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SPOTLIGHT: Trader's Train Rules and FAQsThe goal of Wall Street Oasis' Trader's Train is to give our users the best possible snapshot of life in sales & trading, from internships and recruiting to compensation and career progression. Working towards that goal, we've created a Frequently Asked Questions page for Wall Street in general,...
04 years 6 months ago
Fixed Income Sales Preparation Hi, Few weeks ago, I was contacted by a major investment bank Fixed income sales division. Last week, I got an full-time offer and I will start to work next July. To be honest, I do not have knowledge about fixed income. (Originally, I applied Equity Sales but I got an offer from FI.) So, I would li...
71 hour 2 min ago
Is Trading Your Account Impressive To HF's & IB's ?Would being profitable on your own personal trading account be impressive to investment banks/hedge funds when I graduate undergrad in finance ? I have been profitably trading the spot fx market and equity futures for over a year with a small amount of money, also planning on adding options to my po...
24 hours 11 min ago
Risk Management into TradingIs this a common transition? How difficult is it to do? Would a Masters degree in financial maths help? ...
24 hours 37 min ago
Moyer - distressed debtAnyone know where to find an electronic copy/ pdf. Any links appreciated. Thanks ...
625 hours 34 min ago
welcome to visit Dear friends, Thank you very much. Welcome to ecdrop. net If you have any interested at our products , you could put them into shopping cart , then make order on our website . How to make order on your website ? How to check the shipping fee? The shipping fee depends on the weight of the goods, th...
05 hours 41 min ago
Binary Options - recommendationsHas anyone on here traded Binary Options? What are your experiences? Did you end up in the money? Would you suggest it to other traders? ...
25 hours 58 min ago
Goldman Sachs SecuritiesI interview with Goldman Sachs with two divisions: IBD and S&T. I just got a notification that I won't be going onto super day wit IB, but have not heard back from S&T. anyone heard back from S&T yet? ...
18 hours 22 min ago
FIDM - Financial Institutions Derivatives Marketing - What do they do?Hello everyone. I have an interview for this role and I'd be really grateful if somebody could help me understand what this team does " JOB TITLE: FIDM, Financial Institutions Derivatives Marketing, Off-Cycle Internship Across Sales and Marketing, we draw from the broadest possible pool of talent to...
414 hours 5 min ago
Best way to capture volatility decline?When the VIX spikes to 50+ and I think it will revert back to <20, what is the best way for me to get paid for the volatility? The head trader at my shop says to never short the VIX. ...
314 hours 15 min ago
Market Making QuestionHi all, I recently had an interview where I had to make a market on the number of computers on the trading floor. After offering my initial bid and ask, the interviewer either bought or sold and asked me to adjust my market. I want to know, is there any more I should be doing other than adjusting u...
2716 hours 45 min ago
Flow Traders Numerical TestHas anyone interviewed with Flow and taken this test? How does it compare to Optiver's and the like? Is it like the one on their site? ...
51 day 8 hours ago
Which Prop Trading Firms Have the Highest Salaries?I'm wondering which prop trading firms pay the best salaries for traders. I want to go into prop trading after college, and I want to decide which firms to focus on in my recruiting. I understand that the more reputable prop firms pay a base salary along with a percentage of PnL. Which firms give th...
181 day 9 hours ago
Kent Moors - fraud or factual?Can anyone here tell me what the energy industry thinks of Dr. Kent Moors of Duquesne University? Specifically: how is he regarded by crude oil traders? I ask because he's increasingly on Fox News preaching visions of doom and gloom. All fine and well. Sometimes, as in the case of Meredith Whitne...
301 day 14 hours ago
Fed rate hike probability calculationHi Guys, I came across this, and similar worded paragraph, since the start of the debate on whether the Fed will raise rates this year or next: The probability the Fed will increase its benchmark by its Dec. 15-16 meeting is 72 percent, according to futures data compiled by Bloomberg. The calculatio...
42 days 3 hours ago
Optiver Interview Process?Hi, So I passed the online numerical arithmetic test for Optiver (by the skin of my teeth!) and now I have a phone interview for a campus hire execution trader position coming up soon. I've been told it's an "informational interview" with HR, from what I've gathered it's also something of a behavior...
102 days 11 hours ago
Prop Firms that don't require you to put money in? Which proprietary trading firms come to mind that do NOT require you to put forth any of your own money? Specifically those that also trade equities, not just options. ...
02 days 13 hours ago
Questions on S&T I've found plenty of information on IB, but I can't seem to find too much regarding S&T. I have a lot of questions. 1. Is getting into S&T easier or harder as opposed to IB? (Or the same?) 2. For I-Banking, I've read that most analysts have finance/econ related degrees. Does the same go for ...
532 days 18 hours ago
Jane Street vs. OptiverI was fortunate enough to receive offers from both Jane Street and Optiver for their internship programs. At this point in time, I'm not really too sure what to do. From what I understand, Jane Street has more prestige / name recognition, but Optiver has better training / education programs and is g...
152 days 19 hours ago
22 days 22 hours ago
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