RSM vs CASS (Msc Finance) Hi everyone! I was accepted at both RSM (Msc Finance and Investments) and at Cass (Msc corporate finance). I was quite sure to go for Cass, but after some reading I have seen that many people don't regard Cass as a good BS. I have red that many consider it not worth the money and that there aren'... 510 min 56 sec ago
Undergraduate: Wisconsin, UCSB, Indiana, or Boulder?So I have heard back from all the colleges that I applied to, and I now must choose between Wisconsin, UCSB, Indiana, and Boulder. I know none of them are really target schools, but I'm wondering if it is easier to get an investment banking job from one of them over the others. I'm from California, ... 2111 min 53 sec ago
Sophomore Year Summer JobHi everyone, I currently have three offers, one at a hedge fund, one in investment banking, and one in equity research. I have no idea what I want to do for third year summer, and having never worked in finance before, it seems like huge task to try to figure out which is the best for me. I... 615 min 18 sec ago
Future Items on Resume So I have been reading quite a few threads on WSO regarding whether or not its a good idea to put "expected" jobs/internships on a resume. It seems that the vast majority of people on this forum would generally advise against it, however the problem I have come across seems slightly different. I hav... 121 min 13 sec ago
Big 4 vs. Banks for Finance Graduate?I am a recent Finance graduate in Canada and am torn between pursuing career in Big 4 on the Deals side or international banks (HSBC, citibank etc.) I currently have an offer from commercial banking but would like to hear the pros and cons of pursuing the banking path vs. Big 4. Planning to pursu... 424 min 37 sec ago
The 48 Laws of Power 3027 min 28 sec ago
BB Internal Networking I am currently in credit risk for a BB in a regional office and will be in NYC this summer for formal training. During my time there, I'd like to take full advantage of the networking opportunities with other divisions in the firm, specifically for FO roles as I anticipate to want to transition into... 530 min 34 sec ago
Evercore choking?Hey guys I've been following M&A league tables closely this year and amongst everyone one firm is noticeably absent. Evercore's deal flow has been very small across all there offices not top 20 in any region. Any one have any insight into this? Is this just a ... 335 min 41 sec ago
Serious talk: Last summer before graduating & still no work experience. Advice?No work experience as a finance & econ double major applying for jobs. For some reason the fact that I am a finance/Econ major puts people off in non-finance related fields. I don't get call backs from my resume. When I do it is usually for "Oh your a Finance/Economics major, why do you want to ... 036 min 29 sec ago
Impact on Multiples on Ex-Dividend DateI received this question and just wanted to run it by everyone. What is the impact on a company's P/E, EV/EBITDA and P/BV multiples after the stock goes ex-dividend? P/E and EV/EBITDA are straightforward. P/E goes down and EV/EBITDA stays the same (if I'm correct). What is the answer for P/... 236 min 33 sec ago
Just how expensive is NYC today?I get it: living in the Big Apple is costly. But is it really that costly, or are people just over-exaggerating it? Sure an apartment can cost $2000+ and income taxes can take up 25%+ of your base salary + bonus, but many of you on this forum are making $120k+ straight out of college, some even $... 3438 min 21 sec ago
When to Make the Jump?An analyst for 1.5 years at MBB, but being reach out by some pretty nice corp dev/strategy roles. Would it make sense for me to get promoted first and then jump to corp dev or should I just leave now to get more experience in corporate before ultimately jumping to a top MBA? I'm pretty indifferent t... 539 min 7 sec ago
Pros/Cons of Working in a Very Small AM/HF ?Hey all, I may have the opportunity to work as an analyst for a very small asset manager (half a billion AUM). The opportunity sounds amazing in terms of learning their process of top-down analysis. Furthermore the hours are good, and I am willing to accept what it is to pay. The firm is small (a... 246 min 54 sec ago
University of Cologne / Uni zu Köln for iBanking?I'm an American looking at bachelor's European degrees to try to go to a highly reputable masters degree in London. I'm looking at RSM, Cass, and a few others. I heard Rotterdam was not the best city and I have read that Köln/ koeln/Cologne is a nice city. There is universität zu köln, but really... 050 min 54 sec ago
Decisions, Decisions: Consumer Products - Treasury Analyst or IBD M&A Analyst?So, here's the deal: I've recently completed the second and final round of the interview process for a Treasury Analyst position at one of the world's largest private spirits companies, based outside of the U.S.. Although I don't yet have an offer in hand, recent emails with the new Global Treasurer... 052 min 9 sec ago
Which B-school my daughter should go to - Ross or Stern? My daughter has been accepted both by Stern and Ross preferred. My friends think Stern is in NY, and chance to be in IB and get rich are higher. Could someone share with us the pros and cons in IB, the nature of the jobs there? We've found job replacement data for undergraduates from Ross. When we c... 1953 min 1 sec ago
EXIT OPS FOR PE BACK OFFICE (ACCOUNTING/COMPLIANCE)I am a 2013 grad (think BU, Northeastern, GWU type school) with a bachelors in accounting. Upon graduation I took a accounting tailored role at a small PE shop (250 MM AUM) doing a wide range of duties including fund accounting (everything was done in-house), mgmt accounting, and IR (since there was... 356 min 2 sec ago
LSE/Wharton business school vs Medical schoolHi all at WSO. So I find myself in quite a predicament (a good one nonetheless). I am a 3rd year medical student in the UK and I'm really considering switching courses as I have found that medicine isn't really for me. I have an offer from THE LSE to study bsc management with perhaps an opportun... 1658 min 17 sec ago
How To Avoid China Internships & Other Expensive "Legal Scams"Don't laugh. I know its hard, but the Chinese actually call these job frauds "Legal Scams" because legally they do not violate any Chinese laws. So even though hundreds of people get cheated every day with blind online job ads abroad (they send payments to China so the business is not "transacted"... 258 min 23 sec ago
Pepperdine MFinHow hard is it to get accepted into the Masters in Finance program at Pepperdine? What gpa/GMAT/experience do you need?... 31 hour 46 sec ago
Salary Progression - Asset Management or Hedge Fund?Hello All, I just wanted some advice on salary + bonus. I am currently a 1st year at a $10B AUM mutual fund in an insurance company and I came straight here from undergrad last year. What is the average comp (base + bonus) in the market like for the following positions I will get in the fut... 41 hour 2 min ago
The Koyal Group Private Training Services: Bli en PrivatdetektivIntroduktion Du kan börjat på en ny karriär, eller du kan överväga ett byte av anställning, eller faktiskt vara ute efter för att starta ett företag i undersökningen. Förhoppningsvis kommer kommer svaren på de frågor du måste fråga att finnas i denna artikel. Startar i Undersöknin... 01 hour 3 min ago
Institutional vs. Private Wealth ManagementDoes anyone have any thoughts on which might be more popular (read: "more lucrative")? I used to work as an equity analyst for a $24B mutual fund company. Like many other funds, we were a small fund compared to the $24B and our fund was subsequently closed. I was somewhat forced into the private ... 21 hour 6 min ago
What motivates you?What fuels your desire to become the best? Do you care what motivates you i,e do you care if you are doing something for the right reasons? Just interested in getting different perspectives. ... 121 hour 7 min ago
Which should I take - the job at the ETF shop or Mutual Fund shopI recently have been given an offer to start as a wholesaler on the internal sales desk for both a prominent mutual fund shop and leading ETF shop. Room for growth is exponential and money is about the same starting out for each, maybe slightly less at ETF desk. I eventually want to be an external ... 11 hour 30 min ago
Silver Bananas for anyone who reviews my resume!Sophomore with IB experience looking for further IB internships. Any and all criticism is welcomed and will be rewarded! Thank you very much in advance! Since WSO is not working properly at the moment, I have uploaded the resume elsewhere: 41 hour 40 min ago
About Shannon & Associates independent accounting and consulting firmsTrusted partnerships for peak performance. As a locally owned Seattle CPA firm, Shannon & Associates is small enough to take a personal, one-on-one approach to managing your financial needs. Our big-picture business capabilities are designed to offer a comprehensive strategy to handle every aspec... 02 hours 32 sec ago
About Atchley & Associates LLPAtchley & Associates, LLP voted best place to work in Central Texas 2009! FIRM PROFILE: Atchley & Associates, LLP is a full-service, CPA firm, located in Austin, TX, offering attestation, tax, business consulting, accounting services, political campaign reporting and litigation support service... 02 hours 1 min ago
AMA: Reflections on 1st Semester at Columbia Business SchoolI recently completed my first semester at Columbia Business School and wanted to share my experience thus far. I would also be happy to field any questions. The primary reason for writing this long-winded anecdote is to provide clarity into the actual experience at Columbia for prospective applicant... 1032 hours 7 min ago
Is an MSF PossibleHello fellow WOS'ers, I have been a long time lurker and this will be my first post, so bare with me. I am wondering what my chances are at an msf program, almost any program. Although I would like to get into a top-mid-low tier program, unranked schools are still an option. I’m really looking... 92 hours 11 min ago
Booth vs Kellogg for Early Stage VCI'm in the fortunate position of being accepted at Booth and Kellogg and am trying to decide between the two. Background - 1+ years in credit research at a BB, 5 years as the founder of an ecommerce company Goal - Early stage VC focused on ecommerce/SAAS. Mostly interested in NYC and SF. App... 132 hours 21 min ago
Corporate Banking Finance?Hi everyone! I recently got an offer from WF in their corporate banking finance division. Can someone please explain what kind of work I'll be doing? I've searched and have seen corporate banking and corporate finance. Any extra insight like some of your experiences, salary+bonus, exit opps. ... 12 hours 22 min ago
US MBB -> International PEI'm a 3rd year US MBB interested in the recruiting for PE internationally, specifically with opportunities in London. My understanding is that most EUR PE firms hire from within EUR, but wondering if anyone has experienced or heard of an example of someone moving into those roles. How did they bre... 22 hours 24 min ago
Non-target to BB IBD SA Offer as a SophomoreI have been an avid reader of WSO for the past couple of years and the stories that I have enjoyed reading the most are about non-target kids breaking into Wall Street. I always looked at them with admiration and dissected every article to gain the most valuable information possible to use in my pat... 192 hours 27 min ago
Non-target school in the south, no junior year summer internship: what to do?I go to a non-target school in the south, finance, junior, sitting at 3.36. I have bad test anxiety, and I get nervous and f-up exams, reason to why my GPA is low. I'm seeking help and working on it. I have one finance related internship over the school year for about 6 months that proves some ... 12 hours 32 min ago
Does GS EHRT Data Collection mean possible offer?I've completed all interviews and HCM told me feedback was positive, now they want me to fill out an EHRT Data Collection form (prior compensation, etc.) for later background check purpose. Does this mean an offer is coming? ... 32 hours 35 min ago
Company Interview: Dodge & Cox 02 hours 56 min ago
Company Interview: William Blair 03 hours 4 min ago
Moving to Boston, would appreciate some adviceHi fellow WSO'ers. I'm moving to Boston to start a job in Financial District. I'm new to the area and would like to get advice from y'all who lived/live in Boston. I'm willing to share a place with 1 or 2 roommates. I was able to find a few threads on this site but they were at least 3 years old. S... 123 hours 9 min ago
Company Compensation: JPMorgan Chase 03 hours 14 min ago
Preferred Communication Method At WorkI worked with people who prefer to communicate (work related stuff) via chats. I never really got that as they literally sat right next to me. The preferred method of communication apparently depends, but personally: 1. When it's something important, containing multiple points, or needs to be art... 13 hours 18 min ago
MBB to PE time frame?I've read that PE recruiting for BB analysts occurs very early in their tenures. Do candidates from MBB applying for more operational roles interview at the same time (~18 months prior to starting at a fund)? If so, I would imagine this doesn't leave many engagements for one to establish a stro... 23 hours 33 min ago
Stop reading the news thoughtlessly and develop a macro framework.When I joined the industry, fresh analysts like myself would flit through the morning newspaper like a drowning man who clutches one spar after another for support. Our attempts to stay abreast were as haphazard as that man’s attempts to stay afloat. On page 1, we would read an article concerning ... 313 hours 36 min ago
World Class Capital Group?Anyone have any experience working at or working with World Class Capital Group either in Austin or NYC? I've been Googling a bit and read mixed reviews and not sure what they are all about.... 93 hours 46 min ago
Company Compensation: Quicken Loans 04 hours 15 min ago
Company Compensation: ING 04 hours 56 min ago
Major/minor combo for IB/VCI swear the answer to this question seems to change every day. Do I major in finance with a minor in stats or poli science or do I major in economics with a minor in poli sci/ stats. The guy from the business department of the school told me to major in finance and minor in poli sci or stats, bu... 54 hours 59 min ago
Lied on Resume about GPA for Summer Internship - What to do?Hello, As you can see, I've been a bit dishonest about my on my resume. I'd heard that most firms don't check it or, if they do, request an unofficial copy. However, this firm is asking that I waive my rights and let a third-party background checker do the job. This means that they can access... 155 hours 6 min ago
TZP 05 hours 9 min ago
Geography vs. Brand (MBA)Canadian here. Having a hell of a time picking between UMich (Ross) and Duke (Fuqua). Currently in Asset Management and looking to move into management consulting, if that fails, corp strat or corp dev. Post MBA I want to work in Chicago, if not, mid-atlantic, west coast, or London (I have citiz... 75 hours 11 min ago
GSE vs CMBS vs Life CompaniesAnyone care to share some knowledge on the three different types of financing sources? Pros and Cons? Lending tendency? Who they typically lend to? Leverage? Etc.. Thanks! ... 05 hours 18 min ago
Former Deloitte and Booz Allen, happy to answer questionsHey everyone, I'm pretty new to the site; found it while researching some questions related to B-School admissions and really enjoyed some of the content. Anyhow, I saw plenty of users looking for more info on management consulting and thought I'd make myself available. I spent two years in Deloi... 285 hours 28 min ago
Advice for transition from military to finance.Hi everyone, I'm currently in the process of getting out of the military and hoping to land a job in finance. I would love to get into investment banking, but I know I'm not the conventional candidate for the job. Here's a quick bio: Currently a Captain in the AF, graduated from the Air Force Aca... 05 hours 29 min ago
JPMorgan Private Bank - Compensation Ladder & Lifestyle?Hello fellow primates. This is my first post on WSO. I've done lots of searches on this site and elsewhere on the web concerning this topic already and I've found very little information concerning salary and bonus levels for Private Banking, specifically at JPM as you move up the ladder. I've been ... 1115 hours 30 min ago
My Journey From Corporate Finance to IBD via a Full-Time MBA Program - Part 1After reading the forums and taking the advice of contributors for several years I have decided that it is now time for me to give back to the WSO community. I am matriculating at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business this fall as a full-time MBA student with the intentions of switching ... 165 hours 30 min ago
Hedge Fund Prep Pack?!Fellow Primates, So now that we have an IB Prep Package to prepare for interviews that is kick-ass and we are in the midst of producing the best ever interview prep package for Private Equity, I wanted to start a search for a Hedge Fund Prep Package author. The current guide we have is more of ... 35 hours 32 min ago
Exposure to IB industry as a high school student?Hey monkeys, I'm currently a high school junior with interest in the IB field. I'd like to get some (any) exposure to the industry this summer to see what it's like on the job. Any advice on outreach to local boutiques to shadow or do something of that nature? Thanks for the advice. ... 06 hours 58 sec ago
Looking for Third RoommateMy friend and I are analysts looking to add a third person for a 3BR luxury apartment right next to path station in Newport, Jersey City. Commute into Manhattan is around 15 mins on the PATH and building has 24/7 doorman with fitness center and other amenities in the complex. The rent will be ap... 26 hours 7 min ago
Hedge Funds in Dallas and/or HoustonI just found this website, and it seems great. I have a question for anyone that might be able to help me. I am very interested in getting into a hedge fund in either Dallas or Houston. Do any of you know of good funds in either/both cities? Also, does anyone on here work at funds in these citie... 216 hours 8 min ago
2015 Analyst Salary Bump MegathreadLet's try to keep a running list going as people go through full-time recruiting and even starting for internships next year. The following list is just from people I know personally. Feel free to expand in the comments. Confirmed pay jump: Goldman Credit Suisse Wells Fargo Morgan Stanley La... 2676 hours 8 min ago
Case Prep PartnersHola WSO. I am currently in the midst of searching for off-cycle consulting positions. I come from a non-target school, but I am doing a fellowship with a non-profit that is affiliated with several consulting firms. Would anyone be interested in partnering up to practice? My potential cours... 66 hours 14 min ago
Wharton/SAIS Joint MA/MBA ProgramI am currently admitted to SAIS for a MA in international relations/economics (2 year program) starting next fall. I am considering applying to Wharton/Tuck/INSEAD for the dual degree MA/MBA program. The joint program would add another year to the degree and be an additional ~$70K plus opportunity c... 76 hours 19 min ago
Boutique PE vs. Private Capital advisory at an Elite BoutiqueThis is for Junior year SA. Choosing between a lower MM PE fund and a private capital advisory at an elite boutique. I'm trying to best position myself for FT recruiting. Lower MM PE Pros: Solid financial modeling experience More relevant experience Cons: Low FT conversion rate Pay below ... 146 hours 24 min ago
Advice for transitioning out of military to financeHi everyone, I'm currently in the process of getting out of the military and hoping to land a job in finance. I would love to get into investment banking, but I know I'm not the conventional candidate for the job. Here's a quick bio: Currently a Captain in the AF, graduated from the Air Force Aca... 06 hours 26 min ago
Umich Econ VS. Fordham U Gabllie FinanceHello guys, I need some help. I am an international student. Used to study in Marquette U finance, right now, in UIUC econ progam, and the econ program in UIUC sucks. I applied transferring to Umich econ, fordham, William and Mary, Brandeis, UTA McCombs, USC. Except umich is econ pr... 56 hours 31 min ago
Using Corporate Finance Internship to Move to Corp Strat or Corp DevSo I would like to work in corporate development or strategy for this company that is only recruiting for FP&A interns on-campus. Banking is currently the goal, but I would skip the experience if I could secure a corporate development or corporate strategy role at this particular enterprise. The fir... 126 hours 32 min ago
Still possible to get a PE gig for 2016?I did a phone interview with one firm but still haven't heard back (don't love the geography though) and then did a superday at a well-known MM fund but didn't receive an offer. Best to wait until next year to see if any better known funds have a spot open up or are there any relatively well known f... 36 hours 48 min ago
Recent M&A deals?Preparing for interviews, what do you guys think is the best source for finding information on recent deals done by the bank?... 136 hours 49 min ago
Has anyone actually gotten a job through WSO job board?See title, think WSO job board is full of shit. discuss.... 06 hours 52 min ago
Interested in ER_beginner in Toronto, please guideHi, I am a postgraduate with majors in International Banking and Finance from London, U.K. and had been working in Fund accountancy in India. I have no experience in ER, however am really passionate about capital markets and have worked on various projects involving the same. I am used to working... 17 hours 5 min ago