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+2Londoners - How would you feel about relocating to Paris/Frankfurt?Obviously early days yet, but there were reports that banks would consider moving some investment banking staff to Paris, Frankfurt or even Dublin in the event of a Brexit. Interested to hear how you London bankers would feel about being asked to undertake such a move - or would you simply chuck ...301 min 31 sec ago
+1Unpaid InternsI've been trying to land internships for the Fall and haven't had any luck. I'm considering working for free to gain some experience in the field. How would I approach firms? Is it okay to be direct with them on the phone and offer to work for free?...112 min 17 sec ago
+6Needle pushed too far for diversity hires?I hear it all the time from FT staff that they would love to hire a female but most don't perform well in interviews so can't justify hiring them over the male candidates. But working as a SA i cannot believe the incompetence of some of my female cohorts, as in they don't know how to perform bas...1175 min 26 sec ago
0When did you start networking?I was wondering when did you guys start networking because I know that it is extremely difficult to get a BB SA by just applying on linkedin?...57 min 31 sec ago
0A Bachelor of Actuarial science or Finance degree to become a investment banker?I am going to study in a G8 university in Australia and considering what to study in the coming years. I would like to be a financial analyst and investment banker in the future. I am good at math. SO, which of the two degrees (Bachelor of Actuarial science or Finance degree) should I apply fo...110 min 43 sec ago
0These Comp numbers are BananasMessina vs BofA ML Page 14 VP making $775k, Dir making $1.25m, another Dir making $2.25m. The highest numbers (for those levels) I've heard of since the financial crisis. I know these are outliers, but still. Perhaps I'm upset because I'm in Equity S&T and I'm pretty sure no one makes this ...317 min 57 sec ago
+14BB Operations MD AMAHaven't seen too many posts to shed light on this so ask away. Also see my latest post here: Mod Note (Andy): This is an older AMA originally posted on 2/20/16 but the OP let me know he's still able to answer some questi...10520 min 9 sec ago
0Citi Technology IBDoes anyone have any insight into Citi's technology group in San Francisco? Deal flow/culture/exit opps? Thanks!...123 min 32 sec ago
0Is it true that Tobin & Company doesn't pay their analysts?I had a friend who used to worked with a few people from Tobin tell me that analysts at Tobin don't get paid unless they're there while a deal is closed. In that case, they'll receive a bonus/stipend or something like that. Does anyone know if this is true??? I've heard horror stories about the M...626 min 19 sec ago
0Working at an American IB with a European masters in financeI was wondering if anyone has experience getting their masters in finance at a top European school (non london schools, price is way to high for me) and subsequently moving to the US to work at an IB. I'm from the US with an American and Dutch citizenship. I have been accepted to St. Gallen Master...029 min 11 sec ago
0Fired From BB -- Now What? Was recently let go from my analyst position from a BB. Not performance related, but failed the 63. :( problem is that I was at a boutique for a year before and at the BB for 9 months. So, less than two years all-in. Do I try to finish out my two years at another IB, or try to jump into PE? Seem...437 min 24 sec ago
0Pitch Deck to BanksWhat is the perfect outline of a pitch deck (to lenders) when raising debt?...341 min 26 sec ago
+2EURO 2016Who else is watching Euro 2016? I am stoked, to be honest. Will watch as many matches as I can. Who do you *want* to win vs who do you *think* will win? Who I want to win: England (obvious reasons), Belgium (like their side and some sentimental feelings after Brussels) Who I think will wi...9350 min 8 sec ago
0CNS Global AdvisorsCNS Global Advisors provides strategic advisory services to private entities and governments seeking to expand and execute on global opportunities. We are led by the Former Under Secretary of of the US Department of Commerce and Head of the International Trade Administration. ...057 min 4 sec ago
0Narrowing the SearchLet me preface this post by saying this is going to be a very stupid question and I'll get shit for it, but hey I'm just a monkey and I'm still learning the ropes. How can I focus my search when looking for funds to apply to? Background: I'm a senior at a school that's not even in the shootin...01 hour 23 sec ago
0Affordable housing profitability as a strategyReal high level question here. Seen a lot of AH funds around run by people with pretty impressive backgrounds. Just curious as to your guys thoughts on the profitability of these strategies as I’m not familiar with them. Part of me thinks it’s a good model because of all the government subsid...21 hour 1 min ago
0New opportunity! Financial Controller role at Sundrop Farms in London, UK Sundrop Farms is a dynamic and passionate private equity backed firm. Seeking an ambitious FC to be a key player in their international expansion. About Our Client Sundrop Farms, one of the portfolio companies of KKR, the US private-equity firm, is a pioneer in sustainable agriculture...01 hour 10 min ago
0Using my Free Time Outside of my Internship?Hey fellow monkeys, I have realized that I have quite a bit of free time every day during and after my internship. As a rising junior interning at a boutique IB, I end up finishing the work assigned to me relatively quickly and I am constantly asking for more work, but I still have a lot of free ...21 hour 10 min ago
0Psychology undergrad vs BusinessI am a sophmore at and I need to declair my major soon. I really enjoy psychology even though there are a lot of papers with that major ( i heard) and I am more of a math minded person. My ultimate goal in life is to be rich. My parents are telling me to Major in Business because there are more job ...161 hour 20 min ago
0Full Time Recruitment StrategiesSome background of myself - Top 20 school but a non target, have had one year's experience interning at a boutique IB during junior year, now interning at another boutique this summer. Mainly grunt work at first boutique but I got very good at formatting excel and ppt. My current summer internship i...01 hour 28 min ago
0External Wholesale transition to IB MDHi all. ive done quite a bit of research into investment banking and sales. I know that at the MD level, IB more or less becomes a sales job. I have no IB offers as of yet, but have been looking into internal wholesaling. Compared to banking, the hours are pretty much 9-5 and pay 100-150. Later o...31 hour 43 min ago
0OCR Epic Fail - what to do next?Hi everyone, I am a junior from a semi target where around 10 BB/EB recruit on our campus. I bombed the only two interviews I've got and I have no other interview coming up. My career office has already been telling me there are few opportunities left and I should either consider other industries o...41 hour 47 min ago
0Why did you choose S&T over IB?What about S&T enticed you to choose it over other divisions like IB? ...51 hour 47 min ago
0Question for you fiscal conservativesBeen reading the various political posts and a lot of people seem to be voting republican because they're "fiscal conservatives" and not saying much more. To those of you who claim this I was wondering what you think of: 1) fiscal stimulus (I.e. Infrastructure spending) at the zero lower bound in...01 hour 51 min ago
+3Lender/Debt Fund Modeling vs Broker ModelingThis is a bit early but still curious, I'm looking to make the transition out of brokerage roles to lender/fund side. What are the differences in modeling required? I am used to making a 10 year DCF with equity hurdles and JV splits npv, irr, COC, MOIC, analyst,how would a lender look at the deb...111 hour 51 min ago
0Merrill Lynch PMD ProgramCan anybody give me any insight into Merrill Lynch's PMD program? I'm currently going through the interview process but not sure it is something I want to do. How much training do they really give you? What is the starting salary like while you go through the training? Are you basically just col...101 hour 53 min ago
0Don't know if investment banking is for meHow do I know or what should I know about investment banking if Im not decided? I don't know if that is truly what I want, what should I know or expect to do if I were to make it my career?...181 hour 54 min ago
0Credit Analyst interview questionsHello, I just found out I have a rather long in person interview for a corporate credit analyst position at an international IB. what kind of technical questions might I expect to get?...01 hour 54 min ago
0Quick HR issue - Goldman Sachs profanity I am a summer analyst at GS and slipped up and swore in a chat. Not swearing against anyone - but said it as a filler. What are the consequences of this? ...82 hours 5 sec ago
0Last semster College Senior IB or PE?Family friend can help get me into a top 5 PE Firm. For career purposes whats better experience IB or PE after grad? Low GPA, Good internship experience, State School....32 hours 4 min ago
0Hours for Credit AnalystHello, I'm looking at a job posting for a job as a credit analyst covering large corporations at a large IB. Does anyone have any idea what kind of hours this job might entail? Thanks!...82 hours 7 min ago
0Contested M&A and activism defenseHi, I would appreciate some insight regarding contested M&A and activism defense groups, places to find some solid info, how to prepare for an interview (good sources) and potential questions. ...12 hours 8 min ago
0Top Groups for EBsI know many of these are generalist programs but in general, which sectors are Moelis, Evercore, Greenhill, Lazard, PWP, PJT and Centerview strongest in? ...142 hours 19 min ago
0internal wholesaler interview tipsHello everyone, this is my first post...I have been interviewing for the role of internal wholesaler. my background: I am 3 years 7 mo in my role as a client associate and fully registered including insurance licensed. I was wondering if anyone can give me some helpful pointers to differentiate me...32 hours 23 min ago
0How To Become Go-To General ContractorSo this is a question for those who are in the actual real estate development game and have contact with the general contractors who build the projects. How does your shop go about finding general contractors for project? Is it normally word of mouth, or is it the guys who 'wine and dine' to get...62 hours 28 min ago
+22Lateraling GuideMod Note (Andy) - as the year comes to an end we're reposting the top discussions from 2015, this one ranks #28 and was originally posted 6/21/2015. I recently lateraled from a “no-name” boutique to a top MM and wanted to share some of the knowledge that I gathered and wished people had told ...592 hours 29 min ago
0USA Basketball 2016 Olympic RosterUSA Basketball introduced the team for Rio yesterday. I don't know what you guys think, but this isn't a "Dream Team". There are so many guys missing that it's not even funny anymore. LeBron wants to rest, Curry wants to rest, Westbrook says "the decision wasn't easy", same argument for Harden. ...142 hours 32 min ago
0Moelis Capital Markets Group122 hours 32 min ago
0CMBS 101I'm trying to get a better understanding of the CMBS market and how it works. Does the market essentially act similar to Famnie and GSEs, where they buy pools of mortgages, only these are in office, industrial, and development, and the buyers are investors not the Gov? I'm reading on it now, ...32 hours 34 min ago
0Where in EU should Big Wall Street banks in London transfer to after Brexit?I’m pretty sure top bank executives have been busy on their own ‘exit plans’ WAAAY before the referendum vote last Thursday cemented Britain’s exit from the European Union. They’re the sort of people that prepares contingency plans FOR contingency plans. [quote]“The dilemma for U.S. b...32 hours 34 min ago
+6Blitzed, Smashed and Drunk: Drinking for the Modern MonkeyWelcome to Blitzed, Smashed and Drunk, WSO’s new blog about all things alcohol related. It’s a celebration of alcohol, a veritable treasure trove of recipes to be tried out, a collection of useless facts, tips and suggestions to survive the next day, an education on more than just what it is you...392 hours 37 min ago
+4Goldman Cracking Down on Recruiting BiasLooks like Goldman Sachs is implementing a new recruiting system. Instead of coming to schools to do on-campus interviews, Goldman will be doing the interviews online. Goldman says this is a way to minimize bias in the hiring process. I personally don't like this move. Goldman may say it's about ...322 hours 40 min ago
+6Brexit Wins - What You Need To KnowAfter months of campaigning, one side leaves distressed, the other ecstatic. The results show 52% voted to leave the EU versus 48% that voted for Britain to stay within the EU. That’s 11,855,663 votes for Remain and 12,698,977 votes for Leave. The goal is to unwind Britain’s 43-year membershi...2742 hours 41 min ago
0AM Sales Role OverviewI have been searching for AM institutional sales opportunities for kids straight out of UG. Other than an Internal Wholesaler(I know IW is retail sales, but is there an IW type role for insti. sales), what type of roles exist at places like BlackRock/PIMCO/CAPgroup? ...12 hours 42 min ago
0Need some recommendations for GMAT study materials?So far i'm getting the Complete GMAT Strategy Guide Set by Manhattan. Is this all I need?...62 hours 43 min ago
0MBB LA officesI looked all over this site and I found one, somewhat outdated and not super useful. They were are 5+ years old. I was curious if anyone had updated on how MBB LA, specifically the BCG office, fares relative to other offices. I am curious how LA stacks up against NYC, SF, Boston....172 hours 45 min ago
0Incoming Analyst in DC- Roommate NeededI'll be moving to DC in August working as an analyst in IB/PE/VC/HF and haven't figured out my housing situation yet. Is anyone looking for a roommate in the DC area that could help me out? I'm mainly looking into Dupont/Foggy Bottom/Logan Circle area, but would be open to other areas as well. An...02 hours 54 min ago
0Gender Discrimination - Why are you so scared of us?So I have been working in the city for the past year and have noticed how woman treat me while in public spaces - for context, I am a normal white guy. I have noticed, while going home late at night, woman walking to the other side of the street, woman clutching their purses when we are the only ...63 hours 11 min ago
0Is it possible for me to break into PE/VC from undergrad with my background?So I managed to land a PE internship this summer at a boutique shop. We've been working on one deal in the Lower Middle market. I've also worked on an equity financing raise ( they also do some IB stuff). They have let me get pretty involved in the deals. GPA is 3.7 Cumulative, 3.8 Major from a ~...13 hours 26 min ago
+1Is Brazil Screwed?With Brazil constantly headlining business news with uncertainty, there are a lot of questions being raised for the future. There have been several positives being brought up, such as: Dilma's impeachment The national currency, the Real, rallying back from it's lowest point in history Pos...223 hours 31 min ago
0Industry >> consulting Do you ever hear of people going from consulting >> banking or buy side >> consulting at a higher level or different group? Let's say you spent 1.5 years in a Public Consulting Group, projects were in financial turn around and vanilla-process optimization. Then you got an offer at a buy side...03 hours 43 min ago
0Russell Investments - Good or bad internship? Guys, how good or bad would you rate this for an internship? Any comments will be highly appreciated....43 hours 44 min ago
0Why do people celebrate mediocrity?I was skimming along facebook and see this guy smiling as he was holding up his MBA degree he just got from a really shytty school. The school ranked 89 out of USNews business school rankings. And to throw more poo on it, it took him 5 years to get. So, apparently, it was a part-time MBA. Ser...173 hours 45 min ago
0Who hires Entrepreneurship Majors?I'm thinking about majoring in Entrepreneurship but I want to be able to land a job in case my business fails. Who hires Entrepreneurship majors?...443 hours 52 min ago
0Interview Feed Back - Credit Union Sales and Trading AssociateHad a interview with a credit union in securitization business for a associate role. HR: 15 Minutes was told they'll get back to me to schedule interview with MD Treasury Round 2 was with MD Treasury (Allocated time was 30min) ending up lasting exactly 30 minutes and he mentioned the MBS Direc...44 hours 19 sec ago
0Your First Deal - OriginationJust wonder what was the first deal that people ever brought into the firm. Not the first deal they executed as a junior banker, but the first deal where they were actually the relationship manager and responsible for selling the client on the business that generated a fee. Interested in any ...04 hours 6 min ago
0Hot MarketsIn light of PIMCO's recent article and what appears to be a general consensus that over-development in this cycle is localized to a handful of specific property types in specific markets, would anyone care to throw out some markets you think are experiencing a little over-development?...44 hours 15 min ago
0Mentioning names of other banks you're interviewing at? If asked "are you interviewing elsewhere" by interviewer, should one mention specific bank names? I assume mentioning you're interviewing at "Barclays" during a Boutique Bank interview should help your case. ...134 hours 22 min ago
0How are REPE hours?I know that traditional PE averages 60+, but what about REPE? Is it the same amount of hours on average?...84 hours 27 min ago
0How Hard is it to Transfer to NYU Stern?I am currently a freshmen at a highly ranked state college. I aim to apply for transfer after my first year, and am wondering how difficult it is to get in as a external transfer. I know a high GPA, good extracurriculars, and good recs are a given, but what other aspects should I focus on?...24 hours 27 min ago
0Opinions on my next moveI'd like to introduce myself before asking several questions. I'm a financial management officer in the Marine Corps and I'm set to get out in November. I've been doing this job for about three years...prior to this I flew jets (T-45s) for about three years before switching career fields. I'm app...34 hours 33 min ago
0New to WSO. Transitioning from Advertising.Hey everyone! I joined WSO b/c I was doing a search for a company and saw forum posts about it. I'm new to the financial world but have had a lot of interest. Unfortunately I have little to zero experience other than investing for a long time and recently started swing trading on my own. I'm always...14 hours 56 min ago
0RE Excel Modeling: Study Techniques & Best Practices?Just a bit of background...Currently in an investment sales role at a big brokerage house (think CBRE, JLL, Cushman) primarily focused on private capital (we sell assets between $2-$25 million). Looking to make a big transition in the next few years to a team or shop with institutional deal exposure...55 hours 1 min ago
0RSM IBA + 1 year Target BSchool Masters vs McGill Desautels Finance MajorHey Guys, I need your opinion on this. Would you guys say its easier to land a job in HF/IB, 1)if I take finance major in McGill or 2)if I do IBA in Rotterdam School of Management and then 1 year masters in a target school. Rotterdam would be much cheaper for me, whereas once I graduate...15 hours 7 min ago
0I/B/E/S alternatives or competitorsGood morning, Are there any good alternatives for Thomson Reuters IBES database? The closest thing I could find is Zack's Investment Research by Quantdl, but the data seems pretty limited. Thanks...05 hours 12 min ago
+1I am screwed right? I feel terrible right now. What should I do now. Failed Quantitative trader in the makingHey guys, I am new here and I just been devastated in the situation I am now. Ever since freshmen in High school I wanted to build a career on quantitative finance. Specifically quantitative roles in Trading. So I studied hard and got good grades. I decided that I want to build a portfolio of ...345 hours 13 min ago
0OPT StatusTo all internationals, I applied on April 28th and still haven't received my OPT card. I was told by USCIS that it could take up to 3 months and that applications were processed FIFO. Anybody got their cards yet? When did you guys apply?...05 hours 31 min ago
0Travel when based in SF?Curious if the typical consulting travel schedule is different if you're at a MBB in SF. All the AMAs and Day in the Lifes talk about flying out Monday am and coming back Thursday PM. Is this every week if you're based in SF? I'd assume with all the companies HQ in the area (especially tech) you don...15 hours 34 min ago
0Websites/Blogs for Hedge Fund IndustryI am curious to know which websites, newsletters or blogs the industry veterans and enthusiasts on WSO use to stay on top of the hedge fund industry. Hedge Funds aren't as transparent as other financial firms and it would be good to know what is the most used/reliable source of information to st...05 hours 37 min ago
+5New Case Webinars in WSO Investment Banking Interview Prep PackOver the last 12 months, we have made a big effort to improve our investment banking interview prep package by bringing to you relevant webinars with specific regional information and actual deal walk-throughs...I think for those of you that don't watch the webinars, it would be helpful to give you ...16 hours 13 min ago
0How does a Fall PE Internship Look For Full-Time IB Recruiting?Hey guys, I'm currently a rising senior at a non-target with a boutique IB internship for this summer. I only have one internship under my belt and I need more. My options in my school's geographical area are dwindling and my IB contacts aren't working out there. How would a PE internship ove...26 hours 16 min ago
0XIRR Excel QuestionSo, I consider myself pretty decent at Excel, and I cannot figure out what's going on here for the life of me, and neither can my two associates... I am using an XIRR function which is working fine, except for when it should be returning a negative IRR it's giving me a #NUM error. Here are the date...196 hours 20 min ago
+1Crisis Imminent, Warns Alan Greenspan"This is the worst period, I recall since I've been in public service. There's nothing like it, including the crisis — remember October 19th, 1987, when the Dow went down by a record amount 23 percent? That I thought was the bottom of all potential problems. This has a corrosive effect that will n...06 hours 21 min ago
0Kurt Salmon market opinionHow does Kurt Salmon compare to MBB in terms of retail/consumer goods? Exit opportunities?...46 hours 23 min ago
+1Derrick Rose traded to KnicksDerrick Rose was traded to the New York Knicks. The Knicks trade center Robin Lopez, guard Jose Calderon and guard Jerian Grant to Chicago, which shipped guard Justin Holiday, Rose and a 2017 second-round pick back to New York. hours 31 min ago
0RSM MSc Finance and Investments vs Imperial MSc FinanceHi all, I have received and offer for both RSM and Imperial. My question is which one should I take considering I would need a loan of over 65,000 euros and RSM I would only need 15,000 euros. Is Imperial worth that much more of a loan. My end goal is to land a job in the city S+T....106 hours 40 min ago
+1Is It Really Worth It?P&Q actually put out a pretty interesting article about the work/life balance of an average MBA. According to their study, the average MBA works about 55 hours a week. On an adjusted, hourly basis, MBAs that work in IB, Consulting and in VC make about $65, $70 and $100 an hour pre-tax, respectively....496 hours 46 min ago
0BREXIT - Impact on M&A jobsObviously, it's still early days, but how do you think Brexit will affect M&A jobs & activity in London? Do you think that London will lose its standing as a hub for European M&A? I know that there's been a lot of talk about moving mid- and back-office positions to other financial centres in Europ...06 hours 52 min ago
0Asia Investment Banking Conference 2016, September 5th-6th, Hong KongInitiated by students from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), the Asia Investment Banking Conference (AIBC) is the largest student-run conference in Asia focused on corporate advisory and financial markets. Held for the 8th year running, the conference continues to attract m...07 hours 28 min ago
02016 IB TARGET SChoolsHello All, I'm applying to college for class of 2021, I'm pretty competitive as an applicant ( Great Ecs, Standerized testing scores and even have an IB and a Fund internship etc), so I was wondering what are the top target schools in order? Right now I'm pretty into Wharton and the Huntsman p...287 hours 36 min ago
0Company Compensation: HSBC07 hours 42 min ago
+6Silly LibsA biker is riding by the zoo, when he sees a little girl leaning into the lion’s cage. Suddenly, the lion grabs her by the cuff of her jacket and tries to pull her inside to slaughter her before the eyes of her screaming parents. The biker jumps off his bike, runs to the cage, and hits the lion...87 hours 42 min ago
+1Place Your Bets: Heading to Las Vegas!Evening Monkeys, Just so you know I'm not "rubbing it in" with my future trip to Las Vegas, it's important to note that I'll be heading there with my dad who's older than dirt, so there will definitely be no "hangover"-esque shenanigans. Instead, there will be free beers are the Embassy Suites, ...167 hours 59 min ago
0Interview, Modeling, Assistance Needed38 hours 7 min ago
0No Internship, what should I do?Hi all, I'm in need of some advice from people who have been in a similar position. My situation is that I am a UK chemical engineering graduate from a Russell Group university with a 1st class classification and an internship at a top pharma company. I decided in my final year that I was mor...18 hours 18 min ago
0Best BrokerDo you have a commercial department? If you are looking for the best broker, then visit our site and find answers to all your trading concerns to manage and invest your money wisely and increase your income....18 hours 24 min ago
0Asset Management vs IBDHello Everyone. I realize there are a few threads out there that deal with this already. But none to my knowledge goes that deeply into what I am looking for. 1. How difficult is Asset Management to break into than IBD? Everyone I know is always gunning for the BB Investment Analyst role and ...98 hours 25 min ago
0June 20, 2016 - Here's what happened in the stock/bond markets last weekStock Market Analysis It is often said that investors “Buy the rumor and sell the fact”. This suggests investors often like to buy stocks in anticipation of good news and then sell once the good news becomes fact. But, what happens when Wall Street “buys the rumor” and then the facts are ...08 hours 40 min ago
0If I make big profits in my P/A does the SEC automatically investigate me? If I have say a $500,000 P/A and invest all of it into one stock, say AMZN, and a few weeks/months later it goes up by a lot, say doubles or even more, and I make a ton of profit - does the SEC automatically investigate this? Even if I do not have any insider information and simply concentrated all ...49 hours 42 min ago
0Migration from Lotus Notes NSF to Outlook PST Get NSF to PST converter application to recover NSF file and convert NSF to PST file instantly. Program helps to NSF to PST, EML & MSG file format. It is the safe solution for converting NSF to Outlook format with Split converted PST file. It lets you convert emails, attachments, images, drafts, jo...29 hours 51 min ago
0Need help with Msc in Finance choice: HEC Paris MiF or Bocconi Msc in FinanceHi all, I am facing a decision to pick a master's in finance program and would really appreciate your experience and insights. In short about me, I am Croatian with a non-target bachelor's degree in Economics with high GPA, 9 months M&A internship in UniCredit CEE team in Vienna and student exch...811 hours 8 min ago
0Research: non-banking sector consumer lendingHello everyone, researching the non-banking lending industry, putting emphasis on its development in Europe. Currently searching for a list of such insitutions (companies) involved in consumer lending in Europe. Maybe, by any chance, some of you have already compiled such a list or can share s...111 hours 47 min ago
0Top BB/Boutique Sophomore Year?It's been said time and time again -- the value of your freshman year internship in undergrad lies in what skills and applicable experiences you gain from it. Sophomore year is the build-up year, and prospective analysts in IB should aim for a good internship (oftentimes the "dream" company) junior ...012 hours 51 min ago
0Can virtual SSCs help in upgrading the Operational Readiness of a bank?112 hours 55 min ago
0Wearing a T-shirt under a dress shirt?I know it is completely about self preference when it comes to wearing a t-shirt under a dress shirt...but just as a side note, if your office is a business casual setting, does it look stupid if you can see a white undershirt under your dress shirt? You see his white undershirt clearly. Would i...3613 hours 5 min ago
+5How to Get an Internship After Freshman or Sophomore YearLike I promised, I’m back to give an explanation on how to get an internship after freshman or sophomore year. I’m not offering any guarantees, but I can tell you that it has worked for me, and it depends on the effort you put in. Want a job? Earn it. I’m writing this more as a recommendation ...413 hours 56 min ago
0what are the different types of jobs classified under financial analyst postioni always hear that financial analyst is a broad term and i was wondering what jobs specifically fall under this category, I've heard of buying and selling side. could anyone tell me a website on where i can find financial analyst jobs or jobs similar to that? ...014 hours 8 min ago
+30WSO Investment Banking Resume Template for College Students Released to the Public!Big Announcement: WSO Resume Template is Out in the Wild!: Mod Note (Andy): If you're looking for our resume for experienced IB professionals or a private equity resume template, click here.. For those of you looking to make sure your CV format is clean and make sure that your investment ban...9314 hours 11 min ago
0Short Term Job Resume questionHey Guys, Before my current job I had an operations back ground. I started my career in Ops for 1.5 years, then I had another stop in Ops for 5 months before winding up where I am now(non ops, fundamental analysis role for 1.5yrs...114 hours 15 min ago
+1MIT Sloan Removes Required MBA Essay, Replaces with Cover LetterMIT Sloan Removes Required MBA Essay, Replaces with Cover Letter By Scott Edinburgh, Personal MBA Coach To give you something to think about over the weekend, the MIT Sloan MBA admissions office released the application requirements and deadlines for the 2017 season (Class of 2019). For years Sl...115 hours 22 min ago


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