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S&T Special Sits Associate - Career ConfusionI'm currently a 2nd yr associate at a BB's special assets/special situations desk. We mostly trade whole loan portfolios (performing/NPL), structured credit (loans) and some bespoke credit derivatives. I've had a great experience so far with top bucket performance ratings. Just completed 3yrs in ban...
410 sec ago
Gelber Group Salary/BonusDoes anyone have information on standard salary/bonus for Gelber Group for algorithmic and discretionary traders? Thank you in advance, would really appreciate any and all information! ...
32 hours 13 min ago
How long does it take to hear back from Lloyds and CIBC?How does it usually take to hear back from Lloyds Finance summer internship after a 1st round interview and CIBC capital markets? Any ideas anyone? ...
23 hours 45 min ago
DUKE vs UNC - Ticket HelpThought this is as good as place as any. I am thinking of flying down from London to Raleigh for the weekend of the 5th of March to watch Duke/UNC play at Cameron. I grew up following Duke basketball and always wanted to go experience the game live so figured why not. I can buy tix online for like 1...
06 hours 32 min ago
Bank FailuresAnyone think we will see at least one major bank failure this year? ...
411 hours 12 min ago
Is it possible to get into S&T if you have a degree in something other than finance?I come from the tech world (and have a B.Sc. in tech) and the reason I ask is because a lot of positions in finance (from what I've read), such as IB, require things like an MBA. I was just curious of the requirements for getting into S&T, even if it means less pay, I wouldn't mind paying my due...
413 hours 29 min ago
How do Interest Rate Derivatives Traders Follow Markets? Thank you!Hi All, Hope you enjoyed today's impressive markets! Could you kindly share how I should start following markets via Bloomberg,etc, if I want to finally work on Interest Derivatives Trading Desk? What are the main assets, market sectors do those traders track to make trading decisions? Based on my ...
81 day 3 hours ago
Very brief case studyHi everyone! I'm a French student and I'm currently doing a very brief case study, I just need you to answer one question : 'If I just say to you the word finance, what words come to mind?'. Please, answer me here or on PV. Thanks. ...
01 day 4 hours ago
Power & Gas Traders - How are your bonus #'s? (Posting this up for a friend) He's looking for more information regarding bonuses/compensation for power and gas traders at banks and hedge funds. Are bonus #'s slumping this year? or on the contrary? Any specific #'s you can give would be very helpful, e.g. "bonuses will be about $XX", "down X p...
91 day 5 hours ago
BAML Sophomore S&T ProgramGot an email today saying my application is under review. Has anyone else heard anything? ...
61 day 15 hours ago
Do I have a shot at Exotic Rates Trading?Hi, I am a senior Finance and Information Systems major at a solid undergraduate business school. Been struggling with securing a full time position. I was just emailed by a recruiter at a top tier BB that they now have open roles in two groups, and I can apply to only one of them... 1) The BB's e-F...
61 day 20 hours ago
Blowback when applying for jobsI am currently thinking about applying to a new job. When doing some research, I found that someone on the desk went to school with my current boss. They graduated in the same year with the same major. I am not sure if this person is the head of the desk, but it seems fairly likely that they would r...
11 day 20 hours ago
Prop trading firm to join with $10k NYCHey guys I'm looking to get a leverage from Prop trading firms. I have about $11k. Junior student in Finance major with nearly 5 years of personal trading experience (small trades) and market observations. I developed few strategies also working on an automated trading strategies. I can't day trade ...
Bill Ackman
51 day 21 hours ago
JPM online brokerage Does JPM own any type of online brokerage for the average joe - for example if I wanted to just buy a few shares of one or two stocks. If not do they own a company that does? ...
41 day 21 hours ago
hi Traders: quick question: "short" term for option and stockIn the office or on the floor and describing a trade, do you ever use the word "sell"? or do you sub in "short" for everywhere "sell" should be? For example: You have 100 FDX stock. You want to sell them. Do you say: (1) "I'm going to short my 100 FDX." or (2) "I'm going to sell 100 FDX." I get that...
81 day 22 hours ago
Execution trader - Pay questions, and where do I go from here?Hello everyone. I recently left a 15 year career in semiconductor fabrication to jump into the finance world and am wondering if I have made a mistake. I basically left semiconductors because I was in an extremely stressful, 24/7 job where I had tons of responsibility for fairly mediocre pay. I e...
91 day 22 hours ago
Citi Sales and Trading Interview f up, how can i recover? Hey guys, So I had a phone interview with Citi today and i think I kinda f-ed up. Since it was first round, I thought I would be interviewed by HR, and I was really interviewed by a trader. I explained myself, my entrepreneurial background, my involvement in a investment club through ross. Then, he ...
112 days 1 hour ago
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02 days 2 hours ago
Question on Liquidity in US Power MarketsI understand that West Hub is by far the most liquid hub in the US - does this mean that the majority of speculation is done in PJM? On the contrary, in MISO where the majority of the footprint is not retail choice and with IN Hub suffering from a lack of liquidity, are there less opportunities for ...
22 days 2 hours ago
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02 days 4 hours ago
BP (and the oil majors) tradingHello all, I have heard it said that oil majors (particularly BP) turn out impressive physical oil traders. Does anyone know what it is that a place like BP teaches its junior guys that other places don't or can't teach as well? ...
142 days 14 hours ago
From S&T to the Buy side?Hey, is it common or easy to go from S&T into wealth management? how about the other way around? thanks ...
22 days 19 hours ago
Insomnia. Delete pls ...
02 days 19 hours ago
Energy Trading IdeasHi, I'm taking a class in university and one of our projects is to manage a trade book focused on energy related trades (eg. crack spreads, spark spreads, energy equities, crude, nat gas, refined products, electricity, etc.) and I thought it would be a cool forum post (and also helpful to me) to see...
03 days 2 hours ago
BlackRock Trading Internship - Final RoundI just got invited to a final round interview for a position in Trading with BlackRock over the summer. I've never been this far down the application process and furthermore haven't applied for a Trading position before. What kind of questions should I expect and what should I do to prepare? Thank y...
03 days 2 hours ago


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