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The Biggest Split Of The Year!

Hewlett Packard (HP) is no longer the same old company as we might remember it, well at least not all of it! After 76 years HP has put an end to an era where it was a single tech company and has decided to split into two publicly traded companies.

Are Minneapolis/Philadelphia good cities?

Regarding Minneapolis... A lot of people's concerns is the weather. I actually don't like hot weather (although I know it gets hot in the summer) and would be dying in the Southwest heat. I love layering up.

Minneapolis seems pretty urban for a city its size which is good. Seems progressive from what I've read for a midwestern city. I've also heard it's somewhat inexpensive compared to cities its size (3.5 million metro, same size as Seattle).

Do you all think this would be a good city to start out in before trying to move to a larger city NYC/Chi/SF?

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A Day In The Life of a SaaS Sales Development Rep

So, I know this doesn't go in here, but I know the Other Road won't get any views on this or very many, and its not exactly Sales and Trading.

I've been working in a sales development role at a hot startup in the SaaS sphere. We are innovating and disrupting in our field, and I wanted to explain what a typical day looks like for me.

I come in earlier than most, the real start time is 7:00AM but I'm normally in by 6:30AM. The reason is we call into different time zones and Eastern being 3 hours ahead, 6:30AM is the best time for you to really start hammering the phones there.

I start off reaching WSJ Tech, Tech Crunch and Fortune just to get a feel on the markets and big news that day, see if competitors launched something overnight, and I love business. You wouldn't think it but that pre-news news that comes out is pretty helpful and helps me plan my day.

Thoughts: Marriott Buys Starwood Hotels for $12.2 billion

The Purchase

Marriott International, one of the world's largest hoteliers, agreed to acquire Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc. for $12.2 billion. To be precise, Marriott is going to shell out $11.9 billion in stock and $340 million in cash. Moreover, Marriott agreed to pay $2, in cash, and 0.92 of its own share for each share of Starwood, effectively valuing Starwood at $72.08 per share.

Investors offered a lukewarm response with the stock falling 3.6% to $72.27. On the other hand, Marriott's shares rose 1.4%

Things to Read While Pretending to Work – Nov. 26, 2015

Things to Read While Pretending to Work is a weekly column compiling interesting and useful articles from across the interwebs.

It's designed to be a mental break from work, while also giving you some tangible, actionable advice that will make your life better.

I'll follow the same format each week -- one article loosely aligned to three categories: WORK, LIFE, and FITNESS.

As always, please let me know your requests and suggestions by replying to this email.  Which link is your favorite?  What do you want more or less of? Let me know!

How I got into Banking

Mod Note (Andy): #TBT Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted in 2006. To see all of our top content from the past, click here.

So I'm new here and spent a good deal of time reading all of the posts from the past few weeks. I thought I would share my story.

So I am at a Business school in New England majoring in Computers. No banks recruit at my school with the exception of maybe 1 or 2 smaller ones. We have almost no alumni in I-Banking and I certainly don't know any of them or even bothered to find out who they were. I didn't have any previous experience in I-Banking but I had taken a couple Accounting, Finance, and Economics courses.

Rewind - Walkthrough of a Hedge Fund Short Sell Thesis + Q&A

In case you missed our October 21st webinar entitled Walkthrough of a Hedge Fund Short Sell Thesis, have no fear. The full recording of the webinar will be available for free on the WSO homepage on this date: (free for only 24 hours and then it goes into our Video Library). Do you want to a 1 on 1 mentoring session with David? Click below:


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November 26, 2015 - 8:00am to November 27, 2015 - 8:00am
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Webinar: An Overview of Aerospace, Defense and Government Services Investment Banking -- 8pm ET, 11/30/15


On Monday November 30th, 8pm ET Wall Street Mentor Ivan will be hosting a webinar entitled "An Overview of Aerospace, Defense and Government Services Investment Banking", with a q&a session to follow. Ivan is an industry veteran with experience in Investment Banking.


If you missed the webinar, it will be available on the homepage in exactly 1 month, for 24 hours December 30, 2015 before going into the WSO Video Library.

November 30, 2015 - 8:00pm to 9:00pm
Event type: 
WSO Webinar

Starting an Advisory Boutique

Hey Guys,

I am an undergrad student in my last year and I have interned at a private equity funds of fund that focused on the lower middle market. I have this idea that I would like to share and get feedback. I hope this doesn't sound like the kids that want to start a hedge fund or private equity fund straight out of undergrad.

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