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  2. Debt fund returns / IRR

    Hello all, I have a presentation from a growth debt fund which invests in senior debt in small early stage companies ($15-30MM tickets). They talk about 15+% gross IRR (YTM) (before carry and management fees). Now, when looking at the investments they hav ...

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  3. IRR vs. Compound Return Rate

    Does IRR assume the interim cash flows are reinvested? Various sources say yes and others say no. Investopedia's IRR article says "One of the disadvantages of using IRR is that all cash flows are assumed to be reinvested at the same discount rat ...

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  4. internal rate of return vs. "simple rate of return"

    Hi there, I'm a practitioner (not in Ibanking) and am cosidering the following (real world) potential investment: Up-front purchase price of investment (a used machine): 14,000 Euros Annual profit of the machine: 1,802 Euros (for 11 years) no residua ...

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