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+7MSF Class of 2018I created the last post about this time so I thought it would be a good time to get a new thread going. With many MSF/MMS programs starting their application cycle in the next couple of months I wanted to provide a place where people can post their profiles, ask questions or seek help. I've done thi...701 min 52 sec ago
0Company Interview: China Construction Bank04 min 26 sec ago
0Company Interview: Goldman Sachs08 min 42 sec ago
0Company Interview: 1861 Capital017 min 39 sec ago
0are private equity and asset management similar?eg. an investment company which buys shares of a private company and holds them for a long period, is it considered PE or AM? or say BlackRock becomes a shareholder of a tech unicorn, can this be labelled as PE?...132 min 47 sec ago
+1Asking Out Chicks in the Office- Yay or NayBack story: I am in my young 20s. Been at the bank I am at now for 7-8 months. New consultant joined 2-3 weeks ago and is a dime. One year younger than me and sits on a different floor but some of my team work indirectly with her, and we know each other from hanging out after work a few times. W...6440 min 21 sec ago
0High School Senior looking to rise to the topI'm a high school senior with a chance of going to a target school. I want to know what is the best route i should take for the future if i want to make the mstmoney and have the most opertunity. I'm deciding between majoring in business/finance or computer science or both. I want to know if ...044 min 26 sec ago
0Best Groups at BAML?Can someone please discuss the top groups at BAML NY in terms of culture, deal flow, exists, etc? I know some of this content exists but if anyone has updated info, that would be great. Thanks!...355 min 31 sec ago
0Advice for new investors who are looking to allocate capital to hedge fundsI realize that most of the people on this forum are on the sell side, they run or work at hedge funds. Coming from the other side, someone like myself who is looking to invest some money in hedge funds, where is a good place to start finding top performing funds? A Google search of "top performing h...181 hour 12 min ago
0Worst/most ridiculous things one can do on LinkedInHello there. Today, while browsing LinkedIn I bumped into a hilarious entry on the profile of one of the so called 'incoming summer analysts: This is what I call a magnitude. ITT share your best findings from LinkedIn.. ...881 hour 13 min ago
0Company Compensation: Cornerstone Research01 hour 19 min ago
0RBC/Mac has best infra groups?Does Macquarie/RBC still have the best core infra (roads, hospitals, water etc) groups on the street? Talking about deal advisory as well as M&A, less so underwriting....01 hour 25 min ago
+24Can I turn a jackass into a champion?How many of you guys have a stupid younger cousin named Andy who's a senior at a target school and is pissing away any chance of excellence by drinking moderately and having the confidence of a kicked puppy? All of you? Cool, so I'm about to tell you a very relatable story. Andy's about to start ...241 hour 26 min ago
0Mattress Firm was this likely hedged?Saw that Mattress Firm (MFRM) popped 100%+ on take-out proposal this morning. The company had a 40%+ short interest, and on its face, appeared to be a decent short (highly levered, specialty retail, declining margins, cyclical business, continued integration pains, etc. etc.). Clearly a huge loss ...191 hour 37 min ago
+62017 FT S&T ThreadFeel free to post deadline dates and whether or not apps are open on here and I will continue to add. As you can tell, I have more names to add as well so just let me know who I left off and I will add: Wells Fargo: Closed Goldman Sachs: Open Now (Deadline in December) J.P. Morgan: Open Now Ba...241 hour 49 min ago
+2I'm going off to college tomorrow, any advice? So this is a little off topic (hence why it's in the off topic forum), but I'll be heading off to college tomorrow. I'm looking for some general advice that any of you guys may have regarding what I should expect on my first day at college. Thanks. Edit: Just wanted to say thanks for all the com...551 hour 55 min ago
0Company Interview: W Partners02 hours 16 min ago
0Company Compensation: JPMorgan Chase02 hours 20 min ago
+172016 APD/ADC MBB Full Time Recruiting UpdatesHey guys, Thought I'd start another thread for those of us APDs/ADCs (read: spent too many years in school) who are applying for full time positions either earlier this year in the Spring (BCG) or now during the Summer. Let's try to provide sufficient data so it's less confusing: Current l...4502 hours 38 min ago
0Biggest leverage for Consulting?...your thoughts?[redacted][redacted][redacted][redacted][redacted][redacted][redacted][redacted][redacted][redacted][redacted][redacted][redacted][redacted]...122 hours 45 min ago
0Company Compensation: Stout Risius Ross03 hours 15 min ago
0Company Compensation: BMO Capital Markets03 hours 18 min ago
0Company Interview: Barclays Capital03 hours 18 min ago
+7Thiel, Gawker, & the War on the 1st AmendmentYou may not have noticed, but yesterday was Gawker's last day. In and of itself, that's not a big deal; media companies come and go all the time. But Gawker didn't just die. Gawker was murdered. It's a rough time to be the 1st amendment. Freedom of speech (and, by extension, freedom of the press...713 hours 23 min ago
0Company Review: Barclays Capital03 hours 26 min ago
0Company Compensation: Barclays Capital03 hours 38 min ago
+1How did you apply/land your job?I'm curious to know whether most of the people on here got their current role through applying or networking? Before landing my current position, I had gotten a few offers through previous connections but actually accepted an offer from a firm that I applied to online and knew no one there....363 hours 51 min ago
+82017 Summer Analyst IB Recruiting Timeline Megathread PagesAPPLICATIONS / INTERVIEWS / SUPERDAYS Goldman Sachs Morgan Stanley J.P. Morgan Bank of America ML Citigroup Barclays Credit Suisse Deutsche Bank UBS Wells Fargo Applications open: Lazard Lazard Middle Market Jefferies Centerview Moelis Greenhill ...1784 hours 8 min ago
0Point72 Good Place to Work?Just saw a Point72 SA recruiting post on my school's job portal. I know SAC was in some hot water back in 2014 and was wondering if Point72 has managed to restore its brand as a top hedge fund to work at. Thanks!...94 hours 26 min ago
+1I have a 2.4/760, with good work experience is M7 or T10 achievable? Hi everyone I'm a second year law student at a decent school. I have a 3.75 in law school and I had a 2.4 in undergrad and I went to law school immediately after undergrad. I probably have the ability to get a JD/MBA right now at a top 25 or so school (Emory/IU/Minnesota/UNC/GT/ND) in coordinat...204 hours 35 min ago
0PE structure/functionI am looking for information on typical structure/functionality of a private equity firm. My specific questions are: 1) Is the management team usually part of the GP i.e. same company or separate company? If separate, is it a partnership usually? 2) Are there board of directors? Who appoints them...224 hours 57 min ago
0Have you seen fights on your trading floor?Hello, I am new to finance, the advisor I am currently an intern for was telling me great stories about how back in the day when he was trading converts there used to be cursing and fighting all the time! Was this common did people really fist fight on the floor and why? I am only 18 thus why I d...45 hours 3 min ago
0Phone Interview for Wells Fargo Summer Analyst Diversity ForumI have a phone interview for this program later today, and I was wondering if it would be more behavioral or technical? Thanks...215 hours 6 min ago
+2New Case Webinars in WSO Hedge Fund Prep PackOver the last 12 months, we have made a big effort to improve our hedge fund interview prep package by bringing to you relevant webinars with interview advice and actual investment pitch walk-throughs...I think for those of you that don't watch the webinars, it would be helpful to give you a brief s...05 hours 15 min ago
0Critique CV and MS Covering Letter?Hi all, So i'll be starting my masters next year at a target university (completed bachelors at non-target) and I hope to secure a FT role within M&A upon graduation. I currently have no finance related experience, however I have spent around a year at a boutique energy consultancy. I'm now apply...15 hours 38 min ago
0Company Compensation: McKinsey and Co05 hours 44 min ago
0Regional Bank PM SalaryI'm pretty far along in the interview process for a PM position at a regional bank. I have a sense of what the salary might be, but thought I'd check here to get other opinions and ask for thoughts on what the bonus might be. Position will handle about 100 HNW and institutional clients totaling rou...05 hours 47 min ago
+6Day in the Life of an Options Trader5:45 – early rise, whichever desk you end up on you are most likely going to be waking up around this time. Adjust your sleeping habits accordingly or suffer for most of the day. 6:30 – Arrive on the desk, market opens in 90 minutes so its really a countdown from here. 20 minutes is spent jus...345 hours 53 min ago
0More Prestigious Law School over Business School?I'm coming into my second year at an upper MM PE fund and starting to think about what I want to do next. My goal longer-term is to move to a smaller MM (or lower-MM) fund hopefully closer to my hometown. In the meantime, I'm thinking I want to do graduate school. My fund is decently well known,...45 hours 59 min ago
+15The Unconventional path to IB/PE (AMA)While taking the time to clean and organize my desk after a hectic 4-6 weeks engaged in a deal, I came across my old “WSO ib interview Guide” and a few other interview materials I used in the past. Seeing these old packets of paper made me realize how grateful I should be instead of being annoye...156 hours 3 min ago
0Why are interview questions not intuitive?When you think about trying to explain something to someone, you normally try to breakdown the topic into very basic, simple, and part by part explanations. But in ibd interviews, the expected answers all seem to be very broad. For example: "How would you value a company?" Answer: "You would u...76 hours 6 min ago
0Apollo Global Agrees To Acquires Rackspace For $4.3BApollo Global has agreed to purchase cloud seller Rackspace for $4.3B, a 38% premium to its closing price on August 3. [quote] The New York-based private equity firm will buy San Antonio-based Rackspace for $32 a share in an all-cash transaction, according to a statement Friday. As part of the d...86 hours 13 min ago
+1WSO Mobile Offers: Text "WSO" to 38470 and get...186 hours 28 min ago
0WSO Internships & Employment OpportunitiesJoin the Wall Street Oasis Team OPEN OPPORTUNITIES FOR STUDENTS*: Blogging Internship SEO Internship *Top interns in these programs will be considered for management level internships and/or internships (not advertised) working more closely with Patrick and me. OPEN OPPORTUNITIES ...36 hours 28 min ago
+148 Rules to Live ByThe old guy here... A lot of people emailed me asking for life advice after I posted "15 career steps"... Pull up your skirt and repeat diver John Chatterton's 8 "rules to live by." He wrote them after serving 2 years in Vietnam as a medic on the front lines, where you almost always got killed. ...146 hours 30 min ago
0Rewind - Hedge Fund Case: Derivatives - CDS Basket + Q&AIn case you missed our July 26th webinar entitled Hedge Fund Case: Derivatives - CDS Basket, have no fear. The full recording of the webinar will be available for free on the WSO homepage on this date: (free for only 24 hours and then it goes into our Video Library). Do you want to a 1 on 1 mentori...06 hours 39 min ago
0Call with Start Up FounderI have a call with start up founder in financial industry, primarily the reason I reached out due to my personal interest & passion in the industry and wanted to know his experience. Any important questions I should ask? looking for suggestions Thanks ...06 hours 40 min ago
0Company Compensation: Ernst & Young LLP06 hours 47 min ago
0Company Compensation: HSBC08 hours 18 min ago
0Company Compensation: Nomura Holdings09 hours 11 min ago
0MM M&A Phone Interview - Typical process or not?I am having a somewhat unique interview process and I am hoping some of you can shed some light on it and what I can expect moving forward. I am currently working in an emerging market for a big 4 CF team. I am moving back to New York next week and am applying to associate roles in MM IB. A fri...09 hours 23 min ago
0What is going on at NYU (big GMAT score drop)?It looks like the numbers for the class of 2018 are down quite a bit. The biggest thing that stands out is the average GMAT score drop from 720 last year to 710. Basically everything is worse. Acceptance rate is up to 23% from 19%, even with enrolled students down from 405 to 392. I guess it...229 hours 40 min ago
+3How many guys do you think the average 21-23 year old woman has slept with?I think around 20-30 guys. This accounts for high school, college (mostly freshman year), Spring break trips, summer time, etc.. Then when they turn 21, going out to the bars basically a few days a week during their Junior and senior year. What do you think...12910 hours 10 min ago
0 Professional resume??I need a resume for a position at a bank. I've never actually NEEDED a resume before.. sad, but true. My "word" program is NOT working. What would be the best format for a resume in this field? Any good, FREE programs for making them? Thanks! ...010 hours 25 min ago
0Starting a Boutique Investment Bank focused on IPOsHello there. I am not for sure if I want to go into finance, but I have been looking into finance topics and the IPO process really interests me. I was wondering if anyone knows of how I could start an investment bank focused on IPOs. How does that whole process work and what should I be studying/lo...310 hours 26 min ago
0Private Equity Case - Oilfield Services010 hours 37 min ago
0Business ManagerGetting the best property Management for your need to in property dealing so you can consult with Austin Property Management Trends....010 hours 45 min ago
+1Which U.S. States are the Worst?In another thread, I said that if my comment got SB'ed, I would make a thread about which US states are the worst. So, which states are the worst? Saying Idaho gets you monkey shit....8311 hours 1 min ago
+6What is your compensation in Real Estate Finance?I cant find much in the way of compensation for real estate other then the summary page from the HR consultant that is floating around here, so I thought maybe people will be willing to describe what they do, their market, and what their compensation looks like. Industry: Real Estate Developmen...8011 hours 16 min ago
+1RejectionMod Note (Andy): Make sure to check out the comment inside the post by @M- Weintraub" So, it's been a while since I've provided content to this wonderful website (sorry Patrick). But, I figure now would be a good time. I just received a nice "Your no longer being considered for this job" upda...4311 hours 46 min ago
0Vault 2017 Consulting RankingsThe new Vault 2017 consulting rankings are out. Top 5 firms according to the site are: Bain, BCG, McKinsey, Deloitte, and Oliver Wyman. Thoughts on the full list? hours 3 min ago
+2Equity Research - Why would you choose buy-side vs sell-side?Hi guys, So I want to do equity research. I know that there is sell-side and buy-side and, so far, I have a few distinctive arguments for both (see below). What I would really appreciate to find out is your views in terms of the experience quality that both offer. Thanks a lot! P.S.: Not tr...612 hours 6 min ago
+18Best Lessons Learned From F&#%ing UpSome of the absolute best lessons you can learn in life come from f&#%ing up. Advice like "wear a condom" or "don't push that fart out after eating Thai food" or "don't eat pizza for literally every meal because your metabolism will slow down one day and you'll get fat" really never hits home until ...3012 hours 34 min ago
0Good prop shops in California?Does anybody know of good prop shops based in California? I've been looking around, but it seems that the vast majority are based in either Chicago or New York - even the ones that have SF offices only do dev work or recruiting from there. Any names would be much appreciated...413 hours 5 min ago
0Dissertation Writing HelpAre you looking for Dissertation Writing Help? Our writers can help you round the clock. Contact us for best grades. Hire Professional Writers at most reasonable Prices. ...013 hours 19 min ago
0Company Compensation: Bank of America Merrill Lynch013 hours 19 min ago
0How much is your rent?From what I understand everyone who works in IB lives on manhatten, because you don't want to spend the time commuting. So I was wondering: How much your rent is? Are you living alone? With a roommate? With a SO? And how far away from work do you live?...4813 hours 22 min ago
0Connecting on LinkedIn after speaking?Hi everyone -- First post so sorry if something is wrong! I went to a school info session yesterday and as usual it was a crappy situation with like 100 of us and 5-6 analysts, HR, etc. Nonetheless, I ended up focusing my time with one person and listening to him for 15-20 mins along with asking ...313 hours 30 min ago
+3Financial & Valuation Modeling Boot-CampFinancial modeling is a skill that any investment banking analyst will have to master. Although the majority of investment banks and other financial firms now have formal training programs, many students and prospective finance professionals are choosing enroll in self-study financial modeling train...4413 hours 31 min ago
+1Best Headhunting Shops ?New here in the program at an elite boutique and starting to get inbounds from various headhunters promising me the world. Also have a list that I've accumulated over the last year. I'm wondering which ones are legit? there seem to be many. Does anyone have any first hand experiences with the o...3213 hours 37 min ago
0Company Compensation: Capital One Financial013 hours 38 min ago
0Do quants have a lot of upward mobility?Title pretty much says it all, do quants have a lot of upward mobility in investment banking? Do they have upward mobility in other sectors? Also - what kind of summer jobs should I be doing as a first year university student hoping to be a quant some day? Should I aim for the typical summer ana...213 hours 46 min ago
+1Disclose mental illness to HR?Hi everyone, I hope that this post will keep me sufficiently anonymous. I'm starting as an investment banking analyst at a top BB in a few weeks (not in a US office). I'm really excited to start the job, and I think I will really thrive there, but there's a catch: I've had to push my start date b...3313 hours 52 min ago
0I haven't networked-am I in trouble?Been at a BB in derivs trading for 5 years now. As I've gotten more comfortable in my role/started to make a career at the bank I've frankly sort of stopped networking as it hasn't been necessary. To be entirely honest I'm a lonely sort and most of my friends are outside the industry-and as I ha...813 hours 56 min ago
0Looking to Buy Knopman 79Looking to buy Knopman study materials for Series 79 test. inbox me if you have and are willing to sell - specifically the tests...014 hours 2 min ago
0Refinancing high interest rates for corporations in GhanaHi there, We have several profitable projects in our portfolio within the real estate sector from Ghana. Mainly construction companies that want to refinance their expensive existing loans from local banks. Amount is 10 to 20 million USD for US dollar facilities. We are looking for fina...215 hours 2 min ago
0Neuberger Berman - Junior Portfolio Manager thoughts?Hi all, I'm a trader at a reputable prop firm in Europe. My goal has always been to move into the portfolio management realm, and I was hoping somebody could shed some light on the position/compensation/exit ops of NB. Thanks...515 hours 10 min ago
0Need help with career :( Hey everyone, Any advice would help me out here. I'm really lost and frustrated and could use some honest clean advice because I feel people are too afraid to give me the truth. I currently work in an insurance auditing position with a P&C insurance carrier. Despite the decent pay, I hate the...315 hours 51 min ago
0Hedge Fund Case: Baxter - US Activist Strategy015 hours 57 min ago
0Company Compensation: Goldman Sachs016 hours 25 sec ago
0Company Review: Goldman Sachs016 hours 9 min ago
0How is Paradigm Capital (Toronto) regarded?Hey WSO! I'm a student having an interview with Paradigm Capital in Toronto next week for the Winter CO-OP term. Apart from the fact that they mainly focus on energy and mining sectors, there is not much information I can find on their website or anywhere else. Anyone has an insight? How is thei...216 hours 18 min ago
0Capital required for Short PositionsHi Guys, I have a very basic question on how much capital is tied when a fund is short a position, and I am hoping someone here can help. In theory the cost of shorting should be very minimal since you are only paying for "renting" the stock that you are shorting, so in effect if you have say $10...616 hours 37 min ago
0Best time to submit application?So I know applications have been open for a while and people have already had first round interviews, but I'm a bit conflicted on when to submit my application. Honestly, I haven't networked a whole lot last year, and I have yet to connect with the few contacts that I made over the summer. Within th...117 hours 42 sec ago
+1Slept with the niece of my boss after his wedding (new anonymous account). Met her at his wedding, we were both wasted, hormones did what hormones do. Took her to my hotel room and got going w/ some bad drunk sex. So bad in fact, she asked me to stop halfway through (how sad) and walk her to her hotel. Thanks for nothing? -Her during the walk: ...1117 hours 3 min ago
+16How to Start Trading (Compliments of Bondarb)There have been a few requests to find the classic post by Bondarb, so it made sense to sticky it. This is what he wrote: Here is how you learn about trading: Have at least 5k. If you dont have that then get it somehow, use your imagination. Set up an account on Interactive Brokers that a...5417 hours 10 min ago
0Best Banks for Industrials IBHi! Could someone please give a current list of the top banks for Industrials? I have heard that GS and BAML are good. is that true? Which other banks have strong industrials groups? Also if you have any info on the culture/ exit ops of the industrials groups you comment on, that would help too! Tha...017 hours 14 min ago
+7AMA: I’ve held Pre-MBA MM LBO, Growth Equity and Venture Capital investment roles for funds with $500M+ AUM to $5B+ AUMHi All - I'm ~5 or so years out of college. I did not do a formal 2 years of investment banking and was instead hired out of undergrad as an analyst at a fund. I've worked at several firms in several major US cities. I've worked at one smaller regional firm with $500M - $1B AUM and have since wor...2117 hours 27 min ago
0Oakmere Road: 5 Signs That Your Investment Adviser Is Scamming YouWhen it comes to investing, there are precious few certainties, other than the fact that nobody works for your financial best interest as completely as you do. That fact became obvious to the clients of the Warrenville, Ill., company Capital Management Associates recently when the SEC brought a s...017 hours 42 min ago
0I am a student with two eyes, an akward social manner and a few thousand dollars in student loansI studied finance in college. I was drawn to it by the thought of investing and making money, but didn't know anything about it until i read a few books, one of them being the intelligent investor. I dropped the whole investing and making money things. Wasn't sure what I wanted to do afterwards s...217 hours 44 min ago
0Company Compensation: BMO Capital Markets017 hours 57 min ago
0Any active Credit Analysts (lending) here?I have been searching but found mainly inactive users. Most threads had relatively recent posts, but mainly people trying to figure out a few things. Would be good to hear from you. And, if you could drop some tips on how to hit the ground running that would awesome....018 hours 6 min ago
0Should You Email "Thank You" To HR People You Met During Superday?Ok, this might be a dumb question, but should you email "thank you" to the HR people you met during the superday? I'm composing all the superday emails now, and not sure if it's appropriate to email the HR people as well. Any thoughts on this? What have you guys tried?...518 hours 10 min ago
0Preparing for Interview with MDI have a personal phone/in-person interview with an MD at an elite boutique bank. He has over 25 years of experience in the field. How can I properly prepare for this? I want to nail it. I have done research on both him, as well as the firm. I have not traditionally been interested in IB, something...618 hours 13 min ago
0Should I take this FT offer? Background check questionHello, So I worked in Corp. Finance, and then for the past year I worked trying to start my own ventures. It didn't go as I planned, and I'm now looking to go into corporate again. I'm currently out of a job, and could really use the money. While I'm trying to go back to corporate finance or a...018 hours 24 min ago
0More Conduit Shops out?There's more and more chatter about more CMBS shops going under heading into risk retention. Who have you guys heard so far?...418 hours 25 min ago
0Company Interview: Piper Jaffray019 hours 12 min ago
+3Return Offers Summer 2016A lot of us will be wrapping up our SA stints in the next couple of weeks, and if you are like me, you're thinking about return offers. I know each bank is different, but overall, what percentage of SAs will be getting return offers this summer? It will almost certainly not be higher than normal, bu...8619 hours 17 min ago
+8PE vs. Banking - Boy was I in for a Surprise...Hey guys – I’m back to more of a practical post today. I’ve just hit the three week mark at my new job in Private Equity, and I have some observations that I’d like to share now that I have a moment to catch my breath! The time has absolutely flown by, and needless to say I’ve been working...3919 hours 22 min ago
0Signing bonus at elite boutiquesI've heard of some firms doing monstrous signing bonuses. I know 10k is typical for the BB at which I've received an offer, but how much do people at the EB's receive?...719 hours 25 min ago


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