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03 months 3 weeks ago
2016 APD/ADC MBB Full Time Recruiting UpdatesHey guys, Thought I'd start another thread for those of us APDs/ADCs (read: spent too many years in school) who are applying for full time positions either earlier this year in the Spring (BCG) or now during the Summer. Let's try to provide sufficient data so it's less confusing: Current location(N...
7696 min 25 sec ago
Can I Apply To Deloitte Consulting??Hey everyone, So I'm a junior at a top 40 university in the U.S. I am working on applying to management consulting internships (working internally with what my school offers and applying externally through company websites). I have a 3.5+ GPA in Finance, but have great extracurriculars and great wor...
114 min 54 sec ago
MBB Implementation or MBAHello, can any monkeys give advice for my situation please. I am interviewing for MBB Implementation position and also interviewing for MBA currently. I have 5-10 years experience in industry with F500 companies, looking to move into MC. How would you compare the two options, what to base the decisi...
01 hour 1 min ago
Computer skills in cover letterHi guys! I am currently crafting my cover letters for consulting internships. I have included my relevant skills and why I have those skills/where I got them. However, I was wondering if it is appropriate also to mention my computer skills in a brief sentence, saying that I am experienced in using d...
54 hours 22 min ago
Advice for mentoring session with global MBB headHi everyone, I have landed an opportunity for a semi-private (4:1) session with the global head of an MBB. This mentorship session is to precede remarks that they are delivering at an alumni event for my (and their) alma mater. I am looking for some real advice on topics to potentially discuss, obvi...
07 hours 31 min ago
PwC management consulting intern case interviewAsking for a friend who has a 2-hr interview set up for a management consulting internship position at PwC. The 2-hour slot consists of case prep/instruction (60 minutes), case interview (30 minutes), and behavioral interview (30 minutes). Would anyone have any insight into what he should expect? A...
012 hours 52 min ago
PwC Finance Transformation versus Accenture Strategy EVTHi, I'm in a bit of a dilemma - hoping to hear your thoughts on this. I have two offers right now, one in PwC Advisory in their Finance Transformation practice (shared service advisory, financial process improvement, etc.) and another in Accenture Strategy in their "Enterprise Value Targeting" divi...
315 hours 3 min ago
Deloitte Advisory Intern Interviewing ProcessHey everyone! I applied for an Advisory Internship-Business Risk with Deloitte for the upcoming summer. I had the on campus interview with two separate people where it was mainly general questions and going over my resume. They said the next step is a second round office interview. I was wondering w...
717 hours 30 min ago
Strategy& vs. BCGHey folks, Currently trying to decide between two offers from Strategy& and BCG. I would love to hear what you guys think. What I am weighing is the pros and cons of being part of Strategy& after the recent acquisition (high growth potential, it's the TS deals group and I'm interested in M&a...
ccvv intern
2919 hours 44 min ago
Future of MBBHey all, Looking for some thoughts on how you guys, looking at those actually in the industry, think the strategy consulting market is changing or will change in the upcoming 5-10 years. If you're in college but would like to chip in a few thoughts that's cool, but the usual 'MBB is superior to anyt...
161 day 2 hours ago
Strategy& vs Deloitte S&O vs Oliver Wyman vs Accenture StrategyIf you Monkeys received offers from all of these firms, which would you accept? What would be your 2nd, 3rd, and 4th choice? ...
71 day 3 hours ago
A.T. Kearney vs. Deloitte S&O vs. Strategy&Interested in your views for post-MBA opportunities/prestige/exits etc. among these three. I've read older threads on this topic, have interacted with people in these firms and my take is this: 1. ATK - have an ambitious growth target, could be fun if they don't die doing it. People I met were all c...
401 day 3 hours ago
"Moving to offer," but executive teams evaluating "open demand vs pipeline"Hi everyone, I just went through the interview process with a big professional services firm and was told 2 weeks ago that they were "moving to an offer." I was told I was going to receive a verbal offer at the end of last week, but my HR contact reached out and said that executive teams are evalua...
01 day 3 hours ago
McKinsey's long-term prospects given SEC charges on former CEOWhat does everyone think of the recent news linking McKinsey's long-time CEO Rajat Gupta to a massive insider trading scandal? Here's a link to the story: Given the choice between offers at MBB, would this news make anyone change their view on whi...
201 day 6 hours ago
Looking for Case Practice over online platformHello, Everyone ! I am Aman from India. I am looking some case practice partners who are ready for regular case practices over next 3 months. Please reply if you are interested. ...
01 day 10 hours ago
Career Strategy for MBB, Engineering Grad, Low GPA (3.2)Hi everyone, Trying to plan and gain insight on the next best possible steps to get into MBB. Finishing up my engineering undergrad with 3.2 GPA, and my first two years are killing me (2.7 vs 3.8). I have intern experience at Shell (oil and gas) and Pratt & Whitney (aerospace), but MBB is still...
21 day 17 hours ago
Breaking into Life Science Consulting Hi All! I've seen a lot of posts about people transitioning from a PhD into life science consulting, but none regarding people who want/who have jumped ship with just a Master's Degree. I have a Master's degree in Biomedical Engineering and have been working at a startup biomedical company for over ...
62 days 1 hour ago
L.E.K. Consulting vs. Simon-Kucher & Partners vs. ZS Associates?Hello, I've got an interview with both LEK and SKP for their life sciences division. Does anyone have an experience interviewing with LEK or SKP? How do they compare? L.E.K. is obviously pretty solid in biopharma and life sciences but I heard SKP is growing pretty rapidly these days especially in th...
Guy Fawkes
12 days 7 hours ago
FO/BO summer internships to translate to FT consultinghey guys, I'm a junior at a target going through recruiting right now. I'm aiming for a consulting internship, but that seems unlikely given how competitive it is and how few juniors actually get hired since consulting heavily recruits for FT instead of summer internships. My backup plan is to apply...
72 days 17 hours ago
From weighing 280 pounds and a 2.5 GPA at a Non-Target, to 200 pounds and an Interview with McKinseyHi Everyone, I've been browsing Wallstreet Oasis for the past few years and I want to share my story and more importantly, reiterate to everyone on this forum to dream big. I went to a non-target state school and while suffering from social anxiety and obesity, I was also facing an extremely diffic...
72 days 18 hours ago
McKinsey Knowledge Center?Anyone have any insights into the research analysts at McKinsey's knowledge center? I've seen posts saying that you specialize in a certain sector, but that wasn't the vibe that I got from my phone interviews. It is part of the transactions group and there is only 6 people in the group, 2 in the Nor...
32 days 21 hours ago
Looking to split cost for consultingcase101I just bought the yearly access for consultingcase101, looking to share cost with whoever's interested in practicing cases. There's tons of resources good for MBB practice interview. Just let me know if you are interested. ...
02 days 22 hours ago
Reapplying to McKinseyHi Guys, So I was interviewed for a position at McKinsey & Company and I received a rejection letter immediately after taking the required aptitude tests. To be honest, I really don't think I did well on the tests, unfortunately (they don't reveal the scores). The questions were not hard but th...
63 days 2 hours ago
Layoffs at DeloitteHearing stories of layoffs at Deloitte Consulting. Boston, Chicago, and LA confirmed. All in S&O. Firm does not appear to be doing well. Anybody here affected/know more? ...
823 days 13 hours ago
What to do between now and JanuaryI am a recent grad who will be starting at a t2 strategy consulting firm this January. I have already spent time travelling and relaxing over the summer and would like to make some professional progress between now and January. If you were in this position, what times of opportunities would you lo...
93 days 15 hours ago
2017 Consulting Summer InternshipsHey guys, does anyone know when recruiting will pick up for summer interns? I heard October for Big 3, but just wanted to clarify and see if anybody else has further information. ...
13 days 16 hours ago
Didn't get Coffee Chat... What does that mean? I'm from a target school with a reasonable gpa (3.65) doing a non technical degree and didn't get invited for a coffee chat with AT Kearney - what do you think that means? Does it put me in a disadvantaged position to other students who get the oppertunity to sit and talk with employees? ...
13 days 23 hours ago
Big 4 M&A opportunityHi All, I'm hoping for some advice. I'm currently working in technology consulting revolving around SAP. I had previously worked on a global M&A project, and some of the big4 guys reached out and want me to join their M&A practice. My question is what exactly would that look like work wise....
34 days 4 hours ago
Boutique Firms - Due Diligence/Private Equity/Venture Capital FocusedHi all, Looking to gather a list of boutique firms with a focus on the areas listed in the title. Thanks. ...
64 days 6 hours ago
Leach Wallace Associates, Inc. Review: Energy Systems EngineeringLeach Wallace Associates, Inc. has almost three decades track record providing expert consultancy in the fields which require mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering services, energy systems design and evaluation, commissioning, testing and balancing services. It has numerous clients who de...
04 days 18 hours ago
Am I too odd a commodity for Consulting?Hello WSO, tl;dr - I'm a foreigner with a fairly impressive but not American resume, can I get in to consulting? Long version: I've recently moved to the US (the Greater Boston area to be exact) for my wife's PhD at a leading university. I'm very interested in Management Consulting, but I have a ver...
34 days 19 hours ago
Going into consulting but can't get a credit cardSo I just graduated from an elite university and come from an underprivileged background. As a result, I'm going to be starting at an MBB firm in a large city. Unfortunately, I've been rejected by all of the must have credit cards that everyone here touts. I'm wondering what would be my best option...
194 days 20 hours ago
Why Do Consulting Firms Still Ask for Your SAT Scores?I'm curious as to why management consulting firms still ask for SAT scores? What's the point? Do they even verify these scores? ...
24 days 21 hours ago
PwC Transaction Services - how long should people stay?Thinking about exit ops for PwC CMAAS, how long should people stay/ what are the good exit ops? I've been talking to a lot of colleagues and they say leave as a first year senior or a first year manager (after bonus). I wonder if I stayed too long. Public accounting doesn't seem to be as highly re...
14 days 22 hours ago
Leach Wallace Associates Inc.: Review of Corporate Services OfferedLeach Wallace Associates, Inc. provides expert consultancy in the areas which require mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering services, energy systems design and evaluation, commissioning, testing and balancing services. Having almost 30 years track record in these areas, the company has a ...
06 days 12 hours ago
Houston Energy (Oil & Gas) ConsultingI'm an engineer in oil and gas, and I'm considering switching to consulting (strategy, not IT). I'd like to stay in Houston as it appears most consulting firms here focus on energy (I want to stay in oil & gas industry). I've got a few questions: -How often do Houston energy consultants travel? ...
26 days 13 hours ago
Oakmere Road: Business Email Compromise – Top Phishing Attacks of 2016In this series of blog posts we examine the most common forms of phishing attacks and appropriate countermeasures to protect both individuals and organizations - in this post we explore Business Email Compromise and the potential fall-out for executives. Business Email Compromise At the start of 20...
06 days 13 hours ago
MBB salaries in Dubai?What are the current numbers for MBB post-MBA salaries in Dubai? ...
36 days 19 hours ago
Transition to Advisory @ PwCI have accepted an offer in PwC's Risk Assurance service line for the summer of 2017 but I am more interested in their mgmt. consulting service line and hope to move to that portion of their business if I am offered a full time position after the internship. I was wondering if anyone knew anything a...
16 days 22 hours ago
Non-Targets and The Art of Relationship BuildingIdeally, I would like this thread to stay concentrated on the title, Non-Targets and the Art of Relationship Building. Non-Target students obviously have more relationship building to do as their best shot of getting selected to interview would be through relationships. The alumni at non-targets inc...
11 week 1 day ago
Applying from home country to the USHi, I am applying for management consultancy roles to the US from my home country, Pakistan. What do you think the chances are that they will consider an applicant from Pakistan (considering they will have to sponsor my Visa)? The second option I have is applying to MBB in Dubai and then requesting...
31 week 1 day ago
Transaction Services layoffs in the US??Hi everyone, I am a very experienced TS professional in Europe who is considering applying for a Big 4 TS job in the US. Either as a secondment with my current Big 4 employer or by applying to another Big 4 competitor. However, I am curious to know if there has been any layoffs in the US market for ...
01 week 1 day ago
Drug testing at top consulting firmsI'm in Canada, and will be interning at an MBB over the summer. Do top firms (not just mbb, but others like Deloitte and atk) do drug tests on future full-time employees? I ask because I am planning to travel and party hard in Europe before I start. Never done drugs before, but I want to experiment ...
401 week 2 days ago
How easy is it to transfer to another country within your firm?I'm in my final semester of grad school and I may be going through the interview process with a Big 4 consulting firm. I've lived in the same state for all my life and a part of me wants to go to another anglosphere country like Ireland but its nearly impossible to do that without doing internationa...
41 week 2 days ago
Exit opportunities MBB vs Top second tierHi all I have a question regarding exit options from MBB vs a top global second tier like AT Kearney. I've got offers from both, my second tier offer is 33% higher and includes a nice company car (brand new c250 coupe!) MBB is in London, not highest paying location but will have nice work. I'm find...
61 week 3 days ago
How critical is the phone screening for McKinsey?Hi Guys, I applied for an Analyst position at McKinsey and I feel like I failed the phone interview. I was quite nervous and struggled to get my answers out. I prepared so much and I don't think I did well. On top of that, I apparently applied to the NY office but listed DC as my top choice. So I g...
181 week 3 days ago
Monitor Deloitte Canada, experienced hire, salaryI am currently a Senior Consultant at a different Deloitte member firm, and applying to transfer to Monitor Deloitte Canada. I am proposed to join as a Senior Consultant. At my current member firm, undergrads join as Business Analysts and work their way up to Consultants and Senior Consultants. MBA...
11 week 4 days ago
Who does the most pure strategy work?Which firms do the most pure strategy work? As a percentage of their own work, by volume, etc. Thanks. ...
161 week 4 days ago
Another round of layoffs at PwC...How accurate are these rumors? ...
181 week 4 days ago
FTI Consulting Restructuring PracticeHi, I have an upcoming interview for a position in FTI Consulting's restructuring group and I wanted to know if anyone had any thoughts on the following: 1. Compensation 2. Differences in work compared to banking RX 3. Reputation compared to other consulting firms. (Generally know they are considere...
11 week 4 days ago
KPMG Strategy and Operations?Anyone have any info on the reputation or health of KPMG S&O, compared to say the rest of the Big 4 (or MBB). Specifically, I'm interviewing for an entry level Consultant role and have the stats to otherwise go to an M7 MBA down the line. Would a brand like KPMG (specifically in S&O) help or...
41 week 5 days ago
Advice: Quintuple Major Junior for Big4 consulting InternshipHi everybody, I am a junior, quintuple majoring in Enterprise Risk management, Economics, International Politics, Communication Arts and Sciences, and Art History (Minor in African American studies). I know at this point many of you will think that I am an insecure overachiever who has an inferiorit...
111 week 6 days ago
Do non-target school students ever get internships at MBB while in school?If yes, how? I have sent applications out and talked with people at these top consulting firms, but it seems really tough for an undergraduate from a non-target school to break in. Is it really true that MBB only takes undergraduate interns from HYP? ...
131 week 6 days ago
Parthenon-EY/Accenture Strategy SAT scoresI recently learned that top management consulting firms look at your SAT score. Does Parthenon-EY and Accenture Strategy look at SAT scores as well? And does anybody know reputed consulting firms, preferably top MBA school feeders, that do not look at SAT scores? Thank you! ...
101 week 6 days ago
Salary for Transaction Services managers in LondonHi everyone Is there anyone who knows what the base salary range is for Transaction Services managers in London among Big 4? I was contacted by a headhunter who said base salaries typically were between 65.000PS and 75.000PS per year. However, I am not sure whether this is correct or not. Further, d...
22 weeks 6 hours ago
Consulting salaries in LondonI searched the forum but did not find fresh info on consulting salaries in London. What kind of money can be made at M/B/Bin the UK? -analyst: -assoicate: Thanks a lot! ...
82 weeks 6 hours ago
Consulting Salaries in London is S***!Recently, I was thinking of gaining some international exposure by moving to London. But the salary differential is really too large for it to be a consideration considering London is as expensive as where I'm based out now. In NYC, fresh graduates in big 4 consulting start on 70+k and MBA SC hires ...
252 weeks 6 hours ago
Salary and benefitsHello members, I am very new to this forum. I would like to know the salary break up of a manager audit in a big 4 in London. Glassdoor range is around 55k so does this include car allowance which is normally 4.5 to 6k? or the car allowance is part of benefits hence the normal salary is 55k+4.5k. Th...
02 weeks 6 hours ago
From S&T to MC?Would making a switch from S&T at a BB firm to MC at a firm - mid-tier/big 4 (assuming that MBB wouldn't be plausible, hopefully I'm wrong) be possible? ...
12 weeks 1 day ago
Return to GS IBD or try MBBThis summer I interned with GS (London) and got my return offer. I'm now trying to decide if I should go back or try MBB. There many things I didn't like in IBD: Little strategic input (firm's know what M&A they want to do) Not feeling like you're learning day-to-day Lack of respect for juniors...
142 weeks 1 day ago
Resume Review: After 1 year investment banking experience, try to break into consulting through graduate schoolHi, I would appreciate it very much if someone can have a look at my CV. I have 1.5 investment banking experiences (6 months rotation in private banking). Now doing a master degree aiming for consulting. I have rephrased my IB experiences into more consulting style CV. Not sure if any IB jargons ar...
42 weeks 3 days ago
Master's GPA for RecruitingHey everyone, I'm currently a student at a master's of management program in the U.S., and I'm a bit confused about how my GPA is viewed in comparison to my undergraduate GPA. We will only have four grades when we submit our resumes to recruiters, vs. my undergraduate GPA which is a 3.7+ and reflec...
82 weeks 3 days ago
Best Consulting Firm for Media & EntertainmentDoes anyone have any recommendations on how to structure my Strategy Consulting Job search if I am dead set on going into the Media & Entertainment practice? Direct Questions Include: 1. Which firm is the best for the Media & Entertainment practice? 2. Will I even get to choose if I am selec...
72 weeks 3 days ago
Bacall Conniff and Associates Review: The Background of Restaurant IndustryThe food service industry has been around for a long time without us realizing that the evolution of this type of business greatly affects everyone over time. The restaurant industry creates a revolutionary impact on industrialization and in the economic system of the world. In the past, people plan...
02 weeks 4 days ago
Final Round Interview at Oliver WymanHello - I was recently reached out by an HR from OW regarding a senior consultant role in the Financial Services practice. After a quick introductory call from HR, I had my first round interview yesterday (1 interview on resume and 1 on a full blown case). I just received word that I have been invi...
42 weeks 5 days ago
Exec Comp Consulting Exit OppportunitiesI'm a first year consultant at a fairly well-regarded executive compensation consulting firm (think Pearl Meyer, TW, Aon), and would love to know what the exit opportunities are like for a role like mine. I've been told by quite a few people that this is a very niche practice that doesn't open a lot...
02 weeks 5 days ago
Accenture Management Consulting Analyst vs Simon Kucher & Partners Entry Level ConsultantHello all, I am a final year student at a reputable business school in Asia. I would say it is one of the strongest undergraduate targets in Asia. Recently, I was offered two positions: one with Accenture as a Management Consulting Analyst and the other at Simon Kucher Partners (SKP) as a Consultan...
62 weeks 5 days ago
Big 4 Offer taking a long time Wondering if anyone else has had an issue with an formal offer from a Big4 taking a long time to come through. I got a verbal for a Senior Consultant position from a Big4 the last week of July. They came back to me less than 24 hours after my superday stating that they wish to give me an offer. HR s...
62 weeks 5 days ago
Thoughts on Monitor Deloitte?Hey guys, I've received an offer from Monitor Deloitte in an East Coast office in the United States. How is Monitor Deloitte perceived by the industry? What industries do they specialize in the most? What are the exit opps and B-School placements like? Thanks! ...
92 weeks 6 days ago
Preparing 300 hours for McKinsey and BCG offerHello everyone, I just signed and sent out the McKinsey offer. This is something I have not even dream about 4 years ago when I first found about the world of consulting and MBB firms. It was a very long journey. I could not always see how all dots will connect but being driven by ambition was the k...
242 weeks 6 days ago
Bain vs BCG (Toronto)Hi, So I know that forums all over are littered with posts comparing the firms. Nonetheless, I'd like to ask if anyone has information *specific to the Toronto offices* of Bain or BCG. Specifically, I'd be interested in learning about differences in terms of work, size, opportunities for advancement...
53 weeks 11 hours ago
LIfe Sciences Boutiques?Hi guys, I am a med student with healthcare / biotech / public health background looking to transition into consulting. Med school was not my thing. I have searched around on the forums and could not find a similar thread. I would much appreciate a list of boutique consultancies specializing in l...
143 weeks 21 hours ago
Deloitte - Financial Valuation & Modeling - Consultant (NYC)I will have an interview with Deloitte for Financial Valuation & Modeling - Consultant position. The consultant will work at financial valuation & modeling team within Advisory. I just researched similar positions from LinkedIn. Most associate consultants have MS Financial Engineering degree...
03 weeks 22 hours ago
What are strategy projects like on a day to day basis?Since graduating, I have been in consulting for 2 years now and have been on a variety of projects (implementation, compliance, even assessment/control testing). I've gotten a positive experience out of all of them (even under difficult situations...) and learned new things that I'm sure would be us...
123 weeks 1 day ago
I'm depressed. When should I quit?Dear all, I have stayed at this newly founded specialized consulting firm for now one year. Before that I was fresh out of school and considering what to do with my life. After having tried it for a year, I know this is not what I want to do. My Master's was focused on econometrics and finance, wh...
333 weeks 1 day ago
target grad not impressive enough for top consulting? Hey guys! I know a recent grad who is trying very hard to join consulting (ok it's me). I feel I got everything at just ok level but not as IMPRESSIVE as top consulting firms are looking for. Can you take a look at my background and provide whatever comment/advices/critique you have? Thanks a lot g...
33 weeks 1 day ago
Travel in Healthcare Consulting Big 4 accounting firm in Los Angeles likeliness to travel outside of California for Healthcare consulting, if so which cities/states? ...
53 weeks 2 days ago
Perception of Winter Internships Hey guys, I'm wondering how IB/Consulting recruiters see winter internships. For example, if I were to get a gig at a local HF/PE firm for the winter ... would it be valuable? My friend at the Kelley School of Business said a recruiter would think "what??" if he/she saw such an internship, which i...
53 weeks 2 days ago
Mercer investment consulting - Currently interning for a small boutique I am currently interning for a small boutique commercial real estate i bank. i received an interview for mercer's investment consulting. does anyone have any advice on this line of business? what are the typical job functions of an analyst? would i be able to take this position and within a few ye...
13 weeks 3 days ago
Econ consultant looking to switch to managementHi all! So I'm currently a first year at a top tier econ consulting firm (think Cornerstone, Analysis, Brattle) who is looking to make the switch to management consulting. I got a 3.8 from a top target liberal arts college (Williams/Amherst). My internship was at Goldman for S&T, ended up gettin...
03 weeks 3 days ago
Ask Me Anything: Recruiter from a Consulting FirmA stranger is being shown around a village that he has just become a part of. He is shown a well and his guide says: "On any day except Monday, you can shout any question down that well and you'll be told an answer". The man seems pretty impressed, and so he shouts down: Why not on Monday? and the v...
2033 weeks 3 days ago
Accenture Background Check for GPAI got an offer from Accenture during last semester, but after I got the offer, my final official GPA dropped to below 3.0 now. I know that I will be asked for final transcript later on. Will they withdraw my job offer if my GPA is below 3.0 during the background check? ...
23 weeks 3 days ago
Off-cycle internships - consulting applications (London)Hi everyone, Does anyone know which consulting firms offer off-cycle internships in London starting around January/February? Also when would the applications open? I saw that Oliver Wyman used to offer off cycle internships in London but I can't seem to find them any more on their website. Thanks fo...
13 weeks 3 days ago
Does any have the The Consulting Resume & Cover Letter Bible?Hi, I am looking for someone who is willing to share the The Consulting Resume & Cover Letter Bible. I have resources such as Case interview secrets and 3 month to mastery as well as the McKinsey Mind and Way. Thanks ...
23 weeks 4 days ago
Accenture OperationsI cannot find anything that relates to Accenture Operations. How is Accenture Operations? What is the work like? Career opportunities? ...
03 weeks 4 days ago
The end of days for PwC?Just wanted to get some insight as to whether or not you guys think this could spell the end for the Big 4 Giant. As well, whether or not PwC will be able to bare a settlement of this magnitude? (assuming it's larger than those of Deloitte, EY, and KPMG) Given the damages that are currently being so...
183 weeks 4 days ago
Big 4 Advisory vs McKinsey Knowledge Center I work as an internal consultant for a large bank doing data science related projects. I recently received two offers, one from McKinsey to work in their Knowledge Center as a Senior Analyst and the other is from a Big 4 in their advisory branch as a Senior Consultant. Both base salaries are pretty ...
43 weeks 5 days ago
Need advice: No return offer from MBB summer internship, what to do next ? Just had an undergrad summer internship from an MBB firm, didn't get a return offer. Can anyone advise me on how I should position myself when I apply to the other 2 MBB firms for full time positions? Is it impossible to get offers from other firms if they know that I wasn't given a return offer? ...
23 weeks 5 days ago
Consulting case101 access Hi there, I have a consultingcase101 membership for 3 months starting from the 28th of August. If some would like to share costs, please let me know. regards ...
33 weeks 5 days ago
Career Advice for recent grad from semi-targetI graduate from a semi-target University in two weeks with a degree in Sociology. My GPA is in the top 10% of my college and I was hoping to get into Investment Banking or Consulting. I have almost no work experience, and I wanted the wise opinions of WSO's community of what I should do to improve m...
53 weeks 6 days ago
From Equity Research to Consulting?I've spoken to many about the exit opportunities within ER, and there isn't much beyond moving from the sell-side to the buy-side. But what about all the industry knowledge you learn from covering those specific companies? Could you leverage it during interviews/entering the consulting industry? Has...
43 weeks 6 days ago
Red flag or not?I'm trying to lease a bit of land to whoever is interested and I've bumped into a character who says he is an "Independent Agribusiness Consultant", he has 500+ connections on LinkedIn (don't know if they can be faked or not, only made an account a few days earlier). When I contacted him, he said he...
33 weeks 6 days ago
Semi-Target with low GPA Resume Help!!!I'm coming from a semi-target school and am looking into a consulting internship with MBB and big 4. Don't hold back!!!! ...
03 weeks 6 days ago
New consultant directory online!New directory online at: List for free! This is a worldwide directory that is designed to bring business to you. ...
04 weeks 10 hours ago
Are there German / Austrian schools that are respected by McK/BCG in the states?I am an American citizen currently consulting in the US and, for personal reasons, I need to do an MBA or masters in a German speaking country with my end goal to work a top consulting firm in the USA. My current background is an undergraduate degree from the best international business program in t...
164 weeks 1 day ago
Opinions on cover letter - Consulting 2016 Hi! I am preparing a round of applications for consulting (my top aspiration being MBB, but also targeting tier-2) and would love to know what you think about this. I'll leave the letter updated after you post your comments, so that this can be left as an educational reading for the time to come. ...
Mr. Sand
54 weeks 1 day ago
Connecting on LinkedIn after speaking?Hi everyone -- First post so sorry if something is wrong! I went to a school info session yesterday and as usual it was a crappy situation with like 100 of us and 5-6 analysts, HR, etc. Nonetheless, I ended up focusing my time with one person and listening to him for 15-20 mins along with asking sev...
54 weeks 1 day ago
study abroad junior spring-bad idea for consulting recruiting?I'm a rising junior at a target. So I was having epiphany and realized that I want to go study abroad. I've never done it before and believe it will be a great learning experience. The only chance left for me to study abroad is junior spring, and the problem is obviously recruiting. I'm going to try...
14 weeks 1 day ago
Vault 2017 Consulting RankingsThe new Vault 2017 consulting rankings are out. Top 5 firms according to the site are: Bain, BCG, McKinsey, Deloitte, and Oliver Wyman. Thoughts on the full list? ...
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