I miss the 90s/ early 2000's

That was, in my opinion, the GOAT time period for music:
- Incubus
- Staind
- Vertical Horizon
- Linkin Park
- Puddle of Mudd
- Nirvana
- Red Hot Chili Peppers
- Lenny Kravitz
Every time I just lay back and listen to any of the above I have an eargasm.

Post your favorite 90's bands and songs!

Is Private Equity Dead?

Andy Kessler, a former Hudge Fund Manager who writes periodically for the WSJ has recently discussed his thoughts on the future of Private Equity. This article discusses how the industry is overflowing with hundreds of firms chasing after the same opportunities such as how will interest rates affect the future of these firms? "Leveraged loans are the lifeblood of private equity," says Mr. Kessler and seeing as most firms borrow the majority of the funds.

Then add the potential of tax reforms to the scenerio that place interest rate deductions on the chopping block and then we lose one major benefit of debt, tax deductions on interest payments, for these firms. In the words of Mr. Kessler, "the interest-tax symmetry is long overdue and makes enough sense that it could end up in future tax reform." He goes on saying that Private equity has actually been hurting the economy and that the future will show that Private Equity will not make it in the end. So how solid is Mr. Kessler's arguement? And are you setting yourself up working towards a job in Private Equity? The answers to those question will unfold in due time so then I will end with his last statement,

The GM Buyback: Beyond the Hysteria!

Here is a script for a movie about the evils of stock buybacks, with the following players. The victim is an well-managed company in a business with significant growth opportunities and profit potential. The company has delivered products that its customers love, while paying its workers top-notch wages & benefits and invested heavily and prudently in its future. The villain is an activist investor, and for added color, let's make him greedy, short term and a speculator. In the story, he forces the  company to redirect money it would have spent on more great investments to buy back stock.

The white knight can be a regulator, the government or a noble investor (make him/her successful, wealthy and socially conscious, i.e., Buffett-like) who rides in and saves the hapless company from the villain and stops the buyback. The story ends happily, with the defeat and humiliation of the activist investor, and the moral  is that stock buybacks are evil (and need to be stopped). As you read some of the over-the-top responses to GM's buyback, such as this one, you would not be alone in thinking that you were reading about the mythical company in the movie. But given GM's history and current standing, do you really want to make it the basis for your case against buybacks?


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"RBS Is Going To Go Ahead And Take Those First Year Job Offers Back"

Ouch.... Will this happen at any other banks or just RBS? Anyone personally affected by this? Is RBS a sinking ship?

From NYT Dealbook:

“Hearing from incoming summer analysts (now soon to be full-time hires) that their offers were rescinded and they were all given a 10k severance. This is the case for all incoming analysts in IB at RBS.

Small PE Firm or BB IBD

What is better? I want to end up in PE, but don't know if starting with a PE firm with under £250 m AUM is too small to start off, or if its better to have a BB brand name in a couple years time...

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Hit Rock Bottom

Long time lurker, but first time poster here looking for advice. So anyways, I graduated from a non-target, but very well respected school last year with a finance degree. Despite having a 3.87, two boutique PE internships (no big names), and an internship at a M&A advisory firm (again no big name), I struck out for IB recruiting. In all honesty, my failure was probably attributable to my abysmal networking efforts.

Fearing unemployment, I took a job as a "financial representative" at a life insurance firm, and by representative I mean a commission based salesmen. Now before anyone gives me too much shit, I was desperate for cash at the time and really had no other options. Now I have been here an entire year, and I can assure you that this job sucks ass. I drive around in my POS rusty ass Honda Civic most of the day trying to "source clients". I am constantly pressured by my retarded manager to push the company's worthless products on my friends and family. One time I caved and tried to sell some of the shit to my group of friends, which almost caused me to be kicked out of the group; the whole thing was f*cking embarrassing.

AMA: HY/Distressed Analyst at NYC based Mid-Sized Credit Hedge Fund

Hey all, long time lurker first time poster. Just wanted to share my background and answer questions for those interested.

Background: 7 years of investment research experience prior to b-school, mostly in equities (some credit) with half of that on the buyside at a hedge fund; sectors covered included technology, specialty finance, insurance and CMBS. After b-school (2013) have been in a HY/Distressed analyst role covering the tech and telecom sectors at a credit hedge fund. Education wise, have a double major from a top tier/semi-target, MBA from a top 10 and the CFA designation.

Given that its recruiting season, I am happy to share my thoughts and perspectives on the process including: 1) types of candidates, 2) networking, 3) interviewing, etc. As well as my experiences thus far and any other questions, etc. that I can hopefully shed some light on.

Welcome to the New Wall Street Oasis!

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