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SPOTLIGHT: Consulting Cabaret Rules and FAQsThe goal of Wall Street Oasis' Consulting Cabaret is to give our users the best possible snapshot of life in management consulting, from internships and recruiting to compensation and career progression. Working towards that goal, we've created a Frequently Asked Questions page for Wall Street in ge...
04 years 6 months ago
Deloitte Business Risk Consultant v. Accenture Strategy Analyst - which to acceptHello all, I am a senior at a public business school. I would say it is one of the strongest undergraduate targets in the Midwest. Recently, I was offered two positions: one with Deloitte as a Business Risk Consultant and the other at Accenture in their Strategy practice. So I am very conflicted on ...
73 hours 27 min ago
What is the point of going to MBB?Hi! I've been posting a bit on this forum trying to gain a better understanding of the consulting profession. I'm a new hire for Deloitte's BTA Program in Federal Tech. I went to an on-boarding event where they talked about BTAs having made it all the way to principal, which seems very encouraging. ...
143 hours 32 min ago
Deloitte S&O vs. Oliver WymanI am currently deciding between two entry level positions in the SF offices of Deloitte S&O and Oliver Wyman. I have no interest in the financial services industry and I am considering both entrepreneurship and B-school after I graduate. What would you recommend in terms of: 1) B-school placemen...
168 hours 59 min ago
Length of Time in Consulting before Leaving Hi WSO, To my fellow and past consultants, how long did you stay in consulting before moving to industry. I'm at the point where doing meaningless "discussion decks" for a partner the day before a meeting feels like a waste of a life. Just want to see how long I should stick it out for my resume....
914 hours 6 min ago
Econ Consulting or Google APMM?I have offers from Google for their APMM program and a top economic consulting firm, and I'm unsure on what to do. Location is important to me and the economic consulting is in my preferred city. But at the same time the work at Google would probably a bit more interesting. I also may have deferred ...
520 hours 25 min ago
Has anybody read this book?It's quite expensive $200 + you have to wait 18 months to get it. What could it possibly have that justifies the cost and the wait? Thoughts? www.firmsconsulting dot com/books/partnership/ ...
023 hours 52 min ago
5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started ConsultingI worked as a management consultant for 4 years. I learned a bunch of stuff about business and strategy and operations. I also learned how to sound smart about something I knew nothing about, and how to use jargon to make simple things sound extremely complex. I quit my job after 4 years and while n...
81 day 1 hour ago
Deloitte S&O or Oliver Wyman -- which is better?I have received offers from both Deloitte S&O and Oliver Wyman, both for SF. I am having a very difficult time choosing which one to accept, so I appreciate any advice with respect to the following factors: 1. Work life balance 2. More strategy work 3. Diverse industries 4. More prestigious 5. ...
51 day 7 hours ago
Accenture Digital-- What does this practice entail? I am in my senior year of a top public university with a dual degree in supply chain management and information systems/information technology. Currently, I am about to accept a position at Accenture Digital as a Digital Analyst. However, after their restructuring, I was curious about the type of wo...
11 day 14 hours ago
Ranking the Econ consulting firms (Analysis Group, Cornerstone, etc)Hey guys, So I have offers from all of the top econ consulting firms (think Analysis Group, Cornerstone, CRA, NERA). I was wondering how they all stacked up to each other. I have heard that Cornerstone is the most prestigious of the 4 (and pays best), but AG has a better culture. I also think that ...
121 day 18 hours ago
Bain PE vs. BCG FitHi everyone! I was recently offered Associate/Associate Consultant positions with BCG and with Bain. All throughout recruitment and the interview process, BCG was just on the whole a better fit for me. The people I met at BCG also seemed to put me more at ease. BCG's office location also made more ...
52 days 6 hours ago
2016 MBB New Hire: What's next?I will be starting at an MBB next year. Any resources/advice on what I should start thinking about as I enter my first year in a few months? I have no prior consulting experience and am not sure what I would like to do long-term. If there's a thread on this already, please let me know! Couldn't find...
32 days 17 hours ago
Looking to split costs for Consulting Case 101I just bought a year long subscription to Consulting Case 101 for $180. They run a huge 800+ database of a bunch of cases which are divided into sections by specific companies and types of questions. My peers have told me it helped a lot when preparing for case interviews. I'm looking for people to...
52 days 19 hours ago
AM to Consulting - terrible or great idea?I currently work in equity research for a ~$50b AUM fund; basically, I pick stocks. I am going to a top five business school in the fall of 2016. I have my CFA and out of business school I would be a good candidate to get a well paying job either working for a large investment fund or hedge fund. Ho...
02 days 20 hours ago
Linkage & Mind LLPLinkage & Mind LLP Kazakhstan is the ninth largest country in the world and centre of Central Asia. Abundant supply of accessible mineral and fossil fuel resources and stable political situation in our country create favourable investment climate in the country and, consequently rapid industrial...
02 days 20 hours ago
Blackrock Financial Markets AdvisoryHi Everyone, I have been looking into the BlackRock FMA (Financial Markets Advisory) group, and it seems like "financial consulting." But not the financial consulting that you see in places like PwC, where they are advising CFOs on stuff like corporate structure. I was just wondering if anyone had a...
43 days 15 hours ago
McKinsey Background Check?I received an associate offer from McK for late-16/early-17 start. The letter states the offer is contingent on passing a background check. What type of background check is this, and what does this involve? I'd appreciate anyone with personal experience and specific information. ...
23 days 20 hours ago
AMA: S&T>>MBBHi guys, To use the cliched introduction, I am long time reader of WSO but never contributed. If you do the slightest bit of data mining on this account, you can see it is brand new, which really shows my level of contribution prior to this date. However, WSO has been a great community that gives g...
184 days 10 hours ago
Deloitte M&A vs middle office top tier PE FundHi All, Wanted to get some insight from others. I currently work in the back/middle office(senior acct/finance role) for one of the top 5 premier private equity funds. I've used my network and have lunch with a partner at Deloitte M&A TS group. Comparatively, would leaving my position been seen ...
34 days 18 hours ago
Accenture Strategy vs. ZS Associates vs. Intel vs. Deloitte Human Capital (Compensation)Hi! I'm deciding between offers from Accenture Strategy, ZS Associates (Business Analyst), Intel Finance, and Deloitte Human Capital (Compensation). I want to be able to go to a top 5-top 10 business school after three years and was wondering what you guys' opinions were on these offers. Thanks! ...
94 days 19 hours ago
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05 days 7 hours ago
Hours in MBB/Big 4 ConsultingHi! I made a thread earlier in the week, and gained a lot of great info. Repeating my background a bit for those who didn't read that initial thread, I graduated in May 2015. Since then, I've been traveling and teaching, and have just accepted an offer for Deloitte's BTA Program starting this Feb. I...
55 days 8 hours ago
KPMG Management Consulting--Digital & MobileI recently received my final offer from KPMG Management Consulting on their Digital and Mobile Team. I really enjoy the office (It's brand new, high-end technology and very "tech vibes"), location in Denver, and the team I could work with there. Their Digital and Mobile team is actually amazing be...
05 days 13 hours ago


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