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Alternative routes into PEAside from IB (and people who do PE right out of undergrad) where do the most private equity people come from? Is corporate development the next most common transition? ...
131 min 56 sec ago
PE Due Diligence?I have heard that PE due diligence at a top consulting firm is a good way to exit to PE. Is this true? What does this job involve? Is it literally just due diligence? If so, how would that prepare you for PE...sounds incredibly boring! ...
171 hour 40 min ago
Secondary PE ModelingI have a 2nd round interview coming up with a secondary PE fund. They do mostly LP secondaries of funds that are majority invested. I'm still trying to understand exactly how they value these LP interests. In the round 1 interview, they told me that they do a bottoms up analysis on the underlying po...
301 hour 45 min ago
Real Estate Private Equity / Asset Manager / Developer / OperatorNew to the world of real estate so please excuse what may be a very basic question... Could someone please explain how a real estate private equity firm works with real estate asset managers, developers and operators (in the case of hotels specifically)? Thanks in advance. ...
05 hours 12 min ago
Morgan Stanley Private Equity GroupAnyone have any insight into this group? Have an interview with them and would appreciate any advice. ...
38 hours 24 sec ago
Coller CapitalAnyone familiar with Coller capital? Do secondary funds like Coller charge 2/20? Details would be appreciated on reputation, comp, lifestyle, exit ops, etc. Thanks. ...
210 hours 56 min ago
Bonus information for head hunters - do I need to be fully transparent?So I am going through the PE recruiting process, and am being asked by headhunters to provide most recent bonus info. I'm sure many of you have read the deal breaker articles of how analyst bonuses have been at some of the bulges, and despite being ranked in the upper half of my class (in the 70th p...
611 hours 29 min ago
Lateraling as Senior AssociateHi all, What are some private / growth equity shops that tend to take (senior) associate laterals from other PE shops, after they've completed their two associate years? Just thinking of my options, as I'm at a 2-and-out shop and don't plan to spend an absurd amount of money going to do my MBA afte...
112 hours 45 min ago
Blackstone BAAM Ventures Superday?Hey, I was selected for a superday for Blackstone's BAAM Ventures division - the first round was entirely behavioral. Does anyone know what type of questions to expect for the final round? Not really sure what to expect. Thanks. ...
215 hours 3 min ago
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016 hours 9 min ago
Corporate VC Exit OpportunitiesI am a current MBA student interested in venture capital and have recognized corporate VC as a possible avenue. However, I wanted to know what are the exit opportunities if any for corporate venture capital professionals? Is corporate VC a better option than working at a traditional VC firm? ...
01 day 5 hours ago
IB-->PE recruiting & GMATWould putting a 740 GMAT on your resume during PE associate recruiting (out of IB) help or hurt? I'd really appreciate if someone could shed some light on whether or not GMAT helps and if 740 GMAT is acceptable by MF and top MM funds. For context, not trying to compensate for low SAT or anything. J...
21 day 6 hours ago
GoBuyside Apt TestAnyone taken the GoBuyside aptitude test? What's been your experience with it? ...
201 day 7 hours ago
Is it possible to get an internship after dropping out?Hello, After half a year of studying law at the LSE I decided it was not my thing and dropped out. Before returning to Uni next autumn I would like to get some working experience with an investment bank or a PE firm - preferably with something realted to M&A. Is it possible to land an internship...
31 day 12 hours ago
Business Sense exercicesHi all! I'm starting to interview for several PE funds, and I'd like to be prepared as much as I can. I've done countless paper LBOs and real lbo models (within a 1h timeframe), but I know there's one thing I haven't practiced yet: my business sense. It's very likely that I'll get to discuss about a...
41 day 18 hours ago
WSO PE Guide - No Technicals?The WSO PE prep pack is a great resource, dont get me wrong, but I find it very strange that there are essentially zero technical questions in the guide itself... There are a list of 10 common interview questions, along with a few other important topics such as MoM vs IRR and how to build an LBO etc...
11 day 22 hours ago
Private Equity Recruiting Which firms are still interviewing and/or are expected to interview in the coming weeks ? Many thanks ...
04 days 4 hours ago
Private Equity or VC master's thesisHi experienced baboons, I would really appreciate if one could advise a really great topic for research in private equity or vc? Most of the topics have been already listed here, but i am looking for smthg creative, not just a boring portfolio performance or value of secondary buyouts. I would hi...
mr. D
54 days 7 hours ago
What do you do if you want to stay in PE after your 2-year associate program, but don't want to go to B-school?So I feel like the most common path if you want to stay in PE is: 2-yr PE associate>B-school>PE Sr. associate/VP. What if I don't want to get my MBA? Do I lateral to another firm and be an associate again for 2 more years? Then hope for promotion to senior levels? Correct me if I'm wrong, but ...
14 days 7 hours ago
Distressed Debt PE vs HF?Hello, I've been reading up on distressed debt and credit lately. My understanding is that while distressed debt was historically a largely PE-territory, Hedge Funds have been active in the area. This has created some overlap, but what is the difference? Is there any difference between distressed de...
24 days 11 hours ago
Denver Private EquityWhat is the scene like for PE professionals in Denver? Who are the most well respected shops? Is it developed enough to network effectively? Does the lifestyle support longer term opportunities? ...
Walker Texas Banker
126 days 1 hour ago
Moving into VC from a rating agencyHey guys, how are you? I'm kind of new in this forum (actually a long time silent reader...), and I was wondering if you would could help me with some stuff that have been running in my head for a couple of months. First, let me tell you my background in order to make some sense in the forthcoming q...
76 days 9 hours ago
New Canaan SocietyHi everyone, I was curious if anyone was in the new canaan society or has heard of it? Are there a significant amount of people high up in finance? ...
16 days 16 hours ago
Revolution Growth RecruiterDoes anyone know the recruiting firm that Revolution Ventures/Growth uses? ...
01 week 2 hours ago
First Round Blackstone Private Equity?Has anyone heard back from Blackstone about their Private Equity internship and been given a first round interview? I'm curious whether they already contacted people or not. ...
41 week 10 hours ago


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