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Deutsche Bank Best IB groupsHey guys. So I am interning at Deutsche Bank in the Investment Banking division. I was wondering which groups rank at the top in terms of prestige and exit opps. My options are: M&ALevFin SponsorsFIG Consumer Industrial Healthcare Natural Resources REGLLTMT Any thoughts on the Consumer group? Wo...
2511 min 42 sec ago
DCM - Institutional Loans Hey- I was wondering whether this group is more interesting than, or the same as other DCM groups. The one I'm referring to is CIBC. I'm sure it would be better to work at Citi DCM or BAML. But generally speaking, will you get more modeling experience than syndications since you're working on invest...
72 hours 25 min ago
Robert W. Baird in LondonHi people, does anyone have any insight in Baird investment banking in London? I know that it's a top MM firm in US but how does it stand in London in terms of deal flow / prestige / exit opps to BBs, elite boutiques or PE? Any info on compensation/bonuses? Many thanks! ...
33 hours 59 min ago
Noob question - Historically, has the buy side always been "superior" to the sell side?College junior here, looking for historical context on the pre-crisis financial world. I didn't really pay attention to 2008 when it happened, and didn't care about finance at all until 9 months ago. I still don't have a clear picture of how things were pre-crisis. Today all of the young hotshots go...
04 hours 26 min ago
USC Marshall vs Michigan Ross Preferred Admit (Social, Weather, and Placement) [Undergrad]I'm currently a high school senior graduating in June. I got accepted to both USC Marshall and Ross undergraduate business schools and am currently having a hard time choosing between them. Can anyone give their inputs on each school's weather, vibe, social aspect/greek life, surrounding location/ca...
194 hours 35 min ago
Quick rundown of some hot plays $TKAT $DCIX $TRUE $GSLQuick rundown of some hot plays $TKAT $DCIX $TRUE $GSL ...
05 hours 7 min ago
Insight into Associate Learning CurveHi All, I wanted to ask for some insight into the learning curve of a post MBA IBD associate with no previous finance experience. I work for a Big 4, so I know how steep learning curves can be for first years (need for constant guidance, lack of autonomy, high error rate etc.). With associates comin...
66 hours 5 min ago
Deutsche Bank San Francisco Tech GroupWould love to hear thoughts on this group. ...
106 hours 20 min ago
Corporate Banking - possible exit opps?Currently a 3rd year CB analyst on track to become associate next year, but already jaded and looking to get out of banking for good. Don't care too much for IBD since I have commitments. Aiming for F500 FP&A or treasury roles, but what other possible opps coming out of corp banking? ...
07 hours 39 min ago
Didnt get into major, now what?I landed a SA position last summer with a middle market firm. I put on my resume that I was a finance major because I was 100% sure I would get accepted into the business program. Unfortunately I was not accepted and I am now majoring in economics. I go to a non target in the southwest. Will this ch...
37 hours 49 min ago
Graduated with a 2.1 GPA as a biology major, mid 20s, resume dead for life? Anything I can do?I've been doing a lot of reading before joining this forum and since this is one of the most active sections of the forum , I thought that this is where I would find some of the most knowledgeable people who not only work in IB but other areas on Wall Street as well. I graduated from a top 20 public...
167 hours 51 min ago
Current MM LBO Debt Mix/Rates/TermsAt the moment I work in a non banking finance function. After a lot of hustle I finally secured myself an interview at a middle market firm. One part of the interview is a modeling test in which they want me to build an LBO from scratch. I have been practicing like crazy so while I understand the me...
18 hours 5 min ago
Young People of WSO: What is with this fascination towards IB?I'm a lot older than most of you guys and while I never worked in FO IB or desired to do so, I don't understand the obsession and circle jerk of getting into IB. I genuinely believe this behavior is putting too much pressure on yourself and it DEFINITELY will show during an interview. Any banker hea...
1279 hours 19 min ago
Test scoresI'm heading to Farmer or Miami Ohio. Will my low test score affect my internship/job abilities in IB? ...
Morgan Sachs
19 hours 39 min ago
If I see another "Incoming IBD Analyst/Summer Analyst" on LinkedIn.. I'll k--l someone Guys, This is a serious and sincere plea to any of you undergraduate kids who're using these silly titles on their LinkedIn profiles. Please for god's sake, take this out. It just looks stupid and wannabe-ish. I don't know who started doing this and where, but it's just annoying to see. We get that ...
1469 hours 57 min ago
Cornell ILR School... How Screwed Am I?So I will be going to Cornell ILR this fall, and I was hoping some people can give me some advice. I am pretty set on a career in finance (investment banking/s&t), and I was wondering how Cornell ILR students compare to those of CAS Econ, AEM, and the Hotel school. Will I be at a disadvantage co...
79 hours 58 min ago
URGENT MODEL HELP!My model isn't balancing.. I think it has something to do with my minimum cash balance or my bank revolver. Can someone please help me figure this out.. I just spent 4 hours trying to and I gave up at this point. Thank you! ...
310 hours 47 min ago
Mathematical Finance at Non-Target or Finance at Target University?Did not make it into McGill on my first try. So after completing 1 year of Finance and CS minor at JMSB I am facing a dilemma: With the desire to go into IB or the hedge fund industry, I have the following possible paths: 1. Stay at Concordia, work hard to get into the portfolio management program, ...
1310 hours 56 min ago
Pegasus IB in Chicago?Hi all, Anyone ever heard of Pegasus Intellectual Capital? When I search for it on WSO, most of the info that pops up is from a PE firm with a similar name. Not expecting a lot of info as it seems like a small boutique in Chicago, but was wondering if anyone had some m...
211 hours 56 min ago
Laptop Questions, Please help out...How important is it to have a PC for excel modeling purposes versus a Mac? I have a Mac right now and I am about to start a training program for modeling. In terms of a work laptop should I just bootcamp my Mac to run Windows 10 (only $100 but the keyboard is still terrible in terms of excel shortcu...
1313 hours 1 min ago
HSBC M&A vs. Middle MarketHey, I've seen a lot of people on WSO giving hard time to HSBC IBD division. Sure I understand it's not a BB bank nor it has the prestige of EBs in London. But how does it compare against London's middle market banks such as William Blair/ Stifel/ DC Advisory? Is HSBC then a better place to start as...
213 hours 37 min ago
Bankers: WTF are you doing from 8pm to 2am?From a guy who's never been in banking, but knows enough people that were and they STILL can't answer this question with anything that makes sense. Okay, I don't know about you guys but I typically work from like 8 or 9am until like 6pm most days - no weekends usually other than maybe fielding phone...
14115 hours 50 min ago
University of Ottawa- Finance vs Queen's Applied EconomicsOk so I have this dilemma that is really bothering me and I need to study for a math test tomorrow, so I'm hoping you guys can solve the issue for me. The dilemma is that I am having trouble deciding between two programs. The first option is Queen's Economics. The pros for this is it has a better r...
116 hours 6 min ago
Insights for Evercore private funds groupHas anyone here interviewed with private funds group in Evercore? What do they look for in analysts? I just got an interview. ...
316 hours 11 min ago
Is my networking strategy gonna potentially Black Ball me from firms?In a couple of weeks I will start my summer internship at a boutique IB firm. This firm only has 5 partners, no analysts/associates, and just a couple of interns ( i will be 1). My plan is to reach out to alumni/alumni of the student finance group at my University in the next couple of weeks before ...
616 hours 47 min ago
WSO Happy Hour - LondonA few years ago we had several WSO drinks in the City but these have basically died off. I admit some responsibility for this as I used to organise them but have slacked. Nevertheless, spring is here (bar the occasional 2 minutes of snow in April....), deal flow is quietening down pre-Brexit vote an...
517 hours 36 min ago
Jefferies vs Stifel (tech groups)What do you think, which is better long term/short term? ...
618 hours 8 min ago
Transfer from UMass to Vanderbilt? F100 Internship soph summer?WSO community, I'm a current sophomore within the business school at UMass Amherst. I have recently completed a winter internship as a private equity analyst for a small shop in Boston called SFA. Furthermore, I have founded the investment banking workshop at my school, and have worked as a summer a...
420 hours 37 min ago
urgent help needed!!! college major???I will be attending college as a freshman pretty soon, and I am planning to transfer to a target school after spending two years at my local college. After doing some research, I realized that not all target schools offer the same major. For example, vanderbilt only offers economics but not finance....
720 hours 43 min ago
Switching IB Groups for FT after SA stint?Hey all, I'm going to be starting my SA position in a little over a month now at a BB (GS/MS) and while I'm incredibly happy and excited to have gotten this opportunity, group placement didn't pan out as well as I would have hoped (mostly my fault probably). Regardless, I've been placed into a cover...
2120 hours 50 min ago
The Allure of Investment BankingThough in recent years, many have highlighted the fact that the allure of investment banking has significantly dimmed given the multitude of undergrads wanting to head straight into the buy-side or technology. This however has not been a trend I personally agree with, as more and more students aroun...
5321 hours 26 min ago
Hong Kong/China Banking - how do the BBs stack up?Like the title says, which BB gets the best/most deals in China/HK? Which BB sends the most analysts to PE? ...
923 hours 16 min ago
Summer internship final decisionFirst of all, thanks very much to this website and community for helping me on my path into finance. I have used and abused the forums and company database on my summer internship search, and now I have a couple of very good offers to choose from. I'd like everyone's advice on what I should take. Th...
01 day 5 hours ago
Building a standalone for the company (Gaap vs. Non-gaap)Hey. Trying to build a standalone for the company based on its historical financials (8K, 10k) and research report. One issue I have is, if I drive down from EBITDA, - D&A to get to EBIT, etc... I will arrive at non-gaap EPS, which I am actually trying to target. However, equity report, when cal...
11 day 5 hours ago
Banking Coverage Groups and Entrepreneurship I've gotten the impression that many people entering banking ultimately want to be the founders of their own companies, or at least in some way go into business for themself. Setting aside the obvious point that banking, at least at the analyst/associate levels, isn't very good preparation for entre...
01 day 6 hours ago
Who is tops in Hong Kong/Asia right now?I'm from the US but now in HK. Investment bank reputations on this side of the world are kind of throwing me off - would be nice to have a ballpark overview of banks here. For example, it was a shock that Barclays doesn't even feature in the league tables anymore (no doubt due to all the cuts and w...
321 day 7 hours ago
Baruch for IBAfter looking at all the colleges that I've been accepted to and comparing financial aid packages. I am heavily considering Baruch. The private schools that I got into are low semi-target at best and I would graduate with around 100k in debt if I attended. What is Baruch's reputation for investment ...
31 day 7 hours ago
PE Recruiting FailureHey guys - I regretted posting this for a while but now that it is mid April, I figured the time has come. I am a first year Analyst at a Euro BB M&A group in NY and recently struck out at PE recruiting. I got a decent amount of interviews given that my group places pretty well each year, but no...
511 day 10 hours ago
Intuitive Definition of IRRCan someone please give me an intuitive definition of IRR? I know that it's the discount rate used to find the break-even point on a project, or the discount rate used to get an NPV of 0. However, what I'm having a hard time grasping is why you choose the project with the higher IRR? If it's the ra...
71 day 11 hours ago
Why even bother going to a mega-fund?I've read some comments and posts about how people pick IB groups based solely on MF placement but have wondered why that is? Why (besides $) does it make sense to leave one sweatshop IB group to go to another sweatshop PE fund that will kick you out after 2 years for B-school. I thought the banking...
71 day 12 hours ago
Is S&T or IBD better for breaking into HF?Intuitively, it would make sense to me that certain S&T desks are the best for breaking into HF's. However, most people on this site seem to think IBD is better, especially after 2008. What are your thoughts? Also if one were to go into S&T, how many years would they have to work there befor...
21 day 13 hours ago
How I used LinkedIn to get Interviews and Land OffersHey Guys, Been using this site for a while now and figured it would be beneficial for me to give back a bit. For starters, I thought I would detail my experiences using linkedin and cold emails to land a summer offer. Coming from a semi-target undergrad b-school, I had my hands full. Nonetheless, it...
Count Drachma
481 day 13 hours ago
More prestigious: big law vs. small consulting/banking.Hi fella, What would you consider more prestigious? Big law as in Baker&Mckenzie or small consulting/banking as in Arthur D. Little or Croon&Boer? ...
Stringer Bell.
61 day 14 hours ago
IBD FT Recruiting TipsI've seen a lot of recent threads regarding full-time recruiting lately and thought some of you might find this helpful. I navigated the process successfully last year, so most of this should still hold true. Background: Senior at Brown/UVA/UChicago, junior internship in NYC BB S&T, non-URM male...
Iambic Pentameter
191 day 14 hours ago
Sophomore Year- Investment Banking Vs. Private EquityI'm in a really fortunate position in that I can choose between interning at a lower middle market private equity firm or a middle market investment bank which has a little more of a name brand (they do $15-20 million range deals) As a sophomore at a semi-target, which one would you guys recommend ...
61 day 14 hours ago
Best economics supplement double major combonation for ibankingJust as the title suggests... What would be the smartest thing to major in besides economics in college for ibanking? ...
101 day 15 hours ago
What is so bad about UBS?It seems like UBS is an ongoing joke on this forum for being known as "the worst" of the bulge bracket investment banks but I have always wondered why? I talked to a lawyer at a major M&A law firm and he even he knew how bad their rep is amongst bankers. We talked about different banks and he sa...
31 day 16 hours ago
Affording an Unpaid Internship in NYCWhat's up WSO, I'm currently a junior at a state school in the northeast. I currently have 2 offers from boutique investment banks for a summer internship. One is roughly an hour commute for me while living at home, and the other is on Park Ave. in NYC. The NYC internship is unpaid, and more of what...
31 day 16 hours ago
USC (Marshall) vs UMich (LSA) vs UVa - International StudentI'm a long time lurker here and it's ironic that, having read so many of these types of posts, my first would be to similar effect. But now that I'm actually in the position of picking a college I just thought I'd seek whatever other input I could get. I'm an international student that aspires to wo...
271 day 17 hours ago
Are HR people real people?So i had several interviews and all of them went well except for the one with an HR lady. Are HR people real people with real opinions or does it not matter that I messed up that interview? Let's assume that my other interviews went extremely well for argument's sake. ...
241 day 18 hours ago
2016 FT ROOMMATE THREADHey guys, Another incoming FT IB analyst looking for roommates. I will be starting this summer at a BB in midtown. I'm not very familiar with the neighborhoods in NYC but would like to find a group of chill people to live with. Please PM me if you are interested. I am open to suggestions for areas ...
231 day 19 hours ago
How much of a target is Emory?I will be attending Emory University in the fall and I would hope to enter the investment banking world after graduation. So I was wondering how much of a target Emory is and how prestigious the school is. Also what schools would you put in the same tier as Emory? ...
101 day 19 hours ago
Internship question: IB in a boutique or Asset Management in a big local bankHello everyone. I'm a freshman in a 3-year Economics program in one of the best universities in Eastern Europe. Now, I'm deciding where to go for my summer internhip. I have two summer internship options: 1) IB internship in a small investment fund and 2) Asset Management Internship in a big local ...
11 day 20 hours ago
How relevant would an Operations/Strategy/Marketing Internship be for IB SA Recruiting?How relevant would an internship like this be? I have been told that the job will involve digital marketing, Salesforce CRM optimization, lead generation, Software-as-a-Service performance metrics reporting, and market research. This is mainly an internship for a company that was just bought by a pr...
21 day 21 hours ago
Stern Majors UndergraduateHello! I am a possible incoming Stern freshman, and I wanted to know your opinions on major choices. I've narrowed down choices to Finance (Single Major and graduating early), Finance and Statistics (double major and graduating early with some GPA loss possibly), Finance and Mathematics (double majo...
222 days 2 hours ago
Should I update my interviewer about unrelated internship?Hi everyone, I am wondering if I should update my interviewers regarding my summer internship? Context: final round BB IBD interview. Going to intern for consulting this summer. I am worried that it is inappropriate to update them that I'm going to a consulting firm this summer and that I will be v...
12 days 7 hours ago
Evercore - PE Placement in London?Wondering how Evercore fairs for PE placement in London compared to the bulge bracket banks? Stress this is for London, not US. Afaik their UK business is basically just the old Lexicon business, so wondering if the prestige/exit opps still hold. ...
52 days 9 hours ago
Starting youngDear reader, I have found myself in a difficult situation, I am currently eighteen years old and will be attending university next year. I take extensive interest in the financial markets and have started investing my own funds however I was told by an MD from Goldman Sachs via LinkedIn that I must ...
142 days 12 hours ago
Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) Urgent Quick QuestionHi everyone, This financial statement totally confused me. What's the cost of goods sold here for 2008? Is it 84,616 or 71,527? Thanks!! ...
82 days 12 hours ago
What do sophomores usually do for internships?A little bit of background: I'm a currently a freshman at a non HYP Ivy. I qualify as a diversity candidate. My father was born in Mexico and grew up in Spain (his grandparents moved to Mexico after Franco took power and went back right after he died) and my maternal grandmother is Argentinian. I al...
122 days 15 hours ago
Messaging on LinkedInHello All, Planning on cold in mailing through LinkedIn to try and network my way to an IB gig. Granted, this isn't the only way I am going to try and land a job but what are the guidelines for contacting investment banking analysts in general? Should I stay away from certain things? Contacted two p...
232 days 16 hours ago
JP Morgan London IBD Groups for Summer InternshipHi guys, just got sent out my form to choose groups for the summer analyst IBD program in JP Morgan London. I've ranked my choices like this (have to rank 13 for the form)... 1. Healthcare 2. TMT 3. Natural Resources 4. Financial Institutions Group 5. Diversified Industries 6. Benelux M&A 7. Con...
32 days 17 hours ago
Learning how to sell?Hey guys, Investment banking, consulting and most corporate jobs become increasingly a sales job the higher up you go. My question to those of you who have made this transition well, is this how did you do this and what advice would you give for a monkey that wants to develop these skills going forw...
112 days 17 hours ago
Another CapEx question.. What is it on here?What is the capex here? I am a little confused with this. Is it -31,736? Thanks! ...
122 days 18 hours ago
FT Recruiting for Investment BankingHi All, I'm currently a junior (target) looking to break into IBD. When I thought about post-grad life, my main goal was to circumvent investment banking and break straight into a buyside gig. Because of this, my past internship was in fundraising at a MF, and this summer I'll be working in mezzanin...
12 days 18 hours ago
IB in Continental Europe: Paris to Vienna to MoscowExactly as it says. At some point, this should be part of the WSO knowledge bank. There's been a fair amount of coverage of what IB is like outside of the two major Anglosphere hubs, NYC and London; plenty of discussion on Chicago, Houston and SF. When it comes to the Old World, who has knowledge a...
342 days 18 hours ago
Best IBD group J.P. Morgan LondonHey all, as the title already implies I am curious what the top IBD team is within the J.P. Morgan London office? I am going to do the summer internship this summer and have to choose teams soon. I am only considering industry teams to be honest and wondering what your views are! The teams are as fo...
12 days 18 hours ago
"More Revs"Hey chimps. Just wanted to share my experience from earlier today. Wondering if others find themselves in the same position? "You're good, but you just need more revs, and that's our fault. We need to get you more revs before you can be an associate", says the VP in his feeble attempt to get me to s...
A Milli
282 days 18 hours ago
What makes more sense: IB (BB) to Consulting (MBB) or Consulting to IB?Fellow Monkeys, Edited my earlier post. How transferable are skills that a strategy consultant will learn at a job if that person decides to switch to IB later? Is a switch from MBB to IB better (logically) than doing a switch from IB to MBB ? Thanks. ...
82 days 18 hours ago
Model driver with acceleratorsI am building a financial model and need help with how to accelerate revenue drivers without doing it manually. What I am trying to do is build a revenue schedule where a piece of equipment is added on a start date and then based on the accelerator an additional piece is added every Nth month. Wha...
62 days 19 hours ago
Didn't get any IBD offers. Should I try Commercial Banking or Private Banking?Because my background wasn't competitive enough, I got very few interviews for IBD full time positions, and didn't get any offers. I plan to apply for either commercial banking or private banking positions, work for a few years, apply for MBA programs, and then try for IBD again then. So is commerc...
52 days 19 hours ago
Operating model not balanced, seek helpAs the title says... I have crunched this model for like a week but still not balancing.... The attachment is the operating model page emits all the revenue and expense build since those are all estimates. As you can see. I have only got 2015's balance sheet and income statement but not cash flow. T...
22 days 20 hours ago
MBA internships and Post MBA I-banking jobHi guys, I haven't been on this site for a few years. After working in the family business (consumer product / RE) for 3 years, while I have done great financially, I felt it is not something I want to do for the rest of my life. I am starting my Full Time MBA program this coming summer at Columbia...
102 days 20 hours ago
William & Mary on the StreetHi, everyone. I'll be attending the College of William & Mary in the fall. Originally, I was hoping to go to law school, but after learning more about investment banking, I've decided to pursue a career in that field. I understand that William & Mary doesn't get a lot of IB recruiters. Shoul...
Maltese Magnus
202 days 23 hours ago
BB class sizesSo I have a general idea of which banks are larger than others in terms of analyst class size, but I'd be really interested in knowing the rough numbers. Does anyone have a good idea of how BBs stack up against each other size-wise? ...
23 days 4 hours ago
Corporate Finance Advisory & Solutions - MizuhoDoes anyone know about the culture / hours of the group. I am thinking about applying to this group. Currently in the Sponors group IB in a BB bank ...
53 days 8 hours ago
Does an internship at a start-up have any clout in IBD recruiting next season?I'm a freshman right now, and will intern at a start-up in SF this summer. Will this have a good impact on my recruiting process for IBD the upcoming fall? ...
93 days 8 hours ago
Houlihan drug testAnyone know if it is a hair or urine test? ...
03 days 8 hours ago
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03 days 9 hours ago
Is it too early to talk recruiting for 2017?I remember reading on here before that Wells Fargo had a 1-day application opening in June for summer analysts the next year so I would like to start asking questions: 1.) If I graduate with a master's in December, would banks still take me on as a summer analyst for summer 2017? 2.) Would an ABS in...
03 days 11 hours ago
Need help with Balance Sheet ProjectionsHi all, I'm fairly new to this and am aware that this model may be littered with mistakes. But can anyone help me out here and see why my projected balance sheet isn't balancing. I am aware that the base balance sheet is a mid year one but that was the only one I was provided with. Also, depreciatio...
103 days 12 hours ago
DCM at One Man Boutique?Just about to graduate from a non-target with a previous internship in DCM. I interviewed for a DCM analyst role at what I thought was a small firm, apparently it is one man small. The founder worked in DCM and syndicate at a bulge bracket for 15 years, then opened his own firm in 2012 doing exclusi...
143 days 12 hours ago
EBIT vs Operating IncomeI keep hearing different things and Google searches provide different answers as well. I always thought they were the same but my accounting textbook lists them as different items. Can you guys help me once and for all differentiate between the two. Thanks. ...
egg and cheese
103 days 13 hours ago
103 days 13 hours ago
Didn't Land a Junior Year Summer Internship, Need AdviceWhats going on guys, As the title says I haven't had any luck securing a job thus far for the summer and as you can imagine I'm quite concerned. I'm currently a junior finance major at decent non-target school that is upcoming with a 3.8 GPA. Through networking these few years I landed a few intervi...
63 days 13 hours ago
Mizuho canned analysts I heard Mizuho fired some analysts recently. Never heard of a bank that did that especially in NYC. Can anyone confirm? ...
143 days 13 hours ago
Renege and Redo Full Time Recruiting?Throwaway account just in case. I currently have a FT offer at a mid-tier MM. I knew I wanted to lateral after the summer, as all the talent was leaving and it seemed like a sinking ship with no opportunities down the road. I feel so depressed to go back there... After the summer I had superdays at...
133 days 13 hours ago
CPA --> IB AnalystHi everyone, I posted a week ago about my desire to join an IB firm as an Analyst (as opposed to doing MBA --> Associate) for a couple of reasons. I'm currently working in B4 Audit and am wondering; how have people gone from Audit to an IB Analyst position? I hear it can be done, but what medium...
63 days 14 hours ago
Economics at UCLAHello all, Recently I was accepted to UCLA with a Regents scholarship. This scholarship offers early registration, priority housing, a private tutor, and the opportunity to go to school for a low enough price that I'd also be able to afford a fraternity. In essence, this scholarship would make my ne...
213 days 15 hours ago
Emory vs USCWhich school would present more opportunities for breaking into investment banking? ...
93 days 16 hours ago
Valuing/selling a single stand-alone restaurant - thoughts?Been engaged to sell a single, stand-alone high-end restaurant in a major city with ~10mm of revenue. I've started to do some googling and most reports are focused on franchises, chains, quickserve/fast casual and large restaurant group deals. Does anyone here have experience with small restauran...
53 days 16 hours ago
IB associate after post-exp. MFin or IB analyst after pre-exp MFin?Cleared all levels of CFA, FRM & CAIA. Age:24. With 1 yr WE, shall I go for pre-exp. MFin & work as an IB analyst or get 2-3 yrs WE, go for a post-exp. MFin & start at IB associate level? Given my age, which route should I pursue? With pre-exp. MFin, I might be old joining the IB analys...
103 days 18 hours ago
Does Wells Fargo IB pay overtime to their summer interns?I know some banks do, but I was wondering specifically about WFS ...
63 days 19 hours ago
IB Cultures In Different Countries I've been wondering for a while what the overarching cultural differences (including firm specific) were between different countries. Can anyone enlighten me and other prospective bankers? I'm located in the Asia Pacific region, and from my observations and conversations with bankers, they all seem...
203 days 21 hours ago
Guys need your advice - IB/PE/Media holding Hi folks! I really need your advice. I've finished my master in Netherlands. Now I have several offers and don't know what to do: 1. BB bank in Moscow - off-cycle intern position 2. Recently established LBO fund in Amsterdam (no deals yet, just opened) - project analyst with further opportunity to j...
03 days 23 hours ago
BB Operations MD AMAHaven't seen too many posts to shed light on this so ask away. Also see my latest post here: Mod Note (Andy): This is an older AMA originally posted on 2/20/16 but the OP let me know he's still able to answer some questions! Check out this other...
874 days 5 hours ago
Best Roles Outside IB/Trading within an Investment BankSo, as someone who didn't manage to score an IBD SA role, nor am I particularly keen on the working hours/ stress that comes with. I'm wondering what are some of the roles (popular or unheard of) that can produce close compensations to IBD roles, and which of these roles could could be deemed the le...
54 days 5 hours ago
Travel Industry CoverageHi WSO, I was hoping some of you can provide me with a few names of investment banks that a strong presence the travel industry (booking websites, cruise lines, hotels, rental cars, ect.) Thanks in advance. ...
34 days 8 hours ago
Stanford Wall Street Placement East CoastI'm currently trying to decide whether or not to attend Stanford or Princeton for undergrad. I want to eventually work on wall street in NYC after graduation. But I also have some interest in entrepreneurship, although I don't consider myself very techie, so if I did play a role in startups, it woul...
214 days 9 hours ago
Undergrad Berkeley $19k/yr vs Vanderbilt $12k/yrI've been admitted to the two for undergrad - undeclared at both. Vandy will cost me 12k per year and Berkeley will cost me 19k. The cost difference is honestly pretty small and my parents are more than willing to pay for all of it. I live in California but I wouldn't mind working in NYC, Chicago, e...
224 days 10 hours ago


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