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Long time member of WSO here, I just created a new username for this post. I’m a former investment banking analyst at a bulge bracket in NYC. I’ve been pursuing my real estate tech startup, Zenly, for almost a year and will be launching it in a few weeks. I co-founded Zenly to address the nightmare of apartment hunting that we’ve all experienced. Zenly is the first online marketplace for apartment rentals in NYC. You can browse real listings with video walkthroughs, visit on your own schedule, and apply online without a broker to save thousands of dollars in fees. Hopefully I can help out my fellow monkeys who are moving to New York this summer in pursuit of their investment banking dreams… Happy to answer questions about banking, entrepreneurship, apartment hunting, and anything in between.

66 comments 16 Sep 2020 - zenly

I started a company my senior year of college in the CPG food space. Long story short is we spent a lot of time and money in R&D and by the time we launched Covid-19 hit and everything went downhill from there.


My startup was largely unsuccessful from a sales standpoint, however we did accomplish quite a bit and it is a very sellable story. I'm very interested in getting into VC, specifically a firm with an Ag-Tech focus because I know the space. I have a finance degree from a non-target and a not-so impressive GPA. 


10 comments 20 Aug 2020 - ChasingFreedom

Over the last year/two years myself and two partners built a startup in California. Raising several million in capital and now operational. This has started a fire in me to want to refocus to a career in the financial world. I do not have my bachelors. I dropped out of college while studying History in England to start this venture. I have what is essentially a UK associates degree but I am able to apply for some postgrad programs with it and my work experience. What advice can you give me?

11 comments 12 Apr 2020 - mikecofone

Need some career advice.

I am considering leaving my quant role for a startup.

I have 2+ yrs of experience as a quant working at a single manager fund. I am considering leaving for a startup that has a product that I find really interesting.

17 comments 21 Dec 2019 - 2020career

Hello everyone,

I am working on some project and was wondering if you guys know what the general multiples for AI or tech startups is currently at for the startup industry? I would love it if anyone knows segmented by geography (e.g. Americas/U.S., Europe, Asia...)

Thanks monkeys!

1 comment 25 Dec 2018 - zennan

Hey guys,

I know this isn't the standard 'help with IB recruiting' question, but since we've got a lot of smart ppl here, I figured it'd be relevant.

I've done a bunch of internships in corporate settings, and feel that its WAY too slow paced and bureaucratic for me

Going into my senior year, I think I'd like to join a startup: ideally one that is already somewhat proven with funding so the risk profile is lower, but one where I'd have to wear many hats and get some skills

17 comments 15 Jul 2018 - mike ross