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09 months 2 weeks ago
What its like trying to break in to a top firm from a non-target...I'm not completely familiar with what its like coming from a target school, so a lot of this post could be off-base, but I don't think so... I hope you all enjoy the story, with bits of my own experience sprinkled in. The journey has been incredibly difficult and there is almost nothing else like it...
1724 sec ago
2017 MS Enhancement Program Thread2017 Enhancement Program applications are now live. Let's use this thread to keep up with interviews, super days, and offers. Feel free to mention: Division applied for: Target/Non-target: GPA: Previous Internships: (Yes/No) Good Luck. ...
311 hour 4 min ago
Broadhaven Capital Partners: Exit Opps, Culture, Comp?Financial services and technology merchant bank with offices in NYC and Chicago. Does anyone have any insight into dealflow, culture, exit opps, etc.? Thanks! ...
02 hours 19 min ago
Why the hell do people work in NYC/SF IBD?It makes absolutely no sense to me. I've heard a lot of people try to defend it, but it's simply indefensible. 100 hour weeks working at a BB making 150k (high end). 50% of income goes to Taxes, 30-40% is rent, 10% is food and 0-10% is savings. If you're 28 years only and you only have $50K saved, t...
572 hours 37 min ago
Summer Analyst Macquarie vs. Jefferies vs. Goldman SachsDeleted ...................................................................................................................................................................... ...
Ed Wuncler III
203 hours 10 min ago
Has anyone heard back from HSBC IB new york summer internship after doing online assessment?I applied for the HSBC NY summer internship back on December 18, finished and passed my online assessment on Dec 30, but have not heard back from them since? Is the online assessment done after they screen interviews, or does everyone who apply get to do it? Thanks. ...
183 hours 33 min ago
MM IBD vs. Pension Fund PE Looking for some opinions on this topic. Particularly looking at exit ops and top MBA candidacy. MM IBD SA - i.e. Stifel, Baird, Cowen, Raymond James, Macquarie or Pension fund PE SA - i.e. OMERS, OTPP, AIMCO, CPPIB I'm from the U.S. if that makes a difference for exits or anything. ...
44 hours 39 min ago
When would you quit? I have a dilemma - investment banking has been bad for my physical and mental health. I went through a period where I was still turning up to work but where my health was making it really hard for me to do much, and my performance reviews went from fantastic to unsatisfactory. Since then, the work I...
45 hours 15 min ago
BB, PE, or MBB?Just an undergrad here looking for career guidance. Could anyone shed some light on which has the highest mid-career pay, and which is the most intellectually stimulating/rewarding? My general idea is that PE pays the most, consulting is probably the most intellectually challenging. I'm trying to fi...
95 hours 19 min ago
Most Mundane ShitYou read correctly. What is the most mundane shit us monkeys do? This is what I've got so far (in no particular order): 1. Manual data entry 2. Working group lists 3. Buyer logs 4. Logo slides 5. Weird custom transaction precedents like break fees. Lay it on me. I want horror stories folks. ...
1005 hours 59 min ago
How exactly do SA Intern Sponsors at BBs talk to other groups during group placement?I've been told that the summer intern sponsors at each bank talk to other groups' intern sponsors about which interns they're interested in/which interns said they're interested in them. I was wondering how they go about this? Like do they just give each other a list of which interns said that they ...
06 hours 6 min ago
IB Summer Analyst Group Placement - lying about groups you're talking to??If a group asks you what other groups you've been talking to, and you haven't really spoken to anyone else because conversations with that group have been going really well, would it be bad to just give them a couple group names anyways? I mean even if things are going really well with them, I didn'...
16 hours 35 min ago
Group Selection J.P. MorganI accepted a generalist IBD Summer analyst offer at JPM in NYC. Now I am looking into which group I should go into. I was hoping someone could tell me which groups to look at and which to avoid with the ultimate goal being a PE exit. From what I've gathered top groups are: 1. HC 2. M&A 3. FSG/TM...
Jian Yang
317 hours 5 min ago
Science and Business Double Majorwould majoring in a science like Biology and in business (either finance or econ) be helpful for the future?? trying to make some life decisions and need some guidance/adivce. Thanks!! ...
47 hours 27 min ago
Automating M&A?Hey Guys, Read an article about how GS is exploring automation for M&A. Not so much for deal making but perhaps in terms of valuation, content creation etc. What do you guys think about this? Is it possible to occur in the next 5-10 years? Is Automated M&A something that will impact the IBD ...
67 hours 38 min ago
Interview experience w/ JPM Junior Analyst ProgramSo applications are up! You dont have to reveal actual interview questions. Just wanted to know how you're experience was for 2016 class. As for me, the interviewer seemed more like a gatekeeper from an admission staff. Its like I had the criteria for an interview, but since I came from a "non-tradi...
4107 hours 58 min ago
Afraid that no group will rank me for SA. Advice needed!I am going to be an SA in IBD at JP Morgan. I am currently going through the group placement stuff. I am really scared that I won't get my top groups and no group will rank me for SA. Any advice? ...
108 hours 21 min ago
Non-Big-4 Valuation Advisory to IB: How Likely?What's up jabronis, Just wondering if anybody has any anecdotal evidence regarding moving from a valuation advisory shop to a MM bank or boutique for a lateral Analyst hire. Missed the boat on Fall recruiting and have a couple other options in the works but think this could be a decent fall back o...
58 hours 37 min ago
Bad Teeth/Braces in an Interview?Hi all, I am a sophomore at an almost-target and I am getting ready for Junior SA recruiting season. My teeth are unfortunately really bad (massive overbite, many gaps, etc.) and I'm thinking of getting braces. If I get braces now, will I be off them in time for interviews? If not, would it be fine ...
389 hours 16 min ago
McKinsey & Company vs. Goldman Sachs - for an undergraduate.Had a few friends who were choosing between these two firms senior year. Two of them when to McKinsey, one went to Goldman. We had a lot of Consulting Vs. Banking back-and-forth, but I'd like to see what arguments this board has in support of either (and I realize that most are going to say Goldman,...
929 hours 19 min ago
Pigeon-holed before finishing undergrad?I'm a junior bsc economics student (3.75GPA) at a top 40 undergrad business school (non-target, but well known in tri-state area). I worked full-time in insurance sales for 3 years while earning an Associates Degree before transferring. I worked my way up from an individual producer to a sales manag...
011 hours 4 min ago
What you need to know about IBD in AsiaHello monkeys, any opinions/takeaways about investment banking in Asia? Here's what I have gathered from reading various threads on WSO: Hong Kong: Usually takes most of its analysts from top US/UK universities, although I heard recently they're taking grads from top local, Asia and Chinese school...
2712 hours 7 min ago
PJT Restructuring and Special Situations Group InterviewHi guys, I have a first-round interview with PJT Partners in its Restructuring and Special Situations Group for a summer associate position. If anyone can share some insight into what I should expect for interview questions of whether it be behavioral or technical and some information about PJT and ...
112 hours 7 min ago
AMA - Analyst at Top PE Fund (TPG, KKR, BX, OAK, Carlyle, APO)Hi everyone! Long term user, but new account here to preserve my anonymity. I'm currently a private equity analyst at one of the funds in the topic title. As some of our processes are slowing down, I wanted to check back into the forum and give back to the community. I still remember when I was a so...
13512 hours 11 min ago
Difficulty of Lateral InterviewsI was wondering what the difficulty of lateral interviews are? Are they about the same as coming out from school, slightly harder or significantly harder? Let's say I am at a boutique not getting much exposure to the technical aspects of deals so obviously I would want to make a move, what should I...
012 hours 51 min ago
Cold Emailing For Lateral - Waste of time?Ladies and gents, What are your thoughts on cold emailing for lateral hiring at the experienced analyst level? Even if the firm isnt hiring (or doesnt appear to be hiring), is it a waste of time to send emails? If not, how would you structure a cold email when there is no job posting at the firm? Th...
313 hours 2 min ago
What to wear to a work happy hour?Hey guys, I have a happy hour event in a few weeks at the boutique I will be starting at after graduation to meet the other analysts and get to know everyone at the firm. I was wondering what would be the appropriate attire for this type of event? I was thinking I should wear a full suit (better saf...
1513 hours 17 min ago
Could Lehman Brothers have been saved?Could Lehman have been saved? A professor at John's Hopkins, Lawrence Ball recently wrote a paper explaining that the fall of Lehman was primarily the fault of Henry Paulson. Here's a link to the paper: And a Bloomberg podcast of him explaining it on Bl...
Frank Quattrone
1013 hours 26 min ago
Opinions On Bryant University?Was recently accepted to Bryant University for undergraduate and they gave me a lot of money (25k per year and their highest scholarship is 30k per year). It will be somewhat hard to turn down their offer. How are Bryant students and the university in general regarded in the investment banking world...
3214 hours 53 min ago
Excel help! - copying and cell referencesSo I could use some help from any and all excel nerds, currently working with 3 copies of one excel databook and I now need to combine these 3 into 1. Most things aren't too difficult to copy over since you can just control f -> replace abc.xlsx so that cells no longer reference the other databoo...
017 hours 49 min ago
Why can't the growth rate be higher than the discount rate?Why can't the discount rate be lower than the growth rate in terminal value? What is the theoretical reason for it. Thanks. ...
1718 hours 33 min ago
IBD Takeover Defense Groups InterviewsHi guys, I'm currently at a target and have some interviews coming up with a bank's hostile takeover defense groups. Basically the group giving advice to target of a hostile takeover. I've been having some trouble getting good info on what these groups do day-to-day and what to expect in an intervie...
319 hours 47 min ago
Boutique IB offer vs. stay non-big 4 TASBackground: I'm a 2nd year analyst at a prominent non-big 4 firm doing TAS (valuation / M&A DD) and I just got an offer for a boutique bank (I'd solely be doing middle market M&A) in a second tier city, which I'm currently working in. FWIW, this is the first banking offer I've gotten. I have...
1319 hours 49 min ago
Fee Structure for Activism DefenseCurious what the fee structure is like for activism defense. Same as normal M&A deals or different? ...
219 hours 54 min ago
Day trader looking for IB jobHello WSO First time poster. I'm currently a finance undergrad in Dallas and have been trading crude oil futures for a few years now. I've managed to make some solid returns (50k last year trading 1-3 contracts). I'm working on landing an internship at an investment bank. How can I leverage my tradi...
111 day 2 hours ago
Chinese IBD or Hong Kong BoutiqueI have been through the SA recruiting process for BB's HK offices and had no luck landing an offer after few Superdays. As a result, I spent a lot of time reaching out to boutiques in HK and banks in China, and now I have landed an offer from a leading Chinese securities firm's IBD (not CICC) and an...
71 day 4 hours ago
PubFin at BB vs. Peter J. SolomonI have a full-time offer at a top BB in their Public finance group but received an interview with PJSC. Entered public finance without thinking about straight investment banking, but now considering going to PE as an exit opp. I'm at a target school and am looking at other opportunities but am leani...
21 day 4 hours ago
What should I be doing in college?Hello everyone. I am a recent admit to NYU Stern's undergraduate school. Although my interests might change in the future, I am currently interested in going into investment banking as a future career. I have a few questions as know less about this industry than almost everyone here, since all of yo...
31 day 7 hours ago
Is there any part of the financial industry that is growing?So me and my colleagues were discussing over lunch how things are generally worse off in the industry since its heyday. Investment Banks face more regulations. Equity research and S&T revenues are dropping (atleast for European banks) Hedge funds and AM are seeing money move to passive funds The...
701 day 7 hours ago
Nerves and excitement - Tips to help out a sophomore SA I have been reading WSO since senior year of high school when I knew that I wanted to go into finance. After working at a small PE shop last summer, I was really fortunate to receive an IBD SA offer at a BB. Coming in as a sophomore with basically no accounting experience, I am kind of nervous for t...
121 day 7 hours ago
Recent Citi Deals 2016-2017I was wondering if anyone knew of some recent IBD deals that Citi has been apart of. They don't seem to post any on their website I know about Aetna and Humana but was wondering if there were any others or if you could point in the right direction. I have silver bananas for those that are helpful ...
11 day 8 hours ago
How to Call London for Free?Hi All, I have a second round interview with a bank out in London next week, and it is going to be conducted via phone call. For my first round it cost me over 50 bucks for a 20 minute conversation. Knowing that this interview is going to be for atleast a half hour, does anyone know of any ways I ca...
131 day 10 hours ago
Internship Offers: William Blair, Arma Partners, Gleacher ShacklockHi all, I would really appreciate any insight on making a decision to go with either William Blair, Arma Partners or Gleacher Shacklock for the Summer 2017. All of the offers are in London. In general, I am looking to find the optimal combination of the usual suspects: which firm would have the bes...
81 day 10 hours ago
Right bank - wrong group // or Wrong bank - right group?Curious what people think when evaluating this kind of a scenario? Imagine a choice between a BB ECM group (no real modeling experience to speak of), and a much smaller player but focused on sponsors coverage (hopefully, lots of LBO reps and exposure to clients). If the goal is MM PE after a year or...
81 day 11 hours ago
3rd year Canadian student looking for advice on networking for IB rolesA little bit about me: 3rd year Finance major at a semi-target school in Canada with a 3.7 cumulative GPA Worked in public and corporate accounting over 2 co-op terms; 3 more terms left Involved in the university's finance and investment club (separate entities) as an equity research analyst Held l...
41 day 12 hours ago
List of Sleeper Targets for NYCPeople keep thinking that IB is Ivy/top business program or bust. Would you guys consider these schools as sleeper targets: Kelly - for sure if you're in the IBW Colgate - OCR interviews for almost all interested in IB (10-30 people) NESCAC's Top 4 Liberal Arts - Claremont, Williams, Amhrest, Welles...
561 day 12 hours ago
William Blair vs. Peter J. Solomon vs. SagentOffers from all 3. Mostly interested in exit opps, training, analyst responsibility. Slight preference towards being in NY. Edit: WB is Chicago, PJSC and Sagent are NY ...
101 day 12 hours ago
Good recruiters in LA/OC areaDoes anyone know of any good recruiters/agencies in the southern California area? I am looking for one that work primarily with finding positions in consulting / corporate development at the mid-management level. ...
01 day 12 hours ago
NYC Summer Intern Housing Thread 2017Hey Guys, I will be doing an IB internship this summer in NYC and wanted to start a thread about housing. I was curious what other incoming interns here plan to do for housing. I also thought this would be a good centralized thread for anybody looking for roomates over the summer. I'll start by sayi...
221 day 13 hours ago
Capital Markets Comp 2017We have threads for IB, S&T, and Research. How about capital markets comp? Would LevFin be same as IB? ECM? DCM? ...
01 day 13 hours ago
What exactly does a business analyst do?So lets say youre working at goldman, JP, Barclays or even some MM what exactly does a financial analyst do? ...
11 day 14 hours ago
SpareHireHas anyone heard of the service SpareHire? I came across the site today and was wondering if anyone on here had used it before. Also, made me consider if any firms were currently outsourcing projects to professionals this way. Seems like with the gig economy gaining traction and becoming more mai...
01 day 14 hours ago
The Whole Lyrics to HEY YA! =)One! Two! Three! Go! My baby don't mess around Because she loves me so And this I know fa sho (Uh!) But does she really wanna But can't stand to see me walk out the do' Don't try to fight the feeling 'Cause the thought alone Is killing me right now (Uh!) Thank God for Mom and Dad For sticking two to...
861 day 14 hours ago
Leave things out, or just get faster?Hi, in my studies I have developed the habit to work through all the materials offered and therefore trying not to miss anything. With this I find myself often enough in exams realizing, that I may have invested too much time. At the beginning of new courses I always intend to restrict myself a bit ...
01 day 14 hours ago
Natixis Acquires 51% Stake in Peter J. Solomon Co.What do you guys think about this? Mr. Solomon also emphasized that, with the help of Natixis, Peter J. Solomon can continue to evolve in other ways. Hundreds of small advisory firms have cropped up since he founded Peter J. Solomon in 1989. (One ...
51 day 15 hours ago
Outsourced M&A Research and Support/CIM DraftingHey all, I was approached by a friend from a boutique (read "small") M&A shop asking about how they might outsource the drafting of a CIM. They appear to be reasonably busy but don't want to hire. Are there any reputable businesses that will draft a CIM for a fee? Former bankers? Thoughts and...
41 day 15 hours ago
Risk Management vs Front OfficeI have accepted a Risk Management job at a large (too big to fail) bank in NY, i-banking division. What is the job like in terms of hours/pay/experience/exit opportunities? How difficult is it to move into a hotter division, say, i-banking or LevFin? Do you know anyone who moved from middle office t...
1501 day 16 hours ago
Energy Project Finance - anyone out there?I'm looking to go back to school for an MBA, and I've been researching post-MBA careers. I haven't seen much about this topic on here, and I was wondering if anyone worked in this field or was familiar with it. I thought it looked pretty interesting, but can't say I know anyone involved. Much app...
41 day 16 hours ago
BlackRock Find Your Future 2016Is anyone going to the event? ...
131 day 17 hours ago
Travel reimbursements for diversity event?I recently got invited to a diversity event at BlackRock. They have agreed to reimburse travel up to $250. My question is 1) How do I get the reimbursement? (i.e. do I send them my receipt and stuff) 2) Do they care what kind of travel it is? (like if I take a bus vs. if I drive). Thanks and sorry f...
101 day 17 hours ago
Morgan Stanley Women Early InsightsI applied for this but haven't heard anything and the program is in 2 weeks. Has anyone heard back? ...
41 day 17 hours ago
Vandy MSF vs Duke MMS for an Accountant 2017Hi WSO, My Background: Large State School, 3.4 GPA, 650 GMAT. Accepted to multiple graduate programs, but Vandy MSF and Duke MMS are my top two preference. UG major Accounting, Accounting Internships, Public Accounting Full Time (less than 1 year). Targeting IBD in MM or Boutique. I know there are p...
11 day 19 hours ago
getting into a boutique in SeattleI'm a graduating senior at a non target that will be attending pharmacy school next year at UCSF. However, I do want to increase my business acumen as I regret not being a finance major whilst in undergrad.I am a microbiology major, but my mathematical reasoning skills are probably better than most ...
11 day 19 hours ago
IBD groups at CS London ?Hi guys, I'm looking for some information about groups at CS in London. I've seen in threads opened by my predecessors that Sponsors, M&A, Industrials, FIG and TMT are strong teams. Is this still true? How is the culture like in these groups? Thanks ! ...
71 day 23 hours ago
CybersecurityWhat are your thoughts on the cybersecurity industry? Do you still think it's a hot industry right now even though FireEye is tanking? ...
41 day 23 hours ago
Tools of the Trade: Pro TipsStarting this up to compile best-in-class list of banker tools and pro-tricks: Macabacus [dot] com -- best online resource for financial modeling (hands down). Most of it probably too advanced for banking, but sets the industry standard BamSEC [dot] com -- best way to browse filings -- even if you d...
161 day 23 hours ago
Looking for advice: Bad Sophomore Internship...Worried About Junior YearHey everyone. I'm a sophomore at a target school with a 3.87 GPA and good ECs/leadership (although not great - no D1 sports, etc.). However, the sophomore internship I currently have lined up is in the finance department of a no-name company that isn't even in the finance industry. And the only re...
22 days 1 hour ago
LevFin vs. FinSponCan someone please explain the difference between the two? I thought LevFin was a product group, and that the Financial Sponsors group was just the industry group devoted to p/e shops, and worked with Leveraged Finance for buyouts. However, I've heard that Leveraged Finance is dead and was warned no...
192 days 1 hour ago
Breaking into Wallstreet - eventually too muchHi, Some of you already shared their helpful insights in the BIWS-Courses. But has anyone actually really worked his way through the Materials from start to end? I am on the brink of purchasing BIWS-Premium Package, but am a little intimidated to be honest. It contains of 440 Videos and it will obvi...
82 days 1 hour ago
Lateral Hire: Passed the take home Case Study - Now What?I have been in the work force for about a year (2015 grad) and am seeking to move laterally into an analyst position within the restructuring group at a well respected boutique. I participated in a phone screen and was asked to complete a take home case study a few weeks later. A few days after subm...
blood on the trees
62 days 4 hours ago
Hiring freeze at Barclays - will affect interns or not?Hi guys, You all probably saw on the news that Barclays just put on a hiring freeze. However, I was wondering how will this affect interns receiving full time offers? Thoughts? ...
102 days 5 hours ago
London 2017 IBD SA Offers - Nomura vs UBSMorning monkeys, I'm currently an Italian undergraduate student seeking advice regarding some offers. I have received both Nomura and UBS offers for their IBD divisions in London. Getting down to the question, what are your views regarding both companies? More specifically: Current reputation? Futur...
152 days 7 hours ago
Experienced analyst openings Currently a 2nd year analyst at a MM bank in the south. Looking to do another year of banking, preferably in NYC before pursuing buyside opportunities. I know these next few months are a good time to be looking as there are a good number of analysts who will quit after receiving their final bonus. I...
22 days 8 hours ago
To Accept Msc Investment Management at HKUST or to wait one year and apply for EU/US schools?Hi guys, I'm on my final undergrad year from a Shanghai Uni. I got shortlisted for HKUST MSc Investment Management program. I am confused weather to go for it, or rather to go back home and to apply for an EU/US school next year. (after getting my GMAT). The reason I'm struggling with Hong Kong is: ...
12 days 10 hours ago
Duff and Phelps more than just a valuations shop?Is D&F respected in the Restructuring and M&A fields? I have read the firm has undertaken several mergers (eg MCR) relatively recently and could be classified as a (lower?) MM. Is it respected in the long run or seen as more of a stepping stone to other things (in Europe)? Cheers ...
42 days 10 hours ago
Internship in smaller citiesHello everyone, I'm not going to bore you with my story. The fact is that I was way too late to apply for summer analyst positions (internships) at most BBs. However.. there seem to be some positions, perhaps not as exciting, called off-cycle analyst positions. Basically internships. Some of them ev...
42 days 11 hours ago
Investment Banking Mexico Internship Program Hello everyone, I am a finance senior graduating from a good university (top 20) and I do not have a job lined up yet. I was wondering how good the Goldman Sachs Investment Banking Mexico Internship Program was. It says it last for 6 months and is open to new graduates. Do you think this is a good o...
02 days 11 hours ago
All-in VP CompAnybody have insight into recent VP comp (Salary+cash+non-cash) at BBs? NYC specifically, but interested in general. Also, M&A vs. coverage? ...
202 days 11 hours ago
Best CFA Level 1 Prep Material...for the money. Looking to start studying for level 1 now. Your guys' input would be great. Thanks in advance. My background: non-bus major, IB analyst, taken finance/accounting ...
2092 days 12 hours ago
Free Cash Flow ValuationHi, I am using DCF/freecashflow to value two projects/firms. Both firms have no reinvestment needs and all cashflows are equal except that the first one pays out as dividends all the cash it earns. The second firm retains all the earnings in the banks and earns interest income on it. The value of th...
82 days 14 hours ago
F*&King AnalystsSo, apparently I haven't been on this site in while, and it'd be a shame to make a return to just complain, but I've emptied the beers from the minibar and it's still way too early to sleep, my body now evading anything approaching a circadian rhythm. Instead of sleeping, thought I'd throw in some ...
1322 days 14 hours ago
2017 BonusesHow are bonuses looking this year? Sounds like Deutsche got hammered and Morgan Stanley was down 15%. Mod Note: You can find the S&T and ER bonus pages below.S&T BonusesER Bonuses ...
902 days 16 hours ago
How do I put my money to work?So I'm currently a freshman, 19yo, and going to be interning at a Big4 in NY this summer. Not going to be making IB money but I'm looking to save around 2-2.5k from working. I plan on putting away at least 3-4K during each of my next two summers interning as well. Instead of just letting it sit in t...
82 days 16 hours ago
Neuberger Berman - Alternative Investments Private EquityHi - I was wondering if anyone out there had an opinion on Neuberger Berman's Alternative Investments platform, specifically focused on Private Equity? Would really appreciate any color about how they operate, what they're like, etc. Also, more broadly, are people familiar with the private equity in...
12 days 17 hours ago
How to answer "Why our bank" interview question?I have been struggling to see the differences among BB. At least from their websites, all of them focus on teamwork, employee growth, and giving back to society...How can I structure my answer so that it does not sound like a cookie-cutter that can fit any BB? Thx sooo much guys!! ...
52 days 18 hours ago
Once again with the college questions. This question comes up all the time, based off the extensive research that I have done on this site. But I was wondering which undergraduate school, out of my options, would the best for me to go to in order to have a career in Investment Banking. I posed this question about a month ago, and I have ...
32 days 18 hours ago
AMA: Australian IB (+ life, etc.)All, I have some free time over the next couple of days and I've seen a few posts asking about Australian IB, getting a job in Australia, life in Australia etc. over the last few weeks so thought I'd do an AMA for anyone interested. Happy to answer questions about Australian IB, life here etc. - bas...
1192 days 21 hours ago
52 days 22 hours ago
Female attire for SA?What is the typical attire for a female summer analyst? (BB bank for sales and trading)? Thanks!!!!! ...
63 days 16 min ago
Millions or (nearly) bustHi Guys, my story will probably sound weird to you, but here it goes: I'm 43 with more than 15 years of investment advisory experience. Last year, when I was recently laid off of my brokerage job, a friend came to me. He was starting a company with another partner, and if I wanted to join. On paper ...
Chuck Krug
53 days 33 min ago
What are my chances at a BB FT position?Just wanted to see if anyone could give me a rough idea of what I can expect for BB FT recruiting during this coming fall. Is it doable, and what are my chances? It feels like 99% of FT IB positions are filled via SA return-offers. Some background info: semi-target school (except for Citi, who loves...
23 days 2 hours ago
EBITDA vs. Operating Cash Flow vs. Free Cash Flow Moderator note (Andy): this is a post from 2010 but squawkbox suggested its relevancy remains and can be very useful for those going through FT & SA interviews. "Don't beat it to hell because it's missing some small details, but it's good for what someone will need in the "hotseat" during the te...
683 days 3 hours ago
Target Schools?A little bit update: I'm a senior in college and I'm actually looking for masters programs because I need another recruiting season. My university doesn't even have a finance major and the idea of IB came to me during the winter vacation of my senior year (okay I know I'm falling behind but I'm keep...
313 days 5 hours ago
Northwestern SPS Investment Banking chances?I would like to appreciate each and everyone one of you that can give me the right advice. I just recently got accepted into Northwestern University School of Professional Studies (SPS). Based on the conversation I had with my adviser, I would have all access to career fairs that happen on campus in...
03 days 6 hours ago
What is the compensation package for an analyst in CLO structured finance?Out of curiosity, what is the total comp package, base and bonus for CLO structuring analyst and Associates? ...
13 days 6 hours ago
What big law practice areas can you exit from and into investment banking?I will be working at a top law firm soon (think Vault 5) and I will have a chance to chose my practice area (in a way). I'm interested in capital markets, M&A, and banking/finance (credit) work. I'm wondering if I should go with M&A and capital markets as I'd like to exit to investment banki...
03 days 7 hours ago
Secretary for 25 YearsSo a friend of mine asked me for some advice, so I thought I'd pass it along here, as I had no idea what to say. To make a long story short, my friend's boss asked him to make an honorary bowl/plate or something like that to commemorate his secretary's 25 year work anniversary at the firm. He then ...
33 days 11 hours ago
Best Credit Card for IB AnalystHey Guys, I am starting out as an FT analyst at an EB this summer and I was wondering what card would be best to get. Is Amex the go to card of investment bankers? It seems like a lot of bankers have an Amex of some sort. I currently have the Chase Sapphire. Thanks! ...
93 days 12 hours ago
Wharton sophomore, level of acheivement for IB SA recruting?I want something incredible: GS/MS/JPM, but at this rate, and with these credentials, does anyone have any advice as to what I can do to actually acheive this? My current resume reads roughly like this: Wharton, finance and management concentrations, 3.99 GPA with tons of hard finance/econ/math clas...
43 days 12 hours ago


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