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15 CAREER STEPSLongtime reader here, leaving the biz in 2012. I thought I'd give back and post some good advice that was shared with me by an older mentor when I was younger... Learn it. Use it. Live it. Hope you find it helpful. 15 CAREER STEPS: 1.) Perception is everything...act as if. 2.) Never give them a re...
014 min 20 sec ago
Are you for or against HFT?Wanted to get a discussion going here about High Frequency Trading. Can't really put my finger on what side I should take considering the good and the bad things I've heard about it. I'm not the most informed on the subject, so I'd like to hear some opinions on the subject matter. ...
164 hours 1 min ago
Best Petroleum Trading Internships?Hi guys - I am interested in Petroleum trading internships, such as what BP or Shell might offer. These are the only two companies I have found that offer them so far, I was wondering if there were any others you could reccomend ...
16 hours 29 min ago
Sell side quant trading compensationFrom what I've seen as a SA, there are some electronic market making desks (for equities mainly) on the sell side that still deploy quant and hft strategies to generate alpha while staying within volcker restrictions. The people on these desks have told me what they do is similar to many hft quant h...
07 hours 32 min ago
Equities Trading Desk SA Project IdeasI'm interning on the equities trading desk and want to do something that gets me remembered by the people on my desk. Do you guys have any advice about projects I can work on to leave my mark on the desk? Maybe some things you guys did as interns or things you've seen other interns do in the past. T...
37 hours 33 min ago
Capital Introduction I was wondering if someone could tell me a little bit about compensation for capital introduction, and what the day to day is like as opposed to a sales job on a desk. ...
08 hours 21 min ago
Compensation figures on 80000 hoursHow accurate are these figures at top shops like Jane street, Sig, DE Shaw, and Two Sigma? It feels like the article is written by a Jane street trader, but the 1000000 dollar average seems high. ...
310 hours 33 min ago
Best desks to start a career in S&TGiven the current economic climate, what are the best desks to start a carer in S&T? Equities have been doing pretty well recently, but with the baby boomers coming I'm quite bullish on fixed income. ...
313 hours 4 min ago
Have you seen fights on your trading floor?Hello, I am new to finance, the advisor I am currently an intern for was telling me great stories about how back in the day when he was trading converts there used to be cursing and fighting all the time! Was this common did people really fist fight on the floor and why? I am only 18 thus why I do n...
21 day 5 hours ago
MO to FO Trading... Is this too aggressive Hi guys, I wanted to get some input here, I'm currently in my mid 20s working in the middle office of a very large (100bn+) buy side asset manager in their regional NYC office. I'm one of two people working on confirms/settlements of all products (FI/EQ/FX/IRS/repo), cash and position management, as...
71 day 6 hours ago
Options HelpHello. I'm trying to learn about options, reading on Investopedia but what I don't get is: who actually creates options? Company?? or stock owner?? ...
121 day 9 hours ago
Is Sales and Trading still a viable career to get into Hedge Funds?Hi guys. I'm currently in high school and I would like to peruse a career in Hedge Funds. Sales and Trading appeals to me, but there is a lot of news going around saying sales and trading is dead. My main question is Sales and Trading still a viable career to get into Hedge Funds? Note I'm not a mat...
01 day 13 hours ago
Which statistics courses to take for investment analysisHi everybody, I'm a rising freshman majoring in business administration with a double concentration in financial management and accounting. I have planned out my schedule and I am on track to graduate in just over three years, so I have decided to minor in statistics. I wanted to ask anyone with exp...
141 day 14 hours ago
Applicant tracking systemsHi all! Although I'm no new to WSO, I have just found out this forum and can't tell you how glad I am to have come across it. Before explaining my doubts, I will start by saying that I will apply to entry level positions, in particular off-cycle internships (or graduate programs at worst), and, bei...
01 day 23 hours ago
Double Math Major Worth It?I am transferring to Wharton to concentrate in finance. At my former institution I was a math major and all of my old math/stat credits transferred. I am only 1 class away from a math minor but like 6-7 classes away from a full math major in the college of arts and sciences. If I was to double major...
02 days 2 hours ago
HSBC Official Charged with FX RiggingMark Johnson, HSBC's global head of foreign exchange cash trading in London, was held in a Brooklyn jail overnight for an alleged front-running scheme involving a $3.5 billion currency transaction. Johnson, who works in London and New York was quickly arrested because of extradition concerns. "Abou...
02 days 8 hours ago
Books on Physical Commodity TradingIt seems like there's been an increasing amount of attention given to the physical commodities business on this site lately. If anyone can recommend any good books on the subject please post them here. Thanks. P.S.- Already read the King of Oil. ...
122 days 21 hours ago
Incoming FI Trading Analyst - VBA programming Ideas?Hi all, I'm an incoming FI analyst on a BB desk. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for mini projects I could do before starting that would help get me up to speed. I summered on a different desk requiring little technical abilities, but my new MD told me being able to program would be useful ...
33 days 7 hours ago
BB Sales and TradingI just started a job as a credit trader at a middle market investment bank. Solid name, but not bb. It is quite clear how much the job has changed from the last 5 years just from my understanding of this. I am curious though.. This sales and trading is a lot of fun, but since there is so little bala...
03 days 10 hours ago
First Steps into Trading General Note: The purpose of this blog is to provide commentary on my simulated trading experience. It is mainly aimed to students and graduates interested in a career in trading and looking for ways to improve their knowledge of the field by providing them examples of the material I have found he...
493 days 20 hours ago
Sports Trading CareerThis is a long shot, but can anyone works in the sports trading industry share their experience? Just wondering how to get into the Sports trading industry; i have s&t internship experience and math degree, how can i make myself better suited for those jobs? I know that most of the jobs are in E...
04 days 4 hours ago
CIO/Treasury DeskHello Everyone, I thought it may be useful for people whom have questions about Treasury at at BB, what the desk does, what day to day is like etc. Fire away with all questions! ...
74 days 18 hours ago
Why did you choose S&T over IB?What about S&T enticed you to choose it over other divisions like IB? ...
214 days 20 hours ago
AMA: Gas Scheduler to Gas TraderI embark on my journey as a Trader in two weeks, as I just gave my two week notice from a shop in Houston to the East Coast. Going from a NG Scheduler to a NG Trader/Scheduler, still young (3-ish years since UG). You can read more about my background here: Finally a Gas Trader ...
435 days 3 hours ago
Treasury (Funding Desk) Support AnalystWould a support role like this be worth pursuing for someone that wants to be on the Funding Desk? I am currently in corporate finance (not Treasury). It seems too basic to be of much help, but thought I'd ask anyway. Analyst supporting the trading desks in the optimization of collateral to tripar...
25 days 4 hours ago
Q&A: 1st year BB London Rates Trader Taking Your QuestionsHi everyone! Some of you may remember me, I stopped posting on this forum about a year ago because I got tired of the site for a number of reasons and it wasn't worth it for me anymore. However I'm a big believer of giving back, and I did learn a lot from this site and from a few of the users, so I ...
Maximus Decimus Meridius
1255 days 12 hours ago
Upcoming Coffee Chat with S&T AnalystLooking for good industry specific questions to ask that will gauge the analyst's interest. I know all of the questions shouldn't be technical but a few that make him go into detail would help. ...
06 days 22 hours ago
Interning in trading before moving to quantI'm graduating with a physics degree soon and will be going for a MFE course in London. However, I want to gain some experience in the industry before I start my masters so I'm thinking of applying for summer internships. I'm interested in securing a front desk quant role where I directly work with ...
11 week 27 min ago
I want to get into Sales and Trading (specifically ER sales)I just graduated from a non target. I interned at a Bank in New York for Operations. I set up a Sales and Trading interview in NYC. I have a lot of knowledge about ETF's and commodites, but had a tough time with the interview because it had to do with Equity Research Sales (stocks). He told me I can...
01 week 5 hours ago
FO Prime Brokerage CompWhat are front office prime brokerage associates/vps at a BB bringing in? Been talking with some lately at my bank and I've found some of it to be pretty interesting. ...
01 week 1 day ago
shorting UVXY, DUST, etc. for decay?has anyone had any success in shorting ETFs/ETNs such as UVXY, DUST, etc. to make money off of decay? seems like if you waited for a peak and shorted there, it would be hard not to make money off of the erosion of the time value portion of the futures they invest in ...
11 week 1 day ago
Does Trading Really Need to Justify It's "Societal Value"?I go to a target where everyone and their little sister wants to go finance, and an interesting trend I've noticed is that people that I know are interested in finance frequently cite their reason to go pursue investment banking over trading because it creates "societal value", or something along th...
341 week 1 day ago
New HFT company in Chicago - anyone know what it's called?Hello, I was contacted by some recruiters about a job at an HFT company in Chicago which is pretty new in town. I don't know anything about the company except for that it was supposedly founded by a guy or guys from Citadel. Can't find much info online. Has anyone got a tip? ...
01 week 1 day ago
Trading to MBB?Hi guys, i'm still at university, so this comes after a long period of trying to realize what i really want to do for the rest of my career. I was considering IB, but realized it isn't worth spending 3 years of my life just to get a better exit opp. From the beginning of my university i was also con...
11 week 2 days ago
Risk allocation on a BB desk I was wondering how exactly risk was set for individual traders on a BB desk. And I know that this will likely change depending on the specific product being traded but I just wanted to get a general sense. So I know there will be a separate risk department who'll likely set the exposure for the en...
61 week 2 days ago
What is your favourite blog?Rather self explanatory title. Zerohedge, MacroMan, The Coscience of a Liberal (Krugman) are rather common answers but what else do you guys read? I keep an eye on ''mainly macro'' written by an Oxford prof. ...
31 week 2 days ago
Has anyone taken the Series 57 yetI am about to start a new job equity trading and originally thought I would need to take the Series 55. As of January 2016, the Series 55 is no longer the Securities Trader Exam, it is now called the Series 57. Have any of you taken the exam and if so, which service did you use for exam prep/pract...
51 week 3 days ago
Which Prop Trading Firms Have the Highest Salaries?I'm wondering which prop trading firms pay the best salaries for traders. I want to go into prop trading after college, and I want to decide which firms to focus on in my recruiting. I understand that the more reputable prop firms pay a base salary along with a percentage of PnL. Which firms give th...
191 week 3 days ago
Kent Moors - fraud or factual?Can anyone here tell me what the energy industry thinks of Dr. Kent Moors of Duquesne University? Specifically: how is he regarded by crude oil traders? I ask because he's increasingly on Fox News preaching visions of doom and gloom. All fine and well. Sometimes, as in the case of Meredith Whitne...
1011 week 3 days ago
What do you get out of being sell-side trader/sales?I am a rising junior, finance and applied math major in a top 20 school. Always been interestd in watching the markets (especially FX and equity) and have been doing FX trading myself for 2 years. Because of that experience, I want sales and trading, which is one of the closely market related job, ...
11 week 3 days ago
ZoominfoAnyone ever have to look up company/employee/prospect contact info on Zoominfo? If so whats the most you've done in a day? ...
01 week 3 days ago
creating a trading algorithm/programI'm looking to learn more about programming/creating algorithms to run trade ideas I have. how do you go about creating a program? for example, where do you get data feeds from to get information for your algorithm? and how is a trade executed based upon this (is there a platform you set your progra...
41 week 3 days ago
Vol Swap payoffsHi, I'm looking into the differences between vol swaps and var swaps and from what I understand var swaps should always provide a better payoff than a vol swap if they have the same strike. However, when looking at an example with vol strike of 20% and realised vol of 28.4% I find that my vol swap ...
61 week 3 days ago
First day / First week etiquette Hi All, Hope you're doing great! I started my Associate Sales (fixed income) position in S&T today. I wanted to find out from you guys what you think are proper first day / first-week etiquettes. For example, today I tried to go around to introduce myself to the Sales (of course since I work in ...
21 week 3 days ago
Securities Lending Desk - Back Office?My friend tells me that the securities lending desk is considered back office at his firm. (Even though they generate revenue and meet clients). This is because the MD of ops watches over the desk. What is your opinion on this? Do you consider this back office? Front Office? What are the exit ops fo...
91 week 4 days ago
S&T Interview Guide - worth the money?Hi guys! I was preparing for my S&T interview and came across this: Has anybody bought the guide? Would love to know whether it is worth the money. ...
61 week 6 days ago
Interested in Sales + Trading - Seeking Resume CritiqueI am about to begin applying for FT Sales and Trading positions and am seeking a resume critique. Please feel free to tear it to shreds. I'm planning on adding Bloomberg Terminal certification by the end of the summer so hopefully that will strengthen it a little. What do my chances of getting in at...
01 week 6 days ago
Quantiacs? Good place to start?has anyone ever used the Quantiac website for algo trading? they claim they can hook you up with some institutional investment if your performance is good. sounds pretty cool but I wanted to see if anyone had any experience with it first ...
02 weeks 9 hours ago
Technical Analysis - Help with trading? Does Technical Analysis help with trading? By technical analysis, I mean moving averages, MACD, Stochastics, RSI, candlesticks, etc. Academicians say it doesn't work because of the efficient market hypothesis. However, I know some finance professionals who use it. ...
142 weeks 19 hours ago
Front Office Quants (strats, AES, MSET)Front office quants(strats) are becoming more popular and less akward than the traditional foreign PhD guys without a life. But what are the different groups called and a small description of their tasks? I have only met personally the GS Strats group but know of the following: * Goldman Sachs - Str...
252 weeks 1 day ago
WSO Really Needs a Commodities S&T TagWSO should consider adding commodities to the S&T dropdown list of options for the S&T badge displayed on profiles. would be much preferred and 'cooler' than the current 'other' tag. Just a thought. ...
Futures Trader Man
92 weeks 1 day ago
Fall internships - Houston area All, I just recently graduated undergrad with a bachelors of business and I am now enrolled in Rice's Masters of Energy Economics program. With classes set to begin this fall I am currently looking for internship/part time work opportunities that are energy/finance related in the Houston area. Does ...
42 weeks 2 days ago
Historical currency exchange rates dataIs there a website where one can download the historical currency exchange rates data? I need it for AUD/USD. Found data at but is their a better website? Yahoo finance just gives a basic chart but no downloadable data I guess. ...
42 weeks 2 days ago
Computer Science Major - Great (?) School, Crappy GPAHi, I am a rising sophomore at the University of Michigan who is a Computer Science major, but my GPA is low (3.0-3.2). What can I do to maximize my chances for a good summer internship for my junior year (at BBs like GS, MS, JP Morgan, etc.)? What kind of internships should I shoot for next summe...
222 weeks 2 days ago
Anton Kreil - Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management MENTORING PROGRAM. Scam. Rip off. Overpriced and Undervalue.A) Totally disappointed with the overpriced and undervalue 3 month Mentoring Program (USD7001) I am totally disappointed with Anton Kreil's Institute of Trading and portfolio management's 3 month Mentoring Program. This is because the mentoring program is overpriced and undervalue. I have regrette...
72 weeks 3 days ago
Can you go from S&T to Law School?Thinking of making a career switch, wanted to know if anyone has made a similar switch in the past. ...
22 weeks 3 days ago
Is it worth it for me to get an MFE ?Background about me: I started as a software engineer at a BB this year, but after learning more about the industry I would be more interested down the road as a trader. I'm not sure though if I can make the switch internally, and I've been wondering if an MFE is a good investment. I had interviews ...
32 weeks 3 days ago
qeqwegfdgdfgdfggdgdfqe qwe sad ass ds dsf sdf dsf seqwe qw ...
02 weeks 4 days ago
Looking for a good Options book with a Fixed Income focusHi all, I work in fixed income and while I have some understanding of options greeks I still do not have a great understanding of how convexity is different than vega / how they're interrelated / etc. I was hoping someone could point me to a PRACTICALLY FOCUSED (i.e. not purely mathematical or acad...
82 weeks 4 days ago
I am screwed right? I feel terrible right now. What should I do now. Failed Quantitative trader in the makingHey guys, I am new here and I just been devastated in the situation I am now. Ever since freshmen in High school I wanted to build a career on quantitative finance. Specifically quantitative roles in Trading. So I studied hard and got good grades. I decided that I want to build a portfolio of ...
352 weeks 6 days ago
Are there any requirements for working in equity/fixed income sales?I am wondering if an equity or fixed income sales-man has to get any certifications, authorizations or licences to get started? I mean they are taking in orders and negotiating prices with the clients what is close to the trading subject. I am especially interested in the German requirements but als...
12 weeks 6 days ago
"Energy Banking" vs. "Energy Trading"I'm new to all of this. Could someone please explain? Thanks. ...
62 weeks 6 days ago
Is it worth learning Python for non quant trader?Hello everyone, I was wondering if it is worth wasting time learning python for a non quant trader? Thanks, ...
Steven mathew
43 weeks 25 min ago
How to get business leads for your products !With internet, the business world is changing rapidly. A web presence of business means the world is watching. Internet provides a vast potential of opportunities for businesses to grow, expand and promote on a major scale. But there's a lot of competition in the online world. An entire business seg...
03 weeks 13 hours ago
Which interdealer broker do you preferOn my 3rd week now as an SA on an ig credit trading desk, I was curious to see which inter brokers the traders of wso prefer and why ...
23 weeks 16 hours ago
S&T Industry Future OutlookHello, I am a rising junior intern at a large middle-market s&t firm rotating through their equities floor. I love the feel of the business and the work but have reservations about the future of the profession and if I would be better served recruiting for IBD. I begin recruiting for my rising s...
63 weeks 1 day ago
Physical Oil Trading OpportunityHello, I work in a good corporate finance role (strategy/corp dev/fp&a) in an unrelated industry for a mid-cap company. I am ~4 years out of school. I know a VP at a mid-size independent refiner/marketer and he recently asked me if I would be interested in a risk/market ops role on their suppl...
113 weeks 2 days ago
Head Hunter Recommendation - Prime Brokerage or Funding DeskI spent 8+ years working in the Corporate Treasury space for a large IB and dealt with both Bank funding (raising / hedging and managing liquidity risk around LCR, etc) as well as on the equity funding side in terms of borrow rates and funding levels. I want to move more into a proper funding execu...
13 weeks 2 days ago
These Comp numbers are BananasMessina vs BofA ML Page 14 VP making $775k, Dir making $1.25m, another Dir making $2.25m. The highest numbers (for those levels) I've heard of since the financial crisis. I know these are outliers, but still. Perhaps I'm upset because I'm in Equity S&T and I'm pretty sure no one makes this (at ...
33 weeks 3 days ago
Interview Feed Back - Credit Union Sales and Trading AssociateHad a interview with a credit union in securitization business for a associate role. HR: 15 Minutes was told they'll get back to me to schedule interview with MD Treasury Round 2 was with MD Treasury (Allocated time was 30min) ending up lasting exactly 30 minutes and he mentioned the MBS Director wi...
43 weeks 3 days ago
Best BrokerDo you have a commercial department? If you are looking for the best broker, then visit our site and find answers to all your trading concerns to manage and invest your money wisely and increase your income. ...
13 weeks 3 days ago
If I make big profits in my P/A does the SEC automatically investigate me? If I have say a $500,000 P/A and invest all of it into one stock, say AMZN, and a few weeks/months later it goes up by a lot, say doubles or even more, and I make a ton of profit - does the SEC automatically investigate this? Even if I do not have any insider information and simply concentrated all ...
43 weeks 3 days ago
Migration from Lotus Notes NSF to Outlook PST Get NSF to PST converter application to recover NSF file and convert NSF to PST file instantly. Program helps to NSF to PST, EML & MSG file format. It is the safe solution for converting NSF to Outlook format with Split converted PST file. It lets you convert emails, attachments, images, drafts...
23 weeks 3 days ago
Here's What UBS Will Do After BrexitUBS has presented a 'Roadmap for the Day After', which answers the question: "at what level would we buy or sell each key asset class in either a Remain or a Leave scenario". Leave Scenario Following the risk-rally of the last few days, we believe there is significant room for downside in the event...
04 weeks 23 hours ago
Portfolio manager and prop traderI have searched but could not find the exact difference between a prop Trader and a Portfolio manager.Could somebody please tell me? ...
113 weeks 5 days ago
Is this for me?I am currently a SA at an American BB and rotating through an rates derivatives structuring desk. Would really appreciate a PM as I need to share my frustrations. ...
03 weeks 6 days ago
Bond market noteWould today be a good day to be holding bonds that have lower or higher duration? I am not familiar with the duration concept too much but from what I can interpret, it is better to hold higher duration bonds because that means YTM is low and TTM is very high. Can someone please explain this better?...
84 weeks 5 hours ago
MFE Programs -who needs 'em?Hello, I've been working in finance for a year now and am exploring new careers. I am interested in financial engineering, and have a master's degree in finance. I would consider going to an MFE but would rather not due to the expense. That being said, I have two questions: 1: since I already know s...
54 weeks 8 hours ago
How does Brexit affect Summer analysts in London?Hi, Interning as a summer analyst in a BB within S&T this summer. How will brexit affect my job chances? Thank you! ...
14 weeks 13 hours ago
Practicing day trading just for funHi everyone. I'm currently a sophomore in college that is very interested in fast paced trading environments. I'm wanting to start practicing day trading with some of these free software just for the sake of learning. My question is, for those of you who started day trading, how long did it take you...
54 weeks 1 day ago
So confused about the sales and trading business as a wholeI'm a student entering my junior year at a target school in the US and am hoping to recruit for the investment bank. Right now, I have my eyes set on the investment banking/capital markets businesses, although I am still heavily researching these roles. However, I cant seem to find what on earth S&a...
14 weeks 1 day ago
containerized trade market in agricultural productsHello! I study the theme: "World containerized trade market in agricultural products." As basic crops (wheat, corn) and niche (sorghum, oats, coriander) I'm interested in. The Web has very little information about it all, not to mention the more detailed and structured information on the type: key s...
34 weeks 1 day ago
For a physical trading firm to get into paper tradingHello all As someone who is new to trading, I want to understand the following for a multi-commodity international trading firm which is yet to venture into paper trading: 1) What is a typical investment to start paper trading - futures and options ( ex. online portals/platforms/systems) and the ope...
04 weeks 1 day ago
WSO Trading Contest on Wall Street SurvivorHey Monkeys, we thought it would be fun to run a stock market challenge this summer for the WSO community so we've partnered up with Wall Street Survivor for a two month virtual stock market investing challenge. If you're a stock market whiz or you have a knack for trading/investing, put your talent...
41 month 6 hours ago
Material to read up on macroeconomy and derivativesHey Guys, Currently preparing for S&T interviews and was wondering what I should read to be more comfortable with the ways macroeconomy affects the markets and derivatives since I was not really taught that in college. (Yes I was a finance major at a non-target). ...
21 month 12 hours ago
Potential Interview for Distressed/High yield Analyst I was wondering if someone could tell me the types of questions you would get in hy/distressed sales interview? ...
21 month 13 hours ago
Are we screwed?With respect to all the other posts I am unknowingly ripping off based on the mountains of clickbait articles and listicles that I read daily on the death of trading, the inevitable move to full automation of markets, compression algorithms, etc., it's hard not to feel like demise is just around the...
151 month 1 day ago
London Academy of Trading??Hi there, So I am a student and looking to improve my resume, I found LAT's 3 month diploma. Is it Worth it? The diploma is in applied financial trading, they say that it will teach a complete beginner to be able to trade (effectively or not). If I decide to do this diploma will this help me to beco...
11 month 1 day ago
International Energy Trade Thesis Hi Everyone, I am in my first year of graduate school; currently working towards earning my M.S. in International Trade & Maritime Logistics, and chose to do the thesis option. I don't know if I plan on pursuing a PhD/Doctorate upon getting my Masters, but I've always enjoyed both writing, rese...
11 month 2 days ago
Internship Help/ Networking Schedule Hello, I am a rising senior at at target school and I graduated fall 2017. I am interning currently at a top private equity firm in Chicago. I however really want to go into sales and trading and equity research. Any advice on how I can leverage my experience in p/e towards that and any advice on h...
01 month 2 days ago
Structured Credit / Illiquid TradingCan anyone explain what it's like working on one of these desks? Skill set required? What specialist knowledge one requires and sources to look at? "The desk specialises in complex and highly structured transactions in a diverse set of industries across capital structure from senior to mezzanine and...
11 month 3 days ago
Applying to Full Time Positions I'm Not Sure I'll Need or WantRight now I'm a rising senior doing a commodities trading internship for the summer. I'm enjoying what I'm doing, learning a lot and think I fit the culture of where I'm working well. Future opportunities where I'm working look very promising 5 or so years down the road if I'm able to secure a FT of...
01 month 3 days ago
ABS TradingWhat should I do to prepare for a role in trading asset-backed securities? Are there any books that anyone would recommend reading? ...
11 month 4 days ago
THE G-CURVE!! What the Serious Fuck is it?Hey Guys, a poor monkey trying to get his shit together at my internship. There are no good resources outside WSO, so yall please save the ship from sinking! an example would be great too. ...
01 month 5 days ago
Work LifeTo all in the field of sales and trading please describe your work life balance, and the perks of the job other than bonus. How many hours? company morale? free food? Interested to see the different replies. Thanks, M ...
01 month 6 days ago
Forex nostalgiaIm a Forex day trader and this is my story (this is not a troll, unlike my other post) Im just beginning my Forex trading adventure but im still not sure how to handle all this different strategies. I think i messed up a little bit on my trades yesterday. Please can you take the time to look at the ...
01 month 6 days ago
Thoughts on P/A TradingHi Guys, I'm currently a college student starting to trade. I'd love to make a big profit (goes without saying), but what I really want is good experience to talk about in interviews. Now onto the trading... From what I have seen and read, most of the stay-at-home traders seem to focus on technicals...
01 month 6 days ago
Rate hike probability questionI was reading this past weekends barrons magazine and i noticed that it stated "The federal funds futures put june or july interest rate hike at 20.6% and 60% respectively. Both were lower than the broad market was expecting and the futures market, eventually proved accurate." I presume the market t...
31 month 1 week ago
VP Base BBI'm moving from London to NYC in trading at a BB. Based on spot my new base is lower than my current. I want to know if I'm getting screwed. What is market for VP base in S&T at a BB in NY now? Thanks ...
121 month 1 week ago
NYC June 23rd Free Conference---Great for Networking!Hi everyone, My name is Michael and I am a marketer for the Intel's Developer Products division. I joined this forum because on June 23rd, Intel is having a conference centered around the financial district in Midtown NYC. For those of you looking to learn more about how Intel technologies can impac...
01 month 1 week ago


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