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Hi guys,

Hoping to get some feedback from some vets in the real estate development arena. I am a civil engineer with 2 years experience developing large commercial industrial sites in Texas including the last half year managing projects. Ive done work for some of the big boys (Hines, Trammel Crow, etc) and do a lot of estimating, feasibility, design and permitting.

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@WallStreetOasis.com" has been invaluable to me since I decided 5 years ago to make a career change into commercial real estate (from non finance) so its my turn to give back. I hope my story can help some people. ####Background * Extreme non-target school (undergrad and MBA) * Worked 10 years in non-finance employment (and unemployment as a stay at home parent), did some entrepreneurial ventures * Got a CRE brokerage job in secondary market from a different city.

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