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01 week 6 days ago
MS Groups in Hong KOngStarted a new account to ask this. I am an incoming SA at MS IBD in Hong Kong, and we have to submit our group preferences pretty soon. Would love to hear if anyone has knowledge on the different groups. 1) How big are each group? 2) Which group has the best/worst hours? How about general vibe/cultu...
93 min 55 sec ago
Brian Dechesare Hi WSO Community, This is a non-pressing question, but I was just curious if anyone knew which investment bank(s)/PE firm(s) the BIWS founder, Brian Dechesare, worked at. In trying to find out for myself, he has done a very good at making this information hard to find. ...
16 min 5 sec ago
Please help with my DCF model...Hey guys, This is my first DCF model. I thought the best way to teach myself was just to open excel and follow some videos online. I did my model on Home Depot. I recently purchased BIWS but found it a little slow and boring. I decided to take a quick break from that and start plugging away on my ow...
132 min 43 sec ago
How did you prepare for the investment banking lifestyle?I'm sure for many of us, the transition from getting hammered on weekends and skipping class to sleep in to working 80+ hour weeks took some adjusting to. I'm not a lazy guy, but at the same time I've never really had exposure to grinding it out for that long for multiple weeks at a time. Does anyon...
91 hour 40 min ago
Interviewers - What's the FIRST thing you look at on a resume? When you first grab a resume (for SA or FT IB hire), where do your eyes go first? Then where do your eyes scan to next? My guess would be: -first/last name* -university -GPA -relevant-experience bolded header -quick scan of those initial bullet points -second relevant-experience bolded header -then...
Throwing Shade
72 hours 57 min ago
So, I've failed, so far...Hey guys, So I've been trying to get into finance/investment banking/equity research for quite some time. I have an undergrad in econ and a master of accountancy from a CSU that isn't too high on anyone's radar. I think I've hit the point to where I can admit that I've failed and I will continue to ...
363 hours 31 min ago
How to keep strong relationships with superiors after you leave?Hey ya'll. I wanted to ask if anyone has experience in keeping good relationships with old managers after you leave a firm, and a little bit on how to reneg an offer. Background: Non-target, 6 internships. I knew from the first one that I wanted to go IB, but it wasn't until the last one that I got ...
23 hours 57 min ago
IB summer intern in Israel to Full time in USHey everyone. First post here. I am a third year student at UF, headed into my senior year this coming fall. I have always wanted to do investment banking, and attacked many avenues trying to get there. I did PWM at Merrill last summer being that that was the only relevant internship I could get at ...
24 hours 11 min ago
Summer Research Analyst - some questions on M&ACurrently interning at a boutique investment bank specializing in M&A advisory, and my responsibilities are to conduct research reports on companies. The MD doesn't tell me anything at all besides, "here's a company, get me a report by Wednesday" and I have to essentially figure everything out t...
04 hours 26 min ago
Backpacks or Brief Case?I know there was a thread a couple of years ago about this. Wanted an updated response. Would love to hear from boutique bankers as well. I am not talking about college backpacks obviously. Nice, leather ones that do look professional vs. the classic carry brief case. What have you guys been seeing?...
384 hours 49 min ago
UNC vs Villanova vs Fordham UndergradSo it's looking like I probably won't get into an Ivy for undergrad. Between UNC Chapel Hill, Villanova and Fordham, which one would you guys go to for the most opportunities in NYC? I know Fordham isn't in the same category as them academically, I only list them because of proximity to NYC. UNC an...
105 hours 4 min ago
How to prepare for summer analyst internship?I'm starting at a middle market bank as a SA in 2 weeks and I'm want to know how to prep for it? (Things to know, etc.) Thanks! ...
05 hours 7 min ago
Do you count calories?Does anyone here count / at least care about calories? I find that with banking lifestyle (no time for gym, sit on your chair all day etc) you almost have to start doing it... Curious to hear what others think ...
425 hours 48 min ago
Favorite Excel Shortcut(s)?To clarify, I'm not looking for lists of helpful Excel shortcuts as those already exist. Are there any specific shortcuts that you have found, looked up, or hard-coded that you enjoy using? ...
615 hours 54 min ago
Macquarie Leveraged Finance Vs. InfrastructureHey all, how are you doing? I am deciding what group I want to work at as a Summer Analyst for Macquarie. I am deciding between LevFin and Infrastructure(Transportation and PPP's). Any recommendation of what is a better group or which one will give me more exit opportunities? ...
26 hours 3 min ago
Cleantech IB (and exit to PE, perhaps)Going to keep this short. What are people's opinions on cleantech IB? Any thoughts on places like Greentech Capital Advisors or ThinkGreen! for example? I'm extremely focused and dedicated to IB -- but I'm trying to specialize into cleantech/renewables because it's been an interest of mine for quit...
56 hours 11 min ago
Lazard London - GroupsHey guys, I was wondering if anyone had information about the different groups Lazard's London office (in financial advisory)? Which ones are getting regular deal flow with a good culture and top MDs? Any recommendations? Thanks, ...
16 hours 24 min ago
Introductory CallHello everyone, I've been reached out to by a firm and they would like to schedule an introductory call with me. What can I expect and how should I prepare myself for this? The position they stated is "Private Wealth Advisor / Investment Banker". ...
156 hours 27 min ago
The Life of Ricardo: What is Your Comparative Advantage? "You've got good grades, the right major, interesting and relevant work experience and extracurriculars, but your CV looks a lot like all the other CVs in this pile". - My career advisor in Sophomore year of university, when I expressed interest in investment banking It was true. I had good grade...
116 hours 46 min ago
fingerprints & disorderly conduct Hi monkeys, Not seeking legal advice by any means, just looking for some experiences you or your friends may have had. My story short, my friends and I had a party at college and some random kid peed on our neighbors house. he then called the cops and everyone who lived in the house got a summary of...
36 hours 54 min ago
Los Angeles Financial Sponsors GroupsHey, New to WSO and am looking to recruit for a SA internship next fall. I go to a target school in the east coast but am originally from LA. I decided that I'll probably stay in the west coast upon graduation. I'm looking to ultimately recruit for PE after my analyst stint, therefore Financial Spo...
97 hours 44 min ago
Tower ThoughtsTo those who have been looking for FT housing (analyst), what buildings have you looked at/what have your thoughts been? I assume you're looking in the Murray Hill/Kips Bay area for around $1.7-1.9k rent. Any quality finds or, on the other hand, pretty janky buildings? ...
19 hours 5 min ago
Delta PartnersDoes anybody know them? They are a TMT focused boutique which operates in emerging markets. I would like to know someone's opinion. ...
112 hours 8 min ago
Terminal Value for IRR CalculationI am calculating IRR from a 10 years projected cash flow + a terminal value. The terminal value I understand is usually calculated as FCFF(1+g)/(r-g). Incase of using terminal value for IRR calcuation should the r= cost of capital or r=IRR (in this case it will be iterative as its being used to calc...
112 hours 29 min ago
Nomura London or JP Morgan Asset management?Nomura: Regulation & legal entity related, set up entity control framework. A newly established team. JPM AM: fund transition role, helping on-boarding funds & new business initiatives. Both roles are project based, but lead to different paths. Nomura role seems more interesting, JP sounds b...
315 hours 49 min ago
Managerial Accounting vs. everything elseDoes anyone here struggle or has struggled with managerial accounting? I'm a freshmen and I did very well in financial accounting and I've managed to build a Dcf, levered acquisition model, precedents/comps model by myself but I'm struggling on this Managerial course. It's not difficult to understan...
720 hours 48 min ago
Energy Investment Banking in Houston? Anyone have rankings?Hey everyone, I'm a junior getting ready to recruit for energy banking in Houston. I've heard that things are changing alot with a lot of MDs moving to different banks in the last couple of years. Are Barclays and CS still the best? What banks have done the biggest deals in the space recently? How m...
67120 hours 49 min ago
Which websites do bankers in Hong Kong refer to?Hi guys, Do you have any idea which deal news websites that bankers in Hong Kong usually refer to? I will be working as an IBD SA in HK, and I would like to grab an idea of what's going on as I have no previous work experience in HK. Appreciate your comments in advance. Thanks! ...
120 hours 54 min ago
2016 JP Morgan MBA Early Advantage ProgramHey guys, Has anyone heard back about the 2016 JP Morgan Early Advantage for MBA students that start in the Fall? Thanks. ...
021 hours 6 min ago
Wearing a Burberry Trench Coat to work as an analyst?I work in the Los Angeles office of our bank. Ever since I was in college, I wanted a Burberry Trench coat and now that I have money saved up, I'd like to buy one. The thing is, I try to keep my outfit very muted and conservative by avoiding any logos or company specific branding (Hermes ties with "...
521 hours 36 min ago
Lateral to the Big Apple - Advice?Hey Monkeys, Long time user, and moderate poster. This is a throwaway account to keep my identity hidden. I am currently a 1st year Analyst at an industry focused boutique in Chicago. It has always been my to goal to work in IB in New York because it is the center of the universe in regard to IB. N...
122 hours 20 min ago
How to get into IB from an Ivy League school as a computer science major?I'm a junior at a target Ivy League school and I'm majoring in computer science. This summer I can either take a job with a relative's very small/startup investment bank (don't really know anything about it other than it operates out of Boston and a certain pacific country, but I trust my relative) ...
823 hours 14 min ago
What Similar Field Can I Get Into If I Like Investment Banking But Am Too Old?Dear Forum, I am interested in Investment Banking but at age 35 believe I am too old to break in. Are their similar fields in finance that teach you the same skills as an investment banker that I could consider trying to break into? Sincerely, 1 Billion Bound Stallion ...
1 Billion Bound Stallion
523 hours 15 min ago
Reminder that banks don't really care about junior employeesLook at this joke response after one of the analysts (anonymously of course) posed this question to my firm's CEO and CFO as part of our quarterly Q&A sessions. Half of the initiatives cited are just straight up not enforced at all. Note that my bank is not one of those with protected Saturdays....
2523 hours 20 min ago
Finance vs Computer Science?Which major is good for Investment Banking, Sales and Trading, Private Equity, Hedge Fund and Capital Markets ...
523 hours 28 min ago
excel and ppt shortcuts for bankinghey guys, i'm going to start my summer internship soon. Do BB and middle-market banks use office 2007 or later version? wanted to make sure because I only know shortcuts for 2007 version? don't know much about 2003 shortcuts. thanks. ...
31 day 2 hours ago
10 man shop boutique questionsWas wondering if anyone can answer a few questions about a small boutique that focuses in the lower middle market. The firm is bringing me on as the sole analyst (about 3/4 MDs and 2/3 VPs w/ a small equity research group) and was curious as to what to expect. I was wondering how the work experience...
61 day 2 hours ago
What is so bad about UBS?It seems like UBS is an ongoing joke on this forum for being known as "the worst" of the bulge bracket investment banks but I have always wondered why? I talked to a lawyer at a major M&A law firm and he even he knew how bad their rep is amongst bankers. We talked about different banks and he sa...
391 day 3 hours ago
Transfer to Baruch or NortheasternI'm currently at a SUNY school and can't decide between the following two schools. I'm not quite sure where to go. I would be pursuing a finance degree in both places. Please let me know what you guys think. Pros/cons of northeastern: -placement into internships over summer -high tuition costs (wil...
21 day 4 hours ago
Should I transfer to WhartonHi everyone, I've been admitted to Wharton as a transfer (rising junior) and I'm deciding whether I should transfer. Since I will go into the recruiting season without a Penn GPA and without any brand name finance internship, would I be at a big disadvantage? If I do decide to join Wharton, what sho...
561 day 4 hours ago
UBS Sponsors/Leveraged FinanceAny info on how this group places into PE? I've talked to guys recently in this group and they are all going to good shops, but I am looking for more of a historical/comparable answer to other banks with the same group? Also, is UBS the only bank that combines Lev Fin and Sponsors? And lastly, in ...
81 day 5 hours ago
2017 FT IB Analyst ThreadI thought it would be good to have a thread to share all the info about 2017 full time recruiting for IB since recruiting's so early on for everything. Please share anything you know about 2017 FT recruiting events/applications at any bank and I'll do best to compile it and create a comprehensive li...
61 day 5 hours ago
Has anyone heard of Operis?Hi everyone. I'm just wondering if anyone knows anything about the financial modelling/project finance advisory firm called Operis, based in the UK. They seem like they have high-calibre people, a strong client base and great training, but it is still a pretty small firm (~50 people) so I can't find...
31 day 5 hours ago
Is Investment Banking Really Worth It?Last week, a couple of my friends got together for the first time since we graduated. We were talking about our lives after college and basically about our jobs. One is at a Big 4 and one is in computer security. My Big 4 friend is making 50k and my computer science friend is make 65k. Both, them l...
201 day 6 hours ago
The Struggles of Credit SuisseIt's been pretty clear that Credit Suisse has opted for some intense cost cutting measures, but I still got a laugh from reading DealBreaker this morning. The following is the exact extract from the 'front lines' CS now requires bankers to pay for their own mobile phones. New reimbursement policy ...
151 day 6 hours ago
UBS London Financial Sponsors & Leveraged Finance Group - Silver bananas for relevant info Hi, Any current info on the UBS London FSLF group is greatly appreciated. Mainly interested in the culture, hours and exit opps. The time has come for me to submit my group preferences and all current insight is rewarded with silver bananas ...
41 day 7 hours ago
GPA cutoffSo i come from a semi target (think competitive liberal arts such as Middlebury) and have a 3.49 GPA has a Econ Government Double Major, I am concerned since I am so close but still below the 3.5 BB's that I'm applying to will just not even look at my resume, despite having good experience working f...
Pass the Mayo
21 day 8 hours ago
Tailoring the Seller Business Plan / ModelHi all, I'm a second year monkey at a MM boutiq-ish co. We do the usual modelling i.e., DCF's LBO's etc., but recently we (so me) have been asked to review the seller's model / tailor it for the process etc. I've seen this part of the sell-side mandate being mentioned in the scope of work on other p...
31 day 8 hours ago
Hey Washington, D.C., that you?Hi, Can anyone suggest any solid, well-reputed, programs with an eye toward finance in BigBanking, in or around Washington, D.C.? Similarly, can you recommend work or networking venues near D.C.? I am a post-grad near D.C. and unfortunately have an ailing parent whom I would like to be near for at l...
IBflat major
101 day 9 hours ago
I want to send a PM but system says forum has reached daily limit of PMs; try tomorrowI want to send a PM, but system says forum has reached daily limit of PMs; try tomorrow. Any way around this? Thx ...
IBflat major
01 day 9 hours ago
What Fields In Finance Best Teach You How To Negotiate And Analyze Business Deals?Dear Forum, I am interested in the career fields of business and finance and would like to know what fields in finance best teach you how to negotiate and analyze business deals? Sincerely, 1 Billion Bound Stallion ...
1 Billion Bound Stallion
11 day 9 hours ago
Take the internship or not?Hey guys, Longtime lurker, first time poster. I need some advice on whether or not to take an internship or not. Background: I'm an engineering student at a top Canadian school (UofT, Queens, UBC) and I am currently interning in the back office of a bank (not ideal, but trying to get my foot in the ...
21 day 10 hours ago
CS TMT exodus? Yesterday's article showed that 5 MDs from CS TMT all left to Jefferies: Cully Davis, (co-head of the Americas equity capital markets origination group) Bill Brady, (chairman of the global technology investment banking group) Steve West, (co-head of software investment banking) Cameron Lester, (head...
201 day 11 hours ago
Hottest Banking Risk Regulation - FRTBAs we move from 'VaR' to 'Expected Shortfall' regime driven regulations coupled with a focus on Liquidity as never before, I thought of sharing a perspective on one of the hottest regulation around the corner - Fundamental review of trading books (FRTB). This results in a lot of efforts for banks on...
01 day 11 hours ago
2016 FT ROOMMATE THREADHey guys, Another incoming FT IB analyst looking for roommates. I will be starting this summer at a BB in midtown. I'm not very familiar with the neighborhoods in NYC but would like to find a group of chill people to live with. Please PM me if you are interested. I am open to suggestions for areas ...
521 day 11 hours ago
NY MM vs. HK BB?Hello all - In a bit of a unique personal situation. Been studying in the US as an international student from Asia. Recently received FT analyst offers from MM IBD in New York (think Nomura/Macquarie/Jefferies), expecting to receive my green card some time in 2016. Also recently received an offer fr...
61 day 12 hours ago
WSO Happy Hour - London - Wednesday MAY 18TH, 7PM, The George A few years ago we had several WSO drinks in the City but these have basically died off. I admit some responsibility for this as I used to organise them but have slacked. Nevertheless, spring is here (bar the occasional 2 minutes of snow in April....), deal flow is quietening down pre-Brexit vote an...
271 day 12 hours ago
15 things I wish I knew as a first year banking analystMod Note (Andy): This post originally went up 2/10/13 and is a must read for all those starting their FT roles I was writing an email to a fellow monkey who is about to start as a banking analyst in the summer. It's been a little over 5 yrs now since I was a wee young first-year analyst in restruct...
1501 day 16 hours ago
Interview question on multiplesHi Everyone, I recently graduated and currently gaining work experience. I am planning to start applying to Inv. Banking positions, I had a quick phone interview and the recruiter asked me 2-3 questions on which I would like some external points of views: - If I tell you EBITDA Multiple is 5 and Sal...
91 day 17 hours ago
Piper Jaffray Investment Banking Career Exploration 2016.. Anyone heard back yet?Anyone heard back yet from Piper Jaffray Investment Banking Career Exploration Program for this summer? I had an HR phone call with them, but their final decisions are supposed to go out soon. ...
171 day 21 hours ago
Charges+Sealed Case and Employment Disclosure for Public FinanceGot an offer for a public finance position at a bank. I am currently filling out the FINRA form and have an inquiry (even though this may not be the best place to ask) about a question that says "Have you ever been charged with a felony?". I was a victim of identity fraud and was arrested coming hom...
01 day 21 hours ago
The Forgotten IBD: Big 4 Corporate Finance - Q&AAfter spending a few years on the site, I've noticed a lot of misinformation spread around regarding the banks who don't quite fit into the BB / MM / boutique subsectors: The Big 4 Corporate Finance (M&A) groups. Judging from the lack of resumes we receive for our open analyst and associate pos...
2311 day 23 hours ago
Need Advice - Let go while interviewing elsewhereI was interviewing for lateral moves and was also considering corp fin and jobs outside of banking. Current 2nd year analyst, but was let go (without cause..I guess I can technically say I resigned) for non-performance related reasons last week. I have applications in at a number of other firms (h...
01 day 23 hours ago
Transition to IB Analyst role 2 years out of UndergradWondering if anyone can share their story or offer advice on moving to an entry level IB Analyst position 2 years out of undergrad. Currently working in Asset Management at a BB and have looked into transitioning but all entry-level positions seem to be allocated to the new grads and returning inter...
71 day 23 hours ago
D&A for Aerospace/Defense CompaniesHi guys, Was trying to teach myself some merger modeling and picked Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman as two random companies to model a hypothetical merger. Looking through their 10-k's, I noticed neither of them listed D&A on their income statements, but it does appear on their cash flow. ...
51 day 23 hours ago
Goldman and Tesla's $2B Equity Offering On Wednesday, before the stock market opened in New York, Goldman Sachs analyst Patrick Archambault upgraded shares of Tesla. Archambault put a "Buy" rating and a $250 per share price target on the stock due to what he sees as the market's failure to "fully [capture] the company's disruptive potent...
292 days 6 min ago
Engineer. Wall Street Prep Premium Package worth buying to break into BB IB?I am currently an engineer with no financial valuation experience. My internships include a blogging internship, a virtual internship (basically to take up space), and a PWM internship. Would taking this course and putting it under education potentially help me in finding an internship? (actual expe...
The New Monkey
12 days 11 min ago
Political Economy Berkeley or UCLA Econ (both transfer)Did community college in Southern California. Got into top two UC's but have to decide between them. ...
22 days 47 min ago
Why Everyone Hates Wall Street To summarise: trust. In this article from Business Insider, Lloyd Blankfein's speech in Goldman's annual meeting highlights the issue of trust in Wall Street and investment banking processes. In investment banking, when people are confident there are "more financings, more equity raises, because ...
212 days 1 hour ago
How do you view applicants who have undergone mandatory military service?During the resume screening process how do you view applicants who have undergone mandatory service (combat not support units) in countries such as Israel, Singapore, South Korea etc? I understand that military service is looked upon favourably but this usually applies to US military vets who have ...
112 days 2 hours ago
Please help - Balance sheet won't balance Hi everyone, I'm new to WSO and having big problems trying to get my From 2017 onwards my balance is jumping by about 5k a year, i have split it out into full change in difference and half change in difference to help try and identity the error. If anyone can offer and tips or advice, that would b...
22 days 2 hours ago
Big 4 transaction services to boutique investment bankHi All, I have a strange background but managed to get into Technology Transaction Services at a big 4 in the UK (I've been there since a year). I've been promised a manager position next year (I'm 28). I've received a offer from a boutique IB firm of 20 employees focusing on mid-cap tech deals in a...
02 days 2 hours ago
How do you deal with a 7 day work week?Hey guys, I'm going to SA with a group that doesn't have a Saturday/weekend policy. So I'm curious...for those of you who are expected to be in the office both days of the weekend, when/how do you find time to go to the gym, do laundry, get your hair cut, etc.? Assuming you can find a convenient 2...
12 days 3 hours ago
Transfer to Boston University or Northeastern University? Or stay at Fordham University for Finance/Wall StreetI Currently attend Fordham University. I Was accepted to BU Questrom and Northeastern D'Amore-McKim as a transfer and I am deciding on where to transfer (or stay) for a future career in Wall Street/Finance. [Specifically Real Estate Finance related]. I would be coming in as a junior. Which school wo...
02 days 4 hours ago
jp morgan Asset Management Risk Summer Analyst InternshipI am having an incoming interview with JPM, and the position is Asset Management Risk Summer Analyst. Does anyone know what this job is about and the exit opps? Thanks! Below is the selected jd: Understanding, mitigating and managing risk is at the forefront of how we do business, and critical to ou...
62 days 5 hours ago
Advice on Student CV for IBHey folks, I am a bit of a newbie here, thought of giving a go to tear apart my CV. Best, Mantas ...
12 days 5 hours ago
Info interview with a person at the firm you’ve already accepted an offer withI recently reached out to someone at the firm I will be interning at this summer to conduct an informational interview. My main goal was to figure out what I can start doing to prepare for my internship so that I can shorten the learning curve when I start. After I was out of questions I asked wheth...
02 days 5 hours ago
London Recruiting: Is Greenwich Partners good?edit: Another headhunter I used to be in contact with was , but now when I look them up on linkedin it doesnt seem like they have any employees any more? Anyone know if these guys are still active? Just want to make sure I'm not missing any opportunities out there , t...
202 days 5 hours ago
Sophomore Summer InternshipHi, I'm a student at a semi-target and I just finished up my freshman year with a 3.9 GPA (finance major, Spanish minor). I play on the lacrosse team at my school, in the investment club, business club, and plan on becoming an economics tutor next semester. Needless to say, I am interested in invest...
32 days 6 hours ago
PE Intern I am a summer intern at a Apollo, however, I go to a non-target school. With that said I am curious to know if a brand name internship helps during FT? ...
132 days 6 hours ago
Lay offsWas just let go from UBS as first year analyst. Know of any other instances in the bank/across the street recently? They said it was a downsize, just want to make sure and not sure where to go from here. Thanks, :( ...
272 days 7 hours ago
IB or PE Junior InternshipHi, I am a junior at one of HYPSM, and was fortunate enough to receive multiple offers for the summer, including offers at IBD at BBs and an offer at a PE firm. I was wondering what could be the downsides to going straight into PE as an undergrad, and skipping the learning process as an IB junior ba...
22 days 7 hours ago
<1 year Analyst deal skillsDoes anyone know about situations where a less experienced analyst lands a PE/corp dev/Associate role? For example, <1st year IBD Analyst moving to PE as an analyst. What would the role entail? Is it just mainly pulling numbers together, editing slides, or updating Excel files to make more curren...
02 days 7 hours ago
Master in Finance choice: Frankfurt School vs. St. Gallen vs. WHU Otto BeisheimHi all, I have a tough decision to make, choose my Master in Finance program. This is an important choice IMO and since I want to work in IB I thought it would be useful to ask you guys who already made it for your experience and advice. I am: - Croatian male (EU on paper, but still international ...
72 days 8 hours ago
Best way to get a start-up / tech corp dev job as an IB analyst?Are there any good articles / resources / guides on how to get a start-up / tech corp dev job as an IB analyst? Which kinds of jobs should IB analysts target? Is networking important or do employers prefer recruiters / online applications? ...
32 days 9 hours ago
What's an entry-level finance job for the DC market?Hi, any of you familiar with the DC market (I know, I know, it's not NYC) would you suggest an entry-level finance job I can get, while I (a) take a summer pre-mba course online and a fall prep course in class for CFA 1 exam December administration? Ultimately, I am interested in investment banking....
IBflat major
02 days 10 hours ago
Operations Middle Office or Asset Management Reporting roleHi everyone, Some advice needed here. I get out from the university about 5 years ago and currently working towards the final CFA exam in June. I have been working in a custody operations role in an international bank. I am possibly having two choices for my next career move: (1) a Middle Office Cl...
22 days 10 hours ago
When to start?So, two parts to this thread. I'm hoping to 1) receive some advice on my next steps as an aspiring investment banking analyst and 2) facilitate and start a discussion for younger guys looking to get some tips on what to do. Yes, I know there are PLENTY of threads similar to this, however I think tha...
12 days 11 hours ago
HK SA: JPM M&A vs BAML M&AHey guys - which is better in terms of dealflow and reputation? JPM or BAML, both of their respective M&A teams? This is for Hong Kong btw, although I'm interested in how the situation is in NY as well. Thanks, Scrooge ...
22 days 11 hours ago
Curious GPA Question?Lowest GPA you've seen get a job with a BB? I'm worried that not withdrawing from a class will screw me and was just seeing what the chances are..I currently have a pretty good GPA but it could be in danger if I don't withdrawal. ...
392 days 12 hours ago
Swaps Trading/ Interest Rate Risk ManagementAny Swaps traders or working with interest rate risk management out here? I'm interested in knowing what its like to price swaps, hedge trades and work on a PV(01). Are these actual trading practices? or more middle office work. And how pressurised can it get? Generally how your role is like. I have...
02 days 13 hours ago
Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle as a SAWith the summer approaching I'm a bit concerned about my ability to stay fit for the whole 10 weeks. I understand that sacrifices have to be made but I was wondering if some junior bankers could share some tips on keeping relatively healthy. I can break down this problem into two categories, exercis...
Buckingham U
22 days 13 hours ago
Post MBA Associate in Hong KongI will be attending an M7 program this fall and will want to work in Hong Kong post-mba. It seems like most of the lucrative jobs (or total jobs) in Hong Kong are in Finance. I have two major questions: 1.) If money is not my highest priority, are there any alternative careers or specific groups in ...
32 days 13 hours ago
MS vs JPM (both in HK)A friend has received offers from both places in Hong Kong, and there's no guarantee which group he will be placed into. Which to choose? His main considerations are: prestige/deal flow/exit opps, full time return rate. Thanks! ...
192 days 13 hours ago
GS Controllers vs WF Regulatory & Risk ReportingI have two interviews coming up: 1) GS Controllers group and 2) Wells Fargo Regulatory & Risk Reporting group. These are both associate-level positions. I currently work in Advisory at a Big 4 and am looking to break into IB, either through an opportunity at a bank or using a bank to get into a ...
02 days 13 hours ago
IBD SA HK: BAML vs DB vs Nomura vs UBS Hi guys, I received offers or waiting to hear back about superday results from the above places for the positions. A bit background about myself, I am a junior year student, and just looking to get as much deal exp as I can. Does anyone in HK or worked in HK have an opinion on which shop to go to? I...
112 days 13 hours ago
Bad grade on training examDidn't realize how intensive the WallStreetPrep exams were and thought that whatever I had retained from the course would be sufficient. Was definitely wrong and now have a "Failed" status for an integral course. I went through my mistakes and I understand a bunch of them (added an extra line item h...
32 days 14 hours ago


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