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0The Ultimate Investment Banking QuestionWhich investment bank is best? ...029 sec ago
0Whats skills did you pick up from Consulting?Again, I've been leaning towards the IB route, but I've heard people talk about how bad it is. Everyone who comes out is always brilliant, but I'm also a little curious about the difference in the skills you pick up....242 sec ago
0university rankingWhat is more important the name of the university or your grades from an okay university? If you can go to a well-known university but won't get good grades or go to a relatively known university but not as good as the other one and get better grades, which one is the better choice for future jobs ...21 min 11 sec ago
+2London accomodationHi, I just accepted a job offer in London and I am looking for a place to live now. What areas do you guys recommend? (the job will be in the city) Also anyone looking for a roommate? Thanks for your replies!...392 min 23 sec ago
+43From Real Estate Finance to Founder of Development Company - AMAI've been an observer on this site for a few years. In my mid-40s but use the site to keep current on how younger guys look at the business, career expectations, etc. Thought I'd do this AMA in order to pass on what I've learned (though it's your call as to how much you want to generalize from my ...1172 min 52 sec ago
+1"No drinking rule" established for employeesLloyd's of London, an insurance company in Europe, recently notified its several hundred employees that drinking alcohol between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm is forbidden. Apparently, it used to be popular to consume liquor with lunch, but the practice has died out over the years. ["Lloyd's was one of...173 min 13 sec ago
0Bachelor of Science in Quantitative Finance?First post here on WSO, been lurking for a while. BACKGROUND: I am 18 yrs old, currently going to a community college in Northern Virginia. I had a shit GPA in High School (~3.3). Currently I have a 3.8 GPA and will be ready to transfer to my four year choice. I have chosen James Madison Universi...1210 min 55 sec ago
+1Presented a 50 page stock writeup at a final round interivew - no response at all?I certainly understand that many first round interviews in person or over the phone don't go anywhere, so I'm not surprised when you get no response from a company or a hiring manager. However, a recent situation has got me peeved. I made the final round interviews at a large mutual fund company...1914 min 57 sec ago
+3AMA: Deloitte S&O -> F500 Corp. Strategy -> M7 -> MBB Bounced between consulting and industry pre-MBA and decided to go back for more consulting post-MBA. I recently received/accepted an offer from MBB after a grueling recruiting process. Happy to answer questions about my path to-date, my b-school experience and the recruiting process. ...1815 min 33 sec ago
0Low MGMAT Test Score 430, HelpHi, This is embarrassing but the best way to get better is to learn and persevere. I am targeting to sit my GMAT at the end of July or early August 2017 for first round MBA applications in September. Just sat the MGMAT practice test 1 as a diagnostic and scored an appalling 430 (Q25/V26); did ...223 min 1 sec ago
0Top Documentaries - All-Time Favorites and WhyMasterful story telling is key to content delivery and great documentaries got that in spades. Key Ingredients that make a Documentary great and have a lasting impact on me are: 1. Content 2. Delivery/Directing 3. Length (run-time) Content is at the core of the story telling to give th...426 min 24 sec ago
0Political preferences - impact on friendship and relationshipsThe recent US campaign and the initial days of the new Administration were being watched with interest not only by the domestic audience but by foreigners as well. As such, one of the things that I noticed was the polarization level, how people were/are really aggressive in defending their candidate...026 min 38 sec ago
+3Best Up-and-coming/MM PE fundsName some funds outside the KKR/BX/Apollo megafunds that you would love to work at. Shops with impressive management teams and foreseeable future growth...5432 min 33 sec ago
0Master in Finance v Master in ManagementHello, I am planning to apply to some european business schools' masters' programs next year for entry in september 2018. I am wondering what are the differences between masters in finance pre-experience (as ranked by the financial times) and masters in management (as ranked by the financial times...140 min 30 sec ago
+4Taking drugs to study? Is it worth it?Many students in high pressure schools take drugs like Adderall to focus when studying and get higher grades. Ivy leagues are notorious for this practice, and I didn't realize how common it was until I met one person looking for Adderall. Is it worth it to take these drugs and does it actually help?...4451 min 7 sec ago
+14What do you Drive and What's your Dream Car?Ladies and Gentlemen, I know a whole lot of you are in NYC or cities where vehicle ownership doesn't make sense, but if somehow you do or for others in places where you have to own a car to get around... 1. What is your current ride and why? 2. What's your dream car(s)? I've got a few pon...22351 min 52 sec ago
+3Historians Rank Obama 12th Best PresidentOn the front page of fox this morning there is an article about a new survey released Friday that ranked President Obama as the country's 12th best President. [quote]C-SPAN released a survey Friday that asked historians to rank past presidents and former-President Obama was voted the country's 12...3052 min 16 sec ago
0Timbs vs. Bean BootsAlright Monkeys, what do you think about these two acclaimed pieces of footwear. The Timberland 6' boot, or the L.L. Bean. duck boot? Discuss...356 min 50 sec ago
0Staying at homeI left home very young, and it always surprises me when I hear people in their mid 20s still living with their parents. I totally get the financial aspect, it would be amazing to save $2-3k/mo on rent/utilities and maybe even food, but I feel it would be a bit awkward. A few of my friends are mov...057 min 43 sec ago
0Not improving at case interviews Hi, I'm preparing for case interviews and I feel like I'm not improving. Last year I interviewed for MBB, and I bombed all my first round interviews. Before those interviews, I did 30+ live practice cases on prep lounge. I used Victor Cheng's video tutorials and LOMS. And I skimmed through Case ...21 hour 8 min ago
0IRR Question - Looking for feedbackHave an IRR question: See below - both scenarios have the same net cash flow, but delaying net inflows by 6 months produces a better IRR in scenario 1 than scenario 2 which doesn't make sense (i.e. delaying inflows by six months and keeping all else equal produces a better negative IRR). What am i m...41 hour 18 min ago
0Best vacation with friends in 20sAfter a less than stellar first week long vacation as a member of the workforce, I've begun planning my next trip. As working in banking only allows two week long trips per year, I can't afford another swing and miss. So I ask you monkeys, what's your favorite week long guys trip you've been on a...21 hour 20 min ago
+1Commercial Banking Program InterviewHey everyone, I have a commercial banking program interview coming up (recent grad) It includes a case study as well as several 1-1s. Just wondering what type of questions they might ask & what financial/banking concepts should I be familiar with? Also, any idea as to what the case stud...61 hour 25 min ago
+22Interview experience w/ JPM Junior Analyst ProgramSo applications are up! You dont have to reveal actual interview questions. Just wanted to know how you're experience was for 2016 class. As for me, the interviewer seemed more like a gatekeeper from an admission staff. Its like I had the criteria for an interview, but since I came from a "non-tradi...3481 hour 30 min ago
+2Commercial Banking: Interviewer pressed for salary number. Interviwer is appalled by my response.Content minimum length is set to 100 characters, 100 to go Content minimum length is set to 100 characters, 42 to go...221 hour 34 min ago
0Castanea Partners Info?Does anyone know anybody at Castanea Partners in Boston? From the website, it looks like they are a consumer products focused company that does mostly growth capital investments and some traditional buyouts in the middle market. I'm curious because it seems like a pretty small fund (fund IV of $600m...31 hour 44 min ago
0Freelance work using IB skills?Hi all I am leaving banking as a senior associate and was hoping to use my skills on a part time / free lance basis to keep earning a bit of cash while I figure out what I want to do with my life. Unfortunately, unlike a doctor, lawyer, accountant, or IT guy...we don't really have a skill that ca...11 hour 47 min ago
+1Fixed vs. Floating Rate Wanted to get some feedback on a term sheet we received from a bank lender (Top 10 bank AUM). We requested a fixed and floating rate option from the lender. We received a term sheet with a 7-year fixed option and a 1-month LIBOR option (floating rate) that required a swap. Has anyone seen a bank le...181 hour 50 min ago
0Associate in BB at 30. Still worth it?I'm in my early 30s and have been working as a quant dev for 5+ years. I was a VP in my previous role and brought in ~180k GBP. Wanting to get out of engineering, I went back to school to get myself an MBA. I was recently offered an Associate role in S&T at a BB in London, to eventually become part ...31 hour 56 min ago
+1Best path to Development?I know real estate as a whole has no direct path but someone with not really any full time experience relative to development/CRE finance..what is the best way if one can't get a Development Analyst type role off the bat? I really don't want to do Brokerage even as a debt/IS Analyst type. What are o...132 hours 7 min ago
+1What's the most valuable and versatile Undergraduate Degree nowadays and looking into the future?As a Senior HS student looking ahead not just 5 years from now but 15 years down the road, it scares me. I've been always interested in studying finance/business for my undergrad. Seeing the stagnating finance industry and the increase in automation (or atleast intentions to do so), I am having doub...172 hours 9 min ago
0Quant to IBD probabilitySo, I'm asking this question on behalf of a friend here. He's currently a sell-side quant at a top tier-2 bank, in an emerging market office, and wants to make the move into IBD possibly through an internal transfer. What are his chances, if any?...12 hours 15 min ago
+2How do you stay productive?My fellow monkeys, What do you do to keep yourself productive at work? I usually feel my productivity significantly diminishes after 3pm (even after my second cup of coffee around 1 ish at lunch). I try to drink tea in the afternoon to keep myself awake, or I just take 10mins to go for a stroll. ...272 hours 23 min ago
0SF v. NY Banking Culture I was born and raised in Southern California. My father lives and works in NY so I visit fairly often. I've also done a few networking trips in NY so I have a general idea of the NY banking culture. I've never gone to SF and was wondering how the culture there is different than NY?...02 hours 31 min ago
+1World Class Capital GroupGot a callback for an interview with these guys. From searching it seems like a relatively young firm that is growing pretty rapidly. Mixed reviews on Glassdoor. Anybody familiar with the group that can offer any thoughts or insight?...122 hours 45 min ago
0RE roles based on my interests?I am trying to figure out my career path, I have some RE experience and really love the industry. I am most passionate about investment & development. I really dont want to sit at a desk all day or crunch numbers all day. I like the financial aspect to real estate but also the physicality, buyin...02 hours 48 min ago
0Are youtubers overpaid?Top youtubers are pulling in 7 figure a year and many of them are under 30. For example, PewDiePie pulls in over 5 million a year and he's still I'm his 20s. All he does is scream weird noises while playing videos games. Even if ur not the most popular channel, u can still make a living. I personall...42 hours 49 min ago
0Is a numeric keypad a must-have for you?I'm making a work-space setup to plug my laptop into. ![Workspace][Workspace] [Workspace]: ...03 hours 4 min ago
0Cap rate List for Manhattan Multi-Family properties by neighborhood from LES to Inwood etcDoes anyone have a year over year list for this asset class in Manhattan by neighborhood. Also if you happen to have a list that shows trading $/sf and price per door/apt that would be greatly appreciated (or where to access this information for say the last 4 years to feb/17). Thanks....03 hours 10 min ago
+1Best MBA for 1year programThinking of going 1year MBA in US (I know 2yr have more better options, but thinking of 1year program because I'm already 33 yrs old) What's the best MBA school for 1year program?? ...103 hours 13 min ago
0Spartan Capital Securities in New York?Just received a phone call from a guy from Spartan Capital in NYC. He invited me down to the office for an interview—didn't know much about the firm or even how he got my resume. Did a google search on them and found lots of complaints from investors basically saying that it's a scam. Anybody know...23 hours 27 min ago
0Company Compensation: CIBC Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce03 hours 32 min ago
+122017 BonusesHow are bonuses looking this year? Sounds like Deutsche got hammered and Morgan Stanley was down 15%. Mod Note: You can find the S&T and ER bonus forms below. S&T Bonuses ER Bonuses...883 hours 37 min ago
+2Deduct MBA Tuition for tax purposes?I was in finance and quit to become a full-time MBA student. Can I deduct the tuition for tax purposes?...53 hours 41 min ago
+1Questions to ask when a member of a firm comes out to your schoolHello Chimps, So lately at my University, we have been having a variety of members come out from different firms and talk about what their day-to-day life and about the firm. I have issues trying to form questions together that would make myself stand out from the crowd and land you that internsh...93 hours 54 min ago
+1Dating a Hedge Fund ManagerI have been "seriously" dating a HF manager (in his early 40's, never married, withdrawn). Think Christian Bale's character in the Big Short. I know these guys work insane hours and look for specific qualities in a woman. I am in my late 20's and with limited dating experience I have to say it's not...143 hours 56 min ago
0How to increase margin in investing? Hello Everyone, Have been trading for a while, and want to ask some advice about how to get more margin in trading. Currently the most margin I could get is using Interactive Brokers's portfolio margin, which gives me 3x leverage. What are some ways that I can get more margin without using option...23 hours 57 min ago
+3Contrarian short thesisHave a write-up that's a contrarian short thesis on a mid-sized tech company. Happy to share via PM to anyone that's interested. Would welcome any and all feedback / critique!...333 hours 57 min ago
0Company Interview: PwC PricewaterhouseCoopers04 hours 17 min ago
+1EMBA recruitingCan anyone shed some light on recruiting for Associate positions while being in an EMBA program? I currently work in corporate finance as a Sr Financial Analyst, and do not want to stop working to attend grad school.... Obviously if you are in an EMBA, you have a full time position, and can no...194 hours 29 min ago
+1Stepping Stones - Path to Acqusitions/REPEI'm currently a senior undergraduate (non-target) working towards breaking into CRE and ultimately want to be on the investment side in 1-3 years. While the ideal situation is to land something in acquisitions, or even REPE, straight out of the many on this board know, this is highly ...64 hours 39 min ago
+10AMA: Former BB Rates Trader - Now a prop traderI've enjoyed this forum, and i see lots of people without a clue asking questions about trading, so i thought i'd do an AMA... My path was non-standard, but i've seen others with a similar path to my own. My Path --> Non-Target state school --> Job in BB IT (programming) --> BB Rates Trading D...524 hours 54 min ago
+3MD put me in charge of recruiting. Wtf? I'm a sophomore interning at a boutique M&A shop. Basically I sat in on an internship interview with my MD and ended up taking the lead a little bit, and was put in charge of conducting first round interviews for the summer 2017 SA class, of which I will be a part, and for junior level full-time can...275 hours 3 min ago
+4Best Sources for New PositionsI'm curious to hear WSO's take on what the best resources are for finding a new position. This could become a valuable thread going forward. I just went through this process myself and found it pretty interesting that different avenues had vastly different hit rates for securing an interview. I am r...215 hours 10 min ago
0Bad Teeth/Braces in an Interview?Hi all, I am a sophomore at an almost-target and I am getting ready for Junior SA recruiting season. My teeth are unfortunately really bad (massive overbite, many gaps, etc.) and I'm thinking of getting braces. If I get braces now, will I be off them in time for interviews? If not, would it be fi...35 hours 20 min ago
0Moving from Structuring to SalesFor this summer, I have the option of going to a Structuring team as an intern at a prestigious BB. However, I'm afraid that I'll find structuring too technical). Therefore, I'm wondering: how good are the options with moving from structuring to sales? Does it happen?...35 hours 31 min ago
0Best MBAs for Private Equity/Debt?Hi guys, just wanted to know about the best MBAs for PE - I'm currently set to go into a FT S&T role with a BB but have always been keen on private debt/equity roles. I believe an MBA at a top M7 would allow me to gain access to these roles. Just wanted to know whether it's necessary, or can I lever...05 hours 35 min ago
+22017 S&T bonusesLet's share bonus numbers you've heard on the street. Please list bank, level, and bonus figure (in USD). Mod Note: You can find the Ib and ER bonuses forms below. IB Bonuses ER Bonuses...345 hours 36 min ago
0Thoughts on the NBA All Star GameSince the All Star game is tonight, I thought that I would make a thread to share some thoughts on the game. Personally, I think the NBA's version of the All Star Game is a huge waste of time. Although most All Star games are the same way, at least other professional sports All Star games have some ...05 hours 38 min ago
03G Capital - Kraft Hines UnileverI started digging into 3G with the news of Kraft Hinez proposing a Unilever takeover, and I was wondering if anyone had any insight into the nature of their capital - namely media reports always portray 3G as a PE firm, but compared to a traditional PE firm - say Bain, their strategy seems to be muc...15 hours 43 min ago
01st year Analyst - any teams do this?Hi, I will keep this nice and short but I hope that someone will provide some insight. 1. I am in a MO role that turned out not to be fulfilling. I joined Compliance thinking I would be working as a regulator/representing the bank to officials but that is not the case. There is an opportunity in ...16 hours 19 min ago
0CORNELL Johnson MBA TECHHi all, i am currently looking at the MBA from Cornell. I stumbled across the 1 year program in new york city. I was wondering if anybody knows anything about the program. I am looking at - the average GMAT - UG grades - Background I am currently working for Deloitte Digital in Montreal Can...36 hours 29 min ago
+4Could the banks halve their London work force due to Brexit?A lot of these articles have been coming out where banks in London are considering moving a large amount of jobs into the EU away from L...436 hours 33 min ago
0Oxford Said v Cornell JohnsonWould you recommend Oxford Said or Cornell Johnson for someone who is looking into getting into management consulting? International Prestige and Cost have got me wondering which would be best....36 hours 35 min ago
+2Moelis Wins Role in Saudi Aramco IPOI didn't see this on WSO so I figured we could start a discussion around it. Moelis & Co has apparently been chosen to be *the* adviser for Saudi Aramco in its IPO. [Saudi Aramco IPO]( For those that are in Investment Ba...166 hours 36 min ago
+13How much money have you saved?I'm 25, and I feel like I have hardly any money saved. I'm looking at going to b-school soon, and will definitely have to take out loans. I don't think that's surprising, but it just got me thinking about how much is normal to have accumulated at this point in my life. Also, how are y'all investi...1916 hours 51 min ago
+14How to succeed post 20'sIn my early 20s, I really believed that in order to succeed all you need is work really hard. You gotta be gritty to succeed. You gotta put in long hours to be successful. You gotta be very good at technical things and establish yourself as a thought leader in particular domain. I don't think all of...176 hours 52 min ago
0Webinar: Real Estate Private Equity - Industry Overview -- 130pm ET, 2/27/17WEBINAR DESCRIPTION On Monday February 27th, 1:30 pm EST Wall Street Mentor JP will be hosting a webinar entitled "Real Estate Private Equity - Industry Overview", with a q&a session to follow. JP is an industry veteran with experience in Private Equity. WATCH HERE Add to your calendar. ...06 hours 53 min ago
+13AMA: I grew up in Consulting and reinvented my brand 3 timesHappy to answer any questions about how to decide if consulting is right for you, day in the life type questions, how to build a long term, fulfilling career in consulting, and if you are in consulting how to gain experiences without pigeon holing yourself, as well as build a case for promotion. Bel...347 hours 57 min ago
+12016 League Tables for BBs by Industry. Guess who is #1?Saw this online (FT). Ranked in terms of fees earned in 2016. Thoughts? Anything surprising? For me, JPM seems to have a top presence in many different industries. Didn't know that they were a top energy bank. Category - Bank Financials = Morgan Stanley High Technology = JP Morgan Energy and ...98 hours 44 min ago
0Investment Banking in AsiaHello monkeys, Any opinions/takeaways about investment banking in Asia? Here's what I know about it: Hong Kong: Usually takes analysts from top US/UK universities, although I heard recently they're taking grads from top local and Asia schools. Hires mostly from its summer class. Works...08 hours 45 min ago
0First year Business student seeking adviceHello, firstly i'd like to introduce myself to the forum as an eager university student looking to make it in the banking and finance sector. Currently i am doing business degree at a Russell group university in England and achieved A* A* A at A-level. What can i do to further my chances in the fin...28 hours 57 min ago
0A Little Flashback: Nokia 3310Hello monkeys, How many of you remember using these phones? Generation X bankers, I'm looking at you! Did you use these to text other traders about your stock pick, or call home to let your family know you're going home late? ![The Nokia 3310][The Nokia 3310] If yes, great news: [Nokia is ...09 hours 55 min ago
0Millions or (nearly) bustHi Guys, my story will probably sound weird to you, but here it goes: I'm 43 with more than 15 years of investment advisory experience. Last year, when I was recently laid off of my brokerage job, a friend came to me. He was starting a company with another partner, and if I wanted to join. On paper...210 hours 56 min ago
0My Series 79 experience 3 week experienceThe nightmare is over. The last 3 weeks have been somehow different, I had to take on and prepare for the wannabe banker hatable license. I am pretty sure that all those practice question led me to dream of exotic off-shore beaches in which a diverse international crowd would meet up to issue offe...111 hours 45 min ago
+1SHl numerical reasoning test answersHello I found one original shl test with answers, could somebody check the answers? I think all is true, but I don't know. ...111 hours 46 min ago
0Company Compensation: BCG011 hours 56 min ago
+4365 Days of Success StoriesI spend some of my free time on WSO browsing the different forums and reading other people's success stories. I am always motivated to do something better with myself, but I know it's not always so easy. Success is sometimes in 1 day or more than 365 days. Usually the latter. So I decided to ...712 hours 45 sec ago
0S&T Summer Intern Clothing GuideAfter a 2 months pause, Levered Hedge is back. Recruiting is pretty much all over and focus has turned to preparing for summer internships. One of the main concerns of every intern is in the attire arena, as for many this may be the first time you have to dress for a business environment for an exte...2312 hours 6 min ago
0Breaking Into Trading / StratsI'm looking to move from tech to the financial industry and I've been recommended to go down the trading and/or strats route. I have a quantitative bachelor degree and am studying for my masters in computer science/software engineering (both UK targets) while working full time at a well known tec...112 hours 37 min ago
0Do any consultancy firms do this?Hi, I will keep this nice and short but I hope that someone will provide some insight. 1. I am in a MO role that turned out not to be fulfilling. I joined Compliance thinking I would be working as a regulator/representing the bank to officials but that is not the case. There is an opportunity in ...012 hours 55 min ago
01st year Analyst new career direction - HELP?Hi, I will keep this nice and short but I hope that someone will provide some insight. 1. I am in a MO role that turned out not to be fulfilling. I joined Compliance thinking I would be working as a regulator/representing the bank to officials but that is not the case. There is an opportunity in ...012 hours 56 min ago
+4Will We Ever See Another Sports Year Like 2016-2017?What a year! First off, we had the Cavaliers overcome a 3-1 deficit in the finals to a 73 win team. Such a remarkable feat that is almost unbelievable. Next, we had the Cubs overcome a 3-1 deficit to the Indians. A great series to watch, even for non-baseball fans. After that, we had Clemsons comeba...2813 hours 48 min ago
0Buyside Equity Research Internship for an Insurance Company to IBD?Can an intern experience in the investment management arm of an insurance company help when recruiting for banking internships? ...1114 hours 6 min ago
0Source for annual TSR dataI have a list of energy companies that I'm trying to benchmark, and need a data source that provides total shareholder return (TSR) info by year for the past 5 years. It's too much work to calculate it myself, since I have 20+ companies. Also, I may need to do this again, for a different set of comp...014 hours 33 min ago
0New to corporate M&A, any advice?Hi guys, I come from a foreign corporate who wants to explore M&A opportunities in the U.S. I'm new to corporate M&A, my previous experience are in real estate investment and general management. Do you have any advice for me in terms of training I should take or organizations I should join? ...214 hours 48 min ago
+19AMA - Analyst at Top PE Fund (TPG, KKR, BX, OAK, Carlyle, APO)Hi everyone! Long term user, but new account here to preserve my anonymity. I'm currently a private equity analyst at one of the funds in the topic title. As some of our processes are slowing down, I wanted to check back into the forum and give back to the community. I still remember when I was a...13114 hours 49 min ago
+4Choice of cologne?What is your choice of cologne? I personally fancy Jo malone blackberry & bay with a note of Oud & Bergamot. I know jo malone is unisex product but i dont see many men wearing it. is it gay for a guy to sport that shit?...6114 hours 52 min ago
0Microfinance to Corporate bankingHelp WSO avoid duplicate content! If we find content that's related or similar to what you're posting it will be listed below. Hover over topic get a preview or click through to read....414 hours 56 min ago
0reference dataType keywords and select the ones that pop up. Please don't create new tags unless there really isn't a relevant one that comes up once you start typing. Thanks!...614 hours 58 min ago
0Exploding offer Help!?!Type keywords and select the ones that pop up. Please don't create new tags unless there really isn't a relevant one that comes up once you start typing. Thanks!...1214 hours 58 min ago
0Recruiting AgenciesHelp WSO avoid duplicate content! If we find content that's related or similar to what you're posting it will be listed below. Hover over topic get a preview or click through to read....014 hours 59 min ago
0non traditional lenderHelp WSO avoid duplicate content! If we find content that's related or similar to what you're posting it will be listed below. Hover over topic get a preview or click through to read....214 hours 59 min ago
08 months unemployment.closed.-Help WSO avoid duplicate content! If we find content that's related or similar to what you're posting it will be listed below. Hover over topic get a preview or click through to read....2115 hours 1 min ago
0segments in corporate bankingsHelp WSO avoid duplicate content! If we find content that's related or similar to what you're posting it will be listed below. Hover over topic get a preview or click through to read. ...415 hours 1 min ago
0Company Compensation: Capital One Financial016 hours 7 min ago
0Webinar: Real Estate Webinar - Multifamily Sector -- 7pm ET, 2/26/17WEBINAR DESCRIPTION On Sunday February 26th, 7:00 pm EST Wall Street Mentor Aaron will be hosting a webinar entitled "Real Estate Webinar - Multifamily Sector", with a q&a session to follow. Aaron is an industry veteran with experience in real estate. In the presentation he will talk about unders...216 hours 8 min ago
0Funds of Funds and Secondary Fund questionHi all, I recently received an interview question at a PE interview, the interviewer asked me if I was working in a Funds of Funds and is looking to invest into GPs, what are the factors (issues) / general framework that I should be considerating before making that investment? Also, if i was ...416 hours 18 min ago
+3No Bonuses (Lower Bucket) at GoldmanGoldman just denied bonuses for the lower bucket IB performers (100 total). Tough times for some, especially since bonuses are the bloodline and a huge motivator for many financial service workers. Since the qty is so small is this even worth discussing? Do you think it's likely we will see ...2216 hours 27 min ago
0Current PE FoF Analyst. Looking to break into IB. Advice? Currently second year analyst at PE FOF. Looking to break into IB but it's been rather tough. I got interviews before graduating but none turned into FT offers. I've applied and been leveraging my network but haven't had any success. I've been keeping up with my modeling skills by working on valuati...016 hours 29 min ago


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