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Global Asset Management Analyst Training Program @ JP MorganHi guys! Does anyone know what the "Global Asset Management Analyst Training Program" for new Private Banking Analyst at JP Morgan consists of? I am curious to know whether or not any of you monkeys have had the opportunity to participate in this program. Also, as for new analyst hires, are they g...
42 min 50 sec ago
BlackRock 2016 SA superdayDid anyone hear back about superday? I interviewed with BLK last Thursday via OCR and still haven't heard back. ...
1235 min 8 sec ago
Spring Internship (overqualified)? Hi guys, Thanks for reading this and potentially helping out. I have applied for some spring internships in investment management, but has unfortunately been unsuccessful in all my applications. I have already done 3 investment and wealth management internships, and am also working at one now besi...
48 hours 12 min ago
Goldman IMD Intern OrientationI will be interning at GS within the IMD division in Salt Lake City this summer. I received my start/end dates yesterday and the email implied that intern orientation would be held in NYC from June 6 to 10. I hadn't heard anything about that until now. Can anyone who has interned with Goldman in a s...
318 hours 26 min ago
Do AM firms send out offers before interviewing all the candidates?When an IM firm has multiple superdays throughout several weeks, do they send out offers before they finish interviewing all the candidates? ...
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BlackRock Scientific Active Equities phone interview LondonHi All, Just got invited for a 1st round phone interview with BlackRock for scientific active equities team, summer analyst position, in London. I am not really familiar with this team so not really sure what kind of questions to expect. Any insights on this would be great! ...
11 day 2 hours ago
What is the "McK/B/BCG" of asset management?? (e.g. - the unanimously agreed upon top firms)If one wants to have a successful management consulting career (or eventually wants to become a ceo), chosing a firm is simple...go for the top, bain, or boston consulting group. If one wants to have a successful accounting career, again, chosing a firm is simple...go for the big f...
221 day 8 hours ago
Private Wealth Management/Private Banking Guide for AssociatesOnce and for all - Here is the best guidebook I can give you for PWM/PB at the Associate level. Enjoy and show me some love... 1.1 What is Private Wealth Management? 1.2 Who is a High Net Worth Investor? 1.3 Industry Today 1.4 Career Paths within Private Wealth Management 1.5 How to Build a Book 1....
151 day 8 hours ago
BAML GWIM Advisor InternHello, I am a current undergrad freshman, and was offered an internship as a GWIM advisor intern for the Spring semester (accepted and contingent upon passing a background check...). I was wondering, does anyone know what the internship would entail of? The branch/office is part of the private banki...
01 day 15 hours ago
The job equivalent in CA or US? Hello all, Hope this is the right forum or sub-forum to post my question. If it's in the wrong forum, could the mods mods move it to the appropriate one? Thx My friend is thinking of moving to Toronto or NY from Hong Kong and currently his job title is "Customer Relationship Manager" in the Wealth M...
41 day 20 hours ago
Graduating this spring and just received job offer. Looking for advice from current AM's I recently received an offer for a BDA role at a leading financial services and mutual fund group. The typical career path for this role leads into their sales department through internal and external roles. I like the sounds of the job, and I see it as somewhere I would do well in. However I am a b...
11 day 21 hours ago
Graduating this spring and just received job offer. Looking for adviceI recently received an offer for a BDA role at a leading financial services and mutual fund group. The typical career path for this role leads into their sales department through internal and external roles. I like the sounds of the job, and I see it as somewhere I would do well in. However I am a b...
01 day 23 hours ago
Winton Capital Graduate Scheme - is this back/middle office?Not sure what to make of the scheme. The business stream of the grad scheme entails that you will complete three, four-month rotations in three of the following business divisions: * Investment Operations (middle office, trade support, treasury) * Investment Solutions (business development, client ...
41 day 23 hours ago
Most efficient way to learn about an industry?Hi all. I'm meeting with a PM at a large fund covering US pipelines & utilities in 3 weeks. The problem is whilst I have experience dealing with equities, insofar my background as a value investor dealing with micro/small-caps. I don't have ANY clue in regards to the infrastructure, O&G, pip...
32 days 18 hours ago
TIFF: Investment Fund for Foundations Can anyone shed some light on TIFF: Investment Fund for Foundations. It is a non-profit Investment advisory service for all kinds of foundations, endowment, pensions, etc. Also, what are the pros and cons of interning at a major foundation fund? Will this help obtain a FT position in ER or AM for B...
23 days 5 min ago
JPMorgan Private Bank - Compensation Ladder & Lifestyle?Hello fellow primates. This is my first post on WSO. I've done lots of searches on this site and elsewhere on the web concerning this topic already and I've found very little information concerning salary and bonus levels for Private Banking, specifically at JPM as you move up the ladder. I've been ...
1573 days 2 hours ago
What to do with my bonus??Hey guys! I am brazikian monkey and for the last days I've been thinking about what I am going to do with my bonus. I'm already in my third year working but have changed jobs in the last two, so this will be my first real bonus. For my country, I will earn something about 30 - 40 K and i realized t...
03 days 8 hours ago
CFA: Shweser vs. CFA bookHello everyone, Can you please share your experience on which materials are better for preparing for CFA Level 1. I have 100 days left before the exam and I want to prepare as productively as I can. Thank you! ...
54 days 3 hours ago
Investment Manager Research Career PathsDoes anyone know what the general/organic career progression is for an investment manager research analyst? ...
114 days 4 hours ago
AMA: Asset Management BO to FO and everything in betweenMod Note (Andy) - as the year comes to an end we're reposting the top discussions from 2015. This was originally posted 11/17/2015. I mentioned a while back my transition from various back office/support roles to the Asset Management side and that I wanted to share my story. I figured it would be ...
295 days 15 hours ago
For Public Markets Interviews, What Commodities Matter?Interviewing with an Asset Management shop in a few days. They invest purely in public equities. I know I'll be expected to have a general knowledge of news stories, commodities, currencies exchange rates, ect, even though they aren't directly relevant to the job. Is there a list of commodities that...
06 days 16 min ago
The Culture in Lazard Asset Management?I know that Lazard in general is considered a sweatshop more so in Investment Banking, but what about the Asset Management division? I'm also aware that Lazard is a great boutique firm. Are the hours as bad if you are in the Asset Management division? In general, i'm aware that the consensus is t...
96 days 17 hours ago
Blackrock PAG Final RoundHi, I did my Final Round interview at BlackRock a month ago. I initially thought that I was declined since I didn't hear back from them for so long but I received an email saying that they are still making decisions. Does recruiting decision really take that long or did they put me into a deferred ...
11 week 1 hour ago
Lazard Asset Management SuperdayHey guys, I have a superday with Lazard Asset Management coming up on Friday. Have any of you heard of anything about their Superday? Anything would help - thanks so much! ...
01 week 5 hours ago
JP Morgan Asset Management SuperdayWhat is the superday like? I heard it goes from 8am-5pm. Is it all interviews or is it a series of tests and interviews? ...
131 week 7 hours ago


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