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03 months 1 week ago
PE structure/functionI am looking for information on typical structure/functionality of a private equity firm. My specific questions are: 1) Is the management team usually part of the GP i.e. same company or separate company? If separate, is it a partnership usually? 2) Are there board of directors? Who appoints them an...
173 min 47 sec ago
I'm a VP in MM PE, ask me anythingI'm a VP in MM PE, ask me anything. Interview prep questions, industry questions, etc. etc. ...
1051 hour 10 min ago
Retired Kobe Bryant announced his $100M venture capital firmTo start off, I love Kobe Bryant - the guy is a legend. Today, he announced his venture capital firm, called Bryant Stibel, and apparently has been running it along with Jeff Stibel for years. Current investments include sports media website The Players Tribune and legal-services company LegalZoom....
451 hour 29 min ago
Spectrum Equity? Thoughts?What can you guys tell me about Spectrum Equity? Any knowledge would be helpful. ...
Devils Advocate
44 hours 19 min ago
Margin on LIBOR/EURIBOR/etc.I am working on a model an equity research model for a company which has term loans with bullet repayment, and interest rates of "margin (2%) + LIBOR". Does anyone know what LIBOR is correct/most commonly used as base rate, in terms of 1 month, 3 months, etc.? ...
44 hours 27 min ago
First Round at Growth Equity Shop - First Round Phone Screen- Decent sized shop that is agnostic/generalist - Current fund size $500-700MM - 2-3 Associates/class = 4-6 Associates total *Currently a second year consultant recruiting for a 2013 Associate position. What can I expect for this upcoming screen? For following phone interviews? For the super day in ...
14 hours 53 min ago
Ideal Background for Distressed PE?I was curious as to what the ideal background is for those who want to work for a distressed private equity firm? I know many tend to come from restructuring groups (HL, Evercore, etc.), but I was wondering if there were any other backgrounds that would enable you to work for a distressed pe firm? ...
614 hours 47 min ago
Small PE Shop Analyst Role to Middle Market FirmHi all, I landed an analyst role at a TINY (think 4 guys including me) regional PE boutique after grad. The firm does micro deals, the largest I've seen so far is $12M. I've been here a few months, and already a couple red flags have popped up, pushing me to start preparing for an exit in 6-9 months...
323 hours 44 min ago
A Non-Target's Perspective - My MM PE Recruiting Process It's been several weeks now since I received my offer from a top MM PE firm. As several other users can attest to, the PE recruiting process can be an absolute grind. After having had some time to reflect on the entire process, I thought I'd share my experience in the hope that it might answer some ...
291 day 14 hours ago
My Private Equity Recruiting ProcessI am about 3 weeks removed from receiving three PE offers (from MFs and top MM firms), both elated and relieved to be done with such a crazy process. I saw that another user commented saying he'd do a write-up about his experience going through the recruiting process and figured I'd wait to write up...
1091 day 14 hours ago
Tips on how to build a quick LBO?Hey guys - It's been a while since I've posted here, but I've just started working at a top MM boutique and I've begun practicing for buyside opportunities. While I am primarily interest in working at a L/S HF, I wanted to get to get tips on how to build a quick lbo model. I've built some in the pas...
51 day 20 hours ago
Technical PE Interview Question: IPO Share IssuanceAnyone know why in an lbo model with an IPO scenario, the IPO shares issued grossed up by the IPOed %? In other words, I get that if the assumption provided for how much of the company is IPOed is 15%, the share issued would surely be the pre-IPO shares outstanding multiplied by 15%. But then it is ...
11 day 22 hours ago
Private Equity is not necessarily seeking CFAs, individuals with prior experience!XYZ Capital is an investment fund deploying capital across multiple sectors in frontier markets. Currently XYZ's MGL office is inviting individuals to join its local investment team. XYZ is not necessarily seeking CFAs, individuals with prior finance experience or business degrees. Rather, the compa...
102 days 4 hours ago
Anybody know anything about North Bridge Growth Equity?Any insight into culture, associate work, how much % of time is spent on sourcing, pay would be greatly appreciated. There's literally nothing online that I could find about them. Feel free to PM if you want, but posting would be helpful for others. ...
82 days 5 hours ago
Norwest Venture Partners Growth Equity InterviewAnyone have info on interview for Growth Equity at Norwest? Happy to revert back once process is complete. ...
12 days 5 hours ago
Tier 2 consultant preparing for PE interview with MegafundHello, I am a consultant with a tier 2 consulting firm, perhaps even lower tier 2. Two days ago I scored a first round interview with the recruiting firm for an associate for role with a EU29B megafund. I know this sounds weird, if not outright BS, but its true: They hire consultants, and an associa...
82 days 5 hours ago
PE Undergrad Internship at Abraaj?Hey guys, So as i may have mentioned on previous posts, I am a combined law student at a top university in Australia. I have Venture Capital and Private Equity Internship experience among others, and some genuine entrepreneurial experience (ie i started stuff that actually got traction). Have read ...
02 days 16 hours ago
Preparing a PE Resume, Fresh out of IB TrainingHey all, As several have mentioned on here, PE recruiters have begun to reach out. I've heard from a few, and I am updating my resume currently. If you're a first-year analyst, fresh out of training, what would you include on your resume? I've been actually "working" for about 2 weeks. I've helped ...
04 days 4 hours ago
Venture Capital in LATAMI'm not an expert on Latin America but was there last year and was curious on what the community thinks of venture capital industry, especially in early stage tech investing in LATAM... thoughts on particularly emerging markets such as Mexico, Brazil, Chile and the ones that are just growing such as...
25 days 2 hours ago
Special Sits PE Case Study ExampleThe webinar for this case is TODAY, July 6th, at 5:00pm EDT. If you miss it, it will be replayed for free on the homepage on August 6th Even though recruiting season is not necessarily around the corner, I thought I'd share the below with the community. If anyone has a case study/modelling test comi...
445 days 19 hours ago
RE Private Equity Excel TestI have been interviewing with a REPE firm and they have asked me back for a final round excel test. Was just wondering if anyone had any idea what I should expect? How I should prepare? Maybe a practice modeling test? The position is for a lightly experienced professional and its on a firms acquisit...
16 days 7 hours ago
Interview Question - PIK AccountingDuring the technical interview portion, I was asked how a PIK note would flow through all the statements. Let me know your opinion on the below answer. Let's assume that it is a $100mm note with 10.0% interest. Income Statement The interest from the note drives up your interest expense costs by $1...
346 days 7 hours ago
FoF Exit OppsWhat would the exit opps be for someone with PE FoF experience (including direct co-investments and secondaries) after completing a top MBA program and CFA charter? Not interested in marketing. I assume MM PE/VC firms would show some interest, especially considering the network you can build as an L...
06 days 22 hours ago
PE Lower MM CompLooking for knowledge about Lower MM, the current deal flow of that segment, general compensation, and working on lean teams. Any input? Recent Startup firm: -Revenues of $50-100M -EBITDA $10-40M -10-20 Person Firm -2-4 Analysts/Associates Healthcare/Industrials/Manufacturing <$200M AUM ...
61 week 4 hours ago
Top 5 Skills Needed to Succeed in PEFolks, What do you think are top 5 skills that you need once you join as a Post MBA associate in a PE firm. Definitions - By PE I mean - LBOs, MBOs, PIPEs, Mezz, FoFs. Success - Elevation from Associate to partner in 5 - 8 years. Vicks. Mod Note (Andy): #TBT Throwback Thursday - this was originally ...
161 week 5 hours ago
Seed fundingI own an IT consulting firm with 20+ year experience in the field and arguably making decent income.40 years old, Based in Southern California. As you can see I do not fit into the typical profile of a Silicon Valley startup founder. I have sponsored a project and prototype that has major potential ...
51 week 14 hours ago
Hercules Technology Growth Capital: more informationHas anybody heard of this firm? Apparently, they have two offices (one in the Silicon Valley and the other in Chicago), and are publicly traded on the NASDAQ, so they can't be entirely unknown. Their team seems very industry-specific with regards to prior work experience, with a dearth of standout B...
131 week 1 day ago
Private Company LBOI'm currently working on building a private company lbo model and hoping for some input. How would I work out the calculation such that I can input desired ROE and sources of funds and have the output be the EV/EBITDA multiple which this implies a buyer could afford? Thanks in advance. ...
01 week 2 days ago
unknowingIf you Americans only knew how bad the situation in Europe is, you would not be so sure about the economic growth you are expecting ! ...
21 week 2 days ago
Hate my Hedge Fund job - Move to PE?I'm currently an analyst at a pretty decent sized and well known hedge fund after spending a few years doing BB IBD. It's only been a month or so, but I honestly can't see myself enjoying staying here any longer. I originally wanted to do PE, but got this offer early and the process and ended up tak...
101 week 2 days ago
More Prestigious Law School over Business School?I'm coming into my second year at an upper MM PE fund and starting to think about what I want to do next. My goal longer-term is to move to a smaller MM (or lower-MM) fund hopefully closer to my hometown. In the meantime, I'm thinking I want to do graduate school. My fund is decently well known, bu...
11 week 3 days ago
Goldman Sachs Private Equity Group (PEG)Anyone know what typical total comp is at the analyst/associate/etc. level? I've heard the group is really good.... just curious about total comp. ...
01 week 3 days ago
Submitting Idea to VC Fund for A Finder's FeeI saw a post on this years ago but can't seem to find it now. But does anyone know of VC funds that let people submit ideas and if the fund actually decides to use your idea, you get a ~3% finder's fee? I know a lot of VC funds let you submit a business idea but expect you to run the business. I am...
Pokemon Master
61 week 3 days ago
Urgently need advice for an interviewHi guys. I currently intern at a venture capital firm and am in the process of applying to other internships for the end of the year. I only go once a week to my current one, so no conflicts there. So I've applied to a certain PE firm, and this is one of the heavyweights. I cold emailed the investme...
01 week 3 days ago
The formation of Private EquityGreetings, guys! Lately, i ve been reading a book regarding LBO. As far as im concerned, private equity firms (also known as financial sponsors) are mainly in charge of LBOs. However, I am quite confused about the term "Leveraged" and "investors". Do those investors of private equity firm receive f...
21 week 4 days ago
Portfolio company referral in private equityMy background : I am a fresher Chartered Accountant from India with 3 years of articleship(internship) experience in auditing. Question : How effective will referrals from the following people be in getting a job at a private equity (middle market) firm in India ? a)Managing Director/CEO of a port...
01 week 4 days ago
Manager at Big 4 Corporate Finance OR Analyst at 3rd tier local PEI am having a difficult choice and I really need some advice. Appreciate your thoughts. My background: Non-target undergrad plus finance master degrees. Joined Big 4 corporate finance team as SA and had 4 years of M&A experience and now just 1 year below manager. I am moving to a developing coun...
71 week 4 days ago
Corporate finance certificate (Georgetown) and/or CFA viable options for entree into finance ?I was a medical student for a time and would now like to transition to work in finance. Someone suggested I get a certificate in finance. How would this be viewed by recruiters? I would like to limit my search to DC, but if there is a better program in New York I should consider let me know Georgeto...
01 week 4 days ago
How to Prepare for Upcoming PE Internship?Hey guys, I'll be starting my position as an intern at a PE firm soon. This will be my first exposure to PE so I'm just trying to read up about it, and I'm also just topping up my financial modeling skills. Anything else or any tips for me before the internship starts? Thanks a lot! ...
11 week 4 days ago
PE Analyst @ Insurance Co Investment Arm?So, I was wondering how PE at investment arms at large insurance companies are looked at in terms of quality of role, prestige, pay and exit opps. The role would would engage in primary fund investments, co-investments and secondaries. Is this not really thought of as a "true" PE position? ...
11 week 5 days ago
CFA Level I exam or LSAT?Hello, monkeys. Long story short, I was a medical student and it did not work out. For the past few months I thought about trying to get into finance, but since I didn't major I have hit a wall. (I had an interview with a financial services company, but they ultimately wanted someone who majored.) I...
91 week 5 days ago
PE to PWMBackground: Currently an associate at a smaller MM PE firm in the midwest, still have a year or two before I apply for business school. My firm has a track record of bringing back associates post-MBA to move up as VPs/Principals, which is a real possibility for me. A close family member recently to...
41 week 5 days ago
VC Internship FAQsLooking for a current/previous VC intern's insight into the recruiting/interviewing process and the activities that they experienced while on the job. Thanks. ...
51 week 6 days ago
How to simulate "future market consolidation opportunities" in a DCF?Hi, I am valuing a capitalization for a company with a 5-year projected DCF. There are mergers (market consolidation) with competitors that are likely to occur in the future for the company that will increase the profitability of the company significantly. How can I capture such "potential upside sc...
11 week 6 days ago
Reading- Continuous ImprovementHey everyone, As we enter the peak of the summer doldrums, its the time for some reading to continue to stay ahead of the curve. Other than the obvious to stay up to date on trends, markets, and news, what's WSO reading this summer to continue to improve as an investor? ...
22 weeks 6 hours ago
Big 4 audit to FDD - will Wall Street Prep help?Hi all, I'm currently trying to make the jump from Big 4 Audit to Big 4 Financial Due Diligence after my 4th year in the industry, and I'm trying to discern whether Wall Street Prep/BIWS courses would potentially help me stand out compared to others trying to make this audit-to-TS transition. I woul...
52 weeks 17 hours ago
LBO Case Study: Capital StructureAll, Have a PE case study coming up, and was wondering if someone can help me with capital structure. For deciding what cap struc to put on your LBO, how do you decide between what you put in the various tranches etc? Obviously the total amount of debt is limited by your credit metrics, and you are...
142 weeks 22 hours ago
Can You Invest in the Fund You Work For?Out of curiosity I have a unique opportunity to invest in the Fund I work for and I know some other people in the industry who have the same ability. Are you able to invest in your own Fund with a very small amount of capital? Would you do so if you had the opportunity? ...
142 weeks 1 day ago
LBO Structure70% debt, 30% equity 50% mezz, 50% senior ...
test monkey
02 weeks 1 day ago
Eligibility for bonusMinimum time i have to be with fund to be eligible for carried interest. I have heard some firms policy is that if u have joined 18 months before closure of a fund u will get share of carried interest from that fund. I wanted to check what is the industry norm. ...
02 weeks 1 day ago
Thread - LBO Modeling Test Examples & Other PE Recruiting Fundamentals Fellow WSO Members: Can we use this thread as a resource to those looking to practice and master different examples of LBO case studies that are often used in private equity interviews? Feel free to post links or copy-paste examples of common PE LBO case studies, and the answers or corresponding m...
22 weeks 2 days ago
Paper LBO Example -- Need HelpHey guys, This is straight out of the Vault guide to PE. It's the paper LBO example they give, but I kind of don't get it and would really appreciate the help. Right now, I'm practicing LBOs and modelling them, so its important I understand the fundamentals. Here it is: Paper LBO example You buy a r...
192 weeks 2 days ago
First analyst at a start up PE firm - HelpHi all, so I recently joined as the first analyst at a truly start up (I'm the fourth person) PE firm. We do LBOs of companies around 10-25m dollars and we do somewhere around 8-10 deals a year. I'm not making much money at all especially for working 12 hour days. I assumed I'd take a pay cut (subs...
52 weeks 2 days ago
Anyone willing to name some boutique PE/IB Firms in SF that take freshman in for internships? Just looking for some freshman friendly firms. I don't really care if the internship is paid or not, I'm just looking for some exposure to the industry. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Also, you could talk about your personal experiences with interviewing and networking at SF as a fre...
102 weeks 2 days ago
From an Asia VC to US VCHi all! Would really love to get your thoughts on transitioning from an Asia VC role into a US VC role. I am currently working in a prominent early-stage Asian-based VC firm as an investment associate, and have been with the firm for nearly a year. Prior to that, I have about 3 years experience in c...
02 weeks 3 days ago
Investing other people's moneyI have a question. Let's say I have people who want to throw in some investment money into my trading account. What happens if that money were somehow illegal. Would I be on the hook for some type of money laundering even if I didn't know it was illegal? ...
02 weeks 3 days ago
LBO paper model examples?Hi fellow monkeys (and humans) - what's a good source (website / book) to get a hold of examples of LBO paper model type questions asked of candidates in interviews? A forum for lbo models was created earlier, with the view point of helping candidates, however, there was no response. Any help would ...
152 weeks 3 days ago
Sophomore at boutique PE firm- what would I be expected to know?Going for an interview at a small PE firm (think 5mm to 30mm deals) and was wondering what I'd be expected to know. I've been through the valuation modules on BIWS and have read the WSO technical guide, but would they expect me to know how to build an LBO model from scratch? The interviewer I spoke ...
42 weeks 4 days ago
Bonus for an Executive Assistant Position in Private Equity Firm - what to expectHi All, A small (30 ppl) PE firm in NYC that manages about $2 billion is offering me 65k + bonus to be an EA at their firm. I'm planning on going to school while working and want to avoid as much tuition debt as possible, so knowing what kind of total package I am really being offered is very impo...
52 weeks 4 days ago
Risks in joining a small boutique PE/growth cap shopInterviewing with a small boutique PE / growth capital shop. Think <$500MM fund, <20 person team, in a highly fragmented sector that's rather slow and steady growth (thus lots of roll-up strategies that exit to strategics in the 5 - 9yr time frame) and they've been around for around 10 years....
02 weeks 5 days ago
PE Transaction ExperienceBrushing up my deal sheet here, but let's say you're an investor and say hold 10% of Target, of which Acquirer made an offer to take out the company and was successful. You evaluated the deal to see whether it makes sense to exit or convert to Acquirer stock and ultimately chose the latter. How woul...
32 weeks 5 days ago
Morgan Stanley Investment Management Private Equity Investing (Infrastructure) Summer Analyst?Can someone please elucidate what this position actually is? Is it actually "private equity"? There are no real details online, and the only relevant information I can find is from the Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Fund part of the website. ...
12 weeks 5 days ago
Evaluating lower-middle market PE opportunityHi everybody, I may have an opportunity for a position with a small private equity firm. Here are some details about their investment criteria: - AUM: approx $350 - Dry powder approx $75 - ~10 active investments Besides these metrics, what are some other things I can search for that would help me ...
72 weeks 5 days ago
Abraaj Group Hiring ProcessDoes anyone know what their recruiting process is like? What's the timeline? Do they do the year and a half thing in advance like the north american mega funds? What's the best recruiters to use (if any)? Any information would be very helpful. Thanks All ...
42 weeks 5 days ago
Hudson Advisors vs. Lone StarSaw some old posts on this discusion but just want to clarify a bit more. I was told Lone Star focuses on origination (senior people who aims to bring in deals) while Hudson focuses on execution (implied all the associate level junior people will have to stay at Hudson). My understanding is that the...
non-target BB Banker
52 weeks 6 days ago
02 weeks 6 days ago
TPG "Funding Analyst"Role is with TPG, role is "Funding Analyst." Is this a megafund PE analyst job, or some other thing that's not the same as front-office? Some description of the responsibilities.. CAPITAL MARKETS New Deals / Acquisition Financing - Design capital structures - Negotiate commitment papers - Negotiate ...
42 weeks 6 days ago
How to get into The Abraaj GroupHi everyone, I wanted to get your thoughts on how to land an interview with The Abraaj Group in Dubai (and successfully pass it). Background on myself: - I'm an audit senior associate in big 4 in one of the US financial centers. I've been trying to move to TS and then to Abraaj but the firm seems n...
23 weeks 2 hours ago
PE Internship offerHello Guys, My first post on here so please go easy on me. I have been offered a 6 month internship at a growth capital fund. Just graduated university this year and have been working at a fund of hedge funds. My question is basically should I take this PE opportunity over say a traditional gradua...
63 weeks 3 hours ago
How can I get from Oil & Gas PE to...Tech PE/VC?Main question: How can I do this? So, I made it to PE...but I want to be in tech, not oil and gas. When I was recruiting out of oil and gas IB, I was pretty much pigeonholed into energy as my only option, so logically I pursued what was the best way to get into PE. I've been an associate for a year ...
73 weeks 5 hours ago
Silver Lake - Analyst graduate recruitment processHi Monkeys, I will have the Silver Lake analyst (out of graduate) recruitment process in early August and they told me I will have to go through 2 tests before the AC: - 1 LBO case - 1 Accounting case Did somebody already go through this? What should I expect (particularly for the accounting case)? ...
73 weeks 7 hours ago
The Startup ProcessIf someone has an idea for a company what is the process for creating a startup? Anyone who is well versed/educated in the VC/PE industry, tell me what the process is in terms of funding and cooperation with other firms for starting their own startup company from start to finish. Doesn't have to be ...
83 weeks 1 day ago
PE IR vs. Placement agentI recently got one offer from a global top-tier PE firm for a junior role in the Investor Relations team (dealing with PE/HF/RE) and one from a global top-tier placement agent with focus on fundraising (100% sales for PE funds). Unsure which one to pick here, as the global PE firm is indeed a great ...
13 weeks 2 days ago
PE Recruiting, starting the process, where should I start?I'm a first year MM IB analyst and very set on getting a PE offer by the end of my first year. Obviously it's early, but can anyone recommend some first steps? I'd love to spend a few hours every weekend making sure I'm ready when the time comes. Thanks to all in advance ...
13 weeks 3 days ago
Which industry is the most interesting / has the best future prospects? Real Assets (Infrastructure, Energy, RE) vs Technology?Hi All, I am currently in M&A at a top BB. I just want all your takes in terms of the best industry to get into right now, assuming I'm around 23 and in the beginning of my career. This is for choosing which buyside opportunities to look at. The reason I am asking is because the two investing a...
63 weeks 4 days ago
Antares CapitalAntares Capital (formerly GE Capital) - Can anyone tell me what compensation is like for an analyst? LIfestyle? Trajectory within the group? Exit ops? Thanks! ...
133 weeks 4 days ago
Secondaries PE InterviewHey guys, I have an upcoming interview with a large secondary pe firm as an analyst. Right now, I'm reviewing the technicals, accounting, case studies and models (LBOs). Should I focus on something else? I'm also really interested in the type of fit questions they will ask. Was wondering if anyone c...
03 weeks 4 days ago
DCF: (1) Adjustments to equity on WACC and (2) debt to equity for WACCHi, (1) When calculating %debt and %equity used in WACC, is it acceptable to discount "air money" assets from equity? For example; intangible assets, deferred tax, goodwill, etc (2) Let's say you perform a FCFF DCF valuation where capital structure goes from 90% debt 10% equity to 90% equity 10% de...
43 weeks 4 days ago
Good Skill to an entry positionHi all, I'd like to know good skills to an entry position in private equity industry. What do you expect to see in an resume of a junior Analyst? Thanks in advanced. ...
03 weeks 5 days ago
International VC Internship post-undergrad?Quick background: Freshly minted double major Finance/International Business from a highly selective non-core school, 3.81 GPA, high involvement in school/fraternity/etc. Goal: Establish career in VC/PE + Top 20 MBA (preferably as an expat) I recently was faced with the option to move from the State...
13 weeks 6 days ago
EV and sources and uses (question)Hey guys, Got asked this question recently. Why does EV vary from the sum obtained on the sources and uses table? ...
34 weeks 21 hours ago
H/S/W to Credit MFHi, is H/S/W to MF Credit (BX Tac Opps/GSO/KKR Credit/Apollo Credit etc.) an achievable goal in the US? I know they hire mostly laterals from LevFin/HY/Restructuring in London but then London has less of an MBA focus in general. Eg. when HBS jobs report mentions BX, is that only for LBO? or could be...
64 weeks 22 hours ago
Best Recruiters for VC or Tech-focused PE?Anyone have a good go-to list for recruiters who focus on and/or have good relationships with VC firms and/or tech-focused PE firms? ...
14 weeks 23 hours ago
Private loanHow do you feel about online loaning markets people? do you think they are loyal or not? the rates are too high or not? let me know.. ...
04 weeks 1 day ago
Why Work for Co-Invest Fund?I have an interview coming up with a co-investment fund. What is the best way to answer the "why do you want to work for us" question? I was thinking about saying something along the lines of co-investment model gives associates the chance to really learn about a company, build detailed financial mo...
74 weeks 1 day ago
Family Offices ListDoes anyone have access to or know how I can obtain a list of Family Offices in the US? ...
101 month 2 hours ago
Using Cash in LBOHi all, I was studying technical for the fall recruitment and had a question regarding the type of financing one would use for a LBO. I realize that it wouldn't be a LBO any more if one uses cash but the guide was asking why a PE firm would use leverage instead of cash in an LBO transaction. The ans...
111 month 3 days ago
Historical ROI Distributions across PE Funds?Has anyone seen a good study, article, or paper on historical distribution of ROI achieved by private equity funds? I've just recently found myself doubting that the average PE firm hits their stated "2.0x & 25%" return goals...but I want the data to substantiate that idea. I found a Goldman Sa...
61 month 3 days ago
Are my schools 'target' enough?If this is on the wrong forum, let me know where to post. I am new here. I read a lot on here about name brand schools, and I am wondering if the (undergrad) schools I am looking at are good for my end goal: working in PE/VC. Washington University in St. Louis, Babson, Umich, UofT austin, and Wake F...
81 month 3 days ago
GoBuyside Apt TestAnyone taken the GoBuyside aptitude test? What's been your experience with it? ...
241 month 4 days ago
Investor Services and exit opportunitiesHi WSO Forum members, I am based in Eastern Europe and am finishing my undergrad. Decent GPA, experience with startup and in Risk and reporting at a major BB in Frankfurt. I have been offered the role of Investor Services associate at a major bank here that I am starting next month, but I do not wan...
01 month 4 days ago
Is Traditional Venture Dying?The companies most intriguing to venture capitalists are companies with potential to disrupt old existing industries. Uber and Airbnb famously disrupted transportation and hospitality respectively. As many industries find themselves staring at either internal innovation or death by disruption, it mi...
01 month 5 days ago
REITs quietly the best performing asset classMany people these days talk about diversification in their portfolios. Stocks, bonds, ETFs, cash and commodities. However, not many people are talking about including REITs into their mix of holdings. " In a long overdue move, MSCI and S&P will begin categorizing REITs as their own sector of th...
11 month 6 days ago
Please post dump of LA PE/VC firms I would greatly appreciate if one of you monkeys would run a query on your terminal, export to excel, and post on box or dropbox. Query parameters something along the lines of: Title: Search Investors By Location Screen Focus: Private Equity/Venture Capital Screen Parameters P1 "Investor Location: I...
81 month 6 days ago
PE Guide package vs financial modelling program Hi all I am preparing for PE recruiting process, so I recently purchased PE guide package of WSO which includes LBO modelling cases. (I would apply to other areas) Now, I am considering purchasing financial modelling program of WSO as well which includes DCF, M&A, F/S and etc cases as well. Woul...
01 month 6 days ago
Starwood Capital- Performance/reputationI have a bunch of stuff going on with Starwood Capital in July and was wondering if anyone could shed some light on their fund quality and their reputation in the PE/REPE space. Was specifically curious as to what the mix of real estate work and non-RE would be, and how they compare to the MF RE pro...
31 month 1 week ago
West Coast vs. NY Exit OppsHey guys, I just recently accepted an offer in the SF bay area with a BB for banking in tech. Just wanted to get your thoughts on what the exit opps are like on the west coast for tech.... It seems like in NY, 1st years are approached like 6 months into the job by headhunters and can secure an offe...
201 month 1 week ago
Put yourself in my shoes (BIG 4 TS)Hello Everybody, I am a few years into my stint with BIG 4 TS group in a large SE market. I am at the point in my career here where I feel as if I need to make a move. My question for the group is: What would you do if you were me? Try to break into some form of banking (corporate, IB, etc.), go ...
121 month 1 week ago


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