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0Own startup during VC/PEOut of curiosity, Is working on your own startup outside of work times acceptable if you work for a PE/VC firm? Thank you for any insight :)...25 min 32 sec ago
0Easiest way to get "in" in the NYC region?Hey all, I'm sure I've contacted most of you by PM in the past. I'm trying to figure out the best way to get into real estate, specially valuation, undertaking, acquisitions, etc. I currently work in middle office at a BB. Would looking into a big shop (CBRE, JLL, CushWake) make the most se...156 min 4 sec ago
0Why did PE and VC get wrapped together?PE and VC, while in theory similar, operate under a completely separate set of rules. I liked having them separate......617 min 32 sec ago
+17Stay positiveHello folks, I would like to share my story a little bit for those who felt beaten up by the recruiting season. I was born and raised in a very underdeveloped city in China. I remembered the ranking, the GDP of my province is the second or third lowest in China. Although I went to relatively g...1721 min 1 sec ago
0Equity Research, Toronto - Please Critique My ResumeHello everyone, I just finished writing my resume. I am trying to break into Equity Research (particularly in mining) in Toronto. I created this thread to ask if you could look over my resume and give me feedback. I understand most of you have busy schedules, so any type of criticism would be gr...1530 min 58 sec ago
0Global macro recruiting - a primerThis post is a summary of my extensive job search in the global macro/asset allocation space. I intend it to be a primer for newbies interested in the space but, no doubt, experienced people will also relate to it; as will those recruiting in the HF/AM space, more generally. Please feel free to comm...231 min 44 sec ago
0Admission chances for FinanceI have a CGPA of 6.95/7.00 in Bachelors of Commerce(Financial Markets) from University of Mumbai,India. My GRE score is 317(Q:165, V:152) and IELTS 7.5. I have one internship of 1 month and I am currently working in my family business.(since 2 months). Will my low verbal GRE score be a deterrent? ...132 min 27 sec ago
0M&A podcast?Hi all, any suggestions on podcasts? Out of resource to listen to while driving to school in the morning....733 min 53 sec ago
0King of Hong Kong: GS vs MSNew user here. Which bulge bracket investment bank is best in Asia/China? I've read somewhere that UBS is pretty good, but are GS/MS still tops? Which is better? ...334 min 14 sec ago
0Bond Basis TradingIs there anything to do in this? A few years ago during Fed QE seems net basis was close to 0 but slightly positive, as the switch option was worthless due to CTD mostly entrenched as lowest duration issue in deliv supply. Low vol reduced value of any timing (e.g. wild card) option as well. But w...038 min 17 sec ago
0IB in 2016/17 - Recession?Hey all, I'm set to graduate in 2017 and recently accepted an SA offer. However, having seen the turmoil in the global public markets recently, I'm a bit concerned about how the economy will look in the next year or two before I graduate. Do any insiders who work in BB SA have thoughts on how de...638 min 33 sec ago
0Admitted to HBS, not sure if I should go. What would I do with it? Hi there, o primate council! So as the title suggests, I've been admitted to the holiest of holy. But now as I'm thinking and reading more about it, I'm more and more disillusioned with the idea of getting an MBA at all. I work for an MBB consulting firm in a developing country (not India/Chi...140 min 22 sec ago
0Public Finance Analyst - What do you do on the Job?Hey Guys, I am curious as to what to expect from a public finance interview. Additionally, I am curious to learn how PF is as a career as I come from an M&A boutique and am curious to learn more about what PF is all about. I have read the PF MI stuff but are you primarily working in DBC and d...1348 min 3 sec ago
0Company Compensation: Northrop Grumman Corporation052 min 1 sec ago
+2J.P. Morgan Junior IB Analyst ProgramDoes anyone have any insight into this program: Says it is a one-year contract, while the typical role would be for two....64056 min 59 sec ago
0BB PWM MD tells me to apply for internship even though I'm not even qualified for it?!Hello everyone. I am in the need of some advice. I am a freshman at an Ivy and I have been cold emailing PWM around NYC. 3 weeks ago I got a reply from a BB PWM MD who went to college near my school. We had a meeting in NYC and he mentioned that he'll look out for me but he wasn't sure about how HR ...259 min 13 sec ago
0Why Investment Banking and THEN PE?Hey guys, Mainly just a lurker around here but I have a question. As I've somewhat familiarized myself with IB, it seems a lot get in as an analyst and then hope for a PE opportunity (not all, I get that). My questions is: why not just try to start with a PE firm, or try to become an associate at...81 hour 1 min ago
0BB MD tells me to apply for internship even though I'm not even qualified for it?!Hello everyone. I am in the need of some advice. I am a freshman at an Ivy and I have been cold emailing PWM around NYC. 3 weeks ago I got a reply from a BB PWM MD who went to college near my school. We had a meeting in NYC and he mentioned that he'll look out for me but he wasn't sure about how HR ...01 hour 1 min ago
0background check status change My background check cleared in December and I got the "preliminary approval" for the online status. HR also informed me that I passed background. When I checked again yesterday, the status is now back to "in progress" again. What could be happening? Should I be concerned?...01 hour 2 min ago
0Unpaid Internships and Background ChecksI signed an offer to be an IB SA at a large MM bank about a month ago. My work experiences from my freshman and sophomore summers were both unpaid, therefore I can't produce W2s or 1099s. I do have good references for each job, that if called, will confirm that I in fact worked where I said I did, w...11 hour 3 min ago
+5Voting for Bernie Sanders? Working at MegafundWe're here to make money. Anyone who says otherwise on WSO is a liar. Let's be real. That's why I got into finance initially. I've eventually learned to love the work and read about companies. I worked at BB firm and now am at a Megafund. Compensation really isn't my main concern now. I get over...1491 hour 6 min ago
0HSBC 2016 Hiring Freeze affecting graduate jobs? "HSBC Holdings Plc will impose a hiring and pay freeze this year as part of its drive to cut as much as $5 billion in costs by the end of 2017." Does anyone know if this will this ...71 hour 11 min ago
0Dilution of the CFA?As I'm seeing more and more of my colleagues and friends sit for the CFA, I have to ask myself, is its value slowly being eroded every year? Last year alone saw over 100,000 candidates sit for Level I. Granted only ~47% passed and an even smaller fraction will go on to actually receive their cert...21 hour 15 min ago
0Harvard vs Oxford (Undergrad) Would love to hear your advice!I was accepted by both the University of Oxford and Harvard University (Restrictive Early-Action) recently. And I would love to hear your advice on which institution to choose from. Tuition: * Harvard costs $65,000 a year + four years = $260,000 (No Financial Aid) * Oxford costs $50,000 a year ...271 hour 21 min ago
0Please just some quick insight if master in finance is necessary? Graduating this spring with a BS in accounting. Really do not have interest in accounting, finance interests me more; but did not prepare to give myself an opportunity at a finance job(no internships etc.). Would a masters in finance be a good way to get one more years of education but more importan...11 hour 29 min ago
0Have Unicorns Lost Their Magic?From an article in The Economist magazine on November 28th, 2015 titled The Rise and Fall of the Unicorns. Valuations for private technology firms are increasing at a slower rate compared to six months ago. Analyst Fred Giuffrida, at Horsley Bridge, says that [quote]the valuations in late-stage...11 hour 37 min ago
+17Wharton MBA bound: things I wish I'd known during the app processHello all, I'm new to this forum but thought I'd kick things off by trying to offer any advice I can on aspiring b-school applicants preparing for the fall 2016-17 application cycle. Background I did consulting at a boutique for several years, was dinged w no interview at HBS, and interviewed ...181 hour 42 min ago
0MBA ProgramHi everyone, This is my first post on the site, but I have been reading the blogs for a while now. I have a questions in regards to which MBA program I should choose, if I am accepted. I have been invited to interview at several MBA programs and want to make sure I pick the right one that will hel...161 hour 43 min ago
+6WSO Campus Representative Program WSO is now accepting applications to be a Campus Rep at your university for the second semester of the 2015-16 school year. We currently have 52 reps signed up but would love to add 15-20 more. We are looking for motivated students with a solid work ethic and strong presentation/communication s...1291 hour 47 min ago
0Corporate banking exit opsI was wondering what people consider standard exit ops for corporate banking? I've worked as a corporate banking role for a little under two years. I've always found the idea of going to private debt fund intriguing, but didn't know if they were as selective as PE funds (I.E. IB or bust). Thanks...01 hour 50 min ago
0Getting To New York I'm just looking for a little advice on where to put my main focus over the coming months. I am graduating this spring from the University of Florida with a degree in finance and a dream of ending up in New York. Throughout undergrad, I was more concerned with working and making money then doing the...01 hour 51 min ago
0Should I quit my job or stay and risk getting fired?Hey guys, I need some guidance on what to do in my situation. I am currently in corporate finance at a Fortune 100 Company. Joined the company 5 years ago and my current team about 1.5 year ago. At first, it sounded like a great opportunity and for the most part, I like the people I work with. But I...21 hour 51 min ago
+7AMA: I'm an Agricultural Commodities TraderI'm a senior trader with 8 years of experience in the ag markets. I currently trade physicals only but have traded futures and options to a small extent in the past as part of my hedge book. I have experience in grains and a wide variety of other ag byproduct commodities. Feel free to ask me anythin...1221 hour 51 min ago
0Stragetic Layoffs at PwC Advisory USAll, I was member within PwC Advisory, was told this week that they are making "strategic layoffs" and was let go the same day. I feel blindsided seeing how all my project reviews were on par or over par. I learned from people that a number of other A, EA, SAs were let go to lower headcount ...11 hour 52 min ago
0II Analyst RankingsMaybe I'm a total idiot, but for some reason I can't find Analyst rankings on Institutional Investor. Do you have to have a paid subscription or something. Could someone link me to the place where you can look an analyst up? Thanks so much!...01 hour 59 min ago
0OC&C in the USIs anyone familiar with OC&C? I know that they are quite strong in Europe, but much smaller in the US - does this result in a large difference in the type/quality of the work that they get in the US? Any other thoughts about the company would be appreciated too, thanks!...12 hours 4 min ago
0Company Interview: Wells Fargo Securities02 hours 7 min ago
0Join the WSO Resume Review Team We are looking to add several Resume Reviewers to the WSO Resume Review team. Requirements: At least 1 year of professional experience in Investment Banking or other financial field, IB and/or PE background preferred Previous experience screening resumes, experience with IB resumes prefe...172 hours 14 min ago
+5Official Super Bowl 50 threadalright monkeys, it's that time again. being the south, I'm surrounded by Panthers fans, both legitimate and bandwagon, and after their showing yesterday, it's hard to deny their charm & talent. To make this interesting, I want people to make some bold predictions (a la Trey Wingo), and finally a...852 hours 16 min ago
+7I went> B4 Audit> B4 CF > IB: Ask me anythingAs a lot of people ask about these things then I thought I'd make an AMA: I work in London and I made that much sought after career jump that started in Big Four audit and ended up in IB (Debt Capital Markets) at a boutique with a stopover at Big Four CF in between. If you have any questions...392 hours 20 min ago
+4Can we get a STICKY for our RE board for a) Underwriting models to be posted/shared; b) Current salary comps across industryWhat do you guys think? This would be very useful to many of us....532 hours 23 min ago
0Alternative routes into PEAside from IB (and people who do PE right out of undergrad) where do the most private equity people come from? Is corporate development the next most common transition?...172 hours 23 min ago
0Mars & Co Email FormatI'm trying to cold email someone at Mars & Co. Does anyone know what their email format is? (e.g., [email protected]) Thanks!...22 hours 37 min ago
0Company Interview: Deutsche Bank02 hours 38 min ago
0Deutsche Bank - Is this the end?Hey All Just opening this thread to ask what do you guys think and have heard or read about the massive drop in the price over the last weeks. People are afraid that the bank may fall short of its regulatory obligations and either trigger the CoCos or do a capital raise. John Cryan has denied all...02 hours 39 min ago
0Working as a Prime BrokerHi, I originally posted this in the IB forum but I think its better fit for here since a lot of hedge fund guys seem to interact with prime brokers. Basically I've been researching different finance jobs, and I think prime brokerage might be a good fit for me. So I was wondering if anyone could g...02 hours 42 min ago
+3Gravitational Waves Discovered - Einstein's last prediction of general relativity finally proven. Discovery of the century.Today, the discovery of gravitational waves was confirmed by scientists. They were discovered during the collision of two massive black holes billions of years ago (which we are only witnessing now since this happened billions of light years away). Educate yourselves, monkeys: https://www.yout...52 hours 51 min ago
0For a career changer in Canada, is it worth pursuing your CFA and trying to get a Research Associate position, or not worth it?It's just the lack of jobs out there scares me. What do you think? ...23 hours 17 min ago
0What happens to departing 2nd year Analysts?Say you're a 2nd year Analyst at a BB or MM with no buyside job lined up, no 3rd year / associate promotion, and your 2 years are up. Where do most of these guys go if they want to stay in the industry and DON'T want to go the MBA route? Is the natural progression to find another bank and hope...63 hours 22 min ago
0Company Compensation: Ernst & Young LLP03 hours 28 min ago
0CFA vs Financial Modeling/practical courses during summer before MSF?My goal is to break into ib/big 4 cf. I'm contemplating either taking CFA level 1 in summer or mastering FM. My question is how beneficial is CFA for ib/non am recruiting? Should I take the CFA in summer to give that time to focus on FM? Thank...13 hours 29 min ago
0Biotech ER - Who prefers PhD to MBA/CFA?Been lurking a while to get my bearings, but finally have a questions that I don't think is redundant. I have a PhD in Neuroscience/Pharmacology from a top 20 medical center and have been doing postdoc science research at a top Ivy for 5 years. I want to transition into biotech ER, and have been wor...113 hours 35 min ago
0Google M&A Finance, what is it?What does Google M&A Finance do? I noticed on LinkedIn that a lot of ex-big4 TS people seem to work there. Is M&A Finance same as Corporate Development?...03 hours 36 min ago
0Company Interview: T3 Trading Group03 hours 48 min ago
+1Economics Major Big 10 School...03 hours 49 min ago
0Company Compensation: HSBC03 hours 56 min ago
0Goldman Sachs Application Developer job titlesHi I am recently considering a development role in Goldman Sachs. I have heard that Goldman Sachs maintains an internal job title and an external title for developers. The internal titles ranges from AD01, AD02 and AD03. The external titles are similar to the rest of the American banks: Analy...03 hours 57 min ago
+11Impact Investing 101: Trainings I wish I had known about in Business SchoolI went to London Business School primarily to transition from working for the Clinton Foundation to a job in impact investing. At London Business School, I used a variety of resources at my disposal to improve my financial acumen. I built financial models for school assignments, enrolled in extra-...73 hours 58 min ago
0Why is the Yen a safe haven? The tittle pretty much sums it up. The media is reporting a 'Rush to haven' assets, such as gold and the yen. I understand why fear in the markets pushes the price of gold up but why is the haven currency the yen rather than the dollar? ...14 hours 20 min ago
0Best resources for finding Summer Internships for UG?Hey all, Realize I am a little late on this one, but I have applied to 15+ internships already pertaining to the industry. My one gripe with the process is actually finding internship postings. I was using the LinkedIn jobs search feature as well as Indeed to search. Is there anything I'm looking...34 hours 25 min ago
0Global Asset Management Analyst Training Program @ JP MorganHi guys! Does anyone know what the "Global Asset Management Analyst Training Program" for new Private Banking Analyst at JP Morgan consists of? I am curious to know whether or not any of you monkeys have had the opportunity to participate in this program. Also, as for new analyst hires, a...44 hours 41 min ago
0Company Interview: State Street Corporation04 hours 42 min ago
+2Bridger Capital - Secret Society: What do you know?So Martin Shkreli showed up on the radio show "The Breakfast Club" with Charlemagne Tha God. Interviewed pharma-bro and they brought up the secret society "Bridger Capital", the Illuminati of Hedge Funds. Shkreli was shocked that Charlemagne Tha God knew of this group and that he had been invited...84 hours 49 min ago
0Lloyds Banking Group Back-to-Back InterviewDid anyone have Lloyds SA 1st round interview? Is it mostly behavioral or technical questions? Any suggestions on the company? I am trying to research it online, but it would also help to chat with someone who went to their interview before. ...84 hours 49 min ago
0Ivey Value Investing Program - A Substitute for Columbia?Sorry for the length…. I am wondering if anyone out there can shed some light on this/ open a conversation on the topic. For those who are interested in a value investing career, there seem to be two good options. First and most famously there is the Value Investing Program at Columbia. Ob...24 hours 59 min ago
0kingshuk05 hours 1 min ago
0Banks who recruit lateI started pursuing internships a bit too late - I'm a junior and wasn't totally sure what I wanted to do. Either way, I'm doing everything I can to try and land a summer analyst internship but a good amount of firms I've been able to get in touch with have come back saying they're done recruitin...65 hours 8 min ago
0BlackRock 2016 SA superdayDid anyone hear back about superday? I interviewed with BLK last Thursday via OCR and still haven't heard back. ...125 hours 14 min ago
+3AMA: Restructuring Analyst at Top BBHi all, happy to answer London-specific questions on recruiting. Long-time WSO user, created a new account for this AMA. I got a lot of help from this forum during my recruiting process and I owe a lot to WSO. Wanted to try and give back by offering some insight into recruiting, exit opps and genera...305 hours 18 min ago
0RE Buy Side Quarterly Dinner/Drinks - San FranciscoHappy New Year monkeys. As you're reviewing your accomplishments and setting your 2016 goals, I hope you're focusing on improving your network this coming year. One of my goals for this year is to improve relationships and share knowledge with fellow acquisition, Asset Management, and private ...35 hours 20 min ago


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