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0Breaking Into Investment Banking In CanadaHey guys, I am going into my second year at the University Of Toronto (not Rotman), and I am currently enrolled in the BBA Program (Management Specialist). I wanted to know more about how to break into investment banking in Canada as I couldn't find a lot of content on the topic. What is the GPA ...145 sec ago
0T-Shirts beneath Shirts: your Opinion?Hi guys, quick question: do you guys wear T-Shirt (White obviously) beneath your shirts? Is it frowned upon if I don't? Best regards and thanks for your feedback. ...224 min 24 sec ago
+8Ask Natalie from Accepted about Business School AdmissionsWSO is excited to have the experts from on board to answer applicant questions in the business school forum. Here is a message from Natalie who will be checking this thread every few days to make sure she is staying on top of questions: I'm here to answer any questions you have rega...62010 min 6 sec ago
+1Verizon To Acquire Yahoo For $4.83 BillionVerizon announced yesterday that it will acquire Yahoo for approximately $4.83 billion in cash [quote] Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE, Nasdaq: VZ) and Yahoo! Inc. (Nasdaq: YHOO) today announce they have entered into a definitive agreement under which Verizon will acquire Yahoo's operating busi...816 min 15 sec ago
0Cold Emailing from Exposed Deals?All, I am currently working on the corporate development side as an M&A Intern and have been exposed to a variety of deals with many boutique investment banks in the area. For context, none of these are active projects anymore nor were some of them ever active. I just happened to run across a ...223 min 25 sec ago
+23Uncle Eddie Rides AgainIt was a happy coincidence when Patrick emailed me a couple weeks ago to check in and see what I've been up to, because I've been thinking about you guys a lot lately. It's been a couple years since I was with y'all every day, and at the risk of sounding like a big softy, I've missed this place. ...2526 min 35 sec ago
0Raise: We don't say yes, we don't say noHello everyone, I could use some advice on my current situation. My situation in bullets: - Joined equity research two years ago in Germany as a newcomer/analyst level - Low salary in comparison to peers (wont tell to stop you from laughing) - Took over a full coverage of 9 stocks as lead an...1238 min 57 sec ago
0Will my SAT Score come back to haunt me?I just recently got my SAT scores back, and I have a superscored SAT of 1440 (720 Math, 720 Verbal). But I have been reading that some companies will want to see your SAT scores years down the road. Will a 1440 make me not competitive as an applicant if an interviewer asks me to produce my scores? F...653 min 26 sec ago
0Big 4 ---> Tier 2/MBBGraduated in 2015, been with Deloitte's Tech Practice ever since as a BTA. 1 year off from a promotion, and I have two (really 3) options 1. Go get my MBA 2. Stay with Deloitte 3. Make a lateral (is this possible) 1: I'm opposed to going back for my MBA at this point in my career, as I belie...158 min 48 sec ago
0FO to Top HF Research (MO?)?Bit of an odd situation + not too much on here about this, hence my post-here goes: Background: 5 years out of undergrad, studied poly sci at an ivy 3.5 GPA. Worked at a start-up for 3 years (think big data (clinical trials/regulatory info) for big biotech and pharma), currently do healthcare se...11 hour 4 min ago
0Is it my time to strike out?Hi WSO, I wanna get a gauge on whether is it my time to strike out with my own HF. I'm currently in an established fund with shared track record. Envious of being the fund manager and CEO at 40 at my own place adds impetus to me starting on my own. My stats are: - Top undergrad target school....01 hour 11 min ago
0BeginnerHi guys! I really would like to use the free time i have in the summer to learn a little about IB, private equity, and even about Wall Street in general. I have very minimal knowledge about all this stuff and would like to know what books, websites, and other programs I should start with. I know ...01 hour 15 min ago
0Question about quantifying growth by volumePrepping for a case interview: 100 million cans at 20 cents with a 6 percent growth in volume ...01 hour 19 min ago
0Favorite Restaurants?One of my goals whenever I visit a city is to eat at one high-end restaurant. Always curious to learn about other great places to go, and I figure that given the industries WSO users work in, fine dining will be a shared interest. Off the top of my head, some of my favorites have been Gary Danko ...41 hour 19 min ago
+2615 Career StepsLongtime reader here, left the biz in 2012. I thought I'd give back and post some good advice that was shared with me by an older mentor when I was younger. Learn it. Use it. Live it. Hope you find it helpful. 15 CAREER STEPS 1.) Perception is everything...act as if. 2.) Never give them a...131 hour 26 min ago
0Mizuho FT RecruitingSo I'm finishing my SA internship at a BB and I am thinking of lateraling over to Mizuho, but a friend who is a 2nd year analyst told em that the bank overhired for their incoming 1st year class and the current intern class. Anyone else have any info on this?...01 hour 32 min ago
0PE Front Office vs. Operations TeamInterviewing with 2 regional PE firms. First position is front office/primary deal execution. Second position is operations/post investment management. Albeit I still expect to get decent exposure to primary deal execution, probably for about 20% of the time per my interviewer. Could peopl...71 hour 45 min ago
0REIT associate interview and salary negotiationHello everyone, I am a grad working in a middle office type role in Corporate Banking and graduated from a non ivy target school (although some elitists on here might consider it a semi target) one year ago and have an interview with an REIT for an associate position working in Development. I have h...91 hour 46 min ago
+12016 ULI Fall Meeting | Dallas, Texas | October 24-27What's happening, WSO Real Estate? I wanted to remind everyone here about the 2016 ULI Fall Meeting in Dallas, Texas from October 24-27. Signups are available now at Last year in San Francisco I tried to get together a WSO meetup, but it didn't really go anywhere. If you're g...61 hour 50 min ago
0Company Compensation: General Electric01 hour 55 min ago
+4Attending Tuck @ Dartmouth in the fall, after being waitlisted. Ask me anything (AMA)Age: just turned 25 GMAT: 690, 700, 760 Ethnicity: Caucasian Gender: M Geo Loc: US (South)...721 hour 56 min ago
0More info on FP&A, and required education?Hey everyone, first of all excuse my ignorance on the topic, I am still doing research and trying to find the best fit for me. I'm currently going into my junior year and need to make some decisions. Before I do that I was hoping to get some information on the best route to go to help get into thi...02 hours 3 min ago
0Company Compensation: Citigroup02 hours 11 min ago
+2CFA June 2016 ResultsCFA exam results are coming in any minute. My heart is pounding just waiting for the results to come in. Good luck to everyone!...342 hours 18 min ago
0CAIA and Sales? Coming from a financial wholesaler position, curious of your thoughts on the CAIA and breaking into the alternative space and or distribution of alternatives?...02 hours 24 min ago
0Playing the Long Game at a BoutiqueI'm sure this topic has come up before, so please excuse me if this has already been discussed at length elsewhere. Are mid-level bankers (Associates / VPs) who begin their careers at a boutique (EVR, LAZ, Moelis, etc.) at a disadvantage when it comes time to begin calling on clients? It seems...32 hours 29 min ago
+1Innovative Amenities for MultifamilyWSO, I'm interested in seeing what kind of cool amenities you've come across, when developing, selling, buying, or living in apartment communities. We've all heard of Nest thermostats and whatnot, but this Hines deal in Boston provides lighting in tune with your body clock, a vitamin-infused showerh...502 hours 31 min ago
0Construction Model - Sources an Uses questionHey everyone - question about a construction model I'm having problems with: Okay, so in this model we're building a small complex of apartment buildings. Each building is being developed, shortly leased up, and sold. In total, there are five buildings, and the construction period, lease up pe...52 hours 39 min ago
0Am I doing FP&A or glorified accounting?what i do on a fairly regular basis on a high level is manage budget and spend some specifics: approving purchase requisitions and tracking purchase orders monthly accruals and reconciliation against actuals in our accounting files re-forecasting budgeting for the upcoming year mon...82 hours 42 min ago
0What consulting firms should I target?Hey guys, I'm about to enter my senior year this coming fall and just want to get an idea as to what consulting firms I should target. Here's a little bit about my background: School: Top 25 Target Major: Financial Math, Minor: Business GPA: 3.7 Work Experience: Corp Finance in F100 Logistics, ...82 hours 44 min ago
0Anyone know IBs still looking for FT?Still looking for a full-time position. Anyone know any firms that are still looking for first year analysts?...122 hours 50 min ago
0Canadian student at target school looking for advice on how to proceed.Hey everyone, I'm a rising sophomore at a Canadian target university, and I'm looking for advice on how to improve my odds of breaking into investment banking. I'm currently doing a stint at a boutique PWM shop, and I think that for a summer freshman internship this is a pretty good start. Bes...43 hours 13 min ago
0Company Interview: Citigroup03 hours 18 min ago
0Top 10 US MBA entryFrom Australia, I want to ask my chances of getting into a Top 10 MBA program in the US. GMAT 780 GPA 6.4 [3.4 in the US] WAM ...153 hours 27 min ago
0Direct hire to VP from industry ...03 hours 37 min ago
+21Follow up on last week's Tinder dateFirst off, a question for you monkeys. Regarding the Woodford and creatine combo I use to signal the end of cocaine hours and the beginning of premarket: I started preparing it in the bottles to save time but I'm having a clumping problem. Anyone else deal with same? I AM a fucking champ and a Wall ...173 hours 38 min ago
0Watches in IBHello everybody...I would just like to get your opinions on what watches are popular with IB associates and analysts in BB banks? Which ones do you recommend? I hear that rolex sub and DW watches are quite popular among ibankers is that actually true? thanks...23 hours 49 min ago
0Company Compensation: BNY Mellon03 hours 50 min ago
0PWM Internship after Freshman YearIf this post seems redundant, I do apologize. I'm just trying my best to gain as much information as possible to increase my chances of getting into IBD. I am entering college this fall at an (Ivy) target school and I've been using Google/WallStreetOasis to research any possible internship oppor...43 hours 57 min ago
0Any firms with Junior Analyst programs other than JP Morgan's? Im sure there has to be more out there rather than JP Morgan's Junior Analyst program. How about any boutiques that you can start as a temp then full-time? Anyone can shed light to do will be greatly appreciated. ...04 hours 5 min ago
+3Do you ever stop and think if the hours are worth it?I love finance, I really enjoy working in it. The numbers, the models (excel), all of it. However the hours are somewhat getting to me. Although I probably don't have the very worst hours out there, having my weekdays being constrained to long days in the office and limited sleep is just not gr...534 hours 24 min ago
0What school to go to in Southern CalifornaiHello all, I had a question for those you in the southern California area. I have an option to attend Pepperdine’s Fully employed program, due to various scholarships, at a very minimal costs (only about $35 K). My goal to get my MBA would be to seg way a little out of my current career (CP...54 hours 31 min ago
0How safe of a bet is a top MFE/MFin (MIT/Princeton/CMU/Columbia/etc) for a position as a quant?Do these programs regularly place into top quant funds (Two Sigma, Shaw, etc.)? Also, would doing an MFE/Mfin straight out of undergrad allow you to go straight into a HF?...04 hours 49 min ago
0Masters needed for ag graduate?Currently just finishing an ag degree here, should end up with first class honours. My aim would be to get in to get into one of the big grain traders under a graduate program. I'd have a good understanding of grain market fundamentals but would a masters be beneficial to do as my cv is fairly bare ...14 hours 49 min ago
0How are Asians not considered minorities for Diversity programs?It makes no sense... All these banks' diversity programs say, " open to students who identify as Black, Hispanic or Native American students in their sophomore or junior year." Is there a reason for this? Last time I checked, Asians are minorities....274 hours 51 min ago
+1Moelis first round interview - FT AnalystHi, I have a first round interview (90 min) with Moelis London coming up next week. Any tips/advice? Any of you fellow monkeys been through this? What can I expect? Does anyone know what the case study entails? Thanks guys....54 hours 51 min ago
0What program fits older candidates (32 yr) ? Profile: 32 Male, 6 years of Corp Fin. Does anyone know what would be a good program that would be a fit ? I was looking at INSEAD MBA, Kellog 1 year MBA or LBS MFin but both seem like a long shot. Need some strategic advice folks. ...164 hours 59 min ago
0Company Compensation: MetLife, Inc.05 hours 23 min ago
+2Layoffs at DeloitteHearing stories of layoffs at Deloitte Consulting. Boston, Chicago, and LA confirmed. All in S&O. Firm does not appear to be doing well. Anybody here affected/know more?...635 hours 31 min ago
0EV and sources and uses (question)Hey guys, Got asked this question recently. Why does EV vary from the sum obtained on the sources and uses table?...35 hours 32 min ago
0McKinsey or other MBB Case/Interview PracticeHey guys, I'm a senior from an ultra non-target who was fortunate enough to be passed on to the 2nd round of FT McKinsey BA interviews. Obviously, it takes a lot of practice to really excel at these interviews. If any of you are also looking for someone to practice with, shoot me a message, and we...15 hours 45 min ago
0H/S/W to Credit MFHi, is H/S/W to MF Credit (BX Tac Opps/GSO/KKR Credit/Apollo Credit etc.) an achievable goal in the US? I know they hire mostly laterals from LevFin/HY/Restructuring in London but then London has less of an MBA focus in general. Eg. when HBS jobs report mentions BX, is that only for LBO? or could...65 hours 47 min ago
0Top Masters programs - 1/2 years of experienceWhat are some of the top masters programs for someone with 1-2 years of work experience? Obviously, MBA is out of the question at this time and I want a quick 1 years masters program (preferably) or 2 year program that will help me break into a top industry (top BB IBD, etc). I have heard MSF (pri...86 hours 28 sec ago
+1Ask Meredith from Vantage Point MBAMeredith from Vantage Point MBA Admissions Consulting answers your questions about how to navigate the MBA application process, particularly coming from finance. Remember when the world loved a nice cocktail of leverage, LBOs and CDOs of all types? Well, that's how Meredith got started before she we...616 hours 6 min ago
0Internal Wholesaler SalaryI am thinking about taking an internal wholesaler role with a large Asset Management firm on the east coast. Their pay scale is all over (some people I have heard are all in at $140k and some are all in at $85k). I am currently in the CFA process (level III candidate), have previous internal experie...16 hours 12 min ago
0Contacting HeadhuntersCan college kids contact headhunters for IB internships? A friend of mine used one to find insurance internship/job. Will the banking head hunters even waste their time with a college kid? ...26 hours 15 min ago
0Cheap Tailor in NYCDoes anyone know of a cheap tailor that makes bespoke suits in NYC? I moved here a few months ago and I want to buy a few new suits without breaking the bank in the process. I bought 2 bespoke, three piece suits with a shirt each when I was in Suzhou about a year ago for $300 I think and surprisin...06 hours 32 min ago
0Company Interview: BlackRock06 hours 32 min ago
0Obscure Hedge Fund ManagerThe numbers that have been seen coming out of a hedge fund all the way down in the Atlanta area are quite surprising given the recent performance of the hedge fund industry. [quote]Annual returns of 13%, 24% and 91% since 2013[/quote] The fund is called Arjun LP and the man behind it is Josep...26 hours 34 min ago
0Best Cheap Eats in New YorkThe title pretty much states my question. I'll be in New York this upcoming Winter and want to know what the best spots are for a decently priced meal. Any recommendations? ...236 hours 38 min ago
0Best Recruiters for VC or Tech-focused PE?Anyone have a good go-to list for recruiters who focus on and/or have good relationships with VC firms and/or tech-focused PE firms?...16 hours 43 min ago
0Meeting with Senior Level Alum at BBWas wondering if you guys had any advice for how to make this most of this meeting. I've had a chat with this alum over the phone before and it went pretty well. So much so that when I followed up last week - months later - he invited me to come into his office for a chat (Notorious on campus for no...06 hours 46 min ago
+8Your Most Absurd IB Interview Questions.. and AnswersAll, I am doing this because I haven't found a thread like this on WSO. I am curious as to everyone's most absurd ib interview questions that they have been asked, and their answer. Funny, intense, irrelevant, etc... I am not looking for the usual: "How many ping pong balls can fit in a 747?", e...426 hours 56 min ago
0Technical Analysis =< Emotional Analysis?I'll start with acknowledging my ignorance and profess I'm quite new to trading and (sophisticated) investment in general. I am considering learning python and quant trading. Crypto is intriguing to me in this context. My question has a few parts. First, my understanding (based on what I have ...57 hours 5 min ago
0Percentage Bands for tradesSo as I'm studying for my exam I have a question to ask. When entering a trade it must fall within the designated percentage bands from the NBBO but also comply with the percentage band of clearly erroneous and also LULD bands? Im quite confused because they are not relatively close in terms of perc...07 hours 16 min ago
0Inefficient Markets, Seth Klarnan, Liar's Poker and ShortingOne of my favourite quotes from Liar's Poker was "you have to be smart to get rich trading bonds, but you have to be fucking smart to get rich trading equities" (may not be the exact wording but that's the basic idea). And it seems to me that this could still hold through today - equities are surely...57 hours 23 min ago
0Possible VC internship on Sand Hill vs IBD Hey everyone, I am currently a rising junior and am in the position for a possible internship with a VC firm on Sand Hill. Now while I would love to work there eventually, I know they only hire MBA grads with experience (often in IBD). I'm wondering if it would benefit me more to take a VC summer i...47 hours 30 min ago
+4LinkedIn losing credibility?I can't help but to notice that more and more people on LinkedIn are posting content that does not belong on there such as posting pictures of their kids or getting engaged (yes I've seen this). To me, this devalues LinkedIn and groups it in with the rest of the social media/networking websites (not...367 hours 33 min ago
0Is Student Loan Debt the Real Crisis in Waiting?Student loans are one of the few ties that bind Wall Street and Main Street. Regardless of our jobs and earnings levels we all feel the nuisance of that monthly check. Some are affected more than others, but nobody likes them and am sure would all prefer to see them shrink. This, however, simply...607 hours 36 min ago
+1A Day on the Boston Commuter Bus (Short Story)“Now that there is extra room, either you or me has to move seats.” A shiver of abrupt anguish raced through my spine like a petulant child caught in the act of a misdemeanor. The raspy voice of the middle aged women instilled in me a state of perturbation. Curly and frayed, her mahogany, gin...67 hours 41 min ago
+32017 FT IB Analyst Recruiting MegathreadWhen does FT IB Analyst recruiting typically start? I am a recent graduate (May 2017), and am wondering when banks will start taking resumes/interviewing online, or via other methods. Thanks guys!...957 hours 47 min ago
+3What is the Shorting "Research" ProcessI currently work on the sell side doing Equity Research. One thing I have noticed is that management teams don't want to meet with funds that short. Management is generally considered to be a good resource for investors/buy-side and can sure up someones' investment thesis (or destroy it). So, I was ...117 hours 54 min ago
0Why insurance companies need a credit rating?Hi all, I am wondering what is the purpose for the insurance companies to pay for the services of credit rating agencies? For the corporations and banks the purpose is quite clear: they need ratings in order to attract investment. But in the case with insurance companies they do not need to attra...37 hours 56 min ago
0FIG IB Interview Guide?Does anybody have suggestions? I know BIWS FIG course is great, but looking more for an interview guide (banks and insurance primarily). Thanks monkeys!...38 hours 1 min ago
+5What Would You Say to 20 y/o YouHi everyone, I am currently 20 years old and studying Econ in NYC. Ideally, like everyone, I want to land a job after graduation. For those of you in the financial industry, what are some words of advice for someone who wants to make the most out of college in the city? What might you have done d...608 hours 6 min ago
0Where do you meet extremely hot women?So where do you guys normally go to meet gorgeous women? I mean Tinder/Bumble etc only go so far and it seems that the lineup is eh. Curious where you guys prowl. ...868 hours 20 min ago
+3Fintech is going to kill Private Wealth Management jobs?So it has been clear to me that algorithms will eventually be capable of doing everything that a traditional wealth manager is. Given this trend, I, rising junior, am a bit worried about being able to even have a job in the industry, and am even considering starting a robo-advisory as a method of m...458 hours 33 min ago
0Breaking into Wall Street vs. Wall Street PrepHey all, Wanted to ask everyone what their experience with BIWS/WSP was. BIWS: $499 WSP: $424 (With a discount code oasis15) Ignoring the price, which website/training course has better quality? I've read that BIWS is sometimes too basic and WSP is better in terms of content. Also, I'm mo...48 hours 39 min ago
0I'm 21, I need capital NYC areaFirst off, I want to thank all of you for providing me with a plethora amount of responses and discussions to read and learn from. A little about myself, I am 21 years old, MBA Candidate at a NY school. I am very familiar with my schools area and the current off campus housing situation. I am a v...58 hours 58 min ago
0del plsdelete pls....38 hours 59 min ago
0How to list internship lengthsI was wondering whats the best way to present internship length in CV. As in should I list exact dates, number of weeks or just like summer of 2016?...19 hours 5 min ago
0Credit Suisse IBCM Top Talent Women's Program 2016Has anyone heard back after interviews on July 14th for IB? Thanks!...69 hours 6 min ago
0AM vs. IB?I'm a rising junior at a top 25 university, but non-target. I'm currently interning with the AM group of a bulge bracket investment bank and recently received a return offer. I've absolutely loved my summer, my team, and everything that I have learned. However, I have always planned on doing investm...49 hours 9 min ago
0Chance to convert internship into a FT offer MM IB in FrankfurtHello everyone, I will start an internship with a MM IB in Frankfurt in November. Originally, I applied for a FT position, however the bank told me that they normally require an internship before giving FT offers. How are the chances to convert an internship to a FT offer with MM IB like Will...69 hours 16 min ago
0Envisage Advisors LLCEnvisage Advisors is a boutique investment banking firm dedicated to meeting the needs of middle-market and large cap public and private companies. We provide clients with comprehensive banking services including merger & acquisition advisory, private placements of debt and equity, and strategic con...09 hours 30 min ago
0Yield on Development CostsWhat yields are everyone seeing when it comes to development costs? Mainly interested in multifamily. We all know that developers make their money on the spread between yield on development costs and selling cap rate. However, I have heard conflicting reports that the spread is almost non existen...199 hours 40 min ago
+1Are you for or against HFT?Wanted to get a discussion going here about High Frequency Trading. Can't really put my finger on what side I should take considering the good and the bad things I've heard about it. I'm not the most informed on the subject, so I'd like to hear some opinions on the subject matter....259 hours 51 min ago
0Startups that make real estate market more efficientMany startups have emerged lately. Are there some that solve current issues of the real estate industry?...29 hours 58 min ago
+5Back-Door Mark: The Oracle of P.B.Mod Note: Blast from the Past - "Best of Eddie". This one is originally from November 2010. My buddy Pat lived in a condo on the beach, and it was a righteous location. When I say on the beach I mean when you opened his front door, you stepped out onto a large fenced-in deck, and when you went th...8110 hours 13 min ago
0Webinar: Hedge Fund Case: Derivatives - CDS Basket -- 430pm ET, 7/26/16WEBINAR DESCRIPTION On Tuesday July 26th, 4:30pm EDT (note the time change from 4pm) Wall Street Mentor John will be hosting a webinar entitled "Hedge Fund Case: Deriviates - CDS Basket". More info from the presenter: This presentation will focus on the derivatives side; we will cover a CDS ba...110 hours 20 min ago
0Equity Research Analyst Interview HelpI'm having an interview for an equity research analyst position coming up. What kind of questions should I expect? ...010 hours 29 min ago
+2Efficient market conundrum As far back as I remember I loved picking stocks and doing "Hedge fund work". The more I studied though the more i began to believe that markets are efficient to the point where and I now feel stupid even looking for a job in the hedge fund industry. It doesn't help that hedge funds have been laggin...7110 hours 30 min ago
0When is it too much job description in a resume?Hi gang, As alot of summer analysts/ sophomore internships closing in, been thinking of the best way to put my job description on my resume. Was told by some full time bankers that you wouldn't want to over exaggerate your descriptions in fear that it will expose you to further questioning durin...210 hours 35 min ago
0Fmap Salary?Could anyone offer any insight into what salaries were offered last fall for BoA's FMAP program? Charlotte / NYC? ...110 hours 36 min ago
0Banks that are not doing FT recruiting Investment banking SAs - when would your internship finish and what is your bank's return rate looking at? Which banks have already decided not to do FT recruiting? So far I've known about BBs, EBs and MMs that not doing official FT recruiting - Jefferies Credit Suisse Recap on last year - UB...210 hours 44 min ago
0Majors for Finance. Yo, I got to the University of Michigan. I did not get into Ross, and in Econ I can't get past a core course needed thats theory, I have taken it twice. Any advice on majors? I currently intern in Private Equity, had offers for S&T at two boutique investment banks and my minor is History of Art. I...010 hours 46 min ago
0Senior at a (I believe) target school that recently decided he wants to pursue Investment Banking with no prior internshipsHey guys. As you can probably guess from the title of this post I am an incoming senior at UCLA majoring in Mathematics/Economics. I currently have a 3.6 GPA. Until the beginning of the spring quarter of this year I always intended on going to law school. I won't go into why this was originall...310 hours 56 min ago
+27Woodford + Creatine = GreatnessStory time. So last night I'm spinning my wheels in the wee hours, taking key bumps, waiting for pre-market. You know, usual weekday routine. I start clicking around WSJ and I see Shillary is leading in 4 key battleground states and that, combined with the coke, gets me mad. I almost reach for the 9...2011 hours 17 min ago
+7Analyst Interview - Common QuestionsHi, I have a partner interview with a large commerical real estate firm, and I was wondering if anyone had any insight into what type of questions I should expect and how to best answer them. I've been told questions will be mostly fit questions. Any help will be greatly appreciated, and silver b...2111 hours 31 min ago
+3Uber in the AirTech start-up Blade just closed another round of financing, bringing its valuation to $75 million. For those unfamiliar with the service, the company is sort of like Uber, but for helicopters. The two have partnered in the past, combining resources to offer rides to Coachella and other music events....1211 hours 45 min ago


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