AMA: HY/Distressed Analyst at NYC based Mid-Sized Credit Hedge Fund

Hey all, long time lurker first time poster. Just wanted to share my background and answer questions for those interested.

Background: 7 years of investment research experience prior to b-school, mostly in equities (some credit) with half of that on the buyside at a hedge fund; sectors covered included technology, specialty finance, insurance and CMBS. After b-school (2013) have been in a HY/Distressed analyst role covering the tech and telecom sectors at a credit hedge fund. Education wise, have a double major from a top tier/semi-target, MBA from a top 10 and the CFA designation.

Given that its recruiting season, I am happy to share my thoughts and perspectives on the process including: 1) types of candidates, 2) networking, 3) interviewing, etc. As well as my experiences thus far and any other questions, etc. that I can hopefully shed some light on.

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Music to pump yourself up and combat sleepiness before interviews

Any suggestions?

Got Sweatpants (Gambino), January 28th (J. Cole) and NYC (Brolin) so far...

Learn How to Decode Body Language from an FBI Guru

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Chase Sapphire Preferred - First Year Analyst

Anyone know if you can qualify for the Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card as a first year analyst? Any other suggestions for a card for analysts? It would be a my first credit card so I have no prior credit history.

2.5 years in Big Four audit: Ask Me Anything

I was recommended to do an AMA thread by the good people in this thread:

While as that one was from the perspective of a first year auditor, I myself am a third year one (well 2.5 years in).

As background I work in London auditing corporate clients and am simultaneously doing the ACA exams (British chartered accountancy). As such what I say might apply more within the UK than elsewhere.

I'm on WSO as I'm looking to move into Corporate Finance as soon as possible (I do not like audit) but I do think that one can learn a thing or two from audit.

So ask away, I'm happy to answer the questions of the WSO community from whom I've learned a great deal.

2015 BB IBD Analyst Bonus

What are the expected bonuses for 1st, 2nd and 3rd year analysts this year?

Has anyone here chosen to work in Silicon Valley over banking, and regretted it later on?

During every tech boom, numerous business grads forgo lucrative finance careers in hopes of winning the next IPO jackpot. This is well documented:

However, has anyone regretted doing so?

I Guess That's One Way to Pay for College

Mod note: Best of Eddie, this was originally posted on 2/11/14.

God, I love the free market. This is absolutely hilarious. Call me old fashioned, but I look back with fondness on the days when a guy could walk into just about any strip club and witness the cold war between the perky college girls and the haggard single moms with past due rent playing out on the stage and in the champagne room. The lithe youngsters would glide casually from patron to patron, and their surly older counterparts would give them stink-eye while bending at the waist - more to conceal their C-section scars than to titillate the married guys on Pervert's Row. Alas, technology appears set to lay waste to another of our vaunted institutions.

This might come as a shock to you, but occasionally older guys are willing to cough up a little dough to find themselves in the company of beautiful younger women. So it stands to reason that the free market would provide a solution for these...ummm...introductions. One such provider is very up front about what they're offering, and even has a hilarious video extolling the virtues of amateur prostitution. But is it really prostitution?

“Prostitution is black and white; it’s just an exchange of sex for money,” says Angela Jacob Bermudo, public-relations manager for SeekingArrangement, which encases its matchmaking service in a cloud of euphemisms.
“On SeekingArrangement, people are coming to find their ideal relationship. It’s about the connection. These men are shelling out $3,000 a month for a sugar baby. That’s not something that a man is going to spend for a simple, one-night engagement.”

Wharton ($) Vs Kellogg ($$)

I have a dilemma as I have an offer from two schools - Wharton and Kellogg. Wharton is offering 20% aid while Kellogg is offering 65% aid. Female currently am in MBB and have assured rehiring so that I have no problems of placement post MBA.
Question is which should I choose?

How much legal power does an offer letter have?

Recently signed an unpaid internship offer with a 10 men boutique. There's still a month before I get on board. I was wondering if there any chance the firm rescinds the offer? I don't have any reasons to believe they would but I have seen posts on firms rescinding offers. How much legal power does an offer letter really have?

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