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I was talking with a buddy of mine the other day (we're both at BBs, 2nd years) and we were talking about the PE vs. IB route, particularly comp at the senior levels. We know that seasoned MDs in our groups make in the mid-seven figure range per year on average, which admittedly, is more than I expected before I started (also worth noting that we both always thought one made way more in PE).

10 comments 17 Aug 2015 - Chinouk35

Hey All,

Looking for comp comparisons for deal teams vs the consulting/ops arms at both Megafunds and the Mid Market. Deal tea comp is readily available, but comp for the ops teams (take KKR Capstone for example) aren't nearly as abundant. Would appreciate if anyone had insight into what to expect at different levels.


1 comment 27 May 2015 - IBTeaching

Girl friend's got a PE Offer - She's a BB associate in Asia with an Asian MBA and about 4 years of experience (she joined as senior analyst post MBA).

Offer is from a global growth PE fund (think Summit/Sequoia and the likes). No carry and total comp is around $250K. She'll probably become principal equivalent in 3 years time when she can get carry etc.

Is that in line with market comp?

5 comments 18 Jun 2012 - randomguy

Quick question for those in the industry:

What should an Associate (first year) at a lower middle market PE shop be paid? He thinks he's underpaid and I'm not so sure. By way of background, the fund he's at is ~200 - ~300 million in size. He makes either 85 or 90K in salary, with bonus being some % of that. I thought it sounded about right for the fund size, but I can't be sure.

Anyone that chimes in with good info is in line for a silver banana.

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