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I've worked as a trader for around 4 years now from structured products trading to linear to options and I find it completely stupid. To be fair the structured products desk (exotics and hybrids) was quite intellectually challenging and I found the work interesting. You could always dig deeper and understand more about the inherent risks and characteristics of the product.

28 comments 26 Apr 2018 - jiggiewiggie

In the wake of some recent events, I realized that I actually remember majority of the stupid things I have ever done and whenever something happens, all of them just come back to haunt me.

So, bros here could share some of their experiences, it would be great.

95 comments 12 Apr 2015 - abhiminhas

So this article and news is making rounds on CNN and after reading the comments, IT'S PISSING ME THE FUCK OFF:


Yes, it's about the life guard who was fired for "TRYING" to save a drowning man.

So what's pissing me off in addition to the fact that he was fired? Well, read the Yahoo comments. Everyone is commenting like he is Jesus Christ, that the man would have died had he not "saved" him.

Anyone with half a fucking brain who rread the article would have read that he did NOT save the guy -- by the time he ran over there, OTHER PEOPLE ON THE GODAMNN BEACH had pulled him to shore. The lifeguard didn't need to do shit.

11 comments 05 Jul 2012 - alligotwasthis…

So I applied to an IBD analyst position in NYC a few days ago and got a call back today (Saturday) from a member of the group I applied for. He asked if he could set up a phone interview for Sunday afternoon. I told him that that wouldn't be a good time as I already had plans -- my friends rented a beach house for the weekend and I would be heading down there on Sunday. He said ok and that I would get a call back some other time and hung up the phone.

32 comments 17 Jul 2011 - design

I was wondering if it was possible to make it so not every single poll asked (or so it seems) is placed on the sidebar and make it so polls appear in line with other forum posts (in both the sidebar and general forum). Make it a mod / admin privilege to move it to the sidebar.

It honestly stupid when every time I come on there is a different poll, the responses are minimal to each one because of the time it is on the sidebar, and often the polls are stupid / trolls like "How many times a day..."

2 comments 14 Apr 2011 - MMBinNC

Dear Human Resources,

This letter is sent to you, as HR in ******* for the graduate program but I could have sent it to any other bank but you are the lucky ones. It contains my thoughts about your process but also a question to know if you really are so naive about the recruitment process or if you are aware of the senselessness of the first filter, what people usually call "the online numerical test".

37 comments 11 Oct 2010 - BlackSwanFlies

It is a Saturday night. I had a very busy active day so I decided to stay home, watch some TV and relax. After surfing the cable I came to realize that there is nothing worth watching, so I end up at the E! channel and lucky me there was this teen choice award, lucky me. It is a stupid show, so I dont pay attention to it while i use my notebook and do my thing hoping that there might come some nice live music. Suddenly appears this Justin Bieber for-gods-sake-cut-your-hair guy.


14 comments 15 Aug 2010 - lifeofpurpose

I don't know if any of you guys came across this ad, but IMO it rivals the infamous Darden Doucher. My guess is that it popped up due to some algorithm that found the word curves in the post, but if a gym for overweight 40+ year old women has resorted to advertising on WSO, I'd say its a good candidate for a short.

2 comments 02 Jun 2010 - rooster

This post from marcus halberstram:

"Don't listen to these pretentious pricks. Do yourself a favor and quit today. Just walk out and dont come back. Run a hot bath, light some candles, and slit your wrists while listening to Duran Duran Come Undone... and know you will never again have to spread comps as you slip into a peaceful sleep."

was in response to a question along the lines of this:

"Hey guys,

I'm a first year in a MM firm. I've been with the firm for 6 months and I feel like I'm not getting my share of the deal because there is NO work to do (besides recycled pitches-change the logos and update comps). I seriously spend all day browsing the web and hoping that there will be some books to bind.

14 comments 17 Dec 2008 - qonnect.me