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I'm currently an incoming third-year student at Ivey in the HBA program. I never really tried as hard as I should have in terms of recruiting in my first two-years as I had interests outside of business. Most internships I applied to were cancelled due to the pandemic in second-year and the furthest I got was being told by an employer after an interview and assessment that I would have gotten an offer had the pandemic not resulted in the internship program being cancelled.

3 comments 08 Jul 2020 - wannabeconsultant1

I just signed with BCG for an Associate role after graduation in the spring. That was about four weeks ago, and I have two options for start dates: July and next January. Ideally I would prefer to delay and spend some time traveling before jumping straight into the intense lifestyle, but I'm worried about the effects of the recession and COVID-19. Anyone at entry level MBB firms remember what 2008 was like? Should I aim for the July start date to not be "last in, first out"? Or is MC as "counter-cyclical" as some people have told me, and I shouldn't be so worried?

4 comments 24 Mar 2020 - jakecarraway

Hello - Does anyone know how an experience from a tier II consulting firm namely (A.T. Kearney) would be viewed upon applying to MBB as an experienced hire ? does it work as a plus for someone with a phd and industry experience?

1 comment 05 Sep 2019 - mtafaK91

I just spoke with a family friend at an east coast office of BCG, and at the end of our chat, she let me know that she would like to refer me if she could but claimed BCG no longer has a dedicated referral system for undergrad candidates. I'm at a non-target for BCG and she told me my only option was to apply online and hope for the best.

Has anyone else heard anything like this / could this be office-specific? If there's no way for non-target applicants outside of an online application, it sounds like BCG has just totally closed itself off

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I would like to ask for advice. First, my profile. I am currently starting a Master in Finance at a top university in the UK (think Oxford/Cambridge) with previous internships in IB at an elite firm (think Rothschild/Lazard) and also another IB internship at a mid tier bank (think BNP Paribas). What would you say my chances of getting interviews at MBB for full time position in London are? Thanks.

2 comments 04 Aug 2019 - b6531931

Does anyone have experience with the internal product teams at MBB? Groups include Mckinsey Transformation Incubator, BCG Product Business Unit or Bain's Next Generation Product Management? Are these positions more prestigious than Big4 consultant or T3 boutique consultant or are they considered back office roles on par with a Research Analyst? I am currently a consultant at a top boutique firm, but my goal is to move into VC at some point so having MBB on my resume might help with that.

1 comment 24 Jun 2019 - johnsmith987

Hi everyone, I am currently a MBB undergraduate intern doing his summer internship (which will most likely result in a full time offer for post-grad) but wants to switch offices for personal reasons. Does anyone know the possibility for making this happen? And if so, how to approach doing it.
Some factors:
- Current office is a smaller one in size
- I would want to transfer to an office bigger in size, but mostly want a different geography

Thank you!

1 comment 16 Jun 2019 - Koenig