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0help a sophomore out!Hello! I am a second year Mathematics Economics major and Environmental Science minor at UCLA. My GPA is along the 3.5. I have never had any experience with banking. I have however completed the bloomberg market concepts online course and have several unrelated work experiences. I am looking for int...03 min 13 sec ago
+64Overview of Infrastructure Private EquityHello WSO, I have been a long time lurker, and this is my first post (or maybe I am one of the top rated authors who decided to make a post anonymously). I have noticed a certain lack of information about infrastructure investing on WSO, and those threads that are created from time to time, are long...596 min 14 sec ago
+1HF office dress codeI started at a hedge fund this month with decent AUM (in a range of $1-5 billion). I am rather surprised to see that the vast majority of the guys prefer semi-formal or business casual unless they have meetings. Is this common across the funds you guys work at?...107 min 29 sec ago
+3Today's Top Bankers on The Street. Who are they?I've recently been reading a bunch of books: M&A Titans, Barbarians at the Gate, Den of Thieves, Predators Ball, Big Deal: 2000 and Beyond, Rainmaker....among others. It has me wondering. Who are today's top bankers? Are there any legends-in-the-making out there currently? Is this question even ...218 min 2 sec ago
+2Guggenheim Santa Monica LA vs RBC Capital Markets NYTrying to make a decision. Does anyone have any perspective on these two groups in terms of summer experience as well as exit opps?...614 min 3 sec ago
0Ground Up Multifamily Development - TimelineDoesn't need to be specific to Los Angeles, but for those who are on the development side (emphasis on residential rentals or for-sale), is there a general timeline/blueprint for the development process. Specifically prior to a shovel going into the dirt. Also, for those currently working deve...120 min 7 sec ago
+1Wharton Undergrad Starting SalaryHow much do undergrads from Wharton making starting off? (like a 1st year analyst); what about Penn's dual degree Management and Technology program?...1326 min 51 sec ago
0100 Things worth every pennyA bit of a slow day in the office: was reading through the Luxxotica acquisition article in WSJ and somehow managed to come across the article above. Mind you, the Forbes article is from 1999. It's amazing how many things have stood the test of time. Sure, some of the tech-y things have evolve...339 min 28 sec ago
0IBD analysts how long is your commute?Soon to be an IBD analyst at a BB - my parents place is a 45minute commute from the office and would cost around $120 a week to commute. Is this an acceptable commute considering the long hours or should I look to rent a place near the office? How long is your commute? To those living nearby is t...445 min ago
+1What exactly do banking interns do?I've started working at a boutique bank, and most of the work I do is making powerpoint slides, nothing too hard. I'm just a sophomore, so I know there's probably a ton of stuff that they're not letting me do since I'm not knowledgable enough. So I'm wondering, what does a junior year BB summer ...4045 min 33 sec ago
0Picking between a bunch of schools for Investment Banking.This question comes up all the time, based off the extensive research that I have done on this site. But I was wondering which undergraduate school, out of my options, would the best for me to go to in order to have a career in Investment Banking. All of these schools I have been accepted to and alr...245 min 52 sec ago
+2Is Investment Banking Boring?Mind you I'm in ops of a totally different dept but it seems like IBD is boring. Would much rather do ER/AM/S&T/ etc....3146 min 49 sec ago
+1MBA Associate: Evercore vs. GSHaving a tough time deciding between the two here. Love the culture and everything about Evercore, but I am told by a few unbiased people in finance that turning down GS is not really an option....651 min 9 sec ago
08 Men Wealthier than 3.6 Billion PeopleA report by the international charity Oxfam finds that eight men have as much wealth as the poorest half of the world. [quote] Oxfam said new data from its report “An Economy for the 99%,” shows that between 1988 and 2011, the incomes of the poorest 10% rose by just $3 a year, while incomes o...551 min 21 sec ago
+3Is IU-Kelley a target school?Undergraduate (Finance) Regardless IU-Bloomington's overall ranking in the nation, I have heard great things about Kelley as it's one of the most valued and highly reputable for employers. Would that all be true? How about their professors and teaching staff, teaching methods, internship programs...2257 min ago
0for equity traders - how do you decide which broker to trade with?I am not a trader but I am very interested in how trading works. Would anyone kindly share their insights? There are so many brokers in the street, how do you decide which one you trade with? The broker you have your custodian with? Or does it depend on the stock? Thanks!...01 hour 1 min ago
0Trimming work experience from resumeHi I am a software developer currently working in the Finance industry. I am thinking about trimming the work experience section of my resume because 1) the work duty of my previous jobs are very different from what I am currently doing, so they might not be relevant anymore and 2) I have reached th...11 hour 3 min ago
+1Find a Flaw in this logic-Commercial Real EstateI am thinking of accepting an offer for a smaller commercial real estate firm which has some reach but not an overly developed platform for the asset class I am going in to. I am transitioning from 2 years of experience in a real estate related field and will be a broker for this company, this is al...81 hour 7 min ago
0Take GMAT/GRE Senior Year in a Non-IB PathI'm going into the final semester of my senior year. I'm fortunate enough to have secured an analyst role that is quite niche but a great fit for me. My course load is light so I'm considering studying for and taking the GMAT or possibly the GRE. However I'm not sure it's worth my time. I don't ...01 hour 10 min ago
+1How you can get multiple job offers before you graduateHi all, figured I'd share my story to those struggling to get an internship or FT offer. Hope you all find some value in my post. These are the major keys that helped me land multiple offers despite coming from a community college and only having experience as a retail clothing sales associate wh...21 hour 20 min ago
+1Young HF Analyst, What Should I Do Next?After reaching a certain level of maturity and finding myself with the choice of what I should do next with my life, I come to the anonymous WSO community for different perspectives, thoughts, or advice. I have been very fortunate throughout my life. From humble beginnings, I obtained a part sch...61 hour 24 min ago
+5Lonely and Unhappy - NYC Hey guys, A bit of a long post, but would appreciate any advice. For the last 5 months or so, I've been feeling extremely lonely and unhappy, specifically at the end of my summer internship and also going through a really bad breakup right after. I guess nothing really hit me until after the inte...331 hour 37 min ago
0Question about CRE Lending compensation for Life CoHey all, I am curious as to the typical compensation in CRE Lending for a well-known life company. I was told for a first year analyst, 70k + 7.5-10 signing + 18-25k year-end bonus as considered good. I was wondering how this stacks up to bulge brackets as well?...11 hour 37 min ago
0What is the daily life like for a family office?I currently work at a long-only HF within a large institutional AM firm and have been since graduating university. However I noticed most of the work I am doing revolves around client/compliance work and understanding investment decisions rather than *making* them, despite working directly under PMs...01 hour 57 min ago
+1McKinsey vs staying in IBDHi folks I am currently a 2nd year IBD analyst at an investment bank and am thinking about moving to management consulting. There's now an opp at McKinsey, but HR told me that I will need to start as 2016 or 2017 class (basically wipe out my banking years). I've been debating back and forth for d...52 hours 1 min ago
+3Summer 2018 PE Recruiting has begunGood luck to all you monkeys - may the best chimp win Who has received interview requests so far? ...382 hours 2 min ago
0Electricity/Energy trading vs. Market makingHi WSO. I have received three offers. One is energy trading role with a company that is nation owned and the other two are for market making roles. I just curious as to which i should pick. Base salaries are all the same more or less. I am more curious about future doors that open and close d...32 hours 12 min ago
+1LBO Model question1. In an LBO deal, do we have to use the target's cash on hand as a source? Say if target has $2MM cash on it's BS and Sponsor is contributing $20MM in Equity, do we include the cash on hand as extra source or the Sponsor's equity includes the $2MM? 2. A hypothetical deal has the following struct...102 hours 28 min ago
0New to forumHi all, Looking for a roommate in NYC. Work in ER so my transfer came at an off-recruitment time. Hopefully looking in Manhattan, most areas south of Harlem are fine for commute....02 hours 37 min ago
+1WSO: What Do You Hate and/or Love?Dearest Fellow Primates...I feel like it's time for another assessment on WSO and hear from you where you think we should be focusing our efforts the most. Before we talk about where we should go, let's recap what we have done recently: #### New Server & Software This past Saturday we upgraded...102 hours 41 min ago
0Salaries in Asset ManagementI am a Product Manager in the tech industry (silicon valley) with a base salary of 170K and all in compensation of 200K. I am looking into move into Asset Management post my MBA. I am particularly interested in finance post-MBA but I am curious about the salaries in asset management. Equity resea...52 hours 49 min ago
0What do I need to get a Research Associate Real Estate position - and what actual skills do I need?I'm graduating soon with a liberal arts degree and looking for a job so that, come graduation, I'm not out on my ass with nothing to my name but a dirty smile and this bittersweet piece of paper. To be frank, I'm tired of being a poor arts student and I've always dallied with the idea of getting int...02 hours 56 min ago
0movies vs. realityOkay so I need some help. For those of you in the S&T side of things, are things as crazy as The Wolf of Wallstreet/The Buy Side make it seem? Because I find that craziness making S&T very unattractive to me personally. ...02 hours 59 min ago
+6Has Obama Rescued the US Economy?With Obama’s presidency ending in a couple of days, I recently read an an interesting article by Martin Wolf who argued Barack Obama did his best in rescuing the US economy and argues that Obama laid a strong foundation for the United States economy considering the Great Recession was the worst ec...543 hours 10 min ago
+9Trump Business Plan Donald Trump has finally released his plans for his business empire. Trump announced that he would turn over complete control to his sons as well as divert any foreign hotel revenue earned into the US Treasury. Trump was quoted as saying: [quote] Over the weekend I was offered $2 billion to do...1733 hours 17 min ago
0Company Interview: Oasis Consumer Healthcare03 hours 26 min ago
+4Your worst work experiences Curious to hear some of your stories with firms in your career in the RE industry. I'm sure a lot of you had worked at small firms where it might have been a cluster fuck or you got hoodwinked into a position that wasn't what you thought it was....463 hours 27 min ago
0Oasis Consumer HealthcareStart-up Biotech company based out of Cleveland. ...03 hours 45 min ago
+7Golf Etiquette and Unspoken Rules of the GameTo continue on my golf series I got a pm from a user asking to do a thread on etiquette and other things that have an effect on the game. ### Clothing This one is fairly simple and the cost can be as high as you'd like it to be. For me, I'm a big ashworth guy so their shorts and shirts are usu...553 hours 48 min ago
+13What the f*ck have I done with my life??Here I am, two months shy of my 40th birthday, and my husband and I are buying a condo in downtown Austin which feels like a total admission of failure. How can I convince him to hang onto a shred of ambition so we can stay in New York, or even Paris, or convince him to switch professions so I don't...773 hours 55 min ago
+4The Best Sector, Asset Class, or investment idea for 2017 (that WSO didn't know existed)Now that it's bonus time for many people, I figured it would be a good time to ask an investment questions. Since the stock pick question has already been taken, I wanted to throw out best Asset Class or Sector. As I enter my thirties, I am starting to have more money than ideas. Besides that, ...103 hours 57 min ago
+5How To Get Cheap (Or Free) GolfAs promised, I have decided to share my knowledge on getting free or cheap golf. ### Country Clubs Most country clubs and private courses are closed one day a week for maintenance. To get free golf I would recommend befriending one of the cart boys or other workers who can get you on the cours...33 hours 58 min ago
0I have 3 job offers, which one to take?Seeking opinions and thoughts here.. I have an offer at **Bloomberg** to work on their Terminal help desk with advancement into advanced help essentially or sales, they call it "analytics" but really customer service from what I read. Pay and hours is unmatched: 40 hours a week for most part and...14 hours 3 min ago
0Nontarget Undergrad, Cold Emailing Follow-Ups - Favorite banana attachedGood evening folks, I'm a sophomore at a liberal arts university in North Carolina and am looking for cold-email advice. I sent out a bunch of emails to boutique investment banks and investment managers and heard back from a few, but I want to get on top of following up. I know to reply to my origi...04 hours 11 min ago
0HELP: Business School convo with head of group at mega fundHi all – I’m having a conversation with the head of my group this week to discuss my career trajectory, and needed some advice on how to message a few things. As background, I’m currently ~6 months into my role as PE associate at a top MF, and have had great year-end reviews in which I have be...04 hours 16 min ago
+1What's your largest professional accomplishment?I was curious what everyone viewed as their largest professional accomplishment? I'm nearing 30 years of age and I have developed a wholistic understanding of what drives the business I work for. I've cut a couple of million in annual operating expense for our parent company recently and I'm no...24 hours 26 min ago
0Associate Lateral / Exit / ??? QuestionsFellow Monkeys, Long time lurker, first post. Worked my way to an MBA programme and was fortunate enough to land a seat in IB coverage group at a place like Jefferies/Wells Fargo/RBC/UBS/DB. Unfortunately, through the placement process, the group I joined is not in an industry of interest. At the...04 hours 27 min ago
+18 Men Are As Rich As 3.6 Billion PeopleA recent report by Oxfam International has found that 8 men are as rich as the poorest 3.6 billion people in the world. These eight include Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Carlos Slim, Michael Bloomberg, Mark Zuckerberg, Amancio Ortega, Larry Ellison, and Jeff Bezos. Together, they own 426 billion dollar...144 hours 28 min ago
+10Should I Be Getting a Divorce Or What?My first post garnered quite a few negative comments, as would be expected when I'm dealing with those in a situation similar to my husband's, defeated in life and ready to jump down the throats of the people you're disappointing. Thanks to those of you who understand what I mean when I say living a...494 hours 32 min ago
0What are people's thoughts on university investment clubs? WIC, PMF, etcI noticed in Canadian universities, these investment clubs seem like a big deal. Here are some links to some: All these investment club analysts got good positions in the investment banking industry, so...34 hours 41 min ago
+3The Art of the (Drunken) DealI'm moving on up, monkeys. Unfortunately I'm not talking about a raise or a promotion, but I was able to snag a new unit 10 floors up in my current building, so now the people across the street who will see me swinging my unclothed dick around after work are a new tier of rich. And I'm not eve...34 hours 44 min ago
0St James Place Wealth Management?Hi guys, just curious if anyone here has heard of SJP? They sound more like a fund of funds though. Just wondering what the exit opps etc are from joining a big wealth manager like these guys?...64 hours 51 min ago
0Switching into IB without professional experience in finance Hi all! I recently graduated from a top 15 liberal arts college with a business journalism degree, several business reporting internships at national news outlets and a full time reporting job at a well-known media company. But I have decided to switch into investment banking because I desire a more...04 hours 54 min ago
0Opinion on Aberdeen Asset ManagementWhat do you guys think of Aberdeen Asset Management, its training program for graduates and overall "prestige"/reputation if my end goal is L/S equity hedge funds? I recently got offered a position in its London equities investment division, and although it is the 2nd largest UK asset manager behind...04 hours 55 min ago
0Pissed off at current job, should i look for a new job or get my personal life in order?I will keep it brief. So I am currently at a BB, working for a particularly horrible manager (in terms of attitude, work load and expectations). I am sick and tired of this job. There are times when I think i should just gtfo and quit, there are other times when i feel i have so little time fo...34 hours 56 min ago
0Couple questions on distressed investing caseI'm working through a distressed case and had a couple questions, figured I'd give it a shot on here. 1. Is a Debtor-in-Possession loan a given even if the company has slightly above breakeven EBITDA, $80M of cash, $40M in interest expenses before I expect them to default on the debt when it com...25 hours 2 min ago
+16PE Recruiting Modeling Exams / Case Studies Group ShareHey guys, I'm currently an analyst at a BB investment bank looking to group share modeling exams and case studies (a mix from the megafunds and middle-market funds) for private equity recruiting. I have a handful I'm happy to share that were passed down to me from previously successful analysts. If ...1475 hours 3 min ago
+1What's the future business model of professional services, (i.e. consulting, accounting, etc.)?Can anyone please share some research, or thought leadership on the future business model and value proposition of professional services such as management consulting, accounting, in specific. The current prevalent model is chargeable hours, whereas in the future, much of the work done today will be...25 hours 6 min ago
0Credit Agricole Corporate & Investment Banking (Coverage)?Can anyone provide some insight on the best groups and culture. I know they are active in debt and infrastructure...was wondering if anyone has anymore insight....15 hours 11 min ago
01/16/17 - Monday @MentionsHappy MLK day WSO! Posts of the Week: WSO Happy Hour: 7:30pm @5th and Mad: The New Year's Edition!, 1/19/2017 Upcoming webinar rewinds on the WSO Frontpage (replays of old webinars you may have missed, free for 24 hours): Real Estate Webinar -- 7pm ET, 1/18/2017 Private Equity Case St...15 hours 18 min ago
0Company Compensation: BlackRock05 hours 26 min ago
+5Goldman Sachs Veterans Integration Program (VIP) 2017Hello all! I didn't see any one mentioning the Goldman Sachs VIP 2017 yet so I will do the honor and start a thread for it. From my understanding, VIP 2016 and the program in the years preceding it had a three stage vetting system: 1.) Phone Interview 2.) Phone Interview with a VP or MD 3.) Su...735 hours 33 min ago
0Answer key to Kaplan GMATI just finished this question exercise(pictured). Google Kaplan practice questions pdf; it is first link. WSO will not let me posts links ,since i am new, but you can easily find it through google. Anyway, In the square box, they promised the answer key and explanation. I clicked the link th...05 hours 33 min ago
0Take home case study questionHey guys, For those of you that have had the pleasure of working on a HF case study , is it worth building a full 3 statement model? The particular company i got is not a balance sheet driven business and I can complete a valuation with an earnings model (Revenue down to EBITDA and FCF) and a deb...115 hours 36 min ago
0Company Compensation: Bank of America Merrill Lynch05 hours 41 min ago
0Company Compensation: Evercore05 hours 55 min ago
0Has shown they are no longer beholden to rsgole went up in error. But given the close proximity of the two release date announcements, we're more inclined to believe this date is real.Although some may cry afoul of Nintendo releasing a game on a Friday, but the company has shown they are no longer beholden to the trademark date as of late. In f...05 hours 56 min ago
+1Can international students get hired?Hey I'm an international student and I'm in my senior year of college (non-target school). I have done one IB internship so far, and I'm just about to start another. However, I know that sponsorships are really hard to get, and my mentor (who's the manager of the company where I do my seco...76 hours 5 min ago
0William and Mary or Virginia Tech's Seed program?What would be a better fit for getting into a finance gig, not limited to just IBD, Willam and Mary or Going through Virginia Tech's $5 million SEED and BASIS program? Chances in regards to corporate finance at a f500?...16 hours 6 min ago
02 Jobs?Would you guys think it's smart to save up my bonuses for 5-6 years, and own a franchise? And retire around 40 if I put the franchise in a large city...06 hours 9 min ago
0Jobs that lead to AMI was wondering if anyone knows of jobs, after undergrad, that can lead into AM? Is it common to break in from a MO or BO position?...06 hours 14 min ago
0Internal Auditing Goldman Sachs SuperdayI got an invitation to go to Internal Auditing New Analyst super day! Any suggestions or experiences that can help me! Thank you so much in advance!...06 hours 26 min ago
0Company Compensation: Goldman Sachs06 hours 28 min ago
+1JP Morgan - Junior Analyst 2017 - Official ThreadThere are far too many non-centralized threads that are hard to find. Let's use this as the official thread for the Junior Analyst role at JP Morgan for 2017. Does pretty much everyone get a video interview? ...246 hours 33 min ago
+1UNIGE Master of arts in international trading, Commodity finance & shippingHey all! Current undergrad student at a target in my country with internship experience in commodities trading. I am looking at my options for when I finish my degree, and am considering various different routes especially seeing as graduate programs (and there are very few openings across the in...136 hours 37 min ago
+1HBS/GSB Long Term Application PrepHey Guys. I was wondering if there was anything you can do over the course of 3 years to meaningfully improve your chances at HBS/GSB. I feel as though I have a good profile, but I am missing something "special". - Harvard Undergrad with Applied Math degree, minor in econ (low GPA - 3.2) - Athl...116 hours 44 min ago
0Company Interview: Houlihan Lokey06 hours 52 min ago
+18A fatalistic view on life: Why most, if not all, of your success is from luckWSO's audience is incredibly motivated and driven to succeed, so I thought I'd reflect on success and the role that luck plays in it. My argument is that a significant portion, if not all, of one's success can be attributed to luck. This has been discussed on this forum before and in books such ...667 hours 9 min ago
+10Interview experience w/ JPM Junior Analyst ProgramSo applications are up! You dont have to reveal actual interview questions. Just wanted to know how youre experience was for 2016 class. As for me, the interviewer seemed more like a gatekeeper from an admission staff. Its like I had the criteria for an interview, but since I came from a "non-trad...1437 hours 15 min ago
0Please chance me at MBAs and exit opp possibilitiesHi All, I went to American University (I know, not great, but I had a full ride) and had a 3.6 GPA in Business. I am white, male from the northeast. I did the following: 1. Two years Audit at Big 4 in mid-atlantic - Won employee of the quarter award - CPA - Worked on carve-out audit of defe...47 hours 32 min ago
+2When will the financial services industry gain the trust of the American people?I was reading this article on The Atlantic in which a finance professor from Booth opined that academic economists' views on the financial sector are too rosy in comparison to the public's mistrust. What is more important and surprising is that the 2016 dated surveys mentioned in the article show th...207 hours 43 min ago
0CBRE Capital Advisors info (UK)hello everyone I appreciate there are some forums on this but a lot of them miss the point or are focussed on the CBRE cap advisors group in the states. I have a super day at CBRE capital advisors in london this coming week and was wondering: 1) if anyone had experience (or knows someone wh...18 hours 11 min ago
0CBRE Capital Advisors (UK)hello everyone I appreciate there are some forums on this but a lot of them miss the point or are focussed on the CBRE cap advisors group in the states. I have a super day at CBRE capital advisors in london this coming week and was wondering: 1) if anyone had experience (or knows someone wh...18 hours 12 min ago
0Opex inflationWhat are everyone's thoughts on where opex inflation is headed going forward? Do y'all think it will track the CPI or will labor costs throw things off? Does anyone have any recommendations on further research?...78 hours 15 min ago
0Career advice/guidance for an undergraduate student Hey guys, I am in need for advise from people with greater insights into the Investment Banking "industry" and the way they recruit. I am an 2nd year Undergraduate student, currently studying finance/management (the most prestigious study in my country) where i am placed in top 15% of my yea...08 hours 30 min ago
0Best IBD Groups at Morgan StanleyHi all, I will be interning at MS this summer for IBD and I have the group selection phase coming up. I am wondering if anyone can comment on the various IBD groups at MS regarding their culture, exit opps, hours, return offer rate, etc. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Also, if ...28 hours 33 min ago
+2AI's Effect on ComplianceRecently read an interesting article regarding the future for those who work in “back office” roles”, especially in compliance. According to this article, big banks, such as HSBC, Deutsche Bank, and JPMorgan, spend well over $1bn a year each on regulatory compliance and controls.Thus, banks ...118 hours 38 min ago
0licenses to work at HF??I've heard you don't need any licenses to work in HF, since the fund is legally considered a single client, regardless of how many partners/investors are in it. Is this correct or am I missing something? ...08 hours 42 min ago
0Pine Brook PartnersDoes anyone have any background on this fund? Looking to understand: 1) Lifestyle 2) Placement into Bschools (H/S/W/other M7) 3) Culture Appreciate any context you could provide- thanks! ...08 hours 57 min ago
+17Ask Natalie from Accepted about Business School AdmissionsWSO is excited to have the experts from Accepted on board to answer applicant questions in the business school forum. Here are messages from Natalie and Jen who will be checking this thread every few days: Natalie I'm here to answer any questions you have regarding Business School Admissions. I ...9478 hours 58 min ago
0Does anyone have governments or public institutions as clients?Hi, I'm currently working with HR to secure a role in FO. I'm particularly interested in working with government/public institutions/NGOs and having them as clients... So helping them financing projects, issuing bonds etc Does anyone recommend any roles/teams/divisions in investment banking, as ...09 hours 13 min ago
0Company Compensation: JPMorgan Chase09 hours 17 min ago
0Msc Finance SSE vs ESADE vs HEC vs Bocconi vs OthersHello guys! I have to choose which Msc Finance programs to apply. I have double citizenship Italian and Spanish and speak fluently both languages. I have a Bsc in Economics from a public italian university (high gpa), one internship in a big4 and 700 at the GMAT. My goal is to get a front office ...09 hours 18 min ago
0Putting future intern positions - too desperate? Just really curious about this. I'm a first year law student (Undergrad, UK) trying to get my foot into IBD/Consulting internships (for first years) and I managed to secure two corporate law internships for later this year. Now as a first year, would it be okay to list these two future legal inte...29 hours 45 min ago
0Investment Banking Interview Success Land an Elite Investment Banking Job... with the Most Comprehensive IB Interview Prep Course in the World. 7,548 questions across 469 investment banks. Crowdsourced from over 430,000 members. And trusted by 20,000 aspiring investment bankers just...09 hours 47 min ago
0What's next for Apple?[Arguable, but not dismissible](; Apple's Golden Age is over, with the Macbook Pro failing to impress and a lack of innovation that Apple has provided, Apple's future just seems so damn bleak. I used to be a pretty hardcore Apple Fanboy, I would ge...39 hours 50 min ago
0GET YOUR PASSPORT DRIVER LICENSE ID CARD AND MANY OTHER DOCUMENTSText +1(701) 335-6804 We offer legit documents such as Passports, driver license , id cards , Visa, social security cards , certificates , diplomas and many other documents and all the documents we produce are legit so if the police pull you over you will have no problem because it is a data ...09 hours 52 min ago
0Essilor to buy Luxottica (makers of Ray Ban and everything else) for $24 Billion [Bloomberg]Here's a video quick 101 on Luxottica. [Here's a Forbes article if you don't feel like watching the video.]( hours 58 min ago
+1Lateraling to Deloitte as a BA?Hey guys, I'm a 2016 grad interested in lateraling to Deloitte as a BA. Don't really care if it's federal or commercial, but it seems that I either have to go through campus recruiting to be a BA or get in at the Consultant level, based on what 2-3 of my contacts have told me, and I don't want t...810 hours 22 min ago
0Appraisal a good place to start?Hello guys, I am currently a sophomore in college interested in mainly Sales and Trading and maybe other IB related fields. I was wondering if a real estate appraisal internship would be a good place to start. I currently do not have any corporate experience at all. However, I don't have many other ...210 hours 22 min ago


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