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  2. MSF Class of 2019

    Business School and GMAT

    Every year I do a post like this on about this date for students seeking admission. Most MSF/MMS program start their application cycle around this time so it is usually helpful. Prior years Q&A are listed below. https://www.wallstreetoasis.com/forums/ ...

    353 comments8 Feb 2018 -

  3. Best MSF's to shoot for given my stats?

    Business School and GMAT

    I know you guys get asked stuff like this all the time but it's a very case by case thing so I'm going to ask again. I'm a state school kid with a 3.9/4.0, expecting a 720+ GMAT at the very least (you'll just have to trust me on that), ...

    35 comments8 Aug 2018 -

  4. MSF Question and Answer

    Business School and GMAT

    Mod Note (Andy)- as the year comes to an end we're reposting the top discussions from 2015. This one was originally posted 6/30/2015. I get a ton of emails and answer a ton of posts asking similar questions so I thought I would answer the most common ...

    239 comments26 Dec 2015 -

  5. The Financial Times published the 2014 Pre-Experience and Post-Experience rankings for MSc Finance programs. Here are the links for anyone who might be interested: ft.com/businessschoolrankings/masters-in-finance-pre-experience-2014">Masters in Fi ...

    78 comments11 Jan 2018 -

  6. I am currently a senior student at a univeristy (not famous) outside US and Europe majoring in Economics and minoring in Math. I am considering applying to Master of Finance programs in the U.S. and Europe and upon completion trying getting a job at an in ...

    66 comments20 Sep 2016 -

  7. MSF placements General

    Job Search Advice

    Hi everyone. I'm a first time poster and any help/advice would be appreciated I'm looking to go and get an MSF in 2011. The schools I want to apply to are yet to be determined. As I understand it, there are many potential placement options out o ...

    33 comments15 May 2010 -

  8. MBA vs. MSF- Investment management

    Business School and GMAT

    In which cases is it better to go for the MSF than the MBA? In which cases is it better to go for the MBA instead of the MSF? Obviously, this will depend on my interests and what not, so here's a little context for answering the question. 1. I doubt ...

    209 comments10 Oct 2016 -

  9. Hey all, I am a long shot that recently broke in at a very small regional boutique (extremely low GPA, non-target, late interest in finance- hustled and networked my ass off to get a gig). Although I am extremely grateful to have made it this far and I en ...

    19 comments13 May 2018 -

  10. How to nail your MSF interview

    Business School and GMAT

    Due to my past activity on these forums, specifically related to MSF /business school discussions, I've received a few emails asking about the MSF application process. I think it would be helpful to share my experiences as an applicant, talking to ot ...

    37 comments21 Mar 2017 -

  11. I am an international student, and I have been admitted to WUSTL MS Finance (Quantitative track) and U Rochester Simon MSF. Both programs have given me some funding (25% from WUSTL and 40% from Simon). Both are 17-month programs and I would like to do a s ...

    28 comments17 Dec 2017 -

  12. As i noticed that many top US universities do not offer master degree in Finance, instead, they have plenty of PhD or MBA. Is there a ranking for Master of Finance (MSF/MFin) NOT financial engineer or quantitative finance... So far i know good schools lik ...

    55 comments2 Mar 2018 -

  13. Which MS finance?

    Business School and GMAT

    I'm going into my senior year and studying for the GMAT in preparation to apply for some MS Finance programs. I'm an economics major at a top 50 "national liberal arts college" (usnews). I have a 3.48 GPA, which I am putting all of my ...

    33 comments25 Jun 2015 -

  14. Hello all, I posted a discussion earlier this year regarding some questions I had about attaining an MBA and the feedback was great. So now I am wondering if attaining a masters in finance helps getting into a better MBA program. As always, thank you for ...

    37 comments26 Nov 2014 -

  15. Masters in Finance Question

    Business School and GMAT

    Long story hopefully short enough for you guys, I was supposed to be a financial lawyer. After going through the process twice to try to get enough financial aid, I decided against law school because of the cost and job opportunities. I've been tryin ...

    47 comments5 May 2014 -

  16. MSF (Master of Finance) Programs

    Business School and GMAT

    Hey guys, I go to the University of Miami. Im trying to decide if i should try to get into UM's MSF program, which doesn't require me to take the GMAT or have any recommendations as I am already a student of the undergraduate business school OR ...

    17 comments28 Feb 2018 -

  17. The job prospect for MSF at UT-Dallas

    Business School and GMAT

    Hello! I am a U.S citizen living in Seoul. Here is my background. GPA: 3.8 GMAT: 690 TOEFL: 109, I have* no* internship or any related experiences in the industry, which is one of my biggest weakness. I am now applying to business schools for MSF program, ...

    13 comments28 Dec 2018 -

  18. Hi All- Has anyone heard about this program? I know ND is a prestigious school as well as their business school. At my current situation their program is a best fit. It's designed for working professionals and holds Fri/Sat classes in Chicago every o ...

    21 comments31 Jul 2017 -

  19. Assuming that I want to work in NYC, should I choose MSF at better school, based in not NY state, or MSF at worse school, but in NY state? For example, Vanderbuilt, WUSTL, Virginia vs. Baruch, Syracuse, Rochester msf Salary ...

    20 comments1 Sep 2016 -

  20. How many outside hours of study MSF

    Business School and GMAT

    Hello, For ungraduate courses consensus is 1-3 hours of study per week outside the classroom per credit hour. For an MSF program how many hours a week can one expect to study? study msf ...

    25 comments2 Feb 2015 -

  21. Vandy MSF vs UT MSF

    Business School and GMAT

    Hey monkeys, So, I'm facing a tough decision on which MSF program to go for. I'm in at UT with little $$$ and waiting to hear from Vandy for a decision but fairly confident that I will get in. I'll only hear back from them next week and won ...

    24 comments12 Mar 2015 -

  22. Official MSF Rankings

    Business School and GMAT

    https://thefinancialengineer.net/msf-rankings/ Hi Guys, so Vanderbilt's website has a link to an official ranking of U.S. MSF programs. The methodology used is: MSF Rankings Components 30% Mean GMAT Scores 25% Mean Starting Salary and Bonus 15% Mean ...

    22 comments7 May 2015 -

  23. Hi everyone, I saw people asking whether their MSF program can help them break into FO IB. However, MSF programs are normally one year long. Are those people already get an IB Internship before their MSF or they are talking about IB full-time job? I don&# ...

    10 comments17 Feb 2019 -

  24. Hi everybody, This is my first post. I wish I could find this excellent website earlier before me applying for the MSF programs months before. Being an international(Asian) undergraduate student, recently I got admission to four MSF programs: Baruch CUNY ...

    21 comments9 Mar 2015 -

  25. Vanderbilt MSF- Breaking into IB?

    Business School and GMAT

    How difficult is it to get an analyst position from vanderbilt's msf program? From the "success stories" on their website, there is only 1 IB listed, and that is with a smaller firm. Also from here: http://mba.vanderbilt.edu/vanderbilt/Prog ...

    19 comments29 Mar 2017 -

  26. MSF Application Advice

    Business School and GMAT

    Hey all, I would be applying for the class of 2017 and I would still like some advice. I go to a top 50 school and am an accounting undergrad, but it is a top undergrad accounting program. 3.6 GPA. Decent extracurriculars: college athletics, humanitarian ...

    16 comments8 Jun 2015 -

  27. UT Dallas MSF

    Business School and GMAT

    Looking into several MSF programs. I want to end up in Dallas, so naturally UT-Dallas is appealing. Does anyone have any info as far as placement records or know if many Dallas HFs or Bulge Brackets recruit from this program? The info on their website is ...

    14 comments25 Jan 2019 -

  28. It's 2 years program and is too long for an MS, I know. But I want the best of the both worlds ie I would like to take some PhD classes along with MBA classes and use it as my terminal degree. But how is it viewed in the corporate world? Is the Colum ...

    14 comments3 Oct 2017 -

  29. UT MSF Review

    Business School and GMAT

    Texas UT austin msf Review ...

    15 comments8 Jun 2015 -

  30. Masters of Science in Finance

    Business School and GMAT

    I'm graduating undergrad this year with a 4.0 form a decent state Uni in psychology. I want to get into portfolio management / private wealth management, but can't seem to make it happen because I'm a psych major from a non-target. So, I� ...

    21 comments28 Feb 2011 -

  31. Loyalty of WUSTL Alumni?

    Business School and GMAT

    After recently being admitted to WUSTL's MSF (which I didn't think I had a shot at due to below-average stats) I'm reconsidering my original intention to attend Nova's MSF. I like the Midwest much more than NYC /Philly and the name bra ...

    15 comments11 Mar 2015 -

  32. Hi guys, I am an international student in the final year of university, and I want to apply for MSF programs in the US. I passed CFA Level 1 this June, had a 3.5+GPA, and I'm now preparing for GMAT, which I aim for a 750+. I had three internships, an ...

    14 comments23 Sep 2015 -

  33. MSF colleges

    Business School and GMAT

    Can someone please provide me a list of good MSF programs(in the US) both in terms of good curriculum as well as strong placements???. Rankings from websites seem to be confusing. Colleges Other than Princeton and MIT (both being quantitative) have differ ...

    13 comments9 Nov 2015 -

  34. What MSF should I target? *help*

    Business School and GMAT

    I'm graduating in december with a double major in accounting/finance from a non-target (~top 60 UG business school) with a sub-par GPA (3.0). I've gotten solid interviews but have been unable to translate that into any offers. I'm about to ...

    13 comments20 Oct 2015 -

  35. MSF Profile Evaluation. Thank you!!!

    Business School and GMAT

    Hi, WSO users I'm trying to apply for 2015 MSF and I'd be really appreciated any advice or insights related to my profile. Nationality: Chinese School: Undergrad at Indiana University, Kelley School of Business Major: Accounting, Finance and Tec ...

    14 comments13 Oct 2014 -

  36. Is a MSF the right choice for me?

    Business School and GMAT

    So my background is this. I go to a complete non target and due to life events have a low 3.2 gpa. I have 3 years of RIA wealth management experience and my Series 7. I have dreams of either IBD or S&T. Would it make sense for me to rock out a msf wit ...

    12 comments1 May 2016 -

  37. Hi guys, I'm currently enrolled at a top MSF /MMS program. My program offers scholarships, and gave scholarships to (what seems like) a majority of the class this year. Despite receiving maximum scholarships to every other school I applied to, my int ...

    12 comments3 Apr 2016 -

  38. MSF...MAcc questions for post Ugrad

    Business School and GMAT

    Hello all, I am a senior econ undergrad at non-target graduating in December 2011. I have a good GPA but have not taken GMAT yet. I have been considering going for a post undergrad masters degree and have a few questions I was hoping to get a little help ...

    15 comments6 May 2015 -

  39. MSF now or MBA later?

    Business School and GMAT

    Hi, I have 1 year Corporate Banking experience. I want to do either an MBA or an MSF. However, for an MBA, I have to wait for a couple more years. So which one will be better for me? MSF now or MBA 3 years later? My goal is IB. msf ...

    14 comments2 May 2014 -

  40. Profile Evaluation for MSF

    Business School and GMAT

    A bit about my current status:- International student- Major: Actuarial Science- School: well-known in Europe, Australia, Asia (top 50 worldwide on any ranking list)- GPA: 3.2- 3.4 (converted to standard GPA)- GRE: quant 164, verbal 155- Experiences: 2 no ...

    13 comments7 Jul 2014 -

  41. Brandeis MSF or Babson MSF

    Business School and GMAT

    Hello guys! I got accepted to Babson and Brandeis for their MSF programs and I am very unsure of which school to pick. I would really appreciate some advice.-Babson: brand new program (1st year), 10 months, does not offer an internship, STEM, $$-Brandeis: ...

    10 comments21 Mar 2017 -

  42. I am a recent graduate who wants to break into management consulting. I have been unable to get a job in consulting, and even in financial services. I have been actively looking since January, and have not gained any traction despite being told that I hav ...

    12 comments21 Apr 2016 -

  43. Alright WSO, a buddy of mine is a lurker here and has enlisted my help. he studied econ undergrad at a non target and has worked in software the past several years, most recently as a software engineer developing enterprise level software in Chicago. he&# ...

    9 comments14 Mar 2017 -

  44. BC MSF vs. BU MSIM

    Business School and GMAT

    I'm looking into evening graduate programs in the field of finance in Boston, and these two seem to be the best (but please correct me if I'm wrong). I'm in the Air Force right now as a finance officer, so neither is really 100% relevant to ...

    11 comments23 Feb 2018 -

  45. Extend Graduation or go to a MSF program

    Business School and GMAT

    Hi everyone, I am just wanting some opinions and advice. I will be starting my Senior year in the fall. I am an accounting undergrad at a semi-target school. I am interested in IB on the West Coast. My first target would be SF, but I am also open to LA. I ...

    11 comments27 May 2015 -

  46. -I am an upcoming graduate from a non target state school with a 3.4 upper GPA and 650 GMAT.-I have been accepted to the MSF program at FSU, USC, Villanova, and have an interview with WUSTL this week but am expecting to get in.-I want to leverage my MSF de ...

    10 comments20 Mar 2016 -

  47. Thoughts on MSF last round applications

    Business School and GMAT

    Hey everyone, So I'm graduating in December from a semi target school in the Midwest with a degree in Finance. I will be taking the GMAT in February, and finishing applications to schools such as Vanderbilt, Villanova, UT, Michigan State, Texas A& ...

    9 comments1 Nov 2016 -

  48. Top Online-only MSF Programs?

    Business School and GMAT

    Dear fellow chimps, What are the top online-only Masters in Finance (MSF) programs out there? Bearing in mind my unconventional background: * Bachelors in Liberal Arts from no-name school. 4.0 GPA * Passed CFA Level 1 * Landed a job as a buy-side analyst ...

    7 comments2 Aug 2018 -

  49. late

    Business School and GMAT

    B GPA chances GMAT msf ...

    10 comments19 Feb 2015 -

  50. Hey all- looking for some advice on which direction to take as I was accepted into SMU's MSM program after being rejected for their MSF after an interview, and I have an MSF spot at the Uni of Maryland. What should I do? Is an MSF from Uni of Marylan ...

    10 comments23 May 2014 -

  51. MSF- Senior at a state school

    Business School and GMAT

    Hello everyone! I am new and delighted to be here.-I am a senior at a state school in the United States-I have an average GPA 3.4-3.5-I am an Accounting and Business Economics double major-I have had 2 finance internships (local firms)-I have one accounti ...

    10 comments22 Apr 2016 -

  52. MSF Advice- Senior this upcoming fall

    Business School and GMAT

    I will be a senior this upcoming fall, majoring in Finance with a specialization in Actuarial Sciences (my school calls it a specialization, but it is essentially a minor). I attend a Big Ten university and am interested in continuing my education at a MS ...

    10 comments22 Apr 2016 -

  53. So I've seen in posted multiple times in these forums that Engineering is one of the best majors if you want to become an IB analyst. Although this might be true for BB from targets, I think at boutiques and MM this isn't true. I am an Engineeri ...

    10 comments20 Apr 2016 -

  54. MSF Program Advice

    Business School and GMAT

    Profile: Double major in Finance and Real Estate at FSU. Should graduate magna cum laude (3.7) GMAT: Haven't taken but pretty confident if i put in the time I can do well. I have a good track record with standardized tests. ...

    9 comments10 Sep 2014 -

  55. Need Your Advices for my MSF plan please

    Business School and GMAT

    Hi, that is my first post after reading hundreds of posts here, and I want to say I really learned a lot. I am writing this because I have few questions regarding to which MSF programs I should apply and what is the chance for me to get into one of them. ...

    9 comments30 Apr 2014 -

  56. Georgetown MSF--> M7?

    Business School and GMAT

    Curious what people's thoughts are on this. If someone went to a nontarget undergrad with good grades/ECs and now has a decent finance job would doing the MSF help with MBA applications? msf ...

    8 comments21 Mar 2016 -

  57. Could you rank these MSF programs? WUSTL vs. Claremont McKenna vs. Boston College vs. Villanova Goal is to break into investment banking. And where would you put Duke MMS among these? Thanks. msf Salary ...

    9 comments16 Apr 2014 -

  58. Hi all, Long time lurker here. I do have a question that I hope you guys would be able to shed some light on. I worked for 3 years in finance (BO and then trading) followed by 2 years in project management role. I realized I want to get back into finance ...

    8 comments22 Feb 2016 -

  59. MSF Deposit Question

    Business School and GMAT

    I was recently accepted into a MSF program which offered me a small scholarship and requested my deposit within two weeks. I am very interested in this particular program, but I still want to wait to hear back from some of my other choices. Would it be ok ...

    8 comments31 Jan 2015 -

  60. My GMAT sucks / chances at masters

    Business School and GMAT

    My GMAT quant is terrible. Just took the test yesterday and got a 640 (38Q/ 39V). This was much lower than expected, my last 2 practice tests where 700 (43/43) and 710 (I forget the splits). Point is, I'm 90 percentile on reading and bouncing between ...

    8 comments23 Nov 2014 -

  61. MSF Now or Wait?

    Business School and GMAT

    .............................................................................................................................. msf ...

    7 comments23 Jun 2017 -

  62. MSF profile evaluation? thank you!

    Business School and GMAT

    Hi guys, I'm a perspective MSF candidate for 2015-2016. Any insights related to my profile will be appreciated! Chinese citizen, US undergrad at University of Minnesota- Twin Cities Major: Honors BS Math (not planning to graduate with honors though, ...

    8 comments9 Oct 2014 -

  63. Retake GMAT?- Looking to get an MSF

    Business School and GMAT

    Looking to go for an MSF. What schools do I have a shot at with this background or should I retake and apply at a later round. GMAT: 610 GPA; 3.8 Non-Target Finance/Econ 2 Year Relavent Internship 8 Month FT Analyst at PWM...TIA ...

    8 comments24 Apr 2016 -

  64. What are my chances at these schools?

    Business School and GMAT

    . I'm thinking about applying to Oxford MFE, MIT MFin, CMC, Vandy and Duke. I was first thinking about only applying to vandy, cmc and duke but then I thought it wouldn't hurt to throw in some more apps. Will I be competitive at MIT and Oxford? A ...

    8 comments20 Apr 2014 -

  65. What MSFs am I a target for?

    Investment Banking

    I have close to a 3.0 gpa as an Electrical Engineering major from Rutgers University (big ten state school). I got a 2300 on my SATs so I think I can pull a 650- 700 GMAT. I really want to get into investment banking. What masters in finance are a target ...

    6 comments5 Nov 2017 -

  66. I'm looking for top tier MSF or MS in RE programs that don't require a GMAT. I have a 3.6 undergrad GPA and solid internship experience, but my raw scores on the GMAT are weak. I'm at the stage of my life where I never want to study for ano ...

    7 comments7 Jul 2015 -

  67. US best MSF for international students

    Business School and GMAT

    Guys, actually I'm a summer intern in a PE fund. Eu citizen. Bachelor in France. I would like to attend a MSF for live and work in US. To you, which program really worth? From what I've seen, I considered: **UTA MSF, Vandy MSF, Boston College MS ...

    6 comments7 Jul 2017 -

  68. MSF profile review/recommendations

    Business School and GMAT

    Hello All, I graduated from the university of Georgia in May 2013 with a non-business major (international affairs). I decided to try my luck getting a job in the business world and ended up settling for a job in the escrow department at a mortgage servic ...

    7 comments28 May 2014 -

  69. Indiana MSF vs. Georgetown MSF

    Business School and GMAT

    Curious what this board thinks. All comments are appreciated. msf ...

    7 comments4 Jun 2014 -

  70. Need some advice selecting which MSF program to attend. I was offered a full scholarship to Johns Hopkins, as well as partial scholarships to The University of Rochester and Temple. The cost of U of R and Temple will be both less than 20k. Still waiting o ...

    6 comments18 Apr 2016 -

  71. Hello all! A few things to consider: International Student going back home after completing the MSF. Don't have much savings, and my income potential after graduating is much lower because I wouldn't be working in the USA hence salaries are inhe ...

    5 comments26 Mar 2018 -

  72. Fellow Monkeys, I recently accepted an offer as a quantitative equity analyst for a large Asset Management firm. My story of getting there is probably a bit unique as the odds were stacked against me on paper and had some major ups and downs. Hopefully my ...

    6 comments23 Oct 2015 -

  73. MSF vs Entry level finance posistion

    Business School and GMAT

    Quick back ground, I'm currently in audit and am leaving after this busy season. The university I went to is small and not prestigious at all, getting into the Big 4 is an accomplishment where I went, I did get a masters in accounting though. This is ...

    6 comments11 Jan 2015 -

  74. I don't know what they really mean but they say applicants MUST have a degree from international Tier A school. What the heck does that mean? msf ...

    6 comments24 Aug 2014 -

  75. Graduated in 2013 with a degree in math/econ (3.5 gpa) at an Ivy. I worked 1 year in a large pension fund as a FO /MO analyst. I had to end this gig because I ran out of work authorization after 1 year of OPT. I'm getting my work authorization back s ...

    6 comments7 Aug 2014 -

  76. MSF: Baruch vs. BC vs. Villanova

    Business School and GMAT

    1. Curious as how Baruch now rates as I would have to believe they must have excellent connections into wall st? I know the program is new. 2. Then throw BC vs. villanova in the mix. i know bc has excellent boston connections, but i think they are pretty ...

    6 comments29 May 2014 -

  77. MSF Advice- Applying to grad schools

    Business School and GMAT

    I am applying to grad schools and I am having a difficult time figuring out where my stats will realistically land me. I want to break into either IB or S&T preferably in New York. 730 GMAT, 3.4 GPA from non-target & little work experience (Gradua ...

    6 comments22 Apr 2016 -

  78. Advice- Couple of offers

    Business School and GMAT

    Hello everyone I am new to the forum and was just seeking a little advice. I have a couple of options and have no clue which one to take. Right now I have a couple of offers for some back office work at some banks. I have also been accepted into Vandy MSF ...

    6 comments7 Mar 2016 -

  79. MSF Question about Placement Location

    Business School and GMAT

    Currently an undergrad student in Chicago and have been considering getting an MSF right after graduating. I obviously want to get into a top program as it provides more opportunities, but with a program like Vandy's, I saw that almost half of their ...

    5 comments21 Feb 2016 -

  80. Hi guys, I was just wondering if interviews are always required to be admitted to MSF programs? It seems like from the admission descriptions at most schools, they only interview some of the people who apply. If they are required, what are some ways to pr ...

    5 comments6 Jan 2015 -

  81. MSF chances and advice please

    Business School and GMAT

    Hi all! I'm aiming to enter grad school next year and want to pursue a MSF /MMS. Some background info:-non-target school in Northwest, econ major-GPA 3.78/4.00-GRE 4/158v/157q (first time), x/157v/157q (today)-work experience: Big 4 Advisory (Deals) ...

    5 comments21 Jul 2014 -

  82. I'll be applying to LSE MSc Finance, Oxford MFE, Imperial's MSF, MIT MFin, CMC, MFin, WUSTL MSF, Vandy MSF & UT MSF in September/October. I have 750 GMAT, C/C++ & Financial Modeling trained, have CQF with distinction, CFA l2 passed & ...

    5 comments21 Jun 2014 -

  83. Grad school chance me

    Business School and GMAT

    Here is my file: Currently at a non target school in the West Coast Studying accounting 3.22 gpa (I just had a really bad junior year) GRE: Will take in August I'm on the school's cross country team. Earned conference academic awards. Was a offi ...

    5 comments28 May 2014 -

  84. Average financial aid for top msf

    Business School and GMAT

    I am looking to apply to vandy and nova for my msf and wanted to know what to expect for financial aid if any especially for vandy. What can I expect? msf IBD s&t ...

    4 comments17 Aug 2016 -

  85. MSF schools

    Business School and GMAT

    Hi, I've graduated with a bachelor's degree from a non- target finance program; after working for a few years in different finance jobs, I've decided to get a MSF and re-brand myself. I have a 3.1 GPA with average gmat scores. I chose MSF o ...

    4 comments16 May 2016 -

  86. What to do from here

    Investment Banking

    I'm at a bit of a crossroads in my life right now and need help making my decision. I graduated from a state school with a degree in finance with a 3.2 GPA. Have been working at a well known MM in their FX department for a year and a half now. I star ...

    4 comments4 Feb 2015 -

  87. Best MSF program with my profile

    Business School and GMAT

    Hi guys, I want to know what are some possible good MSF program (online or on campus) I can get into in either the US, UK or Australia I graduated a year and a half ago with a low gpa 2.6 at UC Davis in Economics. After I graduated, I have been working at ...

    4 comments7 Aug 2014 -

  88. MSF if already in finance

    Business School and GMAT

    Any here already work in finance but decide to get an MSF? And what was your reasoning? msf ...

    4 comments7 Jun 2014 -

  89. so I got into an MSF (think OSU, GWU, JHU, UIUC, Tulane) and I'm wondering what kind of jobs I should be expecting to get out of school. I did undergrad at non-target with a non-target major. The school I'm going to does have OCR, but I still on ...

    4 comments18 Apr 2014 -


    Business School and GMAT

    Hi, I am an international student with 10 years of mortgage underwriting experience 7 in India and 3 in US. I have admits from Tulane MSF, UCONN MSFRM and Syracuse MSF waiting for Brandeis MSF, BC MSF and Fordham MSF Post Study Career Goals:- Retail Finan ...

    3 comments15 Apr 2018 -

  91. I read someone mention FT is the only website that ranks Master of Finance program and there are other articles about "target school" such as Business Insider. Anyhow, I am an undergraduate student at Northeastern University, had 2 accounting co ...

    3 comments24 Oct 2017 -

  92. Campus visits before applying for MSF

    Business School and GMAT

    Hi, everybody. I am currently applying for MSF in several universities and considering visiting some of them. Can somebody give me an advice on: 1) how to prepare for the visits (except for studying all the info on university websites)? 2) what should I d ...

    3 comments28 Aug 2016 -

  93. Macc CFA Vs. MSF

    Job Search Advice

    What would be a better option to break into an IB analyst position. MaAc with CFA level 2, or MSF? I know that the majority of the WSO community say the Maac is worthless for IB, but it seems like most the IB work is accounting. MAac CFA 1 msf ...

    3 comments19 Jun 2016 -

  94. MSF Application Rounds

    Business School and GMAT

    Generally, from round 1 to round 2 to round 3, does admissions get increasing more competitive? I am trying to figure out the best time to take the GMAT. Thanks. msf application deadline rounds Masters of Science in Finance ...

    3 comments19 Nov 2015 -

  95. Hey guys I'm 29 years old and currently have a BA in Economics from a non target in NYC. GPA = 3.2. Right now I'm in my full first semester full time at a semi target MAcc program in NYC slated to graduate in 2017. I'm at Baruch. I have one ...

    3 comments13 Oct 2015 -

  96. MSF that starts in summer or fall?

    Business School and GMAT

    Hey Monkeys, Got a couple offers for some tier 2 MSF programs (according to rankings on WSO threads). My cGPA is 3.3 which is under the 3.5 that most banks require for jobs in IB / ER. I have an option to start in the summer at one school that will give m ...

    3 comments17 Feb 2015 -

  97. MSF or Tech Startup?

    Business School and GMAT

    I'm graduating from my non-target undergrad and was ready to go and do an MSF, when I received an offer from a tech startup/company with about 40 employees in my city (small city, think 400,000 population). I don't really want to stay here, but ...

    3 comments16 Feb 2015 -

  98. I will be in Washington DC on November 8th if anyone is interested in learning more about Masters in Finance programs (especially Villanova!). Representatives will be there from a variety of school to answer any other your questions also. 6:30pm- 8:30pm C ...

    3 comments24 Apr 2016 -

  99. Full Tuiton MBA or Aim Higher

    Business School and GMAT

    I am currently enrolled in a MSF program at a semi-target school. The school is ranked somewhere between 20 and 40, depending on where you look. The program is usually three semesters, and I have completed two of them. I am currently working an internship ...

    3 comments20 Jun 2014 -

  100. So I have been working at a BB in a MO role in Asia for the past two yrs and am heading off to Europe for a Masters degree in late fall. I am planning to apply to banking roles when recruiting season starts. Ideally, I wanted a FO role since the beginning ...

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  101. .- Non-MBA masters

    Job Search Advice

    - analyst msf ...

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