Gmat Classes - Virtual Tutors?Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone had ever enrolled in a GMAT prep course with a virtual tutor? Not a whole classroom, but a completely 1 on 1 situation, set up similarly to a Skype call. Would love some insight before I make a decision on how to start my prep! - Also, any tips are ... 04 min 44 sec ago
Resources for FIG InternshipHi folks. I will start a summer associate internship in the FIG group at a BB firm in June and I need advice regarding good resources to read/practice with before I start. I am quite likely to do more work within the banks/specialty finance vertical. Thanks... 36 min 12 sec ago
Associate 06 min 42 sec ago
Interview with IM ~$25 billion AUMHello, I have not interviewed for the last five years, have been working for a small fund right out of bschool. Have secured an interview with a large value shop, will be having three interviews, one hour each, each comprised of different members of the team. Does anyone know what to expect? ... 18 min 16 sec ago
How do you model an earn-out in an LBO model?I'm trying to model an LBO where I am the buyer and am offering to pay 8x $100M LTM EBITDA, but 5x up-front, with the rest paid over 3 years as revenue targets are hit. How do you do this on the model (I'm asking about the concept, not the mechanics of how much they get)? I'm thinking it should p... 68 min 59 sec ago
Rotation Program Associate 010 min 8 sec ago
New JD/MBA grad - need job search advice.I am a JD/MBA set to graduate this spring. Originally I pursued the dual degree after double majoring in economics and history, believing that my distinguished degrees would open many doors (I was hellbent on entering straight into venture capital. I started grad school right after college, so my o... 918 min 47 sec ago
Shit on my resume (college)I am a freshman in College at Mays Business School, looking to transfer out to a target school Junior year, I am looking to improve my resume for when I am applying for internships & programs in the near future. Any critique, insults, and advice is welcome, especially on what activities I should g... 124 min 50 sec ago
How long to hear back from job?- Interviewed for a credit analyst position on March 19th. - Emailed recruiter on March 24th to find out when I could expect a decision. - Recruiter responds (March 24th) with: "Hello XXXXX, Thank you very much for interviewing for the Credit Analyst position. I know the managers were very... 128 min 59 sec ago
Which degree is the most 'fun'?Hi Monkeys! I'm in front of my decision to choose a degree. I'm an international student and I probably will study in the UK, at a target school, so that's not the problem.I read here, that the degree doesn't actually matter as much as the school does. So I'd like to have a bit more insight abou... 1335 min 48 sec ago
College Debt InquiryHello Monkeys, I am a high school senior who has recently been admitted into a decent semi target(UT McCombs). The only problem is that my parents cant afford $50k/year. All in all, I will approximately have ~$60-80k in loans when I graduate. If you were in my shoes, what would you do? Also,... 3838 min 50 sec ago
Undergrad - UChicago vs. Brown vs. other schools for EconomicsI was accepted to a couple undergraduate schools. I'd like to break into the industry, especially in Sales & Trading. I'm planning on majoring in Econ and either doubling or minoring in Computer Science, though this isn't for sure. The schools I'm most interested in attending are University of C... 442 min 22 sec ago
Anyone know anything about SSG Capital Advisors? Thoughts? Monkeys, Curious if anyone here has any color on SSG Capital Advisors, a small boutique based outside Philadelphia. Looks like they focus mainly on distressed M&A and restructuring in the middle/lower middle market. Was part of National City / PNC before spinning out. Anyone have any info o... 342 min 52 sec ago
Hierarchy in Banking, Finance; One individual is MORE IMPORTANT than another. So there is hierarchy in finance. Revenue-generating guys are "more important" than guys in IT and the incentive is structured accordingly. Recently there was an incident where a graduate who was hired to perform certain tasks talked back to a senior member arguing that "he has the right not to ... 043 min 47 sec ago
Excel Models for Rosenbaum & Pearl's Investment Banking 1st Edition Text Book?Hi there, does anyone know where I could obtain the excel templates (blank and completed) which accompanied the 'Investment Banking - Valuation, Leveraged Buyouts and Mergers & Acquisitions' textbook by Rosenbaum & Pearl (1st edition)? It is no longer available from the Wiley website. Thanks in adva... 051 min 53 sec ago
My not-so-secrets to successMod note (Andy): Throwback Thursday, this post originally went up on 3/2/12. In the past few months, I've been approached on a few occasions by college-aged folks asking the typical question: how to succeed on the street from a less-than-stellar undergrad background. It's given me the opportunity... 8353 min 22 sec ago
Approaching a well known PE firm with no junior teamI have a meeting with a MD at a well know Growth/PE fund (on their 5th or 6th fund with aggregate $2.5B raised). The firm has invested in nearly every successful company you can think of and has been around since the 90's. The interesting thing is it is a ... 055 min 40 sec ago
Seeking Resume Critique (Freshman in college)Hello! I am looking for a critique on my resume, which I have been using to apply for internships, and opportunites within Mays business school. I am looking to transfer out of here by junior year to a target school or Babson. I am really new to this and any help,critique, insult is welcome, trying ... 01 hour 6 min ago
My Dating PhilosophyI figured I'd make this post mostly because it's a topic I enjoy water cooler or barroom talk about, and since people have some strong opinions about this it might lead to something interesting. Besides which a lot of the folks on here who are even younger than I am(or have less experience) might n... 1021 hour 7 min ago
Welcome to the New Wall Street Oasis!After many months and many hours toiling away, we are finally here, a new and improved WSO. Here are a few of the benefits you should enjoy: 1. Fully adaptive theme so that the site works great no matter what device you are on (smart phone, tablet, desktop) 2. Stronger server to speed up pa... 1521 hour 10 min ago
Business School Running CommentaryI will be starting my MBA program this upcoming fall and thought it might be a decent idea to set up a running blog topic to provide some insights as I go through the program for those interested in hearing my take from day one through graduation. While I won't plan on writing a post every day (or a... 11 hour 11 min ago
The Allure of Africa: Why I am Passionate about Opportunities on the Continent When I graduated from college in 2007, I moved to Beijing hoping to find exciting opportunities within emerging markets. In my off-hand discussions with American expatriates, family friends, and my own observations, I got the feeling I had arrived in China 20 years too late. The major cities such a... 21 hour 13 min ago
Business Manager 01 hour 17 min ago
"Bad times for investment bankers are here to stay"Sorry had to post this, but would like to hear some criticism of the article.. From the ever-reliable Forbes: The profession’s recent indignities aren’t just a post-recession hangover. [quote]Investment bankers used to rule the world. Now J.P. Morgan chief Jamie Dimon has to explain to ... 41 hour 24 min ago
Working hours in ECM compared to M&AHi, Does anyone know, or have a view on, how analyst ECM hours in a BB compare to those in M&A? Clearly the hours are variable depending on whether you are on a live deal or not, but any general comments on the work-life balance in ECM compared to M&A would be appreciated Thanks... 51 hour 27 min ago
Are we in a bubble?The phrase ‘bubble’ is thrown around very liberally these days. We had the ‘dot-com bubble’ almost two decades ago, the ‘housing bubble’ almost a decade ago, and depending on who you ask—we are in a ‘tech bubble’ right now. The bubble I am writing about today is near and dear to al... 01 hour 27 min ago
I miss the 90s/ early 2000'sThat was, in my opinion, the GOAT time period for music: - Incubus - Staind - Vertical Horizon - Linkin Park - Puddle of Mudd - Nirvana - Red Hot Chili Peppers - Lenny Kravitz Etc. Every time I just lay back and listen to any of the above I have an eargasm. Post your favorite 90's band... 801 hour 27 min ago
IB Career: 30's, 40's, and BeyondWhat are the long-term prospects for people pursuing careers in finance and what is the culture of the industry? I feel that students entering into the financial services industry don't have much of a plan (perhaps you don't really need one) except to exit into private equity or attend business scho... 371 hour 35 min ago
Why is USC's MSF staff so rude and unprofessional?I called them yesterday about any financial aid available to the students. A lady picked up the phone and I asked her if there were any scholarships available as I couldn't find any information about merit scholarships on the MSF website. She gave me a complete different answer: "International stude... 131 hour 41 min ago
HIG Final RoundAnyone know what the final round for HIG buyout is like? It's the middle of their three PE funds (size-wise). I've already done a modeling test and it's a "full day" thing for what that's worth. ... 71 hour 41 min ago
Where do you all buy pants?I'm looking to buy some more pants, preferably charcoal/navy cotton, but I am kinda starving for ideas on where I can get decent pants at an affordable price. Would love any suggestions you all might have. Thanks in advance!... 161 hour 43 min ago
help with the right corp dev M&A title to ask forI am looking for opinions of what title would be most recognized and appropriate for my current position in corp dev (M&A). I am in a position where I feel my official title doesn't quite match my job duties. The point being, I want to set myself up should I ever leave this company, I want the most... 21 hour 47 min ago
Proprietary Hedge Fund TraderYou can join and trade with our Hedge fund, We back all traders with 20:1 capital from their initial deposit, As traders do better, can increase it to 50:1 or more as required. Professional Trading tools are provided as well. Contact and Apply for more Information ... 01 hour 50 min ago
Which EM product to tradeHi all, Need to choose which desk to sit with: EM rates trading, EM flow credit or EM Distressed loan trading. Have more of a bias towards macro - but believe the EM credit guys trade more of a Sov. split with CDS.... 01 hour 52 min ago
Post MBA Associate in Hong KongI will be attending an M7 program this fall and will want to work in Hong Kong post-mba. It seems like most of the lucrative jobs (or total jobs) in Hong Kong are in Finance. I have two major questions: 1.) If money is not my highest priority, are there any alternative careers or specific groups ... 11 hour 58 min ago
UBS Houston 2015Does anyone have any insight on the Houston UBS group? Deal flow/types of deals, exits, outlook, culture? Thanks in advance for any information provided.... 21 hour 59 min ago
What undergrad college do I pick?I heard from colleges and I got in to Colgate University, William and Mary, Villanova Business School, Colby and Babson. I am also waitlisted on BC Management school and Cornell. My question is, for an investment banking job right out of college, which school would be the best? Specifically in term... 52 hours 4 min ago
Goldman preliminary approvalWhat happens after receiving preliminary approval on background check?... 232 hours 11 min ago
What do you do on the train to work?Obviously a lot of people in finance travel into the city from the suburbs. I was just wondering what do you guys do on the train to and from work? ... 262 hours 20 min ago
Indiana or Tulane for undergradSo I messed around too much during first two years of HS and my GPA isn't too great. (Test scores are OK though). I have two options: Indiana (Direct Admit to Kelley) - no $, will have to pay ~35k/year out of state not including living expenses. Tulane - I have a full ride, will need to pay livi... 52 hours 21 min ago
Incoming BB SA Looking to Build Wardrobe from ScratchHi all, I am beginning to look into new attire for this upcoming summer. I will be in IB at a BB. Would love to hear some recommendations from some fellow ballers. I am planning on starting from SCRATCH with everything. I am by no means rich, so I am looking to get the most for my money. Any s... 82 hours 27 min ago
Credit Card ArbitrageThrough responsible credit management, my credit score is ~750 and I got offers for credit cards with an 12 month intro 0% interest rate on the first $20,000 I borrow. What is the most riskless and profitable arb that you would do? I received multiple offers so let's raise that to $50,000.... 132 hours 34 min ago
advice on choosing desk rotations neededHi all, I have been offered a summer internship at a BB, and I'm currently choosing between desks in the division. Available choices are: trading, structuring, DCM, and etc. My first choice would probably be trading, but am quite hesitant between DCM and structuring. What do you guys think o... 122 hours 40 min ago
Chesterfield Faring?Just wanted to ask if anyone knows anything about this company. It'd be really helpful. Thanks.... 12 hours 54 min ago
J.P. Morgan Junior IB Analyst ProgramDoes anyone have any insight into this program: Says it is a one-year contract, while the typical role would be for two.... 4033 hours 1 min ago
WSO Investment Banking Resume Template for College Students Released to the Public!Big Announcement: WSO Resume Template is Out in the Wild!: If you're looking for a resume for experienced IB professionals or a private equity resume template, click here.. For those of you looking to make sure your CV format is clean and make sure that your investment banking resume is poli... 693 hours 7 min ago
An Oops for Goldman Sachs in Its Advice on Vista-Tibco Merger (Dealbook article)The short of it is that the shares were double counted, which led to a deal that was worth $100 million more than it should have been. I'm sweating just thinking about making a mistake like that in a model. 103 hours 9 min ago
operation specialist 03 hours 10 min ago
IBD in LA: Where to live, whats the lifestyleWill be starting IB FT in LA soon. Office is in century city and am curious as to where are cool, nearby and affordable areas to live. Also any other insight on the city and lifestyle in IB would be helpful, don't know a whole lot about the place.... 73 hours 20 min ago
Fed up of crises, Iceland mulls a monetary revolutionIceland's government said Tuesday it would consider a revolutionary monetary proposal removing the power of commercial banks to create money and handing it to the central bank. The proposal, which would be a turnaround in the history of modern finance, was part of a report written by a lawmaker f... 03 hours 21 min ago
Money: Master the GameHello fellow primates, I've been a WSO contributing blogger for several years now, but just started this account on WSO to correspond with a personal blog I recently launched, Deconstructing Excellence. In this blog, I post detailed summaries of books that I have found useful in improving my life... 253 hours 27 min ago
Advice Need from other Consultants Hi WSO, I created a new login to protect my identity. I took an offer within a Big 4 MC group in January. I was recruited into a product group from industry as a Sr Asso, ( I'm post-MBA). I still haven't been staffed on a project, to make matters,worst my group sucks at winning work. I spe... 123 hours 28 min ago
Acquisitions vs. Investment Sales (at the Junior Analyst level) Gentleman, What's the big difference in these roles at the Junior Analyst level assuming the Investment Sales role would be at a top shop (Eastdil/HFF/CBRE/JLL)? Putting aside compensation, which would obviously be higher in an Acquisitions role. From my knowledge, both will spend majority of... 53 hours 28 min ago
OaktreeHave an interview lined up with Oaktree. Does anyone have any information about them? Looks like from forum searches that they are specialized in distressed debt / HY, but curious how their PE group is (specifically the Global Principal group and Power Opptys group). In a nut-shell, a view on ... 43 hours 30 min ago
Influence of socioeconomic demographicI have friends from non-target and target schools who have gone to wall Street and the one consistent pattern I see is the fact that they all come from super wealthy families; their parents are rich enough to send their kids to private schools all their lives and afford education at ivy leagues or c... 313 hours 38 min ago
Can we get a STICKY for our RE board for a) Underwriting models to be posted/shared; b) Current salary comps across industryWhat do you guys think? This would be very useful to many of us.... 203 hours 42 min ago
Senior Director - Investor Relations & Administration 03 hours 44 min ago
Middlebury vs University of WashingtonHello Everyone, I am currently a high school senior, graduating this spring. After a long application process, I was accepted at a few schools. Although I was wait listed at some targets, I have been accepted at the University of Washington (my flagship state school) and Middlebury College in Ver... 83 hours 47 min ago
Vanderbilt MSF Class of 2016Hey everyone, I'll just go ahead and get the thread started. Who's going down to the welcoming event in April? I can't make it as it's in the middle of the exam season, but hopefully I'll get to know you guys through the Facebook group! P.S anyone interested in rooming together in Nashville? T... 53 hours 48 min ago
Preqin Private Equity Compensation SurveyFor those in the PERE industry, I was searching for any prior or current version of the Preqin Compensation report. If you have a 2015 copy and are willing to share it would be helpful.... 03 hours 48 min ago
"RBS Is Going To Go Ahead And Take Those First Year Job Offers Back"Ouch.... Will this happen at any other banks or just RBS? Anyone personally affected by this? Is RBS a sinking ship? From NYT Dealbook: [quote]“Hearing from incoming summer analysts (now soon to be full-time hires) that their offers were rescinded and they were all given a 10k severance. Th... 443 hours 54 min ago
Choosing between 3 desks for BB S&T SAI am currently in the process of being placed to a S&T desk at JPM for the summer. I am torn between FX (spot+options), Commodities (crude derivatives), and EM (LatAm). The people in each are great and I know it would be hard to go wrong with any desk. How would others think about this and make the ... 113 hours 55 min ago
Why I Bought A HouseMod Note (Andy): WSO readers qualify for a $100 discount to Jared's Daily Dirtnap daily market newsletter...just email [email protected] and mention "WSO Monkey Discount" You can follow Jared on twitter at @dailydirtnap Some context is needed. Yes, I just bought a house. But it is the fif... 573 hours 57 min ago
GS background check preliminary approvalMy status has changed in the HR system at GS to preliminary approval. What comes after this? Will I be fingerprinted? I will be working for a non-FDIC subsidiary for GS. Any insight will be great. thanks... 23 hours 57 min ago
Which publication and blogs? for investingI've read honestly 20 threads on which to use, but wanted to ask in a current thread: FT, WSJ or Economist? I can only get 1 since I want a hard copy. I'm leaning towards Economist, and FT as a close 2nd. Economist because of the global view and then blogs for learning...Is that a good setup? ... 184 hours 5 min ago
J.P. Morgan IBD TMT vs. DI Can anyone speak to the differences between the J.P.'s Tech, Media, and Telecom group and their Diversified Industries group in terms of overall image, culture, exits, etc.? Any insight would be much appreciated. ... 34 hours 9 min ago
CMBS Associate/VP compensationDoes anyone have an idea roughly of what base an bonus would be for a 2nd or 3rd year associate or a 1st year VP in CMBS in NYC at a big bank? I searched a lot but mostly found analyst numbers, so please don't throw monkey crap at me. ... 74 hours 9 min ago
JPMorgan PWM (Chicago) or ICAP Front office broker (NY)?Got a FT offer to both. I know JPM has a bigger name but the upside is not nearly as high as brokerage. Lifestyle seems absolutely amazing at ICAP as well. It seems like, since ICAP is the biggest IDB, you are pretty much guaranteed to do at least decently well in terms of a client book. What... 34 hours 18 min ago
Learn How to Decode Body Language from an FBI GuruThis is the next book review in a series of installments that will be coming from See my other book summaries on WSO here. If you find my summaries to be useful, sign up at the website here to make sure you don't miss any. Let me know in the comments below if you hav... 134 hours 19 min ago
Analyst 04 hours 20 min ago