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Hi All,

I'm an undergraduate student graduating in December 2021 (4.5 years), and I've had a difficult time finding solid REPE internships that are accepting individuals that graduate before  2022. I have prior REPE/IB experience and am eager to continue learning. Are there any other shops with programs currently or soon to be open? 

Would greatly appreciate any insights, many thanks in advance!

1 comment 23 Sep 2020 - notjustanothermonkey

Not too much info out there on these guys. Anyone have insight on this group or have worked with them in the past?

Have seen a few postings for a RE/PE/Infra FoF role, which seemed to be filled by an internal candidate earlier in the year. Guessing exit opps would be typical of other FoF, that is, not that great unless they are co-investing in deals alongside the GP.

1 comment 01 Sep 2020 - kruzon

Hello Everyone,

I was laid off from my Analyst-I role at a Tech-focused boutique where I had been working for about 10 months. Dealflow had dried up and the pandemic gave them a reason to lay off about 20% of their workforce.

After multiple interviews and hiring freezes in the last five months, I have now joined the valuation team of a Proptech startup. The role involves valuing different types of real estate (mostly residential) using different methodologies including cash-flow based modelling and ad-hoc market research.

2 comments 30 Aug 2020 - wallstreetnoobie92

Hi All,


I work within a bank's CRE arm providing traditional corp banking services to large clients (most being publicly-traded REITs). Almost all deals focus on the entity, rather than the asset/portfolio they're acquiring/developing.

I am brand new to the industry and feel that my interests align more closely to underwriting actual properties and would like to make an eventual transition to the buy-side in an acquisitions role (either at a REIT or REPE firm).

5 comments 30 Aug 2020 - emwolb

Has anyone heard of an interim promote or waterfall. The way its been described to me is assume we buy a property with a floating rate loan for 3 years and then refinance into fixed rate debt. At the capital event, the refinance, is when we get an interim promote.

I am trying to think through how to model it but drawing a blank. Any suggestions?

1 comment 20 May 2020 - AmNat

Curious if anyone has insights on Stockbridge Capital Group's SF office in terms of culture, reputation, market activity.. etc. They're a prominent SF REPE with a Core/Value Add & Opportunistic Fund, and aside from the Westcore industrial portfolio acquisition I haven't been able to get much intel on them or any recent transactions / fund raising activities in the past 5 years or so. Appreciate any insight.


4 comments 10 May 2020 - REPurchase

So in the current state of the US economy I am looking to really bulster myself to be in a good position to land a job post-grad. I am currently an MBA student at an EU school (Not LBS,INSEAD), but an American citizen. I am finding it difficult to go much further than the first couple rounds of interviews because hiring keeps freezing and I'm left looking for alternatives, so I figured I would work to get myself more prepared.

2 comments 23 Apr 2020 - bcrew13

Been thinking this for awhile. Say you are like me and a second year analyst at a lender/debt fund, and of course have a buyside goal (acquisitions / asset management).

Would you go into REIB if you couldn't get into REPE? What opportunities does REIB offer that a debt/equity shop or debt fund can't offer? Would it make sense to go from d/e or debt fund --> REIB --> REPE? Is that even possible or worth it?

3 comments 18 Apr 2020 - TheDiplomats