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  2. Wall Street Fashion for the Girls

    Fashion for Business

    So if there's 90 million diff threads running on men's watches/ties/sleeve type (really?!?) etc, I figured it's totally legit to start one measly thread about women's attire. I realize I have a lot of questions but advice would be VERY ...

    196 comments12 Apr 2019 -

  3. Ultimate Wardrobe Thread

    Fashion for Business

    Need to get my wardrobe ready for my FT IBD gig. Wanted to make a thread where all of us could give feedback (argue) over what is the best brands/styles for analysts. Dress Shirts- All I have experienced is Nordstrom and the Bloomies branded shirts. Bloom ...

    70 comments6 May 2020 -

  4. IBD Analyst Wardrobe

    Fashion for Business

    I'll be starting as an Analyst at BB in NYC this summer. I know that once the job starts I will have little time for shopping, and was wondering when/how I should start building up my wardrobe. For those of you in the industry, can you provide a list ...

    73 comments6 May 2020 -

  5. I personally would hate to wear a tie EVERY single day. Is wearing a tie the norm in the finance industry? I know a few places or regions where the lifestyle is very laid back and ties are not required unless you have to meet with a client or something. I ...

    44 comments6 May 2020 -

  6. New Suits Episode

    Off Topic

    Hot damn, just when I thought shit couldn't get any more real... where the hell can they go from here? suits ...

    133 comments29 Aug 2013 -

  7. Best Suit Brands

    Fashion for Business

    So I was searching WSO archives about the best suit brands for IBD / PE, but I couldn't find anything. So I wanted to ask all of your opinion about the best suit brands/tailors for banking/ PE jobs as well as the average price for a suit from these b ...

    427 comments18 Aug 2016 -

  8. London Fashion

    Fashion for Business

    I'm an American moving to London to work with a large magic circle law firm (working in capital markets with bankers), and I'm preparing to build a new wardrobe (suits, shirts, ties, etc.). I'm planning on having several made-to-measure sui ...

    32 comments6 May 2020 -

  9. No pinstripes?

    Fashion for Business

    There is a presentation at my university where we have to brief decision makers of a company about a competitive intelligence requirement they gave us in August. The attire guidelines specifically states "no pinstripe suits". Why single out pins ...

    29 comments6 May 2020 -

  10. First Suit

    Fashion for Business

    I'm gonna be applying to some entry-level finance jobs (probably AM and trading mostly, but maybe an IB or two), and I wanted to know what kind of suit I need for interviews (and then the job afterwards). A friend of mine told me that I shouldn' ...

    154 comments8 Nov 2016 -

  11. Just went to Macy's to check out suits for my training that's coming up next week. I saw a couple really nice DKNY and Alfani suits. DKNY was regularly priced at $595 and the Alfani around $499. Starting tomorrow, the DKNY will be $280; 25% off ...

    29 comments6 May 2020 -

  12. For those of you who were dumb-asses like myself and waited until after your SA gig started to look for suits, I found a diamond in the rough. Men's Warehouse (there are a few locations in the city) has a 2-for-1 that saved my wallet. I got two decen ...

    27 comments6 May 2020 -

  13. Indochino suits?

    Fashion for Business

    In the need of a few more suits... have seen a lot of hype about Indochino. 1. How do these suits compare to... brooksbrothers or Jos A Banks?- Quality and Fit wise? 2. Has anyone ordered them online? Apparently they walk you through how to do the measure ...

    21 comments6 May 2020 -

  14. jos a bank suit quality

    Fashion for Business

    Does anyone know what jos a bank's superfine rating system means? They have 6, 4 and 2 star ratings but they don't specify what the wool quality is (i.e. super 100, 110, etc.). suits Jos A Bank ...

    66 comments18 Aug 2016 -

  15. Charcoal suits

    Fashion for Business

    Dear WSO Please could some of you post an image of what exactly a charcoal suit should look like. I live in rubbish South Africa where it is next to impossible to get a decent wool suit. Also, I've seen about 5 different "charcoals" here in ...

    21 comments6 May 2020 -

  16. SA's who can't dress

    Fashion for Business

    re: Those of you looking for last minute suits Personally I don't judge on attire/accessories too much as long as the sa /intern dresses decent, their suit/shirt/tie fit properly, all is clean, matching, they know how to put on a tie, no "MD shi ...

    57 comments13 Jun 2012 -

  17. The shirts look really nice. How good is the quality? Also, is it ok for a summer analyst position or wear? summer analyst suits shirts charles tyrwhitt Salary- France ...

    22 comments6 May 2020 -

  18. Will any of you fellow monkeys be tuning in to USA at 10 pm tonight to watch it? suits tv shows ...

    42 comments17 Jul 2013 -

  19. Men's Wearhouse?

    Fashion for Business

    I was wondering if the suits and other stuff they had here was worthwhile, and if so, what brands should I be looking into? I was looking to get a few starting out suits in the $500-700 range, and I want suits that will last me a while and I can wear in 1 ...

    42 comments1 Feb 2017 -

  20. Suits finale

    Off Topic

    so how will it go down? will they get louis's vote? does hardman have some crazy trick up his sleeve that he'll pull last minute? [SPOILER ALERT] to be honest, i'm pretty devastated about mike's grandma. like genuinely upset. suits ...

    66 comments17 Aug 2012 -

  21. Suits

    Off Topic

    Who's going to be watching Suits tonight? This is going to be the best season yet! suits USA ...

    58 comments17 Jan 2013 -

  22. Slim-Fitted Suits

    Fashion for Business

    Where is the best place to buy slim-fitted / modern suits at a reasonable price ($250-400 each)? Also, what brands do you recommend? I'm looking into getting 1 charcoal/grey suit and another navy suit. suits ...

    37 comments21 Mar 2017 -

  23. I'm interested in this suit: http://s7d2.scene7.com/is/image/PoloGSI/s7-1032301_alternate2?wid=2000&hei=2000 as you can see, it has a very subtle plaid pattern. Is this fine for the office or should I go for something solid? suits ...

    30 comments28 Feb 2014 -

  24. Undone Functional Buttons?

    Fashion for Business

    I've seen people who leave the last sleeve button on a suit open. That seems like a pretty douchebag move in the office, but I suppose it could be useful at the club or whatever for attracting chicks with an attention to detail in their gold digging ...

    19 comments12 Apr 2019 -

  25. -Pretty sure Rachel got hotter-Scottie is as hot as ever-Donna has aged by ~5 years-Sheila is almost attractive but too old-Mike is getting a little sappy-Harvey is getting almost a little too sappy "Oh what do you know, the dark knight rises" su ...

    28 comments7 Mar 2014 -

  26. What do you guys think? suits Interview ...

    27 comments3 Dec 2013 -

  27. Gucci Suits

    Fashion for Business

    Anyone have any experience with Gucci Suits? I'm not usually the type to care about the brand but my girlfriend won't get off my ass about getting me a suit for xmas. She threw out Gucci so I wanted to get some feed back. Cost isn't an issu ...

    36 comments1 Dec 2010 -

  28. We are obviously going to make more money than we ever had made as soon as the summer starts. For those of us that already have some sorts of savings, what do you materialistic people suggest spending money on- in preparation for the long hours we will be ...

    28 comments18 Apr 2013 -

  29. Really need suit advice

    Fashion for Business

    Hi guys, really looking for some good advice on suits. I am skinny and 5'11'' and the only suits that fit me are slim fit suits. I bought the slim fit version of hugo boss (Hugo by hugo boss) in two colors, charcoal and navy. They have been ...

    12 comments6 May 2020 -

  30. I needed a new navy suit a couple of days ago. Given the time constraints I had to buy in, I bought off-the-rack from Men's Warehouse and had the jacket and paints altered a bit to ensure a good fit. For a suit, a white shirt, a blue shirt, some sock ...

    14 comments7 Mar 2016 -

  31. Get ready for transparency in banking to reach a whole new level if this Dutch design team has their way. Studio Rooseagaarde (any relation to @KevinRoose?) is creating what it believes is the avant garde in banker attire: a suit that becomes invisible wh ...

    15 comments16 Apr 2013 -

  32. Suit Quality Advice

    Fashion for Business

    Monkeys. I am by no means a slave to fashion. My after-work wardrobe is mainly free t-shirts I got from credit card companies. So I'm not going after sartorial splendor here. But I got these jos a bank suits that are just total shit and I am going to ...

    23 comments15 Nov 2010 -

  33. Appropriate suits for consultants?

    Fashion for Business

    I'm trying to decide between three different coloured suits. I currently only have a charcoal one and I'd like to expand the collection to three (over the course of a few months) but I'm wondering which one would be the next safest option t ...

    20 comments10 Jan 2013 -

  34. I am a recent graduate with only 2 suits which I currently alternate on a day-to-day basis. I want to buy at least 1 more suit- and am looking for an inexpensive, quality option. What is a good suit label for recent a graduate?? Thanks in advance. suits c ...

    14 comments23 Feb 2018 -

  35. Stores for Intern to buy suit

    Fashion for Business

    There have been some threads thrown around about what interns should wear and price ranges but everyone had a different idea. I only have a black suit and that clearly isn't what I should wear so I want to buy a navy and charcoal suit. Do you guys ha ...

    23 comments26 Sep 2008 -

  36. BAML Dress Code

    Investment Banking

    Anybody know the dress code at BAML? I've heard that BofA was business formal (suits required daily), whereas Merrill was business casual (dress shirts and slacks), but that now it is all business formal. Does this mean analysts wear suits everyday? ...

    21 comments11 Feb 2010 -

  37. Bonobos Suit Jackets

    Fashion for Business

    Anyone ever pick up a suit jacket from Bonobos? I have a couple pairs of pants from them and I love the fit. Really solid pants. I'm thinking about getting a matching jacket to complete a suit, but wanted to see if anyone on WSO had any experience wi ...

    17 comments26 Jul 2011 -

  38. As financial professionals, most of us have to wear some variation of The Suit and Tie to work every day. Most of us live in large cities and either walk or rely on public transportation for the daily commute. And while we spend the vast majority of our w ...

    12 comments27 Jul 2012 -

  39. Suit Supply?

    Fashion for Business

    Has anyone here bought a Suitsupply suit? The suits look interesting for the price range and they're opening a store in NYC soon. Are they half-canvassed? Would love to hear some thoughts. suitsupply.com http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748 ...

    10 comments6 May 2020 -

  40. Can green be worn with white shoes? suits white shoes green ...

    14 comments7 Sep 2013 -

  41. Best Suits For A Tall Guy?

    Fashion for Business

    I'm about 6"4 and always have a hard time finding decent fitting suits, specifically the jacket length. I wear about a 37" shirt and even an Extra-Long jacket falls woefully short of my wrists. Very rarely is there enough fabric in the slee ...

    14 comments16 Jul 2012 -

  42. Suit Advice/Professional Image

    Fashion for Business

    Hey guys, was hoping for some insight and advice on suits as I am looking into new jobs at the moment. I don't believe a $1000 suit vs a $300 suit itself will either make or break a potential candidate as there are a lot of factors that come into pla ...

    14 comments22 Apr 2012 -

  43. Need dress gear

    Fashion for Business

    working PWM this summer at BB and really only have one proper suit, a dark navy Alfani (really dark navy, almost black, is this bad). I have a black one as well but understand that's a no-go. want a charcoal one too but I'm on a limited budget. ...

    14 comments5 Mar 2012 -

  44. Maybe once every other week if the dress code is typically business casual? Most of the analysts don't even wear ties to work (usually just slacks and dress shirts) where I'll be summering, and I was wondering if it's even worth it to buy a ...

    14 comments28 May 2011 -

  45. AndyLouis's blog Indochino's Traveling Tailor reaches NYC Oct 22nd and runs to the 29th at Grand Central's Vanderbilt Hall (daily 8am-9PM). To celebrate Indochino has partnered up with WallStreetOasis to offer a giveaway from their Essentia ...

    9 comments15 Jun 2016 -

  46. John Varvatos Suits/Ties

    Fashion for Business

    Does anyone have suits/ties from John Varvatos? What do you think about the quality/look? suits ties Salary ...

    13 comments28 Jan 2011 -

  47. Suit Supply

    Off Topic

    What are your thoughts on Suit Supply? Do you like their suits? If you own a set, which fit did you go with? suits suitsupply Salary ...

    6 comments23 Sep 2019 -

  48. Mid Tier Suits

    Fashion for Business

    I'm looking to pick up a two to three good quality and reasonably priced suits. Not looking to buy entry level suits, but also don't want to overpay solely for a name brand (e.g. BB). I don't need anything super flashy but want to find trim ...

    11 comments13 Aug 2014 -

  49. JCREW Suits

    Fashion for Business

    What do you guys think about J crew suits? they are about 500$ with student discount. suits ...

    13 comments17 Nov 2010 -

  50. In the next couple weeks, I will be in the market to pick up a completely new wardrobe. Does anyone know of any big deals going on in the next few weeks that I should wait for? suits ...

    12 comments17 Sep 2012 -

  51. Shiny silk suits?

    Fashion for Business

    Are these shiny wool-silk suits that are navy and pinstriped ever appropriate for interviews such as hedge fund, trading firm, S&T desk? What about for a startup fund manager? suits ...

    11 comments18 Dec 2013 -

  52. Suits from India?

    Fashion for Business

    I have an insanely rich uncle who has bragged on numerous occasions how he always stocks up on custom made suits whenever he makes business trips to Thailand. I've seen them myself and the quality is impeccable and he gets them for no more than $200 ...

    8 comments6 May 2020 -

  53. reliable sources are saying that my office is going to officially change the dress code to require men to wear a full suit, every day. need to buy three suits. (or more?) i only have two suits currently. One nice (paid $500), one bad (my original intervie ...

    8 comments6 May 2020 -

  54. Chicago Area Tailor

    Fashion for Business

    Just inquiring about any good tailors in the Chicago area. Reading reviews on YELP from a bunch of girls is useless. I would like to get some reviews from people who have had suits fully tailored (preferably slim european style..not sure how else to descr ...

    8 comments6 May 2020 -

  55. So basically, I'm in an asian country right now and my parents are letting me get a couple of tailor-made suits from here since the overall cost will still be cheaper than buying one in the US, and it will fit me perfectly. I'm curious though as ...

    12 comments10 Aug 2010 -

  56. If I'm interning at a company with business formal dress code (except casual Fridays), how many suit jackets/blazers should I buy? And should I get mostly black so I can mix and match easily, or will that make me look like I'm wearing the same t ...

    11 comments21 Mar 2012 -

  57. Secrets of the Banker's Suit

    Fashion for Business

    Interesting article in the WSJ about the finer points of "Alpha" dressing.- Elements of the bespoke suit http://online.wsj.com/article/SB100014241278873235... suits fashion ...

    9 comments6 Jan 2013 -

  58. Suit pants- How do you avoid this?

    Fashion for Business

    Whenever I walk in my very well tailored pants, the bottoms flail up and look a lot shorter than they actually are. The lengths only look normal when I'm standing straight. This is probably normal, but it really bothers me. Is it the quality of the s ...

    9 comments7 Apr 2012 -

  59. How many?

    Fashion for Business

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping to get into an IB next summer. One thing I'm not sure about dress-wise, is how many suits should an SA typically have? I'd rather spend more on fewer suits than less on crappier suits (that I'd despise wearing). ...

    9 comments8 Jul 2011 -

  60. Holiday Sales

    Fashion for Business

    Any analysts find good clothing deals this holiday season? Post your findings here. Anyone have reviews of the following dress shirts: Brooks Brothers, Charles Tyrwhitt, T.M.Lewin, Hawes & Curtis. Most are on sale now for about $40 each. Also any good ...

    9 comments13 Dec 2009 -

  61. Combat Gent Suits- BEWARE FRAUD

    Fashion for Business

    Tried ordering a suit from Combat Gent over the summer. They said they were backordered and then stopped responding to my emails. My bank refunded my credit card charge, but looks like the company is defunct. Stay away. combat gent combatant gentlemen sui ...

    6 comments22 Mar 2018 -

  62. Anyone know any good places that are having sales currently? Here's what I've gathered: Charles Tyrwhitt: http://www.ctshirts.com/default.aspx?q=usgob ||||||||||||||| Brooks Brothers: (check in store) http://www.brooksbrothers.com/men.process Al ...

    6 comments6 May 2020 -

  63. I've been interviewing with a few PE firms, and found one that seemed like a good fit, had a round of interviews on Friday. They say "we'll tell you next steps next week." I travel Monday- Thursday, and am thus packed to go Sunday nigh ...

    8 comments30 Jul 2012 -

  64. Suits new episode

    Off Topic

    Thoughts/comments? suits ...

    7 comments25 Jan 2013 -

  65. Advice on Maintaining Suits

    Fashion for Business

    So I have 3 suits: one canali and two BB. I know next to nothing when it comes to clothes maintenance and would like to ask you guys for some advice. How often should I clean my dress shirts and how should I maintain my suits (dry clean, iron, hang it in ...

    7 comments1 Jun 2009 -

  66. SUIT UP

    Fashion for Business

    $339 for $527 Custom Suit, Shirt & Tie at Indochino Custom Men's Suits. Good deal? http://tinyurl.com/6pb3py5 suit suits indochino ...

    7 comments8 Feb 2012 -

  67. Super 150s + Fabrics

    Fashion for Business

    So I'm getting a few suits made- normally I would go for super 110s or 120s merino wool...but my tailor is trying to convince me that the 150s and 180s (english wool and cashmere blend) are much finer quality. In your experience how do these finer fa ...

    7 comments21 Jan 2011 -

  68. Mysuit

    Fashion for Business

    anyone use this service. seems to be a retail alternative to custom tailored suit. thinking about ordering one if anyone can comment on experience (ie quality of suit) suits ...

    7 comments23 May 2010 -

  69. 36S suits

    Fashion for Business

    So I am on the shorter side and I also have really narrow shoulders, and I have been having a hard time finding a suit that fits me. I don't want to shell out a lot of money for the summer wardrobe, but what do you guys think about these 2 suits from ...

    7 comments31 Mar 2009 -

  70. Annual / semi-annual sales

    Fashion for Business

    Does anyone know the dates of the big department stores (Neiman Marcus, Nordstroms, Saks 5th Ave, etc.) annual or semi-annual sales? I know most of them have them once or twice a year, so was wondering when I can stock up my wardrobe for the year. suits c ...

    6 comments13 Oct 2014 -

  71. Foreign vs Domestic Suit Quality?

    Fashion for Business

    Hey WSO, Any suit connoisseurs want to comment on the quality of a suit made in places like China, HK, etc? Say I'm paying $200. Reason I ask is that I got a suit made in Shanghai, and it feels and fits great and everyone tells me it looks good, but ...

    5 comments6 May 2020 -

  72. Suit suggestions for work NYC

    Fashion for Business

    Work at a conservative firm with business executive dress code. Need to pick up a few new suits. Trying to spend around 500 but get something pretty decent (probably on sale). Any good recommendations in NYC? Any custom tailors that have reasonable prices ...

    5 comments6 May 2020 -

  73. SAs with bespoke suits

    Fashion for Business

    So for all you SAs who went for custom suits from places like Indochino, how did they work out? Would you do it again? suits custom bespoke indochino ...

    6 comments9 Aug 2012 -

  74. Hi, I'm kind of curious as to how business fashion differs (if at all) in other jobs such as corporate finance, accounting, etc. Based on what I've read, it seems like suits should be navy blue, grey, charcoal, or black w/ pinstripes, conservati ...

    6 comments28 Aug 2010 -

  75. Hey everyone...first off I'd really like to add the disclaimer that I am well aware that this post looks terrible and however much it may seem like a humble brag, that's REALLY not my intent. I've been looking to add another suit to my ward ...

    5 comments19 Jun 2015 -

  76. build quality of different brands

    Fashion for Business

    please rank the following based on the quality of their shirts/suits. if you want, specify which label or line of products you're referring to in your post. these are just a few names that i've seen float around here. brooks brothers ralph laure ...

    5 comments2 Feb 2011 -

  77. Suit Sale- Jos. A Bank

    Fashion for Business

    FYI Jos. A Banks has a suit sale right now (and every other day of the week lol). It's buy one suit get: one suit free 2 shirts free 2 ties free This may interest some of the guys starting internships this summer. Could pick up a charcoal and a navy ...

    4 comments24 Apr 2016 -

  78. Non- Wool Suits

    Fashion for Business

    Hello, Any women on this board have suggestions on suits which aren't wool but are stylish and well fitting. I'm allergic to wool and always find the non wool suits to look very summery or poor quality. Thanks in advance! clothing suits ...

    4 comments29 Aug 2012 -

  79. Any experience with these?

    Investment Banking

    Wouldn't normally take fashion advice from Gawker but some of these seem worthy of serious consideration http://lifehacker.com/5909754/five-best-online-cus... suits custom Online bespoke indochino ...

    4 comments14 May 2012 -

  80. London Tailors

    Fashion for Business

    Could someone suggest a tailor in London for alterations to suits etc..? Preferably somewhere with a less old english style and more modern continental cut. Cheers guys! london suits United Kingdom ...

    3 comments6 May 2020 -

  81. Tailor in Boston

    Fashion for Business

    Anyone know of a good Tailor in Boston for Men's suits? suits Salary- United States- Northeast ...

    3 comments6 May 2020 -

  82. NYC Suit Sale

    Fashion for Business

    Barneys Warehouse Sale starts in NY this week (also LA). Great place to pick up really nice, designer, off-the-rack suits at huge discounts (they also usually have a decent selection of nice dress pants and they have some dress shirts and ties as well). J ...

    3 comments6 May 2020 -

  83. Curious about the board's thoughts on this AE Clifton Walnut with this grey suit. I've always heard light brown and darker grey don't go well, but I like this combo. this and this suits brown shoes ...

    3 comments8 Jun 2014 -

  84. Just looking online at the nordstrom sale and I found a John Varvatos suit and I personally have little to no knowledge in regards to what determines if a suit is worth the price. Any input would be appreciated. http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/john-varvatos-s ...

    3 comments28 Jun 2012 -

  85. Does anyone have any suit discount coupons? In particular any charles tyrwhitt or thomas pink coupons? Thanks! clothing suits Salary ...

    3 comments8 Jan 2012 -

  86. Saks Fifth house brand suits

    Fashion for Business

    I recently got an interview for a summer internship at a PWM company, and so I assume I'll need a suit, for that, and hopefully the job if I end up getting it. I looked on Saks Off Fifth, and from what I can tell based on the pictures, their house br ...

    2 comments16 Mar 2018 -

  87. Ordering Suit From UK?

    Fashion for Business

    Currently using my signing bonus to ramp up my professional wardrobe. Picked up a navy brooks brothers suit at their factory store today, but I'd definitely like my main suit to be a more european cut. I really like T.M. Lewin's (UK) clothes. Th ...

    2 comments6 May 2020 -

  88. Anyone know where they have good suits and shirts in Toronto for a reasonable price for a summer analyst? Or any particular brands? What about shoes? suits shirts Canada ...

    2 comments6 May 2020 -

  89. Title pretty much says it all. I came across some websites that offer both brands at prices substantially lower than retail and was wondering if there a huge gap in the quality of the suits because the prices are really different. The website has retail p ...

    2 comments25 Mar 2014 -

  90. can't find anything about it suits ...

    2 comments22 Feb 2013 -

  91. Galante Suits?

    Fashion for Business

    I'm working with an image consultant and she bought me 3 Galante Uomo Suits. They all fit incredibly well compared to the Hugo Boss suits I used to wear but I'm suspicious. I tried to find some info but haven't been able to locate anyone th ...

    2 comments9 Feb 2012 -

  92. Hi all, Been looking for a new suit for potential interviews, and Nordstrom is having their big men's sale now. They have suits from Calibrate and Ben Sherman on sale for 299 apiece, which is in the right ballpark for me, and buying at Nordstrom' ...

    2 comments30 Dec 2010 -

  93. Starting Out With Clothes

    Investment Banking

    Hi, I'm a rising sophmore at a T2 (think Dartmouth, Penn CAS etc.) target with a high GPA. I have a part time internship this summer, and will be going through recruiting over the next two years presumably. I'm sure this has been asked before, b ...

    1 comment24 May 2019 -

  94. Hi Monkeys, Today, Men's Wearhouse is doing 60% off on their clearance suits, which luckily happens to include a few from Joseph Abboud. I've picked out two suits that are $140-- charcoal and navy-- that are relatively safe choices for interview ...

    1 comment6 May 2020 -

  95. Charcoal / Charcoal pinstripe 21% (87 votes) Black pinstripe 5% (20 votes) Brown / Brown pinstripe 1% (4 votes) Gray / Gray pinstripe 9% (37 votes) Navy / Navy pinstripe 63% (256 votes) Other 1% (5 votes) Total votes: 409 suits fashion ...

    1 comment21 May 2015 -

  96. PSA Clothing Sales

    Off Topic

    As a poor student I'm starting to find out how difficult it is to get a decent looking dress wardrobe without breaking the bank. Today came across some decent sales and thought I'd let you all know incase there are others in the same situation.. ...

    6 May 2020 -

  97. Jones NY Suits Deal Today

    Fashion for Business

    What do you guys think about Jones New York suits for an incoming analyst? Menswarehouse has them on sale for $170 apiece today (usually sell them at two for $550). My office isn't very dressy and I'm looking to just have a couple of decent suit ...

    1 comment6 May 2020 -

  98. Maxwell Clothiers

    Fashion for Business

    So I went to the barneys warehouse sale recently and picked up some nice stuff at really good prices. I was then talking to some of the guys I work with today (I intern at a boutique IB) and was told to check out Maxwell Clothiers. Has anyone every used t ...

    1 comment6 May 2020 -

  99. 1-3 64% (35 votes) 4-6 20% (11 votes) 7-10 9% (5 votes) 11 or more 2% (1 vote) Total votes: 55 suits ...

    1 comment22 Apr 2011 -

  100. Thoughts on subtle windowpane suit

    Fashion for Business

    So I realize that plain solid suits and low key pinstripes are considered to be the best options in banking, but if you already have those covered is a subtle windowpane like the one shown here acceptable? https://goo.gl/images/4RcJ6E Ok or inappropriate? ...

    1 comment10 Aug 2016 -

  101. Summer Analyst "Starter Kit"

    Fashion for Business

    I'm a Junior currently pursing a summer analyst position at a BB. Was wondering if you guys might be willing to post the items you found necessary working in banking as an intern. Both the quantity of certain items (dress shirts, suits, ties, etc.) a ...

    1 comment26 Nov 2013 -