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  2. My school recently instated an opt-in pass/fail system for this semester due to COVID-19. If I opted in pass/fail to all classes, would that come off as lazy when recruiting for IB? As a banker, how would you view a student who has opted in pass/fail for ...

    21 comments26 Mar 2020 -


    Investment Banking

    I am a currently a junior at a complete non-target in NY with literally 0 alumni working in Investment Banking. I have done a few boutique IB internships and about to start a PE internship in the spring. I have used the search function a million times to ...

    61 comments6 May 2020 -

  4. Sending out recruiting emails

    Investment Banking

    I am in the middle of the investment banking recruiting process and I was wondering about this: When the company is getting back to candidates after reviewing their applications, do they send the rejection emails out first or do they send candidates they ...

    9 comments20 Mar 2020 - Prospect in IB - PubFin

  5. The McLean Group 2018

    Investment Banking

    Hey I was curious if anyone had information on the McLean Group. They are a boutique IB based out of Northern Virginia; recruiting, dealflow, experience, interviewing etc. Investment banking recruiting- United States- South ...

    8 comments6 May 2020 -

  6. Any tips on how to make a deal sourcing/business development internship at a PE firm look good for IB recruiting? I want to refrain from seeming like it's just a sales job, but have not done any modeling or real financial analysis. Maybe something ab ...

    6 comments29 Jun 2018 -

  7. Currently a 3rd year master's in accounting (5-yr program) student at UT Austin McCombs looking to land an IB Summer 2020 internship in Chicago. Been networking with a couple of analysts these past few months, and I feel like I should hit them up aga ...

    1 comment6 May 2020 -