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+1RBC Exit Opps - ReconsideredHey all, What does the profile and exit opps look like for RBC Capital Markets? I know in terms of league tables, they are top 10 in global deal flow, and with M&A league tables, 9th in US M&A (soon to be 8th with Deutsche tanking and UBS not far behind), and 11th in global M&A (also due to mo...511 sec ago
0Second opinion on resume for spring weeksI'll be applying for spring weeks soon so I'd be very grateful if you could give my CV a second opinion. Thanks in advance....01 min 25 sec ago
0Company Interview: Ernst and Young01 min 58 sec ago
0Covering letter second opinionAll updated, thanks for the help. All updated, thanks for the help. All updated, thanks for the help. ...02 min 1 sec ago
+4What is your essential go to app?With the advance of technology, our lives today are much easier thanks to it. We can use Acorns as a way to invest our spare change, livescore to check on the latest sports results, Yelp to find out the review of a place and the list goes on. Even paying our bills are much easier these days, all ...193 min 58 sec ago
+3Should I delay graduation by a semester for a summer internship at a large bank?So here is the deal: although I am set to graduate next May, I somehow got an IB summer internship at a large bank(not BB, but similar to RBC, Nomura type), and might get return offer from it, so now I am thinking, should I delay graduation by a semester to do that internship? Of course I don't h...324 min 37 sec ago
0What are the healthcare industry specific multiples?What are the healthcare industry specific multiples? Which ones are the most commonly used and why? ...05 min 29 sec ago
0Real life Patrick Bateman ...26 min 29 sec ago
0Where do you buy your shirts/suits/shoes? Online preferredGuys, where do you buy your shirts? suits? shoes? Does anyone buy online? If so, where from? Thanks....798 min 7 sec ago
0Company Compensation: A.T. Kearney09 min 5 sec ago
0Company Compensation: Bank of America Merrill Lynch011 min 30 sec ago
+3The Trolley Problem: Who do you save?Taken off Wikipedia: [quote]A trolley is hurtling down a track towards five people. You are on a bridge under which it will pass, and you can stop it by putting something very heavy in front of it. As it happens, there is a very fat man next to you – your only way to stop the trolley is to push...4513 min 10 sec ago
+1Do all equity l/s teams work an insane amount?I'm at one of the multi-manager equity l/s platforms (think Point72, Surveyor, etc.) as an associate/junior analyst, getting recruited to another one for a more senior analyst role. From what I see around me, basically every l/s equity team (including PMs) works a ton, call it 6-7 days a week on ...813 min 53 sec ago
0Company Compensation: Credit Suisse014 min 18 sec ago
0LEK vs. OW vs. S& Deals StrategyHi everyone, I am evaluating offers between LEK, OW, and S& Deals Strategy. I am curious as to what everyone on WSO MC thinks about these offers and which you would pick if you were in my situation. Specifically, I am trying to compare and contrast each of these firms on the following categories:...219 min 30 sec ago
+20Women in the Workplace Pt 2: Rigged Markets, Inside Information, and the “Softer” SexMy original post on women in the workplace caused something of a commotion. I hadn't planned on a follow up, but @GLCIB27" forgot to check her privilege, so here we are again. If you read my first post, you'll know that I attract (or, if you don’t believe me, think I attract) a lot of women, a...9219 min 52 sec ago
0Webinar: Private Equity Case: Consumer Packaged Good - Growth against an industry goliath -- 6pm ET, 11/1/16 WEBINAR DESCRIPTION On Tuesday Nov 1st, 6:00pm EDT Wall Street Mentor John will be hosting a webinar entitled "Private Equity Case: Consumer Packaged Good - Growth against an industry goliath", with a q&a session to follow. John is an industry veteran with experience in consulting and private ...224 min 38 sec ago
+1Goldman Sachs Hirevue Digital InterviewI've been invited for the Hirevue interview. I've applied to SEC, IBD and MBD. I find it a little weird that every time I open the GS application portal, the status of my applications change. For SEC it went from review to interview to received!! Can someone please share their interview experien...1127 min 41 sec ago
+1Bain final round interview Hi everyone I have a Bain final round interview for an international office taking place here in the US. I've interviewed at other firms (McKinsey & BCG), and I am familiar with their culture (formal). What's the final round like at bain? Is dress business formal? formal but no tie? pants and sh...529 min 43 sec ago
+1Goldman Sachs - Shoplifting - Backgroung CheckI received an offer from Goldman Sachs to work in Operations. I had a shoplifting charge expunged off my record and therefore I did not disclose it during the background questioner. Is this something I should be worried about? Even if it is expunged could they still use it to deny me employment? Has...1131 min 56 sec ago
0SnapCash Binary Review- Snap Cash System Scam or Verified?SnapCash Binary is the new star of the binary options industry. It is an automated system for online investments created by Austin Ford and just introduced to the binary community. This Snap Cash review by legitbinaryreview,com will provide you every details about its abilities and performance, both...034 min 13 sec ago
+9The Unintended Consequences of Self Driving CarsI'm sure most of you caught the news a few days ago that every Tesla coming off the assembly line now has full self-driving hardware. That was the headline. Almost as interesting was this gem buried in the fine print: you're not allowed to use your Tesla for Uber, Lyft, or any other for-profit ride ...4235 min 24 sec ago
+9Goldman Sachs HireVue Hey everyone! I just finished a first round interview with GS through hirevue, does anyone know how long it takes to hear back? It's hard to tell how I did but will GS still send an email about next steps even if you weren't selected to move on. Thanks!...11139 min 47 sec ago
0Real Estate Technology - Venture CapitalCommercial real estate investing/management and technology have historically operated in two different silos, with almost no overlap. A major reason for this, in my opinion, is the reluctance for change in a top-down industry. 60-year old portfolio managers aren't reading Hacker News looking for an...1739 min 56 sec ago
0Company Interview: HSBC044 min 43 sec ago
+1How are my chances at Darden?Non-target state school - can't rely on school name Bachelor - Accounting - 3.2 GPA Master - Accounting - 3.25 GPA CPA GMAT - 720 Big 4 Advisory (3 years) - Performance Improvement - Performed process improvement and system implementation engagements; heavy regulatory remediation in the early y...1151 min 11 sec ago
+2Negotiating for a 3rd year position - unique situationThrowaway since this probably would make it too easy to tie me to my real account. Anyways, I’m a 2nd year analyst at a top MM in a super lean industry team (...951 min 15 sec ago
+4Jefferies SA Superday 10/13Has anybody heard back yet from Jefferies IBD SA superday from last Thursday/Friday? Anyone know when were supposed to hear back?...1751 min 22 sec ago
+3Arguing for bigger bonus?As the title suggests, I wanted peoples' opinion on whether I should be arguing for a bigger bonus assuming a worst case scenario and get screwed... Obviously the answer depends on the situation so, here's a quick overview... I'm a "analyst" by title at what was previous a niche MM private equity...1755 min 47 sec ago
0how do you stay in touch after cold emails/coffee?Just wanted some ways you guys keep in touch with guys you cold emailed and met for coffee. Do you just email them once in awhile with something relevant of what they do? I'm networking with RE guys and maybe email something relative to big news in market or see what current deals they're working o...41 hour 14 min ago
0Company Compensation: 5AM Ventures01 hour 23 min ago
0Interview with Wells Fargo: Bring up their recent problems?I have an interview with Wells Fargo coming up. Not IB, but a Corporate front office finance role. Do I bring up the recent problems with their CEO and scandals as question in an attempt to show my interviewers that I a actively read up on the industry and educate myself on current events or should ...31 hour 25 min ago
+2Tesla’s Fully Autonomous Vehicles Too Risky?Elon Musk recently announced that all vehicles going forward will be built with hardware that allows for a completely autonomous self-driving car. However, cars won’t initially ship with the needed software, but rather remotely receive updates over a period of time. [quote] Tesla will fine-tune...141 hour 29 min ago
+3Getting Dinged - Fit Issues as an introvertFirst post here. I'm a senior at a borderline semi-target school going through FT IB recruiting. Long story short, OCR at my school is thin, but I managed to get 2 super days with Southern MM banks. I believe I checked all the boxes in terms of technical preparation (personal study and interned at a...201 hour 30 min ago
+2Duff & Phelps Valuation or Big 4 ValuationHey guys, I want some input on deciding between Duff & Phelps and KPMG. I got offers from both KPMG and Duff & Phelps for their valuation. - KPMG offer is more PPO and goodwill impairment testing. - For Duff & Phelps, they actually gave me the choice to choose between their Valuation Advisor...71 hour 33 min ago
0How will autonomous cars change Real Estate?At this point we are near the era of autonomous cars, which will be a tremendous game changer. What do you guys think the impact on real estate will be? ...21 hour 38 min ago
+1How to market a listing without Loopnet?Hello Everyone, I appreciate you reading. I've come across a unique situation, in which a seller does not want to market a fairly large asset using Loopnet, but has not objected to signing an exclusive listing agreement. How would you go about marketing this property without the benefit of a mass-...51 hour 39 min ago
0Best Real Estate Software for Real Estate IndustryYou're a real estate agent busy showing houses to prospective buyers or a property manager attempting to manage different tenant difficulties. SoftwareSuggest listed on many real estate CRM software for real estate buyers, property manager, landlords, agents and others....01 hour 51 min ago
0Is it too late for SA in BB or EB ? Hi guys, We are now reaching November, I was wondering whether is it late to get a SA offer in a BB or an EB (for London)? I applied to some BB and EB, no answer so far (and my applications are still under review on the website...) Thanks...41 hour 56 min ago
0What's the consensus on RE valuations firm like Altus?What is a RE consultant role there like? What are the exit opps for roles like this? Is this a good place to start out? ...41 hour 56 min ago
0Blackrock Financial Modeling Hirevue First Round InterviewHi everyone, I received an email regarding a first round "virtual interview" with BlackRock's financial modeling group (for a summer internship). They offered me two choices of assessments I could take, one coding based and one based on "financial modelling statistics," which they describe as foc...21 hour 59 min ago
0Test cases for Equities , Bonds ,Futures and OptionsHi, I am new to investment Banking domain and don't have that much knowledge about it. I was asked in an Interview to write 5- 5 test cases for Equities,bonds,Futures and Options in order to test these instruments in a Software application. Please help. Regards, Pragya Vyas...02 hours 1 min ago
0Apply now to work for Shell as a Structured Trade Finance Manager in London, UK! What's the role? Our Crude Trading Finance Advice team support the global Crude trading business. It provides exceptional financial structuring solutions to help the world’s largest and most profitable crude trading organisation grow. We're now looking for a Structured Trade Finance (STF) manage...02 hours 7 min ago
+5WSO - The London ChapterMonkeys and other primates, For those of you in London on the 3rd of November, please join us from 7pm at the Trading House (89-91 Gresham St, London EC2V 7NQ) for Happy Hour. There will be a WSO banner to guide you at the venue. Looking forward to seeing everyone there! PS: PM me fo...62 hours 22 min ago
0Company Interview: BNP Paribas02 hours 36 min ago
0Business Development Analyst at AQR or Guggenheim InvestmentsI'm torn between the two roles. BD at AQR or Guggenheim Investments? Both similar salaries and the regions focused on are similar. Hours at one a lot worse. Thoughts?...13 hours 12 min ago
0Mizuho vs Stifel Exit Opps in PESo pretty straightforward guys, which has better exit opps, Mizuho or Stifel? Referring to PE specifically...33 hours 17 min ago
0European vs. American BanksWhat are your thoughts on joining a European vs. an American bank for a SA role. From what I have researched, it seems that Euro banks are roughly 5 years behind on their recovery from the financial crisis. Does this weakness trickle down to effect the SA experience, FT placement, and exit ops?...23 hours 29 min ago
0FCFE vs FCFSHi everybody, Could you please tell me what's the difference between the FCF to Equity and the FCF to Shareholders ? Many thanks...14 hours 6 min ago
0Avni batra is beautiful in all our Chennai ...04 hours 39 min ago
0Real Estate Private Equity CaseHi there, is there anyone who knows what I can expect with a case in the PE RE sector? I watched some youtube tutorials and gained info about the waterfall analysis with a promote structure. My background is from a perspective of single tenant triple net leases. ...05 hours 34 min ago
+1Akuna Capital - OpinionsI've recently received an offer from Akuna Capital, and was wondering if people had any opinions on this prop shop? Is this a reputable shop, have there been horror stories from this shop, etc? Compensation (base salary) is on-par with many of the top firms (such as Optiver, Jane Street, etc), bu...86 hours 36 min ago
0Company Interview: Macquarie Capital07 hours 3 min ago
0Financial Modeling Boot Camp -- Atlanta, Nov. 3-4, 2016Attended by investment banking, private equity, corporate finance professionals, MBA students, and those in career transitions, Wall Street Prep's popular Boot Camps bridge the gap between academics and the real world, to equip professionals and students with practical financial skills they need on...07 hours 8 min ago
0Intern, Equity Capital Markets - New YorkPosition Summary: The Intern will join the Capital Markets Group, which is responsible for defining the firm’s strategy, performing macro and investment-level research, raising capital for the firm’s funds, reporting to investors on performance and managing overall investor relationships. The I...07 hours 10 min ago
0SHL test online assessments Hi everybody, just found a site they helped me with SHL test for BoA. Do you think they will check the IP address and location? thanks...07 hours 16 min ago
0Company Compensation: TAP Advisors07 hours 17 min ago
0Received lateral offer, still in process at other banks?I'm in the process of interviewing for a lateral position at several banks, and have received a "verbal" offer for one I had interviewed with. Issue is, this bank is a very low MM in a regional city that I had initially submitted an app for simply for practice, and ended up getting the offer. The ...07 hours 37 min ago
+1JP Morgan AM GIM 2017 FTHas anyone heard back? The application deadline closed on the 15th, I'd imagine they've started first round interviews......67 hours 39 min ago
+12017 Summer Citi Sophomore Leadership ProgramHey guys, I'm starting a thread for this program since first rounds are supposed to start coming out this week. Has anyone received anything yet?...97 hours 42 min ago
+1Interview and GPAHello! I applied for IBD at JP after taking summer summer classes, I completed summer classes and my GPA was up however couldn't pay the tuition for it so I'm being told that my credits for the summer may not count. I've paid for the fall though. I've also disclosed this and was told to submit updat...108 hours 20 min ago
0Reinvention Capital Advisors08 hours 57 min ago
+2Life outside of work in your 30s.I guess this is a part of my quarter life crisis right now and I've always been the one to plan for the long term. Now I know I am not the only 20 something on the board that feels this way so I guess I'll speak for some others on here. So many members of this forum are going to work very ha...169 hours 6 min ago
+1Real Estate Private Equity Excel Test HelpI have an interview next week with a real estate private equity firm for an analyst position in their acquisitions department. The HR guy said the exam would be a basic excel model (take no longer than an hour) with a list of questions to answer. Could anyone provide me with some sample excel interv...99 hours 16 min ago
0Los Angeles Cost of Living? Looking to possibly make a transition there, what type of LA-specific costs am I looking at? Me: single male, 30's, live pretty simple thanks to @IlliniProgrammer"'s tips and years of living overseas. Here's a look at my consumption: -want a basic studio in Santa Monica or similar neighborhood...19 hours 22 min ago
0Industrial Development ModelsDoes anyone have an industrial development model that they would be willing to share or trade? Looking for any type of industrial product type, ground up or value add models. Even an industrial acquisition model would be helpful. Thanks in advance. ...09 hours 22 min ago
0PE IR vs. Placement agentI recently got one offer from a global top-tier PE firm for a junior role in the Investor Relations team (dealing with PE/HF/RE) and one from a global top-tier placement agent with focus on fundraising (100% sales for PE funds). Unsure which one to pick here, as the global PE firm is indeed a great ...39 hours 40 min ago
+24My path from non-target to BB IB I am posting this because this site has been a tremendous help when I was first getting started. In no way do I view my story as special, I actually believe that people from my background are extremely common in my experience, but people on this board seem to think going to a non-target is a death s...159 hours 47 min ago
0Company Interview: Akuna Capital LLC09 hours 51 min ago
+1goldman summer vs tier 2 full timeposted a similar article before for a friend who had a goldman offer for the 10 week ibd summer internship starting june 2017 and also had a tier 2 (or tier 3 not really sure what banks fall into what tier tbh.. inbox me if you wanna know the name) full time analyst ibd offer to start july 2017, he ...69 hours 53 min ago
0Help: Networking into a Corporate Finance analyst role within top Tech companies from a Non-TargetHi everyone, First off, thank you for taking the time to answer this question! I am currently a senior in an undergrad program at a Big Ten University (think OSU, PSU, UMCP) and I am having difficulty getting interview opportunities with top tech companies (ex: Amazon, Apple, Netflix) and startu...010 hours 3 min ago
0goodtimesSF 6th Annual Finance Networking Happy Hour -- Nov 17, 2016, 5pmEvent: goodtimesSF 6th Annual Finance Networking Happy Hour Where: Barbarossa Lounge, 714 Montgomery Street Date: Thursday, November 17th Time: 5:00 – 8:00 PM RSVP HERE Please use the password goodtimesSF2016....010 hours 5 min ago
+3What is a "man cave"?Is it just me or is that some feminist bullshit invention spawned during the 60's??? If I have a house, it's my castle. Every speck of dust is mine. Building a separate room of "seclusion" from the wife so as not to disturb her is beyond ridiculous. What's everyone else's opinion on man caves? ...610 hours 9 min ago
+2Songs to Motivate Yourself to Achieve GreatnessI've seen a few posts on banker songs, but none that really do the topic justice. This is dedicated in particular to those songs that inspire one to carpe diem, yell at a millennial for not understanding that bankers are the buttresses of the world economy, or generally reinforce the hustle and fast...610 hours 10 min ago
0Company Interview: Goldman Sachs010 hours 31 min ago
+1Economic Consulting in the U.S. vs MBB in Emerging MarketHi guys, I am graduating from a target school in the U.S. Right now, I am considering two offers: Analyst in top Econ. Consulting firm in the U.S. (think AG/Brattle/Cornerstone, my background is not in Econ/Finance) vs MBB analyst / associate consultant in an Emerging Market (Major player in reg...710 hours 34 min ago
+1Bank Interview ProcessesHello all. Does anyone have any input on what to expect for the following: Centerview Round 1s Qatalyst Round 1s PJT RSSG Round 1s Guggenheim Round 1s Morgan Stanley Superdays Also, does anyone know approx. how long Lazard takes to respond post-superday?...1010 hours 40 min ago
0Mid-Market M&AHello everyone, does anyone have experience at RBC "mid-market" M&A or Big4 Corp finance M&A Curious about exit opps and if this closes any doors on working at boutique investment banks in the future. Thank. ...411 hours 4 min ago
0Join the WSO Resume Review Team We are looking to add several Resume Reviewers to the WSO Resume Review team. Requirements: At least 1 year of professional experience in finance Previous experience screening resumes Strong attention to detail Willingness to go above and beyond to make the client happy More i...2511 hours 7 min ago
0Company Interview: Jane Street Capital011 hours 8 min ago
0Equity Research hierarchy and salary range?What is Equity Research hierarchy and salary range? Salary range for Analysts (the senior ones) I've seen ranges for Associates not the Analysts. Is there a potential to make millions like in IB and Consulting?...411 hours 10 min ago
0Investing in GoldGold prices are at all times high now (except for one time back in the 1980s), so I might be quite late in the game for investing. But I'm being somewhat optimistic and thinking about buying gold. Can you guys give advice on how to best buy gold? Which ETFs are the most popular? ...011 hours 11 min ago
0I Have Interview for Internal Wholesaling Position what should I focus on?Curious as to what to focus on for this position for interview prep. I have two years of sales/customer service related experience in residential mortgages. It appears that the firm deals with mutual funds, hedge funds, and private equity. My experiences obviously dont cater to any of these products...011 hours 15 min ago
0Company Interview: Stifel Nicholas011 hours 22 min ago
0Which firms (aside from BBs & Laz) have the best exit opps in Upper MM PE?Hey guys, so which IB firms have the best exit opps into Upper MM PE? Not including the BB banks and Laz. Also, any boutiques other than Laz that place even better than most of the BB in PE?...011 hours 27 min ago
0Books To Learn On High-Yield Bonds & LoansHello all, I work as a ratings advisor in the debt capital markets team of a Bank. However, wanted to learn more about Covenants, Structuring, Pricing and the like - especially in the high yield space. Any recommendations on which books I could pick up for the same? Thanks...411 hours 41 min ago
0Company Interview: Citigroup011 hours 42 min ago
0Company Interview: Teza Technologies011 hours 48 min ago
+1What's a good CRE investment analysis book?I was looking at the PKG COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE ANALYSIS & INVESTMENTS W/CD 3rd Edition by Geltner on Amazon. Is there another free alternative to something like this? Or what would the best way to get started if I wanted to get into CRE investment analysis? I have no background and I'm a CFA Level ...811 hours 51 min ago
0Tips for Female First Year SA IBCurious if anyone has any insight on what being a female in IB is like. Interested in hearing about others experiences....811 hours 51 min ago
+6Common Hotkeys - What do you use?Monkeys, I've been trying to find online if there are any macros or hotkeys for the paste formula option. I find myself using this option all the time in my modeling and really can't find another method quicker than just right clicking and clicking paste fx. If anyone has any advice on this let m...4111 hours 51 min ago
+1BX RE Asset Management Interview Tomorrow - What to Study TonightJust got notified that I have an interview tomorrow with Blackstone's Real Estate Asset Management Division. I know literally nothing about RE, but would kill to have this job. What should I study in the next 6 hours to best prepare for this? Please help...811 hours 54 min ago
0Company Compensation: Lockheed Martin011 hours 56 min ago
+10Non-target student with full-time offers to 2/3 MBB's. Ask me anything! Hey everyone, this site has been fairly helpful to me throughout the last few years, so I figured it was finally time to give back. I'm currently in my senior year of undergraduate, and I have offers from 2/3 MBBs (made it to final rounds at the 3rd, but was rejected after final round). I would love...2811 hours 56 min ago
0Company Compensation: KPMG012 hours 7 min ago
+4Deutsche Bank Superday 10/21/16 IBDDid anyone hear back from the DB superday for corporate finance? Interviewed on Friday 10/21/16 for target school. would HRs call on weekends or no...? This for summer analyst positions, not FT. ...2712 hours 19 min ago
0Private Equity in Developing CountriesI don't see why more firms don't try to set up offices in developing countries. I am not talking about BRIC. More along the lines of Central and South America, the Middle East, the Caribbean, and others. I'd think that there would be less competition for deals here. The offices could be run by mostl...1212 hours 20 min ago
0Company Compensation: Wells Fargo Securities012 hours 24 min ago
+1Intern @William Blair Chicago - Wardrobe?Gurus of the financial world, I am a senior at a high school in the suburbs of Chicago right now and have a chance at interning at William Blair this coming summer (2017). As you may have guessed, I will be commuting back and forth rather than having an apartment for obvious reasons. Does anyo...1312 hours 25 min ago
+1RE focus grad school or find a new job firstA little background: I started working in valuations about 4 months ago. Transitioned from research at the same CRE firm. I am not a fan of the valuation job and I feel like I have already gained the base knowledge I need from it (Argus, cash flow models, leases, market info, etc.). I want to event...912 hours 32 min ago


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