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14 months 2 weeks ago
2017 S&T bonusesLet's share bonus numbers you've heard on the street. Please list bank, level, and bonus figure (in USD). Mod Note: You can find the Ib and ER bonuses forms below.IB BonusesER Bonuses ...
3314 min 53 sec ago
S&T Summer Intern Clothing GuideAfter a 2 months pause, Levered Hedge is back. Recruiting is pretty much all over and focus has turned to preparing for summer internships. One of the main concerns of every intern is in the attire arena, as for many this may be the first time you have to dress for a business environment for an exte...
233 hours 2 min ago
Breaking Into Trading / StratsI'm looking to move from tech to the financial industry and I've been recommended to go down the trading and/or strats route. I have a quantitative bachelor degree and am studying for my masters in computer science/software engineering (both UK targets) while working full time at a well known tech f...
13 hours 34 min ago
Moving from Structuring to SalesFor this summer, I have the option of going to a Structuring team as an intern at a prestigious BB. However, I'm afraid that I'll find structuring too technical). Therefore, I'm wondering: how good are the options with moving from structuring to sales? Does it happen? ...
24 hours 9 min ago
Amplify Trading InternshipWhat do you guys think about the internship programme from Amplify Trading? Is it worth the money? How is the reputation among investment banks? Thanks. ...
Robin Hood
117 hours 56 min ago
Is it worth pursuing trading now? Is it worth pursuing trading? I am a bit reluctant as the word on the street is that machines will take over. Also, what is the path to becoming a trader? Would I have to be some sort of analyst first? I am sorry for my ignorance, I am just a senior in HS trying to decide the optimal path. I plan on...
111 day 2 hours ago
Akuna Capital Math Test? (And Interview Process)I've applied for a junior trader position with this firm, and so they've sent me an email with directions to take an online mental math test. Does anybody know what the Akuna test is like, specifically? Can't seem to find too much information about it online. All I know is that there is a 22 minut...
531 day 9 hours ago
Ask me any question you have about Prime BrokerageI realized that there really isn't much information on prime brokerage on this site, even though it has been a significant source of revenue at bulge bracket banks under the S&T umbrella. I currently work in this industry (one of the big players GS/MS/JPM/DB) and am here to answer any question y...
1211 day 17 hours ago
Flow Traders Technical and Personal InterviewI've cleared the maths and IQ test of flowtraders. For the next step they would conduct 2 technical and 1 personal interview at the campus. Can anyone share what to expect in them. ? I have heard they ask case studies, can someone share how to prepare for them too? Any help is appreciated. ...
102 days 7 hours ago
Robots and How You'll Lose Your JobHello monkeys, stumbled upon a very interesting article: Are robots coming to take investor jobs on Wall Street? Bots are squeezing their flesh-and-blood competition and threatening the jobs of thousands of human brokers in the $20 trillion US wealth management business. Nearly one in three inv...
312 days 8 hours ago
Barx and Citi Velocity Hey guys.. I recently got offers to work on the electronic trading desks at Barclays and Citi. Specifically, I'd be involved with the firms' ET platforms - BARX (Barclays) and Velocity (Citi). I know these positions are not your run of the mill s&t gigs, but I see huge upside for this area of th...
32 days 18 hours ago
Can someone point out the flaws in my theoretical investing strategy?So basically I can not think of a problem with this strategy, and need y'alls input as to why it is flawed. Let's say I have $50k and use it all to buy a stock with a high moving average and put a sell limit order in at say +8%-10% of the average daily moving average. If I sold it that day, I would ...
63 days 12 hours ago
How easy is it to lateral in S&T from MM to BB?Hello, I have read quite a few threads about individuals lateraling from IB MM to BB on here, however there doesn't seem to be much information on lateraling for s&t. If I were to take a SA position at a non-US bank (think Macquarie, HSBC) and work full time (potentially on a sales desk) would a...
13 days 18 hours ago
Citi Markets S&T LondonHi all, I have a first-round interview for Citi's Markets Analyst program in London next week. I believe they're typically in-person interviews, but as I live in NYC they told me I could do mine over the phone. Has anyone interviewed for this office? Any insight into format/ questions that may be as...
113 days 21 hours ago
Amsterdam Capital TradingHas anyone heard of this shop before? They seem to operate in a fairly niche market, but I am wondering if they are really known/would be a good company to intern with? ...
23 days 22 hours ago
Capital Asset Exchange & TradingA recruiter from Capital Asset Exchange & Trading reached out to me recently for a trading position in their Texas office. I've done a little research on them but was looking to see what others have heard about them. A quick overview of the firms operations is that they trade semiconductors &amp...
Carry The Interest
33 days 23 hours ago
Does anyone have any opinion on Lloyds credit S&T? In the US or globally? Just a very general opinion I can't find any information on them but someone recently told me they underwrite a lot? Just looking for some general opinions ...
04 days 19 hours ago
IMC Trading Internship Online aptitude testI have been selected to appear for IMC Trading's first round online aptitude test for an internship in Trading. As far as I know I need to complete 18 questions in 24 minutes. There are three sections: Verbal Ability, Numerical Analysis and Logical Deduction. I would appreciate it if anyone could pr...
44 days 21 hours ago
Energy Rodeo 2017I haven't seen any advertising for this yet. Usually tickets go on sale a few months in advance. Does anyone have an updates on this? Monty? ...
55 days 5 hours ago
How to increase margin in investing? Hello Everyone, Have been trading for a while, and want to ask some advice about how to get more margin in trading. Currently the most margin I could get is using Interactive Brokers's portfolio margin, which gives me 3x leverage. What are some ways that I can get more margin without using options? ...
05 days 6 hours ago
Energy Trading in 2017For those already in the industry now, curious what your guys thoughts are for trading in the next 5-10 years. East Markets are getting absolutely slammed, there is no more volatility with all the cheap gas builds and it's become an extremely difficult and competitive environment to trade. ...
325 days 9 hours ago
AMA: Former BB Rates Trader - Now a prop traderI've enjoyed this forum, and i see lots of people without a clue asking questions about trading, so i thought i'd do an AMA... My path was non-standard, but i've seen others with a similar path to my own. My Path --> Non-Target state school --> Job in BB IT (programming) --> BB Rates Tradin...
495 days 10 hours ago
HELP! Need Info on FirmHello Fellow Chimps, I need some assistance. I recently got in touch with a firm known as ACT Commodities.. HQ in Amsterdam but has offices in NYC and San Fran. I couldn't find much reviews on firm, anyone heard of them? Know anything about them in terms of work/pay? ...
05 days 11 hours ago
Future of Energy Trading?Hey all, I am a recently graduated electrical engineering (power systems) student with an interest in energy trading. During college, I interned at a small utility for two years as an analyst in their power marketing group, and gained a lot of great experience involving energy markets, energy schedu...
135 days 15 hours ago
Fortune Trading Group interview Hello all. I revived a call today from a recruiter from Fortune Trading Group. The firm is located in Chicago and after speaking with him on the phone I'm interested in what they have to offer. After the phone call I started to do some more research on the firm, and other than what is posted on thei...
05 days 15 hours ago
GS Securities vs GS IMDDebating between SA (junior year) offers from GS securities in NYC & GS IMD (Client Solutions) in another city out west. The people I have met in both divisions are great, and I'm interested in both divisions. I'm curious as to which division is seen as more prestigious/looks better on resume, w...
65 days 20 hours ago
Decentralized Trading Jobs-- Putting your own capital down, working from home?My college career site has a job posting for an equity trading gig at a prop trading firm. The idea is that it's part time hours and full time pay. You work from home and you trade your own professional trading account, only communicating through other traders through webchat. They supposedly teach ...
55 days 21 hours ago
Trafigura Graduate Programme, 2017Does anyone know what the standard salary is for their graduate programme? Has anyone received an offer yet? ...
336 days 11 hours ago
Upfront Cash Flow Conversion Using Duration & Fixed Income Primers in GeneralSiddhartha Jha's book, Interest Rate Markets, posits that one can convert an upfront cash flow into a running cash flow using duration. An example: Eg.: an investment offers 20bps upfront (ie. .2% of notional). Over 30 years, this would not be 20bps/30, but rather 20bps/15 (15 being the duration of ...
126 days 20 hours ago
UNIGE Master of arts in international trading, Commodity finance & shippingHey all! Current undergrad student at a target in my country with internship experience in commodities trading. I am looking at my options for when I finish my degree, and am considering various different routes especially seeing as graduate programs (and there are very few openings across the indus...
146 days 22 hours ago
Intermediate-level Investing AdviceNot sure how much actual equity trading you guys do... but can someone point me in the right direction regarding investing material/books/people to follow? I am not a novice when it comes to the basic investing/trading principles but I don't know too much beyond the basics, so I am looking for more...
01 week 8 hours ago
Options, Futures and Other Derivatives suggestion.I have started reading through Hull to learn more about options and derivatives. I have no previous experience in or knowledge of derivatives. Could someone tell me which chapters must I complete to be ready for internship interviews? ...
111 week 1 day ago
"ADM has not the DNA of a Trader" what ?"ADM has not the DNA of a Trader" Did someone seriously said THAT. Come-on Why this silliness ? and "ADM's trading problem can be traced back to 1982"... laughable at best ...
41 week 1 day ago
What is Delta Adjusted Notional of Interest Rate Swaption Show? and do you calculate the Delta Adjusted Notional?What is Delta Adjusted Notional of Interest Rate Swaption Show? and do you calculate the Delta Adjusted Notional? Just would like a quick run down and what this metric looks to show. If anyone smart knows how its calculated, please show your skills. ...
51 week 1 day ago
Kaplan or TC (Training Consulting) Series 7 & Series 66Does anybody have any of these materials for sale? I have my Series 7 test at the end of March and Series 66 at the end of April. Please let me know ASAP. Thx ...
01 week 1 day ago
Series 7 & 66 Kaplan vs. TC (Training Consulting) I spent hours on doing research on this topic and I can't find anything up to date. Any forum or discussion I can find was from 2008 - 2010 (too old information). In few weeks I'm taking Series 7 test and besides that I'm foreigner and English is my 2nd language I'm also new to financial business. I...
01 week 2 days ago
Just passed the 7, 66 next weekBeen watching on here for quite a while, I would say since about fall of 2015. Reading all the different reactions to the series 7, ranging from, and I quote here, "If you can fog a mirror, you can pass the 7" to "A decent work ethic and a mediocre amount of time will allow you get a passing score; ...
Big Monkey Chief
141 week 2 days ago
Selling Kaplan Series 7 & 63 MaterialsI found the Kaplan courses to be very comprehensive and passed both exams comfortably 2 days apart. If you follow the study calendar, you will have an excellent chance to pass both exams. This course is online with the exception of the printed manual and QuickSheets. Here is what is on offer: Kaplan...
11 week 2 days ago
Preparing for Junior Trader Interview - Corn/EthanolI have a final round interview in 2 weeks and at a large ethanol trader/producer. I interviewed with a EVP that implied I would be grilled on my knowledge of the corn/ethanol markets and the supply chain/production process. He recommended looking at the CME website for more info, but I have found it...
Jamie Deen
31 week 3 days ago
S&T: Talking about bonuses with bossHi I am currently working as a 2nd year associate in sales and trading. I got excellent reviews and am being considered for VP promotion. However, during year-end review I didn't mention anything about my bonus expectations as I didn't want to sound greedy - and my boss didn't bring it up. Was that ...
11 week 3 days ago
Commerzbank Equity Derivatives Trading/Structuring Interview HelpHi guys, I've got two telephone interviews with Commerzbank for a long term internship coming up this week. Anything I should focus on in my preparation? Thnkx ...
01 week 3 days ago
Need to Choose - Trading, Structuring, Sales, Research, QuantHi Guys, I'm new to all of this. I have studied a masters in Engineering, but have had an interest in trading so have had a go at it myself for the past few years. I have managed to finally get a summer internship in S&T in an investment bank and now have to rank preferences: Trading, Structurin...
71 week 4 days ago
Which sectors do you think will be best performing in 2017 under Trump?I'm thinking Financials has to be #1 because of deregulation and weakening of Dodd-Frank. Then I'm thinking Healthcare and Industrials. ...
21 week 4 days ago
Prop Trading InternshipHi WSO, I'm looking for advice on how to land a prop shop internship this coming summer. It will be nearly impossible I'm sure, but so has everything else I've done. In the past few days I managed to haggle financial aid out of NYU Stern ug after being told no 3 times lol. I've been trading futures ...
01 week 5 days ago
What do you think about repo trading?What does everyone think of government bond repo trading/market making? In terms of excitement, pay etc. P.s. Ideally I would have been in rates trading. Thanks for your opinions. ...
51 week 5 days ago
BofA/ Wells Trading Desks in CharlotteI got an internship in the middle office for BofA this the summer and I was curious what, if any, trading desks exist in Charlotte. I am primarily interested in trading bonds or derivatives after I graduate, however, I know since BofA bought ML they have moved a lot of their trading to NYC. Any info...
31 week 6 days ago
client service associate opps - what it entails and what could be next?CSA at BB, what exactly are the day to day tasks, and where can you go after? is this equity sales at all ...
21 week 6 days ago
Sugar Trading ManualHi All. I was wondering if anyone has read the Sugar Trading Manual by Jonathan Kingsman? I was looking online to try and find it and it is difficult to download and selling for around $1200. Very interested in trading Sugar and thought this would be a good start for researching this commodity. ...
12 weeks 1 hour ago
Trader Documentary - Paul Tudor Jones (Must See)Below is a link to the Paul Tudor Jones documentary video that shows him predicting the 1987 Crash (he tripled his money during it). This is a must see for any trader and shows the legendary trader in action before he became a billionaire. Although the video was shown on public television in Novemb...
592 weeks 13 hours ago
Discretionary vs SystematicSince I am a finance whiz kid still in HS I would like to know how actual traders on the Street view this. Precisely, are there any purely discretionary traders left, and if so, then do they generally perform worse than purely algorithmic traders? And, most importantly, what is your outlook on the f...
22 weeks 1 day ago
Switching firms between internship and full timeS&T intern at a BB, but looking to switch from London to NY at some point. When is best/how to go about it? ...
02 weeks 1 day ago
Movies vs. RealityOkay so I need some help. For those of you in the S&T side of things, are things as crazy as The Wolf of Wallstreet/The Buy Side make it seem? Because I find that craziness making S&T very unattractive to me personally. ...
222 weeks 2 days ago
Is Structuring Underrated?Haven't seen any threads on structuring lately and feel that it is not talked about as much as sales or trading. Is it underrated? ...
22 weeks 2 days ago
Sick of my Group - LiberalsI work for a (Top 4) Canadian investment bank in their NYC office, sitting on their equity desk. The VP sits right next to me and an associate two seats down. This post isn't to ask for any advice but if I go through one more fucking day of them bitching about Trump all day, I'm going to fucking sho...
152 weeks 2 days ago
The BeginningHello, Guys, if I am totally new in trading sphere, but I want to learn, where and what to start? Maybe you can suggest some books, video lessons or something like that. Thank you. Kind regards. ...
02 weeks 3 days ago
Citi Markets SA SuperdayWhat's going on guys, I have a superday next week for a Markets S&T SA internship at Citi. It's my first Superday so I don't really know what to expect. I've got my resume and story down and am just coming off an internship at a macro hedge fund in London so I'm pretty up-to-date with the Market...
12 weeks 4 days ago
BioTech ArmageddonHey guys, The biotech sector has been doing really badly for the past few years. Since its insane rally in the 2013-2015 periods, the IBB has not been able to recover itself. This downward trend has been exacerbated by the many influential people, eg. Trumpt/Pope Francis, slamming the industry and s...
02 weeks 5 days ago
Has anyone had any experience with Maverick Trading (prop shop)?Has anyone had any experience with Maverick Trading (prop shop)? I have been trading for 3 years on my own and am interested in becoming a funded trader. Any experience or strong advice would be helpful. ...
62 weeks 5 days ago
Trafigura Grad Program... hours, exit?So my brother just got out of the military and is interested in the commodities firms like Trafigura, Glencore, Vitol, etc. I saw Traf has a cool 2 year, 8 month rotation grad program. He is having a kid though, and doesn't want to be slogging 80+ hours a week. 60-70, no problem. Anyone have any ...
32 weeks 5 days ago
Stock Market - What Happens Next?I'm sure everyone has heard of the new immigration orders by now. While the overall effects aren't clear yet, it has surely affected the market. Today was the worst trading day so far this year. I'm definitely unsure what will result of this, but I do believe investors may not feel as safe with thei...
02 weeks 5 days ago
Very Profitable Position Force Liquidated After 999% House Maintenance Margin MetTo put it simply -- a further explanation is below and I have recordings of everything -- I sold options to open set to expire in about a year through Etrade within all their parameters. In fact, I had them write the margin requirements in paragraph form and screen printed the margin calculator to ...
02 weeks 6 days ago
HELP URGENT Emerging Market Sales (RATES / MACRO)Guys, I need some urgent help here. I'm meeting this guy Head of Emerging Market Sales at JP this Thursday through a internal mentor mentee program. And, I have no idea what they do. I believe on corporate directory he's classify under Macro / Rates if that means anything to you. Just something abou...
73 weeks 22 hours ago
Emerging Markets Trading - QuestionsHello Guys, One q: Can somebody please explain what EM traders do? I know there will be some ppl who would point me in direction of another thread or would bash my question, but all I am trying to do is to learn. All I want is the description/ example of what they trade (e.g. product or range of pro...
363 weeks 22 hours ago
15 Career StepsLongtime reader here, left the biz in 2012. I thought I'd give back and post some good advice that was shared with me by an older mentor when I was younger. Learn it. Use it. Live it. Hope you find it helpful. 15 CAREER STEPS 1.) Perception is everything...act as if. 2.) Never give them a reason t...
293 weeks 1 day ago
SIG Buy Side Research Analyst Intern Phone InterviewHey guys. I know there's a decent amount of information on SIG's trading internships. I know for those mainly to expect brainteasers, probability, etc. Does anyone have any exp with the buy side research interview process? Should I expect more questions like stock-pitch and financial questions r...
63 weeks 1 day ago
Commodities Trading Internship Interview MSHey everyone, I am a new user here so if I screw up etiquette wise please forgive me. I am a junior at UofM studying economics (econometrics and international economics mainly) and I somehow landed an interview with Morgan Stanley for a commodities trading internship. It is a 2 hour long interview a...
183 weeks 1 day ago
Any good commodities book recs?I'm not looking for cool stories about Marc Rich. Looking for something I could buy my brother so he could learn about hedging, swaps, LOCs, supply routes, etc. ...
13 weeks 2 days ago
Summer Internship - S&T summer internships?Are there any S&T summer internships specifically for freshman and sophomores? Thanks a lot ...
83 weeks 3 days ago
How to find ETF roll dates?Looking for a list of roll dates for Oil ETFs. A few ETFs list it on their websites but others I can not find at all. Any leads? ...
03 weeks 3 days ago
Citi Super Day 2015Hi, Just wanted to know how else I can prepare myself for the superday interviews for S&T, early next year. Would appreciate any advice? ...
63 weeks 3 days ago
Thoughts on FT S&T RecruitingHi WSO, I have previously interned in S&T and I am interning this summer in IB (both at different BB's) so that I can get exposure to both sides before making a final decision. My question is should I decide that S&T (particularly trading) is for me, what do the prospects for full time recru...
43 weeks 3 days ago
Optiver Trading Numerical Test Hello, I applied for this position and got invited to take the numerical test. It is said to have 80 questions. Has anyone ever taken this one? What kinda questions should I expect and how can i prepare for this? Thz a lot! ...
803 weeks 4 days ago
I am a futures trader ,What coding language do you recommend I learn so I can create some of my own statistics part time ?I've been trading for nearly 5 years. I do not have any coding or programming experience . I mainly getting into this so I can improve my discretionary day trading. Also really just as a hobby that I can do on my spare time and when the market conditions aren't quite trade able. Since I am a newbie...
23 weeks 4 days ago
Is it common for product control within BB to move to either Market Risk, Valuation Control, Treasury, or Liquidity Risk?Hello WSO, I am currently working for a large financial services firm in a commodities product control function ( with prior experience in fixed-income product control), and I was wondering where I could move internally within my firm. I don't want to ask around my firm on internal opportunities jus...
53 weeks 4 days ago
Has anyone taken the Series 57 yetI am about to start a new job equity trading and originally thought I would need to take the Series 55. As of January 2016, the Series 55 is no longer the Securities Trader Exam, it is now called the Series 57. Have any of you taken the exam and if so, which service did you use for exam prep/pract...
103 weeks 4 days ago
How long does it take to hear back from Lloyds and CIBC?How does it usually take to hear back from Lloyds Finance summer internship after a 1st round interview and CIBC capital markets? Any ideas anyone? ...
83 weeks 5 days ago
NYC full time roommate (July)Anyone looking for a roommate in NYC around July?(or late June). I am an incoming s&t analyst at a BB located in downtown Manhattan. Currently living in a different city, so I will start to look for a place after a month or so right after graduation. Planning to sublet a studio while looking for...
13 weeks 5 days ago
Legalities of investing with friendsSo a few friends of mine have gotten interested in investing in stocks. We have come to the conclusion that if we combine a portion of our income we could invest with more money, but my concern is the legalities of investing with multiple people. Also, we were looking to invest without a broker. If ...
33 weeks 5 days ago
Instinet Summer Sales and Trading (of Nomura)?Hi WSO, I'm looking into a number of different S&T summer internships and Instinet crossed my radar. I can't seem to find out much about it, besides an old thread on here from 2013, but do any of you have info or any perspective on the firm? In general, do subsidiaries (like Instinet) of larger ...
03 weeks 5 days ago
Hong Kong Fixed Income SalesHi Brazilian, 24 years old with 3 y exp and now I am currently a FI Sales at one of the top 3 US Investment Banks. 1)I would like to know how hard it is to get a Working Visa in HK. 2) What are the license requirements to do trading in HK ...
03 weeks 5 days ago
DB SA vs MUFG rates SAHi guys! I've recently received internship offers for Deutsche Bank's Global Markets program and MUFG's rates trading desk. In light of recent news, I could really use some guidance regarding exposure and full time possibilities at both firms. ...
63 weeks 5 days ago
Best Skills for Job MarketFirst time back on the job market since I was a wee little chimp back in college. Is it possible to get hired for a trading role at my level (4-6 years out) at a larger institution? All I see are quant/dev jobs everywhere, I want something more market facing. I have good programming knowledge (C++, ...
03 weeks 5 days ago
Hong Kong Sales and Trading: Language Competency Required and Securities LicensingDo you have to be able to read and write well in Chinese, or is speaking and listening (in Mandarin) enough to get by? Should one obtain reading and writing skills prior to starting? How difficult are the licensing requirements? I think it's the HKSI. Has to be completed in the first 6 months. Any w...
03 weeks 6 days ago
Freshman Internship DecisionWhat would be better for a freshman internship for someone looking into S&T for summer after sophomore year? - paid internship at MSSB - KPMG consulting - unsure about exact details of work Reason I'm asking is I've heard a lot of people have said wealth management doesn't look good? ...
83 weeks 6 days ago
Sales in sales and tradingI read that salesmen and traders are completely two different things yet training programs are listed as sales and trading as if they were the same thing. How do you get into sales and trading with the goal of being a salesman rather than a trader? A career in sales doesn't require much formal educa...
43 weeks 6 days ago
Morgan Stanley Commodities SA Superday hear backHi, I had a super day with MS commodities S&T SA on 1/10/17 and was wondering if anybody has heard back. Thanks! ...
14 weeks 17 hours ago
Could Rate Rises Hurt Financials?Something I gleamed from Seeking Alpha (work by Ivan K. Wu): "An interesting question circulating in this year's Q4 earnings calls has been the idea that policy benefits like tax cuts and deregulation could be competed away by irrational behavior. This is an insightful observation because it gets to...
04 weeks 1 day ago
"On Hold" SA Position Hi Guys, I've been on hold for about two weeks from a top BB for an S&T SA offer. Got a call the day after my super day saying I've been placed on hold from the recruiter. I reached out recently inquiring about my status and HR responded promptly saying they would let me know when they have an u...
74 weeks 1 day ago
Credit Research - StrategyHi, I have an interview coming up for the Credit Research - Strategy desk. I'm not really sure what the role entails and I was wondering if anyone knows what the role might involve. I imagine that you don't focus on fundamental company credit analysis like you do in standard Credit Research. I guess...
04 weeks 1 day ago
The Market Is Safe As Long As This Line Is Not BrokenThe S&P 500 ETF SPY continues to hold major support. Today, we dipped again sharply but investors are seeing a buy program helping the market get back above a major support trend line. As long as this trend line holds, investors should maintain a positive view with more upside expected. Should t...
01 month 15 hours ago
Learning Rates TradingI work on an equity desk for an investment bank but I want to expand my product knowledge into the rates market. I really want to learn the foundation of Fixed Income relative value but what should be the first step in order to learn? Should I start by trading different liquid points of the treasury...
91 month 19 hours ago
SUMMER ANALYST - BANK OF AMERICA OR DEUTSCHE BANK?!?!Any information would be helpful regarding the culture, pay and lifestyle. What firm offers the better opportunities going forward? ...
51 month 1 day ago
Barclays and Goldman FICC trading floor dress codeis there a dress code or semi-formal standard on the FICC trading floor of these firms? Suits? Jeans and polos? Khakis and button downs? ...
11 month 1 day ago
Has the CMT helped you in trading?This maybe a stupid question, but why the hell not? For those that have taken the CMT, did it help you become a better trader? I've been trading stocks here and there, know the basic technicals, and was curious if the CMT would increase my knowledge and improve my skill sets. ...
01 month 1 day ago
Student looking to learn: Commodity TradingHello Everyone, I am a student a trying to figure out what specific career path I would like to go down. I have read some basic commodity trading stuff and was wondering the best place (firms and location) to start looking into. I am studying supply chain along with finance in school and was wonderi...
81 month 1 day ago
Trading book vs banking book?This is a question for the active traders in the banks. Say, you know that your book rolls up to trading book (or banking book). When you book a trade, is it possible for you to book it in the wrong inventory such that it flows into banking book (or trading book)? How does this process of correct ma...
01 month 1 day ago
Wells Fargo Superday Capital MarketsI would like any input on what questions they ask at the superday and any tips on preparation for the interviews. Thanks ...
41 month 1 day ago
Is this how Wall Street works?I'm not saying this is all jobs on Wall Street but I am wondering if this is how it works in general. You are an individual. You make deals with other people. Sometimes you make money, sometimes you lose money. You get paid money if you make money with some deals but you don't have any liability if ...
191 month 1 day ago
Most Common Misconception Regarding Risk Management in Forex Trading - Forex MarginMost of the retail traders in the forex market fail to make money due to various reasons. There are many novice traders claiming that they are losing money in the online trading world even after following the proper money management factors in every single trade. But surprisingly most of the retail ...
01 month 1 day ago


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