Preview of 455 Morgan Stanley Interview Insights Below:

Year Status Position City Group / Overall Experience Difficulty
2015 1st Year Analyst FT Analyst - Energy Houston Energy Neutral Average
2015 Intern Spring Insight/ Spring Week London Investment Banking Neutral Difficult
2015 Analyst New York City Wealth Management Very Positive Average
2015 Intern Wealth Management New York Wealth Management Very Positive Easy
2015 1st Year Analyst Analyst New York Investments Positive Easy
2015 Intern Sales and Trading Summer Analyst New York Sales and Trading Positive Difficult
2015 Intern Summer Analyst Los Angeles Generalist Neutral Difficult
2015 Summer Associate Intern Summer Associate New York Generalist Neutral Average
2015 N/A Investment banking analyt NY N/A Neutral Very Difficult
2015 Intern Spring Insight Programme London Investment Banking Positive Average

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