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Next Recession, which Ivy League school and top firm will get the honorIt might be a crass subject but here I Go. We have some of our brilliant Ivy leagueres working in the likes of Godlamn and Morgan, working hard, to cause the next recession. Wondering out loud which ivy league school and which investment bank or prestigious firm will get the honor to cause the next ...
03 min 12 sec ago
Banks who recruit lateI started pursuing internships a bit too late - I'm a junior and wasn't totally sure what I wanted to do. Either way, I'm doing everything I can to try and land a summer analyst internship but a good amount of firms I've been able to get in touch with have come back saying they're done recruiting f...
1412 min 38 sec ago
NYC, Need a place to stay from 8.1 to 9.5Hi, I am a junior at UCSB. I will be interning at a boutique bank in NYC, so I wonder if any of you fellow bankers have a place I could stay at for a month? Since the internship is unpaid, I am expecting a low rate under 1000. Shoot me a text at 8054553565 . Tony ...
619 min 21 sec ago
J.P. Morgan Junior IB Analyst ProgramDoes anyone have any insight into this program: Says it is a one-year contract, while the typical role would be for two. ...
64846 min 27 sec ago
Breaking into IB from a non-finance degreeI was wondering, if its possible to break into I-banking as a non finance major, I'm majoring in Electrical Engineering and Economics(my school does offer Finance,but its extremely difficult to get in(Close to a 3.8) and my isGPA close to a 3.5(i am a sophomore).So i was wondering if it is possible...
459 min 28 sec ago
Voting for Bernie Sanders? Working at MegafundWe're here to make money. Anyone who says otherwise on WSO is a liar. Let's be real. That's why I got into finance initially. I've eventually learned to love the work and read about companies. I worked at BB firm and now am at a Megafund. Compensation really isn't my main concern now. I get overpai...
1691 hour 2 min ago
Public Finance Analyst - What do you do on the Job?Hey Guys, I am curious as to what to expect from a public finance interview. Additionally, I am curious to learn how PF is as a career as I come from an M&A boutique and am curious to learn more about what PF is all about. I have read the PF MI stuff but are you primarily working in DBC and doi...
171 hour 54 min ago
What happens if you fall asleep on the job?I can generally function well on little sleep, but sometimes I doze off at certain times (early afternoon, early evening) even when I'm well rested. I don't totally pass out or drop my head on the desk, I just fall into a very light sleep for ten minutes or so while I'm sitting at my desk and trying...
292 hours 11 min ago
Wells Fargo Principal InvestingDoes anyone have information on this group? I searched for previous posts, but wasn't able to find much. ...
32 hours 37 min ago
Global banks with non core assetHi all, Since recession, many global IBs have separated their non core assets that pull down profit into a separate unit and called it a "bad bank" , and started to divest the businesses. Is it bad to be aligned to such business group? You would get great experience in restructuring/turnaround, but...
02 hours 50 min ago
Any advice for if you dont get promoted to associate?So my friend started looking for a PE gig at end of her 2nd year (July 2015), but since then she's had a lot of interviews but hasn't landed anything. She's had so many interviews, that most people in her team have realised she's interviewing. She's due for the associate promotion this July, but gi...
82 hours 54 min ago
IB in 2016/17 - Recession?Hey all, I'm set to graduate in 2017 and recently accepted an SA offer. However, having seen the turmoil in the global public markets recently, I'm a bit concerned about how the economy will look in the next year or two before I graduate. Do any insiders who work in BB SA have thoughts on how deal ...
113 hours 55 min ago
King of Hong Kong: GS vs MSNew user here. Which bulge bracket investment bank is best in Asia/China? I've read somewhere that UBS is pretty good, but are GS/MS still tops? Which is better? ...
84 hours 12 min ago
how long after superdayHad a superday last Friday. What's the longest you'd wait before moving on? I reached out to someone on Tuesday and they said they haven't discussed the candidates yet. This is at a bigger firm. ...
74 hours 15 min ago
Poll shows growing cybersecurity risks for M&A, and little being done in responseA poll of 152 business, legal, and M&A professionals found that 85% of respondents saw growing cybersecurity risks, but only 65% of organizations had increased cybersecurity measures, and only 42% had received cybersecurity training. The M&A space was most affected. Is it still a playground ...
04 hours 27 min ago
Email Time after Superday?Is it a good idea to send thank you letters a day after the superday? I was told that if I will be on the waiting list, I will be compared to latter superday candidates. So it might do some good even after the superday. Thank you for any insights. ...
74 hours 31 min ago
Stay positiveHello folks, I would like to share my story a little bit for those who felt beaten up by the recruiting season. I was born and raised in a very underdeveloped city in China. I remembered the ranking, the GDP of my province is the second or third lowest in China. Although I went to relatively good el...
244 hours 35 min ago
Best Groups at Citi/DB/UBSI was wondering if anyone had any insight into the top groups at Citi, DB or UBS? ...
54 hours 58 min ago
What is the typical response time from GS IBD after superday?I had an IBD interview and haven't heard back in around 24 hours now. Is anyone familiar with how quick they give out offers? I heard rumors they give it out on the spot or within the first 24. When would I know that the offer was given to someone else to decide on? ...
65 hours 36 min ago
How long after a superday?How long after a Superday until you hear from them? Eg: If i had a superday Monday, when would I most likely hear back by? ...
135 hours 39 min ago
How long after GS superday?Hi everyone, I have attended the superday at Goldman Sachs in London 18 days ago and I still have not received any answer. Many interns tolse me to wait but I am so tired . Should I have to write? Someone has experienced something similar? Do you believe these still is hope to be selected ? Thank yo...
05 hours 45 min ago
Unpaid Internships and Background Checks for Summer AnalystsI signed an offer to be an IB SA at a large MM bank about a month ago. My work experiences from my freshman and sophomore summers were both unpaid, therefore I can't produce W2s or 1099s. I do have good references for each job, that if called, will confirm that I in fact worked where I said I did, w...
05 hours 55 min ago
Dilution of the CFA?As I'm seeing more and more of my colleagues and friends sit for the CFA, I have to ask myself, is its value slowly being eroded every year? Last year alone saw over 100,000 candidates sit for Level I. Granted only ~47% passed and an even smaller fraction will go on to actually receive their certifi...
Slick willy
66 hours 18 min ago
HSBC freeze on global hiring and payHi all, I'm currently signed to work for HSBC this summer in London in their GBM department as a coverage advisory SA. However, it was reported today that HSBC will go through a freeze on salaries and global hiring in 2016. Am I to assume that thi...
78 hours 36 min ago


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