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Hello everybody,
First I want to thank you for the time, I will try to cut it short. I am a foreign student who is doing a bachelor degree in Beijing/UIBE. I am in my third year, and I am fluent in Mandarin, passed HSK-5 2 years ago, taking all my courses in Mandarin.

I am highly interested in valuation, modeling and research, love doing research particularly in Healthcare & Tech. And want to be competent in the Chinese healthcare sector in the future. Love reading clinical research etc..

10 comments 09 Aug 2019 - BlackgardBjing

Hi guys. Senior at target school just finished recruiting and have to respond to offers in a week. Would love to hear thoughts as I evaluate the two offers I have on the table.

EY FSO TAP based in NYC: 75k base, no bonus, standard benefits. I interned there the past summer so know a fair amount of people, got coffee with ~40 partners across different verticals (+ am on fairly good terms with a partner from my school and will almost definitely be in his team doing analytics work). Expected hours are 40-55/week typically with little to no travel.

4 comments 18 Oct 2018 - ARehman1

**Have you ever had to go to Singapore for work? ** Can a career in finance avoid Singapore? I am currently based in Hong Kong with no connection to Singapore save for a citizenship that I took up at a young age. Military service is 2 years in a foreign country, and I hope to go to university to be financially independent as soon as possible + other personal reasons.

However, I wouldn't be able to land in Singapore (or even transit). My only concern is that a front-office career in finance would require me to travel there for a meeting or something.

1 comment 09 Sep 2018 - reddays21

Not from a target school; dad went to the ivies. Instead I went East, first to India for ten years and am now in Myanmar. Went to school for design and for 25 years, I've ended up in several strategic international marketing positions turning companies around since I seem to have a knack finding the gold in shitty little startups. My first one was sold to Nokia for 54MM in 1999 and I never looked back. Question. Myanmar has completely open markets, but the politics is a significant downside. Most of the startups are run by idiots who don't know their way around a P&L statement.

2 comments 03 Sep 2018 - jeanneleez

A good review of Wallace Associates’ motto is in order. It is so simple and straightforward, many easily take it for granted. Offhand, the motto is what Mathematics calls an identity: a mirror image of itself. The value that a company imparts is exactly the same value produced by the recipients. The people we train receive the wealth of knowledge and experience we have labored hard to gain. It is like planting: We sow the good seed in order to reap the same fruit from which that seed came from.

0 comments 03 Apr 2017 - braydennisbet

Any one has any idea on the salaries for right out of a top-7 b-school for roles in Singapore?

I'm particularly interested in post-MBA roles in the the big tech companies' (Google, facebook, etc.) Singapore offices. But other benchmarks across other industries (e.g. consulting) in Singapore is fine too. Thanks!


0 comments 24 Jan 2017 - someonee

hi guys, looking for a bit of guidance. came in touch with a singapore based hedge fund that is expanding to the US. They are looking to hire a few analysts as part of the expansion. They have a website but with little information on it. I'm trying to see if there are any databases or ways to view filings to try and confirm assets under management, etc. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

4 comments 12 May 2016 - analyst_2010

Hi Guys!

Recently in Singapore, we had this news story of a dating app for the elites come up. It got me thinking about corporate culture in Singapore and Asia in general, and about how bifurcated society can get.

0 comments 23 Apr 2016 - sabrina91