Which offer? Prestige vs experience? The following are for part-time positions during the semester. 50hrs/week each, so not unsubstantial experience (I am taking a very light courseload) Choice 1: -Lazard/Evercore-type firm with amazing brand -Unpaid -It was made very clear to me that I would pretty much be doing bitchwork (resea... 412 min 41 sec ago
Offer decision - Lazard Asia/Hong Kong/BeijingReceived an offer from Lazard in their Asia office. I am a lateral hire and eventually want to be placed into a mega PE fund. Any thoughts or advice would appreciated. Thanks.... 125 min 42 sec ago
Structured Products Career Mobility/Exit OptionsHey all, I recently received an offer to be an analyst for a structured products group (ABS, CLO's, etc.) upon undergrad graduation. I interned with them this past summer and found the work really interesting and that I jived well with the team's personalities. My one concern/question is the career ... 142 min 7 sec ago
Big4 salaries (Advisory/TS) in CanadaHi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone had info on this ? Say what would be your post mba salary at a Big4 in the canadian market (with a canadian mba of course) I've read this article : 01 hour 10 min ago
I used to be a teacher and I want to be a FInancial Advisor. What should I do?I used to be a science teacher for two years and have been in education for three years. I have an undergrad degree (not in finance) and I plan on getting my MBA in the near future. Currently, I am interning for an independent FA. My goal is to be an FA and am unsure on what path I should take to ac... 51 hour 31 min ago
Guesstimates help!Hey guys, so I have an interview coming up with the MBB and was wondering what everyone's opinions on guesstimate questions is. The trouble I'm having is choosing the right approach to solve them e.g choosing between the detailed drill down or very high level approaches-which ones do the interviewer... 01 hour 33 min ago
Teacher to BCGHi Guys, Currently filling out app for BCG. Was wondering, should I apply for a summer internship or straight up associate's job? Currently working as a TFA Chemistry/Physics Teacher. 2070 SAT/3.65 GPA/non-target state school. Fulbright Scholar Recipient. Cum Laude. Biology major (GO SCIENC... 51 hour 36 min ago
Peace Corps to MBAHey guys, I'm about to start my senior year of audit in the big 4, not looking forward to it. This will be my 3rd and final year with the firm. I am applying for the Peace Corps and intend to do a two year stint with their Community Economic Development section, if selected. Following the two yea... 31 hour 40 min ago
How should i improve chances at top programs? I'm currently a big data consultant. My current company will sponsor most of the tuition if I decide to get an MBA (applying for class for class of 2018). I'd ultimately like to stay in big data consulting, as this is an industry that I really like, but apparently getting an MBA really raises my sal... 01 hour 41 min ago
CFA Materials: Schweser vs BloombergHello all, This week I registered for CFA Level 1. I registered for the June 2016 exam. I am wondering if anyone has used the Bloomberg study materials for the CFA. I know Schweser is the go to for most people but it looks like Bloomberg's product is pretty strong. You can get either program for ... 81 hour 48 min ago
Don’t Waste Your 20s at Google or McKinsey 212 hours 2 min ago
Succeed in Consulting How to Build a 30-second Performance Story 02 hours 5 min ago
What is the best transition to enhance entrepreneurial skills?Hey all, currently working in Big 4 Audit, engaged on a Fortune 25 client, just finishing my first year. I initially chose accounting and Big 4 audit because I thought it would enhance my business acumen with the end goal of becoming a skilled entrepreneur, but I'm finding it to be dry and not nearl... 12 hours 6 min ago
How to declare on the CV that you are planning to do a MSc in finance or a related field in the futureHi, Let's say you are in your final year of an integrated master program like an MEng. You want to apply for summer internships which a lot of them require you to be in your penultimate year of study. If you were planning to do a MSc after your MEng graduation, you are essentially in your penulti... 12 hours 11 min ago
Hedge fund analyst salaryHi, I know hedge fund salaries vary massively. However, trying to get an idea of what is the going rate, or at least the salary range for a credit analyst/ trader (on the portfolio side, not execution) in London at a top tier fund. My role is varied but I would say in progressing towards becomi... 02 hours 20 min ago
Whats everyone's obsession with finding a job with purpose or fun?I mean to want a job with purpose implies you think your life matters compared to everyone else who is simply a statistic and that you have to do some grandstanding thing with your life. Then with the whole fun issue, I don't see why work has to be super fun. Have work be work and use the quality... 382 hours 29 min ago
Company Compensation: Accenture 02 hours 39 min ago
Company Compensation: UBS 03 hours 12 min ago
Leaving MBB after 3 years...AMA!See subject!... 43 hours 37 min ago
Engineer profile: MSF/MFE/InternshipsHey, I'm 23 years old, and next year I'm getting my engineer master. I'm in a very selective program that focuses on science and music (research on sound, etc…), so even though I don't have a business background, I have engineer level in quant and got to work with a lot of people coming from di... 04 hours 5 min ago
Whole loan securitizationJust wanted to ask how funds make money from acquiring loan portfolios and then securitizing them? A specific example with numbers would be great... 04 hours 14 min ago
Recruiting for IB out of an MSF Degree 04 hours 29 min ago
What makes a deal interesting in your opinion?This is following the "If you could have worked on any deal of the last few years, which would it be?" (no links allowed as new on the website) topic Hello everyone, this is my first post here. Did a quick search and did not find anything related but the question seems relevant - and I don't have... 04 hours 47 min ago
What makes a deal interesting in your opinion?This is following the "If you could have worked on any deal of the last few years, which would it be?" (no links allowed as new on the website) topic Hello everyone, this is my first post here. Did a quick search and did not find anything related but the question seems relevant - and I don't have... 04 hours 47 min ago
2016 Full-time IB Recruiting Timeline MegathreadIt's that time of year again, folks. Time to polish those resumes, fire up the LinkedIn and WSO search functions, and bug the hell out of the career advisers at your schools. It's recruiting time! We are all looking for information on timelines and deadlines for every bank possible. If you or yo... 5275 hours 32 min ago
Resume Review (Rising UK Target 2nd year)Hi, I'm a Singaporean studying in a UK target school. I'm hoping to apply for internships in Asset Management and equity research, and would like some advice on how to improve my CV. I am still thinking about whether to apply for internships in the UK or Singapore though (probably will try my luc... 06 hours 16 min ago
My Valuation Class: The Fall 2015 Model PreviewIt is almost September and as the academic clock resets for a new year, I get ready to teach a new valuation class. With three hundred registered students, it is about as diverse a class as any I have every taught, with a mix of full-time and part-time MBA students, law and engineering graduate st... 16 hours 25 min ago
Wall Street Training Bundle on StackSocial for $99Has anyone purchased this? Not sure if it's actually a real sale or just a watered down version of the real thing. Wall Street Training seems to have a good reputation. 26 hours 36 min ago
A Week in the Life of a Fund Analyst at a Large Asset Management Firm 06 hours 43 min ago
AMA Boutique Investment Banking AnalystI'm currently an analyst at an industry focused boutique located in the NY area(throwaway account to protect identity). At the risk of being screamed at for having no prestige, I'd like to answer people's questions on life at a leading boutique covering a specific industry. There is a ton of inf... 356 hours 46 min ago
Working on a deal in which client is familyQuick question here. Are there any laws or regulations prohibiting a banker from working with a client that has a family member of said banker on the management team? It sounds like something that might not be allowed, but when thinking about it, I can't come up with any reasons why it would cause i... 07 hours 11 min ago
In This Business, You Need A Hobby—I’m A DJMod Note (Andy): WSO readers qualify for a $100 discount to Jared's Daily Dirtnap daily market newsletter...just email [email protected] and mention "WSO Monkey Discount" You can follow Jared on twitter at @dailydirtnap. Things are okay now, but I got shithoused in the LEH bankruptcy. My st... 308 hours 37 min ago
Which one: UBS or BCG?Hi guys, need some opinions over here. I am a fresh graduate, have recently received two full-time job offers from BCG and UBS, both in Kuala Lumpur. UBS offers me an IB analyst role, while BCG offers me their analyst role. I am trying to gauge general opinion from you guys on the reasons why choosi... 28 hours 40 min ago
Thompson & KnightThompson & Knight is an international, full-service law firm based in Dallas, Texas, known for its capabilities in energy finance, taxation, business transactions, particularly in the energy (with a specialty in oil & gas) and private equity industries.... 09 hours 10 min ago
TerraMedica International, British Virgin Islands 010 hours 6 min ago
Macro/Microecon needed?Is the material in Econ 101 (intro level at undergrad) enough to work at a L/S fund? Looking to retake a refresher course both for personal interest and recruiting purposes, but not sure if also necessary to take 1) Macroecon and 2) Microecon courses on top of an intro to econ course...thanks for an... 910 hours 19 min ago
Company Interview: PwC PricewaterhouseCoopers 010 hours 20 min ago
Non-target SA recruiting logisticsFor those non-targets who successfully landed SA positions at BUlge Brackets and Elite Boutiques, were the steps in the recruiting process for you the following? 1: Apply online (company website, NOT OCR) 2: First round phone interview 3: superday Is there something I'm missing here? Obvio... 010 hours 26 min ago
Company Interview: Harvey & Company 010 hours 31 min ago
UG Recruiting Part I: How a resume becomes an interviewMod Note (Andy): #TBT Throwback Thursday - this is the 2011 Finance-forum post of the year (from Jan 28, 2011). Thanks @Marcus_Halberstram" for a great post! Since it is recruiting season, Im posting a multi-part series on how the whole process works to help the prospective monkeys better naviga... 12810 hours 35 min ago
Beyond value traps: The value graveyardHe couldn't stop talking about the great deal he got on his boat. My friend purchased his boat over the internet from what he considered a sap Florida. The boat was supposedly in mint condition, everything was like new, it ran well. We looked at the same batch of pictures over and over as we list... 210 hours 38 min ago
Prop shop trading vs. hedge fund tradingI have read on multiple forums on this site that good prop shop traders can rake in large bonuses upwards of 500k after only a few years. Is this actually true? I haven't heard the same about hedge fund traders but I've always been believed them to make the most. What are major differences betwee... 710 hours 50 min ago
3yr IBMer offered position at Accenture Strategy - Should I take it?Hi All I've been offered a role at Accenture Strategy and can't decide whether it is the right time to move to a new company. A little about me: - 3 years experience at IBM - Started through the apprenticeship scheme - Promoted Q1 2015 - Now above graduate level I enjoy IBM however I fe... 211 hours 12 min ago
Starting Things OffFIrst post so take it a little easy. I like to think I am not just another testosterone filled high schooler eyeing Wall Street as a ripe picking, devoting pretty much my whole summer to engulfing myself in all things finance before making my college decision: narrowed down to a few ivies. But in t... 011 hours 33 min ago
Club Sports in CollegeHello Everyone, I will be starting soon as a freshman at one of the (semi-target) NESCAC schools. I am looking into the possibility of playing a sport, and I was hoping I could get some advice from this forum. I have managed to finagle invitations to join the Sailing, Rowing and Rugby teams at my... 111 hours 34 min ago
Company Compensation: Deloitte 011 hours 49 min ago
SF Housing- Looking for roommateHi fellas, I recently accepted a IB job in San Francisco, and will be moving in mid-September. I just started looking for housing, so if anyone is also looking or knows anyone interested in roommates, please let me know! Cheers!... 011 hours 57 min ago
New to WSO/Power Industry (trading)Howdy all! I've been to this site quite a few times and decided it's time to finally join and gain some more knowledge. I graduated in December 2013 from Texas A&M so I'd say I'm still relatively new to the real world. I've been working for a utility in Texas (ERCOT) for just over a year now on the ... 012 hours 52 min ago
CFA and Exit Opps for Long Only I am starting at a 200B+ AUM long only firm as a buy side equity research analyst out of undergrad. Should I be looking into a CFA or focusing more on recruiting? I'm thinking about possibly joining a L/S (due to background) or event driven fund. What are the names I should be looking into? ... 712 hours 54 min ago
DB Oil & Gas - HoustonThoughts on Deutsche's O&G investment banking in Houston? Exit Ops? Would it be easy to transition from there to a different coverage group in NY?.... 313 hours 4 min ago
Tech Banker answering questions about anything from career path to day-in-the-lifeFire away... 613 hours 11 min ago
Adding Value to Myself?Hey guys, I recently finished my required military service for South Korea after my sophomore year of undergrad and I've been looking for an off-cycle internship to do here. I've gotten to final round interviews for 4 different firms, ranging from BB to boutiques. I nail all the technical questions ... 413 hours 38 min ago
MSF Class of 2017With the MSF recruiting cycle quickly approaching, I thought it would be helpful to create an updated MSF thread for everyone applying to the 2016-2017 MSF cycle. Feel free to post questions for this years upcoming applications here. I will answer what I can. Good luck everyone! ... 2713 hours 39 min ago
Is the Yale MA in Intl/Dev Economics worth it?I am an American first year student at a top tier (but not in finance...) university in Europe. I was wondering if the Yale Masters in International and Development Economics is worth considering. I am planning on enrolling in a preprofessional masters program (think Mfin, Msc fin, M. in Financial E... 013 hours 50 min ago
My bank just fired some traders from FICCI know some of them personally. While it is true that they may not have been making much money for the bank, they are some of the nicest people I know on the trading floor. I really feel sad for them and I wonder what else they can do with their lives. Other banks seem to be cutting down thei... 7314 hours 28 min ago
Toughest interview question ever hit with at a BB first round???Monkeys, I am interested here as I want to be prepared for anything. Please give me your insights, questions and hopefully the answers (if good ones). Thanks $$$... 2614 hours 41 min ago
What is going to happen to the financial sector if Bernie Sanders wins the 2016 election?How fucked will the whole industry be?... 2214 hours 43 min ago
Lifetime earnings in IBHow much on average should the person expect to earn in IB over a whole career and how does it compare to different industries inside finance?... 514 hours 57 min ago
Views on Lincoln InternationalMost of the threads on Lincoln are older, anyone have any updated views on reputation/culture/salary/exits? Also any info on the interview process?... 515 hours 1 min ago
What do you college bros do for funAside from partying/hanging with bros/studying College has made me realize how I've lost interest in a lot of my hobbies and interests My friends and I do nothing really productive ... 1215 hours 7 min ago
Entering wall street with an african degree.Hi friends am from Africa a Nigerian to be precise with a degree in banking and finance. I would appreciate advises on how i can get to work on wall street. That aside i am new here would love to know how the forums work.... 015 hours 18 min ago
Importance of Pre-MBA experience in Post-MBA associate recruitingI missed the boat on banking out of undergrad and joined an FLDP program and now work in FP&A at a Fortune 100. I’ll be applying to MBA programs this year, and I’m interested in associate positions post-MBA. How hard is it to get into a good firm from a Top 15 (but probably not Top 5) MBA wi... 615 hours 32 min ago
2016 Summer Analyst IB Recruiting Timeline MegathreadMod Note (Andy): Make sure to bookmark this page as this will be the cumulative thread for 2016 SA IBD info and added to the frontpage each week to help collect more info As banks recruit earlier and earlier, I thought it would be good to have a dedicated thread for recruiting this fall. I know f... 8115 hours 53 min ago
Apple Event Sept. 9, Thoughts?Apple announced today that they will hold their next major event on September 9. The next iPhone will most likely be released, and Apple may also have a few more announcements to make. The iPhone 6S is next in line, and if Apple follows its release trend, it will not have any design changes but only... 1515 hours 59 min ago
Company Compensation: HFF Securities L.P. 016 hours 6 min ago
Company Interview: TPG Capital 016 hours 22 min ago
How to model ex-dividend stock for DCF???As of today, if a stock will begin trading ex-dividend after a cash dividend payment of $0.50 per share was paid yesterday, do I take away cash from my DCF? I don't want to overstate the amount of cash since that makes my stock price higher for my DCF. Any ideas?... 816 hours 30 min ago
Boutiques and Small PE shops in ChicagoDoes anyone know what good boutique investment banks or respected small private equity firms in Chicago take sophomores as interns? I go to a target and I'm looking to get some experience working in investment banking or PE in prep for applying to BBs in my junior year. Chicago is a convenient place... 316 hours 39 min ago
asdad..... 316 hours 42 min ago
Company Compensation: Moelis & Company 016 hours 42 min ago