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06 months 4 weeks ago
PE exits BAML vs GS IBDI am currently deciding between a prospective top product group at BAML vs an industry group at GS Both are amazing institutions and have really smart people working there. For culture, I'm happy with both, BAML people seemed a bit more approachable. Anyone went through a similar decision process? W...
233 sec ago
post-mba i-banking associate exit opportunity Hi all, I'm curious what are the exit opportunities for post-mba i-banking associates if they don't make VP (I heard less than 50% of starting class make VP). I also heard PE VC rarely take post-mba associates. So do most of them go to corporate finance after 2 years of banking? how big of a pay c...
432 min 48 sec ago
GS or BAML?I'm in the process of trying to decide between IBD SA offers from GS and BAML. On the surface, Goldman carries more "prestige" and generally better exit opps, but I'm concerned about their summer to FT conversion rate (rumored to be pretty low), especially its tendency to increase the cutthroat dyna...
271 hour 5 min ago
SA Offers: MM IBD London vs GS/MS/JPM HKFirst time posting on this site. I have a dilemma that I want others to chime in. I study at a target university in the UK, did fairly well in my first year and have managed to secure 2 IBD offers for my summer internship next year. I'm not sure what I should choose among these 2. The BB would give ...
131 hour 37 min ago
0 is the friend. This Extreme Mxl be a branch chain amino acid call L-Glutamine. It is extremely important to have this as well as dead training, along with want to get big rapidly. I personally have some in my water during an intense train. It is also very in order to have this in your reco...
02 hours 34 min ago
How is International Experience Preceived for SA Recruiting? I'm currently recruiting for 2nd year summer internships and I'm hoping to land a position that would be most favorable in the eyes of recruiters for SA hiring next year. I'm interviewing with a couple Big 4 firms in Transaction Advisory in emerging markets. Is this considered quality experience com...
02 hours 54 min ago
Book recommendations for a future investment banker?Hey guys, I'm finishing up my 1st sem. as a freshman. Any helpful books for IB? I've been looking for some good resources to dive into. Was luckily able to snag BIWS Premium off the internet, but want some good books that would cater to an IB. Does not have to be area specific, even biographies are ...
13 hours 3 min ago
Middlebury vs Georgetown vs Wash U St. LouisHey Guys, I'm currently deciding between these 3 schools for my undergrad education. I know that Georgetown has the best "Brand" name, but I am will be participating in a men's varsity sport where Middlebury's Alumni for student athletes(Especially for the sport I'm playing) is incredible.(3-4 Barcl...
173 hours 12 min ago
Rank these schools in order of wall street recruitmentIU (Kelley) Boston College (Carroll) NYU (CAS) Notre Dame (Mendoza) Georgetown (McDonough) Villanova Bucknell ...
123 hours 20 min ago
Preparing for SA internship?Hey all, I am a junior right now. Next semester I will be studying abroad in South America at a school without relevant financial accounting/corporate finance coursework. I haven't taken financial accounting or corporate finance yet at my home college. I memorized accounting/corp finance for my inte...
23 hours 57 min ago
Transfer from Villanova?Hi everyone, this is my first post here but I've read through a lot of the forums, and I'm hoping someone can help me out. I'm a freshman at Villanova (undergraduate) in the business school. Basically I feel like I'm not being challenged and that I'm not in the best environment in terms of being s...
34 hours 4 min ago
Life after Investment BankingMod Note: Throwback Thursday: this post originally went up 4/25/12 Like a majority of people who are on this website, I used to come on here and write bullshit about a life partly my own, partly fantasy. I'm now going to uncloak the anonymous man and tell you my story. My name is Stephen Ridley. I g...
3034 hours 29 min ago
Best JP Morgan group in NYCI am wondering what the best JP Morgan IBD groups are for exit ops, culture, and prestige in NYC. ...
14 hours 31 min ago
2017 APAC IBD Summer Analyst Interview UpdateDoes anyone know if Citi, BAML, DB, or GS has started sending out first round interview invitations? I know MS, JPM, and CS have, but I am not sure about the others. ...
3005 hours 4 min ago
Bankers, do you prefer experienced girls or inexperienced ones?I'm going to be a SA at a BB this coming summer and find myself to be ~inexperienced~ on some fronts with guys. Thus, do guys in IB/S&T etc prefer girls with more experience or no? ...
85 hours 59 min ago
Interview experience w/ JPM Junior Analyst ProgramSo applications are up! You dont have to reveal actual interview questions. Just wanted to know how youre experience was for 2016 class. As for me, the interviewer seemed more like a gatekeeper from an admission staff. Its like I had the criteria for an interview, but since I came from a "non-tradit...
416 hours 1 sec ago
Failed Series 79 - Got 80% and higher on STC Practice exams. Whats going on?I've taken the Series 79 Exam twice and received 69% both times. After retaking the STC practice exams before my last try I was getting above 80% on the STC practice exams. I guess my score was skewed due to taking the same tests twice. Aside from buying a different test package. i've purchased the ...
27 hours 15 min ago
Marry a sex symbolI'm a guy in my early twenties, living in a metropolitan area. I'm basically conservative, coming from a southern town and stuff. But I've always liked really attractive women, like regally attractive. I've also never cared too much for a girl to be in the same type of line of work as me. I would, h...
Yeezy's Flesh
417 hours 42 min ago
Draft Kings On ResumeLooking to spice up the interest section of my resume, and I am thinking about putting draft kings on it. Wondering what people's thoughts are? I think this would be a potentially good talking point with analysts/associates but am not sure if MD's or senior bankers would look negatively on it. My pa...
238 hours 15 min ago
IB/Asset Management background checkAny advice on my situation please? I got a job offer from a BB bank, and currently in the process of getting my background check. The problem is that I can't get a verification letter from one of my internships back in 2012. It was a consulting firm in Korea, and unfortunately I didn't sign any cont...
28 hours 52 min ago
Offcycle Full Time Analyst HiresHi, I was wondering if anyone could share their experience with offcycle FT analyst recruiting as a senior i.e. you struck out on FT recruiting during the fall and manage to land a position in the winter/spring for IBD. Is it true that banks will pick up a couple more analysts after the Fall cycle o...
09 hours 18 min ago
Goldman Sachs HireVue Hey everyone! I just finished a first round interview with GS through hirevue, does anyone know how long it takes to hear back? It's hard to tell how I did but will GS still send an email about next steps even if you weren't selected to move on. Thanks! Mod Note (Andy): Old post from 9/4/16 that is ...
2459 hours 29 min ago
Boutique Firm Went Dark On Me---What Do I Do?Title basically speaks for itself. Sent in my resume and cover letter and was glad to hear them get back to me. An over the phone first round interview followed that about or month or so ago. However, I literally have yet to hear back. The over the phone interview had no technical questions, it was ...
29 hours 34 min ago
Would you take a contrarian position and buy DB stock?DB is a solid bank. Despite going through recent debacles including the DOJ settlement and numerous restructurings, I dont think this would materially affect their long term business. Correct me if I'm wrong but they are currently trading c. 25% of book value and in the absence of any bankruptcy ris...
410 hours 47 min ago
What Do I Do?Sophomore at a non-target but very competitive liberal arts college. Had an internship after freshman year and 3.5 GPA. Looking to get an investment banking internship as a junior, but want a relevant internship this summer (such as PWM). Networking doesn't seem to be going anywhere and don't have a...
310 hours 54 min ago
Nomura Hong Kong IBD SuperdayI am invited to Nomura superday for HK IBD. It will be my last chance to land an IBD offer. I have interviewed many banks including both New York and Hong Kong offices. I understand technical very well and prepared as many behavioral questions as I could, but I could even pass the first round interv...
610 hours 56 min ago
Financial ModelingHey guys, Where can I learn some financial modelling that can sort of set me a part from the other potential interns? I'm going to a non-target, though I have a 3.8, I know the situation I'm in. Thanks in advance! ...
010 hours 57 min ago
ModelingWhat modeling prep course would be best for just basic cash flow modeling if you had to pick? I don't need to more complex models necessarily but just projecting the statements etc. Thanks! ...
112 hours 1 min ago
Cash Stock Deal - Protecting Seller from Future DilutionWorking through diligence for sell-side represented deal, private seller and public buyer (micro-cap) for approx 50% cash and 50% stock. The buyer doesn't seem to have the most upstanding reputation after their previous acquisitions, so my question revolves around how to protect our seller's new sha...
The Real Donnie Azoff
012 hours 7 min ago
Berkshire Hathaway is poised to join Apple, Aphabet and MicrosoftDoes anybody wonder today's headline on WSJ about Berkshire going to be acquired by three giant tech companies? I found it incredible unbelievable! What is the relationship with railroad company and tech company?!? I was guessing the three tech companies going to car industry, not the railroad. Any ...
213 hours 46 min ago
Dating future banker boy: get out now? or stick it out? Hi WSO, So we're both seniors in college, have been dating for about 8 months and things have been getting more serious (ie love / long term). He's locked in for an investment banking job in NYC (i'm looking for jobs in NYC as well, non-finance) and we're starting to talk about continuing our relati...
Banker's Dime
3914 hours 15 min ago
Underlying securities in tranchesHey all, I am trying to do a deep dive analysis of a CLO fund and I can't seem to source the underlying securities that comprise each tranche (sec filings, CapIQ and Bloomberg aren't working). Anyone have a suggestion? Thanks in Advance ...
515 hours 30 min ago
IP Valuation: Method applicationI'm currently working on a financial case study and had a few questions about valuation via Discounted Cash Flow. Because the company has a high growth rate, I had to calculate the Terminal Value using an EBITDA multiple (otherwise, the TV would return a negative value). So my question is: Can I sti...
016 hours 24 min ago
Advice for Non-Targets - Hitting "Apply" Button on LinkedIn Isn't EnoughI received a message on LinkedIn from someone looking to get into IB a couple weeks back, in which the individual explained his situation and couldn't understand why he isn't seeing progress. The general gist (confidentiality in mind) is that he applied to many jobs through LinkedIn as a non-target ...
2316 hours 43 min ago
Advice for Breaking into Rx BankingHey guys, I had a question about Restructuring IBD and was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction. I have heard that Rx interviews are very technicals, but have not really gotten a grasp on how they are hard (Google and the WSO search bar have not provided a ton of help). I know f...
1016 hours 59 min ago
List of non-obvious excellent internship opportunities?Looking to start a list for some people of other excellent internship opportunities other than those which are obvious. Of course IB at Goldman, MS etc. would be up there with the first that come to mind.. but what about a Summer Analyst Position at GE Capital? Consultant summer analyst at IBM? Co...
1217 hours 32 min ago
2017 Summer Analyst IB Recruiting Timeline Megathread PagesClick here for the 2017 FT IB Analyst Recruiting Megathread discussion page. APPLICATIONS / INTERVIEWS / SUPERDAYS Goldman Sachs Morgan Stanley J.P. Morgan Bank of America ML Citigroup Barclays Credit Suisse Deutsche Bank UBS Wells Fargo Applications open: Lazard Lazard Middle Market Jefferies Cente...
72617 hours 33 min ago
What are the 3 most important skills needed to be an investment banker? Investopedia lists discipline, entrepreneurial, and relationship-builder as among top five skills for investment banking. Imo these along with persistence and excellent communication are essential for bankers. What say you? ...
4719 hours 46 min ago
Networking: Ways to keep in touch 3-6 months down the roadWSO has been instrumental in my development in the realm of networking, and there have been some very solid posts in the past. Between the excel networking template and many other posts on this forum, I think most of the bases are covered. However, and this seems to be a common trend in doing intern...
820 hours 30 min ago
Failed Series 79 - Received 80% on STC Practice ExamsI've received 69% on the the Series 79 twice. I retook all of the practice exams from STC before the second try and was getting above 80%. I'm guess taking the same test twice skewed my exam scores. I've purchased the "progress exams" from STC which provide me with 2 fresh 175 question tests and 4 q...
421 hours 13 min ago
General Course LSE- Investment BankingHi guys, I have a scenario and would appreciate any advice. I want to study abroad my junior year (2017-2018) at London School of Economics through the general course program. I'm based out of the US and have a 3.74 GPA, small private equity firm internship experience, and big 4 deal advisory intern...
222 hours 5 min ago
Multiples for valuing BanksWhy do we use P / BV for valuing banks over something like EV / EBIT? I understand EBITDA should not be used since financial institutions are not capital intensive, but won't EBIT be a good metric of profitability. How does P / BV even tell anything about profitability?? ...
823 hours 23 min ago
15 things I wish I knew as a first year banking analystMod Note (Andy): This post originally went up 2/10/13 and is a must read for all those starting their FT roles I was writing an email to a fellow monkey who is about to start as a banking analyst in the summer. It's been a little over 5 yrs now since I was a wee young first-year analyst in restruct...
1561 day 56 min ago
Didn't get converted at BB SA.. what do I do, and do grades matter more or experience?Hi everyone, Just an IB wannabe here. I've done 1 AM and 2 IB internships before landing a BB IB SA role with a prominent US bank. However, I didn't get converted despite getting on great with the team, and doing all I thought it would take me to get converted - the bank simply had a hiring freeze i...
71 day 4 hours ago
GS SF Groups?Exactly which groups are in Goldman's San Francisco? I was under the impression it was solely TMT, but I recently met with someone in Corporate Derivatives? What other groups are there, and how big are they respectively to the office? (Excuse the noob question, simply curious) ...
71 day 5 hours ago
2017 MS Enhancement Program Thread2017 Enhancement Program applications are now live. Let's use this thread to keep up with interviews, super days, and offers. Feel free to mention: Division applied for: Target/Non-target: GPA: Previous Internships: (Yes/No) Good Luck. ...
71 day 5 hours ago
Houlihan Lokey Financial Restructuring Group interviewHi, I am a first-year mba student. I have an interview with Houlihan Lokey restructuring group for a summer associate position. I am wondering whether the technical questions are similar as the general investment banking technical questions or there are different questions specifically tailored for ...
01 day 5 hours ago
Firms that are still interviewing?Wondering what firms are still conducting interviews, I am aware that BBs are essentially finished, as well as upper MM like Jefferies. Wondering if anyone has any lower MM or large boutiques that delay their interviews until after the new year. I know Aberdeen is one. Any information would be gre...
41 day 5 hours ago
Career advice: go into IBD or lateral to PE?Hey everyone, I'm looking for some career advice. I'm currently an analyst at a mid market PE shop. I started out of school. I ultimately want to either do MF PE or hedge fund, so I'm looking to leave soon. What would the best way to go into those areas? Should I contact headhunter? If so, how would...
41 day 7 hours ago
advice for Goldman Sachs Finance - Treaury Superday - my first superdayI just got invited to the finance, specifically treasury, superday at Goldman Sachs on Thursday. I assume since I got the invite so close to the superday, I wasn't a very competitive candidate and only got the spot because someone else dropped out. The superday is only going to last 2 hours, accordi...
31 day 9 hours ago
From Business Analyst to IBHey everyone, looking for some career advice here. I go to a target school, major in economics, and am going to be finishing up a year- long co-op as a business analyst working for a major bank. My grades are brutal (3.0gpa) and this is my only somewhat relevant work experience, but I really have my...
01 day 10 hours ago
Future of Investment Banking in AsiaHi Monkeys in Asia, It seems like the outlook for Investment banking is pretty gloomy in Asia with news of Investment banking going on a downward spiral (source) and Goldman sachs looking to shrink their ex-japan Investment Banking headcount by 30% What do you guys think is the outlook for Asia's In...
71 day 10 hours ago
KeyBanc CM/Pacific Crest SuperdayHas anyone heard back from the KeyBanc Capital Markets/Pacific Crest Securities Portland superday today? ...
41 day 14 hours ago
HSBC IBD Asia (HK) - Any info?Hi, does anyone have information on HSBC IBD in Asia, especially the Hong Kong office? Would be appreciated for any info on Deal Flow/Comps/Culture/Exit Opportunities. ...
111 day 15 hours ago
Where does banking draw the line (degree wise) between very smart and too quant?As the title says. Employability is the most important factor. Would you be willing to ignore an unrelated degree if it is communicated clearly that the degree (masters) s purely for rebranding purposes and the person is able to express interest in the field? I did a little research and found that '...
11 day 18 hours ago
How The Most Successful CEOs Set GoalsThe way we set goals in our society makes achieving those goals all but impossible, but it doesn't have to be. If you read a lot of the stuff that's written on goal-setting, it usually contains the same, wrong-headed advice: Decide where you want to be 10 years from now. Break that goal down into mo...
11 day 18 hours ago
Imperial Capital Interview - Any inputs on interview process? Phone interview coming up..want to know any inputs on how the interview process is for Imperial Capital..telephone..2nd round etc.. Have searched and haven't found's appreciated. ...
141 day 18 hours ago
FT Recruiting at BB following MM SA Position Hi Monkeys, I have been fortunate enough to receive several respectable SA offers at MMs (Piper/Stifel/HW) and will be spending my summer with one of them. I am happy with my offers but have the eventual goal of breaking into a BB. I made it through to super days at most the BBs that participated i...
41 day 19 hours ago
MBA full-time Associate recruiting without a summer IB internship - is it possible?Here's my situation: currently a 2nd year MBA student at a top 15 program. I have a background in finance and accounting before business school - worked in public accounting for 2ish years and then worked in an FP&A/Strategy type of role at a large financial institution. Spent my MBA summer inte...
i hate audit
111 day 19 hours ago
ECM / DCM groups in ChicagoDoes anyone know of any ECM, DCM, or solid Corporate Banking groups in Chicago? Would be looking to lateral in as a 1st year associate from MBB. ...
21 day 19 hours ago
Twitter: What to follow? I'm interested in hearing the different financial news sources that you all follow on Twitter are? I am looking to make a Twitter just for that and so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I think Twitter is a great way to help develop a Macro focus people have mentioned in previous posts wh...
21 day 21 hours ago
Future of Wall StreetHey Guys, Interesting post from WallStreetPlayboys here on the future of wall street. As many of you are going through junior year SA recruitment, I think we've come to realize that the "mood" has changed quite a bit. The Future of Wall Street For those that are in the "know" Wall Street is currentl...
Cosimo de' Medici
122 days 2 hours ago
Goldman Sachs London vs. Morgan Stanley NY IBD SADear Monkeys, I would like to know the pros and cons of choosing NY over London. Obviously, both are excellent internships but could you please tell me which one you would go for and why? For culture, I would go with MS, mainly because I have friends there. But the people at GS are also great. Thank...
162 days 4 hours ago
Off-Cycle in THE US for FALL UNDERGRADSo I am an undergrad from a non-target looking to break into/experience IB, almost like everyone else. Currently, I have taken an offer at a Big 4 TAS in valuations for the summer, and my summer recruiting process for IB hasn't been successful. So, I am looking for a full-time fall internship. Most ...
22 days 4 hours ago
Deloitte BTA v. Raytheon FLDP v. JPM Private BankingHey everyone! Long time lurker. I want to eventually move into asset management and these are the offers I have. What do you think is my best bet? I know JPM PB is in the asset management division of JPM but it isn't really asset management in and of itself. Other factors to consider Starting pay: D...
112 days 6 hours ago
Spontaneous Phone Interview Question Help for Very First Internship Hello everyone! Thanks for reading and for any eventual help I may receive! So today someone spontaneously offered me an over-the-phone interview for a wealth management position. I'm freaking out because I've had no preparation or time to even give this some thought. Any pointers on what to expect....
62 days 9 hours ago
Transfer at (GS/MS/JPM) internally after SA stint?Title says it all. Received an exploding offer at a top BB for an AM risk role but I'd ideally like to do IBD. Most people in the group actually come from the IBD and they emphasized the "internal mobility" at the bank, but how easy is it to actually do this? Would I be better off pursuing other IBD...
02 days 9 hours ago
DB Achieve 2017 Did anything else get the email from Deutsche to fill out the pre-interview survey today? Anybody know what the timeline will look like? ...
432 days 9 hours ago
CS IBCM vs MS GCM vs GS IMDHi guys, I'm currently choosing between Credit Suisse IBCM, Morgan Stanley GCM and Goldman IMD for a summer analyst position in Singapore. Thoughts much appreciated. I go to a target Ivy and have 0 finance background. ...
142 days 9 hours ago
EY TAS - Operational Transaction Services Interview preparationHi All I have an interview coming up with EY TAS for the operational transaction services practice. I am a MBA student without any experience in M&A. Could someone please share some insight into the work that the OTS division does and provide guidance on how to prepare for the interview? Thanks ...
12 days 9 hours ago
Freshman PWM BB Internship - Worth It?I am coming from a Target, but meaningful Freshman internships are hard to come by for anyone. I would like to get an internship this summer just so I get some experience on my resume and to show my interest in finance. I have a possible connection at a BB, so I am going to pursue that connection. ...
32 days 10 hours ago
GS IBD ATP Salt Lake CityHey, got an offer to be one of 37 new analysts in the Analyst Training Program in Salt Lake City. Over the phone they told me that around 50% are able to become permanent IBD analysts in NYC, Houston or SF-- just wanted to hear your thoughts on this program and whether it's an FO role, or a realisti...
262 days 10 hours ago
BreakingBayStreet ReviewsHi all, I'm a Canadian in IB and I was wondering who else had used BreakingBayStreet for interview prep? For those who don't know, BreakingBayStreet is a Canadian version of Breaking Into Wall Street. I tried it and had a terrible experience and I'd like to hear more stories. For those of you consid...
32 days 12 hours ago
Morgan Stanley IBD SA- Hold Has anyone been on hold for Morgan Stanley's IBD SA position? Do they usually just put everyone from the superday that didn't get an offer on the list or do I have a fair chance of getting off it? I have been looking around WSO and haven't found any information. Thank you! ...
152 days 12 hours ago
Lloyds Banking Group's Strengths and Cultural Assessment and Numerical Reasoning TestsHi, I have received an invitation to take Lloyds Banking Group's Strengths and Cultural Assessment and Numerical Reasoning Tests. I would like to ask anyone who has done it How many questions did the Strengths and Cultural Assessment Test have and how many questions did the Numerical Reasoning Test ...
02 days 13 hours ago
IB Screening - Practice for SHL Numeracy Tests?Does anyone know where to get good practice at the numerical reasoning tests like the ones on ? Many banks use these to screen potential candidates... I have run a search on the WSO forums, but there was no info about any books or online sites where you can get a lot of practice for thes...
302 days 13 hours ago
Preferred Dividends - PIK and CashGuys, Brushing a little bit on accounting. For preferred cash dividend, do you show this on the IS? I know for common dividends, these never show up on the IS and just on the CF as these are not expenses and not tax deductible. But for preferred dividend, was reading somewhere that since preferred d...
12 days 13 hours ago
S&P EarningsHey Guys, this may be a very silly question but I am trying to track down the historical earnings of the S&P 500. Everything I am seeing is EPS... anyone have an idea where I can track down GAAP earnings cumulatively for the entire S&P historically? Thanks! ...
Billy Ray Valentine
32 days 15 hours ago
Anything still available? Junior URM Target 3.8GPATitle speaks for itself. Had a few interviews from hedge funds to consulting but no offers. I'm at a top 5 school, 3.8 GPA, boutique banking experience last summer with a return offer but I'm looking for a big name regardless of group within so I can leverage for an MBB full time offer next year. Se...
72 days 17 hours ago
Public Sector and Infrastructure group at GSI read a few of the forums on this group and developed a pretty pessimistic view. Is it really that bad? Anyone who can give fairly accurate and objective information on the group's exit opps, description of duties as a SA, and pay grade please comment. Furthermore, anyone know the likelihood of ...
32 days 18 hours ago
GS IMD vs HL IBD vs JP IMDHello friends, I'm a junior at an ultra non-target. Say I have offers at GS IMD in NYC, JPM IMD in Miami Beach, or IBD with Houlihan in Texas. Which would you choose? ...
92 days 19 hours ago
Removed: lack of interestRemoved: lack of interest Removed: lack of interest Removed: lack of interest Removed: lack of interest ...
03 days 5 hours ago
EuroConsult - Mergers and Acquisitions Interview - Any tips on what to expect?Have an interview with EC Mergers and Acquisitions and would really appreciate any tips. Anyone have experience with this firm? Questions they've asked? Thanks! ...
02 days 20 hours ago
142 days 20 hours ago
Excel Help! - Cells do not update when they reference another Excel fileWe run complex models, like really comlpex. It's not unusual for us to run a model that references back to 20+ other Excel files. Anyway, I put together a pretty simple spreadsheet where a single cell will reference one other file, very simple. So I closed out of my work so my boss could review. ...
RE Capital Markets
462 days 21 hours ago
Citi versus Evercore both LondonHi Monkeys, I received 2 FT offers as Analyst 1 in London IBD: - Evercore - Citi Very difficult for me to choose. I know Evercore is very strong in the US, but not really in Europe (top 12-20) where as Citi is a bit better (top 6-7). I have no guarantees for the team I will join (and it seems diffic...
73 days 4 hours ago
SMBC?Has anybody heard from back from Sumitomo Mitsui (SMBC) about their Analyst programs? Curious about application statuses or whether have interviews occurred yet ...
193 days 4 hours ago
Big 4 vs "no name" Boutique M&AHey everybody, I'm currently applying/interviewing for M&A internships (in Frankfurt, since I am in Germany). Would you guys prefer a Big 4 (M&A, not TAS) over small rather unknown boutiques or vice versa? I want to do the next internship at least in a Tier 2 IB, rather BB/EB. Big 4 probably...
Marty McFly
83 days 4 hours ago
Any thoughts on DB/Barclays/HSBC in Hong Kong for SA?Hi fellow monkeys & kings of the jungle, Long time reader & first time poster. I am deciding between Deutsche/Barclays/HSBC in Hong Kong for a summer internship. Wonder if you got any thoughts/advice on which bank to go to? Mostly concerned about return offer rate and exit opps. Can somebody...
63 days 4 hours ago
BB Financial Analyst vs. Mizuho IB SA if End Goal is to Lateral to a Better Bank?Hey fellow monkeys, I can either take a summer financial analyst position at a BB or IB SA at Mizuho Bank for my junior summer. My goal is to lateral to IB. Which position would give me more of an advantage for lateraling for a full-time IB position? If I take the financial analyst position, then it...
Entrepreneur Hero
73 days 5 hours ago
AMA- Big 4 Audit to MM IBHi all, Recently moved from Big 4 Audit to a top MM IB (Blair, Jeff, Baird, HL) after 1.5 years in Audit. Willing to answer any questions about the process I used to make the transition, opinions on Big 4 Audit/TAS, corporate finance/ development jobs (I interviewed for a few during my process), the...
Love Audit Money
533 days 5 hours ago
13 days 5 hours ago
-. . ...
23 days 6 hours ago
Thoughts on Miller Buckfire?Considering an opportunity there, and was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on the current state of Miller Buckfire? I've heard they've lost a lot of their senior bankers post Stifel acquisition, but they're still working on deals like Detroit and Puerto Rico. ...
93 days 6 hours ago
Hating People Oblivious to Their Privilege RantWhy do so many fucking people on Wall Street come from rich and privileged families? It's so disgusting. I have meet quite a few people who are not even aware of how privileged they are having their parents pay for 300-400k in boarding school and undergraduate tutition for them. They think they eanr...
553 days 6 hours ago
Ducera Interview - Firm InsightI have an experienced hire interview for an analyst position at Ducera Partners. Aside from the flashy and more obvious information floating out there (Puerto Rico, Monsanto), does anyone have any further details about the firm? I was curious about what people have heard of the culture (since it's a...
Uncreative Banker
23 days 7 hours ago
Is a focus in Econometrics going to be looked upon more favorably than Biostatistics? Either way I intend to major in Applied Statistics, the question is whether or not to focus in Econometrics versus Biostatistics. The thing is that with the focus on Econometrics, it really just sounds more applicable but the only real difference is that the focus requires Macroecon, Microecon and E...
43 days 10 hours ago
Guys, what's your opinion on dating female bankers?The question is pretty much self-explanatory--what's your thoughts on dating a female banker: yay or nay? ...
1233 days 10 hours ago
Debt Pricing and IRRsReturn on investment loan in KHR and USD? $10M senior, unsecured loan. Investment closes on 1/1/2016. Company A is seeking funding in (3-5 year tenor). -Assume no deal expenses, no capital gains tax, no withholding tax and no leverage used in transaction -Ignore FX considerations -Interest 3% -Min I...
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03 days 12 hours ago


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