5 ways a career on WS is not what it used to be

In the old days many people perceived joining Wall Street was a golden ticket. They figured if you put your head down and work hard your career can be whatever you want it to be.
Some thought they would make their money and be done in their thirties or forties. Others imagined they would keep ascending to masters of the universe. Some figured they'd do a couple of years in banking, then the buy-side, then start their own fund. Today, many Wall Streeters are beaten down. Slaving away every day, they no longer see how their careers are working for them.

Here's five ways your Wall Street career has changed and what you can do about it.

1. A job on Wall Street used to be well-respected

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Five Years After the Dodd-Frank Act- Part 1: Consumer Protection and Derivatives Regulation

by Dr Constantin Gurdgiev, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Finance with Trinity College, Dublin

In this series, I will be looking at the impact - to-date - of the largest and the most significant set of regulatory changes in the U.S. financial services in some seven decades: the Dodd-Frank Act. You may find Part 2: Too-Big-to-Fail and to Regulate here.

Five years ago, on July 19, 2010, President Barak Obama signed the most far-reaching regulatory reform of the U.S. financial system since the end of the Great Depression - Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

The Act has three core pillars:

  • enhanced protection of consumers;
  • expanded regulatory reach over risk management (including the markets for derivatives), and
  • the Too-Big-To-Fail (TBTF) safeguards.

Given its ambitious scope, the Act was designed to shape American response to the Global Financial Crisis, both in terms of addressing some of the underlying causes, and mitigating future systemic risks. Not surprisingly, the passage of the Act was lauded at the time as a historic moment.

Medicine to Consulting

Hello, another M.D. here considering defecting to the business / possibly consulting world. I'm out of medical school about 1.5 years (2.5 to go if i stuck with it), and am currently in a surgically related residency. Suffice it to say, I personally do not have a long term future in medicine. It's a combination of things, but there are certain very real threats to my field (read turf war), along with stress, very early mornings/hours, lack of potential for creativity, little flexibility, and even less potential for upward mobility. I could go on.

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Where do you think we are in the cycle?

I would love to hear different people's opinions on this topic. I have talked with several different people recently and many seem to think we are approaching the end of this cycle (maybe less than 12 months until a pullback). The markets are flooded with capital chasing deals and yield. The availability of aggressive financing is further motivating people to do deals now as opposed to waiting until rates eventually start to rise. Cap rates are near record lows, but this is at least partially supported by low interest rates.

On the other hand, I have heard the argument around the flood of foreign capital and the "flight to safety" as our economy continues to move along at a modest pace and other countries struggle it seems there might still be some time left in this particular cycle. In many areas of the country there is still a good deal of pent up demand for several different asset classes.

What do you think?

Ask Me: Former Strategy Consulting Recruiter

Happy to answer any consulting-related questions. I'm currently being sponsored by Deloitte S&O for my MBA. In consulting I focused on M&A in Life Sciences, working on deals from $350M to $4B across Europe and the US. I also led campus recruiting at two undergrad institutions.

Bloomberg: How 2 Guys Lost God and Found $40 Million

Have a look, this is gold. Hasidic Judaism to loan sharking, it's like the kosher version of Dan Bilzerian. (link inside post)

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