Stock & Bond Market Update (7/27-7/31)

Stock Market Analysis

In contrast to the gloomy headlines, most stocks rose last week, and NASDAQ and transportation stocks were especially strong. The Dow advanced 0.69% and smaller cap stocks, as represented by the Russell 2000, rose 1.05%.

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I am super pumped about version 2.0 since I think we really raised the bar with all the extra video content and video solutions to the 9 LBO modeling tests....and we're not done yet. We're already working on version 3.0 which as always, will be a free upgrade to those that get in now!

Good Luck,

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Can someone explain the Investment Banking hierarchy?

I get that it goes like this

SVP (or executive director)
Managing Director

However, what is after Managing Director? Is there a managing director for each 'division'?

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Dear WSO Community,

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Or if you are an employer, this report will give you an idea of what range you should be paying your employees.


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401k strategy, no student loans?

So I'm really at a loss here for what I should do and thought I'd check here first to get everyone's thoughts on the situation.

1st year analyst, just started in June. 80k base and no student loans. Rent is only $750/mo and I live in the Midwest so costs of living are far lower than in SF or NYC. Possible plans to go to B-school but not 100% certain on that.

My bank matches up to 6% for a traditional 401k so I already have that set at 6%, but they don't match a Roth 401k. Should I still put money in that as well? Right now I just have way too much money getting deposited into my checking account every month and I don't know if I should start investing in some ETFs or something too.

Thoughts on having social media accounts?

Curious to know what everyone on here thinks about having social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

For example, Instagram - other than being a time suck and the perfect way to carve out a "modelling" career if you're a bimbo, I don't see the value in it unless you want to flaunt your lifestyle to people you grew up with.

What do you guys think?

Webinar: Corpfin Analyst to Top 10 MBA Program, How to Prepare -- 7pm ET, 8/4/15


On Tuesday Aug 4th 7pm ET Wall Street Mentor Arshan will be hosting a webinar entitled "Corpfin Analyst to Top 10 MBA Program, How to Prepare", with a q&a session to follow. Arshan has several years of F500 corporate finance experience and will be attending a top 10 MBA this fall.

What he will cover:
Intro / The #'s / What you did / What kind of person you are / "Recommend me" / Q&A


If you missed the webinar, it will be available on the homepage in exactly 1 month, for 24 hours September 4, 2015 before going into the WSO Video Library.

August 4, 2015 - 7:00am to 8:00am
Event type: 
WSO Webinar

WSO Campus Representative Program

WSO is now accepting applications to be a Campus Rep at your school for the 2015-16 school year. We are looking for motivated students with a solid work ethic and strong communication skills who are willing to commit until May 2016. Phone interviews will be conducted during August and September so get your applications in ASAP

Our Campus Reps help us by spreading the word on campus, online promotion, bulk sales efforts for our finance and career guides, and other promotional activities. Perks that reps can receive include free WSO guides, 3-month access to our video library, 1 year access to our Job Board, letters of recommendation from Andy, prize $$$ for the top reps, and more.

Click inside the post for more information and to formally apply >>>

What do you love and hate most about working in IB?

Just curious, what do you all love and hate the most about working in investment banking? I'm referring to tasks, not hours or people or anything like that.

I'll start. I love modeling. I really hate filing/tracking company records for compliance. I imagine that's not something a lot of the bigger bank analysts do..

What is the most clever, profitable RE deal you've witnessed?

I love hearing about clever strategies developers and investors have employed, especially value-add deals and repositioning of previously underutilized properties!