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It looks like there's a new post every 6 months or so discussing everyone's favorite macros and plugins, so I figured I'd consolidate my notes on this and share them here. Hopefully, it's somewhat helpful for those either entering their internships (especially in the boutique space where you may not have firm-specific tools) and exiting interns who will surely miss their favorite excel shortcuts once they are back on campus. This is by no means an exhaustive list, so feel free to post your own thoughts below.

2 comments 21 Jun 2020 - BoutiqueBaboon

Our office just updated from Office 2010 to 2016 (and Windows 10 as well) and it's turning out to be a sh*tshow so far. Have any of you gone through the upgrade and care to share some tips / shortcuts for powerpoint and excel?

For example I can't tab through the formatting pane in the new powerpoint, the Alt + Underlined letter no longer brings you to that option in the menu (currently defaults to the ribbon, or nothing happens at all), can't seem to exit out of the formatting pane without clicking out.

2 comments 11 Jun 2019 - beekay27

Hello WSO -

I tried searching for this but was unable to find an exact match for my question. My question isn't "what are your favorite PowerPoint shortcuts" but rather what are some of your favorite downloadable PowerPoint plugins? I'm trying to find a few that might improve productivity. Seems like something that should exist. For example, Capital IQ excel plugin is tremendously useful but the PowerPoint Capital IQ plugin is severely limited.

So far the best I have found from Google is "Power-User."

1 comment 26 Apr 2018 - guitarman9470

A small boutique investment bank in my area is requesting that I submit a power point sample along with my resume and cover letter for application purposes. What exactly are they expecting? Should I make up something new to serve as this sample or just clean up something that I have presented in another class. Also is it important that it be finance related? Any particular pp skills I should be showing off?


6 comments 01 Oct 2017 - ramennoodle

Hey guys, something in the works right now, but for those of you in IB, what are the top things that determine whether someone is "good in PPT" or not for IB? Obviously attention to detail matter, but I mean more specifically within PPT...what skills are crucial? alignment/quickkeys/consistency, etc?


28 comments 31 Oct 2016 - WallStreetOasis.com

Our firm has a template that it has been using for quite some time now, and I would like to spearhead a new one on the side for our future equity packages. We syndicate HNW individuals and are expanding our pool of funds, so I figured a more "appealing" template would be useful.

I used to make power point presentations in high school, but haven't interacted with it since. Does anyone have any recommendations on courses designed to teach you great power point skills? Do you use something different for your equity packages? Open to any and all suggestions. Thank you.

2 comments 25 Apr 2016 - networkyournetworth