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Hey guys -

I’m moving to LA next summer after graduation (~July-August 2017, depends on length of training) to start as an investment banking analyst in Century City. I’m new to the area so I’m looking for a fun, clean roommate(s). Plusses would be if you’re going to be working in banking (or any another field with long hours), and enjoy going out on one of those elusive free weekends. My budget is anywhere from $1.25K to $2.25K and I’m looking mainly at Westwood since it's close to work but would be open to other areas.


0 comments 07 Sep 2016 - Gbanker74160

Current CB Analyst at a BB (GS/BAML/MS type) regional office (Bos/Tor/Chi type) with an offer to join an elite boutique (Evercore/Moelis/HLHZ type) in LA as an IB Analyst.

Is this a no-brainer?

For context: joined ~2.5 months ago out of undergrad. Love the office. Would love to transfer internally to IB but don't want to risk that after a year or two. Not loving the CB work, breaking into IB is the goal. Location change is tough but i don't really care, would go anywhere for the right opportunity.

Too early to leave? Is the risk of internal transfer too high to pass up on this opportunity?


14 comments 11 Oct 2014 - dizzle11

Just curious. This year's SA class from Ivey at University of Western Ontario sent 6 kids to LA alone:

2 to CS LA
2 to Moelis LA
1 to Houlihan FRG LA
1 to Barcap LA

I also know of kids going to CS SF and Qatalyst SF, and that GS LA sent kids for final rounds (not sure if anyone offered/signed).

I think that's quite a large number of people, especially for a far-away Canadian school that's not nearly as well known as the US targets. Since these WC offices all have small analyst classes, I wouldn't even be surprised if Ivey sent more kids there than anywhere else. Why do firms love Ivey kids when they can get plenty of talent from the likes of Wharton, Berkeley Stanford etc??

FYI I'm in Ivey and going to a BB office in Toronto - this is just out of curiosity.

9 comments 19 Feb 2011 - Bonjour Paris