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  2. This is for IBD in the US (NYC specifically) and as of November 2014. Bulge Bracket & Large Banks: Tier 1a: Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley Tier 1b: J.P. Morgan ...

    278 comments12 Apr 2019 -

  3. I need WSOs help in ranking the tiers of Pokemon cards. I figured that I would send them in my thank yous for interviews but I don't want to waste high prestige cards on low prestige firms. I was thinking something along the following: *** Japanese M ...

    143 comments17 Dec 2014 -

  4. Context on Cowen Group?

    Investment Banking

    Anyone have any context to share on Cowen? They are ranked #17 Vault Banking 50, and are above shops like Citi, Lazard, Barclays, Guggenheim, Jefferies, Stifel. Are these rankings accurate? Has Cowen been growing lately? I know their Healthcare IB group i ...

    3 comments5 Oct 2016 -

  5. Vault Prestige 2011

    Management Consulting

    What do you guys think of this? These are 'Prestige' rankings, not the meaningless ones like Vault top 50... Almost similar to last year (at least top 10) http://www.vault.com/wps/portal/usa/rankings/indiv... Prestige Rankings ...

    3 comments1 Sep 2010 -