Networking: who to talk to FIRST at your target firm: senior people (VP/MD) or junior/mid-level (Analyst/Associate)

Some might say that one must be properly armed not only with the technical knowledge but also the firm-specific knowledge for meetings with senior people in order for them to back you up for a position. Hence, one should meet with junior/midlevel people first. Thoughts?

Does the answer change if the person is an alumnus of your school?

Assume you are shooting for an associate position.

Georgetown University MSF Program - In Person

Hey guys, just wanted to give everyone a heads up. Just spoke with the program and they are going to be rolling out a flex option for students. There will still be the remote option for those working around the country, but there will also now be an on campus option for those local or wanting to go to school in person. Of course, for those doing the online option but close to campus you can truly blend the program how you want it.

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2015 FT BB IBD NYC Taxes

Multiple questions here. Hopefully this post can serve as the go to thread for tax information for incoming analysts in NYC. My goal is to pay the least amount of taxes possible and to not give the government an interest free loan. I know nothing about this and have never filed my own taxes. For past internships, I have just accepted the 0 deductions and received a big refund in April.

Worst Interview experience?

Bombed an interview. Want to read stories to make myself laugh/fee better

Life Goes On...

Mod Note (Andy): #TBT Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted 9/19/11

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life. It goes on.

-Robert Frost

Should we do away with tax subsidy on debt?

The idea that tax subsidies benefits all and generates social welfare is embraced by countries worldwide (advanced and emerging alike). While tax subsidies in advanced countries focus on mortgage and corporate debt burdens, emerging countries target fuel subsidies.

PERE 50 2015 - Real Estate Private Equity Rankings

I haven't seen it posted here and I used to post them annually, so here it is - the 2015 real estate private equity rankings, made up of all the names you would expect. Still, there are some newcomers (Greystar, Almanac) and a couple of big falls and rises. If nothing else, it's good to keep up with and fantastic for finding places to apply to.

Know Anyone Involved In A Scam?

A couple of my dumbass fraternity brothers have been selling and recruiting for Ignite/Stream energy for a few years now. If you aren't familiar with the company, it's a pyram...ER...MLM firm that sells energy in deregulated states. Now they've taken to posting "inspirational" videos on youtube, which are as awful as you would expect.

So, does anyone else have some shameless acquaintances that are worthy of mention?


So Im sitting around this evening (Out of the office) and just wanted to share my insights in IB. I work at a top EB and by pretty much all definitions am a gunner. I have taken on an average of 2/3 staffings a week since starting. Ive picked up double weekend staffings and double friday staffings. I have had ~5 total days out of the office in 2015.

AMA: M7 admit (from consulting/industry)

Led one of these in the consulting forum, figured I would do one with a bschool slant for application specific questions.

Background: Recently accepted to several M7 bschools. Worked several years in management consulting before transitioning to a strategy position at a F500 company.

Working on a side project called AYA, which curates the best advice for 20somethings and makes it actionable. - welcome any thoughts there as well

Ask away