Webinar: My path to Director in 5 years - heading a team of Equity Derivatives sales at 27 -- 430pm ET, 3/31/15

TODAY at 4:30pm et, Wall Street Mentor JP will be hosting a webinar entitled "My path to Director in 5 years - heading a team of Equity Derivatives sales at 27", with a q&a session to follow.

CLICK HERE to access it now.

What he will cover:
1. Undergraduate in the US to masters at the London School of Economics

2. Application to BB from M&A to Market

3. Grad Program at Credit Suisse

4. Career at Credit Suisse

5. Head hunting and interviewing

6. Offers from 2 large American BB + 1 small Emerging Market bank

7. Started at the Emerging Market broker

8. Promotion to head the team

9. Application to Wharton

10. End of a career - where I am now

If you missed the webinar it will be available on the homepage for 24 hours (2-3 weeks after the initial presentation)

March 31, 2015 - 4:30pm
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Advice Need from other Consultants

Hi WSO, I created a new login to protect my identity. I took an offer within a Big 4 MC group in January. I was recruited into a product group from industry as a Sr Asso, ( I'm post-MBA).

I still haven't been staffed on a project, to make matters,worst my group sucks at winning work. I spend all my time working on RFPs waiting to get staffed. The other members in my group SA and Managers aren't staffed either and are just spending time writing white papers. But, for whatever reason we keep hiring, we just hired a few more SAs into my group. Needless to say there is no way I'm reaching my utilization target for this year. What should I do?

I feel like my skills are slowing dying (modeling, talking with clients, etc.) I got into consulting to travel Mon-Th and learn new skills but I'm not getting any of that. I sit on my sofa every day and work on RFPs.

What do you do on the train to work?

Obviously a lot of people in finance travel into the city from the suburbs. I was just wondering what do you guys do on the train to and from work?

Music to pump yourself up and combat sleepiness before interviews

Any suggestions?

Got Sweatpants (Gambino), January 28th (J. Cole) and NYC (Brolin) so far...

Shock and Awe vs. Forward Guidance...


https://www.sagia.gov.sa/Global/top_banner/1/monetaypolicy.jpgThe role of forward guidance in steering monetary policy and subsequently consumer/business expectations had emerged to be of primary importance as the FED struggled to cope with economic downturn witnessed at the aftermath of the financial crisis. With interest rates hovering about the zero lower bound this was the only channel of formulating short term rate expectations and by iteration long term rate trajectory.

However with the US continuing to move on a sustainable growth trajectory amidst global imbalances, the role of forward guidance in moving the economy from artificially low interest rates might be nearing its end. The debate of conducting monetary policy via commitment as opposed to ‘time inconsistency’ is an age old one with commitment winning by delivering the same output growth as compared to time inconsistent policy however with lower inflation. Forward guidance can be viewed as an offspring of the policy of commitment.

While economists have always advocated the policy of commitment, the relevance and effectiveness is challenged by the present global economic scenario. With impeccable technological progress ushering in an era of ‘productive disinflation’ (like development in horizontal fracking technology leading to lower oil prices). Price dampening of this kind can coexist peacefully with stagnating wages while simultaneously improving consumer welfare and perhaps lowering long term inflation expectations.

Market Commentary by: James Investment Research (3/23 - 3/27)

Stock Market Analysis

Last week stocks sagged with nearly 1,200 advancing against about 1,700 declining. Volume mostly declined on the pullback, but when stocks tried to rally Friday, volume fell off sharply. New highs were achieved by 367 NYSE issues, only 77 set new lows. Notwithstanding the relative number of new highs, it was, on the surface, a discouraging picture.

Margin debt declined again, and so did customer free credit, both thought of as negatives. Overall, the entire economic picture includes element of weakness as well as strength.

Good Lines to Meet People

I don't have a problem approaching people I don't know but want to meet. I am lost for words and I don't know how to initiate the conversation. What are good lines to say to people and also to keep the conversation going?

BIG NEWS: 2014 WSO Compensation Report is OUT!

Dear WSO Community,

I'm pleased to announce the release of the 2014 WSO Compensation Report! We had another great year with even MORE entries than last year (over 5,000)! It took many months of hard work and finally, it's here ...and it's still free :-)

Yes, that's right, access to the FULL 155 page 2014 WSO Compensation Report is 100% free. (up from 108 pages last year). This report contains thousands of data points across investment banking, private equity, hedge funds and management consulting.

The report cuts the data numerous ways including division, city, AUM and company type and can help you know if you are getting paid enough. In the 2014 version, we even have data on target vs. non-target schools, race, GPA and major. Where else can you find interesting insights like that?

Or if you are an employer, this report will give you an idea of what range you should be paying your employees.


Here's how you get access to the full 155 page report:

I miss the 90s/ early 2000's

That was, in my opinion, the GOAT time period for music:
- Incubus
- Staind
- Vertical Horizon
- Linkin Park
- Puddle of Mudd
- Nirvana
- Red Hot Chili Peppers
- Lenny Kravitz
Every time I just lay back and listen to any of the above I have an eargasm.

Post your favorite 90's bands and songs!

Is Private Equity Dead?

Andy Kessler, a former Hudge Fund Manager who writes periodically for the WSJ has recently discussed his thoughts on the future of Private Equity. This article discusses how the industry is overflowing with hundreds of firms chasing after the same opportunities such as how will interest rates affect the future of these firms? "Leveraged loans are the lifeblood of private equity," says Mr. Kessler and seeing as most firms borrow the majority of the funds.

Then add the potential of tax reforms to the scenerio that place interest rate deductions on the chopping block and then we lose one major benefit of debt, tax deductions on interest payments, for these firms. In the words of Mr. Kessler, "the interest-tax symmetry is long overdue and makes enough sense that it could end up in future tax reform." He goes on saying that Private equity has actually been hurting the economy and that the future will show that Private Equity will not make it in the end. So how solid is Mr. Kessler's arguement? And are you setting yourself up working towards a job in Private Equity? The answers to those question will unfold in due time so then I will end with his last statement,

The GM Buyback: Beyond the Hysteria!

Here is a script for a movie about the evils of stock buybacks, with the following players. The victim is an well-managed company in a business with significant growth opportunities and profit potential. The company has delivered products that its customers love, while paying its workers top-notch wages & benefits and invested heavily and prudently in its future. The villain is an activist investor, and for added color, let's make him greedy, short term and a speculator. In the story, he forces the  company to redirect money it would have spent on more great investments to buy back stock.

The white knight can be a regulator, the government or a noble investor (make him/her successful, wealthy and socially conscious, i.e., Buffett-like) who rides in and saves the hapless company from the villain and stops the buyback. The story ends happily, with the defeat and humiliation of the activist investor, and the moral  is that stock buybacks are evil (and need to be stopped). As you read some of the over-the-top responses to GM's buyback, such as this one, you would not be alone in thinking that you were reading about the mythical company in the movie. But given GM's history and current standing, do you really want to make it the basis for your case against buybacks?


LOCATIONS: Geneva, Switzerland / Houston, Texas, USA

If you have decided not to go to university, you are excited by a career in commodity trading and you are happy to work anywhere in the world, we believe we can offer you an unparalleled opportunity. Even with a couple of years’ work experience, if you are hungry, motivated to achieve and want to work at the forefront of physical trading then Trafigura’s Commodity Trading Apprenticeship could be for you.

Trafigura’s Commodity Trading Apprenticeship can offer you the opportunity to join a particular business function (corporate finance, Deals Desk, Operations, Trade Finance, Mid - Downstream Supply, Warehousing and Logistics) for a year before being fast tracked to take part in our highly competitive graduate programme. Those selected will be offered the chance to start in either Geneva or Houston. With a years’ worth of real world company experience your practical expertise will exceed that of external candidates joining the Trafigura graduate programme with Bachelors and Masters Degrees from some of the world’s top institutions. Simply put, opportunities at the end of the programme are unlimited, whether that ultimately be in trading or management.

Depending on the function you are assigned to, you could play a role in charting the course of vessels carrying up 160,000 tonnes of product, given the responsibility to manage the price risk on cargoes worth over $40 million or even put in charge of financing multiple deals at one time with a combined total worth of over $400 million. There is no shadowing or making tea. From day one you will be a part of the team and expected to contribute as such. You will be supported fully throughout the programme to ensure you learn and progress as quickly as you can.

Please apply online at http://www.trafigura.com/apprenticeship