Does anyone have any color on Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM)'s Third Party Distribution (TPD) group, based in Chicago?

Any color on what they do? Interview reccs? Exit opps? Hours? Salary?

Thank you,

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Dan Loeb's Investor Letter: activist investors the good guys?

With the completion of its 20th year of investing with annualized returns of about 20.5%, Third Point LLC founder and CEO Dan Loeb, defended modern activist investing in his newly released investor letter:

Activists today are very different from corporate raiders of the '80's (about whom these criticisms might have been leveled fairly). Our activist investments, which we consider to be those in which we seek to use our minority shareholding to obtain board seats, have been some of our most complex and have been held for well over the one year threshold identified as offensive by the critics.

...We believe that activism serves an important function not only for our investors, but also for capital markets and society in general. The success of America's large and robust capital markets - the greatest in the world - rests on a framework based on principles of democracy like freedom of speech, transparency, and rule of law.

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AMA Big 4 TAS Senior Associate

Long time viewer and yet to post anything yet. I've got some free time today and thought I would give back via an AMA.

Background: I work for one of the Big 4 in the Transactions Services - Financial Due Diligence group as a senior associate. I mainly perform buy side due diligence for private equity firms and tech corporations.

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The mechanics of quitting

I currently work for a very small family office. Have an offer to join a bank. The offer letter includes contingencies about background checks, etc, and a start date of September 1st. I need to move 1,000 miles away before that time.

1) Should I put in two weeks notice now and take an unpaid vacation with the remaining time before starting on 9/1?
2) Should I wait to quit until the background check clears, or would that just be being paranoid?
3) If "two weeks notice" becomes "ten days notice" does my employer have grounds for getting upset with me?
4) Aside from all personal records, what should I have compiled, taken or done before dropping the bomb?
5) Any other tips on protecting your interests / preserving relationships / quitting your job well?

Lessons from an Investment Banking Club Reject

- An investment bank raises capital for companies, underwrites securities, and provides M&A advisory for their clients.
- EBITDA stands for Earnings before Interest Taxes Depreciation and Amortization

Stock & Bond Market Update (7/27-7/31)

Stock Market Analysis

In contrast to the gloomy headlines, most stocks rose last week, and NASDAQ and transportation stocks were especially strong. The Dow advanced 0.69% and smaller cap stocks, as represented by the Russell 2000, rose 1.05%.

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Good Luck,

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Can someone explain the Investment Banking hierarchy?

I get that it goes like this

SVP (or executive director)
Managing Director

However, what is after Managing Director? Is there a managing director for each 'division'?

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