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What do you think are good positions for someone who speaks English, Spanish, and Portuguese, has a master's in finance, and went to an undergrad target would be?

Some ideas...

-Investments in emerging markets either in the U.S. or abroad

-NYC/Miami based finance focused on LatAm 

-Consulting based on LatAm (does anyone know good companies?)

-Geopolitical risk consulting?

-Fortune 500 with LatAm presence



What do you think?

2 comments 13 Sep 2020 - tjh99

Hi guys, I was hoping to get some advice. This is my first post, but I've been reading this website a lot. I'm a New York born and raised guy that went to a liberal arts college and played top 20 division I lacrosse (earning a 3.4 GPA). My international family background made me become fascinated by Latam. After graduation, I moved to Chile (without fully speaking Spanish and knowing absolutely no one) to start a position as intern at a boutique M&A focused investment bank based here in Chile.

1 comment 13 Feb 2019 - ChileanSeaMonkey

Hi All,

Disclosure: this is my very first post so please bare with me, should I make any mistakes in not following any guidelines.

I am a US citizen interested in breaking into MBB in Brasil/ Latin America. I am speak little Portuguese and I will be in Brasil working on non-consulting related (engineering) work next year.

11 comments 07 Dec 2017 - coxinha

I'm not an expert on Latin America but was there last year and was curious on what the community thinks of venture capital industry, especially in early stage tech investing in LATAM... thoughts on particularly emerging markets such as Mexico, Brazil, Chile and the ones that are just growing such as Colombia, Argentina and Peru? Will it ever get big to matter? Spanish is the 2nd most common language after all.

2 comments 13 Jun 2016 - atlas11546

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0 comments 23 Jun 2015 - wsomentors

Hello and greetings,

I am a 2012 December international business graduate from Texas Tech University. I recently moved up to the NYC area about a year ago. I have spent most of my time working full-time (6-7) days a week at an upscale restaurant, and now a high-end jewelry store in the city. I have made some connections via alumni or friends that work in BB banks and I they have been referring me to positions within their company, unfortunately I have had no luck and have not landed a finance interview.

0 comments 04 Jan 2015 - gothamgringo

Hi monkeys,

My fiance has been offered the "job of her life" in Chile and given that I'm a bit tired of gloomy London I'm seriously considering moving there with her.

Of course, I will need to find a job. Ideally in buy side/sell side research –since I'm an equity analyst at a BB here in London- but beggars can't be choosers so happy to consider other finance jobs. My native language is Spanish so I should be ok on that front.

Does anyone know any good site for financial jobs in Chile (or even Latam in general)? Also if anyone has a view on the job market down there it would be very helpful.


12 comments 14 Nov 2013 - UKtop