2015 Bonus Speculation / Changes

I know it's early, but has anyone received any sort of clue as to what 2015 bonuses should look like for analysts, assuming the market maintains the status quo? Assuming that the ibankers here who have seen multiple bonus rounds would be able to add some solid input.

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Tax Rates For Major US Financial Cities?

New York City 2.907%-3.648%
New York 4%-8.82%
(more tax rates at the bottom of the post)

Do you all consider income taxes of different cities when considering living there? I've read before that when city, state, and federal taxes are calculated for a wealthy New Yorker, their tax burden is about on par with London.

Another thing that's important are the taxes that the above list doesn't consider: sales tax, property tax, etc. For example, Texas is known for its considerable property taxes. However, I doubt many people on here (I could be wrong) would want to BUY a house/apartment before 30.

Marine Officer/Aviator Ask Me Anything

I'm pretty new to the forum and have been using it as a very useful informational supplement to my post-USMC career. I have been Pm'ed by several guys about flying/military in the short time I've been on the forum. I was also surprised to see how many of the young guys/girls were considering the military as a path to a top MBA or how many would do a stint in the military if they could do it again.

My story is that I am a relatively low GPA (3.2) from a top 20 state school (business major concentration in finance, history minor). I did a summer audit internship after my junior year and was bored out of my mind. I got a little scared at the prospects of waking up as a bored regretful 45 year old accountant so I secured a flight contract in the Marine Corps.

5 insights from starting a company while at Harvard Business School

Each year, every first-year student at Harvard Business School spends a semester building a startup in teams of five or six. In total, 180 teams work to gain traction and prove a viable business model in less than six months.

I learned a lot from starting cleverlayover with my team as part of this Harvard experiment and from watching the other teams tackle incredible challenges. It was definitely inspiring to see some of the innovative ideas developed by our peers. I’d like to share some of the insights we learned through all the hard work; after all, rarely do you get the chance to observe 180 teams of top-performing students solving real-world problems.

1. Ideas can come from both problems and solutions

The Fight Against Uber Continues

Here is a quick summary of the dispute going on between Toronto taxi drivers and Uber's "UberX" service:

Since 2012, the Silicon Valley-based company's UberX service has raised the ire of Toronto's taxi industry by operating outside the city's licensing rules. This, coupled with the city's convoluted and highly regulated taxi licensing system, frustrates cab drivers. In recent months, the tension exploded into public view with two massive cab strikes in downtown Toronto, and a threat by cab officials last week to stage a citywide strike during the Pan Am Games.

Initially, the city agreed with the cab industry's assessment that Uber is operating an illegal taxi service, and launched legal action against the company. On Friday, an Ontario Superior Court judge dismissed the case, saying the city's own bylaws have not been updated or crafted in a way to account for Uber.

In my opinion, the taxi drivers should focus on new ways to improve their company's services, rather than pick a fight against a company that is innovating.

Thoughts on the Toronto taxi drivers' continued fight against Uber? Are the cabbies right?

Taking the GMAT purely to get into IB

Hey there,

I am considering taking the GMAT purely to get into Investment Banking, i.e. only to put it on my CV. I am already in a masters program, GMAT's are not used where I am doing my masters.

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