Msc in financial engineering/ mathematical finance chance : U of chicago, NYU financial engineering, Cornell, UCLA

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Hi everybody,
I am a new member, currently i am a final year student. I am seeking for a msc in financial engineering/math fin. My undergraduate GPA is 3.57, with 3 internships exp. I am a CFA level II candidate, my GRE score is 170/160/3.5 (Quant/verbal/AWA), 7.5 IELTS. I am preparing for the GRE subject (math) in September to strengthen my profile, and i also got a C++ certificate of Baruch college.
My target are Cornell, NYU, UCLA and Chicago, but i think my profile is not good enough to get into these schools. If i got high score in GRE subject, will I have any chance of getting into these schools?

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Apr 2, 2017

Why exactly do you think your profile is not good enough? It's only going to be hard for you to get in if you don't have the money to pay the tuition fees.

Apr 3, 2017

I can afford the tuition, but i think my profile is not good enough in comparison with other candidates. My GPA is quite low, and i got no working exp (only internship). Financial engineering requires a solid background in math & programming, while my major is finance. I saw many candidates with high Undergraduate GPA (3.8->4.0), some even got MBA/Master degrees before. Beside, the acceptance rate of these schools is really low, only about 15% (i think the rate of Cornell is even lower).

Apr 3, 2017

I think you should be ok, yeah math is a necessity but there pre-financial engineering diplomas that prepare you for financial engineering programs.

Apr 3, 2017

I am also looking to do financial engineering/quantitative finance. Your academics are great, the only downside is you majored in finance, just like myself. Its not easy to say this, but you will have to go back and take pre reqs to even be conditionally accepted by any of these programs. Alot of these programs want you to have a minimum understanding of Calculus 1-3, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Probability, Statistics, and fluency in object oriented programming language. What i am doing now is working full time in the investment management industry and doing pre reqs on the side, in hopes that a school will give a spot in their program. it doesnt hurt to get work experience, and you can do one class at a time. best of luck to you in the future, hope to see you at NYU or chicago, those are some of my tops schools as well

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Apr 3, 2017
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