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03 months 2 weeks ago
Best Groups at BAML?Can someone please discuss the top groups at BAML NY in terms of culture, deal flow, exists, etc? I know some of this content exists but if anyone has updated info, that would be great. Thanks! ...
243 sec ago
How much is your rent?From what I understand everyone who works in IB lives on manhatten, because you don't want to spend the time commuting. So I was wondering: How much your rent is? Are you living alone? With a roommate? With a SO? And how far away from work do you live? ...
4847 min 25 sec ago
Best Headhunting Shops ?New here in the program at an elite boutique and starting to get inbounds from various headhunters promising me the world. Also have a list that I've accumulated over the last year. I'm wondering which ones are legit? there seem to be many. Does anyone have any first hand experiences with the ones...
bid em up
321 hour 2 min ago
Do quants have a lot of upward mobility?Title pretty much says it all, do quants have a lot of upward mobility in investment banking? Do they have upward mobility in other sectors? Also - what kind of summer jobs should I be doing as a first year university student hoping to be a quant some day? Should I aim for the typical summer analys...
hopeful toronto quantt
21 hour 11 min ago
Disclose mental illness to HR?Hi everyone, I hope that this post will keep me sufficiently anonymous. I'm starting as an investment banking analyst at a top BB in a few weeks (not in a US office). I'm really excited to start the job, and I think I will really thrive there, but there's a catch: I've had to push my start date back...
331 hour 17 min ago
Looking to Buy Knopman 79Looking to buy Knopman study materials for Series 79 test. inbox me if you have and are willing to sell - specifically the tests ...
01 hour 27 min ago
Best time to submit application?So I know applications have been open for a while and people have already had first round interviews, but I'm a bit conflicted on when to submit my application. Honestly, I haven't networked a whole lot last year, and I have yet to connect with the few contacts that I made over the summer. Within th...
14 hours 25 min ago
Best Banks for Industrials IBHi! Could someone please give a current list of the top banks for Industrials? I have heard that GS and BAML are good. is that true? Which other banks have strong industrials groups? Also if you have any info on the culture/ exit ops of the industrials groups you comment on, that would help too! Tha...
04 hours 38 min ago
Oakmere Road: 5 Signs That Your Investment Adviser Is Scamming YouWhen it comes to investing, there are precious few certainties, other than the fact that nobody works for your financial best interest as completely as you do. That fact became obvious to the clients of the Warrenville, Ill., company Capital Management Associates recently when the SEC brought a suit...
05 hours 6 min ago
Should You Email "Thank You" To HR People You Met During Superday?Ok, this might be a dumb question, but should you email "thank you" to the HR people you met during the superday? I'm composing all the superday emails now, and not sure if it's appropriate to email the HR people as well. Any thoughts on this? What have you guys tried? ...
55 hours 35 min ago
Preparing for Interview with MDI have a personal phone/in-person interview with an MD at an elite boutique bank. He has over 25 years of experience in the field. How can I properly prepare for this? I want to nail it. I have done research on both him, as well as the firm. I have not traditionally been interested in IB, something...
65 hours 38 min ago
Return Offers Summer 2016A lot of us will be wrapping up our SA stints in the next couple of weeks, and if you are like me, you're thinking about return offers. I know each bank is different, but overall, what percentage of SAs will be getting return offers this summer? It will almost certainly not be higher than normal, bu...
866 hours 42 min ago
Point72 Good Place to Work?Just saw a Point72 SA recruiting post on my school's job portal. I know SAC was in some hot water back in 2014 and was wondering if Point72 has managed to restore its brand as a top hedge fund to work at. Thanks! ...
86 hours 48 min ago
Signing bonus at elite boutiquesI've heard of some firms doing monstrous signing bonuses. I know 10k is typical for the BB at which I've received an offer, but how much do people at the EB's receive? ...
76 hours 50 min ago
Lateraling 3 months before bonus season - is it worth it?Hi all, I have the opportunity to make a move from a regional M&A boutique to a decent size MM IBD. The only issue, I am about three months away from my bonus. My question is: Is it worth making the move now before the bonus or should I wait until after? Also, if I make the move, should I bring ...
38 hours 39 min ago
Guggenheim IBD 2016I just wanted to see what everyone thought of Guggenheim IBD for 2016. There were a few threads but they were pretty old. Is Guggenheim on the rise? How is deal flow, pay, hours, culture, and exit ops? ...
28 hours 45 min ago
Is it really THAT bad with Deutsche Bank & UBS? According to WSO's current poll, 59% of those that voted said that they would LEAST want to work for one of those banks. Is it really that bad? Should I not even bother trying to intern with them at all next summer? I understand there are general issues (mentioned in quotes below), but will things ...
Making Monkey
319 hours 44 min ago
Has Anyone Heard of the Private Sales Referral Network (PSRN)?Apparently it's an outsourced investment banking model providing solutions to smaller companies. "Advisory services are provided through PSRN's network of top-tier boutique investment banks that possess specific industry niche expertise relevant to businesses in the target market." Who are these bou...
110 hours 3 min ago
Credit Suisse vs Former CS Tech BankersHas anyone been following the Credit Suisse vs Jefferies case? Pretty interesting stuff here: "It is not uncommon for an investment banker to jump from one Wall Street firm to another. It is less common for five of them -- from the same team -- to...
010 hours 23 min ago
Experience with Dodd-Frank?This is my first post; I'll try to keep it brief. I'm trying to develop a more comprehensive view of Dodd-Frank and the impact it's having on the street. I have the same rudimentary grasp as the next guy, but I'm hoping to get to be somewhere between lay and lawyer-level understanding (just to sate...
Macro Bruin
211 hours 20 min ago
Why are interview questions not intuitive?When you think about trying to explain something to someone, you normally try to breakdown the topic into very basic, simple, and part by part explanations. But in ibd interviews, the expected answers all seem to be very broad. For example: "How would you value a company?" Answer: "You would use the...
711 hours 26 min ago
Chinese banksI noticed Chinese banks have been ranked amongst the Top 10 largest banks globally for a number of years in a row now, notably in The Banker of Forbes rankings. However they seem quite discreet and we seldom hear about them - what do you think to make of them ? ...
211 hours 42 min ago
BAML vs Credit Suisse IBDHi all! I have an offer for a summer analyst position at both BAML and Credit Suisse for their investment banking divisions. Can you please compare these two? Honestly I am having a really hard time, as they seem pretty much even. Can you please compare them in terms of prestige, PE exit opps, best ...
2112 hours 3 min ago
Past Earnings Call Audios: Suggestions Needed!!Can I get a few free websites that offer past earnings call audios with good sound quality? It would be good if I could even access the transcripts. ...
Leroy John
412 hours 21 min ago
2017 Summer Analyst IB Recruiting Timeline Megathread PagesAPPLICATIONS / INTERVIEWS / SUPERDAYS Goldman Sachs Morgan Stanley J.P. Morgan Bank of America ML Citigroup Barclays Credit Suisse Deutsche Bank UBS Wells Fargo Applications open: Lazard Lazard Middle Market Jefferies Centerview Moelis Greenhill Perella Weinberg Houlihan Lokey Evercore HSBC Nomura ...
17712 hours 34 min ago
2017 FT IB Analyst Recruiting MegathreadWhen does FT IB Analyst recruiting typically start? I am a recent graduate (May 2017), and am wondering when banks will start taking resumes/interviewing online, or via other methods. Thanks guys! ...
31913 hours 7 min ago
What's Your Five Year (IBD) Plan? A VP Reflects and Looks Forward.I don't approve of this as an interview question, but it is something that everyone should try to think about. When I was an MBA candidate, it was more about just getting my foot in the door. I was lucky enough to get into a good bank as an IBD Associate. The first few years were focused on just g...
715 hours 44 min ago
Sent Wrong Document With List of Potential Targets HELP!I was trying to email one of our target CEO's info about the company that would potentially like to acquire him; however, I sent out a list of our other potential target acquisitions!!! The list is a few hundred companies we ruled out and then narrowed down to about 20 companies we're targeting. His...
415 hours 59 min ago
Starting a Boutique Investment Bank focused on IPOsHello there. I am not for sure if I want to go into finance, but I have been looking into finance topics and the IPO process really interests me. I was wondering if anyone knows of how I could start an investment bank focused on IPOs. How does that whole process work and what should I be studying/lo...
216 hours 37 min ago
Books To Learn On High-Yield Bonds & LoansHello all, I work as a ratings advisor in the debt capital markets team of a Bank. However, wanted to learn more about Covenants, Structuring, Pricing and the like - especially in the high yield space. Any recommendations on which books I could pick up for the same? Thanks ...
118 hours 47 min ago
Yes, You Are Having a Quarter Life Crisis (and it's ok)Hello everyone, A big HELLO to those who can relate to this thread. *Don't have to read.* SHORT intro: I'm in my early 20's, went to a non-target school. Found my way to a storied and renowned IB and secured a job in the IBD division. Performed very well despite knowing virtually nothing upon my st...
5423 hours 37 min ago
Do you ever stop and think if the hours are worth it?I love finance, I really enjoy working in it. The numbers, the models (excel), all of it. However the hours are somewhat getting to me. Although I probably don't have the very worst hours out there, having my weekdays being constrained to long days in the office and limited sleep is just not great...
561 day 5 min ago
Boutique IB's with no weekend work? Your experience?Hi all. Generally, will boutique IB's (non EB) have weekend work regularly? Interned recently at a boutique IB (unfortunately they don't hire junior level employees) and the hours were perfect (less than 60). I'd like to be able to do this in the future at a FT level. Anyone have suggestions for bou...
11 day 1 hour ago
Any point in applying to a BB from their career website?Is there any point to applying to a BB's career website without knowing any current employees who can vouch for you? Does HR even look at resumes on there considering they probably get thousands? ...
221 day 2 hours ago
MT NY or Tech NY?I'm an incoming associate that's going to a BB with a split MT & Tech group. It seems that I have to choose one or the other. What are people's thoughts in terms of deal flow for each sector over the next few years? Tech in NY seems to be primarily BPOs, payments and some East Coast tech (IBMs e...
131 day 2 hours ago
How do I list this part time IB internship on my resumeLong story short, I've got some bullshit IB gig at a no name boutique where I complete projects from home for the director, basically working only when they send me projects to do from the comfort of my home. I get paid per project completed (sorta like a contract. I don't even know if this is allow...
81 day 4 hours ago
Projecting out bank account overdrafts on balance sheetLine on the balance sheet under liabilities reading "bank overdrafts" with very little additional color. It's added back to the cash total under assets. My plan right now is to treat these basically like debt and pay them off over time in the debt schedule but I' m not sure if this is the correct a...
11 day 4 hours ago
PE recruiting - SF looking to stay in SF. Anyone been through the process and willing to help out?Just looking for a resource to ask a few questions about timing and experience for anyone who went through the PE recruiting cycle based in SF and looking to stay in SF. Please feel free to PM me if you're feeling generous, many thanks in advance. ...
11 day 4 hours ago
Bank Debt/Leveraged Loan InvestingHi I'm interviewing with a CLO loan shop with a BDC out in New York and was wondering what the career progression is and if there is flexibility in this type of product. I know that distressed funds tend to recruit people from high yields and sell side leveraged finance. I'm just wondering if inve...
51 day 8 hours ago
Will there be any interviews in the spring for 2017 summer analyst positions?I noticed that most of the internship programs have application deadlines in November/December. Although most recruiting seems to be happening in the fall this year, will there be any opportunities to interview in the spring? Curious because I'm studying abroad this fall. ...
11 day 8 hours ago
UCI business economics vs. UCSB econ/accountingHello everyone. I'm a sophmore at a California CC getting ready to transfer. I'm very interested in entering investment banking upon graduating. I will be applying to UCB, UCLA, USC, and Pomona College as far as in state schools. I can also TAG (transfer admission guarantee) with UCI or UCSB. S...
41 day 9 hours ago
Goldman Sachs SSG (Special Situations Group)SSG seems like the most elite but opaque group at GS. Does anyone have any information about it? I worked at a top BB IBD last summer and am wondering if I have a shot here. How do they recruit? Somebody told me they only take 1-2 kids a year and are even more selective than GS TMT or Blackstone PE....
661 day 11 hours ago
Why is market cap / equity value useful?As I understand, when a company goes public, they only issue a piece of the company to be listed for sale publicly (could be lower than 10% of the actual company). So, for ex in the case of D&B (PLAY) who went public in 2012, they raised $94mm issuing 5.88mm shares. This is obviously well below...
91 day 12 hours ago
BB - How hard is it to move to NY office from foreign office?I saw a person from GS Seoul office moved to New York office as an associate, which I thought was impossible. Or is this some sort of mobility/rotational program where you change office for a year and have to go back? ...
21 day 13 hours ago
NYC Property and RentHere is an example of a 2/1 apartment Let's assume you are in the business a while, and have saved some money. What could you get in rent for the 2nd bedroom? Is it a good idea to buy a piece of Manhattan property and rent out the other room unt...
51 day 14 hours ago
Renting condos downtown NYC in the summerSo, I am starting my summer internships soon. I am looking for an average-priced condo to rent in the summer. I currently pinned down a sweet place at about 3000$ a month in financial district (2 bedroom,). But, tbh I'd rather pay 2000-2500 max. Does anyone have any "insider tips" on where to find ...
81 day 14 hours ago
Extending Sophomore Summer Internship to Junior Fall Internship During OCR for IB SA?The boutique IB that I worked for this summer is inviting me to work for them unpaid remotely during the school year (like a fall internship). Considering that I am not aiming to intern at the bank next summer and that I will be going through OCR at my school during the fall, are there any benefits ...
31 day 14 hours ago
Valuation for a Specialty Finance Company (Equity DCF or DDM?)A client of ours is looking to invest a significant minority stake in a diversified specialty finance company. Half of their income comes from purchasing and selling factoring receivables (so like most non-banks, the company is highly leveraged, since they need the debt to purchase the receivables) ...
21 day 15 hours ago
Putting study abroad on resume before going abroad?Hi all, I am studying abroad Spring 2017. For this fall, I am wondering if I can put my future study abroad experience on my resume. I know it might be a little awkward to talk about in an interview because it hasn't happened yet. But by the time I start my summer 2017 internship, I will have the ex...
61 day 15 hours ago
Finance vs. Economics & CSI am currently a sophomore at a non-Ivy target school, and my main interests are finance and tech. I have not declared a major at this time, because that is done after the second year at my school. I have already taken some business/lower-level finance classes, some economics classes, and have some ...
01 day 16 hours ago
Any mortgages without a down payment?Hey, How could I get a mortgage without any down payment? What are the documents need for such mortgages? Is there a need to produce an income certificate? ...
111 day 16 hours ago
How would you rank the IBD groups at Credit Suisse?I am hoping to learn more about how their coverage groups stack up against each other. I know historically industrials and HC are strong, but is this still the case today? ...
01 day 17 hours ago
A 200k Dollar DecisionAs a rising hs senior I have two options. I ask that you evaluate both and provide me reasons to pick the one of your preference. Keep in mind that I want to become a banking analyst after graduation (hopefully in a solid M&A group) and exit to MM PE soon after. 1) Apply Early Decision to Corne...
1451 day 18 hours ago
Accounting vs FinanceDoes it realy matter if you major in accounting of finance to try to get into the ibanking world? ...
201 day 20 hours ago
Does anyone have the templates for rosenbaum's second edition?I bought the book off Amazon but its not accompanied by the templates. If anyone has them, I would be willing to trade! Thanks in advance. ...
201 day 21 hours ago
Need Networking Advice!!I'll begin with my background, I am senior at a non-target university (Think top 150). I am studying Finance, and I currently have a 4.0 GPA. I am graduating a year early, and I plan on pursuing a one year masters next year to have access to OCR and a stronger alumni network. I plan on pursuing my m...
11 day 21 hours ago
SunTrust Robinson Humphrey (STRH): An Extensive ReviewMod Note (Andy) - We're reposting the top discussions from 2015, this one ranks #13 and was originally posted 2/22/2015. I'm a long time reader and first time poster. I've seen a lot on the forum regarding STRH and I wanted to write a full review of the firm. I think the mini reviews in the Firms se...
602 days 43 min ago
Applying to multiple IBD SA OfficesOriginally from CA but would love to work in NY and was wondering if it's alright to apply to multiple office locations for the same bank (assuming it's the same division too)? ...
42 days 1 hour ago
Informational Interview with TMT IB Global Director This is an alternate account which I just created in order to keep my anonymity Here is my situation: I have an informational interview set up with the TMT Global IB Director for the BB that I am at. I need advice on positioning myself to get a SA internship for next summer. I am currently a PWM in...
12 days 1 hour ago
How I used LinkedIn to get Interviews and Land OffersHey Guys, Been using this site for a while now and figured it would be beneficial for me to give back a bit. For starters, I thought I would detail my experiences using linkedin and cold emails to land a summer offer. Coming from a semi-target undergrad b-school, I had my hands full. Nonetheless, it...
Count Drachma
492 days 3 hours ago
How to value a foreign company traded in the USHi guys. So let's say I want to value a foreign company ,for example a Chinese company. But it is listed in the US. In this case: 1. when calculating beta, what benchmark would you use? 2. What risk-free rate would you use. Should I use the US treasury bond rate or the Chinese one? 3. The company is...
02 days 4 hours ago
Future of IB and Wall Street CareersI don't know how many of you guys are familiar with WallStreetPlayboys, but basically he's a WS guy who posts blogs for aspiring monkeys like ourselves. A few hours ago on twitter, he posted the following: "Feel bad for those guys still entering Wall Street for $$. The declines are coming this year...
72 days 5 hours ago
Blackstone Undergraduate Summer Analyst SuperdayI have a final round superday at Blackstone this upcoming Friday. Already had first round phone interviews with 4 different groups (PE, Tac Opps, Strat Partners, RE). I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on how their super days are structured and what to expect? How behavioral/technical?...
72 days 5 hours ago
Best Strip Clubs in Manhattan?Noticed you guys only post bs shit like "best brunch spots in Midtown" so I figured I'd make a thread that is more relevant than halal guys. Going to be in NY this weekend so let me know what are the best strip clubs in town are. @DickFuld any suggestions? ...
82 days 6 hours ago
3.4 GPA - Application Automatically Filtered Out by Pre-Screens?I know that the standard GPA cutoff for IB is at least a 3.5; however, given that my UG GPA was only 3.4 (3.38 to be exact), is my application automatically filtered out by Banks' application systems? In that case, should I leave my GPA off of my resume? Please advise. I'd greatly appreciate it. ...
22 days 6 hours ago
Intern deal experience on resumeHi all, I am looking for opinions on this. I interned at an EB this summer and had pretty extensive deal experience. I worked on two major restructurings and a 2b sell-side from beginning pitch to deal announcement. I worked like a dog but learned a lot and really enjoyed it. I will be returning to ...
52 days 7 hours ago
New Goldman Recruiting Process Has anyone applied to Goldman yet and heard back about the video interview yet? Any insight is appreciated. 8/12/16 Update -- gathered form the comments here's what we presume to know so far: These interviews are currently being given to students applying for 2017 summer internships. It seems man...
622 days 8 hours ago
2016 analyst bonus threadHey everyone. Bonuses should be coming our around now. What are the 1st 2nd 3rd year analyst bonuses looking like at your firms this year? ...
522 days 8 hours ago
Is Nomura a Sinking Ship?After massive cuts in its US business, the firm is trying hard to re-position itself as a "premier/boutique" advisory house, hoping to ride the wave of cross-border acquisitions from the East to the West. Anyone seeing Nomura's name on some recent key M&A or financing mandates? Is the firm a rea...
42 days 10 hours ago
What happens if purchase price < shareholder's equity in an acquisition?Usually if purchase price > shareholder's equity, goodwill is created to make up for the difference between purchase price and market value of SE. What if purchase price < shareholder's equity. Eg. if we paid $1000 in cash for a company, but its assets were worth $2000 and liabilities worth $8...
12 days 10 hours ago
Advice on becoming an Analyst in a Canadian Big 5 Firm?A little bit about me: I'm currently going into my last year at Schulich and I currently have a 7.5/9 GPA (3.3 - 3.4 or a 3.55 when converted using the Canadian GPA conversion scale). I'm currently attempting to get a job as an analyst or any decent job at a Big 5 bank and I don't really have any g...
72 days 11 hours ago
Financial Sponsors at Associate level and beyondCan anyone comment on being in sponsors at the associate level and after? From what I know, many groups are very lean in the middle. Would there be less exits to corp dev since you're working with PE firms rather than traditional industry companies? Thanks. ...
12 days 12 hours ago
Employment RestrictionsBefore I put in the details I want to make sure this is the correct place to post this. The Co-founder in my Start Up business has a restrictive covenant that my SEC Attorney is reading in a very specific and I believe, incorrect way. He is NOT a labor attorney and is suggesting due to the covenant ...
02 days 16 hours ago
Financial Model of Internet based Private company Hi Everyone, I want to build a financial model for the Internet-based Private company, Generally Internet Service provider comes with different plans, offers, billing cycle, existing user, new user, Promotion activities, discounts and their major expenses are network cost which they are using for t...
02 days 18 hours ago
Worst/most ridiculous things one can do on LinkedInHello there. Today, while browsing LinkedIn I bumped into a hilarious entry on the profile of one of the so called 'incoming summer analysts: This is what I call a magnitude. ITT share your best findings from LinkedIn.. ...
Paper Plane
872 days 22 hours ago
Reach out to recruiters I go to a non-target school. What is the best way to reach out for recruiters for full-time ib interviews? Already landed an interview with GS through an alumni connection, but I want to keep my options open in case that dose not work out. Aside from GS I am looking into MS, JPM, and Citi. ...
23 days 2 hours ago
Cover letter with resume drop?Is it expected to drop a cover letter with my resume after I speak to someone on a networking phone call? ...
23 days 3 hours ago
Run me through a DCF interview questionEvery interview I've had I've been asked "walk me through a DCF analysis". However how technical must you go? Should you go through it in a basic way expecting them to have some follow up questions or should you go in depth throughout? I try to keep my answer fairly structured so I don't drift away ...
23 days 4 hours ago
Are people at megafunds inherently elitist ASSHOLES?Currently go to top 20 MBA program and cold-emailed someone at KKR. I have a distinct connection outside of school (think sports rivals, etc.) to said person and thought I could ask about his experience. His response to my email was: You go to ____ university!?!?!?! I only talk to people from Yale...
113 days 5 hours ago
Use forward looking multiple for terminal multiple in a dcf?Hi All. So I know that in a DCF you use comps multiple average as the terminal multiple for your modelling target. I'm just wondering if we should use forward-looking multiples or current multiples? If we use forward-looking, should we use the one after 5 years to match with the time that DCF projec...
53 days 6 hours ago
Allen & Co. the invisible investment bank?Allen & Co. now stands at number 9 in the M&A league tables after advising on both the Time Warner - Comcast, and the WhatsApp - Facebook deals. They do not maintain a website and what I've dragged up online suggests that they actively try to maintain a low profile. But casually, these guys...
243 days 10 hours ago
Anyone heard back from Wells Fargo about the Full-Time Securities Analyst position for 2017?The Wells Fargo Full- Time Securities Analyst program application was only open on August 5, 2016. I am still waiting to hear back. Just wanted to find out if anyone has heard back yet. ...
143 days 10 hours ago
Negotiating salary for FT return offer?Given the current market, it is already very fortunate to get a return offer as a SA but would it be frowned upon to negotiate a signing bonus or your base pay? ...
223 days 10 hours ago
Barclays RX & Advisory GroupDoes anyone know of the RX group at Barclays? Found a couple of old threads here but looking for any updated info, particularly, the hiring process and group reputation compared to RX specialists (HL, PJT, Lazard, etc.) Thanks! ...
03 days 10 hours ago
At what point is MBA not worth it in IB?Hi all, I am looking to break into investment banking and coming from a non-target this is difficult. I'm thinking that relevant work experience, networking, and a top MBA would give me the best chance to break in. My question is, whats the MBA rank threshold as to when an MBA wouldn't help me brea...
53 days 10 hours ago
Picking an OfferHey guys, I've just gotten 2 offers, unfortunately, neither are from GS. I have to choose between Lehman Brothers MBS Trading and Bear Sterns MBS trading. Here are my questions for you: -What is the short term outlook for these products? -Which bank offers the best which one will sti...
23 days 11 hours ago
Salutation to cold email someone who looks very androgynous Hello All, I know this is not your typical post but I was just looking for some advice on how to best handle this situation. I was able to find an alumni of my school through a LGBT professionals group on Linkedin and was hoping to try reaching out via a cold email. However as the title suggests I'm...
233 days 11 hours ago
2016/2017 Investment Banking threats & trendsHey guys, I thought it may be helpful to share on here what are the main trends and threats for the Investment Banking industry, since this is a very common question in both applications and interviews. What I can say so far is that hot topics are: - Declining role of FICC in overall revenue percent...
03 days 13 hours ago
Interview Question: How Does Your 3-Statement Model Change After A Merger?/IPO?Hi Monkeys, Here is a full-time investment banking interview question: How Does Your 3-Statement Model Change After A Merger?/IPO? My thoughts on this (for the first part of the question), if the buyer is acquiring the firm, then they are also acquiring their assets and liabilities as well so that...
103 days 15 hours ago
MS FT - Group Placement questionHey guys, I was fortunate enough to receive a FT offer from MS for next year. I have been told that group placement happens sometime in September, however, does anyone have some insight on what I should be doing now? For context, I'm from a nontarget, and there's probably a couple of alumni at the f...
03 days 15 hours ago
Help - all-cash acquisition impact on equity value Company A: EV = 100, market cap = 80, EBITDA = 10, net income = 4, EV/EBITDA = 10x, P/E = 20x Company B: EV = 40, market cap = 40, EBITDA = 8, net income = 2, EV/EBITDA = 5x, P/E = 20x Say company A acquires B using 100% cash. What are the combined EBITDA and P/E multiples? I understand that combine...
13 days 15 hours ago
PROJECT FUNDING AND BANKING INSTRUMENTWe have direct and efficient providers of Bank Guarantee (BG's), Insurance Guarantees, MTN, Confirmable Bank Drafts, Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC) and Third Party Guarantees. If you are a potential Investor or principal looking to raise capital, we will be happy to answer any questions that you ...
03 days 18 hours ago
Chronic disease and low GPA? Can I say that?I'm a transfer student (currently at a target), i was 3.9 for first-year and cumulatively 3.5 now. I had chronic disease (enteritis), and I fought with it for past 1.5 years. It was a hard time. However, I achieved 4.0 last semester and (should) get straight A next semester. Can I say that? My mento...
44 days 1 hour ago
M&A Structure and Financing Solution for Hotel Chain AcquisitionHi All! Looking for some insight from people in corporate finance. Specifically, Hospitality/Leisure/Gaming company or something similar (Real Estate, etc.). Would like to learn M&A Structure and Financing Solution for Hotel Chain Acquisition. Thank you and I would be grateful for your comments...
04 days 1 hour ago
Currently in a pickle. Could use some help!Long story short, I've interviewed at a boutique firm for an internship and the MD loved me. Gave me a 'verbal offer' and basically said "I'll do everything I can to make sure you get this". So naturally I was happy and considered it sealed. I sent him a thank you email afterwards, and told him I l...
34 days 1 hour ago
Superday During Another InternshipOk, I have a superday coming up, but I am in a full-time internship with an implicit job offer (but it's not an ib internship). So I called in sick last week because I had another superday. I don't really want to use the same excuse for this superday, but it's out of town, so I can't be at the inter...
14 days 2 hours ago
PJT Advisory PlacementAnyone have word on how well the 1st PJT (not BX legacy) class placed? Heard good things but yet to see any tangible results ...
124 days 3 hours ago
Are Masters Degrees and MBAs going to be mandatory 5-10 years down the line?It seems that the bar is getting higher in term of degrees and education. I see job listings for people working at the mall as sales associates making $13 an hour requiring a bachelors degree. Do you feel it is necessary to get a masters/MBA to secure a long-term career at this point in time? ...
224 days 5 hours ago
Working Full TimeHi all, Going to be working FT starting next summer, and curious to hear everyone's thoughts on working full time. The more I think about it, the more I want to stay and do another year at school. Now this is not something I am probably going to do (because I got a really good offer), but how many ...
04 days 6 hours ago


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