Can I algo trade as an individual investor?

Folks .. quick question for you...

Is there a broker out there that allows me, as an individual investor, to trade using custom logic / algorithms, e.g. if stock A falls below price X then buy stock Y OR Buy stock Z as soon as it becomes one of the S&P 500, etc..

Ideally, I would like to be able to feed in my logic/expectations in the morning for some stocks I am speculating about ... then go to work and not worry about it for the rest of the day.. thoughts?

Bill Gross suing PIMCO for $200M

Bill Gross the co-founder of PIMCO is suing his old firm he built for 40 years.

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How to have it all and blow it with greed

Amazing story of how it took SEC 10-years to pin down Greenwich PE fund Oak Investment Partners partner Iftikar Ahmed who is now a fugitive. (link inside the post).

Harvard, Goldman Sachs, Venture Capital...Fugitive

Iftikar Ahmed appeared to be an immigrant success story, but prosecutors and regulators allege he stole $65 million

A boyish 43 years old, Iftikar Ahmed ticked every box of the immigrant success story, going from Harvard Business School to Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and then landing as a partner at one of the oldest venture-capital firms in the country. He and his wife owned a mansion in Greenwich, Conn., and two apartments on Park Avenue in Manhattan, and gave large sums to local and Indian charities.

Anxiety at work and how to cope?

Does anyone have any advice or experiences they could share about anxiety at work?

If you do experience it at work, is it only involved with work or is it something you battle with regardless (e.g. Generalized Anxiety Disorder)

What are some tips you've undertaken to help overcome it? (Both long and/or short term solutions)

Has anyone tried a corporate wellness program?


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Crips vs. Bloods...which is more prestigious?

Mod Note (Andy) - Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted 2/28/12

Tried the search function, but couldn't find anything.

I am a senior at a non-target. I wasn't able to get into banking. So I am considering alternatives to make some cash (high risk/high reward). Can any monkeys chime i on this? Crips vs. Blood? Pay/culture/exit opps/hours? How much are triple OGs expected to make and what is the progression like? Both are located in Compton, Los Angeles.


The Truth About Online Dating

The founders of Coffee Meets Bagel gave a TED talk recently about online dating. Discuss.

The Best Networking, Cold Calling and Cold Emailing Posts on WSO

My content intern @Lucas_M is at it again! This time the top ranked (by silver bananas) posts related to networking, cold calling, and cold emailing. Enjoy! p.s. Need more networking advice? Check out our Networking Guide.

1. Cold-Emailing Guide.

posted by @Culcet

1) Background info- Contact people with a similar background. Don't limit yourself to alumni- think deeper. Think about what defines you on a superificial level. If you go to UCLA and want to work on Wall street, email Cal alums in New York. Williams College? Why not email alums that went to Swarthmore, or any other liberal arts college alum that might have had to teach himself the technicals? And if you're a non-target... email other non-targets. Simple. Emailing someone with a similar background reminds them of themselves. They are therefore that much more happy to help you. Remember though, you are entitled to nothing, and even if the guy is a complete d-bag, thank them in a dignified manner anyways.

2) Content- Keep the email short and sweet. I usually send emails explaining who I am and what my intentions are, a sentence explaining my "story, and then a graceful thank you. For what it's worth, the whole 'copy and paste' thing has never been a big problem for me at the bulge brackets. For boutiques, target carefully based on the advice above and try not to email too many people. Again, if you target the right demographic, this shouldn't be a problem.

- silver bananas: a lot

2. Keep In Touch! Networking Template
posted by @valuationGURU

Sign up for the webinar notification email list

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FYI I email 60min before each webinar with a link to join in plus each email includes info for upcoming webinars and webinar rewinds.

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Good luck this recruiting season!
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Five Years After the Dodd-Frank Act- Part 2: Too-Big-to-Fail and to Regulate

by Dr Constantin Gurdgiev, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Finance with Trinity College, Dublin

In the previous post, we looked at the impact of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act in areas of consumer protection and derivatives risk management. As noted in the first post, the third pillar of the new U.S. financial regulation legislation was the objective of dealing with the systemic risks presented by the too-big-to-fail (TBTF) institutions.

Perhaps the most politically sensitive aspect of the Dodd-Frank Act is the promise to end the dominance of the TBTF banks by pursuing two key objectives:

  1. Reducing the likelihood of TBTF bailouts by enhancing capital buffers, and
  2. Creating a clear process for dealing with any potential future failure by a TBTF institution.

Owning a Franchise (Dunkin Donuts, Wingstop, etc.)

My friend and I are considering opening up a franchise like Dunkin Donuts or Wingstop near a large college campus. I have corporate finance/accounting experience while he works in marketing. My plan is to use the profits from the first unit to start a second one, and then a third, and eventually own a small chain of stores.

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