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13 months 2 weeks ago
for equity traders - how do you decide which broker to trade with?I am not a trader but I am very interested in how trading works. Would anyone kindly share their insights? There are so many brokers in the street, how do you decide which one you trade with? The broker you have your custodian with? Or does it depend on the stock? Thanks! ...
04 min 59 sec ago
Electricity/Energy trading vs. Market makingHi WSO. I have received three offers. One is energy trading role with a company that is nation owned and the other two are for market making roles. I just curious as to which i should pick. Base salaries are all the same more or less. I am more curious about future doors that open and close dependin...
31 hour 14 min ago
movies vs. realityOkay so I need some help. For those of you in the S&T side of things, are things as crazy as The Wolf of Wallstreet/The Buy Side make it seem? Because I find that craziness making S&T very unattractive to me personally. ...
02 hours 1 min ago
UNIGE Master of arts in international trading, Commodity finance & shippingHey all! Current undergrad student at a target in my country with internship experience in commodities trading. I am looking at my options for when I finish my degree, and am considering various different routes especially seeing as graduate programs (and there are very few openings across the indus...
135 hours 40 min ago
Getting started with investing I really want to get into investing (specifically in the stock market for now) but there is so much information and terms that I either don't know or fully understand. How can I improve upon my knowledge in investing and are there any investment strategies that you guys utilize that is proven and ef...
210 hours 2 sec ago
Citi Markets S&T LondonHi all, I have a first-round interview for Citi's Markets Analyst program in London next week. I believe they're typically in-person interviews, but as I live in NYC they told me I could do mine over the phone. Has anyone interviewed for this office? Any insight into format/ questions that may be as...
811 hours 54 min ago
Am I screwed because I didn`t choose Wharton (Penn CAS)I still no very little about what I want to do whether its stock <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">trading</a></span> (thats what I do now for fun) or w.e but I`m pretty sure I want a career in Finance. The...
91 day 24 min ago
Obtener, Ielts, Idp Toefl, Gmat, Grando,, DiplomasWe deal and specialize in helping you to get registered TOEFL, IELTS, IDP, ESOL, GMAT CELTA/DELTA, DEGREE, DIPLOMAS & other English Language Certificates. We produce TOEFL & IELTS, ESOL, and CELTA/DELTA, DEGREE, DIPLOMAS English Language for you with ease. For any enquiry, Our email address ...
01 day 8 hours ago
STC vs KaplanHey guys, I'm planning on taking my securities examination and I want to know which provider is better, STC or Kaplan. Their books are around the same price and I would like your views on which prepares you better. Thank, ...
31 day 16 hours ago
Books on Physical Commodity TradingIt seems like there's been an increasing amount of attention given to the physical commodities business on this site lately. If anyone can recommend any good books on the subject please post them here. Thanks. P.S.- Already read the King of Oil. ...
281 day 18 hours ago
Energy Market Analyst Position My team is hiring an Energy Market Analyst / Oil 12 month contract Position is based in UK. Immediate hire. Please drop me a line if interested. I shall have a look at your resume and get back to you. ...
01 day 21 hours ago
Student looking to learn: Commodity TradingHello Everyone, I am a student a trying to figure out what specific career path I would like to go down. I have read some basic commodity trading stuff and was wondering the best place (firms and location) to start looking into. I am studying supply chain along with finance in school and was wonderi...
42 days 11 hours ago
Citi Markets SA SuperdayWhat's going on guys, I have a superday next week for a Markets S&T SA internship at Citi. It's my first Superday so I don't really know what to expect. I've got my resume and story down and am just coming off an internship at a macro hedge fund in London so I'm pretty up-to-date with the Market...
03 days 3 hours ago
Non-solicitation agreement and Non disclosure of confidential informationHello Friends! I have recently started working at a new bank as a product sales and had signed a 3-month non-solicitation agreement and non disclosure of confidential agreement at the prior bank i worked at. Can anyone share what does that entails? For example: 1) If company A, who i had done busine...
03 days 4 hours ago
International Trading Platforms for Personal AccountCouldn't find much via search. Who trades internationally through their personal accounts? Looking for suggestions as eTrade (what I use now) doesn't offer international trades. ...
03 days 5 hours ago
Prop to Bank/FundI'm a discretionary rates trader at a prop firm. My P&L for 2016 was low 6 figures. Talented guys at my firm who have been around longer than me earn mid 6 figures and less than a handful broke the 7 figure mark. I'm talented enough to continue grinding this out going forward while increasing...
163 days 5 hours ago
Top Prop/Hedge Fund Traders Strategies (Discussion)So I've been in the trading industry for 6 years now. At some point in the future, I want to transition to prop (I have a strategy) and I'm not talking about Market Making. I'm talking about actually managing a discretionary book to generate alpha... like a portfolio manager. Anyhow, we've all hear...
163 days 9 hours ago
Finding a Leverage for S&TI am determined to work in S&T after I graduate. I am a junior who goes to a nontarget (might as well be a community college) in the northeast, above 3.5 GPA, STEM major, some nonfinance sales experience, currently have a finance related internship, good extracurricular activities, and blah blah...
33 days 10 hours ago
Competency interviewsI am consistently rejected after first round, competency based, telephone or video interviews. I am passionate about the markets, the industry and trading, and I have successfully traded on my own account for a few years now. However, none of the questions I have been asked in first round interviews...
03 days 12 hours ago
Is it time to dump gold?People say gold is real money while our paper bills are not, because fiat money has no intrinsic value. However, in this article people are dumping gold at a record high now. Gold has been on a wild ride since the U.S. election, plummeting immediately after Election Day and regaining a bit of groun...
Passionate Investor
153 days 13 hours ago
trading the newsHey monkeys: So, I'm seriously considering S&T, particularly trading in something like a hedgefund or prop trading as a career path. I only have one problem. Well, let me put it this way--I have 2 but one is being resolved as I write this. First, I have no track record--but I'm working on one. I...
03 days 15 hours ago
Zero Buyer Situation ProtocolWall Street Oasis, Wondering, in theory, if there are no buyers, liquidation protocol. Seems court disregards some individuals; given some judges may seemingly ignore or otherwise circumvent administration, seems some buyers may simply lose funds, exempli gratia, judges allowing expelling capital un...
23 days 16 hours ago
Where can I find current off-the-run US treasury yield data?Hey guys, I'm looking to purchase **daily **off-the-run US treasury yield data from 2yr to 30yr maturities, but I was unsuccessful in finding a vendor. Quandl has something like daily yield for some OTR, but there is a lag period. I don't have Bloomberg Terminal. Any help is appreciated, thanks. ...
23 days 16 hours ago
Has anyone taken the Series 57 yetI am about to start a new job equity trading and originally thought I would need to take the Series 55. As of January 2016, the Series 55 is no longer the Securities Trader Exam, it is now called the Series 57. Have any of you taken the exam and if so, which service did you use for exam prep/pract...
93 days 18 hours ago
Details of a Swaps Trader - what do you need to know?What exactly does an interest rate swaps trader/ market maker, in the long end of the curve, need to know, in terms of the mechanics / math of an interest rates swap? For example, assume you understand the basics of a swap (swapping fixed for floating, and the market convention for quoting each leg ...
13 days 18 hours ago
Does anyone know of any internship opportunities still available in ER/S&T?Long story short, went through some shit last semester and fell behind in my internship search. Doesn't really matter where, desperate for an opportunity. ...
24 days 9 hours ago
What is the Equity Sales Strat role at GS like in terms of culture, work, career trajectory etc?I've found a few posts online about the Strats team in general but nothing specific to the Sales Strat role. I have an interview in a couple of weeks and am trying to get a sense of whether I'd be a good fit as a Quant at another BB. ...
04 days 23 hours ago
Getting a banking job is now an “arms race” - Ex Asiapac head of commodities at Citi.Getting a banking job is now an "arms race", says ex-Citi Singapore MD "Some say a banking career is a marathon; I say it's much better to think of it as a series of sprints," says Jason Tudor, a former Asia Pacific head of commodities at Citi. "I've been most fulfilled in jobs when I've been tasked...
05 days 4 hours ago
*Become a Trader*Hello. New to this forum. Had a simple question since I am feeling unnecessary pressure from a "peer" of mine. He has the CFA, series 7, and 63 where as I have the 7 and 63. I have no plans to manage money and am only interested in getting my foot in the door as a jr. trader. I see the series 57 is...
75 days 11 hours ago
Open Outcry Trading This is a throw away account. Is there any job/profession out there that is similar in nature to open outcry trading either in finance, or another industry? There is a ton of info out there on the demise of floor trading, but really nothing about any type of profession that is similar. Where did a...
25 days 12 hours ago
SIG Buy Side Research Analyst Intern Phone InterviewHey guys. I know there's a decent amount of information on SIG's trading internships. I know for those mainly to expect brainteasers, probability, etc. Does anyone have any exp with the buy side research interview process? Should I expect more questions like stock-pitch and financial questions r...
06 days 12 hours ago
Physical Energy Trading And LogisticsMost commodity markets tend to be driven by a few basic factors which are freight on one side, price on the other side and qualities. Each commodity market has its own particularities. Most of what I will generally talk about applies to oil and the liquids in particular which is a little bit differe...
106 days 21 hours ago
MetaTrader Demo Account: Uses and BenefitsThe foreign exchange market is an attractive place where people from all over the world trade. As you need a trading platform for trading in this market, it will be best if you use a demo account. The MetaTrader 4 trading platform can be regarded as the best forex trading platform. There are a numbe...
01 week 14 hours ago
Seeking advice on Development (Prop Trading)Greetings Monkeys, I have been hovering around this topic on my own over the past few months, for reasons you will get introduced to further in the post, and have not had much of a chance to discuss it with other people from the industry as I do not really know many Prop Traders outside my firm. Pos...
21 week 1 day ago
Jane Street Capital FIRST ROUND phone Interview.. what to expect?Hey Guys, I have my first round phone finance interview with JSC in 4 days. What should I be expecting? Anyone who had their ph interview with JSC.. your insight would be of great help. Also, any site where I can get a good prep? ...
971 week 1 day ago
Australian S&T: Difference between "Retail Big 4" (Westpac, CBA, ANZ, NAB) and Investment Banks?So take these retail banks, known in Aus as the "Big 4 Banks", and their market divisions: Compare th...
101 week 2 days ago
Oil vs Nat Gas TradingI was recently offered a summer internship at an oil major at a certain location, my home town, in their natural gas trading program and accepted it. I am extremely excited about the opportunity! But, I have always been interested in crude oil. Maybe I am a little biased; as I took a certificate pro...
441 week 2 days ago
Cargill-Gen a freeze on new hiring ? no Commercial Management Trainee Program in 2017This is specific to Switzerland... The world trading unit of Cargill. Lately Cargill-GE has downsized their floor from 800 to 450 (lay offs and staff put on early retirements). New-Hiring is on the ice, Total freeze on the Commercial Management Trainee Program this year. -Additionally in the past ye...
31 week 3 days ago
What do you mean by origination in sales & trading? Banks have Sales desks, trading desks, but also lump debt origination into this S&T bridge. How does Securitization and DCM differ from S&T? What does origination even mean? If you are an analyst/associate working in Securitization/DCM, are you working on deals like an investment banker? I'd...
01 week 3 days ago
Let's Talk S&T DesksI feel like there's really not a lot of discussion about S&T/The specific areas of sell-side trading on here anymore. Sooo I want to see what people's opinions are on the different desks with respect to a few different categories. 1. How smart are the people / How technical is the product 2. ...
441 week 3 days ago
Akuna Capital Math Test? (And Interview Process)I've applied for a junior trader position with this firm, and so they've sent me an email with directions to take an online mental math test. Does anybody know what the Akuna test is like, specifically? Can't seem to find too much information about it online. All I know is that there is a 22 minut...
501 week 3 days ago
Hedge Fund Trader Risk/Profit QuestionWhat is the average daily VaR of a trader? Senior, junior, etc...? If a trader has 20mm capital and let's say he is down -3K and he holds on to the position having the conviction that it will eventually go his way and it went down to 5K and hes keep averaging his position, do they care? ...
81 week 3 days ago
Opinion on S&T Mizuho Securities Any thoughts on how well their S&T division is doing, and future opportunities with the firm (especially for a recent college graduate)? ...
01 week 4 days ago
Enlighten me about the Sales and Trading Division Can someone tell me more about getting a job in sales and trading? What are the hours like? Can someone get into this job with a bachelor's right after college? Are there internships for this division? Is the pay sufficient enough? Is it worth it? etc. Any insight would be tremendously helpful. ...
21 week 4 days ago
SUMMER ANALYST - BANK OF AMERICA OR DEUTSCHE BANK?!?!Any information would be helpful regarding the culture, pay and lifestyle. What firm offers the better opportunities going forward? ...
41 week 4 days ago
Female traders - Rare? Sorry if this is a stupid question: are female traders really THAT rare? I want to be a trader and I'm female, should I just give up? Are there less female traders because less females are interested (such as in engineering) or is it simply male preferred? For traders out there, are there any female...
441 week 5 days ago
Resume advice needed - Independent projectI'm a 3rd year at a target in Canada with no finance experience. My past internship was as a Bus Analyst at a well-known niche tech firm and besides that I just have some campus involvement stuff. One activity I've spent a lot of time on is doing analytics consulting of sorts for reesearchers at my ...
01 week 5 days ago
Securities Lending Trader - Fixed Income Comp?Read everything there is on here about Agency Securities Lending but haven't seen anything on real numbers regarding comp. Does anyone know what the overall comp is for fixed icome trading on an agency sec lending desk? Also, what does the salary progression look like? Similar to other S&T? so A...
71 week 5 days ago
Summer intern: JPM Private Bank v.s Barclays SnTFortunately I got summer intern offers from JPM private bank and Barclays SnT, now kinda struggling between these two offers. SnT certainly provides a steeper learning curve and the knowledge/skills I will learn is probably more sophisticated . But JPM is surely better in terms of bank development a...
101 week 5 days ago
Goldman Sachs Securities Super Day 12/14 ?This is my first super day invite from GS, can someone give me an idea of what I need to be looking forward to and any prep advice? It is a super day for the GS Summer Analyst Position in Sales & Trading. Anyone else have the same day?? ...
131 week 5 days ago
Physical Commodity TradingHi, Can someone explain how exactly a physical commodity trading house makes money and why there is a need for independent comodty houses, whats there right to exist? What are the risk when trading commodities physical and how can they be hedged, are there specific hedging strategies that are applie...
1871 week 6 days ago
Need advice for a college student looking to go into a career in TradingHi monkeys, I'm currently in college (sophomore at Baruch 3.6 GPA) and currently looking for advice on how to jump start my career in trading. For any of you currently in a trading role, could you tell me what you did or would have done differently? I'm looking to go directly into a trading role (no...
02 weeks 1 hour ago
15 Career StepsLongtime reader here, left the biz in 2012. I thought I'd give back and post some good advice that was shared with me by an older mentor when I was younger. Learn it. Use it. Live it. Hope you find it helpful. 15 CAREER STEPS 1.) Perception is everything...act as if. 2.) Never give them a reason t...
272 weeks 6 hours ago
AMA: Gas Scheduler to Gas TraderI embark on my journey as a Trader in two weeks, as I just gave my two week notice from a shop in Houston to the East Coast. Going from a NG Scheduler to a NG Trader/Scheduler, still young (3-ish years since UG). You can read more about my background here: Finally a Gas Trader ...
452 weeks 10 hours ago
Do I take this long term internship? help!First time post so please be nice... I recently received an offer from a major European bank to work as an intern in their risk management division (HSBC,CS,BNP, Barclays level) in NYC. I am pretty excited about the opportunity, but its a year long internship and I am a Junior in college at great sc...
02 weeks 15 hours ago
Position Pnl and Trading Pnl of a currency tradeIs their any difference between Position pnl and trading pnl of a currency trade like GBPUSD? The trade referred here is a Forward of 1 month. The position it will create is a Forward position and NPV of same. ...
02 weeks 20 hours ago
Anton Kreil - Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management MENTORING PROGRAM. Scam. Rip off. Overpriced and Undervalue.A) Totally disappointed with the overpriced and undervalue 3 month Mentoring Program (USD7001) I am totally disappointed with Anton Kreil's Institute of Trading and portfolio management's 3 month Mentoring Program. This is because the mentoring program is overpriced and undervalue. I have regrette...
122 weeks 22 hours ago
Where can I learn more about the markets?I am really interested in the markets and I want to learn more about it, but I am not sure what the best way is. My school solely focuses and pushes investment banking and there is barely anyone to talk to about markets and S&T. Is there a guide or textbook to learn the fundamentals of the cause...
22 weeks 1 day ago
How to prep for my meetingI secured a meeting with a MD through networking to speak about getting into S&T. Looking to get into something like trade support or even being a sales assistant. Anyone have any advice on how to prepare for something like this? Would really appreciate any feedback. Also is it weird if I as...
that guy from
02 weeks 1 day ago
Undergrad: Trading Assistant/Commercial Analyst to Trader at VitolWhat are the perspectives and how does it compare to structured trading graduate programmes at investment banks? ...
332 weeks 1 day ago
Becoming an algotraderHi everyone, A bit of a beginner's question. I am a current engineering major at a top 10 worldwide school with a very strong interest in finance. I have secured a spring week in trading at UBS, and hope to convert it to a summer, and a summer internship as a finance analyst at a credit card provide...
132 weeks 1 day ago
2017 FT S&T ThreadFeel free to post deadline dates and whether or not apps are open on here and I will continue to add. As you can tell, I have more names to add as well so just let me know who I left off and I will add: Wells Fargo: ClosedGoldman Sachs: Open Now (Deadline in December)J.P. Morgan: Open NowBank of Ame...
472 weeks 2 days ago
CS/BAML/Citi to GS/JPM/MSI need some advice on lateral from SA to FA. I am hoping to make the switch from a BB (think CS/BAML/Citi) to GS/JPM/MS. This is for Sales & Trading. Any advice? Is it worth the switch? ...
02 weeks 3 days ago
"On Hold" SA Position Hi Guys, I've been on hold for about two weeks from a top BB for an S&T SA offer. Got a call the day after my super day saying I've been placed on hold from the recruiter. I reached out recently inquiring about my status and HR responded promptly saying they would let me know when they have an u...
62 weeks 3 days ago
BAML Global Credit/ Special Situations Associate ProgramCan anybody on here provide some insight on this program? IE who they hire/compensation/travel/schedule/ exit opps? ...
42 weeks 4 days ago
Breaking into sales from engineeringBackground: I did electrical engineering at a state school (but not the flagship), got a 4.0, and have a good engineering job. The starting salary's nice, but it seems like there's just not much room for advancement. I've looked at IBD, trading, and sales, and sales seems to be the most appealing o...
12 weeks 5 days ago
Cobalt TradingAny Cobalt traders/specialists around here by chance? Want to learn a little bit more about trading the metal and was wondering if anyone had any resources or books to recommend. Many thanks! ...
02 weeks 5 days ago
Recruitment - Anyone apply for Tibra? Has anyone applied for Tibra this year? How are the recruitment stages so far? Also, how are the Optiver's last stage interviews? ...
62 weeks 5 days ago
Citi Global Markets Internship vs Equity Research at Sandford BernsteinSo I have recently received an offer to take on an internship at Sandford Bernstein for equity research and another offer to do trading at Citi (again internship). Both internships are 10 weeks long and are this summer. I am from an engineering background and am genuinely attracted to both. SCB pros...
72 weeks 5 days ago
Job Security at Prop Trading (Chicago Based)I have traded for almost two decades in a bank. All those years have been successful. However a lot of the time there is a small income (20 percent of profit) derived from the franchise. Note that I have always made much more money than my franchise. I have now been offered a job at a medium tier C...
422 weeks 6 days ago
Free Webinar on Alpha Generation: Controlling Intraday Risk ProfileAttend a free webinar on Alpha Generation: Controlling Intraday Risk Profile by Stephanie Toper - Director of Portfolio Analytics, PortfolioEffect on Tuesday, January 10, 2017, 8:30 PM IST | 9.00 AM CST. This webinar will be very beneficial for those who need intraday risk metrics at any frequency, ...
02 weeks 6 days ago
Summer Internship Help with preparation and groupsHello, I've been offered a SA role at a BB in their S&T division. However, I come from a non technical background and am wondering what are the best ways to help prepare for this summer beyond keeping up with the WSJ and the like? Additionally, in terms of group selection, I really want to avoid...
03 weeks 7 hours ago
Group selection for summer internshipI landed an S&T internship at a BB, and in the coming months will need to select a group. I was more interested in banking, but struck out in the recruiting process so I took this. Although it is S&T, there are banking-ish roles, such as CMBS and ABS originations, Public Finance DCM, and som...
03 weeks 8 hours ago
AMA: I'm a real-time power traderA little about myself, graduated 2 years ago from b-school in the northeast with a finance degree. Originally had planned to go the Asset Management route, passed CFA Level I etc, wound up in the power trading industry after a internship and got a full time gig shortly after. Ask away. ...
543 weeks 23 hours ago
What is the "Greenest Field" within trading. I am a College Student about to accept a lumber trading job. I am about to accept an offer from a commodity brokerage company that specializes in lumber trading. Ive shown my boss at Morgan my contract, he says it is as legit as they could offer. My question what are the "greener fields" within trading. Lumber trading isn't sexy (Besides trading plywood durin...
23 weeks 3 days ago
Does anybody know how to make stock screener for 2015 excel using a mac? Does anybody know how to make stock screener for 2015 excel using a mac? I do not know where to begin ...
03 weeks 4 days ago
AMA- Commodity Energy MerchantThey called me the Commodity Merchant, I prefer "relationship manager". It not just buy low, sell high. It's managing the relationships, structuring the logistics assets and trades from the origin to the destination. We are a regular shipper on the Colonial Pipeline Line 2, Off-Exchange EFP cash set...
23 weeks 4 days ago
where to go after trading analyst, products??whats the future look like trying to move out of a back office position like this? trading hopefully? ...
Tony Scaramoney
03 weeks 4 days ago
Goldman calls of 2016As 2016 draws to a close, it is a good time for reflection on the main happenings of the year. Below are Goldman's 2016 published- Macro themes and rationale. This is an open thread to discuss the main themes of 2016 and the outlook into 2017. Top Trade No. 1: Long USD vs. short EUR and JPY: This i...
43 weeks 4 days ago
Ask DickFuld November 2015I'm ready for another round of questions from all of you. Please remember, I'm doing this because I care, so try to keep it civil. Fire away.... (PS -- Let's try to refrain from asking dumb questions this time.) ...
1183 weeks 5 days ago
Trainee Power/Gas Spot Trading at Utility - Is this a "real trading role"?NB: I'm really ignorant about power physical trading. Job advert for a "trainee physical markets trader" at EnergyAustralia. Link: (will expire eventually) So 6 month training program followed by role begin. Job Description: "Please note: Physica...
13 weeks 5 days ago
Trading Internship Hi Guys, I am a sophomore at a semi target looking to go into trading after graduation. I have never had a formal internship and my gpa isn't that great. (3.1) Do I have shot for an internship this summer? Am i too late for the recruiting cycle? Is trading and investment banking recruiting similar o...
03 weeks 5 days ago
Risk Analyst to Prop Trader. Possible?I'm currently a 2nd-year risk analyst at a F100. How do I become a prop trader and what kind of companies do I target, or am I SOL? About me: Non-target, no school network Knowledge of but no work experience in programming / data science (ie, I know C++, Python, R, others) Trade only my personal cas...
03 weeks 5 days ago
Do traders all drink alcohol?And is it a prerequisite? I'm passionate about trading and I'm a social guy, it's just that getting drunk isn't something I like doing? I hate hangovers and I hate the taste of alcohol. I can drink a glass of wine or a can of beer but I only do it to fit in and I don't actually like drinking. Is thi...
393 weeks 6 days ago
Looking for Series 66 - Training ConsultantsHi, Looking for Series 66 Training Consultants book (+online access if you have it, though not necessary). I heard they are the better provider for passing the 66 and my company only approves Kap/Knop/STC/PP. Thanks! ...
03 weeks 6 days ago
Series 66 - Training ConsultantsI used both STC and Training Consultants materials to study for the 66. Read the STC book and found I retained literally nothing. Began with Training Consultants again and found the material to be much easier to retain. The Training Consultants exams were particularly helpful as they mirrored actual...
23 weeks 6 days ago
Oil short term forecast: downHi guys, Just a shot/medium-term trade idea. Short Brent - market has been driven by OPEC announcements and future expectations and prices do no fully reflect fundamentals for the moment. Target: $50-$52 (1) Current fundamentals: bad (2) Expectations: too much? (3) Sentiment: contrarian (4) USD: neu...
03 weeks 6 days ago
Trafigura Graduate Programme, 2017Does anyone know what the standard salary is for their graduate programme? Has anyone received an offer yet? ...
314 weeks 3 hours ago
Why can't you hedge physical cargoes using dated brent?Hi Guys, Just wondering what the reason is that it is impossible to hedge dated brent. I have read online that 'dated Brent itself isn't a suitable hedging contract' however with no explanation of why this is. What is the logic behind the BFOE and CFD hedging ...
14 weeks 12 hours ago
JP Morgan Commodities Trading AC (London)As mentioned in the title, does anyone have any insight into the application process for the JPM Commodities Trading AC in London, its application process (how many stages there are etc.), and its questions? Any help would be greatly appreciated! ...
04 weeks 12 hours ago
JPM Energy TradingI have an interview with JPM energy/commodities trading. Does anyone know anything about their interview questions, compensation, or culture? ...
74 weeks 12 hours ago
Goldman Sachs Principal Funding & Investments (PFI)Does anyone have any info on this group? Has anyone interviewed with them? Apparently the former group head ran the structured credit prop desk at Merrill; now running his own hedge fund (Prosiris Capital).
314 weeks 23 hours ago
Energy Trading Startup Ideas - HoustonHi All, I am looking to meet people in the energy trading industry (preferably Houston) who have the same aspirations as me to startup an energy trading company. My background is on the finance/accounting side of the industry and would like to network with traders, ops, etc. to discuss potential ide...
24 weeks 1 day ago
Barclays Sales and Trading Superday Hey all, I had a Barclays S+T super day Friday December 2. HR said they would get back to me the following week. They did not and I reached out to them and they now have said they will let me know this week. Is there reason to worry here? I've heard all different timelines for hearing back from Supe...
54 weeks 1 day ago
How exactly is GIS used within this area of finance?I have a brand new B.S. I am considered a S.T.E.M. major with a new love for the M in Mathematics. GIS has led me down a new path that I had not intended. GIS is such a powerful tool and I am wondering if there is an area of finance that uses it the most. Hope that makes sense. ...
04 weeks 1 day ago
Whats a good VaR?Let's say your profit is 3 million on 10 million margin. What is the general VaR value threshold that is considered "good" in practice, especially in the BB side? ...
04 weeks 1 day ago
Max possible profit per intraday trade on a liquid / high volume stocks ?I was wondering how much is possible to make on an intraday trade on a liquid / high volume stock We can have reference points from actual traders / knowledge of traders in big $ funds, or make liquidity/volume calculations (like we have all cash in world and squeeze every bit of liquidity in our tr...
04 weeks 1 day ago
Commodity Trading: How to get a job marketing softs/metals post-graduation?I'm an Australian, good uni given the country (G08), good degree (combined law). I find commodities trading fascinating and want to pursue a career in it, particularly in softs or metals. So to quote the insightful contagoman: contagoman: If above is not possible, get a job at a producer or consu...
21 month 31 min ago


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