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  2. As a former "investment banking" summer analyst at Wells Fargo Securities a couple years ago, I wanted to give all of y'all a heads up before you sign an offer. wells fargo investment banking overview The way that Wells did group placement ...

    69 comments6 May 2020 -

  3. Hi guys. So I recently met an employee from Wells Fargo Securities/ IBD and he gave me his business card. On it, it says "Loan Sales." I've never seen this term used for IBD in this forum. Can anyone shed some light on what division he work ...

    8 comments23 Oct 2014 -

  4. Wells Fargo ABF Superday 9/11

    Investment Banking

    Hi yall, I'm new to the forums and have a question regarding an upcoming superday for Wells Fargo's Asset Backed Finance group. I come from a Non target school in the Midwest and was wondering what sort of questions I could expect going into thi ...

    2 comments6 May 2020 -

  5. Anybody kindly knows the deal exposure of Wells Fargo Securities APAC Investment Banking (in Hong Kong)? Heard that it is quite a small team in HK with little presence. wells fargo securities Hong Kong Deal Flow Wells Fargo Salary All Asia Pacific ...

    1 comment6 May 2020 -

  6. WFS Signing Bonuses?

    Investment Banking

    Any incoming 2018 Wells Fargo analysts willing to share their signing bonus $? I signed a couple months ago with a $7k bonus but a friend told me she signed on a $ 10k bonus. I didn't do my SA at WFS. This is for IBD btw. signing bonus wells fargo se ...

    1 comment20 Jan 2018 -

  7. Wells Fargo 2018 Full time

    Job Search Advice

    Anybody else that applied to WFS IB / S&T earlier this month hear back yet? If not, when should we expect to hear back from it? Thanks in advance. Good luck to everyone with the application process. wells fargo securities Wells Fargo application statu ...

    1 comment23 Jul 2017 -