Dick Fuld opens real estate brokerage

Mr. Fuld strikes again:

Just seven years after his brokerage firm collapsed under a mountain of troubled mortgages, former Lehman Bros. Chairman and CEO Dick Fuld is back in the real estate business.
Last year, Fuld's financial advisory firm, Matrix Advisors, launched a licensed real estate brokerage and hired a seasoned real estate broker and asset manager, public documents show.
In February 2014, Matrix hired Howard Schussler, a former asset manager and leasing associate at Kimco Realty, a publicly traded owner and operator of shopping centers, according to Schussler's LinkedIn page. Schussler also worked at C-III Capital Partners, a national real estate services and investment management company.

How I went from 10 rejections to one dream internship this year.

The background story is here: I'm so pathetic--I can't get past 1st round Interviews

Goldman Sachs 1st round. No.
Altamont Capital 1st round. No.
Bracebridge Capital 1st round. No
Bridgewater Associates 1st round. No.

Cornerstone Research 1st round No.
Analysis Group 1st round. No.
Simon-Kucher 1st round. No.

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Leaving Banking for HF Jobs

I'm sure this has been covered in previous threads, but I didn't see anything recent so figured I would start something new.

I'm currently in a 2 year banking program a BB in a top group and have been recruiting for HF opportunities for the past few months. I've been fortunate enough to land offers at 2 places (I may create an additional thread asking for thoughts on A vs. B) and am currently working to diligence the 2 places as best as possible to figure out which makes most sense. As limited background, neither are your large particularly well known prestigious funds.

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Acquisitions- Hired to be Fired?

I work at a small real estate investment shop as an asset manager. We have 17 buildings in major and secondary markets along the east coast, probably around $750mm AUM. I started here about 8 months ago along with an acquisitions guy. He was formerly an analyst at a major player and left a pretty good career to join our shop. A few days ago I was shooting the shit with one of the principles of the firm and he was talking about firing the newer acquisitions guy (we currently have 2) because we just finished a major buying phase and his services were no longer needed. He said this is how they always do business once they finish up a major purchasing round.

This startled me a little and I brought it up in conversation with our office manager who I feel I can trust and she basically told me that this is how they always conduct business and they don't tell the acquisitions people that they are basically coming on as a temp employee and then can them once the buying round is complete.

Is this normal throughout the industry?

End of elitism

Something I've witnessed working for almost 3 years in the industry is the beginning of an end of elitism in banking. I'm at a BB and it's not just ivy league finance majors getting in. No, we've hired some finance majors from colleges, there's even some marketing research analyst folk who joined us (After doing some certifications in financial analysis). From the conversations I have with people in the biz, it seems like the trend is toward educational meritocracy.

Your thoughts? What's your experience like?

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Life after PE - the other road

As I mentioned in a previous thread ("How to Make VP in Private Equity"), a couple years ago I said goodbye to the private equity industry and decided to try my luck in the tech industry. Not as a VC associate. Not as an “entrepreneur”. As a programmer. Yep, you read that right. After thinking long and hard about what it is that I actually enjoy doing on a daily basis, I concluded that programming might just be my path to vocational bliss. I’m now a few months shy of two years into this little experiment, so I thought it might be about time to give you guys an update in case there are others out there wondering what “the other road” might look like.

I started the journey from financier to software developer by attending a 10 week JavaScript bootcamp in Boulder, CO. I picked that particular bootcamp because (i) it was focused on JavaScript which seemed to be on the rise, and (ii) it had a particularly good instructor, which I knew was what would make or break the bootcamp. Following my tenure at the bootcamp, I landed a gig as a developer at a startup founded by one of the bootcamp instructors. I spent a year there before the project pipeline dried up and the start-up’s status as a going concern became a serious question. I ended up moving back to LA (which is where I was living / working prior to making the transition to software development) and landed a new gig at another start-up (this time one that was venture backed).