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Blackstone BAAM Ventures Superday?Hey, I was selected for a superday for Blackstone's BAAM Ventures division - the first round was entirely behavioral. Does anyone know what type of questions to expect for the final round? Not really sure what to expect. Thanks. ...
15 sec ago
PE Due Diligence?I have heard that PE due diligence at a top consulting firm is a good way to exit to PE. Is this true? What does this job involve? Is it literally just due diligence? If so, how would that prepare you for PE...sounds incredibly boring! ...
158 hours 37 min ago
Private Equity Recruiting Which firms are still interviewing and/or are expected to interview in the coming weeks ? Many thanks ...
01 day 3 hours ago
Private Equity or VC master's thesisHi experienced baboons, I would really appreciate if one could advise a really great topic for research in private equity or vc? Most of the topics have been already listed here, but i am looking for smthg creative, not just a boring portfolio performance or value of secondary buyouts. I would hi...
mr. D
51 day 6 hours ago
What do you do if you want to stay in PE after your 2-year associate program, but don't want to go to B-school?So I feel like the most common path if you want to stay in PE is: 2-yr PE associate>B-school>PE Sr. associate/VP. What if I don't want to get my MBA? Do I lateral to another firm and be an associate again for 2 more years? Then hope for promotion to senior levels? Correct me if I'm wrong, but ...
11 day 6 hours ago
Distressed Debt PE vs HF?Hello, I've been reading up on distressed debt and credit lately. My understanding is that while distressed debt was historically a largely PE-territory, Hedge Funds have been active in the area. This has created some overlap, but what is the difference? Is there any difference between distressed de...
21 day 10 hours ago
Business Sense exercicesHi all! I'm starting to interview for several PE funds, and I'd like to be prepared as much as I can. I've done countless paper LBOs and real lbo models (within a 1h timeframe), but I know there's one thing I haven't practiced yet: my business sense. It's very likely that I'll get to discuss about a...
32 days 3 hours ago
Lateraling as Senior AssociateHi all, What are some private / growth equity shops that tend to take (senior) associate laterals from other PE shops, after they've completed their two associate years? Just thinking of my options, as I'm at a 2-and-out shop and don't plan to spend an absurd amount of money going to do my MBA afte...
02 days 11 hours ago
Denver Private EquityWhat is the scene like for PE professionals in Denver? Who are the most well respected shops? Is it developed enough to network effectively? Does the lifestyle support longer term opportunities? ...
Walker Texas Banker
123 days 3 min ago
Moving into VC from a rating agencyHey guys, how are you? I'm kind of new in this forum (actually a long time silent reader...), and I was wondering if you would could help me with some stuff that have been running in my head for a couple of months. First, let me tell you my background in order to make some sense in the forthcoming q...
73 days 8 hours ago
Morgan Stanley Private Equity GroupAnyone have any insight into this group? Have an interview with them and would appreciate any advice. ...
23 days 11 hours ago
New Canaan SocietyHi everyone, I was curious if anyone was in the new canaan society or has heard of it? Are there a significant amount of people high up in finance? ...
13 days 14 hours ago
Revolution Growth RecruiterDoes anyone know the recruiting firm that Revolution Ventures/Growth uses? ...
04 days 1 hour ago
First Round Blackstone Private Equity?Has anyone heard back from Blackstone about their Private Equity internship and been given a first round interview? I'm curious whether they already contacted people or not. ...
44 days 8 hours ago
GI Partners - famous dealsHey Everyone, Need urgent help in identifying landmark deals by GI Partners. Any information highly appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance! ...
24 days 9 hours ago
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05 days 53 min ago
Private Equity Deal Origination / Business DevelopmentThere really isn't much on this site (or really anywhere) regarding private equity business development / deal origination professionals. I know that in Growth Equity, demand for these types of positions is growing as the market space gets crowded. I have an internship this summer for this position....
15 days 3 hours ago
Alternative routes into PEAside from IB (and people who do PE right out of undergrad) where do the most private equity people come from? Is corporate development the next most common transition? ...
75 days 5 hours ago
AMA - Private Equity InternshipsHello Internship-Seekers! I have not posted on WSO very much but have utilized a lot of its resources to help pursue my current opportunities. I want to make myself open for you guys to ask me some questions about anything private equity/IB/networking/internship-seeking related. I will be more than ...
275 days 8 hours ago
Private Equity Firms Still InterviewingAre there any private equity firms still interviewing now? Seems like 90% of them have all gone and finished 2017 recruiting class.. ...
25 days 9 hours ago
Ask me anything - MM PE Associate, 1 year inI haven't really posted on WSO before, but this community was extremely helpful to me during my job search and interview process, so I thought I would make myself available to answer questions about my experience for others out there. As way of background, I graduated from a target school > manag...
585 days 23 hours ago
GoBuyside Apt TestAnyone taken the GoBuyside aptitude test? What's been your experience with it? ...
186 days 7 hours ago
Criminal background checks for PEAnyone familiar with PE backround checks? Thanks ...
06 days 10 hours ago
Summer 2017 Private Equity RecruitingLooks like networking has kicked off. How's everything going for the rest of you, monkeys? May the odds be ever in your favor. ...
81 week 3 hours ago
PE - ModellingDearest Ppl, It would be great if somebody can share a sample PE research model for an LBO or any other, which would be helpful in understanding the nuances of the industry. Since, I am interviewing for a PE position, I need to work on a detailed model. If anyone can share one with me it would be gr...
01 week 9 hours ago


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