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Hi, I am currently looking to exit Big 4 Audit and have the following two opportunities:

Finance Manager at Top VC firm (in-charge for reviewing all accounting work prepared by out-sourced accountants. basically operations and reviewing work here along with work with auditor requests).

Senior FP&A Analyst at mid-size private SaaS company (true FP&A role, no accounting involved).

Which of the above roles would you go with when considering the following: pay, hours, exit opportunities?

Thank you for any advice in advance! 

0 comments 27 Sep 2020 - PEAnalyst1

I'm currently at a tech company and we are going to an early round of funding.  Was wondering if people could provide some resources or guidance regarding pre-revenue startup valuation with negative EBITDA.  I have a public comps and precedent transaction analysis but, there are not many comps out there that are in or like our business.  Also, the valuations are not even ballpark.  

I also tried the Venture Capital Method of valuation but am having some pitfalls (ie dont know what hurdle rates to use ect.).  

11 comments 23 Sep 2020 - techfin5

Hi, just started my career in investment banking and am really enjoying it. I am looking for some insight into what the VC recruiting timeline is like and what I should be doing now for it.

0 comments 23 Sep 2020 - NT123

Hi, I just started my first year at a high-tier MM IB in a well-regarded industry group. I am really enjoying the work so far, how the culture is, and I am happy with where I am at. All the other first year analysts have began discussing the PE recruitment timeline, but I am interested in Corporate Development (CD) and Venture Capital (VC) in my industry vertical (potentially another one as well but I know sticking to my industry is far easier and I am enjoying it thus far). I have four topics/questions I would like to know more about:


5 comments 23 Sep 2020 - NT123

hey guys! first time posting so idk if I'm doing this right, but I recently got an offer with a small tech-focused vc arm that's def full of super smart people but obv not "prestigious" or with a big name for vc (am I prestige whoring yikes). I don't even know if I want to do vc in the future, and still want to be able to potentially position myself for IB recruiting for junior year. I go to a target school but sophomore recruiting sucks and the vc work does seem itself interesting.

6 comments 22 Sep 2020 - ampacel

Hi all. Saw quite a bit of interest in VC / how to get into VC on the forum, and thought it would be good to do a Q&A for anyone interested in breaking into the industry. 

I'm just about to begin my 2nd year as an analyst at a top-tier, sector-agnostic Asian VC fund ($1b+ AUM). Happy to answer any questions on the job / lifestyle / recruiting / trends / etc.

Ask away!


20 comments 21 Sep 2020 - VC_LuckBox

Hi All,

I'm currently in my first year at a generalist MM PE firm, right out of undergrad (state school target like UMich, UVA). The firm is decently well known, especially on its coast (most analysts are from top targets). I receive strong modeling, diligence, and portfolio ops work experience at the firm. I'm considering moving to tech growth equity down the line, an wanted any advice on how to best position myself to move into tech growth equity within 2-3 years (not looking for an immediate move). 

2 comments 18 Sep 2020 - LeveragedBurno…

Hi, everyone! I have a question regarding how Venture Capitalists value startups.

As I am starting to prepare myself for entering VC, I want to know more about startup valuation. I assume DCF models will be useless, so how are venture capitalists doing it? Is it through comps valuation or precedent transactions? 


0 comments 09 Sep 2020 - Anonymous Monkey (not verified)

I am starting at a new shop in a week. Will be working on real estate acquisitions, real estate development and small venture capital opportunities. My new employer is offering me a low-interest line of credit to co-invest in deals, to be used at my discretion. The line tops out at $25k/year, which for reference is about a third of the base comp. The interest and principal on the line get paid out as the deals perform.

11 comments 24 Aug 2020 - valueadhd