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0How can you be in the top 1% without going to college?How can one make $400k+ without working in finance or being a high end surgeon? Share your advice....113 sec ago
0Whats the difference between trading stocks on wall street vs trading stocks at home?What are the specific differences and how exactly will it effect your portfolio performance?...013 min 18 sec ago
0UCLA vs UC Berkeley recruitment for IBIn terms of recruiting, how prominent is UCLA among investment banks, including BB and boutiques, especially compared to UC Berkeley. I’ve spent a lot of time researching and I've looked up literally every post with the tag UCLA but I can’t get a clear answer. I’ve heard some people say ...1316 min 23 sec ago
0How does Credit Suisse determine discount rate when valuing equities?I read their report on Celgene and they use 8%. It seems low. I calculated using CAMP/WACC that it should be around 12%....435 min 47 sec ago
0Will starting my career in Asian countries disadvantage me in terms of future job opportunities?I am studying in one of the target schools in the UK but i want to start my career in either Hong Kong or Singapore. Will it be hard to move from those countries to either London or the States in the future if i wanted to? I'm talking about Investment Banks specifically. Any thoughts?...045 min 48 sec ago
+66You don't know anything— 5 things to do about itThroughout my career I was constantly reminded of how little I knew. When I interviewed for the job at Goldman Sachs, as a finance major writing a thesis on option pricing and having interned at JP Morgan, I thought I knew the job. But when I started I realized I didn't know anything. On the...4050 min 39 sec ago
0$18 Billion Valuation for SnapchatRecently Snapchat was able to receive over $1.8 billion in funding valuing the company at $18 billion. To me this seems extreme. I personally do not use the news on the app or send money to friends. As far as I know, not many of my friends use those features either. Also, with many of the dramatic c...191 hour 31 min ago
0I want to be a financial analyst and I am probably going to go to a target school,what should I do to get there? .what GPA do I need? (A 3.5+ above?) How much and what type of networking should I do? (Applying to UMD Alabama, WVU,Penn state virginia tech,Towson university and south carolina university,what reputation does their business/finance programs have? Is it hard to maintain a GPA of 3.5+ in finance? ...71 hour 51 min ago
0Chances at BB Equity ResearchSo i go to a semi-target, 3.5 gpa, currently during a BB internship in risk management for my sophomore internship, and I was just wondering my chances at Landing a BB internship for equity research next summer if i work really hard. Also, well rounded resume, head of a student run independent in...72 hours 28 min ago
0Comparing Two Lucrative Industries: Finance & Software DevelopmentHi Monkeys, I was inspired to make this post, because my brother got headhunted and flew out to Uber a few days ago to interview. He's been headhunted for months now by other top Silicon Valley firms (Microsoft, Apple, etc.) as well as many top financial firms (Goldman, Chase, etc.). One of ...72 hours 46 min ago
+2Reminder that banks don't really care about junior employeesLook at this joke response after one of the analysts (anonymously of course) posed this question to my firm's CEO and CFO as part of our quarterly Q&A sessions. Half of the initiatives cited are just straight up not enforced at all. Note that my bank is not one of those with protected Saturdays. We ...302 hours 48 min ago
+72What investment banking is in simple words and my story There are a couple different paths that you can take as a finance major: Commercial Banking corporate finance Financial Planning Hedge Funds Insurance Investment Banking Money Management Private Equity Real Estate Other I picked investment banking… In in...1403 hours 21 min ago
0Big 4 Audit to Portfolio Accountant/Analyst at Hedge FundCurrently have 2 years of Big 4 Audit Exp serving financial services clients. Opportunity came up to join a newly implemented BDC of a very reputable hedge fund with AUM between 10-20 billion. The position is for a portfolio accountant/analyst for the following responsibilities: * Assist in quart...03 hours 25 min ago
0Undergrad: Biz Admin or Economics Degree More Useful for IB?Hi everyone, I am having a dilemma figuring out which major would be more beneficial in the future of my business career? I always see people frowning upon undergrad business degrees since it is not an MBA and is useless, but i also see people frowning upon an economics degree since a economi...24 hours 10 min ago
0Company Compensation: Accenture04 hours 22 min ago
0What exit returns to show and how to calculate them...So So advising on a greenfield project Investor wants to exit in 3-6 years and wants to see IRR on each year of exit I have made a detailed model and everything and to get an exit value I used the EV/EBITDA multiple and gotten the equity value after adjustments. That is the value of exit taking i...25 hours 13 min ago
+1Rating agencies are erring big time again, this time on ChinaOkay, so I've been a long-time reader and member of WSO, but created a separate account to talk about some controversial issues. The first one is about China. The reason I am writing this is that I have a strong freeling that the rating agencies are not doing their jobs properly and I think global b...25 hours 18 min ago
0Power TradingHello, I am new to this site and could use some much needed help. I am a college senior who just graduated in May. I interviewed and received an offer from a well known energy firm with the position called "Energy Analyst" At this job I am responsible for the following: Day-Ahead and Real-Ti...35 hours 24 min ago
0What are my chances of getting in to Front Office IB?Hello, I am an international candidate and I will be joining Baruch MSF program Fall 2016. I am engineer + 2 years of work experience at a boutique portfolio management firm. I am aware that I need to network a lot and I am prepared for it. Would like to get some insights on how should ...05 hours 31 min ago
0Macquarie Leveraged Finance Vs. InfrastructureHey all, how are you doing? I am deciding what group I want to work at as a Summer Analyst for Macquarie. I am deciding between LevFin and Infrastructure(Transportation and PPP's). Any recommendation of what is a better group or which one will give me more exit opportunities? ...45 hours 39 min ago
0What to do for a senior spring internship?I'm a senior graduating this December and I want to do something this spring to get some experience and earn some extra cash before I start my job. I'll be recruiting for full time analyst positions this fall, and I was thinking that if I could get a spring internship offer and accept it this summer...05 hours 42 min ago
+8Ask Natalie from Accepted about Business School AdmissionsWSO is excited to have the experts from on board to answer applicant questions in the business school forum. Here is a message from Natalie who will be checking this thread every few days to make sure she is staying on top of questions: I'm here to answer any questions you have rega...5376 hours 5 min ago
+3AMA, I'm the head trader for a Multi-strat HFWent to a top 25 undergrad program, been at HF trading for past 10+ years, ask me anything. been at same HF the whole time so my experience may not be typical...326 hours 24 min ago
+5As my username suggests, not sure what to do...First year PE associate...rolled into PE without much of a break once I got done with my third year in banking. As my username suggests, I am fully burned out, and was fully burned out during my last 8-10 months of banking (though to be fair, I think everyone gets there toward the end). PE paper...246 hours 46 min ago
0Statistics VS acturial math?which is better for analyst or quant?I am current a sophomore at UT at Austin. I really love math althrough I am not the best in classes. After talking to others and exploring myself, i have fingured out that analyist or quant is exactly the thing I want to do after I graduate. I am an Eco major now who minor in finance and CS. And thi...36 hours 53 min ago
0Midwest MSFLooking to go back to school in January 2017 to start an MSF program. Will be staying in the Midwest after completing it and currently live in the Midwest now. Anyone know of any reputable MSF schools in this part of the country with reputable classroom AND online classes? Already familiar with ...06 hours 54 min ago
0Networked, interviewed, dinged. What next?After speaking with my network--their advice and help--I still didn't get an offer from their firm because of a poor interview. So, what now? Besides the embarrassment of having people know you did poorly in an interview, how will it look if I reached out for information on other opportunities and p...27 hours 13 min ago
0Med school to Asset Management? Rework my planI am indeed a med school dropout. I need that Wrong Way post more than the chimp who posted that, perhaps. My friend in finance (actually the only person I knew in finance) is dropping high finance for nursing. More power to her. I'm female, incidentally. Can you evaluate my plan below? Suggest...37 hours 25 min ago
0Missing internship training week - how do I prepare?Hi guys, I've accepted a 4-week long winter internship in Australia with a bulge bracket investment bank. My understanding of the internship is that people who perform well will be offered summer internship positions towards the end of the 4 weeks. I recently won the Australian finals of a glo...67 hours 33 min ago
0Analyst Computer UseageThis may be a really dumb question, but are summer and full time analysts frowned upon if they look stuff up online while on the job? (I.e. using investopedia to look up what something means, looking up how to do some part of a model etc?) ...27 hours 40 min ago
0I don't want to waste my summerI'm a rising college sophomore from a liberal arts college in the Northeast with a pretty good reputation and a decent alumni network. I would've liked to intern somewhere this summer, but at all the OCR and informational events I've been to the message has essentially been "glad you're interested b...57 hours 44 min ago
0dinner with principal/partner, what to wear?Hi, I was recently hired to a consulting firm. In my interview, the partner/principal in the practice was not present, so after my unofficial offer was given from my principal/partner, he invited me out for dinner to some fancy restraunt. Question is what should I wear? The whole suit with tie? I a...07 hours 51 min ago
0Dinner with Principal in Consulting, what to wear?Hi, I was recently hired to a consulting firm. In my interview, the partner/principal in the practice was not present, so after my unofficial offer was given from my principal/partner, he invited me out for dinner to some fancy restraunt. Question is what should I wear? The whole suit with tie? I a...07 hours 53 min ago
0Getting to noComplacency is the root of all failures, yes men are negative for growth. So how do we get to Alpha?...138 hours 3 min ago
0Accepted Offer, Received another shortly after paying $7k moreHi, I received an accepted an offer from a small firm that helps advise other firms in capital structure. My job is going to be doing modelling, but also working with the clients in regards to advising on debt/equity issuance. Sounded good so I accepted it. I received an interview with an aer...48 hours 13 min ago
0Electricity TradingI will be interning for a energy trading firm, and I was wondering if you guys could help me out with some of the mechanics of trading. I understand basic power grid operations and how the financial markets work, but not too sure about the specific transactions for energy traders. Please correct...298 hours 19 min ago
0PJM Western HubAnyone here trade PJM Western Hub ICE? Couldn't find any sites with a large enough user base for power traders, would love to start one here and get a thread going to talk markets....08 hours 23 min ago
+3The Struggles of Credit SuisseIt's been pretty clear that Credit Suisse has opted for some intense cost cutting measures, but I still got a laugh from reading DealBreaker this morning. The following is the exact extract from the 'front lines' [quote] CS now requires bankers to pay for their own mobile phones. New reimburs...168 hours 32 min ago
+1Thank You To Our SponsorsWe'd like to thank the Wall Street Oasis sponsors that help keep the community free for everyone and we encourage all of you to check them out below! Clear Admit - MBA Admissions Consulting Clear Admit® is an educational counseling firm that guides academic candidates through the complex proce...08 hours 49 min ago
0Interviewers - What's the FIRST thing you look at on a resume? When you first grab a resume (for SA or FT IB hire), where do your eyes go first? Then where do your eyes scan to next? My guess would be: -first/last name* -university -GPA -relevant-experience bolded header -quick scan of those initial bullet points -second relevant-experience bolded he...109 hours 23 min ago
0Non-Bank Commercial Lending - AMADoubt there's much interest in this, but might as well put it out there. I'm a credit analyst at a specialty finance company. We directly originate loans (mostly lower MM) and typically compete against commercial banks or other similar companies for those deals. Everything is transaction driven (...129 hours 30 min ago
0Wanting to begin my FT career in Dallas while a SA in NYTo start, a brief background on myself: [ Grew up in the mid-west/south Senior at non-target school in the SEC, graduating May 2017, GPA: 3.9+, good amount of involvement/leadership roles/jobs on campus Most relevant work experience includes: corporate finance (FLDP) internship prior to my...39 hours 31 min ago
0UCLA Biz Econ v. USC Biz AdminHello. New to this forum, but I have a really tough decision to make. Wondering if anybody could chime in. I have weighed the pros and cons of UCLA and USC by searching through this forum and other forums, getting advice from others, but I am still stumped. I am a transfer student from a Californ...09 hours 32 min ago
0ER vs. Corp Dev (M&A), exit opportunities? Hi understand this is IB forum but I want to get some balanced opinion as opposed to either ER or Corp Fin Community. So I am a mid-career changer at age 30, have always been in the industry and wanted to join the finance club. Been doing couple M&A DD work lately so I got an offer from a Corp D...09 hours 49 min ago
0How much to include current SA role on resume for accelerated FT recruiting?Hey guys, I'll be starting my SA stint in a couple of weeks. I know FT recruiting starts pretty early (like July), so I've started working on updating my resume. A couple of questions: How much/what exactly should I put on my resume for my SA role? By the time I'd need to submit resumes, I don't ...110 hours 5 min ago
0Conglomerate Modeling - What to do?Hey guys, so I am working on trying to model a conglomerate for fun during my off time this summer. They pride themselves on diversification, and therefore have interests in multiple different industries, such as Oil & Energy, Housing, Hotel, Steel, Education being the bigger ones. However, they als...210 hours 16 min ago
0Possible Freshman Summer InternshipHello all, I'm currently a freshman at a semi-target. My goal is to ultimately do investment banking post graduation, and get an internship at a BB during the summer of my junior year. I wanted to get your opinions on a possible internship that I may pursue for this summer. I have the opportunity...210 hours 18 min ago
0Canada: the world's next superpower?[quote=CNN] Since Iceland's financial collapse in 2008, the country has debated whether it should stick with the krona or adopt the currency of another country. The obvious choice seems to be for Iceland to submit to, say, oil-rich Norway or maybe even join the EU and adopt the euro. But anot...1311 hours 1 min ago
0Looking for Case Interview PartnersHello, I have an upcoming MBB interview and am in the midst of case preparation. I'm looking for for partners to practice with. Any interest? I'd also be interested to hear from any current consultants willing to shed some light on the process or even conduct a mock case or two. Thanks all!...611 hours 22 min ago
0Low pedigree, non-linear career path, will I get overlooked?I'm in my mid-30s with a non-linear career path and lack pedigree. At 18, I made the uninformed choice to attend a state university close to home having not yet realized my passions. Following graduation, I was a loan officer, analyst at a strategy consulting firm, founder of college textbook drop-...111 hours 27 min ago
+1Full ride or Ivy with Debt?Hey guys this is my first post on this site but its pressing issue for me. I am currently a senior at a midwestern High School. I recently got accepted to a small midwestern liberal arts school (ranked in the 40-50 range) and one of the "lesser Ivies." Now the Midwestern one has sent some people t...2411 hours 36 min ago
+12016 APD/ADC MBB Full Time Recruiting UpdatesHey guys, Thought I'd start another thread for those of us APDs/ADCs (read: spent too many years in school) who are applying for full time positions either this Spring (BCG) or later in the Summer. Let's try to provide sufficient data so it's less confusing: Current location(Northeast/west...1412 hours 26 min ago
0Cat Emergency!!!! PLEASE ADVISE!!!Hello fellow financers, I am in need of some advice... I recently purchased a cat, and am now unsure as to what to feed it!!!! Can anyone please comment on some reputable cat food brands? Friskies? Fancy Feast? Ugh Sincerely, Curious Cat...812 hours 34 min ago
0College Sophomore Shooting Towards M&A/Consulting -- Tear my resume apart!I'm a sophomore finance major at a semi-target that has light/infrequent recruiting for M&A, but a few banks for S&T, consulting, etc. My school is ranked 35-40 nationally. I'll be interning at a small consulting firm in Singapore this summer, and that portion is not yet on my actual resume, just...312 hours 45 min ago
0Company Compensation: Evercore012 hours 46 min ago
0Transitioning from Big 4 internship to IB internshipI've recently completed an internship at a Big 4 firm. I've always been torn between accounting and finance and after completing my internship I realized I really want to try my luck at investment banking somewhere. Wondering what advice you may have, how I should market myself, and anything else I ...112 hours 48 min ago
0Interview Feed Back - Credit Union Sales and Trading AssociateHad a interview with a credit union in securitization business for a associate role. HR: 15 Minutes was told they'll get back to me to schedule interview with MD Treasury Round 2 was with MD Treasury (Allocated time was 30min) ending up lasting exactly 30 minutes and he mentioned the MBS Direc...112 hours 53 min ago
0Almost six months in and I still can't find a job.I majored in finance and graduated from a regionally good non target business school. I'm in a metropolitan area where there are major offices for banks. In my junior year I sent out 60+ applications for internships and it went no where. e. I tried again in my senior year, was involved in case co...1612 hours 58 min ago
0Debt and Equity Placement vs Analyst at Midsize REPEI looked around and I couldn't find a recent post covering this so since it is relevant to my current position, I was hoping I could get some advice from you guys. What would be a better place to start a career in real estate? Analyst at a debt and equity placement group (think Northmarq, Be...313 hours 16 min ago
0Recruiters in SFHello, I am in the process of looking for new jobs in ER and AM, and am trying to find recruiters to talk to. Does anyone know of good recruiters in there SF Bay Area to contact? Thanks!...513 hours 45 min ago
0Valuation / Minority Equity QuestionSo my company is potentially taking on minority equity investors. Two questions for the PE professionals here: Let's say we agreed on valuation on 12/31/15 and calc'd equity val using 12/31/15 net debt. After diligence, can investors expect to use 3/31/16 net debt numbers with the valuation we de...013 hours 48 min ago
+2Do you get an ownership percentage of the deals you work on? I am negotiating my contract now. I wanted to see if those who are working on the acquisition and development of projects are getting a piece of the deals they work on. If so, what title do you have, what level of experience, whats the deal size, how much are you getting, and how is it structu...1014 hours 48 sec ago
0Canada Eliminates the Penny - What does it Mean?So, Canada decided today to remove the penny from circulation... Should the U.S. do the same? What would some non-obvious effects be? I was reading an interesting article in Barron's about...814 hours 2 min ago
0Big Four Intern interested in moving into IBWho I am: -Graduated from a state university in the US -Majored in Political Science with some coursework in business management; Overall GPA 3.3, Major GPA 3.7 -I have spent the past 3 months working for a Big 4 firm in Dublin, Ireland. My position is a work cooperative, focusing on audit/core a...014 hours 8 min ago
0How to become as employable as possibleHey! I am entering my second year of a four year degree at a semi-target UK university. I am on-track to achieve a 1st (the highest grade bracket in the UK system) and I have an internship this summer at a boutique AM firm in South Africa. I would like some advice on what I could do that would ...114 hours 11 min ago
0Company Interview: Dinan & Company LLC014 hours 19 min ago
0Buying a franchise - Found a demand i recognize a demand for late night food service at my university. while most college campuses have restaurants and food delivery businesses open late night, at least on weekends, all my campus has is a 24 hour burger king. everyone is sick of burger king, but thats all we got so the place is packed...2014 hours 40 min ago
0Some advice guys?I wanted to get your opinions on a possible internship that I may pursue for this summer. I have the opportunity to work at a Ford dealership in India, where I would be responsible for handling the assets/day to day financial operations. Is this worth pursuing? (Currently a freshman, goal is...414 hours 49 min ago
0Offer rescinded less than 1 week into internship, they said "it isn't working out" and no longer need me. What do I do now?Today was my last day. It was with a small but dominant real estate agency. Like a lot of you here, I'm a hardworking, driven junior finance major from a Big Ten university with a 3.9 GPA and plenty of ECs. I was looking to really throw myself into this internship, learn the industry, produce qua...1314 hours 53 min ago
0BIG 4 TAS - QuestionsHi guys, This topic has been discussed ad nauseam on the boards, but looking for some up to date info for an upcoming interview. The role is in Valuations/Modeling at one of the BIG4 in London, found some decent posts which I will quote below. The questions I have are - 1) What should ...114 hours 53 min ago
0Company Compensation: Harvey & Company015 hours 27 min ago
02016 JP Morgan MBA Early Advantage ProgramHey guys, Has anyone heard back about the 2016 JP Morgan Early Advantage for MBA students that start in the Fall? Thanks. ...415 hours 41 min ago
0BB SA Internship NYCThis question is directed to anyone who interned in a BB. I am about to intern in one of these firms for the summer. In my offer letter, it says that interns are to receive overtime pay if they are in overtime-eligible position. My question is did you guys receive overtime pay of 1.5x pay while work...416 hours 17 min ago
0LSE MSc Hey guys I'm a second year student at Maynooth University of Ireland, Finance & Economics degree, 2.1 on track with an expected 1st this year. I want to apply to a finance-related taught-master degree at LSE, what's the chance of me getting in there? No intern, no employment history, planning to j...016 hours 19 min ago
+4Top IdiomsI'll start things off Better the devil you know than the devil you don't Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater...5316 hours 29 min ago
0Company Interview: 137 Ventures016 hours 41 min ago
0When you messed up your lifeHey guys, I messed up my future. It's tough to say it to yourself. The realization that your dreams might indeed be that, just dreams. During school I never really study hard, but I always had good grades because I was smart enough. When I got to high school I failed to achieve my targets in term...3116 hours 48 min ago
0Business School in Germany (BSc in Business Admistration)Hey guys, I need help at choosing the right university for Business Admistration/ Economics in Germany / german-speaking countries. I'm currently torn between WHU, Mannheim, Frankfurt (Goethe) and eventually St. Gallen. After my MBA I want to work at London (BB). Me: -currently living at ger...116 hours 49 min ago
0Offer rescinded 1 week into junior internship, they said they no longer need me. How do I explain my situation moving forward?(First and foremost, I recognize that WSO is getting hammered with "I didn't get an internship, help!"-sort of posts at this point in the season, and apologize if I'm contributing to that clogging, but I do believe my situation is different enough to justify its own post.) In short, I'm in a bad ...116 hours 56 min ago
0Strategy& work loadHas anyone here had a first hand experience of the actual work load at S&? Is it close to MBB work/life balance or to PwC's? Specifically at post-MBA senior associate level in the banking & cap markets practice. ...717 hours 17 min ago
0Double Major in Economics and Communication, Culture Information and Technology from University of Toronto - any good? I am about to start at U of T in September, and I want to major in Economics and something else. Would Communication, Culture and Information Technology be any good? I read that Goldman Sachs has something called a TMT I think (though I'm not sure what that means, so if someone could explain that'd ...217 hours 21 min ago
0Consulting in the Middle East - Lot of hiring in Dubai? Hi all I've heard anecdotally that there is a lot of hiring for MBB in Dubai. I'd really like to hear from any folks who have interviewed or worked there and can share what it's like. I have a MBA from a targeted school, and have been working in internal strategy in FS (North America) for the p...2017 hours 47 min ago
0Company Compensation: Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi018 hours 18 min ago
+1Why Everyone Hates Wall Street To summarise: trust. In this article from Business Insider, Lloyd Blankfein's speech in Goldman's annual meeting highlights the issue of trust in Wall Street and investment banking processes. [quote] In investment banking, when people are confident there are “more financings, more equity raise...2918 hours 22 min ago
0Should I transfer to WhartonHi everyone, I've been admitted to Wharton as a transfer (rising junior) and I'm deciding whether I should transfer. Since I will go into the recruiting season without a Penn GPA and without any brand name finance internship, would I be at a big disadvantage? If I do decide to join Wharton, what sho...5918 hours 24 min ago
+3Favorite Excel Shortcut(s)?To clarify, I'm not looking for lists of helpful Excel shortcuts as those already exist. Are there any specific shortcuts that you have found, looked up, or hard-coded that you enjoy using?...7718 hours 29 min ago
0Brown, Duke , Northwestern or amherstI need to choose between them, hence I'm an international student I should probably pick brown because of the international prestige. But how much known are the other schools? I know that it will be possible from all these places to get an offer in the US. But what about Europe or India?...118 hours 45 min ago
0ECM where does it fit in?Hi all, I am new to WSO! I am hoping to learn a lot and I have also picked up some books to gain more in-depth knowledge of IB. Currently, I am enrolled in a one-year traineeship at a universal bank in the Netherlands. In this traineeship I have to do 3 different assignments within the bank...218 hours 48 min ago
0Common sanity checks?I'm about to start as a SA in IBD BB. Learning how to model is pretty interesting, and I was wondering if you guys had common sanity checks you use when looking over a model you're building or glancing through a pitch book. Anything from common formatting issues to look for to common mistakes in bui...018 hours 50 min ago
0Bank rescinded offer 2 months after I signed it A French bank in New York rescinded summer analyst offer 2 months after I have signed it. They said my previous fund startup experience has conflict of interests according to their compliance (which I already resigned from two months ago) - there is only one months until the internship starts. What ...3619 hours 17 min ago
0Any way to go from a Masters in Finance to VC?Hey guys, I'm an incoming MSF student with 2 previous IB internships. Is there any way for me to get into a venture capital firm? without going through the IB stint or PE stint? Would appreciate any advice Thanks ...419 hours 33 min ago
0fx forwards When entering into an FX fwd, if we buy the base or variable currency are we basically "borrowing" in that currency? It makes more sense to me that we would be "lending" since the fwd rate seems to compensate the holder of the lower yielding currency. For instance, if EURUSD fwd has positive points,...320 hours 1 min ago
0ATTN Senior Management: please answer Quora question hours 34 min ago
0IB or HF - Junior InternshipBetween the two, which would you think I should aim for? Obviously there are many factors involved, but let's take the top BBs with equally recognized HFs for comparison's sake. I've definitely considered the 2-year IB track most on this site seem to preach, and some of the benefits such as the netw...020 hours 38 min ago
0Week in the life of a Sports Consultant (UK) + How I Broke In021 hours 54 min ago
0GS Controllers vs WF Regulatory & Risk ReportingI have two interviews coming up: 1) GS Controllers group and 2) Wells Fargo Regulatory & Risk Reporting group. These are both associate-level positions. I currently work in Advisory at a Big 4 and am looking to break into IB, either through an opportunity at a bank or using a bank to get into a top ...121 hours 58 min ago
0Touring Potential AcquisitionsI work in acquisitions at a REIT that focuses on both office and industrial however in my short career I have mainly focused on office and have more exp touring office and knowing what to look for/focus on. Can someone who has experience shed some light on industrial assets and what you focus on wh...921 hours 59 min ago
0Cleantech IB (and exit to PE, perhaps)Going to keep this short. What are people's opinions on cleantech IB? Any thoughts on places like Greentech Capital Advisors or ThinkGreen! for example? I'm extremely focused and dedicated to IB -- but I'm trying to specialize into cleantech/renewables because it's been an interest of mine for q...623 hours 14 min ago
0MiF ESADE vs IEHello everyone, I am having doubts regarding which master in finance to pursue in September. I am graduating this year and have no relevant work experience. I want to land a job in Asset Management upon graduation from the MiF. I have read that neither of these two schools place very well in Lond...123 hours 49 min ago
0Webinar: Hedge Fund Investment Pitch - MasterCard -- 4pm ET, 6/1/16WEBINAR DESCRIPTION On Wednesday June 1st, 4:00 pm EDT Wall Street Mentor John will be hosting a webinar entitled "Hedge Fund Investment Pitch - MasterCard ", with a q&a session to follow. More info from the presenter: This one will be a deep dive on how to track whether a business is deliver...21 day 8 min ago


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