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  2. Leaving Banking. Fold.

    Investment Banking

    When I was in banking, I lost nearly PS17,000 spread betting on the Goldman Sachs SEC trial. I lost another gut wrenching chunk of money in Vegas playing poker with the big boys. Sucks right? But "life is long, I'll win it back". And so I w ...

    34 comments28 Apr 2013 -

  3. Why bother being good?

    Investment Banking

    WHY BOTHER BEING GOOD? Everyday the newspaper tells the same depressing stories. Youth crime, corporate tax-avoidance, dishonest lawyers, selfish bankers, mass genocide, needless wars, countless violent acts of extreme hatred, rape, oppression and corrupt ...

    34 comments23 Mar 2013 -

  4. Hey.. New video for you guys if interested. It's a video of my last 9 months, recorded on iPhone, over a piano cover I've done of the #1 UK dance track. Hope you like! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2IXWBDRby3o&feature... Banking Summer inve ...

    4 comments23 Jun 2012 -