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Thousands of students every year trust the Wall Street Oasis guides to prepare them for their interviews and learn about careers that interest them. The Official WSO Guides are the only publications that incorporate real questions from recent real interviews based on the thousands of interview insights contributed in our WSO Company Database

Interview & Recruiting Preparation

Investment Banking Interview$99 - $199

  • 300+ tech & fit questions + answers
  • 3 best selling guides in 1, save $30
  • Real questions from actual interviews by firm + position
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Private Equity Interview Prep$299

  • 9 Realistic LBO Modeling Tests
  • 200+ Pages of Detailed Insight
  • Countless PE interview Secrets
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Consulting Case Interview$99 - $199

  • Real cases from actual interviews by firm + position
  • 11 Challenging cases - WSO exclusive
  • 5 critical frameworks
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Networking on Wall Street$49

  • Cold-emailing - 14 proven templates
  • Resume advice + 3 templates
  • 148 Questions to ask in an interview + much more
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Prop Trading Interview Guide$99 - $199

  • 1 Year Access Video Library ($400 value)
  • 25 exclusive videos w samples
  • Real questions from actual prop shops
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Career & Industry Education

Finance Internship Guide$29

  • Detailed day-by-day reports from actual BB investment banking intern
  • On the job: succeeding at work
  • Networking and relationship management
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FDP corporate finance Guide$29

  • 11 Profiles of Top fdps plus 66 other Potential fdps Listed by Industry
  • 7 Day-in-the-lifes of FDP Professionals
  • FDP & Career Options Overview
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Business School Bible$29

  • 500+ pages of practical advice
  • Top program overviews + adcom insight
  • 20 sample essays from top MBAs
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A Look Behind the Wall$19

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Hedge Fund Career Guide$29

  • Most common trading strategies
  • Career path and hiring process
  • Preparing for an interview
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Trading Stocks and Options$19

  • Strategy selection
  • Market timing
  • Identify bullish & bearish trends
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Financial Modeling Training

Premium Package$499

  • Complete step-by-step financial and valuation modeling training
  • Learn DCF, Comps, M&A, LBO and financial statement modeling
  • 15% off, only through WSO (click below)
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Basic Package$199

  • An abbreviated version of the Premium Package
  • Learn step-by-step financial statement modeling (no valuation)
  • 15% off, only through WSO (click below)
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Oil and Gas Modeling$499

  • Learn oil and gas industry drivers, accounting, valuation, and modeling
  • Step-by-step NAV, DCF, LBO, M&A, and financial statement modeling
  • 15% off, only through WSO (click below)
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Bank and FIG Modeling$399

  • Gain an understanding of the bank industry's unique drivers
  • Build bank forecast and valuation models using a current case study
  • 15% off, only through WSO (click below)
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Real Estate (REIT) Modeling$399

  • Understand the real estate industry's unique drivers and challenges
  • Learn to build REIT financial model from scratch
  • 15% off, only through WSO (click below)
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Restructuring Modeling$399

  • Learn restructuring modeling using real bankruptcy case studies
  • Includes industry primer and an advanced bankruptcy model
  • 15% off, only through WSO (click below)
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The WSO Guides to finance interviews can help you land a job on Wall Street and get promoted. Finance interview guide topics include technical finance interview questions , stock trading tips, navigating the venture capital and private equity market, finance internships , understanding TARP and networking for business. Read our testimonials below and you'll see why career centers and student clubs at The Wharton School of Business, Harvard Business School, Warwick University, Northwestern University and many other top programs make the WSO Guides to finance interviews available to their students.

We provide the best finance interview guides to prepare you for your career in finance. If you are not fully satisfied for any reason, send us a short email within 30 days of purchase and we will give you a full refund - and you can keep the guides you purchased for free, no questions asked. We continually improve our guides, so your feedback is encouraged! We are confident that you will be satisfied just like the thousands of students and professionals that have already purchased the guides. Thank you for choosing Wall Street Oasis to help you nail your finance job interview or learn more about your target industry!

I've owned several finance interview prep guides, and the publications that WSO has produced are by far the best ones I've seen. — Mez B.

Just got the new technical investment banking interview guide. By far much better than vault guide to finance interviews. Very detailed (80+ pages) with charts, graphs, etc. I'll be reading this at least once this summer in prepping for fall IBD interviews. — banker88

I bought the Vault Guide to Finance Interviews and there is a lot of fluff, this guide is straight to the point. Question, explanation, sample response. It was amazing. Going into my investment banking interviews and IBD superdays, I almost never got a single question that I hadn't seen before, or wasn't able to work my way through. — Scott M.

WallStreet Prep Master Financial Modeling