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0Chance another bland White Dude from tech for HBSMy profile: - Ivy grad, 3.8 GPA, magna cum laude, science major, philosophy minor, English minor - 337/340 GRE (170 V/167 Q/5.5 essay, 99th percentile, 1600/1600 on old scale) - White - 1st job: worked at M7 b-school for 2 years as research assistant - 2nd job: Startup for 1.5 years - 3rd/cur...318 sec ago
0Citi vs UBS S&T internshipWhich internship is better? Both programs are 3, 3 week rotations and about the same pay. Who has the better overall S&T department? Which bank has a better overall future ahead (5-10 years) Thanks for the help!...132 min 44 sec ago
0PE exits BAML vs GS IBDI am currently deciding between a prospective top product group at BAML vs an industry group at GS Both are amazing institutions and have really smart people working there. For culture, I'm happy with both, BAML people seemed a bit more approachable. Anyone went through a similar decision proc...27 min 28 sec ago
0Basically a LoserI've been lurking these threads for a long time and have finally decided to get some feedback on my plight. A really long story short... I was homeless in high school and was involved with the typical wrong crowd. I manage to get into a terrible state college only to drop out a few years in to st...18 min 7 sec ago
+12AMA: FX Trader: High Volatility Job, Low Excitement Life Right, Assuming you have read the title, this is one of those "I feel sorry for myself" Saturday night posts, it's also an AMA, because I'm bored. Now that that is out of the way, let me start with a short introduction, I am a trader on the FX desk at a BB in London (I am not going to disclose...7231 min 22 sec ago
0How long should you wait after a superday before emailing the HR?Hey guys... I am really nervous right now: I come from a target school, but don't have a fit resume for S&T. I applied to GS S&T as secondary choice and they gave me a first round video interview on Hirevue. And then I was notified of a final round. I interviewed with 3 ppl (1MD) in the final round....132 min 1 sec ago
0Company Compensation: Phillips 66033 min 54 sec ago
0post-mba i-banking associate exit opportunity Hi all, I'm curious what are the exit opportunities for post-mba i-banking associates if they don't make VP (I heard less than 50% of starting class make VP). I also heard PE VC rarely take post-mba associates. So do most of them go to corporate finance after 2 years of banking? how big of a pay c...439 min 43 sec ago
+1GS or BAML?I'm in the process of trying to decide between IBD SA offers from GS and BAML. On the surface, Goldman carries more "prestige" and generally better exit opps, but I'm concerned about their summer to FT conversion rate (rumored to be pretty low), especially its tendency to increase the cutthroat dyna...271 hour 12 min ago
+14 Tips for Being a Better Leader Disclaimer: My background is in the military so I am unable to fully translate leadership tips to the financial world. That being said, I think that being a good leader incorporates key traits that can be applied to all fields. These points are strictly my opinion and are based on my own pers...31 hour 13 min ago
+1What political ideology do you hold?Would you consider yourself to be someone who holds political beliefs that are liberal or conservative? ...101 hour 28 min ago
0Extreme MxlExtreme Mxl That is evident but to execute this you have to lose weight safely from all your body. Can not say to yourself "Right, I am going to do 200 situps and lose my belly fat". Whether it's work in this way. Losing tummy fat is the result of an overall slimming regime ending up with you reduci...01 hour 38 min ago
0Prestigious finance-related Internship for college freshmen in ASIAHello, I am looking for a finance-related internship - or program - in Asia (preferably in Hong Kong) for college freshmen. I just want to get a head start in the finance industry by doing an internship during my freshmen summer, so I am happy to go into any division of finance (banking, wealth mana...01 hour 42 min ago
+1SA Offers: MM IBD London vs GS/MS/JPM HKFirst time posting on this site. I have a dilemma that I want others to chime in. I study at a target university in the UK, did fairly well in my first year and have managed to secure 2 IBD offers for my summer internship next year. I'm not sure what I should choose among these 2. The BB would g...131 hour 44 min ago
0Where does LBS place in US rankings?Hi all, where would you say LBS is in terms of general name/prestige among US schools? I'd say at the lower end of M7. Is this reasonable? And does the picture change if I say London only? (As desired place to work and live) Would you choose let's say Tuck or Haas or even duke/yale over lbs...02 hours 7 min ago
+9Imperialism, Human Rights, Chaos, and Peace - A Question for WSOAlright WSO, wanted to see what the collective minds here thought. I spend most of my day digesting stock specific or economic data, so I must admit I'm under-educated in political, particularly foreign policy matters. My family had a discussion over Thanksgiving about the pros and cons of inter...532 hours 8 min ago
+6Is Facebook the Devil?I'm sitting here chuckling because of course the title is in jest, but Facebook has been having a rough go of it lately. Not financially, mind you, where they've been absolutely killing it. I'm talking about in the media and political sphere, where roughly half the country (well, half + 2.6 million ...392 hours 37 min ago
0 is the friend. This Extreme Mxl be a branch chain amino acid call L-Glutamine. It is extremely important to have this as well as dead training, along with want to get big rapidly. I personally have some in my water during an intense train. It is also very in order to have this in your reco...02 hours 41 min ago
0How is International Experience Preceived for SA Recruiting? I'm currently recruiting for 2nd year summer internships and I'm hoping to land a position that would be most favorable in the eyes of recruiters for SA hiring next year. I'm interviewing with a couple Big 4 firms in Transaction Advisory in emerging markets. Is this considered quality experience...02 hours 51 min ago
+1Networking: Ways to keep in touch 3-6 months down the roadWSO has been instrumental in my development in the realm of networking, and there have been some very solid posts in the past. Between the excel networking template and many other posts on this forum, I think most of the bases are covered. However, and this seems to be a common trend in doing intern...82 hours 57 min ago
0Book recommendations for a future investment banker?Hey guys, I'm finishing up my 1st sem. as a freshman. Any helpful books for IB? I've been looking for some good resources to dive into. Was luckily able to snag BIWS Premium off the internet, but want some good books that would cater to an IB. Does not have to be area specific, even biographies ...13 hours 10 min ago
0Sending stock pitches to HFs (high school)Fellow WSO users I am currently a year away from finishing high school and have done work experience twice (nothing special just researched some sectors and stocks) at a Macro Fund and I honestly woke up excited to go in. However that fund relocated recently. I want to get more into the HF world ...23 hours 12 min ago
+7What are Your Favorite Tabletop/Board Games?I ask this because I just found Secret Hitler and I'm having an absolute blast playing this game with my friends. Here are some other ones that always make for a good time with family and friends: * Coup: 5 players or less. Great game, each one lasts roughly 15 min. This is the absolute favorite ...303 hours 13 min ago
+1Middlebury vs Georgetown vs Wash U St. LouisHey Guys, I'm currently deciding between these 3 schools for my undergrad education. I know that Georgetown has the best "Brand" name, but I am will be participating in a men's varsity sport where Middlebury's Alumni for student athletes(Especially for the sport I'm playing) is incredible.(3-4 Barcl...173 hours 19 min ago
+1Rank these schools in order of wall street recruitmentIU (Kelley) Boston College (Carroll) NYU (CAS) Notre Dame (Mendoza) Georgetown (McDonough) Villanova Bucknell...123 hours 27 min ago
0Becoming a Quant?Suppose you come from a top-tier BB program and want to break into the HF world. Suppose you were an English major at a top target school but for all that's worth you only have 2 years of BB experience doing simple math in excel. Is it possible to "become a quant" with enough networking? Enter a ...243 hours 28 min ago
+2Tricks for getting into top MBA program?Hey Guys, I am wondering if any of u know any particular tricks for getting accepting into a top MBA Program. Tricks, such as- when applying for upenn for undergraduate (but really want to go to Wharton), the school statistics have shown that students are far more likely to get accepted if the...383 hours 50 min ago
0Preparing for SA internship?Hey all, I am a junior right now. Next semester I will be studying abroad in South America at a school without relevant financial accounting/corporate finance coursework. I haven't taken financial accounting or corporate finance yet at my home college. I memorized accounting/corp finance for my i...24 hours 4 min ago
0Transfer from Villanova?Hi everyone, this is my first post here but I've read through a lot of the forums, and I'm hoping someone can help me out. I'm a freshman at Villanova (undergraduate) in the business school. Basically I feel like I'm not being challenged and that I'm not in the best environment in terms of being s...34 hours 11 min ago
0Company Interview: 137 Ventures04 hours 32 min ago
+77Life after Investment BankingMod Note: Throwback Thursday: this post originally went up 4/25/12 Like a majority of people who are on this website, I used to come on here and write bullshit about a life partly my own, partly fantasy. I'm now going to uncloak the anonymous man and tell you my story. My name is Stephen Ridle...3034 hours 36 min ago
0Best JP Morgan group in NYCI am wondering what the best JP Morgan IBD groups are for exit ops, culture, and prestige in NYC. ...14 hours 38 min ago
+1Life Co Rates/ SpreadsHi Everyone, I was wondering what are life companies currently lending at in terms of rate for Core Office in SF/NYC in the 65% LTV range? ...64 hours 45 min ago
0Financial Modeling CertificationGiven the importance in finance (especially investment banking), what is more recognizable and valued within the industry: Wall Street Prep training or a certification like the CFMS (Certified Financial Modeling Specialist)? Any other financial modeling self studies or ideas greatly appreciated!...24 hours 45 min ago
+3Yes or No to Amazon Go?So Amazon announced the concept for their new physical grocery stores which are expected to open up early next year. They are supposedly using their machine-learning technology to help differentiate themselves from other supermarkets: [quote]Shoppers will use an app, also called Amazon Go, to aut...174 hours 53 min ago
+1Public vs. Private Corporate Finance/FP&Aanyone here with experience in both? is one preferable over the other? does one typically have less stress or constraints (i'm thinking private)?...145 hours 3 min ago
0Just an introduction Hi All, Firstly, let me introduce myself. Currently I am penultimate student studying a double degree in Finance/Business Information System Management in Sydney and I have been directed to this website for some sort of guidance on what I want to do in the future in terms of my career. I hea...45 hours 7 min ago
0Microsoft or American Express for Summer Internship 2017?I am wondering what are some pros and cons of taking an internship with Amex in NYC or Microsoft in Seattle (Redmond). I have offers from both and I am so stuck between the two. They are both corporate finance roles. Pay is similar, Microsoft has a few more benefits, but I really want this internshi...35 hours 10 min ago
+202017 APAC IBD Summer Analyst Interview UpdateDoes anyone know if Citi, BAML, DB, or GS has started sending out first round interview invitations? I know MS, JPM, and CS have, but I am not sure about the others. ...3005 hours 11 min ago
+5WSO Private Equity Resume Template for Professionals with Deal Experience is Released!Big Announcement: WSO Private Equity Official Resume Template for Experienced Professionals with Deal Experience is Now Public!: Click here for the free investment banking resume template for college students. For those of you with deal or project experience coming from Investment Banking ...245 hours 14 min ago
+1Pros and Cons of SF CoreLooking at a case study and more than pros what are some cons about the San Fran Core Office market? ...85 hours 15 min ago
0(Accounting) Audit Internship Resume HelpHello, I am aware that this forum is mostly for people in the finance field, but I have seen that some of you have origins in accounting. I was hoping that perhaps I could get some constructive criticism on my resume. I also must disclose that when I converted my resume it somehow messed up the...25 hours 15 min ago
0Recapping An Asset w/ Owned by Multiple EntitiesI've never come across this (all exits I've seen have effectively transferred the asset to a new owner entirely) but have heard of it happening; has anyone been involved in a transaction like this where the LP wanted out/Sponsor stayed with the deal or vice-versa? Or better yet, where the ownership ...15 hours 19 min ago
0Are Student Loan defaults the next Financial Crisis? This is more of a personal market perspective than circumstantial evidence but regardless, I still wanted to pose the question to WSO. The weighted average of default rates on Variable and Fixed rate student loans has been consistently rising by 500-600 bps a year. This is concerning at best. Any th...75 hours 22 min ago
0Can't even find a temp job. What are some things that I can do?I have been applying places even for short term employment. Funny thin is, the disorganized recruiters tel me they match me to a job, then they tell the position was actually a senior position or its been filled etc. I applied to three support type jobs, requirements: Highschool Diploma or GED, 1+ ...35 hours 24 min ago
0happy to discuss credit analysts/ tradersfeel free to ask me questions as a credit trader at a macro fund. i love my job and have decent experience, for those looking to get in the industry, keep it professional and I may be happy to answer some questions. based out of london. keep it off pay and firms, and I am happy to share some tho...25 hours 30 min ago
0S&T Summar Analyst desk placement - how?Hey guys, I'm a Sophomore who will be going to a BB for the summer in S&T. I was wondering if anyone could offer some insight into how desk placement for rotations works and what I should be doing now to figure out which desks I want to be on. ...05 hours 36 min ago
0Do you know selfie video resumeThere is a new mobile app that provides staffing solutions. Happy Minds has come up with a state of the art job search application that provides jobs to job seekers, and manpower to companies. This job search android app has features for both companies and job seekers. It allows companies to post jo...05 hours 40 min ago
+1Is there an actual reason why George W. Bush started the war?I think back to the days when he was the president and I don't know why someone would make such a stupid move....65 hours 42 min ago
+1What would your ideal wife do for a living?I'd say something among the lines of interior design, fashion design, marketing or a personal trainer....105 hours 46 min ago
+7Do protein shakes actually help you?The first thing I do after a workout is make myself a protein shake; I'm sure many other avid fitness lovers do the same. However, this may not be the best thing to do. According to Business Insider and CytoSport, there is a healthier option: [quote] The particular smoothie ... includes 6 oz non-fat...815 hours 47 min ago
+4What phone are you using?Hey Guys, I was browsing the web and came across [this site]( listing the best phones of the year. I'm due for a upgrade soon so I was wondering, what smartphone are you using and...would you recommend it? ...465 hours 48 min ago
+1Atlas Holdings (CT)Nothing on the forum about these guys. Based in Greenwich, they have a $900 million fund and are interchangeably referred to as "distressed PE firm" and "collection of companies." They also have a unique program where they hire "field analysts" with 0-1 years of non-banking experience to work for a ...55 hours 55 min ago
+2Bankers, do you prefer experienced girls or inexperienced ones?I'm going to be a SA at a BB this coming summer and find myself to be ~inexperienced~ on some fronts with guys. Thus, do guys in IB/S&T etc prefer girls with more experience or no?...86 hours 5 min ago
+4Interview experience w/ JPM Junior Analyst ProgramSo applications are up! You dont have to reveal actual interview questions. Just wanted to know how youre experience was for 2016 class. As for me, the interviewer seemed more like a gatekeeper from an admission staff. Its like I had the criteria for an interview, but since I came from a "non-trad...416 hours 6 min ago
0Anyone use any automated/algo wealth management apps?Looking for some reviews on some. I know Wealthfront is big and Exeq seems to be an up and comer in beta, but not entirely sure....36 hours 14 min ago
+3Are there any workout videos that you guys have found helpful?I was considering hiring a personal trainer as a second set of eyes for my workouts but until then I've just watched instructional videos on YouTube. Are there any channels that you've found to be helpful?...406 hours 25 min ago
0Company Interview: Sagent Advisors06 hours 26 min ago
0Company Compensation: Wells Fargo Securities06 hours 26 min ago
0What are the common valuation metrics on private equity fundsAnyone knows what are the common valuation metrics on private equity funds, like i know AUM is a good measure of private equity funds by summing up their portfolios. But how about multiples? like Market Cap to AUM, but it seems this is just for listed pe firms....66 hours 29 min ago
+1Salary for post-MBA in Corporate Finance (Tech Sector)Hey all - I will be graduating from a top 20 MBA interested in a career in corporate finance for a technology company. Spent my whole career in corporate finance roles too. Question: what is the starting salary for a recent MBA grad in the tech sector? I have 8 years of corporate finance e...56 hours 32 min ago
+3When does the promote split actually occur?I am curious to know from those in the GP space, about the timing of the promote splits. I know its easier when you have fixed NNN lease, but how does it work when the cash flow is sporadic. Example: Let's say there is a hotel, where the total equity from the GP/LP is $2 million. The promote i...216 hours 32 min ago
0What % of Your Salary Is For Living Costs?Hey folks, Just wanted to see what % of your salary you spend on rent. We can do gross or net, your choice, just make sure to specify. I'll start. My rent and all utilities come out to about 18% of my gross salary. Also, what percentage would you consider living to be above your means? Belo...316 hours 35 min ago
+3Moving From Canada to Philly...Any Advice?Hi Everyone! I am living in Canada but will be moving to Philadelphia early 2017. Wanted to reach out to Philly natives for some advice: 1) Was considering renting a place in University City....sticking within easy/short commute to UPenn. Keep getting mixed advice about how far into West/South Ph...586 hours 37 min ago
+30FTB's Guide To Working Late and Raging Hard (At The Same Time)Man, it seems like there's nothing better than waiting until everyone's gone from the office for the night (we're talking the wee hours of the morning here folks, and we're not counting janitors as people) and doing lines off some prude bitch's desk while I undo a few buttons and Shake my Weight. In...116 hours 46 min ago
0Consultant at a CrossroadWSO, A little background: -Senior Consultant at a Big 4 in a major city. Group focuses on Strategy & Ops projects related to the CFO (Finance Org Alignment, Cost Improvements, PMI, Close Management) -Transitioned into the group from Audit, accounting background but non-CPA -Big 10 School (not ...06 hours 50 min ago
+1AMA: Non-Target --> BB BO --> BB ECMWhat's going on everybody, The WSO community has helped me out tremendously over the past few years, so I've decided that it's time to give back. Recently accepted an offer from a non-JPM/MS/GS BB in their ECM group in NYC as a lateral hire coming from the BO of a different BB in a non-NYC satell...06 hours 54 min ago
0Dilemma - Should I Take The Offer?Hey guys, I have a "dilemma" and need your help. I recently landed an offer with a MM PE shop outside of NYC. The firm operates in the MM space, across multiple industries. Won't disclose exact fund size for anonymity, but it is in the $1.5-3B AUM range. My main concern is that the role is o...16 hours 59 min ago
+2What happens when DB goes under 10$ per share?So, a relatively common thing I've read on trading books is that it's a bad idea to buy or hold stocks if they are ...117 hours 5 min ago
0Failed Series 79 - Got 80% and higher on STC Practice exams. Whats going on?I've taken the Series 79 Exam twice and received 69% both times. After retaking the STC practice exams before my last try I was getting above 80% on the STC practice exams. I guess my score was skewed due to taking the same tests twice. Aside from buying a different test package. i've purchased t...27 hours 22 min ago
+16The Intellectual Yet IdiotMust read article by Nassim Nicholas Taleb (link below): [quote]The Intellectual Yet Idiot What we have been seeing worldwide, from India to the UK to the US, is the rebellion against the inner circle of no-skin-in-the-game policymaking “clerks” and journalists-insiders, that class of pate...777 hours 26 min ago
+2Real Estate CrowdfundingHello all, I recently joined a Real Estate Crowdfunding platform on the Acquisition side and would love to share my experience. Anyone have any questions about day to day or the industry in general? ...77 hours 30 min ago
0Georgetown MBA - Worth it? Hi Everyone, Thinking about applying to B-School for the upcoming year (have yet to take the GMAT, but test pretty well). I have a strong GPA 3.7 from a top undergrad and am currently working for a Big 4 consulting firm in DC. Ultimately, I'd like to make the switch into real estate. If I would ...47 hours 35 min ago
+3Falling Rents - Time to Run for the Hills?For all of the multifamily monkeys out there, what's your outlook on the rental rates in major markets? I've been reading more and more gloomy reports on free-falling effective (and even asking) rents in all of the major markets, particularly SF and NYC. The supply of outrageously priced and over...227 hours 41 min ago
+2Marry a sex symbolI'm a guy in my early twenties, living in a metropolitan area. I'm basically conservative, coming from a southern town and stuff. But I've always liked really attractive women, like regally attractive. I've also never cared too much for a girl to be in the same type of line of work as me. I would, h...417 hours 49 min ago
+1Help - JP Morgan vs. Wellington Management Research Hi all, Here's my situation: I have an offer for JP sell-side research. I also have a super day with Wellington for equity research on Dec. 2nd. If it comes down between the two, what do you guys think?...128 hours 3 min ago
0How long were you in your role before you started to write front pageHello everyone. I'm hoping I can get some feedback from associates in Equity research role. How long were you in you role before you started to write front page in earnings season? I am too shy to ask around in my shop but hope you guys can share. ...38 hours 8 min ago
+1Netflix is Making Big PlaysI'm surprised no one is talking about the big changes Netflix has just made. Heck, there was even a post that made front page here about what shows you watch on HBO, because screw Netflix. Netflix just got a whole lot better if you ask me. First, whenever you hover over a movie/show apparentl...28 hours 20 min ago
+2Draft Kings On ResumeLooking to spice up the interest section of my resume, and I am thinking about putting draft kings on it. Wondering what people's thoughts are? I think this would be a potentially good talking point with analysts/associates but am not sure if MD's or senior bankers would look negatively on it. My pa...238 hours 22 min ago
+3What are helpful tips for office parties?With the holidays approaching, office parties are becoming increasingly prevalent. CNBC states that last year, almost two-thirds of organizations held an end-of-year holiday party open to all employees. This means that you could be finding an invitation to an office party very soon. But, while t...398 hours 36 min ago
0Renege on internship offer?Earlier this semester, I sent out a ton of internship applications as well as a couple hail-mary transfer apps for top schools with ...28 hours 50 min ago
+2Best internships for Quant Trading?Hey fellow monkeys, I'm really hope to work in a quantitative hedge fund (I find the intersection of finance, computing and math super interesting, have been trying to learn how to create my own trading models + use quantopian) but as a pure finance major (With a minor in mathematics and a minor...258 hours 52 min ago
0IB/Asset Management background checkAny advice on my situation please? I got a job offer from a BB bank, and currently in the process of getting my background check. The problem is that I can't get a verification letter from one of my internships back in 2012. It was a consulting firm in Korea, and unfortunately I didn't sign any c...28 hours 59 min ago
0Company Compensation: Wells Fargo and Company09 hours 6 min ago
0Mezz to Private Equity?I'm a 1st year analyst in the mezzanine debt investing arm of a MM PE firm, which I joined straight out of undergraduate. My current responsibilities include reading CIMs, diligencing potential investments, building credit models and portfolio monitoring. I'm interested in control investing, bot...39 hours 10 min ago
+1Out of curiousity..Consulting into IB into PE - possible? In IB currently**Experience ** 2.5 years of consulting (mix of operational, restructuring & IT strategy) at think PwC, Deloitte. Post this, I made the switch into BB LevFin (2 years here) think JPM,GS,DB. I'm currently a top bucket analyst. In order to switch from consulting into IB, I studied for a masters ...69 hours 12 min ago
+1Exit Opps into PE from RBCHey guys, So I will be doing RBC IB in NY after graduation, and I'd like to do PE after banking ideally. So which groups at RBC have the best exit opps into PE? Not megafunds, but maybe upper middle market PE?...109 hours 15 min ago
0Company Interview: Barclays09 hours 24 min ago
+1Offcycle Full Time Analyst HiresHi, I was wondering if anyone could share their experience with offcycle FT analyst recruiting as a senior i.e. you struck out on FT recruiting during the fall and manage to land a position in the winter/spring for IBD. Is it true that banks will pick up a couple more analysts after the Fall cycl...09 hours 25 min ago
0Company Interview: Other09 hours 26 min ago
+20Goldman Sachs HireVue Hey everyone! I just finished a first round interview with GS through hirevue, does anyone know how long it takes to hear back? It's hard to tell how I did but will GS still send an email about next steps even if you weren't selected to move on. Thanks! Mod Note (Andy): Old post from 9/4/16 th...2459 hours 36 min ago
0Project Finance for a government agencyHi, I was curious if anyone had any insight on what it is like working in a project finance role for a government agency? The position would be working on 3P infrastructure transactions for the most part. How are the exit opps after a role like this? Are you branded as a government or project fin...09 hours 37 min ago
0MBB New Hire RetreatsSo, I've heard that new hires go on fun retreats to start their careers and I'm wondering what exactly those entail and where you go to?...09 hours 40 min ago
0Boutique Firm Went Dark On Me---What Do I Do?Title basically speaks for itself. Sent in my resume and cover letter and was glad to hear them get back to me. An over the phone first round interview followed that about or month or so ago. However, I literally have yet to hear back. The over the phone interview had no technical questions, it was ...29 hours 41 min ago
0Rewind - Real Estate Case Study (Commercial Office Building): Acquisition Underwriting, Execution, Sale + Q&A – 8am ET, 1/5/2017In case you missed our December 5th webinar entitled Real Estate Case Study (Commercial Office Building): Acquisition Underwriting, Execution, Sale, have no fear. The full recording of the webinar will be available for free on the WSO homepage on this date: (free for only 24 hours and then it goes ...09 hours 50 min ago
0Cushman & Wakefield Summer Capital Markets Analyst Pay & HoursWhat are Cushman & Wakefield Summer Capital Markets Analyst Pay & Hours? Trying to get a feel for what to expect if I decide to move to NYC this summer....49 hours 51 min ago
0Webinar: Real Estate Case Study -- 7pm ET, 2/7/17WEBINAR DESCRIPTION On Tuesday February 7th, 7:00 pm EST Wall Street Mentor William will be hosting a webinar entitled "Real Estate Case Study", with a q&a session to follow. William is an industry veteran with experience in real estate. WATCH HERE Add to your calendar. If you missed th...09 hours 55 min ago
0Webinar: RE Webinar -- 7pm ET, 1/18/17WEBINAR DESCRIPTION On Wednesday January 18th, 7:00 pm EST Wall Street Mentor Aaron will be hosting a webinar entitled "Real Estate Webinar", with a q&a session to follow. Aaron is an industry veteran with experience in real estate. WATCH HERE Add to your calendar. If you missed the web...09 hours 59 min ago
0McK vs ACN StrategyI am trying to make up my mind about these offers: 1. McKinsey BTO Germany (base salary 70k Eur) 2. Accenture Strategy Switzerland (base salary ca 98k Chf = 90k Eur) The brand of McK is obviously much stronger, but Accenture Strategy offers access to the Swiss market, which could be a steppin...210 hours 23 min ago
0Anyone have a dog?Does anyone on here have a dog? I really want to get one, but I have no time to take care of it really. Whenever I try telling people I know I'm getting a dog, they say its going to die since I'm never home. Anyone working brutal hours have a dog? One of the issues is, I've never actually had on...1010 hours 25 min ago


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