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01 month 1 week ago
Queen's Applied Economics vs McGill Joint Honors Economics & FinanceHi everyone, I'm a pending sophomore transfer student in BC, Canada. I've been reading WSO since the middle of last year, but recently my aspirations for banking has intensified, so here I am. I have two options to consider for September. Both of them are BA, specializing in some form of economics. ...
28 min 22 sec ago
Venegas Herrera / Venegas CapitalHas anyone heard of this LA boutique bank or its MD? Couldn't find anything here, I was hoping someone could chime who's had experiences with them. Or any information really, intern, full-time, anything... ...
217 min 38 sec ago
Evercore/LAZ/PWP Drug Test?Anyone know if these firms test? If so, how much time is given? Do they test for both new hires and lateral hires and if so, what the process for testing was? Thanks ...
136 min 36 sec ago
Using pen and paper during mental model interviewHi I am wondering if you get asked about xyz item impact on three statements, can you ask for pen and paper to draw down your logic and calculation? How would this impact your interviewer's view on your quant skill? Thanks ...
252 min 48 sec ago
BB Operations MD AMAHaven't seen too many posts to shed light on this so ask away. Also see my latest post here: Mod Note (Andy): This is an older AMA originally posted on 2/20/16 but the OP let me know he's still able to answer some questions! Check out this other...
991 hour 14 min ago
What does WACC represent conceptually? Why do we use it?I understand, at least on a superficial/calculation level, how to discount cash flows/calculate NPV. But, I am not sure I have a deep enough understanding of the concept behind it. Let me use a simple example of a bond. There are two bonds, one earns 5% and the other 6%, both with par of $1000. Afte...
11 hour 44 min ago
Is there a tangible difference in compensation between the post-MBA-->Associate and the direct Analyst-->Associate route?Assuming one decides to forego the MBA and just stay an extra year to get promoted from Analyst to Associate, is the compensation you get as an Associate much lower than as an MBA hire? I've tried the search, but couldn't really find anything specific to this topic. ...
11 hour 54 min ago
Needle pushed too far for diversity hires?I hear it all the time from FT staff that they would love to hire a female but most don't perform well in interviews so can't justify hiring them over the male candidates. But working as a SA i cannot believe the incompetence of some of my female cohorts, as in they don't know how to perform basic ...
112 hours 29 min ago
BB ER analysts and IBers: At what age do you expect to see your first 7 figure comp. package and what will you do with it?Many of the prospective IB lifers and ER analysts I've come across in college have a mentality where they will shoot for that first 7 figure pay check, trek along for a few more years after that, and then retire by 45 to start their career as the next globe-trekking Johnny Sins. Do you veterans act...
32 hours 45 min ago
Best groups for hours/culture in Chicago?I'm currently summering at a reputable MM in NYC but for my own reasons I'm looking to move to Chicago for full time. If anyone could name some groups with the best work/life balance (read: least hours) and culture that would be great. I come from a school that is a weak semi-target for Chicago so m...
Buckingham U
34 hours 14 min ago
Goldman Cracking Down on Recruiting BiasLooks like Goldman Sachs is implementing a new recruiting system. Instead of coming to schools to do on-campus interviews, Goldman will be doing the interviews online. Goldman says this is a way to minimize bias in the hiring process. I personally don't like this move. Goldman may say it's about red...
American Psycho
286 hours 22 min ago
-------- ...
06 hours 28 min ago
2016 FT ROOMMATE THREADHey guys, Another incoming FT IB analyst looking for roommates. I will be starting this summer at a BB in midtown. I'm not very familiar with the neighborhoods in NYC but would like to find a group of chill people to live with. Please PM me if you are interested. I am open to suggestions for areas ...
646 hours 45 min ago
Talking to HeadhuntersI am going into my second year at a MM. I sent my CV to a couple of headhunters a month ago and I have been receiving e-mails about other IBD positions, however I was not seriously considering moving up until now. My question is - can you ask the HH which firm it is and then say that you don't want...
19 hours 59 min ago
Debt StructuringWe are working on a debt deal and one of the things holding us back is a potential lawsuit that is unlikely to happen; however, the banks want closure on it before drawing. Are there ways to structure a deal to add protection to the Lender besides a typical corporate guarantee from the parent compan...
210 hours 6 min ago
Incoming FT Analysts in London - Are you worried about your offers because of Brexit? Well.. the title says it all. Anyone aware of any banks rescinding FT offers for incoming analysts, starting (training) in the next weeks? ...
011 hours 11 min ago
Evercore Technology Group (NYC and SF)How is the culture/deal flow/hours/exit opps/etc at Evercore's tech m&a group? I know they're split between NYC/SF (Menlo Park), but any insight on the group (mostly culture and hours) would be great. ...
511 hours 13 min ago
Startup Dilemma: Top startup accelerator worth quitting the best job I ever had? I've been granted a rare opportunity to join one of the top startup accelerators (think Y Combinator) in San Francisco, and I need to decide whether it's worth quitting the best job I ever had. I always wanted to do a startup and this feels like the perfect opportunity for me to experience working a...
111 hours 46 min ago
MSc in Financial Engineering at Birkbeck UniI am a Chartered Accountant with >10 years experience working in MNC Investment banks across several countries in Finance. I am interested in doing Msc in Financial Engineering from Birkbeck Uni part time, but I dont have any coding or programming background and GCSE maths level, is it possible t...
013 hours 57 min ago
GS IBD Salt Lake City I am considering applying for SLC IBD for GS instead of NY since it's probably easier to get in. Since cost of living in SLC is much less than NY is there a significant difference in the salary? ...
3914 hours 37 min ago
When does the rat race end?I just finished my sophomore year and will be heading into SA recruiting this upcoming fall. I am currently spending my summer at a boutique IB, and given the comparatively lax lifestyle I have now compared to next summer and potentially for the rest of my life, I wanted to do some soul searching to...
3414 hours 49 min ago
2016 IB TARGET SChoolsHello All, I'm applying to college for class of 2021, I'm pretty competitive as an applicant ( Great Ecs, Standerized testing scores and even have an IB and a Fund internship etc), so I was wondering what are the top target schools in order? Right now I'm pretty into Wharton and the Huntsman program...
191 day 5 hours ago
Guide: Cold Contacting Investment Bankers For Non TargetsHi Folks, I posted a thread earlier in the month and there was a lot of interest in techniques and tips for cold contacting investment bankers so I thought I would share what I know. First things first, I'm not an investment banker. I'm a data room sales rep with an extensive background in cold cont...
251 day 16 hours ago
Why do people in finance complain about the long hours?Why do people in finance complain about the long hours? Like in Investment Banking, don't they get paid for the overtime? Working more = more money, right? ...
242 days 12 hours ago
To summers hitting the desk Monday...Being a summer analyst/associate in investment banking is a rite of passage that you will never want to do again, but will be happy you completed. As someone who did this process many years ago, and may even be managing/mentoring some of you this summer, I know that this can be a scary/exciting/inti...
203 days 12 hours ago
Becoming an Industry Experti was wondering if anyone could shed some light on how to become an "industry expert" in any given industry or coverage group? i was specifically interested if anyone (perhaps a season coverage banker) could give specific resources or processes that a beginner could follow to actually develop an und...
33 days 14 hours ago
Which bank is the softestI am looking to join a top investment bank as a 1st year associate. I want to get the best brand name on my resume, have the best experience to provide me with exit opps, and receive positive feedback day to day (I am sensitive), but I do not want to work the latest hours. So my question: which bank...
243 days 15 hours ago
China M&A - Tencent Acquires Supercell/Clash of Clans for $8.6BPosts like this will soon be the norm, as yet another Chinese acquisition has taken place. As some of you know, Tencent, a leading Chinese technology firm (mainly known for QQ and WeChat), has agreed to purchase Supercell for $8.6B from Japanese firm Softbank. Supercell is perhaps best known as the ...
04 days 7 hours ago
How would an acquisition impact the EV and B/S of an acquirer?Hi, I have been fooled by this question in the past. I just wanted your opinion on my solutions. Imagine Company A acquires Company B: 1. How much would the EV of Company A increase? 2. What change would occur on the B/S of company A due to this acquisitiion? Data: Company B: Assets = $160 Liabiliti...
83 days 18 hours ago
How quickly does it start?I am about to start my first full time position out of college as an IB analyst at a leading Boutique/MM firm. First, I have training of course. But after that, I was wondering when I could expect the long hours to begin. Will there be a few week grace period where I will only be in the office for ...
14 days 1 hour ago
Moelis Capital Markets GroupIs anyone familiar with Moelis Capital Markets Group? I am having an informational interview with them next week for full-time. Is it more valuation-type work? I am pretty familiar with the company itself, but not the Capital Markets Group. Any feedback is appreciated! ...
124 days 11 hours ago
Blackrock MD BY 31: Ask me Anything Bio: Khe attended Yale University and has 15 years of finance experience, mostly as a fund of funds investor. Khe was promoted to Managing Director at Blackrock at the age of 31, and last year left to explore entrepreneurial passions around community building and helping people be their best selves....
374 days 16 hours ago
Sagent Advisors - dealflowI'm a rising senior and looking around at options for next fall. Anyone know what deal flow is like at this shop? I've heard it's a lot of the usual pitchbook stuff, but i guess you get that anywhere. ...
04 days 17 hours ago
The General Future of IBHello WSO, As a freshman at a semi-target, I was wondering how the future of IB is looking life, if I choose to follow that path. I have seen some users say IB is going to be "in a rough state" for the next couple years, which frightens me as this will be right at the time I will graduate. Thanks. ...
74 days 17 hours ago
Rothschild NYC OfficeHey guys, It's been a while. I was doing some research yesterday on Rothschild's European practice out of curiosity (yeah that's what I do in my free time), which got me thinking - what do we know about their NYC practice? Do analysts get the typical PE exit opps of a middle market bank? Or is there...
35 days 12 hours ago
2017 FT IB Analyst RecruitingWhen does FT IB Analyst recruiting typically start? I am an UG student graduating in May 2017, and am wondering when banks will start taking resumes/interviewing online, or via other methods. Thanks guys! ...
105 days 16 hours ago
The Raine Group - culture, reputation and comp informationHas anyone heard of them? Any insight on their culture, reputation, and comp would be appreciated. ...
285 days 16 hours ago
Microsoft To Acquire LinkedIn For $26.2 BillionMicrosoft has announced that it will acquire LinkedIn for $196 per share, a 49.5% premium to LinkedIn's closing share price on Friday. Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) and LinkedIn Corporation (NYSE: LNKD) on Monday announced they have entered into a definitive agreement under which Microsoft will ...
455 days 17 hours ago
UK vs USA Summer Analyst recruitment Starting a masters programme at London School of Economics this September after completing 2 summer internships (both large respected financial firms, but not 'high' finance) during my 3 year UG degree. For obvious reasons, I won't be going for FT recruitment next year, but rather a summer internshi...
246 days 9 hours ago
Still no MD after 30+ YearsMy wife has worked for a big IB in NY for over 30 years. She's 60 years old. Of course, her goal is MD. She's now an ED. Every year, she gets passed over for MD. I'm ready to retire & move to warmer climates. But she is stuck on the MD issue and wants that title in her arsenal before leavin...
356 days 15 hours ago
Moving from Accounting to Investment BankingHi everyone, I am currently working as a trainee accountant in London at a mid-tier firm, have a high 2.1 degree (non-financial) from a top 40 UK university (not a Red Brick) and less than 300 UCAS points. As you can see, my academic results are nothing special. However, I am very much interested, ...
66 days 16 hours ago
Summer Interns, What has your workload been like?Summer Interns, I wanted to ask you directly what your workload is like. Specifically, elaborate on your hours and lifestyle. If you stay late, are you really staying late because you actually have work? Or are you simply staying late for the sake of staying late with the team. I'll start. Get in of...
351 week 31 min ago
Boss asked me to get coffee... Such an intern cliche... So i'm interning for the summer at a small boutique and my boss's boss (md) and an associate were headed to a meeting with a client and he asked me to bring them all coffee to the conference room. Normally his secretary would do this but she's seemed to be overly busy latel...
Throwing Shade
1011 week 14 hours ago
Moelis SFWhat are thoughts on Moelis SF? Deal flow/exit ops, etc... Also is it true Moelis generally pays above street? Thanks! ...
51 week 15 hours ago
AMA: Went from S&T to Cap Markets to M&A to MF PEI'm a long time user of WSO, and as the title says, I've had a pretty convoluted career path so far. I started off in S&T out of undergrad, and was on a prop desk that was getting decimated (historically it was one of the most profitable groups at the BB). I was desperate to make the switch to a...
201 week 16 hours ago
Macquarie Bonus 2016Hi everyone, Does anyone know what Macquarie bonuses were for 2016 at analyst level for in London / NY? Figures were released on Friday 6 May. Despite the bank had good results this year, they apparently reduced the bonus pool last minute. ...
51 week 18 hours ago
London FT IBD AnalystGuys.. starting as a full time IBD analyst at a BB in London. Any advise on getting ready for the CISI exams..(I have to take those in August). Also, any general tips especially regarding housing and apartments.. I am trying to get a relatively affordable studio...Cheers ...
31 week 20 hours ago
Don't know if investment banking is for meHow do I know or what should I know about investment banking if Im not decided? I don't know if that is truly what I want, what should I know or expect to do if I were to make it my career? ...
161 week 1 day ago
Elite Boutiques London / EuropeAll, the recent posts about Elite Boutiques in Europe didnt yield any detailed results. So I thought I would give it another try, I was wondering if anyone has some insights on how the EBs rank in London, among themselves and against BBs especially in terms of dealflow and culture. If someone could ...
91 week 1 day ago
Big 4 RX vs lazard, rothschild, HL RXWhats the difference between in Big4 restructuring and restructuring team from Lazard, Rothschild, HL & other specialized IBs? I noticed the big4 have dedicated restructuring teams, and the job description includes items like (formal insolvency work; financial restructuring; operational restruct...
71 week 2 days ago
How Do You Deal With People That Can't Stand Wall Street?Just for some background: I come from a low-middle class city in New York and I have friends from all backgrounds ranging from wealth to poverty. Because of this, I have been able to understand the perception of Wall Street from many different walks of life. Ever since I started developing an inter...
371 week 2 days ago
Pitchbook Nazi: Proper Hyphen Use...So, I'm kind of insane. I just started working for this boutique and a lot of our reports/pitchbooks are generated from built-in macros that access our models and auto-generate base books, which we then customize for the particular engagement. The template is, in my opinion, filled with punctuation/...
101 week 2 days ago
"If you're 25+ you won't be able to become an IB analyst unless you get into a top MBA and break in as an IB Associate" - True?Was reading about people in my position (late 20's, non-finance degree) and ran across this post on another forum. Just curious if it's true and if so, perhaps I'm wasting my time doing anything other than an MBA at a top school. What say you? ...
661 week 2 days ago
Junior summer at boutique IB - what else to do to catch up with BB internsHi everyone, I am a junior at a semi-target interning at a boutique investment bank this summer. I've just started interning for a week, but the deal flow is not that huge and there is no training at all. It's still pretty solid work - for this week only I've already done a dcf from scratch, conduct...
11 week 2 days ago
Should a Third Year Analyst and a First Year Analyst Be Doing the Same Work?Chimps, Simple question, should a third year analyst be doing the same work as a first year analyst? E.g., random, one off analyses, PIBS, data dumps and meeting prep books (not pitches) vs. live deal execution work, client requests, meetings, etc.? The way the role was explained, there was suppose...
Gotham's Reckoning
211 week 2 days ago
How IBD Makes (or Loses) Money and Why that Matters to YouInspired by @CompBanker 's post on "The Truth Behind PE Compensation." Many junior IBD bankers are often asked to participate in "business planning" for their department. This is usually pitched as an activity with "great exposure to senior bankers" when more experienced junior bankers realize it's ...
91 week 3 days ago
When Does 2016 FT Recruiting Start? MM Banks?The title says it all, when does recruiting for full time IB start? I'm asking specifically for MM banks and maybe well known boutiques (not EBs). I'm a non target student and do not have access to OCR. Are non-targets interviewed at later dates from the OCR kids? If anyone has any insight on when ...
01 week 3 days ago
Wells Fargo Securities Associate LifestyleHi everyone, I have a question on the lifestyle of an associate at WFS specifically in Charlotte. Can you speak to what compensation is like, what the hours are like and any other overall thoughts such as what industry groups tend to be better than others? Also, would there be a noticeable differe...
71 week 4 days ago
Aon SecuritiesHello everyone, Does anyone know about this group? Basically an insurance-focused boutique investment banking group at Aon. They transfer insurance risk to capital markets in the form of cat bonds, reinsurance sidecars, weather derivatives, etc. Just wanted to get a sense of the group because I have...
21 week 4 days ago
Down With Dodd and VolckerJeb! Hensarling, the chairman of the House Financial Services Committee is working on a plan to take out key aspects of Dodd-Frank and Volcker Rule. The name of the plan is The Financial CHOICE Act. (Creating Hope and Opportunities for Investors, Consumers and Entrepreneurs. Gotta love D.C. abbrevia...
American Psycho
02 weeks 3 days ago
WSO Investment Banking Resume Template for College Students Released to the Public!Big Announcement: WSO Resume Template is Out in the Wild!: Mod Note (Andy): If you're looking for our resume for experienced IB professionals or a private equity resume template, click here.. For those of you looking to make sure your CV format is clean and make sure that your investment banking r...
931 week 4 days ago
Structured Commodity Finance Investment BankingMainly metals and softs, some O&G; typically in emerging markets. How is this space regarded? What exit opportunities are there (adjacent IB product/coverage groups, structured credit/commodity HFs, Physical Commodity Traders) in the U.S.? ...
What a Draghi
21 week 4 days ago
Protected Friday Nights in IBD?Yet another interesting piece of news regarding Credit Suisse and its revised firm rules. According to Reuters, CS has informed its bankers to leave work at 7 p.m on Friday evenings and not return to the office until at least Saturday lunchtime. This email was sent out around 23rd May to EMEA IBCM t...
321 week 5 days ago
2015-2016 salary & bonus discussionLet's talk about the 2015 - 2016 year bonus. Please list the firm, level, salary, bonus using the following format: JPM, S&T, A0, 150k base, 175k bonus (75% cash, 25% stock) Feb 1st update: Here is a compilation of the salary & bonus #'s thus far (pulled from comments). Citi, A1,150k base,...
1721 week 5 days ago
Need help on my diet, I started to work in M&A...I joined an investment bank last week and now that I have seen how long the hours are I need to plan a diet and routine accordingly. I used to eat 5 times a day (three principals and a protein shake post-work out at 11:00am and some fruit in the afternoon at 5:00pm). Now I realized that most of the ...
181 week 5 days ago
Signal Hill CapitalMiddle market firm located in Baltimore. Does anyone know anything about the firm? Dealflow, exit ops, culture, etc? ...
Michael Scarn
131 week 5 days ago
Do Bankers' emails automatically filter out ".edu" email addresses as spam?Title says it all, I heard from a classmate that many bankers autofilter ".edu" emails and I'd be better off using a gmail account. I am currently interning for a commercial bank that gave me an email, but I might not be able to take time off it to get coffee with an IB hiring manager, and I'm worri...
91 week 6 days ago
Hit the Desk in September - Brothers Wedding in December?I start at a BB this summer. Training is through August and I start on my desk in September. My brother is getting married across the country in December. I am supposed to be a groomsman in his wedding. It's a pretty big deal that I go, obviously. How negatively will this be viewed? I always hear ho...
61 week 6 days ago
Ranking Analysts -- Bonuses/Bucket SystemCan someone explain a little bit about how the bucket system for bonuses work? How are bonuses usually allocated to 1st/2nd year IBD analysts? And usually, how difficult is it to make it into the top group? Thanks, any response is appreciated! ...
22 weeks 6 hours ago
Boutique Investment Bank - Not learning much and no job responsibilitiesI feel as if I'm also completely worthless at the boutique bank I'm working at. I don't even get to help with looking up information on pitchbooks and feel like I provide almost no value. I'm grateful for the opportunity but I feel like there isn't much that I'm really helping out with. The other in...
Biggus Dickus
82 weeks 9 hours ago
The Struggles of Credit SuisseIt's been pretty clear that Credit Suisse has opted for some intense cost cutting measures, but I still got a laugh from reading DealBreaker this morning. The following is the exact extract from the 'front lines' CS now requires bankers to pay for their own mobile phones. New reimbursement policy ...
202 weeks 18 hours ago
Investment Banking for females - What is it like ? Hi everyone, I recently got interested in this as a possible career path. I did research on females in IB, but a lot of what I found was just about how horrible it is. Or I end up on pages about gold diggers targeting male IBers. Just trying to get some insight on how females are perceived in the f...
282 weeks 1 day ago
Choosing a GS IB GroupSup,,, So I have started networking with great succes after implementing the various strategies and the great advice you all shared on my last post. I will be focusing on GS TMT for the prestige as you all know but also energy as apparently chicks dig energy dudes. Although FT recruiting is a few m...
32 weeks 1 day ago
Investment banking in Toronto?Inspired by the Vancouver thread, wondering if anyone can shed some insight on what investment banking is like in Toronto in terms of pay, culture, deal flow etc. ...
22 weeks 1 day ago
Failed Pre-Training Test- FTHey WSO, It's been a rough past month for me personally, and now I'm caught up in the middle of finals. I skimmed the TTS accounting prep book here and there when I could, but a few days ago failed the accounting assessment for pre-training. Should I be concerned heading into training coming up? Wil...
172 weeks 2 days ago
Quitting FinanceHey Bankers, Long time lurker, made an account just for this. I could really use some help, but unfortunately, can't ask anyone at work and I don't think I've spoken to my friends since I started in banking. Long story short, I worked in Lev Fin at a BB for a year and a half before leaving to do se...
272 weeks 2 days ago
Transferring colleges during senior year with offerI currently attend a non-target and have an offer to BB. However due to financial reasons I might have to transfer to an instate school for the rest of my undergrad. It's undergrad business program is solid and MBA program is ranked in the top 25. My current school's MBA program is in the top 40. I...
52 weeks 2 days ago
BB IB Politics and Personal Life GuidanceThere's a guy at work that I regularly see at the gym after work. We acknowledge each other at work if we see each other in the hallways or elevator. At the gym, we talk for a few moments whenever we bump into each other. The conversation is always polite and respectful. He's a good friend with ...
182 weeks 2 days ago
California Banking - (Summer) Analyst Overtime Pay? BB and/or EB?I've been reading varying things about overtime pay in California due to the law requiring overtime pay, etc. Is it true that all firms (BB's, EB's, etc) must provide overtime pay? Or, if in the contract it states that SA comp is pro-rated based on FT salary/FT comp is $XX,000/yr there is no overti...
32 weeks 3 days ago
Was just asked to resign...what should I say on interviews?Current 2nd yr analyst who did something stupid which led to being asked to resign. Unsure of how to handle this during lateral interviews now when the inevitable question comes up as to "why did you leave your old job". Unsure how much info HR gives out surrounding terminations/resignations but d...
352 weeks 3 days ago
Goldman LayoffsAnyone here feel any of this? Article says layoffs were at higher levels VP+ and affected M&A, ECM, and DCM. From Yahoo: Goldman Sachs said to cut dozens of investment banking jobs Goldman Sachs Group Inc. cut investment banking jobs in the last few weeks, joining securities firms that are adju...
312 weeks 3 days ago
BIG NEWS: WSO Compensation Report is OUT!Dear WSO Community, I'm pleased to announce the release of the WSO Compensation Report! We had another great year with even MORE entries than last year (over 5,000)! It took many months of hard work and finally, it's here ...and it's still free :-) Yes, that's right, access to the FULL 155 page WS...
462 weeks 3 days ago
122 weeks 3 days ago
BMO to acquire Greene Holcomb & FisherIf someone already posted a thread on this, my apologies, but I did not see one via a search. I'm somewhat surprised by this move for a variety of reasons, but I suppose acquiring an M&A business is easier than building on...
Bullet-Tooth Tony
12 weeks 3 days ago
Deal information I'm starting my summer internship in a industry team at a BB i London in a few weeks, and wanted to prepare by having a look at some recent deals the team has been involved in. Do anyone have any recommendations on where I can find info about recent deals? I've had a quick look at Factiva but didn't...
02 weeks 3 days ago
What's Moelis known for?In terms of M&A/Restructuring/Capital Markets/etc, what is the firm best known for? ...
302 weeks 4 days ago
Do you (does your bank) include marketable securities into net debt calculation?Hi guys, Do you (or does your bank) include marketable securities into net debt calculation as well? I.e., should we subtract only cash & ce from total debt or should we deduct marketable securities as well in addition to cash & ce? I've gone through google research and have asked a couple o...
22 weeks 4 days ago
Mizuho Investment Banking Drug TestAmerican Starting in Tokyo. Was wondering if anyone knows drug testing policy ...
172 weeks 5 days ago
SPRING Internships / Off-cycle in the USAHey guys, I'm a Masters student thinking about testing the IBD market. I'll be interning in a top BB (GS/MS/JPM/BAML/Citi) this summer in the UK, but in a non-IBD related capacity. Because of the rather odd dates of my grad school program (in the US) and the time when full-time gigs tend to begin (J...
22 weeks 5 days ago
Summer Research Analyst - some questions on M&ACurrently interning at a boutique investment bank specializing in M&A advisory, and my responsibilities are to conduct research reports on companies. The MD doesn't tell me anything at all besides, "here's a company, get me a report by Wednesday" and I have to essentially figure everything out t...
72 weeks 5 days ago
Your Most Absurd IB Interview Questions.. and AnswersAll, I am doing this because I haven't found a thread like this on WSO. I am curious as to everyone's most absurd ib interview questions that they have been asked, and their answer. Funny, intense, irrelevant, etc... I am not looking for the usual: "How many ping pong balls can fit in a 747?", every...
02 weeks 5 days ago
Messaging on LinkedInHello All, Planning on cold in mailing through LinkedIn to try and network my way to an IB gig. Granted, this isn't the only way I am going to try and land a job but what are the guidelines for contacting investment banking analysts in general? Should I stay away from certain things? Contacted two p...
242 weeks 5 days ago
Must Read books for Investment BankersAsides from the Vault guide and this forum. Any recommended professional development IB or finance books to read before first year MBAer aspiring to go into IBD ...
182 weeks 5 days ago
Wells Fargo IBD Coverage/Product Groups & LocationsMaybe I haven't been looking in the right places (or hard enough idk), but I haven't been able to precisely establish which groups have the heaviest deal flow/year round business and what cities they're in. I know Lev Fin & Industrials (?) is mainly Charlotte, SF is TMT, and any other ones I'm j...
12 weeks 5 days ago
Silver Lane AdvisorsHas anyone heard of this FIG boutique? Culture/deal flow/comp? Any info would be greatly appreciated. ...
22 weeks 6 days ago
2016 JP Morgan MBA Early Advantage ProgramHey guys, Has anyone heard back about the 2016 JP Morgan Early Advantage for MBA students that start in the Fall? Thanks. ...
62 weeks 6 days ago
Hong Kong ECM vs US ECMI will be joining an ECM team in Hong Kong as a 1 yr monkey. Can someone shed some lights on the difference of work between the ECM deck in Hong Kong and that in New York? Particularly if any skills I learned from the HK market can be transferable to NYC, if my plan is to move to NYC in 2-3 years. ...
32 weeks 6 days ago
FT Analyst Training: What time of year?When do FT analysts usually start their training in the Bulge Bracket and larger boutiques? I saw some old posts that said late June through Early July but is that still the case? Secondly, if you are an intern the previous summer, is there any chance you can miss the first couple weeks or negotiate...
Mortgage Backed
53 weeks 1 hour ago
Self-Improvement Ideas for Summer 2016I was told during one of my last interviews to act more confident. Does anyone have an idea how to improve self-confidence? Especially, when you are under stress? Also, can anyone recommend self-improvement courses in NYC that would be helpful for IB career? ...
253 weeks 3 hours ago


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