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SPOTLIGHT: Asset Management Powow Rules and FAQsThe goal of Wall Street Oasis' Asset Management Powow is to give our users the best possible snapshot of life in asset management, from internships and recruiting to compensation and career progression. Working towards that goal, we've created a Frequently Asked Questions page for Wall Street in gen...
04 years 6 months ago
Life at a Top Asset ManagerMod Note (Andy): #TBT Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted on 3/24/13. So I've seen a few posts lately asking about mutual funds, asset management gigs, and alternatives to the sell-side out of college, and hopefully my experience taking the asset management route to hedge fund rather tha...
17713 hours 41 min ago
Which offer to choose, academia or firm?I'm moving from sell side to buy side, and got two offers: A is a quant role with an Asset Management firm, but not the famous one. Job responsibilities are to develop quant research model, maintain data and etc. The PM I'm going to work with doesn't have quant background, so I'm worried I cannot le...
021 hours 29 min ago
BlackRock full-time recruiting 2016Has anyone heard back from BlackRock for the Analyst program starting in 2016? The website is being weird and not letting me see my application - is this happening to anyone else? ...
531 day 5 hours ago
J.P Morgan Asset/Wealth Management Video InterviewI have a interview with J.P Morgan where I have to answer 4 questions on video, but there is not an interview on the other side. Has anyone had any experience with this? ...
21 day 11 hours ago
2016 JPM Global Investment Management SA (HK/SG)Anyone applied to this position? Any updates? ...
11 day 11 hours ago
State/County Pension FundsAnyone familiar on what the process is like for breaking into state/county pension funds. Pay doesn't seem to be on par with the private sector but the hours are usually way better and the there's a lot less competition from HBS types (with a few exceptions). One thing I've noticed is that there rea...
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01 day 18 hours ago
Asset Management PrimerSo recently I've been looking into AM, but the resources on it are few and far between. I was wondering if anybody could give me a primer of what AM is like at a BB? What's your day like? Hours? Pay? Exit opps? Hierarchy? Technical skills required? college endeavors that would help for hiring? etc....
12 days 3 hours ago
Coming up with stock pitches for interviewsAny advice on coming up with stock picks for interviews at AM firms? How in depth should they be? Where should I look for ideas, etc. ...
32 days 7 hours ago
How would you value sell-side equity research?What should I be asking buy-side portfolio managers and analysts? Here is what I'm looking at: - Read Ratio (i.e. how many emails received vs sent) - Dependence (i.e. 80% their own idea, 20% sell-side) - Ideas vs Content (i.e. do they use them for the technical stuff like models or actually listen ...
32 days 20 hours ago
Goldman Sachs AIMS Group-- Client Portfolio SolutionsDoes anyone have any details about the various groups within the GS AIMS division? I know the group is a part of GSAM, and has offices in Salt Lake City and New York. It includes the Private Equity Group and Hedge Fund Strategies groups, both of which I believe are fund of funds (if this is incorrec...
03 days 8 hours ago
CFA level 1 final prep/mocksHey guys, Coming up on crunch time for lvl 1 in December. Any recommendations for final prep / mocks to take? I am using Kaplan Schweser and have done 2 mocks thus far (68 and 72) and about 800 qbank questions. Plan to do prob 3 more mocks including CFAI's mock prior to the exam so I should be able ...
53 days 11 hours ago
03 days 16 hours ago
Volatility of returns indicates different relative riskiness than BetaHi everyone, I'm trying to compare the riskiness of two bond markets, using BAML indices as proxies. In one approach, I am calculating annualized volatility of total returns and in the second approach, I am calculating the Beta of one index relative to the other. ...however I got some results that d...
94 days 16 min ago
BlackRock Founders' Scholarship- Rejected because I'm abroad?Hi guys, I'm a junior from a non target school who's managed to land a first round interview for the scholarship. It's basically a grant of 10k + an internship. I got invited for a first round interview to be considered for the Fixed Income and Beta Strategies teams. I'm extremely interested in both...
54 days 14 hours ago
Merrill Lynch Seasonal Client Associate I applied for a seasonal client associate position with ML and have an interview late this week. I'm more interested in investment banking than wealth management, but I'm curious: what skills are transferable? Is it worth taking the job? What was your experience like? I thought it'd be good to get ...
25 days 21 hours ago
Is BlackRock PAG a good step in the right direction?Currently an engineering major looking for summer internships working in finance. I managed to get an on-site with BlackRock for the PAG group. It seems very interesting because it's both finance and technology, which seems to be an appropriate place for me to learn more about business. However goin...
06 days 11 hours ago
State Street Global Advisors (SSgA)I know that SSGA is huge in AM, but does anyone know anything about their culture, comp, exit ops? How is their reputation compared to firms like BlackRock & Fidelity? Have an interview coming up, just curious. ...
16 days 18 hours ago
How much of CFA Level 1 is calculation?Just curious if there's quite a bit of concept vs calculation. Obviously you have to know calculations to pass, but wondering if total formula memorization is necessary if a lot of it is market concepts. ...
16 days 20 hours ago
AMA: Asset Management BO to FO and everything in betweenI mentioned a while back my transition from various back office/support roles to the Asset Management side and that I wanted to share my story. I figured it would be easier, since I have gotten a few questions here and there, to just post an AMA instead. Then I can address questions more that are ...
251 week 8 hours ago
Has anyone applied to/ worked at Scottrade?Has anyone applied to/ worked at Scottrade? FYI, Im a S7, S63, and soon to be S65 registered broker. What was your overall feel of the interview process? Any advice for me? If hired: What was your position? How did it go for you? ...
41 week 9 hours ago
GS PWM Phone Interview I had a GS phone interview for PWM last Monday and I haven't heard anything back, did anyone else here have a phone interview with them for PWM and have you heard back? ...
11 week 1 day ago


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