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Want to Land an Elite Job? First You Have to Know Someone on the Inside...

This starts with networking. Elite firms in investment banking, private equity, hedge funds and consulting are home to some of the most sought after jobs in the world. You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it.

Not only do they promise huge salaries and bonuses, but they are also the key stepping stone to anywhere you want to go in your career...

But getting in the door is much harder than you think...

... because these firms guard their secrets like Fort Knox.

Getting an elite job is not about acquiring the skills to DO the job... It’s about acquiring the skills to GET the job.
And these are NOT the same thing.

Because what most Wall Streeters will never tell you is that 70-80% of the jobs that are open are never listed on a job board ...and who lands an interview is based on who they already know...

  • A polished resume alone won’t cut it...
  • A high GPA isn’t enough...
  • Even if you went to a top school the odds are stacked against you...
  • And even those with highly coveted internships don’t make the cut...
These elite firms say they want the best candidates... but the reality is that the employees have no time. So they weed out the worst candidates fast, but lose some of the best in the process. They’ll look for any reason to throw your resume in the trash pile simply because there are hundreds of applicants for every one job opening.
  • They’ll evaluate seemingly irrelevant things like your resume format...
  • Scan your background to see if you have the right pedigree...
  • See if you are using the right lingo and have the right skillset...
  • And they’ll use any minor reason at all to reject you and move onto the next candidate...

Why wouldn't they take more time?:

  • The professionals are often exhausted from these high stress jobs...
  • They think, "why not go with the safer bet?"...
  • They think, "how can I get through these 200 resumes in front of me to get home early?" ...
Quite simply, the candidate selection process at these firms is often unstructured and rushed. Yes, UNFAIR. That could leave your resume in the trash bin, even if you're an excellent candidate.

The Only Way to Pass This Stage is to Get Help from from The Exact People Who Make These Decisions.

The best way to learn anything is to simply get inside knowledge straight from the source.

Only then will you know all of the little tricks, secrets and shortcuts to landing more interviews and beating your competition: the tens of thousands of other finance “rock stars” who are competing for your job.

And once you have that inside knowledge, what seemed like a gauntlet will be a walk in the park.

Where others are confused why they keep getting denied, you’ll be calm, cool and collected landing more interviews.

When others are cramming at the last minute, your application will be submitted with total confidence, knowing you are giving yourself the best possible shot (sometimes even with a referral from your mentor).

And when others are working in the back office at a community bank, you’ll be climbing the ladder in an elite career.

But first, a word of warning....

FACT:Less Than 3% Get a Job in These Top Industries...
... Only Those with an EDGE Get In.

That’s right. Out of every 1,000 applicants, less than 30 will get the job. The other 97% will wash out and never be heard from again.

That’s 2x lower than the acceptance rate at Harvard. You do the math.

Think it can’t be you? Think again. Wall Street has access to thousands of rocket scientists, technical geniuses and finance “rock stars”, all just like you... all beating down their door.

Most never get in.

Instead they end up left out in the cold, wandering the job-board wilderness... Working in a back office...
Selling home loans at a community bank... Crunching numbers in a mindless gig...

And yes, living with their parents.

I’ve seen it more times than I can count.

And it’s all because they’re unprepared and not connected to the inside.

Most never even land an interview because their application and pitch is not up to the standards of their competition and they don't have anyone on the inside to vouch for them.

  • Some candidates can rely on friends in the industry to review their application... but even for them usually their friends are not in the exact firm and/or group they are most interested in and/or don't have enough pull to get them a serious look...
  • Even worse, others trusted career counselors that have no industry experience with their future and ended up with a mediocre recruiting strategy, convinced they were competitive...
  • Some candidates tried to go it alone, but missed some critical nuances about the firms that would have made a difference...
  • Some even had 4.0’s from the most prestigious target schools in the country but found themselves forever looking in from the outside.

One of my best friends was a finance savant, with a 3.9 from a target school. But he only landed a few interviews, and now he sells mortgages at a local bank. He’ll never work in high finance, and he’ll live with the pain of regret for the rest of his life, wondering what if...

The Bottom Line is This:

To Get the Job, You Need Help from the Inside...
... Get Yourself a Mentor that Already Works in Your Target Industry.


The Wall Street OasisMentor Service

How to Land an Elite Job At the Most Prestigious Firms in the World...

Here’s Just Some of What You Can Expect:

  • Match with an Expert Industry Professional

    ALL of our mentors are actual professionals that screens candidates for their elite firms. You can be sure that we will match you with an expert in your target industry and that they have gone through strict WSO training to ensure a smooth experience.

  • Every Word Counts

    Our experts make sure know the right buzzwords and recruiting strategies to help you stand out from the thousands of other applicants...

  • Investment Banking, Private Equity, Hedge Fund, Corp Fin, Consulting & More...

    No matter what elite industry you are targeting, we have you covered. We have expert reviewers ready to help you in investment banking, trading, private equity, hedge funds, consulting, real estate finance, equity research, accounting, corporate finance and more... If you're not sure if we can help, feel free to reach out to [email protected]

  • 2 Weeks of Follow Up

    To make sure all of your questions are answered, we offer up to 2 additional weeks to follow up with your mentor once your final session is over… we want to make sure you understand our suggestions to help you land more interviews and more importantly, an elite job...

  • You Drive, We Guide

    Whether you want to use your time for a mock interview, model review, career consultation or a live resume review, how you spend the time with your mentor is 100% up to you.

  • Low Risk - High Potential Reward

    You should expect this service to be a very iterative process. After we get your detailed questionnaire and match you to one of our mentors, he or she will schedule a time for your initial session to help gain clarification and start the process. If you think the mentor is a good match, then you can purchase more time (73% of our clients book more hours)...

  • 48-72 Hour Rush Service Available

    The standard mentor session takes approximately between ~2-3 days to schedule, however, upon checkout, there are options to expedite the service for an additional fee (+$100) in order to get matches and scheduled within 24-48hrs after submitting your questionnaire and resume. While this is not ideal (we encourage clients to sign up before a rush is needed), we realize sometimes tight deadlines and interviews are unexpected/unavoidable.

Our clients have landed positions at the most elite finance firms, including:

don’t let your lack of connections cost you $100,000+ ... get the service that will make sure you land interviews.

The WSO Mentor service has been modified and tweaked for over a decade. While other mentor services claim to have the best expertise on staff, the truth is many are former career counselors and/or worked in HR -- probably the last people giving you a mock interview or career advice for these specific industries. Or worse, they’re run by one guy or gal who’s been out of the business for years…

Hardly what we’d call “expertise”...

And there’s an even BIGGER problem with these services:

These aren't the people screening you at elite firms, THIS year.

Elite finance industries are constantly changing. What worked even last year to land interviews may no longer be effective. You can't expect some boutique mentor shop with a handful of "counselors" to place you with someone that truly knows what it takes.

That’s why the WSO Mentor Service has hand-picked the best professionals from thousands of currently practicing finance professionals… people who live and breathe their industry - day in and day out… who can tell you what’s changing firsthand…who LOVE giving back and will keep you up-to-date on everything you need to polish your application and ace your interviews.

And what you really need is this:

  • You Need to Have an Actual Elite Professional As a Personal Mentor

    Other services boast on the background of their mentors. The reality is, if they are mentoring as their full time job, they likely aren't the best of the best. You want the professionals in charge of reviewing candidates to be the ones that are helping you improve your chances...

  • You Need A System that’s Crowdsourced and Validated

    Other services look good, but the truth is most of the advice is from ONE guy with only ONE perspective telling what they think is "right" from their dated experience YEARS ago… The WSO Mentor Service continues to add only the most talented professionals every year: Crowdsourced for over a decade from over 100 million unique visitors and 500,000 members... with inside information from thousands of actual interviewers, analysts, associates and finance veterans....and validated by over 1,000 aspiring financiers just like you who have leveraged this service to land their dream job...

  • You Need to Learn How to Present Yourself

    To succeed you must do more than just read a few guides online… You really need inside knowledge on the recruiting process, industry nuances and hidden recruiting tactics… Learn from our roster of talented professionals so that you can submit your application with confidence.

  • You Must Leave Nothing to Chance

    I don't care if your college counselor or friend in the industry says your application "looks great" or that you are "ready" for your interviews. They likely don't have the time or the knowledge to make sure every weakness is addressed ... Without the proper language, the precise networking and the right emphasis, your application could be doomed before you even hit "submit". We regularly survey our team of over 200 mentors to make sure our best practices are industry standard - so you can stand out from the crowd of wannabes and crush your competition...

How do I know this?
Because I’ve been down this path before...

My name is Patrick Curtis, and I’m the founder of Wall Street Oasis. Not that long ago, I was in your position. I had a stellar GPA from a prestigious school, was a top athlete and held strong leadership positions. In short, I was confident, flying high and ready to ace my interviews…

Except I didn’t.

After submitting my application to all 15 open investment banking positions on campus, I found out the harsh truth… I wasn't that impressive. I only landed 3 first round interviews

That's a low hit rate for on campus recruiting, especially with my GPA and extracurricular leadership.

I knew I was screwed… and I had missed my biggest opportunity. I managed to get to a few final rounds, but those few opportunities meant nothing because I couldn't land the offer.

This same scenario repeated again and again… And this doesn’t include the hundreds of times I was ignored, was blown off or outright rejected.

While my friends were landing great banking jobs with huge salaries, I was one step away from the ultimate indignity: moving back in with my parents.

(In fact, one of my friends graduated from the top his class at Georgetown, but failed the recruiting process and ended up selling Carnival Cruise packages to Midwestern tourists. I’m serious.)

After months of failure, I finally decided to suck it up and take a hard look in the mirror. I rarely got interviews from networking emails. I realized something was missing.

And then I FINALLY got a mentor… An alum to take me under his wing and spend 3 hours with me, reviewing my interview style and resume in detail.

Finally, after doing some mock interviews and revamping everything in my application, I started landing more interviews.

The work paid off. I landed just 1 of 12 coveted spots at Rothschild’s New York office in investment banking.

After 2 years, I moved into private equity, doubled my salary and was finally living the high life.

This mentor service is the result of that experience. With the help of our 500,000+ members and over a decade of experience helping over 1,000 mentees, we’ve created a mentor service where you can get an expert in your target industry to help you one-on-one (at a fraction of what the other companies charge). I know firsthand how hard it is to break into these careers… and I also know what happens if you miss your window.

And with the help of our clients and elite mentor team- and of the thousands of industry veterans, analysts and interviewers who have contributed to help refine this service - it’s my hope that you can avoid the pitfalls I experienced, land the job you want and catapult yourself to the lucrative career that’s waiting for you.


here’s what our customers are saying:

Don’t take our word for it

Here are just a few of the 1,000 candidates who have used the WSO Mentor Service...

"As an engineering student at a non-target school, landing a front office summer analyst position seemed unlikely. However, I decided to purchase a 3-hour package from Wall Street Oasis hoping that this would be a wise investment in my future.

By speaking with the WSO Mentors, I was able to get valuable insight from three very successful individuals. They taught me unique ways to get noticed by brand name firms, since finance recruiters do not come to my campus. They helped me better understand the intricacies of accounting and valuation. They also gave me the confidence I needed to succeed during my networking trips and interviews.

With their help, I was able to receive multiple front office offers from top firms. I am very thankful for all of their help and highly recommend each of them! Joining the Wall Street Oasis Mentor Program is a very smart decision for anyone serious about landing a summer internship or full-time position on Wall Street. Thank you all for your help! I really appreciate all of your insight and advice.”


Goal: Investment Banking - Result: Analyst @ Citigroup in New York

"My mentor recently helped me prepare for an equity research interview with a mock interview. He was extremely helpful, very patient, and I learned a great deal in an hour session. He covered both the behavioral and technical questions and his critique was a good mix of both positive feedback as well as suggestions and hints on how you can better formulate or word your answers and ideas.

I could tell my mentor is very experienced at this as the responses he suggested were all clear, succinct and to the point and delivered smoothly. He had a list of questions that he thought were appropriate for the level I was interviewing for, and we went through all of them. After I practiced more with my mentor's suggestions in mind, I felt very prepared. I would highly recommend others to sign up for a mock interview. ”


Goal: Equity Research - Result: Research Associate @ Mutual Fund in New York

“My WSO mentor gave me very specific advice that I would never have received from my university career center consultation sessions. His insights were incredibly clear. I also found my mentor to be very patient and helpful in guiding me how to answer specific questions. As a result, I have passed through many interviews successfully with big firms like Citi and Goldman Sachs."

Nadia L.

Goal: Banking - Result: Analyst @ Goldman Sachs in Singapore

"I wanted to be prepared as much as possible for the upcoming recruiting season for Summer Internships in London so I decided to have a mentor session with a WSO Mentor. They matched me with someone who has been successfully working at an Elite Boutique in London before jumping to the Buy-side. As the interview process in London is known for its emphasis on intense fit/competency-based questions, I asked him to share his personal experience with me and to give me advice on that topic.

The session has helped me tremendously to understand what the person who is conducting the interview is looking for in a candidate. He also gave me invaluable insight into the banks recruiting process and the technical questions involved. Even though he was extremely busy with a deal in the days we had our talk, he helped me to understand how to solve a paper LBO case and even sent me an excel model for further learning.

Heading into the busy recruiting season I feel much more confident than before WSO's help. I can highly recommend a mentor session with WSO. It was absolutely worth the initial investment and should be part of everyone's preparation who is trying to break into the extremely competitive investment banking industry."

Helena C.

Goal: Investment Banking - Result: Internship @ Credit Suisse in Switzerland​

"As a result of working closely with my mentor, I have developed much better interviewing, presentation, and speaking skills. Also especially feel more prepared for banking interviews. I just went through 1st round with a few banks and and I got the offer. Very quick turnaround, so thank you."

Nathan O.

Goal: Investment Banking - Result: Analyst @ Wells Fargo Securities

"I had a mock interview with the WSO mentor and she really helped me tease out my story so that it was more compelling. I received an offer from GS IBD in large part to the advice I received."

Ella M.

Goal: Investment Banking - Result: Associate @ Goldman Sachs in London

"Wall Street Oasis has done a great job preparing me for the questions and structure of potential interview. My mentor shared his personal work experience to give me more knowledge about the corporate development group. Also, he stayed with me during the entire process by providing offer negotiation and communication strategies. I truly appreciate Wall Street Oasis' help."

Zack H.

Goal: Corporate Development - Result: ​Manager @ Health Care Company in Minneapolis

How Much is Your Career Worth?

What You GetValue (Based on Avg Hourly Rate of Our Professionals)

Step 1: Detailed Questionnaire

So we can match you with the perfect mentor for your target industry, background, seniority and region...


Step 2: Additional Investigation

Mentor reviews your questionnaire in detail to dive into your experience to make sure we uncover the most important aspects of your application and prepare for your mock interview/consultation...


Step 3: First 30 Min Call and Feedback

Detailed advice & list of what we would work on together with more time and obligation to move forward.




Consider this your first investment in a long career...

After all, you’ve likely already spent tens of thousands of dollars on college (and perhaps tens of thousands more on an MBA)... When you land your coveted finance job,

you’ll be making well over $100,000...

...over $300,000 if you have an MBA...

And that’s just the beginning of a long and very LUCRATIVE career that could easily net you millions.

We could easily charge over $600 and your ROI would still be huge…

At a fraction of that price, the ROI is even better... hundreds of $ for a shot at careers that can earn you millions of dollars down the line. When you do the math, it’s a no brainer.

And that doesn’t include the time you’d have to spend figuring all of this out. Even if you used the volumes of free information inside the WSO forum, free templates and free advice, you’d still have to find it, organize it, vet it, test it and systematize it to get it to work.

That would take months - maybe even years… and at that point, you will have missed your window, blown your opportunity and your chances of ever getting a job in these top careers will be slim to none.

All while watching your friends and classmates ride the elevators to the penthouses of investment banking, private equity and hedge funds…

The WSO Mentor Service gives you everything you need to land more interviews, the first step toward landing the prestigious Wall Street job you’ve always wanted… quickly and easily.

But we’re not going to charge you over $600 to find your ideal mentor...


We won’t even ask for half of that..



Get Matched Today with Your Mentor for 88% off



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Frequently Asked Questions

The mentor service packages range from $79 - $1,390 depending on the package you purchase (30min vs 10hr). Given the success of our service and the number of repeat clients we have, we know that we can afford to run on thin profit margins and serve thousands of applicants. We also know that many of you will follow the advice of our mentors and invest in additional courses and/or services from WSO.

If you would like to purchase more time or jump straight into the service (and/or are a repeat customer) please click on one of the packages here: 1 Hour ($149) - 3 Hour ($145/hr) - 5 Hour ($143/hr) - 10 Hour ($139/hr)

Your Choice is Simple.

If you’re reading this, you’re here for a reason: because you want to be one of the very few who gets an an elite job… and because you need help doing it.

Your opportunity really is limited… you have one good shot. If you don’t land these jobs early in your career, your chances of breaking into the industry are slim to none, because the firms will know you’re damaged goods. Don’t believe me? Talk to my friend who was selling Carnival Cruise packages after he failed his recruiting season.

Because the hard truth is that Wall Street is literally flooded with millions of people just like you and me: college hot shots, finance wizards, math geniuses and interns with actual deal experience… and most of them still end up on the outside looking in.

These firms have the pick of the litter, and only those who are superbly prepared, who make a great first impression and who understand the subtle nuances of the application will get a shot at interviewing.

Do that, and you’ll have a great shot at gaining entrance to a world few people will ever glimpse.


What do you want to be doing? Living in a penthouse, working on multibillion dollar deals and climbing the elite ladders of finance?

Or living with your parents and watching your friends having the lucrative career that should have been yours.

The choice really is yours. And your opportunity really is limited.

Don’t waste it. Click here to get matched within 24-48 hours and get started on your career in finance.

1,000+ people can’t be wrong... Join the other successful candidates and get started:

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Still not convinced?

Hear from more people like you who have achieved incredible results...

“I have several final rounds approaching. After working with my WSO mentor, I feel that my walk though tells a much better and more focused story. Have not failed to make it past a first round interview since I used the service.”

Kristoffer D.

Goal: Investment Banking - Result: Analyst @ Moelis & Company in New York

“What I liked best about the service is that i) you have a very strong Mentor team so there is always someone impressive available ii) it's affordable - I can keep using it over many months even if I do not have an interview invitation right away, iii) everything gets organized/ set up quickly.”

Jamie F.

Goal: MBA Program, PE - Result: MBA at Berkeley Hass and PE Associate Internship (as of 2016)

“The mock interview definitely helped. Specifically, addressing the question about long term and short term career goals, because that came up. Also being able to drop little things in the conversation like generation stack I think helped add credibility. By getting all hardball questions from you, it made the interview itself seem easier."

Avery C.

Goal: Market Risk - Result: Senior Analyst @ Energy Company in Dallas

“Thanks for the mock interview once more, I found it really useful. I'm just e-mailing to give you an update: I got the job and just signed my offer so I'm really looking forward to a summer of learning the commodity trading business.”


Goal: Sales & Trading - Result: Internship @ Commodity Trading Firm in New York

“Ivy & Patrick, Just wanted to give you a heads up that my mentor has been a fantastic. He completely went above and beyond all of my expectations. He introduced me to friends working at other firms and his introductions were enough to get me a final round and some helpful informational interviews. He is always willing to answer my emails and questions and he's my go-to person for getting advice during the recruiting process. For internship recruiting, I had a peer group at my school to get for help, but full time recruiting left me without a group of people to fall back and get good advice from. For this reason, I'm especially glad about the advice that I got from him during my full time recruiting process. He's genuinely one of the most helpful people I've met in my career. Overall, I am very pleased with my coaching purchase from WSO. It was worth every penny.”


Goal: Investment Banking - Result: Internship @ Lazard in Houston

“You are amazing! I just finished the interview and it's great! I was asked all the questions you have prepared me and didn't ask any technicals. Questions asked: strength and weakness, view about market, what do you do outside of work, self info, why finance, why hedge fund, location preference, how my writing skill sets are.

From his reaction, I think he likes my answer. He told me that next round would be 3 or 4 people in office interview with other investment analyst. And final round would be 2 people last.

Thank you so much for helping me prepare. It's so useful. I wouldn't be able to behave so well without your help.”

Kay F.

Goal: Hedge Fund - Result: Partner @ Consulting Firm in New York

“I just wanted to let you know I received offers from my two top choices: Principal Transactions at Maccquarie and TMT at UBS. Thank you so much for all of your help!.”

Samantha O.

Goal: Investment Banking - Result: Internship @ UBS in New York

“I just wanted to thank you again for all your interview prep help. I ended up receiving and accepting an offer with Perella Weinberg Partners for the summer. Your feedback and technical guidance leading up to my interviews were invaluable.”

Matt B.

Goal: Investment Banking - Result: Internship @ Perella Weinberg Partners in New York

“I'm really touched and felt I made a lot of progress after speaking to my mentor. He was candid, straightforward no bullshit approach not only saved time, but put a lot of perspective on my answers. Honestly, he had been the best mentor I could have asked for, my friends and colleagues didn't do much to improve me like he did.”

Damon N.

Goal: Investment Management - Result: Internship @ Bank of America Merrill Lynch in New York

“Thanks so much for everything. I haven't heard from [elite boutique 2] yet, but I just got an offer from [elite boutique 1] and am as happy as I can be! I'm super grateful and am looking forward to the summer!”

Cameron L.

Goal: Investment Banking - Result: Internship @ Investment Banking Firm in California


This is your last chance to land those few coveted interview spots.

Less than 3% of applicants ever get accepted into these top finance positions. Will you be one of them... or will you just be another statistic who ends up working in a back office somewhere or selling mortgages at a community bank?

We’ll give everything you need so you can you land position you want... how to master the networking, what to emphasize and build a rock-solid application... Our reviewers will guide you step by step through this critical recruiting process... and we’ll unlock the door to the most exclusive, secretive and lucrative professions in the world.

You’ll be getting the only mentor service that specializes in finance positions and can match you with an expert in your target industry, selected from thousands of top rated analysts and finance veterans.

And with our strict process and a ton of feedback, it is, quite simply, the most comprehensive mentorship you can get anywhere. Period.

You’ll walk through our process:

  • Step 1 - Detailed Questionnaire: So we can get you matched with an expert mentor that works in your target industry within 24-48hrs...
  • Step 2 - Additional Investigation: So your mentor can fully understand every experience you bring to the table...
  • Step 3 - First 30 Min Call Feedback: Detailed advice & list of what we would work on together with more time and obligation to move forward...
  • Step 4 - More Hours, More Guidance: Deeper dive including mock interviews and/or career consultations to help you shore up any weaknesses...
  • Step 5 - Two Weeks of Follow Up: After final session, you get 2 weeks of additional follow up time should any questions arise about your applications, recruiting strategies or interviews that were not addressed previously (over e-mail)...

But your window of opportunity really is limited. If you fail to jump on the competitive track to high end finance positions, the firms will know you're damaged goods and they won’t touch you with a ten-foot pole. It really is make or break time - not just your first finance job, but quite possibly, for your entire career and maybe even your life.

I’m not exaggerating... Landing a top job is the stepping stone to the career in finance that makes everything so much easier down the road... a launchpad to top business schools and the executive suite... not to mention multibillion-dollar deals, lucrative salaries and access to a world few ever get to see.


You can try to do this all yourself and then pray you get the job, or...

You can stand on the shoulders of our expert team, those who have come before you that are already on the inside. Learn their secrets, shortcuts and all their tricks so you nail your applications, land more interviews and be one of the few who gets into the ultra-exclusive door of high finance.

Sign up now, and I’ll see you on the inside...

Join the 1,000+ candidates just like you who have already used the WSO Mentor Service:

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