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Hello all,
I recently started valuing an insurance company, but I have little to no experience with insurance companies. I am looking into doing a DDM model for an insurance company but couldn't find the insurance company Statutory Capital & Surplus listed on its 10q. Could you please help me out with the formula for Statutory Capital & Surplus? Tried Googling it, didn't help much.

3 comments 16 Jul 2020 - Christian-Stoyanov

Any fellow commercial insurance brokers on this site? I've seen the occasional discussion with commercial P&C and reinsurance underwriters, but interested to find out how many are on the brokerage side.

I'm a year-and-a-half into a training program with a global insurance brokerage, where I support both client advisory and large P&C placements for companies with $500M-$1B+ in revenue. So far, I'm really enjoying the learning experience, the industry, and the colleagues I work with.

1 comment 15 Mar 2020 - Risiko

Can somebody explain me what type of firms act as single purpose reinsurers? I want to understand this because it is related to my bachelor's thesis.

I understand they may for example, issue CAT bonds for insurance companies, but who are they?
Also, what do they mean by single purpose?

1 comment 21 Feb 2020 - hx_ghost1

Hi I got an interview for a summer internship at Willis Towers Watson in CRB (Corporate Risk and Broking) in San Francisco and I’m wondering if this will help or hurt my chances of getting into investment banking down the line?
For anyone familiar with the company, would it be a good company to work for if I want to transfer to a European office when I graduate?

1 comment 08 Nov 2019 - kjames

Anybody here works in commercial insurance (property and casualty, specialty lines, etc) can shed some light on the different career paths?

I am currently on a graduate scheme of one of the largest insurers in the world in a commercial line in the London office. Prior to this I had internships experiences in management and strategy consulting graduating from a top 3 UK university.

4 comments 26 Oct 2018 - MBA1413

I'm offered to become a CFO of a tiny P/C insurance company and wondering whether I'm sure about philosophy of this business. Company market themselves as a professional service provider, wiki says it's a financial service, and I think it's an asset manager. Do you have a better definition? (I have no degree in finance, too).

4 comments 10 Aug 2018 - Anopportunist