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Hi all,

I am considering the McKinsey Associate-Implementation role and was wondering what some of the exit opportunities would be. I know its more of an operations vs. strategy role, but I hear MI (Mck Implementation) folks getting staffed on the same projects and generalists.

Do you think this job could lead to looks at PE down the road?


3 comments 10 Sep 2020 - brianh8

Shout out to all the hopeful boys and girls out there who would eat raw chicken to get an MBB internship!

Where do you go to school?

Where have you previously interned?

Do you know when we'll start hearing back?

How good do you think your chances are?

Discuss these questions and anything else you'd like to talk about! May the odds be ever in your favor.

19 comments 08 Sep 2020 - risingjr

I am in a very privileged position to have received a McKinsey offer for the associate position in NA. Previously, I had attended the Bain summer program for advanced degrees but unfortunately bombed the final case interview and did not receive an FT offer. The recruiting manager communicated that I was placed on a pseudo-waitlist and that they will reach out to me at the end of August or early September. Now I am in a bind.

44 comments 22 Aug 2020 - kpassU

I have been working in big 4 audit now for just under 3 years and have obtained my ACA. My contract with my firm end of 2020, but auto-renews and makes me assistant manager unless I choose to decline the offer. I want to move into consulting, I have spoken to individuals who have worked in companies such as Mckinsey / BCG, and the work seems so much more interesting compared to the mundane life of finance audit. The pay is also seemingly more attractive there...

1 comment 26 Dec 2019 - anand.roy1798

Hi friends. Recently left MBB after spending 2 years after college there. Always thought it was helpful reading Q&A when I was a student thinking about career-pathing, so wanted to offer this up. Busy in a new job, so will respond when available and might close this thread up early, but for now, please ask away. For context: Target college MBB big US office Based in the US Obviously please keep questions professional and I will try to provide as much insight as possible. Won't reveal anything though that is too personal. Still care about anonymity.

26 comments 19 Sep 2019 - flourishingpower

I am a sophomore at HYP, international. Have a 3.4 which is probably going to go down after this semester. I wanted to do consulting at MBB(Hoping for San Francisco) and I recently got an offer to work on a 5-month project in an international office for McKinsey(loads of networking). I honestly hate being in college so I was thinking would it be wise to take a leave of absence and work there? I have not been doing well in school because I have been disinterested so I thought this would be a good excuse to not do it.

7 comments 08 May 2019 - cluelessconsultant

Mckinsey recently posted on my school's job board about some new rotational program they're opening up. Does anyone have any insight about what the role is actually about - the description sounds like a lot of jargon. What does any of that description entail about what you'd even be doing on the job. I've attached the posting on the Mckinsey website.

Link: https://www.mckinsey.com/careers/search-jobs/jobs…

1 comment 11 Mar 2019 - themanthemyth

I'm an MD currently completing a post-doc in pharma, applied as an ADC to MBB in the fall, made it to the decision round for MBB1 and MBB2. was waitlisted at MBB1, was asked to complete an extra decision round then waitlisted at MBB2, and was ultimately rejected to both though asked to reapply during the off-cycle in spring.

4 comments 16 Jan 2019 - Timeless Banana

I'm curious - McKinsey vs Goldman Sachs - which has better brand recognition?

For the average Joe (non business/finance people)
1. In USA
2. In Europe
3. In Asia

My impression is that in Europe (except for the UK), McKinsey has better recognition, while in Asia (HK/Singapore/China/India, not sure about the rest), GS does. The deal flow is quite strong in Asia nowadays, while the consulting industry has not caught up with the US/Europe.

13 comments 08 Sep 2018 - Ryan Finance