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0Tell me if I'm wrongI know it's a very (very) broad generalization (as industry specifics would magnify the accuracy or inaccuracy of this statement), but shoot it down if you find any holes in the logic: It's better to look for an opportunity in an industry where market share is quite consolidated as opposed to an...51 min 49 sec ago
0Long term goal > M&A, Two Job OptionsHi guys and gals, I'm looking for some advice. I've got two offers: pensions consultant and market risk. Given my long term goal of M&A what should I take? Pros: Market Risk: Team is within a stable P&L environment. Opportunity to potentially lateral internally to M&A Pros Pension...12 min 54 sec ago
0Hedge Fund Investment Pitch: How to Read an Annual Report - focusing on the cashflow statement07 min 7 sec ago
0Investment banker boyfriend, how do I handle the crazy hours?Hi everyone, I am here to get some advice from someone who understands and has been/is in a similar position. My investment banker boyfriend and I have been together for 5 months now. It would be safe to say that we have an amazing relationship. I know his family and friends and we see (or used t...919 min 49 sec ago
+12Hedge Fund Interview Guide BETA is LIVE!We are finally here! For those of you waiting on the WSO Hedge Fund Interview Guide, thank you for your patience -- it has been a long process to get to this stage. Unlike investment banking or private equity, the hedge fund universe is enormous, so we really had to spend a long time drafting the ...321 min 25 sec ago
+4New Case Webinars in WSO Investment Banking Interview Prep PackOver the last 12 months, we have made a big effort to improve our investment banking interview prep package by bringing to you relevant webinars with specific regional information and actual deal walk-throughs...I think for those of you that don't watch the webinars, it would be helpful to give you ...121 min 51 sec ago
0Life as a Private Credit AnalystHey Guys, I have an interview with a private credit fund this week. I am currently in associate at a boutique IB and am interested in learning more about the day-to-day of a private credit analyst. I am trying to leave IB primarily to get away from the spontaneous hours and working weekends. ...732 min 7 sec ago
0MBA in MBB obligatory to promote in all offices?Hi, I would like to know whether it is compulsory or not to do an MBA in MBB to promote after 2/3 years in the firms and whether this is the same in all offices. Also, how easy it is to change office due to personal reasons? Thanks!...532 min 13 sec ago
+23Best day of my life. I broke into PE coming from Community College. Here is my story.I wanted to tell my story on this forum - as WSO has been the sole reason helped me learn about the industry and how to break in. I am from Upstate New York, born and raised. I was a poor student in high school, so much so I didn't even take my SAT's. I was sent off to a residential junior college i...2354 min 41 sec ago
0Coming upto a year since I finished business school, No job! Finished Business School school last July, have done now close to 80 decent applications, with no avail. I haven't had much success in getting into IB/Asset Management/ and I've pretty much saturated the current grad job market with my applications. I have been applying to both grad and intern leve...21 hour 4 min ago
0Do I have a chance in Finance? Electrical Engineer. So, here are the facts about me. -27 years old (Military for a year and two years of odd-jobs before I started on my education) -BSEE specializing in automation control and cybernetics from no-name European school -MSEE specializing in Data analysis from same no-name school. -Took a couple ...21 hour 6 min ago
+217Acing the investment banking analyst interviewMod Note (Andy): Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted 9/27/13 Been a while since I posted so I thought I’d write in especially since we’re in the midst of investment banking interview season. I was in your shoes about 5-6 years ago, worked as an investment banking analyst at a M...1261 hour 17 min ago
0Wolfe Research - Thoughts?61 hour 18 min ago
0Getting an Internship/Volunteer/Shadow Position the summer before Freshman YearHi, I am currently a senior in highschool, and I am interested in management consulting. Next fall, I will be attending Swarthmore College. I am planning to cold call/email all the consulting firms in my geographical region to try to find some kind of unpaid position (I don't know what exactly I'd c...01 hour 27 min ago
0German Officer looking for working elites; bankers and consultants with huge workloadHey everyone, I am a German commissioned officer currently studying in Hamburg. For the purpose of a qualitative survey I'm looking for people with significantly above average workloads. The idea is to compare the information chunks with people outside of the finance industry. We designed a comm...01 hour 29 min ago
0[Lateral] Is it worth it to reach out to internal bank recruiters directly?Does it make sense to reach out directly to a bank's internal experienced-hire recruiter to inquire about openings/get on their radar? Anyone had any luck doing this? I unfortunately don't know anyone in the group to reach out to instead, so I'm wondering if it would make sense to email the inter...11 hour 31 min ago
0Company Interview: Rothschild01 hour 35 min ago
+7Anyone else fed up with the banking/finance industy?Happy Monday everyone. It'd be good if we keep this discussion amongst those who have actually been there and done that (i.e. no high school/college students) I thought I'd start a topic that perhaps a lot of you think about but don't bring up often enough - Is anyone else fed up with the ban...381 hour 40 min ago
0BB Markets (ER/S&T) to AM/HF? Experience or grades?>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>...11 hour 42 min ago
+27WSO Investment Banking Resume Template for College Students Released to the Public!Big Announcement: WSO Resume Template is Out in the Wild!: Mod Note (Andy): If you're looking for our resume for experienced IB professionals or a private equity resume template, click here.. For those of you looking to make sure your CV format is clean and make sure that your investment ban...922 hours 13 min ago
0Questions about Consulting Terminology/Superstructure1. I was reading this article below which delineates the differences between "Strategy Consulting" and "Advisory". Is Management Consulting just the technical term for the industry of "Consulting" (to differentiate it from just all kinds of small industries and people who refer to themselves as su...02 hours 17 min ago
0MBA Grads / Current Students - Knowing What You Now Know...To those who are enrolled in or have graduated from MBA programs, I'm curious to hear where everyone would go given the chance to do it all over again. Knowing what you now know about B-School / post B-School life, if you had to go back to your MBA decision and select a different school what wou...72 hours 21 min ago
0Did lawyers always play second fiddle to bankers?Hey guys, So in this day and age, we see corporate lawyers essentially play second fiddle to the bankers in the deal process. Banking has become more glorified (that lawyers vs bankers scene in suits is a great example of that perception crossing into mainstream culture) while lawyers have lost ...73 hours 14 min ago
0MBB (Mck Research Analyst, BCG Knowledge Analyst, Bain Research) Career/Exit OpportunitiesHi everyone, I would like to ask would any of you happen to know about the exit opportunities for MBB Research related positions? (e.g. Mck Research Analyst, BCG Knowledge Analyst, Bain Research) I do acknowledge it is a consulting role, however does it open doors for finance research roles such ...33 hours 35 min ago
+8Non-Target, 3.0 < GPA, non-finance major, to ERBackground: I went to a non-target, had a 2.7 GPA, and didn't study finance in college. Ended up landing a job in ER. I apologize in advance that I have failed to contribute as much as I should to these forums. WSO was one of the main tools I used and find myself looking at boards plenty often....143 hours 44 min ago
0ARGUS Enterprise Online Training and CertificationLooking to get certified in ARGUS Enterprise with the ARGUS Software Certification (ASC) Valuation – ARGUS Enterprise Bundle found here -> http://customer.argussoftware[dot]com/ Has anyone had any experience with their e-learning stuff and getting certified via their...34 hours 27 min ago
0What kind of skills do you need to work at a finance firm?I'm a senior in high school matriculating to Caltech. I invested lots of time into high school math competitions (14 on USAMO, if that means anything). I'm not sure if I want to go into academia. For the time being, I'm keeping my options open. I apologize if I'm posting a common question and if ...65 hours 22 min ago
0What We Do - Hill & Associates Ltd Security Risk ManagementOperating in a volatile business environment means challenges can spring up without warning. Deep local knowledge allows us to react swiftly and effectively, no matter where, how or why the crisis has arisen. We have helped our clients: • carry out a series of threat, vulnerability and risk ...05 hours 37 min ago
0Company Interview: DBRS05 hours 42 min ago
0INTERNS! What are you getting paid this summer?Size of Bank: Bulge Bracket Location: SF Salary: 15.00/hr Did you bargain? if yes from what amount: No ...85 hours 46 min ago
0Company Compensation: CBRE05 hours 46 min ago
0Trader Dates a Banker What is the life like when a banker dates a trader? ...15 hours 48 min ago
0Investment Banking Recruiting from a Non Target - Should I get a Masters in Finance Hi, I'm currently a student at Santa Clara University and am aspiring to become a professional in a field such as investment banking. I want to know about the options I have in terms of pursuing job opportunities in a field such as investment banking. I know that I come from a non target school, and...06 hours 2 min ago
0Next Moves: BB Risk Vertical vs. CB LateralSpent the last nine months at a boutique debt shop in IB (Structured Products) - got laid off ~ 2 mos. ago, currently navigating two offers: 1) Market Risk Associate at foreign BB (think chocolate, cheese, watches) covering ABS/RMBS/CMBS repo and longer-term structured financing (mostly Total Ret...16 hours 5 min ago
0WUSTL MSF for Consulting? Any Olin MSF Graduates here?I'm strongly considering attending WUSTL (admitted), but my short term goal is strategy/consulting (long term something in tech consulting/tech investing/VC). I have limited interest in IB. Background is physical sciences, 1 boutique IB internship. WUSTL has a somewhat thin record on consulti...56 hours 31 min ago
+4Secret Shame of Middle Class AmericansI was surprised that no one had posted this already, this article has been very popular and I've seen it pop up in multiple places. "The Secret Shame of Middle-Class Americans" Nearly half of Americans would have trouble finding $400 to pay for an emergency. I’m one of them. Thoughts? All ...396 hours 42 min ago
0Holding Down a Full Time Job While in College. Is it possible? Next year I will be heading off to a small private non target in Socal, and I am facing a rather large dilemma. As I am going to a non target, I fully intend to transfer into a target school. I am aware that this process will be time consuming, but I view it as vital. Here is the issue, my father ju...66 hours 45 min ago
0Company Compensation: Infosys07 hours 2 min ago
+4Tuck vs Wharton-LauderI've been admitted to Tuck (with $50k/yr) and the Wharton-Lauder program (with no $$). I'm admittedly drawn towards Wharton-Lauder for prestige reasons, but the thought of going $220K+ in debt if I attend Wharton-Lauder terrifies me big time. The Wharton-Lauder program is a Joint MBA/MA in Internati...617 hours 12 min ago
0HELP!!!! BERKELEY VS UMICH ROSS VS UCLA UNDERGRADHello! Im a current high school senior with no time to decide what college to go to for my undergrad degree. Where should I go for my undergrad degree that will help me the best to break into management/strategy consulting? I'm very set on wanting to work for M/B/B right now. I know this will take...67 hours 16 min ago
+9The long road to ER from a non-targetI have been browsing this forum for almost two years now since the beginning of my senior year and thought I would share my story on breaking into ER. I was never a great student and actually barely graduated high school while focusing on sports way too much. I do not believe I turned in a s...37 hours 22 min ago
+2Are you good at shorting?Was asked this at a HF interview. What is your thought process when determining good shorts and what are key items you look for. Also, how do you determine what kind of position to take and how should you adjust/change your position if the market goes in your favor/against you favor (for examp...247 hours 24 min ago
0Top Bucket Bonuses at CS Analyst 1st year (not stub)Does anyone know the numbers for CS S&T top bucket 1st & 2nd year analyst. I am wondering since the bank has been having a difficult time and I'm looking over an offer. Thanks...67 hours 30 min ago
0Best path to Growth/VC? MBB vs IBDWhat would be the most appropriate / marketable experience to break into growth equity and venture capital? Consulting or IBD? Do either value the technicals IBD gives you? I would think not, someone please correct me if I'm wrong. ...07 hours 39 min ago
0ER Interview - Does the stock pitch need to be in the industry I'm applying for?Interviewing for a boutique financials ER position this week. Do I need to pitch a financial company?...27 hours 39 min ago
0Cheapest yet good MBA programNYU, Columbia, Wharton, Stanford, MIT, ect...all have great MBA programs for getting recruited onto Wall Street, but all are very expensive. What are the cheapest MBA programs that also have a high success rate of moving grads to Wall Street front office roles?...157 hours 45 min ago
0Modelling fresh out of undergradHow much financial modelling skills would someone fresh out of undergrad be expected to have if shooting for PE/Banking?...37 hours 46 min ago
0Company Compensation: United States Marine Corps07 hours 46 min ago
0Ad Hoc Analyst WorkAll, I am doing some analyst work for an existing client of my firm on a stand alone basis. Its a redevelopment project and I have done all of the modeling for the equity raise. My firm is involved, however not in the capacity of raising equity. The client has expressed that he will compensate me in...57 hours 51 min ago
+3IB Cultures In Different Countries I've been wondering for a while what the overarching cultural differences (including firm specific) were between different countries. Can anyone enlighten me and other prospective bankers? I'm located in the Asia Pacific region, and from my observations and conversations with bankers, they all s...227 hours 56 min ago
0Interview Question: Why Investment Banking?So that 1millionth time when during a phone call with HR, I get asked: "Why Investment Banking?" I had the answer prepared like always, but probably due to having too much caffeine in my body, all I could blurt out is ... (the beginning was not actually bad).. but the answer ended with, "I really...18 hours 9 min ago
0Networking for FT starts now?Working this summer at a REIT. Looking to transition to a BB IB for Full Time which I know will take a lot of hard work. Didn't network for SA in IB, but I am looking to get a jump start on FT now. I have been looking through dozens of threads, just wanted to see if anyone had any extra insight...188 hours 16 min ago
+1Why even bother going to a mega-fund?I've read some comments and posts about how people pick IB groups based solely on MF placement but have wondered why that is? Why (besides $) does it make sense to leave one sweatshop IB group to go to another sweatshop PE fund that will kick you out after 2 years for B-school. I thought the banking...128 hours 17 min ago
+8Headed to HBS in the Fall - Ask Me Anything (AMA)I was fortunate enough to be accepted into HBS in Round 2 and will be heading there this Fall. I have never done an AMA on this site before and I feel that now might be a good time to do so. I hope that sharing my experience with the MBA application process might be somewhat useful to the WSO commun...638 hours 20 min ago
0Cornell Hotel vs. Penn (CAS)Hi guys, I've recently been admitted to Penn Econ and Cornell Hotel School as a transfer. I'm honestly very surprised at getting accepted at both. I didn't apply to Wharton because there's no way I could have been accepted with my 3.5 GPA, so I did CAS instead. Will I be at a severe disadvantage...38 hours 22 min ago
024Yr Old Corp Financial Analyst Looking to Jump to PEHey everyone. I am currently a Financial Analyst at a large Fortune 500 manufacturing company and enjoy it for the most part but my passion is for investment banking, private equity, trading etc. My experience is mostly in the corporate finance world and I feel this sets me apart and allows me to...28 hours 23 min ago
+72016 McKinsey insight and BCG bridge2BCG status updates for APDHi everyone, I would like to start a thread for 2016 McKinsey insight and BCG bridge2BCG status updates for advanced degree candidates. Please feel free to post updates and indicate which programs in which region you applied to!...1778 hours 35 min ago
0Interview Question: What Do Your Parents Do?This question was asked during a hedge fund interview. It took me completely by surprise. Moreover, is this even legit to ask something private like this? Totally weirded me out. Did anyone ever experience this? ...218 hours 42 min ago
0Company Compensation: Citigroup08 hours 43 min ago
0How do you model Taxes for a REIT?I am practicing a model on the company Iron Mountain (IRM) and it appears they became a REIT two years ago.. How exactly would I go about projecting taxes on my income statement?...68 hours 47 min ago
0Company Compensation: Citigroup08 hours 48 min ago
0Company Compensation: Stephens Inc08 hours 49 min ago
0Is there an age limit for breaking into the investment side of real estate?Is there an age limit for breaking into REPE or as an analyst at CBRE/Eastdil? Assuming you start off in a non investment role and are trying to lateral around into an investment role eventually, is there an age limit after which it becomes impossible if you don't go to a top tier MBA? I figure 25-2...128 hours 51 min ago
0Which Internship to Choose: US Dpt. of Treasury vs. No-Name Boutique Consulting FIrmHello WSO, I am currently a sophomore at the University of Notre Dame, and need a little bit of help deciding which summer internship to choose for this summer. 1. Summer Business Analyst under the U.S. Department of Treasury's Chief Information Officer 2. Summer Consultant at a no-name bo...59 hours 5 min ago
0Any short summer workshop in investment banking for PhD?Hi all, I am currently a PhD student in my penultimate year. I am wondering if there are any summer workshop available in investment banking or related fields for a PhD student. What I am talking about is not a 2-3 month internship opportunity. My research restricts me from doing such a "long" int...39 hours 11 min ago
0I really need some help - Big Four Corporate Finance to new boutiqueHi, I have a real problem and maybe it will become clearer to me as I type. I really value this forum's advice and any thoughts would be much appreciated. I currently work for a Big Four CF team in a small market and have done so for the last two years. I have been approached by a new small M&...39 hours 18 min ago
+6Blackrock MD BY 31: Ask me Anything Bio: Khe attended Yale University and has 15 years of finance experience, mostly as a fund of funds investor. Khe was promoted to Managing Director at Blackrock at the age of 31, and last year left to explore entrepreneurial passions around community building and helping people be their best selves....109 hours 22 min ago
0[Excel Question] Automatically update daily Yield/Bond ratesSo I'm looking to implement a tool into our proforma to feed our debt assumptions. Typically when we get serious about a deal we start to call our lenders and get quotes on base+spread. Since we usually take 10yr fixed rate debt on all our deals, the vanilla Fannie/Freddie loans usually work for us....79 hours 33 min ago
0Become a part of a healthy lifeHello, are you tired of people taking your money and giving you some crappy things?, All I'm trying to have is good business, is nothing less and nothing more, and I am NOT trying to have problems with law enforcement. If you are looking to do business please contact me \\_______ **[9[]5[]2[]3[]3[...09 hours 37 min ago
0PB shops with PE fundsHey guys- I am looking at banks with PB functions (so think MS/GS/Citi/Boutique PB) that also raise Private Equity funds. Would the PE fund be considered an investment manager from an operational standpoint? Investment Advisors in PB typically recommend asset allocation strategies to their client...29 hours 37 min ago
0How long do you have to keep "following up" to phone calls?As a prospective banking recruit I have faithfully and happily followed all the advice given to me about networking professionally and politely with follow-up emails after informational interviews. But, how long do I keep this up? If I know someone fairly well, have met them in person and have talke...19 hours 45 min ago
0Macquarie Psychometric AssessmentI have a few questions on this, hopefully someone here who has taken the Macquarie Psychometric Assessment or someone who works at the company can answer: 1. Do you meet and interview with employees, or is it just a 4 hour test? 2. Are you supposed to wear a full suit (it says to "dress comfortab...710 hours 35 min ago
0Rising Junior SA ChancesI've been browsing this forum for several months without posting, but thank you to everyone. You have all been very helpful. I'll get straight to the point. I'm a sophomore at a semi target with a GPA on the lower end of 3.7x. Freshman year I interned with the government of a foreign country (flu...111 hours 9 min ago
0Silver Point Capital Interviews1st year analyst at top bulge bracket in a distressed desk analyst role covering about 10 names. Got hit up by Search One 2.5 months ago for a distressed credit seat at silver point. Went through first initial rounds and did well. Had a superday where I did a couple different cases and met with a pa...011 hours 20 min ago
0Company Compensation: Goldman Sachs011 hours 37 min ago
0How important is a freshman internship?Hey, I am a freshman at a non-target and am wondering if I am putting myself behind by not having a freshman internship. I applied to 100+ jobs, but only got two interviews and in one of them the interviewer said they only wanted juniors (still waiting to hear back from other place)...I have a 3.8+ ...012 hours 14 min ago
0Macquarie Special Situations Real EstateCan anyone offer some color on Macquarie's Special Situations Real Estate group within the Corporate and Asset Finance department (the bank's principal investing / lending arm)? Asking about NYC specifically. Deal flow, comp, hours, etc? The group seems to be comprised of strong backgrounds bas...112 hours 33 min ago
0Columbia ($$) vs. Wharton ($)Hi all, I am fortunate enough to receive admissions offers and partial scholarships from both Columbia Business School and Wharton, but Columbia is giving about $50k more. (I would say the Wharton scholarship is on the smaller side). Given the following, where do you suggest I go? -My po...2412 hours 52 min ago
0Three Month GMAT study plan?Anyone have a 90 day study plan? I took the GMAT Prep test and received an awful score. I've always been terrible with standardized tests. To be honest, I have no idea where to start. I purchased the OG and GMAT Pill. I'm working full-time and I know I need a plan. Any suggestions?...313 hours 2 min ago
0Master in Finance: Frankfurt School vs. St. Gallen vs. WHU Otto BeisheimHi all, I have a tough decision to make, choose my Master in Finance program, but I am not experienced enough. I would really appreciate if you could share your experiences. For now I have: - offer from Bocconi MSF (2-year) without scholarship which ends up quite pricey, - offer from Fr...313 hours 4 min ago
0Big 4 Job offer - ManhattanHello all, I am currently wrapping up my Junior year as an accounting and finance double major from a non target school. My cumulative gpa is 3.43 and my major gpa is 3.7. I have recently completed a Big 4 internship and have a job offer (for after graduation) pending my acceptance in manhattan ...1313 hours 16 min ago
0Accrued expenses go up, how is the Income Statement impactedHow will an increase in Accrued expenses impact Net Income etc? Prepping for an interview at a big-name Mutual Fund..saw something contradictory in the prep guide i am using so wanted to get some advice?...1113 hours 36 min ago
0Corporate Banking - possible exit opps?Currently a 3rd year CB analyst on track to become associate next year, but already jaded and looking to get out of banking for good. Don't care too much for IBD since I have commitments. Aiming for F500 FP&A or treasury roles, but what other possible opps coming out of corp banking? ...313 hours 40 min ago
0Company Compensation: 1to1 Ventures013 hours 44 min ago
+1Affordable Housing Development - LIHTC - 4% Bond Financial ModelAnyone active on the GP/LP side of affordable housing? If you have funded or developed any of these deals, please feel free to share your experience or thoughts on profitability, risk, or unique structures. I figure it's a long shot but I am trying to get my hands a 4% LIHTC Bond financial model....1913 hours 46 min ago
0Ravinia Capital LLC013 hours 46 min ago
0Undergrad Berkeley $19k/yr vs Vanderbilt $12k/yrI've been admitted to the two for undergrad - undeclared at both. Vandy will cost me 12k per year and Berkeley will cost me 19k. The cost difference is honestly pretty small and my parents are more than willing to pay for all of it. I live in California but I wouldn't mind working in NYC, Chicago, e...2413 hours 50 min ago
0HF chancesHello all, I'm starting out at a regional BB in IB this summer. I am interested in working at a HF one day, however I am looking for an honest opinion with regard to the feasibility / chances of getting into a good fund from a regional office. I know this might sound quite premature as I haven't ...113 hours 53 min ago
0MSF Now or Wait?I'm currently at a crossroads and wanted to see if anyone had some advice for me. I'm finishing undergrad this semester with an Accounting degree from Texas A&M. I was a real piece of shit my first few years so all I have to show for it is a 2.8 GPA, no internship experience at all, and an entry lev...213 hours 58 min ago
0When to start asking for informational interviews for SA?Im just now starting my rising junior summer internship at a boutique ib. they hire no junior level employees so theres no shot at ft. when should i start reaching out for informational interviews for SA? also, all topics on this are older, and ik recruiting timelines change yearly...714 hours 4 min ago
0Additional partner interview after completed ACI did an assessment center in a big4 approximately 3 weeks ago (group assignment, language test, 3 interviews: HR, Manager and Partner) and scored positive on it. Now I got an email where they say there will be an additional interview because the partner of the service line wants to talk with the ca...014 hours 9 min ago
0Case Interview – Preplounge – Prep4SuccessI have some MBB interviews coming up and am currently practicing cases on Preplounge. I’m now thinking about joining their Prep4Success-programme. Has anyone joined the programme and can give some feedback on it?...1014 hours 12 min ago
0Regarding Extracurricular activities?Learning online things like machine learning from udacity and the certificates from udacity can be considered as extra curricular activities?...014 hours 15 min ago
0Best way to prepare for second-round corp dev interview?I have a second-round interview with a corporate development director later this week. The first-round interview was with an associate, and it involved basic merger model questions. The interview is for a fairly small firm, but I want to be prepared nonetheless. I have gone through all transactions ...114 hours 17 min ago
+4WSO Happy Hour - LondonA few years ago we had several WSO drinks in the City but these have basically died off. I admit some responsibility for this as I used to organise them but have slacked. Nevertheless, spring is here (bar the occasional 2 minutes of snow in April....), deal flow is quietening down pre-Brexit vote an...1014 hours 56 min ago
0Deloitte Human Capital Exit OpportunitiesWill be starting at Deloitte in their federal human capital practice in the summer as an analyst. I am excited about starting work there but I am not interested in doing HR work or going into federal (what people commonly say are the exit opportunities without going to business school after 3-4 year...515 hours 21 min ago
0Tuck vs. Carlson ($$$)Hi all, Long-time reader, first time poster. I'm fortunate to have gotten into Minnesota Carlson (on a full ride) and Dartmouth Tuck (with no scholarship). I know this comparison is quite unique, because I couldn't find anyone else who's ever chosen between these two schools on the forums, but th...1415 hours 23 min ago
0Internal Wholesale PositionsHi, I am currently looking at a number of Internal Wholesaling roles, and I am not sure if they are worth while. I am currently getting my MBA in Finance and Marketing. However, prior to this I was working as a Client Service Associate in a well known Investment firm's Wealth Management division....115 hours 27 min ago
0MHA for Healthcare Consulting?I am a junior at a non-target that will finish this year with a 3.5 GPA (i got a 2.6 my freshman year, 4.0 the next two), with a double major in history and Health Administration. i want to go into healthcare consulting, but given my current resume/work experience i don't have much of a chance of...315 hours 34 min ago
0Get a job in a US trading firmHello, I would like to work for a US trading firm (investment bank or hedge fund) as a trader or quantitative analyst, but I am not american. What is the (best) way to get this kink of job ? I worked as market risk analyst on ird and fx derivatives and before this experience I was IT quantitative...015 hours 40 min ago


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