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2016 McKinsey insight and BCG bridge2BCG status updates for APDHi everyone, I would like to start a thread for 2016 McKinsey insight and BCG bridge2BCG status updates for advanced degree candidates. Please feel free to post updates and indicate which programs in which region you applied to! ...
20411 min 7 sec ago
McKinsey Online Assessment Hey everyone, I was lucky enough to make it past McKinsey's resume screen for a summer business analyst position and now I have to take an online assessment. It doesn't seem like the typical PST because it is made up of a 45 minute verbal reasoning test and a 45 minute numerical test. It is all onli...
648 min ago
Am I good enough for good Consulting firms (hopefully MBB)? Background: 26 year-old international student graduating next year (not an english speaking country) with MSc in Social Policy (LSE). I have Bachelors degree in business studies from National university. I have approx three years of experience in local government which extensively works with UN and ...
159 min 24 sec ago
Getting an Internship/Volunteer/Shadow Position the summer before Freshman YearHi, I am currently a senior in highschool, and I am interested in management consulting. Next fall, I will be attending Swarthmore College. I am planning to cold call/email all the consulting firms in my geographical region to try to find some kind of unpaid position (I don't know what exactly I'd c...
114 hours 48 min ago
BCG online testHi, for those of you who have done the BCG online test how did you prepare for it? Is it very different from the Mck or Bain online tests? Thanks ...
610 hours 50 min ago
MBA in MBB obligatory to promote in all offices?Hi, I would like to know whether it is compulsory or not to do an MBA in MBB to promote after 2/3 years in the firms and whether this is the same in all offices. Also, how easy it is to change office due to personal reasons? Thanks! ...
2010 hours 53 min ago
Which Internship to Choose: US Dpt. of Treasury vs. No-Name Boutique Consulting FIrmHello WSO, I am currently a sophomore at the University of Notre Dame, and need a little bit of help deciding which summer internship to choose for this summer. 1. Summer Business Analyst under the U.S. Department of Treasury's Chief Information Officer 2. Summer Consultant at a no-name boutique co...
714 hours 47 min ago
Cognizant Business Consulting - Strategy & TransformationHi All, Just interested to get some thoughts on Cognizant Business Consulting's Strategy & Transformation practice. As I understand its relatively new and has been doing some good work recently in BFS and Pharma in the UK (I'm UK based). What is the current market perspective on Cognizant's B...
016 hours 34 min ago
McKinsey Experienced Hire Call - Advise?Hello, I'm a 26 year old with international (Asia) and Silicon Valley tech startup experience. I came from a non target with background in finance and statistics. I have a call on Friday with a McKinsey experienced hire recruiter. I was able to arrange this through a friend of a friend who is curren...
119 hours 20 min ago
Breaking through consulting or do something totally different?I am 25, graduated with a Bachelor and Master's degree in finance from a decent school in Europe in 2015 (not target though) and I am currently working at a leading expert network firm in the U.S. During the first 3 months at this firm, I was exclusively working for hedge funds and private equity fi...
421 hours 53 min ago
Tell me if I'm wrongI know it's a very (very) broad generalization (as industry specifics would magnify the accuracy or inaccuracy of this statement), but shoot it down if you find any holes in the logic: It's better to look for an opportunity in an industry where market share is quite consolidated as opposed to an in...
61 day 9 hours ago
Questions about Consulting Terminology/Superstructure1. I was reading this article below which delineates the differences between "Strategy Consulting" and "Advisory". Is Management Consulting just the technical term for the industry of "Consulting" (to differentiate it from just all kinds of small industries and people who refer to themselves as su...
11 day 13 hours ago
MBB (Mck Research Analyst, BCG Knowledge Analyst, Bain Research) Career/Exit OpportunitiesHi everyone, I would like to ask would any of you happen to know about the exit opportunities for MBB Research related positions? (e.g. Mck Research Analyst, BCG Knowledge Analyst, Bain Research) I do acknowledge it is a consulting role, however does it open doors for finance research roles such as ...
31 day 18 hours ago
What We Do - Hill & Associates Ltd Security Risk ManagementOperating in a volatile business environment means challenges can spring up without warning. Deep local knowledge allows us to react swiftly and effectively, no matter where, how or why the crisis has arisen. We have helped our clients: * carry out a series of threat, vulnerability and risk assessme...
01 day 20 hours ago
Additional partner interview after completed ACI did an assessment center in a big4 approximately 3 weeks ago (group assignment, language test, 3 interviews: HR, Manager and Partner) and scored positive on it. Now I got an email where they say there will be an additional interview because the partner of the service line wants to talk with the ca...
02 days 4 hours ago
Case Interview – Preplounge – Prep4SuccessI have some MBB interviews coming up and am currently practicing cases on Preplounge. I'm now thinking about joining their Prep4Success-programme. Has anyone joined the programme and can give some feedback on it? ...
102 days 4 hours ago
Deloitte Human Capital Exit OpportunitiesWill be starting at Deloitte in their federal human capital practice in the summer as an analyst. I am excited about starting work there but I am not interested in doing HR work or going into federal (what people commonly say are the exit opportunities without going to business school after 3-4 year...
52 days 5 hours ago
MHA for Healthcare Consulting?I am a junior at a non-target that will finish this year with a 3.5 GPA (i got a 2.6 my freshman year, 4.0 the next two), with a double major in history and Health Administration. i want to go into healthcare consulting, but given my current resume/work experience i don't have much of a chance of ge...
32 days 6 hours ago
Will my KPMG offer equalize with the senior associate salary?I just got hired as an experienced hire (senior associate) at KPMG for 78k. According to glassdoor, this is the very low end for Senior associates. The hiring partner and recruiter said they can't bump me higher because of my years of experience. (was making 69k at another large consultancy) ...
302 days 7 hours ago
Using my Full Ride for BBA or BBA + MSF?I'm on a full ride at my school. I could graduate with my BBA in Finance in 3 years and then get an MSF in my last year for free, or I could take the normal four years and add a minor in Chinese and a Math or Religious Studies major to my Finance BBA. Advice? My goal is to get into an MBB for consul...
22 days 7 hours ago
Consulting interview materialsFellow Monkeys, What are the good sources to prepare for consulting internship and interviews? Background: I will be starting FT MBA at an M7 school this fall. Also, how difficult/easy is it to go from Consulting to IB or vice versa? ...
92 days 8 hours ago
2016 APD/ADC MBB Full Time Recruiting UpdatesHey guys, Thought I'd start another thread for those of us APDs/ADCs (read: spent too many years in school) who are applying for full time positions either this Spring (BCG) or later in the Summer. Let's try to provide sufficient data so it's less confusing: Current location(Northeast/west/south)/i...
82 days 9 hours ago
Internship - Consulting/IB or Tech CompanyI've been admitted to a top Ivy League (undergrad) as a prospective CS major and it's getting to the point where I am starting to consider which places to gain an early exposure to (e.g. summer internships) would be most beneficial to me. I am interested in working at a tech firm or VC firm at some ...
02 days 11 hours ago
EY in the UKRecruiting for EY Strategy in the UK. Why does there still appear to be two strategy practices, one in TAS (Parthenon) and one in Advisory? If there are two, is there a difference, etc.? Confusing to say the least. ...
12 days 14 hours ago
Bain lateral recruitingHey Guys, I was hoping one of the monkeys here would have a sense of which of the US Bain offices is growing quickly and/or is stretched thin? I'm looking to lateral and that seems to be my best best. (Feel free to PM) Hoping I can then do some targeted networking. I'm a pre-MBA consultant at a smal...
73 days 4 hours ago
KPMG Strategy offering more and a level hike from Strategy&Hello - I'm currently a Manager at Strategy&, have a good track record and in line to get promoted to Director next year, assuming I don't do anything really stupid. In the meanwhile I have had KPMG reach out to me for a Director role with a decent 20%-25% bump in my base. Talking to the partne...
183 days 9 hours ago
HELP!!!! UC BERKELEY VS UMICH ROSS (PRE-ADMIT) VS UCLAHello! Im a current high school senior with no time to decide what college to go to for my undergrad degree. Where should I go for my undergrad degree that will help me the best to break into management/strategy consulting? I'm very set on wanting to work for M/B/B right now. I know this will take a...
33 days 10 hours ago
Deloitte Consulting vs Startup InternshipHi guys, I am currently deciding between an internship at DC and a series B startup. I'll be working under the S&O team at the consulting firm, and under the business operations (similar to internal consulting) at the startup. I am a currently a junior. One of my main consideration is brand name...
183 days 13 hours ago
Move to Public Sector Consulting from Big 4 Risk ConsultingI am currently a Risk Consulting Associate at a Big 4 Financial Services Advisory practice. However, the work is not really what I expected and is pretty dull IMO. I am interested in transitioning into Public Sector consulting having previous with the State Dept and state governments. With interest...
13 days 13 hours ago
No summer internship offer from MBBHey guys kinda new to the forum, seeking some advice. I recruited for one of the MBB's this spring and didnt end up with an offer for the summer internship after getting to the final round. How do I ensure that I'll get an interview for full time? Im doing an corporate internship at a large pharma/...
94 days 5 hours ago
What to wear for interviewHi everyone, I'm having an MBB interview soon. I have suits ready, but I have a hardship finding the best bag to carry things. I feel a backpack is too casual, but a briefcase is over-dressed. Any opinions are welcome. I've been in the computer science society for my whole life, where you wear short...
44 days 21 hours ago
What's the longest you can defer a MBB Consulting Offer?I am an advanced degree candidate, foreign national. Last week I filed for my green card (I-140 to be precise. My lawyer advises me that the entire green card application process will take about 12mth, and I am not recommended to change my line of work for 6mth after obtaining the green card. In oth...
25 days 14 hours ago
how is alvarez&marsal regarded compared to MBB and big4 fas firms?Hi all, I had an informal interview with a&m last week and it sounded like a really interesting opportunity. Previously I mainly focused on getting finance internships, but I liked how they are specializing in the restructuring/turnaround segment, and felt alot of works they do are also finance...
05 days 17 hours ago
UChicago vs . DartmouthSorry, this is another one of those annoying college choice questions. If you don't want to read the whole thing, skip to the bottom (TLDR). I am super lucky to have been accepted to both the University of Chicago and Dartmouth College. I know it is early, but I am interested in management consultin...
126 days 7 hours ago
MBB Partner or Entrepreneur? Long-term stable/anonymous career or Millionaire?Hi, Why so many people leave MBB to start companies? Are they all money driven to become millionaires and be bored the rest of their lives? Is it possible to have a nice career in MBB without having to be famous, senior partner, etc? I mean, part-time arrangements, volunteer etc with also a very goo...
176 days 17 hours ago
Career advice - consulting to law?UK based. Left uni and consulted at MBB for 2/3 years before leaving for a strategy role in government. Current salary is c. $70k. It won't progress hugely in government but nice work/life balance. If I leave for law, would start here 2018 at law firm in UK, training salary about what I earn now, wo...
106 days 20 hours ago
Switching to MC late in the game (current college junior) - How to prepare?Hi all, This will be a long read, but I would REALLY appreciate your help. I want to do everything I can to get a management consulting FT offer next Spring, even though I am quite late in the game. Some background: I am a college junior at a semi-target college. I am pursuing a degree in both econo...
91 week 4 hours ago
How big is company valuation/ financial modelling at MBB firms?Hello consultants. I'm in the first year of my MBA and in the process of picking my course electives. I'm really interested in company valuation, financial modelling etc. even though I'm not from a finance background. Is it worth my while choosing this route (given my background) when planning to go...
121 week 5 hours ago
New Case Webinars in WSO Consulting Prep PackOver the last 12 months, we have made a big effort to improve our consulting case interview prep package by bringing to you relevant webinars with real interview advice and actual consulting case walk-throughs...I think for those of you that don't watch the webinars, it would be helpful to give you ...
01 week 9 hours ago
-delete please-Hi WSO, Currently finishing my first year at a GS/MS/JP type place. [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] ...
01 week 10 hours ago
Any of the MBB's offer sophomore internships?Any of the MBB's offer sophomore internships? Would like to apply for Bain if they have one especially. ...
41 week 11 hours ago
UMich Ross vs NYU Stern undergrad for MBB?Would UMich Ross or NYU Stern be better for recruiting at MBB? And is it easy/possible to get an offer from a New York/east coast branch if I went to Ross? ...
21 week 23 hours ago
Breaking In - Junior finance major at Texas A&M I need advice. I am a junior finance major at Texas A&M (kind of a target school but not really?). My gpa is not great: 3.2 and I will be interning either at a mortgage company or the finance department of a large healthcare company this summer. The question is how do I break into management con...
141 week 1 day ago
Ernst and Young Consulting Case InterviewAsking for a friend who has a case study interview with Ernst and Young..he is going into Business Advisory and wants to know what he will expect when he goes in there... ...
31 week 1 day ago
Bain Pre Sccreening TestHi guys I just received an invitation to do a 25 questions (circa 45 minutes) online test for Bain. Tried to look for information around what this will look like but information seems conflicting or with no detail at all. Will it be like the McKinsey PST (i.e. three cases, 26 questions) or is it ba...
41 week 1 day ago
Portfolio Management to MBBHey guys, asking for a friend. She has an MBA from a middle-tier school, and a few contacts within the MBB firms. They were interested in interviewing her at one point, but it fell through at the last minute, and she is considering taking a portfolio management offer at Bank of America, with hopes ...
11 week 1 day ago
BCG Second Chance InterviewInterviewed several months back as an experienced hire two years out of undergrad. I made it to the final round and was told I was ranked very but my performance one case was holding me back. Was encouraged to try again in six months. I really enjoyed all my interviews and have a great feeling ab...
41 week 1 day ago
Strategy& vs. BCGHey folks, Currently trying to decide between two offers from Strategy& and BCG. I would love to hear what you guys think. What I am weighing is the pros and cons of being part of Strategy& after the recent acquisition (high growth potential, it's the TS deals group and I'm interested in M&a...
ccvv intern
281 week 2 days ago
Bain BEL ProgramI have an interview coming up for this next week. Has anyone gone through the interview process for this program? I would appreciate any advice you can give! Is there definitely a case? Thanks ...
121 week 2 days ago
Thoughts on NavigantI'm interested in what the consensus is on Navigant Consulting, specifically their energy practice. Outside of what Vault rankings will tell you, does anyone have any insight into: - Quality/type of clients and exit opportunities (e.g. Fortune 500 firms or small to mid-market firms) - Type of work (...
21 week 2 days ago
What was strategy consulting at PwC like before Strategy& came about?What was strategy consulting at PwC like before Strategy& came about (i.e. before 2013)? Did PwC have a full-fledged stand-alone strategy practice, or was it simply grouped together management consulting or PwC advisory? Also, were undergrads and MBAs previously hired directly or specifically...
51 week 2 days ago
Advice on where/when to applyHello ! I wanted to ask for some advice on applying to management consulting firms. I am currently finishing up my Masters degree in marketing/consulting at University of Birmingham in the UK. Its been a great experience, however I didn't decide until recently that I wanted to do management consulti...
01 week 2 days ago
Decision Point: MBA -> MBB -> F500 or Stay as a Back Office VP at a Bulge Bracket vs OtherPosting this in Consulting rather in B-School because I am more concerned about Consulting Exit ops rather than MBA process. About Me: 2012 Kelley - Finance and Econ ( 3.25 GPA) Recently promoted to Vice President of Data Science at a Buldge Bracket making similar to first year MBA pay. Accepted to...
91 week 3 days ago
Advice for a Supply Chain UndergradHey everyone! So I'm a third year Supply Chain Management major and math minor hoping to get into management consulting after undergrad. I have about a 3.6 gpa (a bit low because of pre-med classes before switching to business, but can get up to ~ 3.7 before graduation), good internships under my b...
121 week 3 days ago
Best Guide to Prepare for Consulting RecruitingHello all, I am interested in finding a full time job in consulting during next fall's recruiting cycle. My previous internship experiences have been with a small manufacturing company and a F10 company working in finance and both only had standard behavioral interviews. I know that consulting int...
11 week 3 days ago
Majors/Minors for consulting: Biology vs. Business Administration vs. EconomicsI am currently a student at a semi-target school with the desire to go into management consulting, ideally in the life science industry. I have three potential options for majors/minors, as follows: 1. B.S.B.A in Business Administration with a second major in Biology (B.A. track - no comp sci/physi...
21 week 4 days ago
Big4 companies in Mexico CityI am from Europe, I am planning to work in Mexico City I almost get an offer from one of big4?? ...
11 week 5 days ago
Deloitte S&O or Oliver Wyman -- which is better?I have received offers from both Deloitte S&O and Oliver Wyman, both for SF. I am having a very difficult time choosing which one to accept, so I appreciate any advice with respect to the following factors: 1. Work life balance 2. More strategy work 3. Diverse industries 4. More prestigious 5. ...
132 weeks 52 sec ago
Stragetic Layoffs at PwC Advisory USAll, I was member within PwC Advisory, was told this week that they are making "strategic layoffs" and was let go the same day. I feel blindsided seeing how all my project reviews were on par or over par. I learned from people that a number of other A, EA, SAs were let go to lower headcount see...
642 weeks 1 day ago
Why does Bain lag behind/not emphasize APD recruiting?I have always wondered this. Why does Bain seem to be so far behind in recruiting advanced degree candidates compared to McKinsey and BCG? The perception, at least at my school, has become that Bain just really doesn't want to take the risk of hiring them. But that would mean that (in my opinion), ...
42 weeks 1 day ago
International Development work at MBBFor an incoming AC - are there opportunities to work on international development projects while at MBB? Are one of these firms better than the others for this type of work? What exit opps are there in this field? ...
132 weeks 1 day ago
Does anyone know anything about KPMG Risk Compliance Consulting?Does anyone know anything about KPMG Risk Compliance Consulting? Position would be in Europe. ...
12 weeks 1 day ago
Thoughts on Oliver Wyman?Can anyone give me insight on life at this company? How are the projects? Culture? Expense policy? Prestige compared with MBB's / Big 4? Did a search but didn't find any recent threads about it. ...
132 weeks 2 days ago
AMA: Former McKinsey EMAll, It has been awhile. I did an AMA quite a long time ago ("Ask me anything: Project Leader/Engagement Manager/Case Team Leader at MBB") and predictably, a lot has changed. I left McKinsey as an EM and am now happily employed at a larger/growing startup. So I thought I would create another AMA, a...
772 weeks 2 days ago
A.T. Kearney vs. Oliver WymanI have offers from A.T. Kearney and Oliver Wyman Europe (entry level position) and I am trying to do my due diligence. How would you rank this companies considering the following factors? - International projects - Acces to top USA MBA programs. Which other factors do you consider critical to compar...
72 weeks 2 days ago
Transfer universities?Hi, I will be attending Boston University this fall as a freshman and I was wondering if I should transfer after my freshman year to a semi-target school for Consulting? Realistically, I have a good shot at transferring to Emory, UVA, U of Mich and UNC. The reason of this transfer would be purely du...
22 weeks 2 days ago
Firm Tiers?I hear people talk about different tiers of firms and get confused (T2, Big4 being lumped together, etc.). From what I have read online (in no particular order): Tier 1: McK, Bain, BCG Tier 2: OW, Deloitte S&O, LEK, S& Tier 3: EY Parthenon, Accenture Strategy, AT Kearney Does this seem righ...
452 weeks 2 days ago
MBA graduate with only one year of work experienceHey guys. A friend of mine has been accepted into a top10 MBA program right of of her undergrad (she smart and connected at the school). She consider going into management consulting postMBA (summer internship before senior year was in finance) and is concerned that she might not be able to land any...
22 weeks 3 days ago
Technology Consulting Entry PointsI'm looking into working in technology consulting for a wide variety of reasons (or life science/healthcare but this seems a lot narrower/smaller area). I've seen many people enter consulting firms out of UG/UG-equivalents and work in tech consulting groups at MBB or other firms (e.g. Accenture); ...
02 weeks 3 days ago
UP vs OUT percentages for MBB at each levelI was wondering does anyone know the UP vs OUT percentages for MBB at each level? I am especially interested in how in it works in continental Europe, but it could be that this works the same as in the US and UK etc. McKinsey: Business Analyst ------> Associate ----> Engagement Manager --->...
42 weeks 3 days ago
Exit options out of MBB for Associate/ConsultantSo I know that exit options for Business Analysts (at M) and Associates (at BB) are covered ad nauseam here and elsewhere on teh interwebz. What do options for the post-MBA crowd look like? If you can't make it to the Engagement Manager level and are pushed out, are we just looking at middle managem...
62 weeks 3 days ago
How do the MBB's Charge thier clients?Once again another question I have for the WSO consulting community. Additionally, this may have been asked previously, but how do the MBB's bill their clients? Does it depend on how many MBB employees are sent out and their respective levels in the firm? Is it based on the type of problem they are ...
242 weeks 4 days ago
Breaking into the public sector space at MBB and AT KearneyI'm interested in national and international public sector projects within the economic development and government organizational change spaces. Example 1: working with the public-private partnerships in sub Saharan Africa to create an economic strategy to enhance workforce efficiency within the pr...
22 weeks 4 days ago
Spent 3 Years at MBB - Ask Me Anything Hello Monkeys - I'm heading into my last week at MBB, and need something to do besides pack up my apartment. Ask away and I'll be happy to answer. My Bio: I have spent the last 3 years at a mid-sized MBB office in the US. I studied Economics at a top liberal arts college without formal MBB recruit...
1772 weeks 4 days ago
Where I should intern to get a full-time at MBBI am currently a junior at a state school. I want to work full time at either McKinsey, Bain, or BCG. I wanted to know what internships would look the best when applying full time. I have an internship this summer at a tech consulting firm. What else can I be doing to increase my chances at MBB? Ot...
142 weeks 4 days ago
Consulting In Toronto/CanadaHey guys - I will be attending Western University in September with the hopes of graduating with a HBA from Ivey. Been doing some soul searching lately and consulting seems very intriguing to me, so I just had a few questions I'm hoping people can provide insight on! 1. If I don't make Ivey, is it...
32 weeks 4 days ago
22 weeks 4 days ago
How is Bain Dallas Different?Heard that the Bain office at Dallas was very different from all the other Bain offices in terms of culture. Why? What is it like? Have an offer, so I'd like to know. ...
112 weeks 6 days ago
Possible to jump from Management Consulting to Banking/Asset Management?Hi everyone, I am an international division 1 student-athlete studying in the United States at a top 15 undergraduate business school that would fall under the "semi target" tier. Due to not being prepared freshmen year for the rigor of a top academic institution as well as being an athlete that had...
42 weeks 6 days ago
Signing Bonus Timing - Business School - ConsultingHey folks - found some old topics on this (back in 2013), but can any current 2Ys in business school who recruited for consulting comment on the timing of when signing bonuses are typically paid out? Based on the feedback from 2013, it appears they are generally paid out within 45 days of signing, s...
73 weeks 9 hours ago
Off-Cycle: Have MBB final round, how do I flip it to get other MBB interviews?I was interviewing in fall last year with MBB but did not make the cut. Was offered an interview in Spring/Summer, so I took it. I have a final round with a MBB in two months! Problem is, I have not applied to other MBB this spring/summer, and it looks like the other two are not interviewing now (or...
33 weeks 9 hours ago
Ask Me Anything: I went from a non-target to McKinsey, MIT Sloan and BCGHey guys, An undergraduate I am mentoring sent me a link to an AMA from this site from someone in business school. I was reminded that I was using this site 9 years ago in 2006. Back then I still hadn't accomplished much. Through focus. belief in myself and failing MANY times, I've built the caree...
373 weeks 12 hours ago
Case Interview Prep BuddyI'm looking for a case interview prep buddy. I'm a sophomore Finance and IS major from a private university in DC. I'm applying to MBB in the fall for an internship in 2017 -- (god willing). I'm starting my prep now, and it would be great to have someone who is also serious about getting into MBB to...
83 weeks 23 hours ago
MBA sponsorship of MBB consultantsDoes anyone know any details of the sponsorship contract for an MBA? Is it a full gift or some sort of loan? On some forums I read that it is supposed to be a gift. However, why wouldn't all people then take it? Isn't it unfair to people who don't pursue the MBA if it is indeed a gift? ...
63 weeks 1 day ago
Deloitte vs Booz Allen Hamilton for Human Capital ConsultingI've got an offer in the pipeline from Booz Allen Hamilton to join their human capital consulting team (specifically data analytics). I'm also scheduled to interview with Deloitte for a similar position. Has anyone had any interest with working in human capital at both firms? I know Deloitte has mo...
13 weeks 1 day ago
Received offer from another firm - tips on how to have the "leverage" conversation? Hi All, Hope this post finds you well - I'll try to keep this short and sweet. I work for a big 4 consulting firm, and recently received an offer from a boutique consultancy. In my current firm, I do a lot of operations/outsourcing/shared services work, but have been told on various occasions that ...
13 weeks 2 days ago
Boutique Firm vs. Big 4 (Management Consulting)?Hi Monkeys, Hope this post finds you well. I currently have been working a Big 4 Advisory firm for the past 2 years since graduating from university. My role is titled as "management consulting" role, but I have been doing pretty purely operations work. I currently have an offer from a boutique con...
73 weeks 2 days ago
New McKinsey PST Does anybody know anything about the new PST for the APD recruits? Apparently it is an online version and it is only 45 min long. Is it suppose to have fewer questions, and are calculators allowed? ...
23 weeks 2 days ago
Failed Case Interview, Sharing My Experience and Asking for ThoughtsHi everyone, I recently been through my first case interview. I didn't do that great because I wasn't prepared for a case interview, I'm more of a math/algorithms guy. I know that there's no right or wrong answer when it comes to case interviews so I wanted to share my experience here and see what y...
83 weeks 2 days ago
How much do Partners make?For those who work as consultants at McKinsey, Bain, or BCG, how much do you partners make a year? Do you feel like this is a good deal? Thanks ...
93 weeks 2 days ago
MBB (continental Europe) exit oppsDoes anyone know whether it's worth it to go into MBB in continantial Europe (e.g. BeNeLux, Germany, France)? In the US it is clear that there are many nice exit opps (Amazon, FB, silicon valley, Wall street, Private Equity etc.) . However, in Europe these options are far less. Many people apparentl...
33 weeks 3 days ago
List of 2nd Tier firms?What are your thoughts? Accenture, Deloitte, ZS, Monitor? ...
93 weeks 3 days ago
Business Development ResourcesAll, I am being pulled into BD efforts as part of creating proposals and penetrating into new accounts. I understand that selling more work is relationship-focused however; does anyone have any recommendations on resources (site, books, tips, training, etc.) that can arm someone like me with strate...
23 weeks 3 days ago
Deloitte S&O Partner Track vs. BCG Expert TrackI am currently evaluating whether to stay at Deloitte or take an offer at BCG. Here are some facts: - Currently a Senior Manager at Deloitte in the SF office and am 2 years from making partner - BCG offer is for the a Principal level in their SF office in their expert track - Money at Deloitte is f...
143 weeks 3 days ago
Confused Scientist: Where do I fit in? Strategy Consulting, Venture Capital, et al.Ok trying to start a very open-ended "I'd like to learn more about the underlying structures of the financial industry" type discussion, and part personal advice; I'm trying to figure out where I can fit in 'finance' but work on things I find interesting. I'm trying to figure out what to focus on (w...
153 weeks 3 days ago
McKinsey ImplementationHi, I'm in the interview process for an Implementation Coach position at McKinsey. I don't want to ask my recruiter these questions as not to provide the wrong impression. Basically, as an experienced hire 3-5 years out of undergrad, what can I expect in a compensation package? Does it vary by loc...
23 weeks 4 days ago
Best consulting firms for work-life balance (UK)?Hi all, I have had a search through the forum and can't quite find exactly what I am looking for. Obviously, there are many further criteria to take into account (level of pay, prestige, industry focus, promotion opportunities etc) and a lot will depend on project/team, but looking past these, which...
13 weeks 4 days ago
List of essential books for purchasing/ strategic sourcing/ procurementI have prepared a list of essential books to read/ refer in the field of purchasing/ strategic sourcing/ procurement consulting (PRTM/ S& etc). This list is by no standards complete and is a work in progress. It would be so great if members of this forum could kindly go through the list and offe...
03 weeks 4 days ago
5 years ago, I was fired from Oliver Wyman. This is what I learned from it.Five years almost to the date, I was fired from Oliver Wyman (after 11 months at the firm, straight out of ugrad). This is when I'd walked into the year-end review genuinely thinking I'd be told I was promoted. There are a few words one never forgets, and the sentence that'll stick with me forever w...
603 weeks 5 days ago
Would a high LSAT and high GMAT offset GPA for MBB?Specifically while getting a MBA from a Top 10 school. Had a GPA of 3.1 in an easy area, but have pretty good work experience a 99% LSAT and a 740+ GMAT. Aiming for Top 10 schools for MBA but not sure if MBB will still take too much weight for the undergrad GPA. ...
123 weeks 6 days ago


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