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I submitted an offer on a 45 unit apartment building today. It was a call for offers situation so we made (what we thought) was a pretty strong offer. Based on our underwriting which was fairly aggressive we were offering an 8 cap. This is a value add deal in a tiny market in the northeast.

17 comments 20 Sep 2017 - maineiac42

I am new to CRE and just started working as an analyst for a REPE firm. I have never used Argus before but started using it today. I have a lot of questions and am hoping someone on WSO can help me out. I am working for a small firm in the Midwest and am the only analyst (only person that has an Argus license). The firm I am working for is looking to acquire office's (mainly high-rise's) through out the country. I would like to get some best practices from experienced individuals.

6 comments 11 Jul 2017 - JS0815

Does anyone know how much a photographer makes for taking photos for an OM? I've seen on some of our brokerage fee agreements where we have a $25k max on reimbursables to make the OM. About how much of that would a photographer get?


5 comments 05 Aug 2016 - NealCaffrey

Where would one go to find a bond prospectus or offering memorandum? I have been tasked with finding either or both of these documents for three different new issues. No luck so far with company investor relations pages or combing through their most recent SEC filings. Please help! Thnx

1 comment 16 May 2016 - EazyMuthaf.ckinE

I'm about to setup a fund that will buy stakes (both control and non-control) in a niche market my to-be partner has a great network, deal flow, and operational expertise in. I come in with the financial & business background (founded and managed a couple of single-digit $mm hedge funds, prop trading, and various business ventures, modeling, negotiating deals, etc.). We both have access to some capital and are looking at around $5mm of capital coming in from our soft-circle on launch for the initial fund, in addition to whatever we can raise outside of that.Tiny, I know.

4 comments 11 Feb 2015 - FundCapNY

What programs do investment sales brokers use for their OM's?

I work for a real estate firm with a large portfolio but small staff and we do all financings in house and we use a word template to create the books for the lenders. The more I expand it the laggier and clunkier it gets to work with.

Does anyone have any pro-tip or suggestions on a better solution?

4 comments 26 Jun 2014 - SHB

Does anyone know where I can get sample IBD documents as I would like to look at the structure/format/contents of the following documents.

(Sell Side M&A Deal Process)
1. Initial marketing materials --> executive summary and offering memorandum
2. Non disclosure agreements
3. Written Indicators of Interests (IOIs)
4. Purchase Agreement

2 comments 24 Nov 2012 - cujo.cabbie