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With a detailed Question Database of Q&A videos, you can jump from one mock interview to the next to sample multiple responses to similar finance job interview questions. Click on any of the Industry tabs - including Investment Banking, Sales & Trading, Management Consulting, Hedge Funds and Private Equity - to jump to a list of mock interviews for that field.

Imagine being able to watch a video of your competition interviewing for the finance job you want. Imagine having an inside look at how candidates answer the difficult interview questions. The Wall Street Oasis Video Library gives you the inside look you need to modify and perfect your own personal answers. See which interview techniques work, and which ones fail, in these Wall Street interview videos.

Want to know how to answer common finance job interview questions like "What are your greatest weaknesses?" or how you should respond to the "Walk me through your resume." open-ended inquiries? How about the "Walk me through a DCF." number? All of these questions and countless other interview questions and answers are addressed in the hours upon hours of finance interview video content available to you in the Wall Street Oasis Video Library.

If you want to break into the ultra-competitive fields of finance, investment banking or consulting, your interview skills need to be polished. The Wall Street Oasis Video Library will ensure you are fully prepped and completely confident when you enter your finance job interviews. You\'ve already invested thousands of dollars in your finance education. This minor investment in interview preparedness can be the bridge from your education to the real world working in the finance industry. The Wall Street Oasis Video Library can make the difference that helps you ace the tough interview questions so you can land the Wall Street job you want.

Amazing. Great videos. Very informative.

— WSO Member, timothy0

I think this is an excellent resource for all students who are trying to land jobs on the street, but particularly for those seeking SA positions or those who are looking to break into an FT role who did not do a summer in banking/trading. The "personal pitch" or "telling your story" question is the most important question in an interview and is really what will set the tone and leave an impression with the interviewer.

— WSO Member, Rufiolove

This is gold.

— WSO Member, upod01

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Making it to the top of IB & PE, things you need to do NOW to prepare Investment Banking, Private Equity Frank is an industry veteran with experience in Investment Banking. Bio: Frank Song previously worked at Accel-KKR as a private equity investor... 2.4 Watch
My Experience Managing 3 Interns (MM IBD) Investment Banking Kyle is an industry veteran with experience in MM Investment Banking in Toronto. What he covered: Speaker intro / How to find a summer placement... 3.0 Watch
MBA applicants - How to impress adcoms with a compelling story Accounting, Asset Management, Commercial Banking, Consulting, Corporate Finance, Equity Research, Hedge Funds, Insurance, Investment Banking, Private Equity, Proprietary Trading, Real Estate, Sales and Trading, Venture Capital Bio: Barbara has been working with prospective students and MBA programs for nearly 20 years in a number of roles. She was head of MBA Admissions... 4.0 Watch
Consulting Case Study - Biotech/Pharma R&D Strategy Consulting Wall Street Mentor Dr. Steven Mo covered a Consulting Case Study on biotech/pharma R... 5.0 Watch
Case Study Prep for Growth Equity Interviews Private Equity Wall Street Mentor Rick is an industry veteran with experience in growth equity. What he covered: Background / What I look for / Case Study... 4.5 Watch
Similarities and differences between the top MBA programs Accounting, Asset Management, Commercial Banking, Consulting, Corporate Finance, Equity Research, Hedge Funds, Insurance, Investment Banking, Private Equity, Proprietary Trading, Real Estate, Sales and Trading, Venture Capital Alex is the founder of mbaapply.com and definitely knows the ins and outs of the MBA process. Get Your Business School Bible Thanks for... 4.0 Watch
Corpfin Analyst to Top 10 MBA Program, How to Prepare Corporate Finance Wall Street Mentor Arshanhas several years of F500 corporate finance experience and will be attending a top 10 MBA this fall. What he covered:... 4.0 Watch
How WSO Saved My Life (And How YOU Can Start A Business On The Side To Eventually Quit Your Job) Other Wall Street Mentor Ben Altman (@Ben_CharismaOnCommand") hosted this webinar with a q... 4.0 Watch
Public Finance from an Analyst's Perspective Investment Banking Wall Street Mentor Ivan spent three years working in Public Finance Investment Banking as an analyst. What he covered What is public finance? /... 3.5 Watch
Building a Career in Fintech (from a Finance background) Corporate Finance What Otavio covered in this webinar: - What is a financial technology company - Why fintech is important and exploding right now - Quick overview... 4.5 Watch
MSF to Banking Transition Investment Banking Wall Street Mentor Paul hosted this webinar entitled "MSF to banking transition", with a q... 4.0 Watch
Fixed Income Universe Investment Banking, Sales and Trading Wall Street Mentor Rick (one of our top presenters) is an industry veteran with experience in Investment Banking, Sales... 5.0 Watch
BB TMT Associate - Week in the Life Investment Banking Wall Street Mentor Prashanth is one of our better presenters and If you're interested in learning more about the life of a BB associate and the TMT... 4.0 Watch
Consulting Case Presentation - Personal Care Co. Consulting What Ethan covered: (The case will cover "Personal Care Co.") Background info on case interviews / Case interview advice / tips and tricks / case... 4.0 Watch
Hedge Fund Analyst: Week in the Life Hedge Funds Wall Street Mentor John is an industry veteran with experience in Asset Management and was recently hired in his new position working for a hedge... 2.0 Watch
Applying IBD/PE Experience to Start-up Management/Leadership Investment Banking, Private Equity, Venture Capital Bio: Will is currently the Director of Media Analytics at Ampush. He has experience working in both IB and PE and graduated with a MBA from Wharton... 4.5 Watch
Why I Chose the Military Before Entering the Professional World Other Wall Street Mentor Zachary was an officer in US military and will be starting at a top MBA program. He had a webinar in June entitled "Transitioning... 4.3 Watch
How I transitioned into PE and prepared for my PE interviews Private Equity Wall Street Mentor Roger currently works in Private Equity and beforehand worked at a bulge bracket bank. Ace Your Private Equity Interview... 2.8 Watch
How to apply and become a Rhodes Scholar & how this scholarship opens doors to a career in finance Other Topics covered: Famous Rhodes Scholars in the finance... 3.0 Watch
The STAR of acing your interview - preparing for Fit/Behavioral Interviews Investment Banking, Private Equity Vanessa is a former Goldman intern program manager and has a unique method ("S.T.A.R." - Situation, Task, Action, Result) to teach you how to prepare... 4.0 Watch