Ask for inside info&views on MSF programs especially on career settlement - 2016 Fall applicant

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I am a Chinese student majoring in finance in a not-well-known university in Shanghai. I have already submitted my application to some programs. The ranking and other easily accessible information doesn't reveal the real life situation for international students to hunt a job in US after graduation.
I am concerned that some programs don't provide an effective boost for the local job hunting given the competitive job markets.

My stats:
GMAT 760
4 internships in past: Big 4(Audit), a big Chinese commercial bank, a small securities company & a big insurance company
no full-time work experience
senior student of a not-well-known Chinese university

School applied: Fisher (OSU), Simon (U of Rochester), Olin (WUSTL) & Carroll (BC)

I am hesitating to add Brandeis to my list now. Is it easy for the international graduates of Brandeis to find a job in US? I asked the admission office of the detailed info but they didn't reply me.

To sum up, I am here to ask the insiders (alumni of the above B-school or MSF graduates of other top programs) for any info on the career settlement of international students after graduate of such programs. Rank the above programs on career settlement if possible.
& Are there any other programs that are suitable for me?
- exclude MIT, Maryland, Vanderbilt & UIUC due to the limitation of my recommenders. T_T

Major concerns:
1) career settlement for international students to find a local job
2) CFA relevance

Thank you for your time to read and reply!!!

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Dec 13, 2015


Dec 13, 2015

First off, realistically evaluate two things: your English skills and how much you actually know about American corporate culture. A lot of international students are limited in job prospects because they simply cannot speak English well enough or cannot piece together coherent sentences. Unlike most parts of Asia where test scores or what school you come out of primarily dictate where you end up, a lot of the times "fit" is more important in the US. If you can't fit into the corporate culture of whatever firm you're applying at, you won't get the job regardless of your background.

Dec 13, 2015

Thank you for your advice! I will keep working on my English in the long term. For the short term, do you have any advice on my B-School choice?

Dec 14, 2015