Hello! and #school/work issueHello everyone! I am a new monkey. I am 29 years old, and looking for a chance to work in this unforgiving industry we know as investment banking. I come from an engineering background, having previously worked for HP, Qualcomm, and various other tech companies before actually going a different r... 01 min 45 sec ago
IB over PE?Hi guys, What are some of the reasons people choose to stay in IB over PE? From what I gather, PE is the route to an "easier" life and it's what every analyst craves, but I see it all the time where an analyst gets a direct promote to associate and stays with the firm. So what are some of the ... 22 min 42 sec ago
Easy InternshipsIm a rising sophomore at a non target with no finance experience and a 3.5 gpa. Are there any specific divisions of banks, where they consider candidates like this for summer internships. I know I-banking is out of the question but I just really want to get my foot in the door. Thanks in advance... 14 min 12 sec ago
Los Angeles Happy Hour for Real Estate Professionals (and others) -- July 30, 6:30PMDear All, Calling all Monkeys in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Come to make new connections and have fun! Come to meet fellow Real Estate Professionals! Share stories, make friends, and have a good time. Ultimately, the goal is to have one of these every month. Location: Mom's Bar in Sant... 512 min 25 sec ago
Lateral hire from Deloitte to MBB? Hello everyone! Thank you all so much for the thoughtful responses that have come out of these threads - I have another question for the group that I was hoping I could receive some help with. I am thinking of accepting an offer with Deloitte S&O, but I know I don't want to do consulting for t... 1113 min 9 sec ago
Linkedin photo.......formal or business causal?I actually prefer business casual over the typical suit and tie just because there's more of a personal touch to it. I doubt anyone would look down on you just because you don't have one of those cookie cutter photos (by business causal i'm not referring to cocktail attire or anything too inappropri... 1018 min 3 sec ago
Company Interview: AXA Advisors 024 min 24 sec ago
Preftige, what is the meaning of it?Readers of this highly esteemed blog will notice that Mr. Preftige often alludes to sexual intercourse in his posts. Mr. Preftige, it seems, is implying that the end of prestige is not prestige itself, but reproduction. Indeed, Mr. Preftige believes in this. Prestige is but a means to a delightful ... 634 min 36 sec ago
Bets for a Market Crash in 2016?Well... What is everyone's opinion on a potential market crash in 2016? Many think it will happen, while many are skeptical. Berkshire Hathaway has been unloading roughly 99% of their stocks which relate to US Consumer based stocks. Many other Hedge Fund owners are doing the same. The market bubble ... 242 min 15 sec ago
AM vs HF: The Business of Our BusinessHedge funds get all the glory... and now they're even going to get all the press, courtesy of the JOBS Act, and I'm more than excited to see who thinks they actually need to advertise to bring in the flows. However, while a hedge fund is structured to make one man insanely rich and a few others rel... 6948 min 52 sec ago
Company Compensation: AXA Advisors 057 min 20 sec ago
Is a CS minor useful?I'm an incoming college freshman to a "target" school looking to major into Econ, and then parlay that into a job in finance/business (haven't looked into exactly what I want to be doing, but that's the general gist). My dad wants me to get a Computer Science minor, and I agree it's a good idea.... 21 hour 1 min ago
RejectionMod Note (Andy): Make sure to check out the comment inside the post by @M- Weintraub" So, it's been a while since I've provided content to this wonderful website (sorry Patrick). But, I figure now would be a good time. I just received a nice "Your no longer being considered for this job" upda... 161 hour 9 min ago
Modeling Tech StartupsJust curious, what are your best sales drivers for tech startups? My MD is talking about using sales quote per sales person but I personally don't care for that. I would defer to using top-down estimates for some offerings for this particular company, but his response is "using % of market opportuni... 41 hour 32 min ago
Company Compensation: Lockheed Martin 01 hour 34 min ago
Questions from a top PE fund interviewHi everyone I went to a private equity interview a few weeks ago with a top PE fund. I did not get the job which I think was because i fucked up a few questions on valuation. So in order to be prepared for the next interview in the future I would like to have your help. Note I have a non-bank... 71 hour 46 min ago
Private Equity right out of undergrad?What are the firms that recruit right out of undergrad?... 41 hour 48 min ago
Sacrificing too much to be a banker?Came across an old Reddit TIFU post: An Australian banker was devastated to find out that he had given up his whole life for a "9-7 job" . The fact that his wife had been cheating on him for 10 years was just the tip of the iceberg. [quote] Today I found out my wife has been cheating on me for t... 42 hours 25 min ago
Question regarding a ground lease/leasehold investmentWorking on a potential acquisition and wanted to get some insight from the board. Opportunity to acquire land which is leased to a developer who already developed a Class A office property. 75 years remaining on the ground lease, which resets payment every 5 years. 10% times appraised value of ... 62 hours 29 min ago
Thoughts on Twitter?FT recently released an article talking about a high amount of turnover among the executive levels while hiring an almost equal amount elsewhere. With the rocky transition to a new CEO I was wondering what you monkey's perspective is on the company. Is this a tech company that was caught in the ... 62 hours 36 min ago
CFA Results - 2015Today is the big day we've been waiting for/dreading since early June, when we peeled out of the testing center parking lots, burned our books, and went off to get drunk with our long lost friends. Level I & II results will be released via email today after 9:00 A.M ET. Level III candidates have ... 652 hours 42 min ago
2015 IBD Analyst Bonuses'Tis the season. So far, I've only seen posts on speculation. Would like to get a post started with actual #'s (or percent of salary). Anyone receive numbers yet?... 92 hours 44 min ago
Company Interview: Blue Mountain Capital 02 hours 52 min ago
Duke MMS AMAAsk me anything. I'm willing to talk about everything from academics to life in Durham.... 192 hours 57 min ago
Recruiting in Europe for IB with an MS in Finance Degree 03 hours 7 min ago
First year associate base salary - BB and BlackRock?I wanted to know what the first year base should be for the different firms (and generally across different LOBs) for a first year associate with three years of work experience under their belt (Class of 2012)? BlackRock says it is $90k with ~$25k in bonuses (from a marketing business management... 03 hours 8 min ago
What is the most clever, profitable RE deal you've witnessed?I love hearing about clever strategies developers and investors have employed, especially value-add deals and repositioning of previously underutilized properties!... 103 hours 16 min ago
Academic vs. Collegiate Quant FundsI'm currently a rising senior at a target and a summer intern at a quant fund (one of the ones listed within this thread: forums/quantitative-trading-rankings). I am enjoying the quantitative work I'm getting to do, but the group is a little quiet. I really enjoy bouncing ideas off people and learni... 03 hours 22 min ago
How to Crush Your Informational InterviewMod Note (Andy): "WSO Best of 2013" - this was originally posted Aug 1st. So summer is winding to a close and recruiting season is rapidly approaching. Monkeys will be dusting off their resumes with the hopes of securing IB and PE interviews and eventually offers from the jobs of their choosing.... 513 hours 22 min ago
What does a DISCRETIONARY macro trader do at Citadel/DE Shaw/AQR?I currently work at a BB vol desk and been thinking about exploring opportunities at macro hedge funds. Haven't really built a professional network yet as I am still very junior. But I just want to gather some information about what those macro fund might look for in potential candidates. From what ... 93 hours 30 min ago
Potential opportunity question I'm interning with a firm and today we visited s mutual fund wholesaler to get a feel for their business. Anyways, I met with a few of their guys and they encouraged me to submit my resume for recruitment. This was prior to the meeting and I didn't get a chance to follow up after the meeting. Shoul... 13 hours 41 min ago
Company Review: Houlihan Lokey 03 hours 41 min ago
Why Haven't any Philadelphia Developers become Billionaires?I was doing some research on the wealthiest real estate developers and investors, and it seems as though there are individuals who have made a fortune in almost every other major city than Philadelphia. Even Penn alums like Trump and Moelis haven't really done a lot of business there. What do they k... 273 hours 42 min ago
The ‘Business Cycle’ frameworkThis post is a follow-up to one of my earlier posts, ‘Stop reading the news thoughtlessly and develop a macro framework’ which had generated some interest among WSO users. In this post, I’ll briefly introduce the perspective of ‘business/economic cycle’ and then show how investors can draw... 83 hours 44 min ago
Summer Reading List: How to Get Rich Quick, or at Least Kill a Few HoursEver since I can remember, I have read to enrich my experiences. So now, as a proud business school graduate, I can reflect on the books that enhanced my MBA experience. Regardless of career or sector, I think all of the titles below have valuable lessons that one can apply both professionally and ... 03 hours 45 min ago
Company Review: Piper Jaffray 03 hours 47 min ago
Company Interview: Houlihan Lokey 03 hours 50 min ago
Company Compensation: Houlihan Lokey 03 hours 56 min ago
New Laptop For SchoolHey, In the market for a new laptop for school and wanted to get some opinions. Not overly worried about computing power as I'll have a desktop at home. Couple of the ones I'm looking at are. - Lenevo Yoga 3 Pro - Dell XPS 13 - Macbook Air - Macbook (2015) - Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus ... 153 hours 59 min ago
Asaba Group Holdings on Victor Edozien: SET Enterprises Announces Organizational ChangesWARREN, Mich., Aug. 29, 2012 — WARREN, Mich., Aug. 29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — SET Enterprises, Inc., a leading provider of steel processing, duct manufacturing and construction services with operations in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Alabama, today announced that Victor Edozien will be joining t... 14 hours 53 sec ago
Cost Estimators: The Bankers of the Construction IndustryRecently guys I have started a career in the construction industry as a project manager and cost estimator for a local company (boutique) and have seen the underlying similarities to the bankers of the financial world. It's also a career most finance and business guys haven't heard of because th... 24 hours 2 min ago
Big 4 Real Estate Advisory to REIBHi all, just curious how transferable the skillset would be from a Big 4 Real Estate Advisory background to REIB. Also, I was curious if this experience would be competitive for a BB REIB group and what the hiring climate is for RE groups in general. Appreciate the advice! Thanks. ... 04 hours 2 min ago
Paul Pignataro's "Leveraged Buyout" - Is it worth it?Any one read or heard about it? What's your take?... 54 hours 11 min ago
Sleepless In Seattle With Meir Ezra and The Genius TourThe Genius Tour with Meir Ezra is unlike any other event or seminar you have ever attended because it will expand your knowledge in way that you have likely never experienced. Success starts with a success viewpoint. What is a success viewpoint? It is much more than you imagine. Why is this i... 04 hours 16 min ago
Company Review: Bloomberg 04 hours 24 min ago
Turnaround/restructuring consulting -->distressed/deep value investing?It seems like the general consensus is that folks move to, or are capaable of moving to p/e following a stint in a operational consulting role. Is it unreasonable that this could lead to a deep value, distressed, or micro/nano-cap investing role for public equities? Thanks for taking the time.... 04 hours 25 min ago
Writing an Equity Research ReportI am currently a Global Business/Finance major at a non-target with a 3.7 GPA. I am looking to break into equity research by obtaining an internship next summer (I tried for this summer but did not have luck). I have very little relevant experience and I don't really have any connections, so I dec... 04 hours 40 min ago
JP Commercial Banking Hi All, I am fairly new to this site but I wanted to ask some questions about CB. I'm currently a SA in operations at at JP Morgan. Through an internal process, I received an interview for a full time position in the commercial banking analyst program at JP. Does anyone know about the interview p... 04 hours 44 min ago
Webinar: Building a Career in Fintech (from a Finance background) -- 7pm ET, 7/29/15 WEBINAR DESCRIPTION On Wednesday July 29th at 7pm ET Wall Street Mentor Otávio will be hosting a webinar entitled "Building a Career in Fintech (from a Finance background)", with a q&a session to follow. Otavio is an industry veteran with experience in finance and fintech. What he will cover... 04 hours 52 min ago
High P/B, low P/E, Overvalued?I'm looking at a stock that has good growth potential, good p/e relative to its industry and looks good on all other fronts, but has a high P/B and very volatile price history. Should I still buy? Im just worried that in the event of liquidation, I will lose a lot of money. The stock is trading at a... 15 hours 15 sec ago
Best Schools for Southern IBI'm a senior in high school looking to go into investment banking out of Undergrad and want to go into Charlotte/Atlanta/Houston IB or even in LA/SF.... Ill just say now that my grades and SAT won't get me Ivy or Vanderbilt or Rice (2120 SAT... 4.0/4.0 weighted GPA) which schools that are too ridicu... 445 hours 3 min ago
Company Compensation: Deloitte 05 hours 27 min ago
Coffee Is For Closers Mod Note (Andy): this post originally went up on 10/21/13. You think I’m f*cking with you? I am not f*cking with you. I have been noticing a very cancerous trend in this country. A trend that has even leaked onto WSO in many aspects, which is arguably filled with very ambitious and hardworki... 1135 hours 27 min ago
Wall Street Prep Course - What to ExpectI recently signed up for a 3 day WSP Public Boot Camp. I'm in corporate finance today and just getting my company to pay for some training. This this related to my day job, but more just to stretch my knowledge. When I did some searching around on the forums here I get the feeling that it's r... 05 hours 57 min ago
Company Compensation: RBC Capital Markets 05 hours 57 min ago
Big 4 Audit to Private Equity AnalystHi everyone, I've been a reader for a few months now but first time posting, thanks in advance for the great info! So, I'm a Big 4 auditor (almost 2 years of experience, CPA, Accounting Masters Degree from UF) looking to transition career into PE/VC/IB (small shop, presumably). I knew early on ... 116 hours 8 sec ago
Majors - Easiest and HardestWhat do you think are the hardest and easiest majors? Personally, Hardest: Math or some type of engineering Easiest: Women's Studies...there's only so much you can study in a kitchen... 466 hours 16 min ago
Back for more! - Annihilate my resume!!!Hey guys, The feedback that I got last time around was absolutely fantastic and I'm here for round 2! Basically I've been employed for 1 year 3 months at my current company and am looking for a role in the front office of a major bank or consulting for a prestigious firm. Help a young guy find h... 16 hours 27 min ago
Park Avenues on Sale!Nordstrom has their semi-annual sale, and they have included the AE Park Aves, along with some other models. If you haven't bought AE's before, I recommend going to an AE store to get fitted - they will match the price. If you don't have a nordstrom or an AE store in your town, what worked for me wa... 86 hours 33 min ago
Company Review: Standard Chartered Bank 06 hours 36 min ago
Company Compensation: Bank of America Merrill Lynch 06 hours 37 min ago
Webinar: MSF to banking transition -- 7pm ET, 7/28/15 WEBINAR DESCRIPTION TODAY, Tuesday July 28th at 7pm ET Wall Street Mentor Paul will be hosting a webinar entitled "MSF to banking transition", with a q&a session to follow. Paul is an industry veteran with experience going through an MSF program and recruiting/working in Investment Banking. W... 07 hours 10 min ago
Equity Research Interview questionsHi, On short notice I have an interview with an analyst and an associate on thursday for an associate position. Can anyone give me a heads up on what will likely be asked? Will this be a fit interview or more technical based questions and if anyone can give an example as to what level of dept... 47 hours 12 min ago
Am I Nuts? Summer Position SuitsHi All, I'll attempt to keep it brief. I'm in NYC for the summer and wanted to pick up suits for summer analyst recruiting. I went with a family member who doesn't mind dropping some money. With this in mind, I came away with a Navy Armani suit $1,900 and a Dark Grey Castagnia (~$2,500). Bo... 157 hours 14 min ago
ER internship HelpHey guys I am Junior at a non-target school close to NYC. The previous semester I chose to switch my major to finance. I have a 3.00 GPA and no prior internship experience. In doing research on various career options I came across ER. I enjoy learning what goes on and moves different markets and ... 07 hours 20 min ago
Stern ($80k-100k in debt) vs UNC (in-state) I'm considering both of these schools, as a rising senior. I love both schools, and BB IB is where I want to end up, whether it's in Miami or NYC (just a range of places). Stern and UNC are two schools I'm considering. Stern offers me everything I want, and I would love to live in NYC for college, b... 87 hours 22 min ago
Perspective ER InternshipHey guys I am Junior at a non-target school close to NYC. The previous semester I chose to switch my major to finance. I have a 3.00 GPA and no prior internship experience. In doing research on various career options I came across ER. I enjoy learning what goes on and moves different markets and ... 07 hours 24 min ago
The Secrets of Peak Productivity 07 hours 27 min ago
cfa level 1failed 107 hours 27 min ago
I used to be a teacher and I want to be a FInancial Advisor. What should I do?I used to be a science teacher for two years and have been in education for three years. I have an undergrad degree (not in finance) and I plan on getting my MBA in the near future. Currently, I am interning for an independent FA. My goal is to be an FA and am unsure on what path I should take to ac... 47 hours 36 min ago