Overview of Leveraged Finance

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We have not done an overview in quite some time and needed a post specific to Wall Street. This will elaborate a bit on our hedge fund posts and provide an overview for those that are interested in Investment Banking (You will work closely with Leverage Finance at some point in your career). As with our many other overviews, please feel free to add any additional color. You guys know the drill already...

1) Introduction

2) Corporate Debt Securities

3) Purposes of Debt Instruments

4) Lending Side of Leveraged Finance

5) Credit Analysis

6) Investment Considerations


If Finance Doesn't Work Out...

Facebook appears to be hiring. A lot. If a recent article in Bloomberg is to be believe, by an eye-popping amount:

Facebook, which reported Wednesday that sales fell short of estimates, passed the 10,000-employee mark last quarter. With a total of 10,082 at the end of March, Facebook increased headcount by 48 percent compared with the same time last year.

Forty-eight percent is an eye-popping number. Google doesn't report earnings until Thursday, but the company, which has been frequently questioned about its fast pace of hiring, grew only 12 percent last year.

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The Best Summer Internship Tips on WSO

Another compilation post by my content intern @Lucas_M, we hope you find these helpful!

IBD Internship Experience by @moneymogul
Here is a series of 4 posts by @moneymogul where he shared his IBD internship experience.

Week 1 of IBD Internship: Training
posted by @moneymogul

In summary, training day is all about introductions and first impressions. Your HR program managers will be in attendance, and you should take a few seconds out of the multiple intersessions to shake their hands.

Equally important is taking the time to meet the other interns around you. If you attend a non-target school, this is the opportunity to plug yourself into the clique of elite institutions and its future Wall Streeters.

WSO NYC Happy Hour: Tuesday, April 28th, 7:30PM, Galway Hooker

The next NYC meetup is coming up soon! Join us for the first happy hour of the spring season! All are welcome. Repeat visitors encouraged!

Location: Galway Hooker Pub, please say "WallStreetOasis" at the door and the bouncers/staff will direct you to our room. Most likely we'll be in the billiards room (downstairs) or the Guinness room (upstairs)

7 E 36th street (between 5th Ave & Madison Ave)

Gates’ vs Waltons: How much will you leave to your kids?

I haven’t seen this topic discussed much on WSO. When it comes to inheritance, the common wisdom is that when parents pass on, whatever they have goes to their kids. Clearly, this choice is considerably harder for the wealthy than for the rest of population. Considering that a huge percentage of monkeys on WSO are well educated and have high earning potential, I believe that this is the right board for this topic.

Self-made wealthy are more generous than heirs

Bill Gates thinks that people in need depend on self-made millionaires and billionaires to donate money before passing their wealth on to less-generous heirs.

“Our experience worldwide is that first-generation wealth is actually more generous than dynastic wealth,” Gates, the richest man in the world, said in 2011 at a press conference in New Delhi. “Both here in India and U.S. and other countries, the biggest givers are those who are receivers of first-generation wealth. The fact that India over the last 20 years has developed these incredible success stories means that a very high percentage of them in their own way will be giving back to society.”

What motivates you?

What fuels your desire to become the best?

Do you care what motivates you i,e do you care if you are doing something for the right reasons?

Just interested in getting different perspectives.

One Simple Tweak to Becoming More Disciplined in Your CFA Prep

A few years ago, I spent a significant amount of time in San Francisco.

I wasn't aware of it at the time, but SF is a massive gold mine of good food. Coming from London, this was a revelation and gourmet emancipation of epic proportions.

Of course, at the end of my time in SF, this didn't bode well for my waist line. Upon returning to London, my doughy, pudgy and sorry self decided to properly get in shape, and go running every day.

My experience in the months that followed taught me something: a simple but powerful lesson that you can implement, today, to make sure you increase your studying discipline in your CFA prep.

AMA: Non-target to Fixed Income S&T Analyst

Hey WSO, happy to answer your questions today and tomorrow. I can answer any questions regarding:

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  • how to take advantage of linkedin
  • cold emailing

Click inside the post to read my bio.

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4 tips for wearing a sport coat like a boss

Nothing beats a crisp sport coat or blazer, right? The thing is, springtime brings out two kinds of people when it comes to clothes. The first kind is the head-turning, fresh individual who is half the reason we sit outside during patio season. The second kind is probably still melting in a winter coat while waiting for style cues from the first kind. Which are you?