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SPOTLIGHT: Private Iniquity Rules and FAQsThe goal of Wall Street Oasis' Private Iniquity is to give our users the best possible snapshot of life in private equity, from internships and recruiting to compensation and career progression. Working towards that goal, we've created a Frequently Asked Questions page for Wall Street in general, as...
04 years 6 months ago
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03 hours 47 min ago
Where to move? 1 yr PE Secondaries exp.Hello everyone, Hope you are doing well. I am currently exploring possibilities of the domains where I could move into with a 1 yr PE Fof Secondaries experience. I have networked heavily in the PE Secondaries industry but still no vacancies or they need more exp. in this domain. I have overall 3 yrs...
29 hours 4 min ago
Deutsche Bank (DB) Secondaries / Fund of FundsSo information I have these guys thus far is just what's on their website and funds they have raised (targets/amount raised). Anyone know anything else about these guys? ...
111 hours 53 min ago
Glenmede private investments internshipJust wondering if this would be a good summer internship to position myself for a full time PE role, rather than taking the traditional IBD route. "Investments in Private Equity provide the potential for enhanced returns versus traditional stock and bond portfolios. Glenmede carefully chooses its P...
012 hours 11 min ago
Any small PE firms? And their target school?Hi America! I am from Hong Kong, working as investment in a reinsurance company. And I am looking forward to working in PE industry in the future. I am now planning to get my MBA in USA and try for the summer analyst or summer associate afterwards. I understand as an average-profile foreigner, it is...
1218 hours 58 min ago
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01 day 2 hours ago
Why should sponsor care about previous leverage of target company?Hi guys, I've been thinking about the following issue today: Say you have a company with $100m EBITDA, and you want to LBO it at EV = 10x EBITDA = $1bn. Let's also assume that your (you = the sponsor) maximum Debt/EBITDA ratio is 6x, so you finance the LBO with $600m in debt and $400m in own cash. M...
111 day 9 hours ago
First year compensation at small/mid MM firms?Quick question for those who work(ed) for or received offers from small-to-mid-size MM funds (which I'm defining as roughly $300M - $1B AUM): do you mind sharing your 1st year Associate compensation (ideally broken out by base + bonus)? Have an offer from a fund in this size range but can't quite ga...
51 day 14 hours ago
Historical Returns By Fund SizeMost people in the industry know that a good chunk of funds blow up when they scale up from $100 million to $500 million AUM. I was wondering if there are any studies out there that actually break down historical private equity returns by AUM. Most studies I've seen on historical returns simply brea...
Pokemon Master
12 days 16 hours ago
How does Staffing work in Private Equity?Are there staffers at PE firms? If not, how does it work? ...
42 days 16 hours ago
Reaching out to old acquaintencesFirst year analyst at a BB. I recently took some time off to come home for Thanksgiving. While I'm here I decided to catch up with an associate who used to be in my group; we're from the same area and he joined a local PE shop. I told him I'm in a similar situation in that I'd like to move back to b...
The Deputy
32 days 19 hours ago
Part-Time PE Internships in London - any opportunities? Could anyone come up with a few firms that offer part-time internships in PE (or maybe VC) in London? Right now, I only know of Better Capital that offers such an opportunity for students. Any other places you can think of? Thanks! ...
12 days 19 hours ago
Versa Capital Management?Does anyone have any insight into Versa Capital Management (interview process, culture, reputation, etc)? ...
13 days 7 hours ago
Boston Private Equity FirmsHey Everyone, As I work through my years as an analyst, I'm trying to get real detailed information on some of the private equity groups I plan on applying to in a few months. If anyone has any insight or works at one of the following private equity firms, please shoot me a message or drop a note a...
313 days 17 hours ago
Paycut to go to small buyside firm - advice neededI am a third year analyst at a top MM IB. My goal has always been to pursue a career on a buyside. I have interviewed at various buyside firms throughout my Analyst career. Made it through case studies and to final round interviews at a few places but have not been able to close an offer. However, ...
73 days 18 hours ago
Abraaj GroupIt's been a while since they were discussed on this forum and never really in depth. They continue to grow their fund ($9B currently) and expand their international presence. I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience interacting/recruiting/working for them. I'm currently at a BB on the ...
123 days 20 hours ago
PE case studyHello! I have an upcoming PE case study interview. I have seen many helpful post but no case study to be done in few hours. Any material you can share with me would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! Barry ...
15 days 6 hours ago
Private Equity 101Hi, I am new to private equity and am trying to grasp a couple of the concepts. would appreciate if you could help out. 1) How does a fund work? why is their multiple funds? can't you invest in another company if you still have money left from the fund? 2) I keep on seeing the word "equity check", w...
George Clutney
45 days 17 hours ago
Put yourself in my shoes (BIG 4 TS)Hello Everybody, I am a few years into my stint with BIG 4 TS group in a large SE market. I am at the point in my career here where I feel as if I need to make a move. My question for the group is: What would you do if you were me? Try to break into some form of banking (corporate, IB, etc.), go ...
106 days 9 hours ago
Starting in Private Equity, help on managing deal flow, deal sources, etc.Hey All, Moving to PE as a Director after 12 years in banking. Great opportunity to be 3rd partner in a billion dollar debt fund doing $20M - $200M uni-traunche debt rounds. A lot of my focus will be on managing deal flow pipeline, deal flow sources, mechanics of keeping deals moving through invest...
26 days 10 hours ago


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