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I have a Bachelor's in Political Science from a target European University. I then started a master's in Marketing which I didn't finish and did the same with a master's in Finance. By that point, I had secured a full-time offer in a BB in London, in their TMT team. After a bit more than 18 months, I moved to a large bank's Merchant Banking Division, where I have worked across the capital structure (LBOs, Mezzanine, Debt) and I am now focused solely on LBOs and a few special situations investing.

9 comments 22 Sep 2020 - DetePoredPuta

I am at a mid-tier BB looking to lateral to another BB with a very strong TMT group. Currently in a great retail group but am staying on A2A and looking to change sectors. From research i've done it seems like this is the consensus in terms of deal flow (M&A) and street reputation.


1.) GS

2.) JPM/MS 

-Know that the Media Com group is extremely strong at JPM, don't know a ton about MS 


4.) Citi/BAML 

5.) CS 

6.) DB/Barclays/UBS 


Appreciate any insight anyone has into top performing TMT groups (BB). 

28 comments 11 Sep 2020 - jesshealthcare…

Both industries are interesting and have a lot of developments happening within them. I know that Technology and Healthcare go hand in hand often - does this mean that the Healthcare group will cover a healthcare technology company or would that be covered by the Technology group, does anyone have any insight into how this works?

3 comments 01 Jun 2020 - investmentbankingaj

Hello fellow Monkeys,

I hope everyone is doing well in these crazy times. In light of the Barclays FSG thread, I would love to hear thoughts (culture/exit opps/hours) for the Barclays TMT group in NY. I realize there is an old thread regarding the group, but it seems a lot has changed since and would love to hear about the new changes (good or bad). Specifically the Tech Group.

12 comments 14 May 2020 - fakeittillyoumakeit

Hello! I was hoping that someone could shed light on which group would provide me with the best learning experience for exits into PE? Will any of these groups pigeon hole you? As in if I am in TMT, will I not get to work on bigger deals because of the nature of the industry compared to Industrials where there are many established, big companies (more of them)?

9 comments 13 May 2020 - investmentbankingaj

Hello all - I have a final round coming up for an infrastructure fund focused on telecom, airports, roads. I have read a lot of posts on modeling type of case studies and am comfortable with those, but can someone provide tips or general idea of how more on-the-spot type of case questions would like?

I'm currently guessing market sizing type of questions or modelling approach? I frankly have no project finance experience, just TMT experience for the most part, so any tips / pointers would be appreciated. Thank you!

2 comments 06 Apr 2020 - Yasuo the Unad…

Can anyone provide any color on the following banks regarding their tech / fintech coverage? Any info appreciated regarding dealflow, comp, culture, etc. How would you rank them? For NYC.

  • Jefferies
  • Cowen
  • Nomura
  • Rothschild
  • PJ Solomon
  • FT Partners
  • GP Bullhound
2 comments 12 Feb 2020 - dollabillz

For a few personal and professional reasons, I left a BB to join a smaller boutique. This has come with a promotion up a year in standing & pay well-above street (190k base as an Associate 2).

I am greatly enjoying it, but the inner ambition in me is curious as to my future career prospects given the size of my current firm. Is it feasible to spend a year or two here and then jump back to a BB or an EB?

1 comment 21 Jan 2020 - amonkey_1