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GS LA vs Barclays LACurrently trying to make a decision between the two. Would appreciate any advice. ...
21 min 9 sec ago
Voting for Bernie Sanders? Working at MegafundWe're here to make money. Anyone who says otherwise on WSO is a liar. Let's be real. That's why I got into finance initially. I've eventually learned to love the work and read about companies. I worked at BB firm and now am at a Megafund. Compensation really isn't my main concern now. I get overpai...
1826 min 49 sec ago
Which groups are in LA?I'm a NYer looking to maybe make a switch in scenery. I'm not a huge fan of Houston or SF so I'm thinking Chicago or LA. I know Chicago is heavy industrials and MM retail. What about LA? I know most firms have a presence but I'm not sure which groups are based out of LA at which bank and how strong ...
28 min 43 sec ago
San Francisco full time housing thread 2016Hey all, Currently looking for guys to room with in San Francisco. I'm graduating this year and I start work at the end of June (working in IB.) Ideally, I'd like to live with guys that are social/friendly, down to party but also hard working. Working in finance/IB would mean we have more in common ...
321 min 8 sec ago
Modelling FX translations - b/s won't balanceHi all, Quick question - I have a company that derives a significant share of its revenues in USD but its base currency is GBP. The company also has quite a lot of USD denominated debt. When I'm modelling this out I run into a couple of issues: 1) If I leave it open, the value of liabilities changes...
235 min 6 sec ago
Why do you go into Investment Banking before going into PE?Hey guys, Mainly just a lurker around here but I have a question. As I've somewhat familiarized myself with IB, it seems a lot get in as an analyst and then hope for a PE opportunity (not all, I get that). My questions is: why not just try to start with a PE firm, or try to become an associate at th...
131 hour 31 min ago
Interviewing behind your current firms backAll right, heres the deal primates: I am a recent intern to hire (temporarily) working as a junior analyst with a middle market M&A shop. I was contacted by a larger and more reputable firm in the area about an analyst I position and I took the interview I was offered. The place I interviewed at...
211 hour 39 min ago
Summer 2016 Housing New York, Chicago, and any where else. Hey Guys, So for us that have accepted internships in different cities, like Nyc, Chi, LA, San Fran and any other popular cities, I think it would be helpful to have a thread so everyone can be pointed in the right direction. Or even better, we can have housing swaps. Say you live in NYC and you...
52 hours 22 min ago
How to approach PE interview valuation question?I had an interview last week at a top MM PE shop in NY and they gave me a short two pager of a company and asked me to do a verbal case study. The part that threw me off was that they asked how I would value the business. There were no comps given, and basic financials were provided just as a teaser...
03 hours 43 min ago
Stay positiveHello folks, I would like to share my story a little bit for those who felt beaten up by the recruiting season. I was born and raised in a very underdeveloped city in China. I remembered the ranking, the GDP of my province is the second or third lowest in China. Although I went to relatively good el...
304 hours 1 min ago
BAML London vs. CS LondonHello everyone, I have offers for Summer Associate position at BAML and CS, both in London. I come from an American MBA program and plan to move to London permanently after my MBA. Both offers are for investment banking division and I would rank my group preferences as: 1) M&A 2) CPG 3) FIG Any ...
57 hours 4 min ago
King of Hong Kong: GS vs MSNew user here. Which bulge bracket investment bank is best in Asia/China? I've read somewhere that UBS is pretty good, but are GS/MS still tops? Which is better? ...
149 hours 28 min ago
Mining NAV Discount RatesMining NAV models typically use an industry standard of 5% for gold projects and 8% for base metal projects. Why do gold projects use 5% where as base metal projects use 8%? ...
09 hours 52 min ago
Mining NAV QuestionIs there a standard discount rate that should be used? 5%? 10%? I know in o&g it's 10%. I've seen 5% and 10% being used in research reports. Thoughts? Thanks ...
110 hours 29 min ago
Big4 M&A - An ExplanationOver the years I've seen several posts on people considering jobs at Big4 corporate finance / M&A / TS departments, or people making statements about these jobs which have some pretty large inaccuracies. I'm going to try and clear up any confusion over the topics here.... corporate finance The c...
3912 hours 17 min ago
Next Recession, which Ivy League school and top firm will get the honorIt might be a crass subject but here I Go. We have some of our brilliant Ivy leagueres working in the likes of Godlamn and Morgan, working hard, to cause the next recession. Wondering out loud which ivy league school and which prestigious firm will get the honor to cause the next recession. Which fi...
1212 hours 38 min ago
Anyone have a Cable related industry primer?Looking for an Cable industry primer or any related resource, would be forever grateful for any help. Thanks in advance. ...
Mitch Richmond
013 hours 16 min ago
BB HK Global Pay for Asian NativesI heard, IBD pay in Hong Kong is much lower for Asian natives who graduated from US/UK but do not have US/UK citizenship. Does it mean that a non-US citizen can't have global pay in HK if he chooses to work there after graduating from college? ...
214 hours 4 min ago
Venegas Herrera / Venegas CapitalHas anyone heard of this LA boutique bank or its MD? Couldn't find anything here, I was hoping someone could chime who's had experiences with them. Or any information really, intern, full-time, anything... ...
116 hours 2 min ago
Perella Weinberg Partners: Elite Boutique?This post is not intended to be a knock on PWP or any of the employees, but rather one purely out of curiosity as I don't know much about the firm nor do I have any close friends working there. According to the league tables, in 2015, PWP announced just 11 domestic deals with a total deal value of ~...
Uncreative Banker
419 hours 30 min ago
Urgent help needed - balance sheet won't balance (revolver maxed)Hey, I hoped some of you may be able to help. I'm doing a DCF and have a company that has an existing revolver capped at GBP x million. In some scenarios where the company is loss making the cash is eaten away by CAPEX, and the revolver gets maxed out. As a consequence, the balance sheet no longer b...
519 hours 36 min ago
Noticed gpa mistake on resumeHad sent in a resume with a 3.58 gpa, but i have a 3.48. I was quickly finalizing my resume in order to send it in on time and accidentally made this error. Would HR get pissed about this during a background check?? ...
219 hours 50 min ago
Three Statement Modeling TestHi Everyone, I did a search on 3 statement modeling tests but I didn't really come across what I was looking for. I have an interview coming up at a boutique IB in a little over a week and will have to complete a "skills assessment" - which is a 3 statement model. I know how all the statements lin...
020 hours 10 min ago
BIG 4 Commercial Due Diligence groupsWhat are the exit opps with Commercial due diligence experience at Big4? I don't think CDD does valuation, but looks at deals from a corporate development M&A perspective for private equity or F100 companies. Is it possible to get into IB at all from CDD? Does anyone have any direct experience t...
220 hours 13 min ago
Top Partnerships Left on Wall StreetInterested in what everyones rankings of the top private partnerships left on wall street would be. Any comments on each of the firms/partnerships in general would be much appreciated as well. ...
120 hours 16 min ago


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