Advice for East Indians: Rounding out your B-School Profile and also your Resume -- 7pm ET, 10/13/15


TODAY, Wednesday October 14th 6pm ET Wall Street Mentor Arshan will be hosting a webinar entitled "Advice for East Indians: Rounding out your B-School Profile and also your Resume ", with a q&a session to follow. Arshan, an east-Indian, is an industry veteran with experience in investment banking.

What he will cover: Introduction / The Stigma / Experience / The Real Differentiator / Q&A


If you missed the webinar, it will be available on the homepage in exactly 1 month, for 24 hours November 14, 2015 before going into the WSO Video Library.

October 13, 2015 - 7:00pm
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WSO Webinar

WSO Happy Hour Recap: NYC, Fall 2015

Thanks to all who came out this past Wednesday night for a fun evening of drinks and conversation (both professional and personal) for the first happy hour of the fall 2015 season. It's the time when all the major sports are going full swing, the weather is cooling off from the horrendous 95-degree, humid, hot garbage stench of New York, and Oktoberfest and pumpkin ales are in season and at their most delicious. The Galway Hooker pub had just recently added Bronx Pale Ale on tap, which is a delicious amber ale that makes for smooth, easy drinking at this or any other time of year.

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Webinar: How To Turn 64% Of Your Interviews Into Offers -- 6pm ET, 10/14/15


On Wednesday October 14th 6pm ET Wall Street Mentor Frank will be hosting a webinar entitled "How To Turn 64%* Of Your Interviews Into Offers", with a q&a session to follow. In this presentation he will talk about the science of what specific things you can do to help increase your chances of converting your interviews into offers. *64% is based on a study that Frank and his team did researching interviews and seeing what variables gave interviewees the best chances to increase their chances for an offer.

Bio: Frank Song previously worked at Accel-KKR as a private equity investor where he focused on buyouts and structured capital investments in enterprise software and tech-enabled services companies. Currently, Frank Song is Founder of Modern Career Advice which has built a long track record of tangible results by helping private equity/investment banking/corporate finance professionals land more interviews, more offers, and more pay that they otherwise wouldn't have landed without Modern Career Advice's data-driven, scientific, and analytical strategies. Of its PE/IB/CF client base, 67% is comprised of VP/Director level and above.


If you missed the webinar, it will be available on the homepage in exactly 1 month, for 24 hours November 14, 2015 before going into the WSO Video Library.

October 14, 2015 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm
Event type: 
WSO Webinar

2015 Investment Banking Interview Prep Pack PLUS ...New updated version just released!

We are excited to announce a brand new new and improved 2015 investment banking interview Prep Pack, just in time for recruiting season!

As always, we keep improving our resources at least once a year to make sure we are staying on top of current trends. This version includes countless more investment banking related webinars in the WSO Video Library and thousands of more interview insights in the WSO Company Database...curious what's included in our new full "PLUS" package that can give you an edge?

LEARN MORE always, if you are a previous customer, to get the new version free all you have to do is e-mail [email protected] and she'll send it your way :-)

Good luck this recruiting season!
Patrick Curtis
Chief Monkey & Founder,

BIG NEWS: 2014 WSO Compensation Report is OUT!

Dear WSO Community,

I'm pleased to announce the release of the 2014 WSO Compensation Report! We had another great year with even MORE entries than last year (over 5,000)! It took many months of hard work and finally, it's here ...and it's still free :-)

Yes, that's right, access to the FULL 155 page 2014 WSO Compensation Report is 100% free. (up from 108 pages last year). This report contains thousands of data points across investment banking, private equity, hedge funds and management consulting.

The report cuts the data numerous ways including division, city, AUM and company type and can help you know if you are getting paid enough. In the 2014 version, we even have data on target vs. non-target schools, race, GPA and major. Where else can you find interesting insights like that?

Or if you are an employer, this report will give you an idea of what range you should be paying your employees.


Here's how you get access to the full 155 page report:

Dating as an Analyst

I've been dating my girlfriend for about a year now and things have been going great. We're from the same school, have a lot in common, and all in all, it's a serious relationship that we're both committed to.

She's a year older and is currently an analyst at a firm/group that's frequently (and accurately) cited as a sweatshop on WSO. My school is quite close to NYC so I visit often and have seen her a decent amount despite the crazy hours. We're very happy right now, but I'm slightly concerned about how things might change next year once I graduate and start FT at a firm/group that's also known for obnoxious hours.

Anyone have experience dating banking analysts as banking analysts? It's tough enough dealing with one unpredictable schedule- is it even possible to deal with two? Advice on making it work?

Help with Waterfalls

Hi All,

I was trying to build out a simple partnership waterfall today with a preferred return and ran into some questions which I was hoping someone might help me with. For this example, let's assume there is an Investor who contributes $90mm and a sponsor who contributes $10mm. The preferred return is 9%, of which the investor and sponsor get profits proportionate to their equity contribution. After 9%, all profits are split 80% to the investor and 20% to the sponsor.

1. So when calculating the split of cash flows to investor/sponsor.. what is the most effective way to do this? I am currently using Preferred Return (which is 9% * equity contribution) and adding any unpaid preferred returns and interest on unpaid to get total preferred returns due. Then I allocate my cash flows to the total preferred due and distribute the excess under the 80/20 structure

Cover Letter + Resume Advice

Mod Note (Andy): the link for the free WSO IBD resume template is here.

Resume Advice

1. DO NOT GOOGLE "Resume Templates" or "How to make a resume"

All of the hip / new age resumes get thrown out as fast as they come in. Investment banking is not an industry where people are impressed by your resume creativity. It just makes it harder for us to digest and process your information. The resume advice on google is downright terrible and is not intended for an investment banking audience. Don't listen to it. Seek advice from experienced people you trust. Older students are more than willing to help if you just ask. There is no reason to re-invent the wheel with resume templates, ask your older friends.

2. Proof-read your resume for formatting / grammar 1,000x.

Investment bankers are the most anal breed of people you will ever meet. If you do not have enough attention to detail / drive to format your resume properly, which you have hours to do, I am not going to trust you to do this job.

Print your resume out and look at it. It is much easier to catch formatting mistakes when you print something out.

Improved WSO Search

Hey guys, so quick update. Some improvements we've made to WSO Search in the last few weeks that we hope will make finding the best information in the WSO archives that much easier:

1. New "Company Search Results" section at top of many times, when users are searching for company specific information, they didn't realize the goldmine of information right in the WSO Company Database. Now we are distinguishing between Company Search Results and Community Search Results so that if there is a lot of data on a specific company in the company DB, you can see that up front and get to it right away ...

Monday @Mentions October 12, 2015

Happy Monday / Indigenous Peoples' Day WSO. It's a public holiday here in Argentina, one of 15 during the year (Argentina is ranked for 5th in the world for most holidays).

Upcoming webinars:

Webinar: Advice for East Indians Rounding Out Their B-School Profile -- 7pm ET, 10/13/15 (link coming soon)
-Webinar: How To Turn 64% Of Your Interviews Into Offers -- 6pm ET, 10/14/15

Upcoming webinar rewinds on the WSO Frontpage (replays of old webinars you may have missed, free for 24 hours):

3 techniques for crushing work marathons, 10/14/2015
Back Office to Front Office - How to Make the Transition, 10/15/2015

Posts of the Week:

Another take on OCR recruiting (the ones that did everything right) by @Mephistopheles. 13 SB's.
5 ways a career on WS is not what it used to be by @geoffblades. 11 SB's.

Discussion Topics of the Week:

What is family life like in finance? by @Human Capital. 34 comments.

Advice from an ex-IB MD: Eight tricks to ace your 1st round interview

Good news - you passed the 1st test - your resume has been accepted and they want a 1st round interview with you. A 1st round interview is just another screening tool to narrow the resume file further. Make sure you treat it as such.

Having conducted 250-300 1st round interviews in my sixteen years, this is what I would recommend:

1. Prepare

Preparation is key. You need to get background on the firm you are speaking to, the division, the department. Ideally even something on who you are going to be speaking to. Interviewers want to talk to someone they think belongs in the firm.
You need to know how the firm is doing, the latest news around it, recent articles written on them. What are people inside the firm talking about.

Another take on OCR recruiting (the ones that did everything right)

I wrote this because while the other OCR thread was hilarious (and accurate), I wanted to reach out to those who may still be struggling even though they are doing everything right. This applies to more than OCR candidates, anyone that has not yet been able to break in may find it encouraging.

Dear Candidate,

Don't be too hard on yourself for not getting the offer. You were actually quite brilliant. From the initial screen, to the on campus in-person, all the way through to the super day, you aced it. You crushed the technicals. You seemed genuinely interested and excited without being an annoying brat. You were likeable, someone I would grab a drink with, someone I wouldn't mind working with until 3 am. You didn't make a single misstep at any point in the process. From my perspective, you just want the opportunity to work your ass off, learn, and grow as a professional while making decent coin along the way and you actually deserve it.

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