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Download WSO's free Interest Payments model template below! This template allows you to build a schedule for interest payments over time. The template is plug-and-play, and you can enter your own numbers or formulas to auto-populate output numbers. The template also includes other tabs for other elements of a financial model.

According to the WSO Dictionary,

"Interest Expense is the amount of money that a company has to pay to service it's debt.

When a company borrows money, that money is used to add assets to the balance sheet (such as buying factories) and shows up as a liability on the Balance Sheet (usually under long term debt) and then the interest payments that the firm has to make on this debt is listed on the income statement under interest expense.

Interest Expense is highly sensitive to interest rates and the amount of cash a company keeps and appears on the Income Statement."

A screenshot below shows a sneak peak of the template.

WSO Interest Payments Template

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