another year to try to line up ...

    1 comment10 Dec 2010 -

  3. Microsoft MACH

    Investment Banking

    It's a common belief on this forum that outside of IB, GE FMP is the next best thing in terms of getting into a top MBA and then move into IB as an associate. I was wondering what everyone's thoughts were on Microsoft and their MACH program? Any ...

    4 Dec 2010 -

  4. HSBC phone interview

    Investment Banking

    Hi everyone, I have applied to the analyst position of Strategic Transaction Groups- New York office, passed my online aptitude test, and been waiting for 2 weeks now, but still have not heard anything regarding phone interview.. Does that mean I'm o ...

    1 comment1 Dec 2010 -

  5. How to read a prospectus fast?

    Investment Banking

    How do you read a prospectus really fast and pick out the important points in order to discuss the company with your boss? Ideally finishing reading the whole thing in 1-2 hr (I know its 200 pages long). Thanks IBD ...

    1 comment10 Nov 2010 -

  6. 2011 IBD Graduate Interviews

    Investment Banking

    Hi I have applied for 2011 IBD graduate positions of the most of BB banks in London. I also have completed all of the numerical tests. However, I haven't received any news yet except Numura. Has anyone who applied 2011 IBD graduate programmes been in ...

    1 comment24 Oct 2010 -

  7. I'm currently a first year analyst in DCM at a Japanese BB in Tokyo. Not gonna lie, I fucking hate it. I'm fluent in the language so initially I thought it'd be a good experience for the future (I definitely intended on working at a bank in ...

    1 comment18 Oct 2010 -

  8. New to this forum, trying to decide between two places right now in terms of possible PE exit opps and just overall dealflow for analysts. CS / JPM / BAML (in between 1st and 2nd tier) M&A group or... GS Industrials?? Thanks! gs jpm IBD M&A CS Ind ...

    1 comment27 Aug 2010 -

  9. GS SF- Generalist

    Investment Banking

    What is the deal with GS SF's Generalist IBD group? I understand that they do basically everything except for TMT. Understanding that TMT is the top group, what's the reputation of the SF Generalist group both internally and externally? Do they ...

    1 comment5 Jan 2011 -

  10. Umbrella of Investment Banking

    Investment Banking

    Is loan syndication under IBD? IBD BB Loans ...

    1 comment28 May 2010 -

  11. Spinning firm info?

    Investment Banking

    I have an interview for an IBD SA position coming up tomorrow. They have a very reputable research department for the industry they cover. What would be the best way to spin how their research dept is well known etc to why I want to work there and specifi ...

    1 comment26 Apr 2010 -

  12. Two quick but related questions: If you want to speak to a recruiter and submit your resume to him/her, should your introductory email be "Hi, my name is XXX and I want to apply. heres my resume." or should it be more subtle and you send it once ...

    1 comment3 Jan 2010 -

  13. MBA has to be in Finance?

    Investment Banking

    was wondering how important the 'Finance' focus for MBA is when applying to IBD, Alternative Asset Mgmt, PE / HF.. ie MBA in Entrepreneurship, Business Management, Strategic Risk, Consulting, etc. would it be automatic 'No' pile despit ...

    1 comment11 Dec 2009 -

  14. Corp governance in BB Asia

    Investment Banking

    Do BB Asian divisions have the same corp governance structure as BB in the US/Euro Analyst to associate to VP to Director to MD to Partner finally C-level IBD Salary ...

    4 Dec 2009 -

  15. Lehman Sponsor Coverage

    Investment Banking

    Does anybody have any opinion on whether the old Lehman Sponsor coverage team was any good? (pre the BarCap takeover) Lehman IBD Coverage sponsor ...

    6 Nov 2009 -

  16. Is anyone interviewing for Goldman IBD HK or BJ for full-time? I heard from someone that all of their openings are already filled. Is that true? gs IBD Salary ...

    22 Oct 2009 -

  17. Could anyone give me the standard adjustments to pro forma the financial statements for an acquisition? I have an idea, but I don't know all of the standard adjustments. I/S: Sum all line items. Interest income/expense will likely change due to oppor ...

    1 comment19 Oct 2009 -

  18. HSBC Final Round (IBD)

    Investment Banking

    Hi all, I have a superday with HSBC coming up for investment banking, can anyone give some advice on what to expect specifically (anyone gone through the process?), and from IB final rounds in general? I'd appreciate it. Thanks. IBD Interviews Final ...

    5 Oct 2009 -

  19. PWM to ECM

    Investment Banking

    I am interning at a BB PWM branch close to HQ. So far Ive done nothing beneficial other than researching mutual funds and looking online training course provided by the BB. My goal is to get in ECM. I understand ECM does have some private client exposure. ...

    1 comment26 Jun 2009 -

  20. I apologize if these questions are superficial or dumb or they are asked before. I did the search but couldn't find any response that I'm looking for. I have seen that people were saying ECM is the syndicate between IBD and S&T. Isn't E ...

    1 comment14 Jun 2009 -

  21. Is is it better to have an internship in equity research or equity sales and trading if I want to apply to ibd for full time? Assume that both positions are not at BBs and are at equally non prestigious places. I know the answer would usually be research ...

    1 comment7 Jun 2009 -

  22. Valuation Shop vs GT Advisory

    Investment Banking

    Coming from a semi-target school is hard in these times. F500/ IBD /Consulting (non- MBB) recruit at our school with the intention to hire only 1 or 2 analysts/associates. The only other option (in the corporate path)is accounting (either Big 4 or mid-tie ...

    27 Mar 2009 -

  23. GS Toronto to GS NYC

    Investment Banking

    Is it a relatively easy move to go from GS Toronto IBD to GS NYC IBD assuming a good performance as an SA in TO. moving to a FT position in NYC? nyc gs IBD Goldman Sachs Toronto new york city Salary ...

    1 comment5 Jan 2009 -