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SPOTLIGHT: I-Banking Bullpen Rules and FAQsThe goal of Wall Street Oasis' I-Banking Bullpen is to give our users the best possible snapshot of life in investment banking, from internships and recruiting to compensation and career progression. Working towards that goal, we've created a Frequently Asked Questions page for Wall Street in genera...
04 years 7 months ago
Corporate Strategy within IBDIn many industries, a stint in corporate strategy opens up a lot of doors. Folks on my strategy team (work in tech) have gone on to manage products, line units, businesses and all the way to the C-suite. Do these opportunities still exist for corporate strategists within BB investment banking div...
324 sec ago
Already have a lot of money...should i really go into banking?Mod Note (Andy): See the great comment below by user APAE At risk of sounding totally entitled and arrogant, I'm just gonna ask it the way it is... I'm 20 and have have inherited enough money that I probably have a higher net worth than most MD's I would potentially be working for. I'm ambitious, an...
5614 min 10 sec ago
generalsstatutories ...
027 min 23 sec ago
Sign up for the webinar notification email listI've heard from some people that they had trouble finding out how to sign up for this list. Add your name/email to the form inside the post and you'll be notified of future webinars. FYI I email 60min before each webinar with a link to join in plus each email includes info for upcoming webinars and...
07 months 3 weeks ago
Superday after 2 months?I was told that my superday is going to be in January but I had my phone screen 2 weeks ago (with a BB). Anyone know why they put me on a superday this late? ...
04 hours 34 min ago
Advisory teaser presentationBasically have to analyze a mandate with a potential equity investment from our side if the investment makes enough sense. Have been asked to make a presentation regarding the project and my analyses of it and whether this is something that can be looked into. Right now I have the financial model f...
24 hours 35 min ago
Valuation of an airlineIs using DCF to value an airline wrong? I did hear a mix of answers and the reason cited for those who said no is due to Capex being a huge portion of the FCF and the Capex for the airline industry is difficult to predict. in addition, I was wondering if it is correct as well to project any new airc...
14 hours 56 min ago
VP screwed me over at superdayHey all, This is really bugging me. Recently had a superday with the regional office of an MM. During one interview, the VP asked where else I was interviewing. I told him I was also interviewing at Firm X. He then asked which firm I would choose if I had the option, and I said that I'd choose his f...
155 hours 40 min ago
From One Recruiting Season to the NextMaybe you've been here, maybe you haven't. I've been recruiting for mostly S&T, a little bit of IB and at this point, anything to get me into finance. I'm in my last year at a target in Canada, didn't have SA experience (worked at a tech startup) and had a similar rough recruiting season for the...
15 hours 51 min ago
ASIA IBD SA 2016 RECRUITINGHi guys, Just checking, have you guys received any information/calls from investment banks in Asia? Singapore/HK offices. I have received JPM SG first and second rounds already. But I was wondering about the other banks. Also, I'm from a US target school, so if anyone is US based and applying for Si...
DJ Red
306 hours 14 min ago
What's the chance of my offer getting rescinded?I have just got an official verbal FT offer (S&T) from a BB bank this week. I am almost certain that I will take the offer. But I haven't done so because I have another final round interview already scheduled (they booked the flights, hotel and everything already) for a prop shop next week. Say,...
96 hours 15 min ago
UBS v. DBBoth are NYC Investment Banking. Leaning heavily towards UBS because of fit and because of DB's recent layoffs but want to hear more. Commentary on good groups at both also appreciated ...
38 hours 18 min ago
Lifestyle of an Analyst vs. AssociateHow much does lifestyle (hours) improve moving from 3rd year analyst to 1st year associate? Do associates still get crushed and have absolutely no life? ...
48 hours 50 min ago
Good or Bad Time to Join Leveraged Finance?Hi All, Do you think there are risks joining a LevFin team as an Analyst 1 in the current climate - e.g. interest rate rises, volatility - for MM shop in London? I have seen some deals pulled and low issuance etc, but also understand that as leveraged loans are floating rate that they limit duration...
19 hours 22 min ago
BAML Superday 12/7Anyone got a superday with baml on 12/7? Thanks! ...
29 hours 52 min ago
first SA IB phone interview. RW BairdI have my first phone interview for a SA IB position at RW Baird in 2 weeks. Also, I have a phone interview for an SA position at Lincoln around the same time. I REALLY want to turn one of these into something, so how advanced should my technical knowledge be for me to be successful? I have the BIWS...
Non Target Kid
411 hours 7 min ago
Want to be an investment banker, please help Hey Wall Street oasis, I've known about your guys' site for like 5-6 years but this is my first time posting and making a serious thread. Basically I want to be a banker, I want to get through business school ( a good one ) and get a job as an associate or analyst for a big bank like JPMorgan Or Gol...
[email protected]
511 hours 9 min ago
Odd Valuation QuestionIn an academic scenario, I was given some raw data including Revenues, COGS, variable & fixed costs, operating expenses to total EBITDA going 5 years into the future. No Balance sheet or Cash flow statement to work with. How would you go about valuing this company most accurately given you can u...
011 hours 39 min ago


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