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05 months 2 weeks ago
Goldman Sachs HireVue Hey everyone! I just finished a first round interview with GS through hirevue, does anyone know how long it takes to hear back? It's hard to tell how I did but will GS still send an email about next steps even if you weren't selected to move on. Thanks! ...
971 min 53 sec ago
WHAT TO DO, WHAT TO DOStuck in a dead end job....well, at least it feels like I'm at the brink of being stuck. I just recently graduated (28 yrs old, worked since 12 yrs old helping to contribute to a single parent household) with a B.S. in economics from a non-target school and took a job as an analyst in the back offi...
103 min 34 sec ago
Feeling uselessHello everyone! I'm a little bit frustrated. Briefly about me: 2 months ago I started as an analyst at Equties Sales at top bank in EM country in EE. My department headcount is fairly small, there are 2 MDs (ex BB) and me. I have never worked directly such senior persons. So basically to develop and...
35 min 34 sec ago
Paranoid about recruitersHow do you guys communicate with recruiters who reach out to your company email? Is it weird that I'm paranoid as shit that my email will get flagged or some other nonsense? Would love to hear systems used from people who have gone through recruiting, thx! ...
912 min 5 sec ago
Goldman Sachs - Shoplifting - Backgroung CheckI received an offer from Goldman Sachs to work in Operations. I had a shoplifting charge expunged off my record and therefore I did not disclose it during the background questioner. Is this something I should be worried about? Even if it is expunged could they still use it to deny me employment? Has...
726 min 9 sec ago
Guys, what's your opinion on dating female bankers?The question is pretty much self-explanatory--what's your thoughts on dating a female banker: yay or nay? ...
8326 min 33 sec ago
How many seniors don't have full-time offers yet?Hey Monkeys, is anyone else in the same boat as me and doesn't have an offer yet? I've been stressing out a lot lately about recruiting and wanted to know how many people are in my situation. I go to a small semi-target and have no desire to work at NYC or a BB so I've been looking at boutiques. Tha...
2127 min 32 sec ago
Guggenheim SA Program?Any insight into the summer analyst program Is it generalist? Are full-time analysts placed into a specific industry group? Work across all transaction types (debt, equity, M&A)? ...
142 min 52 sec ago
Unlevered FCF = Enterprise ValueHi everybody, I just read that unlevered FCF gives the Enterprise Value, and unlevered FCF are before Interest Expense (Debt) and Interest Income (Cash). To do a simple bridge calculation we do equity value + Net Debt = Enterprise Value. So we add the Net Debt, whereas as i said just above I read th...
444 min 52 sec ago
Should I delay graduation by a semester for a summer internship at a large bank?So here is the deal: although I am set to graduate next May, I somehow got an IB summer internship at a large bank(not BB, but similar to RBC, Nomura type), and might get return offer from it, so now I am thinking, should I delay graduation by a semester to do that internship? Of course I don't have...
1553 min 23 sec ago
M&A and PE at a No-Name Boutique Hey Monkeys, I have an offer from a no-name boutique in a 2nd/3rd tier city, which I wasn't that stoked about. But after talking with the MD, he said I would do mostly M&A (sell-side and buy-side), but I could also work with their small PE arm (there is also a restructuring arm which I could may...
21 hour 19 min ago
CITI FIG vs. UBS LFFSI have offers from UBS LevFin and Citi FIG for a SA role. I am more interested in LevFin/M&A than FIG, but am nervous about accepting an offer from UBS after reading many forums. Thoughts on exit ops/ culture in both groups? ...
51 hour 44 min ago
DCF method - taxes and EBITHi everybody, Concerning the DCF method, could you please tell me why do we substract taxes from EBIT and not from EBITDA or Net Income or any other item ? Many thanks ...
61 hour 53 min ago
Deutsche Bank Superday 10/21/16 IBDDid anyone hear back from the DB superday for corporate finance? Interviewed on Friday 10/21/16 for target school. would HRs call on weekends or no...? This for summer analyst positions, not FT. ...
242 hours 25 min ago
Debt Capital Markets at a Private Consumer Lending Company ??? - Career AdviseHello all, This is my first post so apologies if I am breaking any forum etiquette in advance, I have searched the forums for anything similar to what I am looking for advise for and couldn't find anything so I'm posting here in hopes that I get some useful insights. First of all, to introduce mys...
02 hours 46 min ago
Barclays London IBD Team choiceHi Guys, So I got an SA offer for Barclays London and they now asked me what group I want to be in. I got the opportunity to speak some analysts, but I wanted to know what the (unbiased) opinion on WSO is. I would like to get as much modeling and M&A exposure as possible (no they don't have a de...
03 hours 26 min ago
Blackstone Multi Asset Investing VS IBD MM/BB 2017 SAI think the title speaks for itself. What would have better exit opportunities and lifestyle? I heard BX's Multi Asset Investing team is essentially AM, but I could be wrong For MM/BB think RBC/WFS ...
53 hours 29 min ago
Books To Learn On High-Yield Bonds & LoansHello all, I work as a ratings advisor in the debt capital markets team of a Bank. However, wanted to learn more about Covenants, Structuring, Pricing and the like - especially in the high yield space. Any recommendations on which books I could pick up for the same? Thanks ...
23 hours 33 min ago
SUMMER ANALYST BB SUPERDAYS ON RIGHT NOW?Hey Guys! Which BB/EB have their Summer Analyst Super Days going on right now? Has anyone heard back from MS, BAML, CS and Barclays? Which Middle Market banks are giving out first rounds now? Please share guys! Thank you. ...
326 hours 29 min ago
A Finance Degree is Worthless: Here's WhyI know this question has been asked MANY times. But, once again.. Which major is better overall, in terms of jobs? I come from a non-target school, and it seems like every student here has a hard time getting a general finance internship/job, (never mind investment banking). At this point, I assume...
716 hours 43 min ago
Evercore vs. Moelis vs. Citi M&A vs. CenterviewNeed advice, I have these offers for SA 2017 - I know most people would say EVR but there's a few extra factors in play in my mind. I've already interned at Citi m&a, so having done 2 internships before FT there would put me in a good position to get on big deals (and m&a handles most execu...
47 hours 10 min ago
2017 Summer Analyst IB Recruiting Timeline Megathread PagesClick here for the 2017 FT IB Analyst Recruiting Megathread discussion page. APPLICATIONS / INTERVIEWS / SUPERDAYS Goldman Sachs Morgan Stanley J.P. Morgan Bank of America ML Citigroup Barclays Credit Suisse Deutsche Bank UBS Wells Fargo Applications open: Lazard Lazard Middle Market Jefferies Cen...
5907 hours 24 min ago
Is it okay to disclose HR's email to a friendSo my friend run into some technical issue when applying for a bank. He reached out to me because I have been through the recruiting process with the same bank and asked me for HR's contact. Without hesitation, I gave him HR's email. By hindsight, I realized that I did so without asking HR's permiss...
99 hours 37 min ago
2017 FT IB Analyst Recruiting MegathreadWhen does FT IB Analyst recruiting typically start? I am a recent graduate (May 2017), and am wondering when banks will start taking resumes/interviewing online, or via other methods. Thanks guys! ...
4699 hours 40 min ago
2017 Summer Citi Sophomore Leadership ProgramHey guys, I'm starting a thread for this program since first rounds are supposed to start coming out this week. Has anyone received anything yet? ...
210 hours 6 min ago
UBS LF/FS or M&A?I read amongst UBS group, LF/FS places well for exit opps. How's M&A in UBS in terms of exit opps? ...
010 hours 7 min ago
Guggenheim vs. Lincoln International vs. Houlihan Lokey vs. MacquarieTitle says it all, which one should I take for IB. Mostly interested in HC, but open to other groups as well. ...
1110 hours 28 min ago
How To Pull Off An Internal TransferA lot of people are unhappy in their jobs. In fact, 2.8 million Americans quit their jobs every month. I've written extensively about how you should quit your job, and for many people, that advice is all they need. There is, however, one situation where that advice does not suffice. Some people are ...
110 hours 43 min ago
How are you spending the final undergrad year after accepting an offer?For those of you not just in AM but also in IB that have been fortunate enough to receive a return offer or have gotten a position somewhere else, what do you plan on doing for the next 5-8 months? I'm ahead on my credits and will only be taking two upper finance courses in the spring (both of which...
1510 hours 54 min ago
Negotiating for a 3rd year position - unique situationThrowaway since this probably would make it too easy to tie me to my real account. Anyways, I'm a 2nd year analyst at a top MM in a super lean industry team (<10 people). It's been made clear to me for a while now that I have the option to stay for a 3rd year if I wanted to (was easily placed to...
610 hours 57 min ago
Mid-Market M&AHello everyone, does anyone have experience atRBC "mid-market" M&A or Big4 Corp finance M&A Curious about exit opps and if this closes any doors on working at boutique investment banks in the future. Thank. ...
211 hours 5 min ago
Bain Capital PE vs PJT RSSGHi monkeys, I go to a top target (H/W) and I am currently deciding between 2 SA offers. I am learning towards PJT RSSG due to the highly technical exposure in RX and having the flexibility to switch to L/S HF, PE, distressed HF/PE in the near future. I understand that Bain Cap is already buy-side b...
1611 hours 24 min ago
PE Recruitment - Prefer to Leave NYC? Hi - First year at a top BB (NYC) here preparing for PE recruitment process. Ideally targeting upper middle MM / MM PE firms; no interest in MF or growth equity. As I begin to think increasingly more about where I want to end up post-banking, geographically speaking, it would be very helpful to rece...
312 hours 18 min ago
Chances of IB at BBStats: School: Top 5 state school. (Think business programs at UNC, UVA, Michigan, or Berkeley) Concentration: Business with a second major in economics, minor in computer science. GPA: 3.9+ Extracurricular: Personal investment portfolio/experience. (Option trading, and event driven mostly in devel...
912 hours 50 min ago
BIWS Program OrderI recently found out that I got into B-school and have decided to sign-up for some BIWS courses to familiarize myself with excel, modeling, and IB recruiting information. I am trying to decide whether I should sign-up for the interview guide or the excel and fundamentals program first. I noticed pe...
613 hours 1 min ago
2017 SOPHOMORE Diversity/Non-Diversity Summer Analyst Recruiting Megathread PageThe general IB recruiting is really useful but posts about sophomore programs get buried so made a sophomore specific thread. Here are some of the ongoing sophomore diversity/non diversity programs and recruiting for investment banking and other divisions -Wells Fargo -Citi -JP Morgan -Morgan Stanle...
2313 hours 35 min ago
Senior, No Offer What Now? I am Currently a senior at a target school in Canada and interned at a boutique investment bank in Toronto during the summer. I got a few first round interviews for the Big 5 investment banks, but didn't land an offer. It seems like all the banks are done recruiting, and I am panicking. I am not sur...
314 hours 10 min ago
Major/minor for business school?Hey guys, So real quick I'm a Finance major and Econ minor at a target school, going to be working at an investment bank after graduation. Just wondering, I'm thinking about dropping the econ minor. Do business schools (M7) care if you have a minor or not, or if you double major with regards to appl...
314 hours 16 min ago
How much does major matter?Right now, I'm a senior in high school. I am contemplating between Marquette Business School or UIUC economics (non-business school). UIUC has a better school and is cheaper in general, but I won't be going to the business school. However, at Marquette, I prefer the size,I get to go to the business ...
214 hours 23 min ago
Wells Fargo Sophomore Diversity Summit 2016Just got the email invite to the Wells Fargo sophomore diversity summit in Charlotte, anyone else going? ...
2214 hours 47 min ago
Back Office Interview Starting?I know front office interviews are taking place now but when do back office interviews start? I've only heard back from Operation positions. But not Audit, Finance, etc. ...
014 hours 53 min ago
Getting Dinged - Fit Issues as an introvertFirst post here. I'm a senior at a borderline semi-target liberal arts school (top 35 in US News National if that means anything) going through FT IB recruiting. Long story short, OCR at my school is thin, but I managed to get 2 super days with Southern MM banks. I believe I checked all the boxes in...
1815 hours 37 min ago
Drexel Burnam Lambert vs. Lehman Bros for IBD SA? Hey guys, I have offers from DBL and Lehman for 2017 SA IBD. I've heard great things about both firms but I was hoping I could reach out and hear from some of you guys that are experienced and know a lot about finance. My main concern is which bank has more prestige. I don't really care about anyth...
Cosimo de' Medici
515 hours 42 min ago
goldman summer vs tier 2 full timeposted a similar article before for a friend who had a goldman offer for the 10 week ibd summer internship starting june 2017 and also had a tier 2 (or tier 3 not really sure what banks fall into what tier tbh.. inbox me if you wanna know the name) full time analyst ibd offer to start july 2017, he ...
615 hours 45 min ago
Covering letter second opinionMy name is [] and I am currently a second year student at the University of Warwick studying for an MPhys in physics. After carefully researching your company and its growing position in the market, I am writing to outline my keen interest in the Equity Capital Markets Insights Program at UBS. I ha...
016 hours 10 min ago
Lateral: Too Soon?Hey everyone, I have a question on BB lateral hiring that I know some others may be interested in as well. I'm a first-year analyst at a regional MM (STRH, RJ, etc). I'm interested in making the jump to a BB. I'd like to be in an industry group (industrials). Question is, how soon is too soon to beg...
316 hours 18 min ago
is no cGPA on resume an auto ding?have heard conflicting views on this... for those in the industry going through resume screening.. would you toss the resume altogether? cgpa is 3.4 and 2nd year GPA is 3.8 ...
116 hours 26 min ago
70k pro rate intern salary at MMDelete delete delete delete delete delete delete delete delete delete delete delete delete ...
1116 hours 35 min ago
Color on Relationship Manager and Portfolio Manager RolesI had a conversation with a contact at a large (top ten) commercial bank, we mostly spoke about their capital markets roles, but he asked if I'd consider a relationship management role or portfolio manager role. This would be in corporate banking either as a generalist with a geographic footprint or...
217 hours 2 min ago
Top Groups in Toronto? What are the top investment banking groups in Toronto and how large are teams? I've heard that Canadian banks generally do better in Canada than globals and that most global offices are generally pretty small and deals are run out of their NY offices. Is this generally true? ...
317 hours 57 min ago
Seeking advice on converting 2nd tier BB SF tech SA to top tier FT? I recently received an offer from 2nd tier BB SF tech group and was wondering as to how the recruiting landscape looks like for FT positions for 1st Tier banks like GS/MS/Q/JPM. Also, I know people at JPM/Q and will definitely be able to reach out to them for clarifications but wanted to get some a...
818 hours 23 min ago
JPM CIB Risk Summer Analyst 1st round phone interviewHey guys, I got selected for a first round phone interview for JPM Corporate & Investment Bank Risk Summer Analyst position next Monday. I was just wondering what I should expect for the interview, will it be mostly fit or some technicals as well? I've looked at questions for IB such as valuatio...
218 hours 46 min ago
Convertible Bonds Exit OppsWhat are the typical exit opps for a convertible bonds origination desk (the converts team in ECM) at a BB? I searched and found the common response that they are better than vanilla ECM but not much more that. Any help is appreciated. ...
319 hours 41 min ago
Wells Fargo 2017 SA Anyone else have a first round today? Just wanted to create a thread for everyone that's going through the process ...
4119 hours 58 min ago
My path from non-target to BB IB I am posting this because this site has been a tremendous help when I was first getting started. In no way do I view my story as special, I actually believe that people from my background are extremely common in my experience, but people on this board seem to think going to a non-target is a death s...
1320 hours 54 min ago
Has any sophomores landed an offer?If so, please comment. Curious to see what sophomores are up to. I have a couple friends who did superdays but no luck. ...
021 hours 9 min ago
News impact on share price dataDoes anyone know of a good resource for the reasons behind key developments in a specific share price? In other words, somewhere I can go back, lets say 3 years, and find out the reason behind certain significant developments (increase or decrease in share price)? Google Finance and Reuters have som...
021 hours 15 min ago
Real life Patrick Bateman ...
221 hours 20 min ago
Anybody actually heard from Duff and Phelps corporate finance?I interviewed at Duff and Phelps for their corporate finance first analyst role last week and haven't heard back yet, was wondering is there anyone in the same boat? Or has anybody already heard back?? Thanks. ...
321 hours 21 min ago
Most important things to know as an analyst intern?Current student at a semi-target in the Midwest hoping to land an internship; just seeking advice to better prepare myself if I get in somwhere. ...
323 hours 8 min ago
How to enter IB after Teach For America?Hi there, I graduated from Yale in 2015 without any background whatsoever in finance. I'll be completing my two-year Teach For America program in June 2017. At that time, I'll be 24 years old without any formal finance training but great interest in banking. Questions I have for y'all: 1. What aven...
523 hours 12 min ago
Interview and GPAHello! I applied for IBD at JP after taking summer summer classes, I completed summer classes and my GPA was up however couldn't pay the tuition for it so I'm being told that my credits for the summer may not count. I've paid for the fall though. I've also disclosed this and was told to submit updat...
923 hours 12 min ago
Why is it controversial to finance a buyout with the target's cash?So I heard an associate discussing how somebody should not build in the functionality in an lbo model that would allow the buyer (PE firm) to finance the transaction with the target's cash. Why is that? Don't you have a lot of cases where the market steps in and punishes the co for hoarding too much...
023 hours 16 min ago
SEC S-4 equivalent in the UK and GermanyDear all, I am sorry for the noob question. I am sure they both have it but I can't seem to find it. I need some data on company's own valuation report for my thesis research. Thanks in advance! ...
023 hours 51 min ago
Thoughts On In-House Buyside Roles At A Bank?I've noticed that many firms like MS, JPM, & GS have their own PE/HF/etc. depts. What do you guys think about these roles compared to other FO roles? It seems as though some (eg. GS PIA) usually hire internally from their IBD class, is this normally the case? ...
1423 hours 58 min ago
number of bankersRoughly how many bankers across all products and sectors do each of the following shops have? This information is surprisingly difficult to find. PJT/BX: Goldman:Evercore:Morgan Stanley:Lazard:J.P. Morgan: Centerview:BAML:Greenhill:Credit Suisse:Moelis:Barclays:Deutsche Bank:Citi:UBS: ...
11 day 1 hour ago
JP Morgan Asia Jumpstart EventAnyone here has received the interview invitation for the JPM Asia Jumpstart Event in NYC? Some of my friends have received the interview, but I haven't. Anyone knows that whether they will send out more invitations? ...
341 day 2 hours ago
Recipe for luck maximization in life ?an off topic disussion what are the ways to improve your luck exposures in life................................................................................................ ...
01 day 5 hours ago
Why would a lower middle market firm owner choose to sell his/her firm?There are tons of reasons to buy or add-on. However, I can't really think of good reasons to sell other than the owners trying to capitalize on the assets, getting out of the business, or that the price is just right... any help is appreciated!! ...
01 day 6 hours ago
D.A Davidson Los Angeles OfficeHi guys, I have a first round with D.A Davidson coming up and was wondering if you guys have any insights on the LA group's industry coverage? ...
51 day 6 hours ago
JPM Proud to BeDid anyone get an update on this? I got an email about a first-round phone interview with the Markets division. ...
251 day 9 hours ago
What to Bring to Superday?This might be a silly question, but I come from a very non-core school and also have no friends in the industry, so I have no people to reference. Should I bring anything to a superday? As in, copies of resume, work examples, financial calculator, pen & paper, etc. etc. Thanks all ...
101 day 10 hours ago
HSBC SA IB Assessment Test?Has anyone taken the HSBC online Assessment Test for SA IB yet? I have just taken it last night and wanted to see when I would be able to know if I got put through to the next round. Also has anyone had the phone interview yet? Is it mostly behavioral questions? ...
51 day 10 hours ago
BAML IBD SUPERDAY 10/21Has anyone heard anything yet? I know they mentioned we are supposed to hear by this coming Friday. Also another question-- what is the deal with the gift cards they gave us? Do we just keep them and use them up and not submit any reimbursements? ...
21 day 11 hours ago
How much does an M7 MBA matter in the buyside?Hey guys, So how much does an M7 MBA matter really for getting into a good buyside shop? In terms of life after undergrad, and then maybe a few years in banking/ER (and maybe 2 years in PE, maybe not) a lot of people apply to an MBA, hoping to land at an M7. But really, how much does this matter whe...
21 day 11 hours ago
What are some of the industry specific multiples for biotech companies?What are some of the industry specific multiples for biotech companies? Like a botox manufacturing company. ...
01 day 12 hours ago
Houlihan Lokey Best offices for Restructuring and Corp Fin?Have a first round interview next week and they asked me to list my office locations, but I'm not really sure. I heard it doesn't vary TOO much between offices, but I feel like since LA is their HQ, it might be best. Any thoughts? ...
11 day 12 hours ago
Goldman Sachs Internship Background CheckHi guys, I recently got a summer internship offer from GS in the operations division. I have a question about their background check. In my resume, I listed my major GPA under "GPA:...", but not specifies as "Major GPA:...". I assume that they would think the number after GPA on my resume is my cumu...
31 day 12 hours ago
My Experience as a Market Risk AnalystPost any questions you may have and I'll do my best to answer! There doesn't seem to be much information on this website regarding this niche role so I'd like to just expand on this and hopefully future readers can gain insight on this function. I interned this past summer in Market Risk at a top B...
411 day 13 hours ago
Tier 3 Bank in NY vs Big 5 in CanadaWould it be better to take a FT offer from a Tier 3 bank in NY (SMBC, SunTrust, BTMU, ING etc) or Big 5 Bank in Canada? ...
11 day 13 hours ago
Basic accounting question (how does this flow through statements)This question actually comes up from the M&I guide (Q16 pg 82) but I need some further explanation Question: you sell 10$ of inventory for 20$ revenue - how does this flow through? Answer: IS: NI goes up by 6 CF: +6 from NI, and then +10 from decrease in 10$ in inventory = +16BS: inventory goes ...
21 day 13 hours ago
How to value a leasing company?Not really sure what model/multiple I should use to value a leasing company,any insight is appreciated :) ...
21 day 13 hours ago
Paper LBO model examples?Does anyone have a "paper" lbo model in excel which assumes constant debt pay-down at EOY? Most that I've seen only model out paying the debt down in the sale year, but I'm trying to find one where interest is accruing from multiple different creditors and the cash generated each year goes to payin...
01 day 15 hours ago
2017 APAC IBD Summer Analyst Interview UpdateDoes anyone know if Citi, BAML, DB, or GS has started sending out first round interview invitations? I know MS, JPM, and CS have, but I am not sure about the others. ...
251 day 17 hours ago
JP Morgan Corporate Analyst Development ProgramI received an internship offer for JP Morgan's Corporate Analyst Development Program. Instead of a pro-rated salary, I'm being paid hourly and overtime pay which I thought was kinda weird. I was wondering what's the general reputation of the program? If anyone who has done the program: is overtime ...
01 day 19 hours ago
Public Finance Superday - Technical Questions?Hi everyone, I've somehow managed to get invited back to a BB public finance superday. Considering my limited finance experience, what technical questions should I prepare for? They asked a basic bond and interest rates stuff in the first round, and I don't know how much more technical it'll get for...
61 day 19 hours ago
Surgery for "why low GPA"?Had an operation done in first year prior to finals, and ended with a 3.0 that year. In second year I was able to get a ~3.8 and had decent extracurrics and work exp on my resume too. Assuming I get a first round interview, is that a reasonable answer? ...
81 day 19 hours ago
Msc. Finance/Accounting and FinanceHello guys, I am looking for some advice over which program to apply. Would you suggest me to apply to Msc. in Finance or Msc. in Finance&Accounting at Imperial? My goal is to work later in M&A. Looking at the course content i was leaning towards F&A however looking at the employment rec...
01 day 20 hours ago
Brown for investment banking?Im a hs senior right now and am appling early decision to brown. Does anyone know the recruiting oppurtunities for ib from there and whether its considered a target? ...
61 day 21 hours ago
JP Morgan Launching Leaders 2017 DiscussionHi, I just wanted to start a thread for JPMs Launching Leaders program. Does anyone know when we will hear back? I interviewed for IB and Public Finance a couple days ago ...
521 day 22 hours ago
Anyone knows the Citi APAC Accelerated Recruiting in New York?I heard that there have been some invitations sent out for S&T and CMO, and some rejections sent out for S&T and CMO. What about IBD? Any update? ...
02 days 39 min ago
Is it crazy to take an offer from Deutsche BankI just received an exploding offer from DB (SA). I do not have any other offers at the moment, but have several superdays with other BBs. If I do not want to renegotiate, should I just take this offer? I am extremeley nervous I won't get another offer. I think I would take it any other Summer, ...
382 days 1 hour ago
Chicago Banking TimelineAny insight on the timeline for banks in Chicago? Have first rounds and superdays been given out yet? ...
12 days 1 hour ago
Do you regret not going into another industry?Do you regret not going into another industry? If so, what industry is it? From a curious fellow monkey. ...
22 days 4 hours ago
mobility from SF to NY (after SA to FT)Hi, I searched around the forum but felt that the other topics were a bit outdated/sparse. So I have an offer from GS/MS/JPM in San Francisco for banking (non tech) for summer analyst. If I want to end up in New York for full time, how difficult is it to make the geographical switch? Obviously I kno...
32 days 5 hours ago
Lazard first rounds?Hey everyone! Did anyone hear from Lazard ? if yes, which location? Any superday invites yet? Samridhi ...
02 days 5 hours ago
Company A has a higher EV/EBITDA than company B, but company B has a higher P/E than company A, why?Company A has a higher EV/EBITDA than company B, but company B has a higher P/E than company A, what are the possible explanations? ...
222 days 7 hours ago
Jefferies SA 2017Hello friends, Does anybody know when Jefferies NYC starts recruitment for non-core applicants? Also, do they recruit during spring for SA? Thanks! ...
32 days 7 hours ago
Capital Markets at CitiHello, I have an interview with CMO / capital markets at Citi next week. I was wondering if anyone interviewed with them and have any advice/tips on what it's like. Also, what does capital markets exactly do? I understand the general idea, but since CMO has so many groups within it, I'm having a har...
12 days 7 hours ago


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