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SPOTLIGHT: I-Banking Bullpen Rules and FAQsThe goal of Wall Street Oasis' I-Banking Bullpen is to give our users the best possible snapshot of life in investment banking, from internships and recruiting to compensation and career progression. Working towards that goal, we've created a Frequently Asked Questions page for Wall Street in genera...
04 years 7 months ago
Making the best of universityHey guys, currently a freshman at a decent university in Canada with plans to transfer to a target for junior year. Other than keeping a high GPA, what are the best things to do to get the most out of university in preparation for investment banking and just life in general? I've been in uni for a f...
11 hour 50 min ago
Already have a lot of money...should i really go into banking?At risk of sounding totally entitled and arrogant, I'm just gonna ask it the way it is... I'm 20 and have have inherited enough money that I probably have a higher net worth than most MD's I would potentially be working for. I'm ambitious, and motivated by career success and achievements, but not so...
181 hour 53 min ago
London Summer Internships: Greenhill vs Moelis Anyone got thoughts on how the two programmes compare, or more broadly how you would rank the two banks in London? ...
22 hours 59 min ago
Lateral Advice: GS Lev Fin Rx or JPM CRGAnyone strongly familiar with GS Restructuring (within Lev Fin) or with JP Morgan Consumer Retail Group? Please PM me or alternatively share general insight to exit opps, how much modeling is done, lifestyle etc. ...
83 hours 4 min ago
Advice from an ex-IB MD - The Importance Of FailureMod Note (Andy): Check out wilowallstreet's AMA here. The AMA is still live and he is actively answering any questions that you may have. I learnt a lot about failure during my time on Wall Street. Over the fifteen years, I felt like a failure every month. Failure did not feel good. Sometimes the fe...
153 hours 23 min ago
Barclays - LADoes anyone know anything about this office? Is it a generalist program between Financial Sponsors and Gaming & Lodging? I've heard it is separate but on linkedin there are a lot of former analysts that list both groups in their Bios. Would appreciate any further insight into these groups. ...
04 hours 22 min ago
Cold Email Template Opinions?Here's my template for contacting boutique investment banks. Hi xxx, I am writing to you to see if [firm name] has a summer internship program. If so, I would love to learn more about it and how to apply. I am currently a junior at [School] and set to graduate in May 2017. I have developed strong co...
44 hours 53 min ago
PwC TAS - Valuations vs. Deloitte Consulting - Federal Business Technology AnalystHello WSO, I wanted to post a discussion about two offers I received in the past week: PwC - TAS Valuations -Valuation and modeling of companies in deal environments -Providing value measurement and advisory -80+ hours a week during busy season, travel is possible -59k, no signing bonus, small perce...
65 hours 17 min ago
Restructuring - AdviceHey Everyone, I was wondering if you all had advice on how to prepare for a summer internship restructuring role. I'm going to try to read Moyer's "Distressed Debt" book, but are there any other tips you have? Are there any online courses I could take? Any help/advice is much appreciated - thank you...
36 hours 17 min ago
Project Finance - exit opportunitiesWhat kind of exit opportunties at Associate 2/3 level in Project Finance with a top player? ...
96 hours 20 min ago
Shots Fired - Deutsche Bank Co-CEO Cryan Says Bankers Still Paid Too MuchFrom Bloomberg:"Many people in the sector still believe they should be paid entrepreneurial wages for turning up to work with a regular salary, a pension and probably a health-care scheme and playing with other people's money," Cryan said at a conference in Frankfurt on Monday. "There doesn't seem t...
397 hours 37 min ago
HK SA: JPM M&A vs BAML M&AHey guys - which is better in terms of dealflow and reputation? JPM or BAML, both of their respective M&A teams? This is for Hong Kong btw, although I'm interested in how the situation is in NY as well. Thanks, Scrooge ...
18 hours 1 min ago
Wells Fargo: CHG: Consumer, Healthcare, GamingAnyone know anything about this group? Deal flow? Exit opps? Does it have in house M&A execution? All input is appreciated. ...
18 hours 6 min ago
Will my low SAT math score hurt me?I'm a freshman at UNC right now, and I'm looking to pursue NYC IB. Will having a low SAT math score (630) hurt me? I'm good at math, I got all As in advanced/AP math classes in high school, and I currently have an A in Calc Multi-Var, so I'm not concerned about my actual skill, but if I will be perc...
119 hours 22 min ago
Structured Products HelpHi everyone, wanted to get some thoughts here. Currently in a fixed income position with the chance to specify if I want to work with credit derivatives (CDS, IRS, etc) or work with structured products ( MBS,CMBS. Agency and non agency,etc). Was wondering what you guys thought of the outlook of two...
junior B
111 hours 22 min ago
Summer in Capital Markets to Coverage/M&A for FT?I have read a lot of old threads, but I still can't decide. Should I take an offer from BAML capital markets (ECM/DCM) or should I keep interviewing? Any OCR for my school is finished. The only possibility is that 2 BBs may come back to take more, but besides that, which isn't even a guarantee, I wo...
511 hours 36 min ago
Would You Buy a Mentor?I'm thinking about getting a career coach. I think it would be helpful for my long-term career development (not head hunter / job search). Was wondering if anyone out there had any advice / experiences to share, recommendations, cautionary tales etc. SB's for any valuable guidance. ...
1111 hours 38 min ago
When is the best time to cold-call a boutique investment bank?Compiled a list of 10-15 small boutiques that I have applied for today and I know I need to cold-call/ email asap. A fellow wso'ER who's in ib and certified told me that it is ok to be more direct when contacting these firms but I was wondering what time would be best to call? ...
Human Capital
012 hours 3 min ago
Banking is a Small World....but how small?How many investment bankers are there in the United States, total? How small of a world is banking (and finance in general) really? ...
312 hours 5 min ago


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