Can someone from a firm/BB - not an alumni/from your school still help you?

Hi all- So I know there is not just one way to do "networking"-but there are of course some effective and some not effective ways to go about it.

I was jw-can someone not from your school/not an alumni help you in the recruiting process/getting an interview? Because I was talking to a connection at a BB (not from my school)-and she was telling me that I should try to go the school route, and maybe best to reach out to people through your school network and go from there.

I just thought it would help to know whoever at the firm regardless if they are from my alma mater or not. Has anyone had experience/thoughts on this? Have people not from your schools still been able to help you?

Does anyone know internally how that referral/i'll get you the interview works? Because I have heard of Associates getting kids interviews if they really like them/think their capable although I know that is not traditional.

Any thoughts appreciated!

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Jan 31,2018

I would agree with her, the best people are from the school. The next best thing besides that is cold-messaging analysts at banks and see what they say. a good message would be something like, "Hello Mr./Ms. "X", I see you are in IB and I would love your advice, as I would like to be an investment banker. I know it may be a busy/off season right now, but I would love to hear your advice on how to best position myself to obtain an internship at "company X" for the summer of 2018/19. Use lined and rocket reach to do this. Let me know any other questions comments.


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Jan 31,2018

From what I've learned only people at MD level can go up to HRs and say something like this kid gets an interview. Correct me if I'm off tho.

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Jan 31,2018

You can definitely get interviews by networking with non-alumni, but it is certainly more difficult. You have to consider that for a BB bank, they are hiring 80 or so summer analysts across all of their groups and students are reaching out to tons of bankers at all of the levels and those bankers are forwarding resumes to HR, etc.

I think it is also important to consider the context in which the hiring is done and why being at a target school is so important. For example, at one BB, my alma mater (an ivy fwiw) has a recruiting team made up of alumni in the various banking groups who went to all the school and they are in charge of sorting through all the OCR resumes and selecting who to interview. From there (at least at this one BB) they were given authorization to make 5-6 offers. If you think about this process happening at all of the target schools (a list of 10-15 schools) then the vast majority of slots are filled through those channels. This doesn't even include the developmental cases (sons/daughters of clients, PE funds, other influential people), SEO candidates, returning sophomore summers, etc.

It is critical at the target school to network with the alumni from your school (since they are picking the resumes) which is probably why you received that suggestion. However, if you attend a non-target you face an uphill battle and you need to get lucky and network with people who are influential within the firm (that could be at any level, not just MD).

Jan 31,2018

This. Just wanted to add that, if you attend a non-target, you may also find success in networking with others who also attended a non-target. They're much more receptive and know the struggle.

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Jan 31,2018