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Stay positive

Hello folks, I would like to share my story a little bit for those who felt beaten up by the recruiting season.

I was born and raised in a very underdeveloped city in China. I remembered the ranking, the GDP of my province is the second or third lowest in China. Although I went to relatively good elementary school and middle school, comparing to peers, my educational background is definitely below average.

Fortunately, before going into high school, I already knew no matter how hard I study, there is no way I could get into the top universities in China because of the education system (it is more based off your residency, for example the best two universities (Tsinghua and Peking U) only take no more than 10 students from our province a year).


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I had to take a bunch of leadership classes at the Coast Guard Academy. It was unimaginably awful.

It's not a bad thing to learn leadership, that is, a) if you think leadership can even be taught and b) if you think it even matters in the first place. Good leaders come in all shapes and sizes, not all of them George Patton archetypes. Good leadership is impossible to define. But the search for it is like the search for the fountain of youth.

At school there was this Captain that everyone thought was a good leader. He used to call these impromptu assemblies and pontificate wildly, without notes, for about 45 minutes on high-sounding stuff that we really didn't understand. He had the commandingest of commanding voices. In oratory skills, he put Obama himself to shame.

Later, as an Admiral, he took the fall for one of the greatest Coast Guard failures ever, the acquisition project Deepwater. Giving speeches apparently has no bearing on complex negotiations with contractors.

Leadership, I suppose, you could define as the ability to get people to do what you want them to do. Which is pretty easy. You say, "do what I say, or watch your tail." You impose consequences if things go wrong. People fear consequences, so they do what you want. But that sort of thing is frowned upon.

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Headed to Kellogg AMA

WSO has been invaluable to me as I have pursued a career in consulting and applied to b-school and I want to give back during this boring but glorious time at work where my job performance no longer matters!

My profile

Top 15 US News University, 3.95 GPA, major in Econ
2 years at Deloitte S&O, 2 years at a F500 retailer doing Corporate Strategy
750 GMAT
Good but not extraordinary extracurriculars (lets call them a B+)
Excellent recommendations from two current supervisors
Not URM, not international

Banks who recruit late

I started pursuing internships a bit too late - I'm a junior and wasn't totally sure what I wanted to do.

Either way, I'm doing everything I can to try and land a summer analyst internship but a good amount of firms I've been able to get in touch with have come back saying they're done recruiting for the summer. Does anyone know of firms who specifically recruit late? Trying to streamline my efforts on banks who are actually still recruiting rather than pursuing closed doors. Thanks

Admitted to HBS, not sure if I should go. What would I do with it?

Hi there, o primate council!

So as the title suggests, I've been admitted to the holiest of holy. But now as I'm thinking and reading more about it, I'm more and more disillusioned with the idea of getting an MBA at all.

I work for an MBB consulting firm in a developing country (not India/China). At matriculation I'd have 2 years of this experience + a couple other big name internships during college. I majored in CS and can code, but I was never good at it and this is not something I'm interested in doing. I don't want to work in consulting anymore either, cause to be frank my experience was disappointing, even though I was/am top ranked the whole time. The disappointment is due to the fact that I didn't feel any of my cases really created value for the client. Mostly it was all fluff, fancy decks and bullshitting with elaborate models. I did develop advanced soft skills and learned a lot about how NOT to do business in many different industries though. I do kinda enjoy the lifestyle too, flying business and eating steak dinners and all. But being a professional bullshitter, eventually progressing to the bullshitter overlord/snake oil salesman role, is a deal breaker.

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Stay positive
Post By @underdogforlife

I would like to share my story and encourage those who feel beaten up by the recruiting season. I was born and raised in a very under-developed city in China. I hope that my story is helpful to anyone who comes from a less favorable background.

Thinking of going into audit when graduating? Do Comp Sci

Hey all.

I was initially asked to do a webinar about this, but since WSO focussed away from my field, it would be morally wrong for me not to share this with you.

I'm working at one of the big 4 (doesnt matter which as all are doing it, just we're ahead - shots fired).

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Good luck this recruiting season!
Patrick Curtis
Chief Monkey & Founder,

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Public Finance Analyst - What do you do on the Job?

Hey Guys,

I am curious as to what to expect from a public finance interview. Additionally, I am curious to learn how PF is as a career as I come from an M&A boutique and am curious to learn more about what PF is all about.

I have read the PF MI stuff but are you primarily working in DBC and doing analysis on entities structures through there or what does a PF analyst do --- I am curious and look forward to hearing back from WSO, you guys are very helpful.

I went> B4 Audit> B4 CF > IB: Ask me anything

As a lot of people ask about these things then I thought I'd make an AMA:

I work in London and I made that much sought after career jump that started in Big Four audit and ended up in IB (Debt Capital Markets) at a boutique with a stopover at Big Four CF in between.

If you have any questions about this, I'm very happy to answer them.

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